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EBSCO Research selects Gutter Helmet Systems as one of the top companies in the home improvement industry.

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									Gutter Helmet Systems Awarded Best Gutter Protection by EBSCO Research

EBSCO Research selects Gutter Helmet Systems as one of the top companies
in the home improvement industry.

Millersville, MD, May 08, 2013 -- Gutter Helmet Systems, a company that
sells and installs Gutter Helmet®–the top choice for gutter protection in
the U.S, earns an EBSCO Research 2013 Best Pick among home services
providers in the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area.

The honor was presented by EBSCO Research, the independent consumer
research firm which publishes the Best Pick Reports publication each
year. The Best Pick Reports list the top home services providers by
category in each state and is determined through surveys taken of
homeowners who have recently patronized these companies. EBSCO Research
has garnered a reputation for holding companies to superior standards of
quality, so that homeowners can be confident in choosing a home services
provider in their neighborhood that will exceed their expectations.

Since 1981 Gutter Helmet Systems and the Harry Helmet team have been
helping homeowners improve the value of their homes with gutter
protection that is unmatched by any other provider. Gutter Helmet® has
been the leading gutter protection system in America for over three
decades. Backed by Gibraltar Industries, it is also the only gutter
protection company that has the support of a billion-dollar firm.

“For over 30 years, my company has educated homeowners about the dangers
of clogged rain gutters," said Del Thebaud, President and owner of Gutter
Helmet Systems. "Gutter Helmet is one of the most trusted products on the
market, and we back it up with the highest level of customer service as
well as a ‘triple’ lifetime product and performance guarantee that no
other company in our industry can offer.”

Gutter Helmet Systems also installs: Helmet Heat®–a heated gutter panel
system that is energy efficient and self regulating to warm gutters
during winter and prevent the buildup of ice and snow; Seamless Gutters,
a dependable and attractive guttering product which complements the
Gutter Helmet® system of gutter protection; and residential and
commercial roof replacement services.

Gutter Helmet Systems' patented gutter protection system utilizes a
reverse-curve, nose-forward design to repel solid debris like leaves,
twigs, and pine needles, while allowing runoff water to flow unimpeded
into the gutters. Solid matter slides over the coated aluminum gutter
guard and onto the ground, while water adheres to the ribbed textured
surface and flows evenly down into the guttering channels. Gutter Helmet
Systems stands behind this product with a lifetime "no-clog" warranty, so
that customers never have to clean their gutters again.

Each year, EBSCO Research showcases the top companies in the home
services provider industry in its Best Pick Reports. In order to qualify
for a Best Pick designation, a company must meet several rigorous
criteria, including being given an A-rating from at least 100 of its
customers interviewed via telephone by the research firm.
Based in Millersville, Maryland, Gutter Helmet Systems serves customers
not only in Maryland, but also in Delaware, New Jersey, Ohio,
Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia.

Contact :
Vanessa Thebaud
Gutter Helmet Systems
1121 Benfield Blvd., Suite S
Millersville, MD 21108

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