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					Dear reader!

I'd like to appologize for my English. I had already written most of the novel in German when somebody
made a proposel to publish it also in English. The prolog as well as part 1 and part 2 have already been
revised twice. But I had not enough time to do the same with part 3 to 5 and the epilog. I sincerley hope
you will enjoy it anyway because the meaning should shine through despite the apparent lack of a
polished English!

There’s a glossary at the end of the novel. Klicking on the underlined word beams you right to a short
explanation. To return just click the fat BACK arrow in Acrobat Reader.


Zurich, Switzerland, Oct 10, 1999.

The author

Theo Noetzli

Hadlaubstr. 35

CH-8044 Zuerch



                     "Attack on the GloNet"


         In the year 2019 (50 years after the first human being has touched the surface of our
         moon) over 80% of the Earth are connected with ultra-highspeed fiber information
         highways, so that data communication in realtime in the GloNet has become reality.
         Great parts of the population take part in a global parlor game that plays the role of the
         ‚real‘ society inside the GloNet. The entrants, however, play often different parts from
         what they do in the real world. To take part in that global ‚game‘ one has to slip into a
         datasuit to ensure, that the conditions in the virtual world correspond as much as possible
         to the part of the real world where the virtual actions take place.
What   startet in Cyberspace at the end of the 20th century on still partly analogous
telecommunications networks - with only a few avatars as a substitutes for the ‚real‘
persons behind - has meanwhile become a powerful economical and political factor. And
the GloNet society is meanwhile nearly as complicated as its real counterpart.

The hopes of many experts where originally to the effect that this cyber society would
develop ‚better‘ than its real counterpart. But not everything went as planned. As soon as
the simulation grew so real, that it was possible to present and display persons and
objects rather convincing and in realtime, the GloNet society developed quickly into a
copy of the reality.

For philosophers, politicians and psychologiests the evolution in the GloNet is in the
same way fascinating as frightening. Adding to that is the fact that, for example, the
conglomerate of military and industry has a say in the matter at the front of the
neccessary developments, thanks to decades of research in simulation and experience in
application of complex battlefield environment. That way they get hold of a valuable
lead, concerning the potential of the newest inventions. The military, as well as the
intelligence, detected quickly that the GloNet is suitable to simulate at will almost any
scenario of a distaster, be it military or something else.

On the other hand, pacifists are confident that first signs of chaotic patterns which could
destabilize societies and develop into wars or revolts, could be brought under controll
sooner or later, thanks to the complete record of all data in the GloNet.

But there were - and there still are – quite dubious characters controlling ‚real-world‘
power and in revolutionary squads ‚out there in the reality‘that try to take advantage of
the GloNet. The virtual GloNet world is therefore often abused for the simulation of
attacks - e.g. kidnappings and bomb terror - but also for revolutionary and military
actions, on the basis of the surprisingly great similarity with the real world. These actions
are promptly answered by GloNet counter actions of the police, the military and politics.
This way they can optimize their strategies for later operations in ‚reality‘, if it should be

Now     it's about time to deal with some definitions that would help to a better
understanding of what's going on in the GloNet: An emulation is a 100% simulation of
something. In case one computer emulates another one, we call the emulated computer a
virtual machine. The emultated computer can - of course -emulate another one and so
on... Such a hierarchy of computer simulations is called levels of implementation. In a
world that is simulated by computers, it is only obvious that the evaluations and the
strategies for action and reaction are also optimized by computers. And computers of the
real world are right away fed with data that comes from such simulations.

In short, interdependence between the GloNet and the real world are countless and totaly
uncontrollable. Nobody has an overall view anymore. Even new holographic
representation possibilites, containing all sorts of new diagrams et cetera, can‘t help any
further. Logically, there is a great temptation for dubious groups to take advantage of this
chaotic mutual pendencies for their own purpose.

The author puts special emphasis on the fact, that the scenario - as described in this
novel - is pure fiction. This is therefore not a novel against the Islam, against China or
any other nation, religion, organisation or person mentioned in this novel. The specific
potential effects that a global network could have on our societies are regardless of
nations, religions, organisations and persons. But it should make aware politicians,
philosophers and economists about possible consequences of a general globalization.
With a bit of imagination, nearly every scenario is conceivable. This makes the work of
the above-mentioned people even harder, because reliable predictions on likely
evolutions will simply not be possible with today‘s tools. The point is, to think about hear
and now how we can use the growing influence of technology - that goes hand in hand
with automation and computerization - for better predictations. This means, we must try
to beat the ‚enemy‘ with his own game. The road to success is often unconventional...

Students  all over the world could – for example – work out their personal detailed
scenario for the future on the Internet. By means of a bit neuronal network that consists
of thousands of Internet computers, one could exploit all this scenarios. If necessary one
could play some scenarios off against some others to check their ‚fitness‘. The author is
convinced that totally new perspectives for our near and far future could emerge that
way. Trends could emerge, that are rather unlikely today or not even thought about by
somebody. These trends could be similar to the following - or completely different.

Trend A:         INTERPACT - an association of network experts, that decided to do
something to increase data security - warned already in the year 1996, that data
transaction systems could be directed agains themselves. This potentially very dangerious
scenario could evolve without the awareness of the experts that should control the
systems. They outlined the scenario of an omnipresent squad with time, money, a lot of
know-how and patience at its disposal. This group is going to buy a software firm
secretly. Then they intersperse its programs with viruses. Later on they sell off again the
whole firm. And months or years later the viruses get activ in the customer‘s computers,
e.g. physicians, tax consultants, financial and security authorities - with nasty
consequencies. A nationwide communications breakdown could – for example - be
induced by ringing all phones all of a sudden or by mixing up all subscriber numbers.

Such   a squad could also invade any personal computer by means of tapping the
electomagnetic radiation of computer screens and other computer peripherals. They could
also eliminate nearly any computer through an attack with HERF or EMP transmitters.
And a machine, that was subject to such an attack, can’t be used furthermore!

Trend B: A conspiration of dissatisfied revolutionary groups from China, in conjunction
with islamique fundamentlists, tries to overthrow the established world order, that has
formed after the fall of the iron curtain. China is working against that order because it is
in serious financial trouble and because it still wants to help communism to a
breakthrough. It sees a real chance since meanwhile also great parts of the ‚first world‘
population are living on the edge of poverty. Over 30 years of new-age capitalism in
England and other European countries and also in the US have lead a majority of their
population into economic trouble. The middle class is mostly wiped out in North-,
Middle- and Eastern Europe and in the US. Instead, potentially dangerous two class
social systems have developed – and it doesn‘t look much better in Japan and some other
Southeast Asian countries.

However, by being the only power to exert a role as world police, the US have a special
position. And because the European currency is floating with the dollar, the US obtains a
special economical status. But the fundamentals appear also not good in North America.
The global competition on all scales favors the large multinational companies and those
few, that can make their living in niche markets. Many medium-sized and small
enterprises are going bankrupt. This is especially bad because they always have been a
continuous source of new ideas and products.

There has been a globalization of the economy and the management, but the much
needed globalization of politics, governments and administrations didn‘t occur yet – and
probably won’t ever. The political and social reaction of the broad poor working force is
increasingly unforseeable, above all when facing right-wing claims. And nationalistic
trends have everywhere an uplift.

The only countries that have made a profit also for their populations in the wake of
globalization are the so called "Little Tigers", i.e. those Asian countries, whose economy
is mainly dominated by exile Chinese and their clans. The average income of the working
class there increased considerably and has overtaken that of Europe.

But wealth is unbalanced also there, because the exil Chinese, that in average make up
for about 10 to 20% of der local population, claim more than 50% of the income and
more than 90% of the fortune. Grown up in the Konfuzian tradition, these Chinese people
trust in security through the possession of large amounts of money - and therefore on the
old fashioned savings account. Because of this, there money comes only in small
amounts back into the money market.

On the other hand, there are the Islamic monarchs in the wealthy petrol countries of the
Arabian peninsula: They are not hampered by religious opinions to spend money – lots of
money. However, they have their own problems in form of discontended citizens, that
oppose the secular capitalist patriarchate. These people are promoted by fundamentalistic
groups that have formed in all Islamic countries. It‘s true that he countries around the
Golf, that make their living mostly of selling petrol, have made a profit from the heavily
raised prizes for petrol, but they have also lost the goodwill of their citizens, because they
still try to hold on to pseudomonarchistic and pseudodemocratic systems and because
they didn‘t detach from their US dependency.

The advocates of the radically fundamentalistic groups have for many years propagated
terror with car bombs and the like, just for the purpose of founding strictly Islamic
nations. But since their violence is countered by violence, they loose their influence
gradually to the so-called ‚‘modern‘ Islamic fundamentalists. These don‘t consist mainly
of people‘s revolutionary squads and rather uneducated hanger-ons, but mostly of
students and people with high school diploma and final examinations.

These   well-educated people don‘t oppose in principle against new trends - be they
economical, political or social. But they fight against those, that - after their interpretation
- contradict the Koran. The numer of intellectual followers in the Near East have rapidly
increased after permanent conflicts between Israel and his neighboring countries and also
various guerrilla warfare in and around Iraq. Since fighting with an oil boycott would
also harm their own population as a result of missing revenues, they try to challenge the
new world order on an intellectual level and attack it at its most tender spot: The
enormously complicated and uncontrollable global data networking.
They already tried – without success - to invade the GloNet data bank. So they resort to
a new strategy: They plan to knock out the worldwide GloNet system with a concerted
action. That way they can also jam the backbone for most of the data transmissions of the
real world, because thiese data run on the same ultra-highspeed network!

This novel deals with how the explosive mixture of Islamic fundamentalism and Chinese
communism wants to overthrow the world order by trying to knock out the GloNet, the
global nerve center. It also deals with how two fanatic GloNet riders - called Martin A.
and John T. - come across the forerunners of the concerted GloNet attack. For quite some
time, these two ‚Gentleman‘ make a very bad impression to the direction of the local
GloNet Eurocentre, because of their mostly illegal activities on the GloNet...

The cooperation of two anarchic GloNet riders and the austere GloNet control authority
helps to form a strong counterpart towards the revolutionaries from the Near and Far
East. At the very last moment they succeed to stop the attack on the GloNet’s virtual
world. But outside – were ‚real life‘ goes on – some strange things happen too...

                                  End of Prolog

            "Attack on the GloNet"

                                      Part 1

   Near Zurich, Switzerland, apartment of John T., February

John T. is a virtual information broker. During one of his virtual trips in the
GloNet he ends up in Tanza, province Cavite, in the Philippines. It is 18:05 local
time, temperature 32°C, humidity 95%. Sweat runs down under John T.’s shirt
and he longs for a genuine San Miguel beer. He just managed through the greatest
trafficjam he ever experienced. On the 'highway' from downtown Manila to
Cavite the small taxi was sqeezed for two hours between big trucks and
overcrowded Jeepneys. And these roads! Even the streets in New York, with their
deep potholes, are like a Sunday excursion compared to this.

John T. sits on the balcony of a small restaurant directly next to the church ‚Santa
Maria del Rosario‘. He's listening to the church bells. Many people drive with
their fancy, colourful Jeepneys directly onto the big square before the house of
God. Many Tuc-Tucs are already parked in a large row. There is a continuous
coming and going: Mothers with small children, pupils, students and adults, in
most cases wearing T-shirts. Blue jeans - omnipresent in Europe and the USA -
are not so common here. Most man wear light flannel trousers in brighter tints, the
girls and women wear multicolored skirts. John T. enjoys the almost
impressionistic compositions, comprising of dark hair, tanned skin and colourful
dresses. Through the general noise outside, John T. can hear hymns in the native
language Tagalog, amplified through loudspeakers, mounted high over the entry
on the church roof.

When most of the people have vanished into the church and the preacher starts
the ceremony, there comes a good opportunity for John T. to go for a pee, since
he doesn't understand the native language Tagalog. He opens the virtuality suit
before he enters the bathroom. Apparently he's quite trained in the involved
manipulations - it takes him only a bit more than a minute to get ready for the
business. When he comes out of the bathroom again, he fetches a bottle with fruit
juice from the fridge in the kitchen and plops half a dozen ice cubes in a cocktail
glass. Then he fills it to the edge and drinks greedily. An almost obscene belching
briefly shakes the whole kitchen when he's finished. He now grabs a banana
yoghurt from the open fridge to calm his growling stomach.

During vacations he spends his life for the most part in his virtuality suit. John T.
is a third generation cyberfreak. He doesn‘t have much in common anymore with
the first and second generation of DT's. Indeed he also learned of things such as
'modems' and 'internet computers', but the time of such low-tech equipment has
long gone. For him only the best high-tech gadgets come into consideration when
he wants to take part in the virtual society of the GloNet. It allows him - and also
millions of like-minded persons - to participate in a global parallel world in the
cyberspace of the GloNet. Here, incredible realism is achieved through feeding
the virtuality suits with real-time simulations. Even though a lot of high-tech is
used, this is only possible because of the efficiency at which packed data is
transmitted. Fed with this data, the private computer at home takes care of the
construction of the cyberworld and the data suit provides the simulation of the
physical environment.

John T. now returns     to the small computer room in his two-room flat. Again, he
slips into the virtuality suit. Then he puts on the light data helmet. And now it's
time to plug anew into the GloNet! The holodisplay, which occupies a majority of
the helmet front, is already displaying the virtual scenery in full luminosity: The
ceremony in the church is obviously nearing the end in the meantime. A lot of
churchgoers are already streaming out of the large main exit of the house of God.
Over the loudspeakers two priests donate the blessing in Tagalog and Roman to
the people, who hurry home now. On the large place in front of the entry to the
churchyard the Tuc-Tuc drivers return to their vehicles and wait for passengers.
A woman now speaks over the loudspeakers. But John T. can’t grasp the
meaning since she talks in Tagalog . From the open Jeepneys in the streets around
the church comes the sound of popular music that drowns out the woman's voice.
John T. is fascinated by the huge crowd that leaves the church. He’s curious how
all the people who now gather around the front of the church, found a place
inside during the ceremony.

He turns his helmet armored head slowly to the right and down a bit.   Now he
can admire the many blooming flowers below the terrace in the garden of the
restaurant. After some time he turns over to a majestic mango tree and some
elegant banana trees that he likes especially. Looking through between the lower
branches of the mango tree is a glowing red solar ball which is already deep at the

John T. is relaxing and daydreaming for a few minutes. Meanwhile the sky in the
west is illuminated in rich orange colors and the slowly weighing big banana
leaves build up a nice dark-green contrast in front. A mild evening breeze chills
the hot skin. And as it becomes darker, the sky over Manila starts to gleam in
deep scarlet colors.

An airplane passes rather low over John T. but the jet engines can’t be heard,
due to the background noise of the humming of car engines out there in the
streets, mixing with the music of various stereo sets and the loud yelling of some

John T. loves these tropical evenings: the stars begin to sparkle in the black sky
soon after sunset and life begins to pulsate after the heat of the day. Through the
open windows of the surrounding houses he can simultaniously hear all 46 TV
channels which can be received here by satellite.

Now the dark of the night has spread all round. Just an hour ago John T. longed
for a walk in the cool European winter night because he was sweatening in the
tropical heat and humidity. However - with the gentle night breeze caressing the
body - Europe with its cold weather is luckily far away again.

John T. takes his feet from the low veranda rail and rises from the rocking chair
to go back into the house. The personnel in the room downstairs are busy serving
all the people who have entered the restaurant after church, but somebody detects
him upstairs and asks: "Hello John, would you like to watch TV with us?"

John T. is seemingly a regular customer. He puts his hands on the end of the
banister on the upper floor: "Thanks, Mirenda, but I’m too tired. I’m going to bed
right now."

"That’s OK with us - have a nice sleep!"
"The same for you - good night to everybody!"
With these words John T. enters his small hotel room where a big fan in the
corner attempts to hold the sticky air in motion. John T. opens the window, so that
the spicy night air can stream in.

Here and now he ends the data session. He peels out of the tight data suit at home
in his computer room. These data trips can tire you out pretty much since they are
combined with continuous changes of time and climate. John T. tries to banish
the weariness in his bones by going outside on his small balcony to for a short
stay in the cold winter air.

As he opens the French door just a little, the winter storm that currently rages
outside, suddenly pushes it wide open. The wind blows the easy, fluffy snow,
which accumulated in the last hours on the balcony ground, into the living room.
Within a radius of about three feet around the door the cold powder gathers on the

John T. hardly pushes on the balcony door to close it again. He has a look at the
clock. It is soon lunchtime, but it‘s so dark outside because of the tempest that one
could suppose night would already start in an hour.

Since John T. has not gone on a    ski vacation, he is now off for two weeks and
therefore can spend the time the way he wants. For a few seconds he flirts with
the idea of preparing a strong coffee in the kitchen. However, since his coffee
consumption usually increases exponentially between and after virtual trips, he
changes his mind: It certainly would be much healthier to have a few hours of

Before falling asleep, he considers briefly the strategy he wants to apply in the
following days, so that he can gather as much data as desired for his customers.
Even though he is quite happy with his real-life-profession, he tries to fullfill his
virtuality job as a GloNet information broker as good as possible. Two companies
from Switzerland have appointed him to find out, where their data streams -
which regularly leak from strictly protected GloNet lines - could end. They
presume that the local selling agents of their Far East agencies hand over secret
informations for payment. But since this is only a presumption, John T. got the
job of clearing up the matter. Who could be interested in this very special and
specific data? And who sells products that are similar to the ones from the Swiss
companies? Besides, there's also a rumour about fundamental groups planning
assaults in the Southern and Central Philippines and other countries of that region.
He should also try to gather informations on that rumor. It is clear that a lot of
questions keep John T. busy. But first of all it is of primary importance to keep
everything top secret. His customers fear that their reputation could be ruined if
information on the subject leaked into the public.

Near Zurich, Switzerland, apartment of John T., February 2019

John T. has just rejoined the virtual GloNet society around Manila. He had five
hours of sleep; then sat in the bathtube for nearly an hour. Afterwards he had five
espressos and a BIG pizza from the pizza service a few blocks away. The effect of
all this extravagance is that he feels very strong now. He starts his GloNet ride
again in Tanza, Cavite. Sitting on the balcony of the hotel, he‘s rocking in his
favorite chair. It is 14:12 local time, the temperature is still around 25 degrees
and the humidity somewhat less than 90%. And - of course - he sweats terribly.
No wonder, after slurping five espressos just a few minutes ago! The sweat burns
in his eyes so that he can hardly read the smaller marks at the edge of the wide-
angle display from the headset.

He would gladly get out of the game any time soon. But then it could easily last a
long time until the connection is built up again - if he will get a line at all. Things
must therefore be thoroughly considered: should he wait off-line until the caffeine
kick fades away or should he just continue?

Before he comes to a conclusion, an inbound airplaine catches his attention. It
flies rather low. John T. can even make out the engines inlets: They have the
typical layout that belongs to the new supersonic scramjets . Only these scramjet
engines can absorb enough oxygen in the extremely thin air where these planes
mostly fly. They supply enough energy for supersonic speeds at very high
altitudes. The air travels all the way through these special engines at a permanent
supersonic speed. And hydrogen is the only fuel that burns fast enough to deliver
enough thrust in the extremly short phase, when the mixture of air and fuel is in
the engines. Such a scramjet - with hydrogen fuel - can reach hights of about
200'000 feet and 'fly' with up to twenty times the speed of sound! To prevent
overheating of the jet's surface at this speed, engineers have found a way to make
use of the shock waves which are produced at supersonic speeds, for an active
cooling system: atmospheric nitrogen and hydrogen molecules are stimulated and
split up when they pass the shock waves. That way they absorb energy that
otherwise would heat up the plane's surface.

The scramjet is apparently on final approach to Manila airport. Scramjets have to
fly a special approach route with an extremly high angle of attack, because of
their special aerodynamic layout. But watch that smoke trace that is moving from
the ground up with supersonic speed into the sky over Manila! It’s ascending
quickly from the left. That must be a SAM! What idiot... !?

John T. hasn‘t come to a conclusion when the front of the smoke trail turns
abruptly in the direction of the airplane, namely onto the hot jet engines. Another
300 feet, now 150..., still 75..., striking! The SAM ride on the hot exhaust gas was
perfect: The airplane loses nearly instantly the left main wing with two ramjet
engines and comes into an obviously uncontrollable flight attitude.

John T. switches his receiver immediately to the emergency frequency. He
stabilizes the carrier frequency and tries to synchronize the decoder. In his
headphones he can hear the commander of the airplane, calling for help:
"Mayday, Mayday! Ramjet 303, we‘re going down! No rudder control ...,
absolutely no feedback ..., plane cannot be stabilized!"

No question about it: this plane will crash. John T. tries to reach Martin A. on the
pipe, who is specialized in this sort of thing. He attempts to set up a connection,
but Martin A. doesn‘t react. Either he is not in the GloNet at present or he can't or
doesn't want to answer. John T. doesn‘t have the time to analyze thais however.
The jet will hit the ground any moment! On the standby channel, he hears via
radio a cursing Air Police commander in chief. It seems that the hunt for the
killers starts already.

Impact! Dragging along a long trail of fire and smoke, the big jet has just bored
deep into the ground. The disaster is perfect...

The coordinates - I must have the coordinates! Where the hell is this bloody
navigator again? John T. has left it in the hotel room. Damned, every now and
then when you urgently need something it is not available! He hurries back into
his hotel room. The navigator, an object with many dull shining facets on the
surface, is well hidden behind all sorts of useful and useless stuff. John T. takes it
and turns it around. Tiny movies run on his six sides. They inform John T. about
what could be important to him right now. John T. can pre-program the cube but
normally the navigator is autonomous to coordinate and predict, based on John
T.‘s actions in the last hours and days. It precisely keeps a record of John T.‘s
preferences and, for this reason, suspects rather often what could be of instant
importance. Obviously, the machine also keeps a record of what happened during
the last few hours in the hybrid data space, i.e. in the real world and in the virtual
world of the GloNet.

In fact: John T. can now watch on the small screens what happened during the
last seconds before the jet crashed. And to get the exact coordinates is also no
problem now, since the navigator stored all related data. A slight pressure on the
spacetime axis symbol shows instantly the exact date and time together with the
GloNet coordinates of the event: Manila, WZ=2577,5 +/- 0.33, WX=N3255,005,
WY=W5344,449, February 13, 2019, LT=14:24:43, WT=21:24:43.

John T. runs his fingers along the coordinates; usually he can navigate like this to
a known place of interest by means of satellite photography. This allows him also
to 'creep' very deep and precizely into the scene using a special form of zoom.
However, nothing happens this time! Apparently, others have had the same idea
and were faster. So they are holding the pipes to the place of action. During such
events you must either be notified first of all or you must navigate faster than the
others. Although the online connections are extended regularly with super
conductors and optical fibers, the capacities are still limited unfortunately. It‘s a
pity, but there‘s no remedy at the moment.

John T. has learned to live with these facts. He makes the best of the
unintentional break and peels off the virtuality suit. Then he dabs the sweat from
his body. Virtuality suits can simulate a micro climate and also physical effects -
within certain boundaries, of course. This helps cyber surfers to have a deceptive
feeling of reality, which is necessary to fully ‘dive in‘. Sometimes, the rapid loss
of certainty about what’s real and what’s only a simulation - measured only in
seconds - astounds even a VR fanatic like John T. So, virtual trips are the coolest
thing - right after sex! Besides, all the others are doing it also - almost all of them,
at least. Because there are still these eternal, ultra conservative elements. They
have the idea of saving the society from what they think is a devil‘s network.
However, the GloNet is THE hot place where lots of money can be made. And the
world‘s nations also make a lot of money out of it because they charge a VAT for
joining the ‘mother of all nets‘.

Here is also the weak point where the critics come in: they blame the nations
who enrich themselves with virtual sex and similar things. And they complain
about all the ‘poor addicted‘ who have lost their jobs, went bankrupt and left their
families - all in favor of the GloNet. But John T. can‘t be bothered by these
rearguard actions. He is - without any reservations - on the side of the
governments, at least as long as it concerns GloNet activities. His point of view
can be described in three sentences: What happens in the virtual society of the
GloNet is basically none of the governments business and, after all, you‘re
voluntarily joining the virtual market, aren‘t you? Basta!

Near Zurich, Switzerland, apartment of John T., February 2019

John T. has joined the GloNet again after the short break. When he looks around
in his virtuality suit, he sees the gathering of clouds in the sky over Tanza. The
sun disappears after a few minutes behind a dark wall of thunderclouds and a
gusty wind brings some fresh air from the sea.

It’s around 3 p.m. local time. Children drop in groups into the yard of the private
school just opposite. Tuc-Tuc drivers are already waiting with running engines to
bring them home. Some of the older pupils also have school lessons right after
the break. They invade the open market right over the street and buy ice-cream,
fruits and sandwiches.

There’s a rumour - according to radio communications - that the chase after the
people who are responsible for the attack on the civilian aircraft is still going on.
The members of the terrorist group that fired the rocket missile apparently belong
to the most wanted individuals in the GloNet. Even the WIB - something like the
central intelligence office of the GloNet - is hunting them. If they are grabbed,
their GloNet license will be removed for lifetime. However, these terrorists
haven’t entered the GloNet on legal ways - and therefore it will be very difficult
to catch them.

Data traffic around the crash site in the GloNet is extraordinarily active at the
moment. That‘s puzzling John T. It seems they are really in a hurry, doing away
with the remnants of the crash. But even now - hours after the crash - a few
interesting facts could probably be sucked down the pipe. John T. feeds the
computer with the nesessary coordinates. However, a quick look onto the
projection wall shows nothing unusual. That's really disappointing.
So he calls once again his friend Martin A., this time directly over a geostationary
satellite. Martin A. knows some undisclosed frequencies that the maintenance and
localizer services use. Perhaps he can find out a bit more that way...

For geosatellite access, he must first enter a password. He speaks the password
clearly and slowly into the microphone. But after a few seconds a computerized
voice notifies him:


Funny! John T. checks whether the communication is tuned in: Everything's OK.
What the hell could that be?

John T. makes a new attempt. But he gets the same announcement one more time:



The warning lamp on the log receiver lights up in staccato and - simultanously - a
nerve-racking buzzing tone warns him about an attempted backtracking. John T.
reacts instantly: He pushes a few knobs on the ECM-box. A swift look to the
catcher symbol shows that the attempted backtracking did not succeed. However
this incident warns him to be more cautious: something's definitely fishy about it!
And this is not all: his connection, built up on the crash coordinates, is suddenly
unstable. The snooper looses the frequency again and again. John T. attempts to
adjust the input sensitivity, but that doesn‘t help. So he switches from 4D to 3D
and then even to 2D. However, all these actions cannot fix the problem. It's
obvious that somebody jams heavily! That is not a usual overload of the pipes! At
least 2D transfer should be stable. A glance at the power gauge shows that the line
has plenty of power: It could actually supply approximately 2.5 billion pipes in
2D at the same time!

John T. had already heard from such extraodinary states in the net, but he had
never before experienced something like that. In the ’Club‘, where the freaks
regularly meet to have a chat, nobody believes in technical breakdowns, even if
this is the official reason in most cases. The system is built up holistically and it
has multiple redundancy. Therefore, breakdowns simply can‘t occur that much!

The cracks at the Club have all heard about secret experiments where, for
example, brainwaves are superimposed to the basic frequency. Consequently this
could enable somebody to intervene with GloNet events all the more directly via
thoughts! However none of its colleagues could ever imagine how that should
work physically. Such experiments would require a physical and metaphysical
knowhow that is way beyond the official scientific statements. But then again,
what can you feel sure about in times like this?
There is also a more plausible opinion that the high-frequency oscillations -
which come from the interpreters in the connection points between the virtuality
worlds - could lead to uncontrollable states. However, that must happen on a
subatomic level: only there, and nowhere else, timeless sequences would be
allowed to exist. On a quantum mechanical level the superposition of several
worlds is quite conceivable without the influence of time. But - once again - such
events could not be produced physically with known and proved technology.

Small frequency shifts of the real-time-virtuality generators could also play a
role. Since GloNet events must be coordinated worldwide in real-time, the system
is very sensible regarding marginal time differences.

Near Zurich, apartment of Martin A., February 2019

Temperature 5 degrees above zero, snow showers down to 2500 feet, rain in
deeper locations. Danger of icy roads. Logfires burning. Many people spend a ski
vacation with their children in the well-known tourist centers that are not yet
affected by global warming.

Martin A. is not much aware of that. His virtual GloNet profession as a security
agent demands that he travels in the net during leisure time as much as possible.
Right now he‘s going to spin up the screenviewer, then he adjusts the coordinates
of the Iraninan capital Teheran. The connection is once again full of electric
'noise'. This doesn't bother Martin A. at all since he is illegally in the pipe. But
there‘s no other way because the Mullahs control and log the whole legal traffic
data to and from the national GloNet center in Teheran.

Presumably terrorist activities are planned again. Recently there weere numerous
encounters with well-known GloNet identities, belonging to the 'scene'. However,
a major problem - in addition to the religious fanatics - are still these
unscrupulous killers from the GloNet Mafia. They can be hired by anyone with
just a bit of money.

Martin A. rides the pipe by order of the WIB. They want him to record and
exploit the Near East activities of several well-known groups. That way the WIB
expects to always be one step ahead of terrorists and the like. He’s been on the
pursuit of Giuseppe M. for some days now. This guy is a known subject in the
scene. He is the son of an Iraqi who married a bankier daughter from Switzerland
who had converted to the Islam. Giuseppe M. washes money on large scales. He
was born in Italy and later he made it into his adopted country. He inherited his
money dealing skills from his mother and his unscrupulousness from his father. It
is sure as hell that he has smuggled tons of weapons over a southern Italy export
company from European army supplies to terrorist organizations in the near East
and Indonesia. Considering several indications, Martin A. is quite sure that this
’nice‘ fellow conceals his true identity behind a pseudonym. In addition,
Giuseppe M. is a clever guy and rather experienced in the usage of backtracking.
So Martin A. always has an eye on the backtracking warning light and the log
receiver. It is surely a difficult - maybe even an unsolvable task - for Martin A. to
keep an eye on him.

Slowly but steadily Italy was becoming? a torrid zone for Giuseppe M. He
realized this just in time and so he evaded to Teheran yesterday. Giuseppe M. may
be quite clever but by taking shelter in Teheran he didn't consider the fact that the
Mullahs don't like it when mediators come into their country without special
permission. Therefore they'd like to deport Giuseppe M. as fast as possible or to
get rid of him any another way. In this case this could also mean death judgment.
Martin A. has already found some indications for the second variant. No doubt,
the killer team in charge of murdering Giuseppe M. could well be on the way!
Martin A. must decide now whether he should try to save Giuseppe M. or let the
things just ride. In addition, he sees a faint chance to hire Giuseppe M. as a double
agent by informing him in advance of the deadly threat.

Most of all, Martin A. hates to make decisions in a hurry. This is the single
unpleasant side of his GloNet profession as a WIB agent. Otherwise he can fully
identify with his virtual profession. Not least, because it offers quite a few illegal
means on the GloNet! As a passionate and enthusiastic hacker, this part of the
game suits him exceptionally well ...

Martin A. decides to get in touch as soon as possible with Giuseppe M., even if
he has to take the risk that the Mullahs become aware of him. He asks the
navigator to prepare a list with the last whereabouts of Giuseppe M. . Then he
overlays that data with the knowledge about the Mullahs, which the WIB had
compiled. That way a multi-dimensional structure builds up on the display. This
structure can be simplified by means of FFTs. Intersections of evidence can be
emphasized with colors later on. This makes the interpretation of the graphics a
lot easier. The most difficult work for the computer is the final representation of
the extracted data in a hologram. That way Martin A. can travel in real-time
through this multi-dimensional space and recognise intersections in space and
time when regarding the action plots from all sides. In the next step, it is
necessary to instruct the router to occupy as many of these places as possible
within a given time and space. Logistically this problem corresponds to a well-
known task: imagine you have a truck driver who should visit about a dozen
different customers on a time and distanceoptimized route. Not an easy task!

Martin A.'s machine is at least an order of magnitude too small for such
numbercrunching tasks. Therefore he must tap the nearest WIB mainframe,
located in Geneva, Switzerland. However, this machine is overloaded as usual. So
only the illegal option remains to kick another participant out - someone who
doesn‘t seem to know the system too well. But after some useless attempts he
stops this effort. People, who log to Geneva, are usually also proffessionals.
Therefore they know how to best protect their connection against tapping and
other unfriendly interventions.

The computer repeats the login procedure automatically over and over again so
that Martin A. can retire for a coffee break. A bell signal indicates after about five
minutes that the connection to Geneva is finally established. Martin A.
immediately transmits his data and instructs Geneva to send the corresponding
hologram as soon as possible.
The line to Geneva seems very good. It's just a matter of minutes until Martin A.
receives the results of the extensive calculations: fluorescent points and oscillating
lines appear soon on the holoscreen. During the next few minutes they form a
strange mesh. Martin A. rotates the cobweb-like mesh around all axes (since
plural), so that every single element wanders through his field of vision bit by bit.
He illuminates interesting junctions with a thin laser beam, whereupon the
corresponding information appears instantly on the main screen. This interactive
search game helps to get an idea of how close the persecutors are on the heels of
Giuseppe M.

Martin A. doesn‘t hurry. Of course, his adrenaline level sometimes reaches new
heights in such situations. But he knows from experience that if he now
interprets the information with skill and if he also concentrates on the small
inconspicuous details, he can win more time in the long run. So he sits on the
floor like a Buddha and starts to dictate calmly all his associations into the voice
navigator. He constantly checks on the display whether specific interpretations
show a significant increase that is more then just accidental.

After somewhat less than a hour things are ready: there is a chance of
approximately 75% that during the next two days an assault will be attempted
against Giuseppe M. Most probably it will take place in the fitness center of a
large international sports chain at the outskirts of Teheran. A chance of 70%
exists that Giuseppe M. will attempt to reach the Turkish border where - in
Ankara - a member of his gang coordinates the weapons business. It would be an
easy job for the Mullahs to restrain him at the border in the pretext of smuggling
drugs. In the hotel they could hide drugs in his baggage, for example. At the
border they would hold and search him and then they would find the drugs in his
luggage. An old but still effective story. – And well, there is a death penalty on
that crime...

Martin A. concentrates on the 75% probability, for the moment. He will try to
arrange a meeting with Giuseppe M. in the lobby of the hotel where he resides. It
is too dangerous to contact him on-line. Another possibility would be to send a
contact person. But since his few people are currently busy with - what they call -
very important projects, he can forget about that immediately.

Near Zurich, Switzerland, apartment of John T., February 2019

John T. has tried for hours to find the leaks in the information flow of his two
Swiss customers in the virtual world of the GloNet. Since he has no success, he
decides to take the next flight to Manila to check on site 'in reality' what is going
on there. Is there - for example - a coincidence between the leaks of the pipes and
the SAM lunch at the civilian aircraft? He also tries several times to reach Martin
A. who gets a regular discount on airline tickets. But since he doesn't answer the
calls, John T. books tourist instead of first class. It doesn‘t bother him much: The
trip to the far east offers a good excuse to escape from the cold winter weather in
Switzerland for a couple of days. Besides, it's paid by his customers...
On the way to the airport Zurich-Kloten he drives by at Martin A.‘s place in
order to have a look what's going on there. But Martin A. seems to have vanished
into thin air! Nobody opens after repeated ringing at the door. So John T. gives up
and leaves a short memo in the letterbox. He asks Martin A. to contact him on
their secret line in the Philippine Plaza Hotel in Manila if possible.

Near Zurich, Switzerland, apartment of Martin A., February 2019

Martin A. doesn’t have      much time to prepare the encounter with Giuseppe M.
and to gather some more facts. In the same moment as he wants to unlog from the
mainframe in Geneva, the log receiver reports a tracking attempt from an
unknown source via the IFF marker. And - simultaneously - this bloody door bell
rings keeps ringing! Martin A. doesn‘t expect anybody: his wife and the children
went to Austria for ski vacations and he expects them to stay there for at least one
weeek. And his colleagues are either at work or riding the GloNet on cybertrips.
Therefore, Martin A. decides not to react at the ringing, especially since the
situation in the net gets rather crucial for him now.

His adrenalin level climbs terribly once again, as he observes the signals of the
IFF identifier and the tracking warner. He knows instantly that he should get rid
of his on-screen hologram as fast as possible! He starts the localizer. It
automatically searches all known frequencies. At the same time the special
multitarget jammer feeds continuous modulation and noise into the pipe. Martin
A. grabs the virtual starting point of his holographic connection web on the screen
and sets it down on a preprogrammed public phone cabin in the outskirts of
Moscow. Meanwhile the second jammer continuously disturbs the connection of
the intruders to his computer. So their capturizers loose the connection again and
again. The pre-programmed jammer also overlay his hologram with a
preassembled hologram that contains meaningless data from the geographical
atlas of the UNO. However, he knows only too well that his countermeasures are
almost hopeless, since everybody can reproduce the original hologram from its
fragments. All in all, it‘s a cold comfort that he apparently stumbled over a hot
trail on the WIB.

Manila, Philippine Plaza, Poolside, February 2019

John T. arrives at the airport in Manila after a pleasant flight of only six hours in
a supersonic airliner. But then it takes him more than two hours to get through the
customs because his high-tech equipment is thoroughly searched - together with
all his personal belongings. Finally, a taxi brings him to the Philippine Plaza in
less than 90 minutes - a new record for this route. So the few miles from the
landing point to the hotel took half as much time as the whole flight over
thousands of miles ...

After six hours of sleep he starts working on his job. He works for more than
three hours continuously. Then he decides to go down to the poolside for a drink
and a bit of relaxation. John T. has a clear opinion about the definition of
’relaxation‘: it means primarly to have a close look at young and crisp female
bodies. If they have large blossoms - the better. We shall see, whether he gets his

When he arrives down by the pool entrance he can already see (and hear!) a
bunch of suntanned children, enjoying the slide that leads down the small
artificial hill into the pool. There are also some Philippinas showing off their slim
bodys in the shadows of the large palms on the other side of the pool. And a
family from Japan or Korea has an easy time, diving in the shallow water.

John T. feels a bit out of place in his light summer suit, with Hugo Boss shirt,
Bally of Switzerland shoes, an Aigner tie and strap and a Rolex wristwatch. A
friendly young waitress shows him the way and he is seated at a table in the
shadow of a big, white parasol. He orders a long drink without ice and a
Philippine made cigar.

And now - here he is: in front of him a bowl, filled with almonds and peanuts.
From time to time he sips from the long drink and sometimes he blows small
perfect rings of smoke into the calm air. He looks slowly around and detects that
he's obviously totally overstyled in his suit. So he decides to buy a bath suit
before he goes to the pool side next time.

Since John T. has worked hard for hours, he feels exhausted - and there's also the
time lag that makes him tired. He tries hard to relax but he can't stop the most
important events of his investigations here to shortly pass before his inner eyes.
The shoot down of the civilian aircraft seems to have caused quite a stir. Some
unusual facts point to that. Most obvious is the news blockout. The
telecommunications pack normally has no need to make use of such bad tricks.
They have a bunch of possibilities to hide sensitive digital information: electrical
noise on the line, fiber optic cables get disconnected on construction sites,
communication knots break down under overload - and many more such tricks.
Either someone makes a mountain out of a molehill in order to distract from
something much more important, or somone’s covering up a really big ’thing‘.

Shortly after accepting the job to gather informations for the two Swiss
companies, John T. also had several lock-ons from unknown sources. Years ago -
at the very beginning when the GloNet was still quite unstable - these sort of
alerts happened often. Mostly they could be backtracked to bugs in the new
software. However, this case is different: all in all it seems to John T. that he
stumbled over a real challenge. And he's sure to be the damnright man for this
job! Well, he has never had any problems with his ego…

John T. looks at his multifunction swatch. How fast time passes, it's already six
o'clock! The large crimson sun sinks into the calm sea behind a wall of clouds.
That‘s the famous sunset over the Manila Bay. And - at last - the cool breeze from
the sea is also here. It mingles with the stuffy air of this Asian megalopolis.

Unoccupied places among the parasols at the poolside have become rare in the
meantime. It‘s barely been an hour that John T. ordered a second long drink, but
meanwhile many more people have arrived. Some took spots on the free
deckchairs at the seaside of the little green paradise, others amuse themselves
with their children in the water or on the miniature golf playground in the rear
part of the generous hotel garden.

John T. looks around. It‘s part of his profession to observe and classify people. It
seems that tourists from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Australia and Europe are here
in about equal shares. But there are also some business people from the
Philippines and other neighboring countries sitting around.

The main topic of the people at the pool is the GloNet jet crash near the Nino
Aquino airport. A quick summary yields John T. to the opinion, that there is
definitely something fishy about it. It is simply impossible, that there are still no
clues concerning the people behind that cowardly attack. How could somebody
vanish without leaving any traces after such action? What happened to the
automated recordings in the satellite knots and on the main servers? All of them
could not have been simultaneously faulty! And why is there still a ban over the
crash site, namely not only in the GloNet, but also in reality?

John T. looks at the palmleaves that are gently moving in the evening breeze. The
water of the childrens slide rushes cheerfully. A quartet of three Philippinos and a
sexy Philippina singer to the right of him has meanwhile lined up. They start to
play South American rhythms using two Spanish guitars and a string bass. The
singer gives the rhythm with a tambourine. The sound is good and John T. gently
beats the time with his right and left foot alternately.

Tropical sunsets are short but intense. It already became noticeably darker during
the last few minutes and now a big wall of clouds approaches from Corregidor.
The bright lights of some small fisherboats and a few much bigger containerships
can be seen, standing out against the dark sky over the calm sea. At first sight they
seem all to ride at anchor. But after some time, John T. can recognises that most
positions are a bit displaced, indicating that they are moving.
A loud paddling in the water of the pool disturbs John T. in his thoughts. He looks
over to where the noise came from. It was a small boy, who jumped into the
shallow water. The boy reminds him of his own youth: that was an easy-going
time when he was so young...

An elderly graying gentleman from Europa, who sits about thirty feet to the right
of John T., gives a blond American lady the come-on. The lady attempts - without
success - to conceal her age behind lots of make-up, a short hairdo and a youthful
dress. It must be a relief that somebody at last takes care of her: she was already
sitting alone for almost half an hour, just with a drink in front of her. However,
John T. doesn’t have the best impression about the 'gentleman'. He looks more
like a cheap macho who chases after women. But a gentleman's passion should be
to spoil the women. No doubt if he will not get that Blonde to bed that night, he
will quickly organize a Philippina instead.

Meanwhile night has fallen over Manila, and the tiny light bulbs that are lined up
like a pearl necklace and wrapped around the trunks of the palm trees give the
scenery out here in the hotel park a festive touch. The band has slowly moved
over to the pavilion at the minigolf course, but from time to time some chords are
carried over by the night breeze. A waitress comes and asks John T.: "Sir, would
you like to have another drink?"

John T. notes only now that his glass is empty: "Yes, please!"
"The same, Sir?"
John T. hesitates for a moment. Then he sees the advertisement for Diet Coke in
the corner of the bar: "Uh - no, I‘d like a Diet Coke for a change, please."

"Diet Coke with ice, I‘ll be back in a moment, Sir." - And away she is.
Damned, did she just say ’with ice‘ or was it just imagination? It annoys John T.
that he sometimes doesn‘t listen closely to what people say - a bad habit that he
should get rid off. In the tropics he takes no ice in principle, since he caught
amoebas years ago and had to suffer for months from it.

When the lady brings the drink and a glass, half filled with ice cubes, he asks her
to bring a glass without ice.

"I‘m sorry Sir, did you order without ice?”
"No, I think I just forgot to tell you. Somehow I was not aware..."
"No problem, Sir! I‘ll be back."
She puts the small bottle on the table and then she goes over to the bar to fetch a
new glass. That‘s what John T. calls 'excellent service‘. In many places they
would just have spilled the ice cubes and returned the same glass to him!

As the waitress comes back, he just follows an inspiration and asks her whether
she knows of new facts about the aircraft that was shot down.

She‘s a bit embarrassed, then she reflects briefly and asks: "What exactly would
you like to know, Sir?"

John T. doesn't want to speak aloud because he fears to make some people
attentive. Therefore he suggests she might bend down to him a bit: "I just would
like to know whether you heard of any news, concerning yesterday‘s attack on a
civilian aircraft. I mean, your‘re most probably from Manila, and I know there‘s a
lot of gossip..."

But she already shakes her head regretfully before he has even finished his
inquiry - a bit too fast, so that it makes John T. suspicious right away. His
knowledge of the human nature tells him that she knows more, probably a lot
more. But he does not insist and expresses his thanks with a friendly smile.
Could it be that she's just weary of all the questions that she‘s been asked over
and over by tourists and businessmen since the attack on the aircraft? John T. is
suddenly no more so sure about her. But he will - in any case - keep an eye on her
this evening. It could be a new trace - but he does not expect too much from it.
But finally he must somehow show to his clients that he is worth all the money -
and he is not cheap! No wonder, since he‘s often hanging around in the best hotels
of the real world ...

John T. makes a brainstorm on a paper napkin. He has already gathered some
useful information from newspapers, conversations with taxi drivers, the
monitoring of phone calls and from all sorts of legal and illegal sources. He draws
thick straight lines between the more relevant data. The less important
information is only connected with lines. He then studies the graphic on the paper
napkin in hope of a sudden inspiration. But nothing happens. After ten minutes he
must admit that he just doesn‘t get anywhere like this. So he decides to start a new
brainstorm later - perhaps after dinner - in his hotel room, where an emulated
neural network could be of great help.

Unfortunately, he has left his personal assistant up there in the hotel room. The
PA is a tiny computer with all the trimmings for tapping central databases and
other places where knowledge accumulates. John T. connected the machine to the
local communications adapter. Not legal though - but a possibility to remain
online, even at the poolside. The PA could send an alarm to John T.'s
multifunctional wrist watch in case something important happens while he sits at
the poolside. And to prevent uninvited visitors - like the ladies and gentlemen
from the room service - from running into his little secret upstairs, John T. has
attached a tag ’Privacy, please!‘ in front of his room.

Wrapped in the black satin of the tropic night, Manila Bay looks quite 'sexy'.
There's a single bright star above the dark and quiet water. It is sometimes hidden
by palm branches that are swinging in the night breeze, which is remarkably
stronger now. And now the position lights of an airplane, coming from Manila
Airport, flash at the sky approximately on level with the bright star. John T.'s eyes
follow the strobe lights until they vanish behind a thin cloud layer.

The chairs on the terrace are not occupied much anymore. Most people already
went to the different restaurants of the large hotel or out to town for dinner. The
stronger breeze drives small waves around in the illuminated swimming pool and
the smell of grilled meat is carried over at times. The blonde lady at the table on
the opposite side gets up now. She waits until the ’gentleman‘ - who is still trying
to turn her on - puts the light cardigan over her shoulder. John T. hears from their
dialogue, that they go for dinner to the 'Grand Ballroom'. He waits until the two
have left. Then he calls a waitress, draws his chipcard through the small ATM and
gives the lady a small tip. It‘s time for him to feed his growling stomach...

Near Zurich, apartment of Martin A., February 2019

Temperature -5° C, light snowfall down to 1500 feet, wind with seven knots
from northwest. Brief clearing up in the central country. Cloud coverage 5/8 to
8/8 - and even more snow during the next few hours.

Martin A., however, does not notice much about that. He urgently needs an
inspiration in the next few minutes - or he will be expelled from the 'game'. And
this can easily cost him a fortune to re-enter, if it’s possible at all! As it turns out,
the intruders have obviously managed to download his hologram. His single hope
is now that his various jamming maneuvers have sufficiently distorted the picture,
so that nobody can draw clear conclusions from it. Now it‘s even more urgent for
him to meet Giuseppe M. All of a sudden time, and not safety, is his major
concern. A bloody bad situation! How could he be such an assh... to get involved
in something as bad as this?

He computes a transit to Teheran for the fourth time now. However, the line is
presently working to capacity, so that he is put into a loop again. He decides to
carry out a so-called ’local jump‘ because he doesn't want to wait longer. If he‘s
lucky, there won’t be heavy turbulences on the quantum level and things could
work just fine. Local jumps are illegal, of course, because they often make a mess
with the remaining data traffic. However, in some urgent cases one has to clutch
at every straw as a last resort...

Martin A. switches the jump generator on. He has some time now to choose the
best location for intercepting Giuseppe M, since it will take a few minutes until
everything is ready. He instructs the navigator to give him a probability list with
the present whereabouts of Giuseppe M. Unfortunately there is nowhere a
probability of more than 35%. So this is of no help. But then - what else?

No doubt, under these circumstances he must intercept Giuseppe M. on the way
from the hotel to the fitness center. He asks the navigation computer to plot a
precise street map of Teheran. As the map appears on the holoscreen, he zooms
deeply into the maze of streets and crossroads that are presented on a detailed
drawing of the area between the fitness center and the hotel. To intercept
Giuseppe M. on the way to the sports centre, he must preferably select a quiet
area with some small side streets as hideaway.

The computer instantly plots the way that Giuseppe M. usually takes from the
hotel to the sport studio. And a walkthrough of the plotted area is ready soon
after. Usually that happens in real time, as long as the details do not need to be too
precise. In this case, however, the animation must be as accurate as possible, so
that even the smallest objects are detectable. And that takes trillions of
calculations and a lot of time. Moreover, the computer must download terrabytes
of CAD data from the mainframe in Geneva. This data must then be
superimposed with the position of the sun, the weather and a lot of other things
for an accurate simulation of the 'real thing'.

Martin A. is too nervous to spend the waiting period with a cup of hot aromatic
Java coffee in the kitchen. Instead, he drums nervously with his fingers onto the
edge of the tabletop. The few minutes of waiting seem to him like an eternity. But
then - finally - the jump generator signals READY. And when a clear sound from
the flat-panel speakers on the walls indicates that the forecast is completely
computed, Martin A. can examine the plotted way. He can now walk offline in
realtime through the Streets of Teheran.

Finally he finds a region that seems suitable to him as a 'sweet spot' for the local
jump. It is a place that is well hidden, situated about 1000 feet in the north of the
fitness center and obscured by shadows. Giuseppe M. must pass through here with
a probability of almost one hundred percent - if he indeed goes to the fitness
center. Martin A. marks this spot with a laser pen, and the corresponding world
coordinates are simultaneously computed to the jump engine.

And now - last but not least - Martin A. must test the pipe with regard to possible
high-frequency jam, because the transformer must be able to hold contact with
him for the whole duration of his stay in Teheran. In addition, Martin A. must
organize a backup power generator that could intervene in case of a power failure,
maintaining the vital system functions. A last precaution is the synchronization of
the GPS the INS and the geo-localizer.

Manila, Philippines, poolside of the Philippine Plaza Hotel,
February 2019

John T. sits again on the sunlit terrace at the pool of the Westin Philippine Plaza.
He snooped the lady from the service personal last night. And - in spite of his
scepticism - this has brought some new clues. As her shift was finished, he just
dogged her footsteps.

Typical for Philippinas, she followed an inner urge to chat with her girlfriends
about the most important news of the day. On this occasion she also mentioned
the overdressed European (lots of giggles here...) that questioned her about the
infamous attack on the aircraft. Then the five girls left the hotel through a side
exit near the tennis court. They were already expected by a young fellow with a
jeepney. And John T. hurried to the main exit, where he had the bellboy call a

He asked the taxi driver to inconspicuously follow the jeepney with the six
young people. First they drove down Roxas Boulevard and then over to Quezon
City. It was easy to remain unnoticed behind the jeepney in the dense traffic on
the motorway; it was rather a problem not to loose sight of the jeepney. The
jeepney stopped at the roadside at the outskirts of Quezon City and two girls got
out of the car. A few minutes later - in Rosario - the waitress got also off.

She disappeared in a small hut at a side street. John T. asked the taxi driver to
stop on the main road. He told him to wait until he would be back, even if it
would last an hour or so. Then he followed the girl into the small side street where
her shabby hut was located. The waitress was already inside the hut when he
arrived there. He heard her talking angrily with somebody in Tagalog. From the
fragments which he understood, he ould learn that the conversation dealt with the
aircraft crash. It was now clear to him that the waitress apparently knew more.
Over the next minutes the loud discussions in the hut transformed slowly but
steadily into a quarrel. As John T. heard the keywords "I‘ll leave now" and "We
will call the police" he rushed back to the taxi. He had to pay attention that the
waitress could not see him, in case that she should suddenly step in front of the
hut. However, he decided to continue the observation of the waitress for some

Now he sits at the pool once again. This time, however, dressed with colourful
swimming trunks and with RayBan sunglasses. It is shortly after three o'clock in
the afternoon. 'His' waitress did not appear until now. Of course it is possible that
she has another shift today or that she just takes a day off. John T. doesn‘t want to
attract too much attention and therefore he doesn‘t want to ask the personnel
about her absence. Instead, he decides to amuse a little in the water, since
currently nobody swims in the pool. He‘s warned by the various endorsements
near the swimming pool, not to jump head-on into the pool. So he climbs down
the aluminum ladder that leads right into the water. At first he‘s a bit startled
because the water is colder than he had expected. Apparently, they had the pool
refilled overnight with a lot of fresh water. However, after a few minutes he
estimates (what do you mean???? Alternatively “…he gets used to the chilly
water…”)the chilly water because the tropical sun is gleaming merciless right
down on his head. He swims back and forth several times in the rather small pool.
Then he splashes around about the whole edge of the pool. Finally, he stops at one
end and pears over the edge into the tropical garden of the hotel. He enjoys being
alone in the water. No shrieking children,, no high waves when people plunge,

At this very moment a Hong Kong family appears with a bunch of children at the
poolside! Five children plunge immediately into the wet element. And they are
quite noisy too! - Too bad that the peaceful time has suddenly come to an end ...

John T. decides to leave the pool as quickly as possible, before the little ones start
to empty their bladders. He swallows the rest of his mango drink in one gulp. This
time he signs the invoice with his room number. Then he goes upstairs to his
room to put on long flanel trousers and and colorful shirt. As he comes down to
the pool again about half an hour later, there are still only a few tables occupied.
The children‘s noise apparently caused a lot of people to stay elsewhere. John T.
chooses a table as far as possible from the pool. Then he orders an orange juice
without ice cubes. He takes the small communicator out of his breast pocket and
finishes his correspondence. A good hour and two fresh pressed orange juices
later, he‘s getting a little nervous because the waitress still hasn‘t arrived. Does
she really have her day off? Or has something happened to her?

John T. can‘t decide what to do now. It could easily attract too much attention
when he asks about her whereabouts. And if he doesn't ask, he could possibly
miss something important. So he decides to wait another thirty minutes and to
take one more drink. Luckily, he‘s rarely hungry in the tropics. His Buddha belly
- that he tries unsuccessfully to hide behind oversized shirts - has certainly not
grown here, among gracious Asian beauties, but during the short days and long
nights of the European winter.
Since he's a bit nervous now - he notices for the first time the annoying growling
of the power generators that are located at the end of the minigolf course. The
background noise sounds a lot like an approaching helicopter. It prevents him
from concentrating on his actual problems.

When the waitress still has not arrived half an hour later, he decides to go back
into his hotel room to have a rest. He pays cash for the bill. Soon after he enters
the elevator. On the way to the 11th floor he concludes to wait only one more day.
This time tomorrow he will undertake further steps if she should not turn up. As a
worst case scenario he would need to drive to Quezon City once again in the
evening to look around for her. But in the meantime he might as well go to
Makati, the trading center of Manila, enveloped in smog clouds. Perhaps - with a
bit of luck - he will run into additional details concerning the jet explosion over
the skies of Manila. You never know...

Teheran, February 2019

Giuseppe M. isn't comfortable in the virtual GloNet-world anymore. A lot of
secret police have gathered around his hotel in the last few hours. At first he had
assumed that some high score political visitors are to be expected. But a friend
called him less than ten minutes ago and recommended for him to submerge as
fast as possible. He was declared Persona Ingrata by the Mullahs.

For a few seconds Giuseppe M. flirts with the idea of a local jump. However,
without his own proved technical infrastructure for that purpose he would have to
try such an illegal jump with one of the few black-market operators, who
generally have unreliable equipment. This seems too risky. If such a jump misses,
he can forget about his future participation in the GloNet - and therefore in the
most lucrative businesses. Once more, only the well-tried hide-and-seek game
remains to him. Giuseppe M. initiates everythin immediately that is necessary to
disappear into the underground, where he has friends. However, he will not
register via network communication, which again seems too risky. Generally, it
will doubtless be the best - for the time being - to pretend he knows of nothing
and to make business as usual. He will visit his friendson the way from the fitness
center and - if possible - 'disappear' just afterwards.

Giuseppe M. is dead sure that the data highway 34 is frequently checked by the
IGSS. Therefore he uses this highway to contact his wife in Rome. He informs her
that he intends to stay in Teheran for at least one more week, since he hasn’t made
much business so far. He promises to call her again in 2 days. Of course, this is an
encoded message to inform his wife that he will retreat from the Mullahs within
one day. In case he‘s not back in Rome within two days, she should pull a few
strings and check what happened and where he might be. The IGSS will certainly
believe after this call that Giuseppe M. stays in the country for the next few days.
Perhaps this will give him a bit more time to go underground.

Twenty minutes later he sets out. In the big pockets of his sports bag he hides a
few hundred dollars as a ’present‘ for his friends. He deposits the electronic room
key at the reception. Then he walks as usually in the direction of the sports centre.
He notices that he‘s shadowed step by step by two people from the IGSS. It will
become difficult to get rid of the two without attracting attention. He does not
show that he noticed them, because they could get nervous and strike
immediately. Otherwise - he presumes - they would wait,because they surely hope
that he uncovers some of his contact persons in Teheran.

At a carpet business, still near the hotel, he stops briefly. The owner is known to
be an ultra-conservative muslim fundamentalist. He looks at some carpets in the
display window. Then he takes a closer look at one of the smaller carpets that are
piled up outside. When he notices that the two IGSS men observe him, he takes
his ballpoint pen and writes "THERE‘S DANGER ON THE WAY - RETREAT
IMMEDIATELY!" on the reverse of a price label.

Out of the corner of his eyes he notices, that his ’bodyguards‘ are still observing
him. With a smile on his face he continous his way now. But after a few steps he
stops again. He looks into the low hanging winter sun and holds the hand as a
protection over his eyes. He then takes his sunglasses out of a pocket and pretends
to clean them slowly and carefully. But at the same time he uses the inner side of
the dark glasses as a rearview mirror - an old trick. He observes how one of the
two men searches the carpets and the price labels, while the other one stays under
the door frame of the entry. The one who's checking the carpets has apparently
not yet run into his message. But Giuseppe M. is sure that he soon will. - And
now he has found it! He calls his colleague and the two have a close look at the
label and talk nervously to each other.

Giuseppe M. stops polishing his sun glasses. He holds them against the sun to
check his cleaning job. Then he puts them carefully back into the old but
exclusive Versace case. He dosn‘t need them any more because he knows what
will happen now...

Near Zurich, Switzerland, apartment of Martin A., February 2019

The preparations for Martin A.'s local jump to Teheran are finished. The
fractalizer has the task to crunch the vast amount of data. In this case, refined
algorithms are applied, based on computer research back in the 60’a of the last
century on computers of the second and third generation. But until commercial
applications with the refined crunching procedures were on the way, it took a few
more years before they were widely used.The new procedures were first applied
in space travel. After it turned out that manned space travel was a dead end for
financial reasons (with the exception of the manned exploration of Mars whose
ship will leave later in 2019, people at the space agencies searched for ways to
replace human beings. The transmission of a large amount of data was to be
overcome in manned space travel, thanks to humans that could make decisions on
the spot and therefore reduce the quantity. But now - since for manned space
travels to the outer regions of the solar system there is no political acceptance -
the experts need to reduce the data stream somehow. With DSEX (pronounced:
DiSex!) the huge amount of data cannot be transmitted within a useful time and
with the necessary safety using present techniques, neither analog nor digital.
Because of the need of data redundancy and easier data recovery and
maintenance, special emphasize was on the development of fully digital devices.
Logically, it was suggested to do totally without any DA transformers. But, in
spite of contrary claims, some of these transformers seem to be still in use.

At this point came the moment of truth for wavefract-alogrithms - with the
benefit of almost any redundancy. A wavefract processor is an extremely good
cruncher. It can compress huge amounts of data to a fraction of the initial size-
and all without data losses that falsify or mutilate the original data. Moreover, it is
irrelevant whether the present data has many redundant parts - such as a simple
text file that uses the prefix "de-" a thousand times - or if it has to deal with a high
resolution picture that holds thousands of red pixels with a specific RGB value
between innumerable other tints. A wavefract can handle data which differs in
almost any manner very efficiently. The idea was born from basic research on
fractals and from the so-called wavelet theory.

Wavelets are based upon data compression techniques with FFT. But unlike
traditional fourrier transformations for data compression - like JPEG and MPEG -
they are also defined on the time axis.

Fractals are very complicated mathematical objects, based on simple basic
formulae that are iterated. Benoit Mandelbrot had run into the underlying theory,
when he examined the noise interferencies during the transmission of electrical
waves as an IBM fellow. He found out that they followed a model that
demonstrated great areas of chaos between small parts of order. These fields of
order and chaos were definable with mathematical formulae and followed a
similar arrangement themselves.

Put it this way - electrical noise is reproducible at any time. Therefore it can't
seriously be used for the generation of random numbers. But to come to the point:
the fractal formulae can be associated in a special manner, so that not only noise
patterns - but every pattern - with or without interferences can be packed in a
fractal formulae. These patterns may contain information of almost any kind, as
long as it can be packed into corresponding mathematical formulae, e.g. pictures,
movies, and so forth.

In the early years of the 21st century it turned out that fractal compression
procedures and wavelet algogrithms are equally well suited for high data
compression. The choice between the two depends mainly on the nature of the
data. So both were combined in hardware of highly specialisied chips. But with
the most modern processors that run around 20 gigahertz, so-called realtime
compression is achievable even with software emulations and - subsequently -
specialised hardware will become mostly extinct. During a local jump, all data
must be digitally fractalized and waved for the necessary redundancy. Even if
only tiny individual elements from the complex 'body' of a GloNet identity should
fail somewhere during the local jump, the results could be devastating.
Local jumps were originally NOT designed for the GloNet. To maintain data
integrity and a simulation of the real world that is as close as possible, only
physically feasible things should be possible. For the more exotic adventures
people could always turn to certain interconnected game machines.
During development of the GloNet it turned out to be quite convenient for
technicians of the GloNet company if they could execute local jumps. This feature
was to be removed from the main simulation program later on when the GloNet
was finished. But later on it turned out that some programers had obviously left
secret entry holes open to make use of the gimmick. When the GloNet authority
thought that all secret entries where finally removed, there remained a great -
possibly the greatest - challenge for hackers: they tried to rebuild and upload the
code to the main program. Whether they ever succeeded- in spite of the fact that
the main program is hidden behind secret fire wall technology - or whether some
of the old holes are still there, nobody knows. The fact is that some people have
access to so-called jump generators. They are clever enough not to use their
machines too often so that the normal GloNet operations do not get disturbed.
The cost-benefit analysis for the GloNet company would be bad if they tried to
find all people that have access to secret gadgets. But people that jump take a
great risk in that they can never be sure to arrive at the proper destination or -
worse - that their data looses integrity during the jump. In that case, they can
easily be caught by the GloNet authority. Punishment is hard: They loose their
GloNet access for lifetime...

Teheran, February 2019

The two IGSS agents dig once more in the pile of carpets in front of the carpet
dealer's small store. They search for further evidence. But since they do not
proceed very carefully, it is only a matter of time until some smaller carpets fall
on the dirty sidewalk. When the owner realizes this, he comes out quickly to the
two men who are handling his carpets without dignity. He gesticulates wildly with
his hands and arms. Then he starts a heated debate with the two men.

But the IGSS agents don't intend to loose percious time with long debates: they
just pack the owner and press his arms to his back. Then one tears the suspicious
label with the handwriting of Giuseppe M. from the carpet. He holds it gloating in
front of the owner's face. Then they push him coarsly back into his store. One
man locks the door and obstructs the view inside - standing there with legs apart.
The other one shows something like an identity card to the puzzled owner. Then
they would like to know what the meaning of Giuseppe M.'s scribbling on the
suspected price label.

The owner has no idea - of course. So one of the IGSS men holds him firmly by
the shoulders and shakes him fiercly. He shouts furiously at him. Meanwhile the
other one looks around whether they already caught the attention of scarce
strollers. But currently nobody is to be seen. He then gives a short hint to his
colleague and this one start immediately beating the owner with his fists. A
couple of right and left hooks into the stomach region takes the old man‘s breath
away. The IGSS agent grabs him and pushes him through the room to the back
wall of the shop. He hits the owner's head several times against the wooden wall
and then he asks him again about the meaning of the words on the price label. As
the old man declares that he doesn‘t know anything, the man takes a pistol out of
his jacket. He gives the old an uppercut. When the owner moans in agony, he
plugs his pistol right into his half-open mouth.

Teheran, February 2019

Giuseppe M. takes advantage of the time he gains while the two policemen are
occupied with the old man. He turns off to the left into a small side lane,
approximately 600 feet away from the carpet store. There he tries to open the first
door that he passes by. Luckily, it is not locked and he quickly hides behind it. He
waits there motionless until he hears the two IGSS men running down the main
street. They stop briefly as they reach the place where Giuseppe M. turned left.
He can hear them discussing what to do. After a few seconds one of them
apparently runs down the main road, whereas the other one comes running up the
small lane. But he passes the door without slowing down. He doesn't seem to
pay attention to the closed doors on both sides of the tight lane. And after a few
seconds his steps die away.

Giuseppe M. does not want to waste time. He leaves his hideaway and walks
directly back onto the main road. With a quick look around he makes sure that
none of the IGSS men is nearby. Then he walks back in the direction from which
he came a few minutes ago. As he arrives by the carpet store he risks a quick look
inside. The door is left ajar and he sees a body laying lenghtwise on the ground.
But since some people are approaching he can‘t check whether the owner is dead
or only knocked out. He quickly crosses the main road and walks inconspicuously
a few feet on the other side of the road. After about 1200 feet he suddenly turns
off into one of the small sidelanes. Via a few other small roads he finally comes
into proximity of the sports centre. He can see the main entrance when he
discovers that it is already kept under surveillance by the IGSS.

Near Zurich, Switzerland, apartment of Martin A., February 2019

Martin A. is ready for the local jump. He starts the final procedure. The actual
jump lasts only seconds. Martin A. feels the hovering while the computer adjusts
the current height over sealevel in small increments. It is an impression as if one
steps over a very tender, deep and shaking swamp soil, added by a feeling of
climbing or sinking, depending on the landscape. The view around has
immediately adapted to the new location and time. The change is actually not
recognisable, except for a short flash when the computer matches the local time,
weather and other inputs to the overall light balance with radiosity algorithms.

Martin A. is satisfied: the jump was very accurate. After he has made sure that
nobody is observing him, he immediately starts looking out for Giuseppe M.. The
sports centre is only a few hundred feet away. The street where Giuseppe M. will
pass through with the greatest probability, is within easy reach. Martin A. also
sees the subway. However, he decides to first have a quick look around before he
walks over there. For an expert like Martin A. it is evident from a distance, that
the whole area around the fitness center is well observed by secret police from the
IGSS and also by normal policemen. They have occupied all places at
strategically important points. - Shit!

Teheran, February 2019

Giuseppe M. is now approaching the main building of the sports centre,
regardless of all the guards around. He has hanged the sports bag over the right
shoulder and tries hardly to seem inconspicuous. As he is still about thirty feet
from the entry, he notices from out of the corner of his eyes, that somebody in the
car to his right directs a mini camera towards him. Presumably, his arrival is now
registered and an online identification carried out. Those people will know in a
few seconds whom they have caught with the camera - if that‘s really the case.

He quickly analyzes that he has no chance to escape, in case they strike
immediately. Therefore, he might as well continue and climb the stairs and enter
the sports centre. And that‘s just what he does! As he is approaching the
registration opposite of the the main portal, he is already rather sure that no
danger threatens him for the moment, because otherwise they would have turned
up right now to take him away. They apparently expect to catch some of his
mediators if they wait a bit longer.

Teheran, February 2019

Martin A. sees to his surprise how Giuseppe M. approaches the big entrance
door of the center. He would like to warn him because of the guards loafing about
everywhere. But this is impossible at the moment. Therefore, he must attempt to
reach the building as fast as possible. Perhaps he's able to meet Giuseppe M.
there, without attracting attention.

Martin A. passes the badly illuminated underpass when he suddenly hears the
echo of steps that must come from someone who is only a few feet behind him.
He attempts desperately to behave as if he had not noticed anything. He cannot
remember seeing somebody in front of the underpass. He comforts himself that
this doesn‘t mean much. Since he has completely concentrated on Giuseppe M.,
somebody in the proximity of the underpass could possibly have escaped his
notice. Nevertheless he's a bit unsettled as the steps still follow him at
synchronous speed. What would become of him if that was actually one of those
fellows belonging to the much feared intelligence agency? Was he perhaps
already unmasked? Or did they just follow his trail on the dataway easier than
expected, in spite of all the precautions he had undertaken?

Such thoughts strife through his brain as he finally reaches the end of the
underpass. The sound of the steps behind him is at least not coming nearer or
getting faster. Now two young men with big tennis bags are coming towards him
on the opposite side of the road. He decides to cross the street and ask them about
the opening hours of the centre. That will give him the opportunity to have a look
at the man or woman behind him. So he crosses to the other side of the road and
with a friendly smile he walks directly towards the two young men.

Meanwhile they have become aware of him. They study him with undisguised
mistrust. The situation is somehow unpleasant for Martin A. He slightly bows to
them and asks about the time, pointing at his right wrist and pulling back the
sleeve of his jacket. For good reasons he keeps the left hand in his pocket - his
beloved Cyber-Rolex with integrated GPS sits there ...

The two men look simultaneously onto their gigantic, multi-functional
wristcomputers and give him the precise time. He expresses his thanks and asks
how long the sports center will be open today. They try hard to explain him in a
funny broken English and numerous gestures that it will be open until 8 p.m.

Martin A.bows again a little and says goodbye with a friendly "Thank you very,
very much!"

Meanwhile his persecutor has overtaken him on the other side of the street. As
Martin A. has a brief look over there, he discovers with relief that it is a woman.
She is wrapped in black scarfs and bears the veil in front of her face.

Martin A. is now only somewhat less three hundred feet away from the large
stairs that lead up to the entry of the center. As he passes by the taxis that are
stationed in front of the stairs, three men leave a black limousine just opposite the
street and walk up to him with quick steps and gloomy facial expressions. These
mugs - enclosed by dark beards - belong unmistakeably to the intelligence. A cold
shiver runs down Martin A.'s spine. But then - just before they reach his side of
the street - there comes a radio message on their communications set and they
immediately turn around and go back to the car. Apparently they‘ve been called
back by someone. But what does this mean? Did they just want to frighten him?
Or is the whole scenario in the end not meant for him, but for someone else?
Come what may - he thinks - and climbs up the stairs. He enters the building
through the big glass door and walks immediately to the reception, that is located
just opposite. The prices for different sporting activities are written in Arabic and
English on a big bulletin board. He asks at the desk, where the training bikes are
and then he books the corresponding fitness area. That costs him 25 GloNet
dollars for two hours.

In return the man at the reception gives him a chip card and a big bath towel. He
arrives soon after at the main corridor with the cubicles in the basement and he
looks around to see whether there's somebody else around in that area of the
building. But he seems to be the only one down here. He risks a quick check of
the different cubicles, desperately hoping to see Guiseppe M. there. But this guy
is nowhere here.

Martin A. thinks about where else he would most likely     find Guiseppe M.
Perhaps in the tea room at the upper floor? Or in the sauna? However, Giuseppe
M. might as well be over there in the newly built indoor tennis court. Damn it - if
he only had asked the computer for more information on Giuseppe M.‘s athletic
Teheran, cardio room of the sports center on the outskirts of the
town, February 2019

Giuseppe M. sits on a bike that can be connected with other bikes in the same
room or with bikes in other studios worldwide. He is online with a female athlete
in Capetown, a German from Hamburg and an American from San Diego. The
four just reached an agreement to ride against each other. Since everything
happens in realtime in the GloNet universe, the racers can try out and apply
almost all tricks that are used in a ’real‘ race.

First of all they discuss what circuit to choose among several that are interesting
and suitable. Modern simulation environments have almost hundred routes in
memory. Most of them correspond - at least partially - to famous tours in the alps
and other interesting regions from elsewhere in the world. The hyperspace
simulation here in Teheran is not state of the art like its counterparts in the USA,
Germany and South Africa. Nevertheless, almost forty routes stand for selection.
The selection is aimed at the weakest link in a chain - and that is Teheran.
Therefore, the four athletes have fourty routes to choose from. The easiest course
leads virtually flat over only five kilometers. The most difficult route covers a
distance of more than a hundred kilometers and over 3000 feet of difference in
altitude with rises of more than 20%.

Since all four athletes rate themselves 'raher fit', they decide to have the computer
choose by accident from the ten most difficult routes. And the computer selects
the second hardest one...

A 3D scenery that allows a visual angle of 360° in the horizontal and 90° in the
vertical is projected on the rounded wall of the closed simulation room in Teheran
and in the other places. From outside the room looks like a big hemisphere that is
positioned on a thin pillar. The scene is projected in real time through four Super-
Reality Holographic Render Engines. They are mostly autonomous and rely only
on the individual data of the participants that comes from a central server in
Silicon Valley. That way, up to 300 racers can simultaneously join online.

Giuseppe M. and his three combatants are meanwhile ready on the start line with
their bikes. A tarred street, about 15 feet wide, stretches before them. On the right
side is a narrow sidewalk. After somewhat less than 1200 feet comes a tight right
bend that leads to a bridge. On the left and right side of the street there are some
two-storied brick houses. They are limiting the view so that one can not recognize
where the street leads after the bridge. Some high poplars are also planted
between the houses. Their slightly trembling leaves glitter in the sunlight. The
street is dry and for the duration of the race no rain is expected. The temperature
is a pleasant 22° C and the humidity somewhat less than 80%. All in all, these are
ideal conditions for a thrilling race.

Giuseppe M. concentrates so much on the start signal that he is not able to enjoy
the carefully arranged scenery, which is very rich in details. At his right side he
can spot the outlines of a tall driver with tinted eyeglasses. Giuseppe M. wonders,
whether this could be the American. Another athlete is positioned just left of him.
His pink dress is already wet from sweat. It seems, his warm-up was a bit too
generous. This could be the German. The third racer can‘t be recognized clearly
since he is almost completely concealed by the participant in the pink dress, but it
surely has to be the woman.

Giuseppe M. makes a last visueal check of his bicycle. Gear selection, brakes
and tires are all right. The starter steps onto the street from the left at this very
moment. When he's reached the middle of the road it won‘t be long until he will
wave the start flag.
As soon as he sees the flag coming down, Giuseppe M. pushes the pedals as
powerful as he can. He has chosen a short gear so that he quickly reaches a high
cadence. The other three follow him in the slipstream. Now they already reach the
first right turn. Giuseppe M. notices too late that he arrives with too much speed.
The centrifugal force carries him far out to the left and he even has to slightly
touch the front brake lever to reduce his speed. Somebody already pushes past
him at his right side. Giuseppe M. recognizes with great astonishment that the
woman is overtaking him!

The small group arrives now with somewhat less than 50 k.p.h at a narrow
Roman bridge that crosses a broad creek. The woman is still in front. However,
all four are still closely staggered (stacked?) side by side, so close that one could
cover them all with a single blanket. All of them have a slight lift off when they
race over the highest point of the bridge because of their high-speed! The street is
straight now for six hundred feet and there remains enough time to stabilize the
bicycle after an unstable landing.

Giuseppe M. decides to race at the end of the group, in order to profit from the
slipstream of the three others. The speed is around 45 km/h (note 600 feet from
before is imperial units, and km/h is metric units. I would only use one or the
other) and therefore slipstream is of relevance. However, the three others
complain and request through hand signs for him to take charge after a few
minutes. Giuseppe M. passes the little group on the right side until he leads the
pack. The street still leads through the green plain along the meandering creek

Giuseppe M. sets the pace a bit higher now. On his head-up road display he can
recognize that the group is now only a few kilometers away from the zigzags
which lead to the first mountain prize. There will be an ascent of 10% to 13%! If
the others let him pull away so early in the race, they are either afraid or they do
not feel in form to hold his speed. But they hold the pace. One of the two men is
now at his side and overtakes him slowly but steadily, taking the lead position.
The other two follow in the slipstream. As the woman passes Giuseppe M., he
risks a quick look at her. She still makes the impression of being fit and he
secretly admires her strength and condition.

The absence of the wind resistance is well noticeable for Giuseppe M, now that
he is at the end of the quartet again. Pedalling is a lot easier than in the lead
position. However, he‘d better concentrate on the race now! Slipstreaming wheel
by wheel demands at lot of concentration. And before you can say Jack, they
already find themselves at the foot of the first ascent...

As a result, Giuseppe M. misses      a gear shift gear in time - and now he must
already stand on the pedals in order to hold the cadence. After shifting down four
times he sits down on the saddle again. But not for long.He must stand up again to
bring more weight onto the pedals. The woman has taken the lead again now and
she risks even a short sprint to test the three men! Since none of the two others is
willing, or able, to follow immediately, it‘s up to Giuseppe M. to catch up with

After only a few hundred feet the two runaways have already gained a margin of
about 150 feet on their persecutors. They replace each other at the head regularly.
In doing so, Giuseppe M. realizes that the woman climbs the mountain road a lot
easier than he is able to. However, she seems to be missing the confidence to start
a promising solo action so early in the race. Therefore she adapts her speed to
Giuseppe M.'s capabilities.

The street gets even steeper now! The curves of the zigzags follow one another
with only at few feet in between them. Giuseppe M. looks down the hill in search
of the persecutors. He can‘t detect them. Either they have caught up and are
already close behind or they have dropped further back. He looks briefly over his
shoulder and recognizes - much to his dismay - that the two men are only about
ten bike lengths behind! He can't cycle any faster at the moment or he will run
into an oxygen debit. And that could set him back during the second part of the
race ...

Therefore, he inevitably restrains himself a bit. The woman, however, is not
willing to give in anymore. She takes charge now and stays continuously up front.
Giuseppe M. can still stick to her back wheel for a few hundred feet, but then he
must let her go.

And already the persecutors are at his side and move past him with a malicious
grin! Happily, a quick glance at the road display shows that this bloody steep rise
will soon end. It is followed by a short and steep downhill run. There an athlete
can easily gain a few hundred feet through risky driving. He concentrates on his
pulsemeter so that it does not show more than 180, so that he will have enough
energy for the next steep uphill drive.

Teheran, fitness center at the outskirts of the town, February 2019

Martin A. is in the fitness room pretending to do some practice - just in case he‘s
secretly being observed by intelligence. He‘s still worried about where Giuseppe
M. could be at the moment. He stops working at the machines after only a few
minutes. He takes his bath towel and quietly leaves in order to search some other
rooms. Hereby he must find that a man follows him!

Since he can't find Giuseppe M. in the rooms downstairs, he extends the search to
the tea room upstairs. But after a short examination of all the tables he must
accept that Giuseppe M. seems to have vanished. Martin A. looks through the big
windows as he walks down the corridor crossing that leads over to the cardio
center. And he doesn't like what he sees: some blackdressed policemen are
running up the stairs. They are all disguised, holding laser guns.

Damn it! Martin A. turns rapidly around. The fellow who followed him within a
few feet, also stops and looks a bit bored through a window. Martin A. decides to
address him directly right now. But as the other one recognizes his intention, he
tries to turn away. However, Martin A. follows him and holds him back at the
arm: "What the hell do you actually want from me? Do you seriously believe, I'm
so stupid, not to notice your pursuit?"

The other one just grins and lifts his shoulders to show that he doesn‘t understand
him. He breaks away from Martin A. and tries to walk away. But now it's too
much for Martin A.: "Not like this, you son of a bitch!" With these words he
gives the guy, who arrogantly turned his back to him, a karate chop on the neck,
so that he immediately breaks down and falls to the ground. Martin A. looks
around to see whether somebody could have observed them. As he can‘t see
anybody on the corridor, he lifts the unconscious man and pulls him over to the
nearest door. It fortunately belongs to a toilet room. He opens the tall cupboard,
which is filled with cleaning materials. Then he pushes the unconscious man in
there and closes it by pressing hard against the door. Now he can leave the toilet
room again.

But he has hardly opened the door when he     sees through the gap two men from
the secret police holding laser guns coming nearer. Martin A. just manages to
close the door again. He doesn‘t risk to breathe, until the two men have passed by
the toilet room.

It‘s definitly high time to find Giuseppe M. now! After he has cautiously opened
the door again he gazes through the gap. No one can be seen. So he steps on the
corridor and gently closes the door. He then goes rapidly in the general direction
of the cardio room. That‘s where the training bikes are.

Teheran, cardio room in the fitness center, on the outskirts of the
town, February 2019

Giuseppe M. is on a risky departure, nearly as steep as parts of the mountain road
that they were just climbing up. The narrow street on this side of the hill has even
more curves. But - in spite of that fact - he achieves around 70km/h several times
between the zigzags, thanks to his bloody risky driving. However, he must brake
again and again with all his strength, in order not to be carried over the roadside
in the sharp turns.

Giuseppe M. can already see the woman, who was for a long time in front of the
quartet, how she is turning into the next bend at the end of a straight of about 150
feet. And soon she‘s no more then 30 feet in front of him! With a lot less weight
than the three man, she of course has more trouble to gain speed in the downhill
section. The two other athletes have already overtaken her. They are already about
six hundred feet in front of Giuseppe M.

Now Giuseppe M. reaches the back wheel of the woman. Undoubtley, he will be
able to overtake her on the next straight. She tries of course to not give way. But
since Giuseppe M. has trained a lot in the Dolomites, he can‘t be so easily
outperformed on steep mountain roads. On the other hand, she has the advantage
that she is able to break later into the bends because she has less weight. And that
she does perfectly: She brakes now so terribly late that Giuseppe M. looses
between six to nine feet on her at each new bend!

This game goes through some sharp turns and over some short straights. Several
times Giuseppe M. almost passes by the woman on the straights. He is already
level with her front wheel. But before the sharp bends she‘s going to outbrake him
each time! Giuseppe M. is startled that the other two racers have meanwhile
already gained more than 1200 hundred feet. Damn it, he must now definitely
overtake this woman, come what may...

Before the next bend arrives, he waits with his braking until he sees that her
fingers cling around the brake grips, so that the ankles become white. Now he
brakes hard - very hard - until he can feel the back wheel begins to slide. In
response he gives even more pressure on the front wheel brake. But the blocking
zone is meanwhile also achieved here. Therefore, it remains only for him to tilt
the bicycle like crazy into the bend if he doen‘t want to race straight ahead into
the guardrails. He has enormous luck that his bicycle stabilizes and the slicks
don‘t just slip away. He can even feel his toes touching and grinding the
pavement on the inner side of the bend!

But just as he thinks tha he has gained control again, he recognizes with horror,
that the woman's racing bike turns almost crossways directly before him!
Apparently she‘s been seduced to make a fatal mistake by Giuseppe M.‘s
aggressive race style. She didn‘t slow down enough before the bend and now the
centrifugal force carries her mercilessly to the outside of the bend. And because
she brakes panic-stricken, the back tyre slips and that turns her bike suddenly
crossways. Her front wheel shows right to the inner side of the bend now.
Giuseppe M. is now level with her gear crank with the front wheel of his bike.
That means that a disaster is unavoidable!

Teheran, fitness center on the outskirts of the town, February 2019

Martin A. has made out the door that leads to the cardio room. But at this precise
moment two guards are coming close pointing with their laser guns at him. But
since Martin A. has arrived at the door of the cardio room , he doesn't stop. He
opens the door and tries to enter the cardio room. He now hears the order: "Stop!
Turn around. Don‘t move anymore!"

But at this point he doesn‘t care anymore! He flings the door open and slams it
shut immediately. He looks nervously around and quickly recognises the big
hemispere were the race simulations take place. He runs over there and as he
opens the door he sees a man with curled black hair in the darkened room. No
doubt, that is Giuseppe M. in full action!

The two guards with their laser guns appear now under the door of the cardio
room and order again: "Stop - or we will fire at you!" And since Martin A.
doesn‘t stop, they start to shoot at him.

As Martin A. sees the flashes in the muzzle of the guns, he throws himself head
first into the hemisphere of the bike racing simulator.

Teheran, fitness center on the outskirts of the town, February 2019

Giuseppe M. can‘t avoid the collision with the female bike racer: The front
wheel of his racebike rams the back wheel of the woman‘s bike. There's a strange
noise at the impact. The wheel of the other bike is swirled around and the racebike
makes a high-sider. The woman is thrown off to the ground. She bangs head-on
onto the pavement and slides - already unconsciously - on the stomach against the

Giuseppe M. tries hard not to smash on the ground. But then an unusually strong
power tears him off the bike. While hitting the tarmac, he‘s amazed about the
strange new sense of reality that he can feel. He feels real pain! -

Real pain? Impossible! But it is real! Therefore he is wondering whether a new
program was developed lately; a program that he doesn‘t know about.

Then - after a further undamped impact - he suddenly hears a bang from the
region of his right thigh. He immediately knows that a bone is broken! A heavy
object crashes into his chest and takes his breath away. As he opens his eyes, he
looks right into the pale and shocked face of Martin A.

Damned, what the hell's wrong with the program? Things are going crazy! He
turns his head with a lot of effort to the right side where he guesses the woman on
the tarmac. However, he can't see her. It's so dark all around.

"Funny, did I become unconscious for a moment or am I just dreaming away?"
he‘s asking himself.

And that's not all! Now he even hears some blasts quite near. Are these the tires
that just bursted? At least the heavy weight on his chest is now lifted. However,
he‘s immediately pulled around and ruthlessly put on his legs...

Teheran, cardio room in the fitness center on the outskirts of the
town, February 2019
Martin A. can't avoid to crash into Giuseppe M.'s bike, which is torn out of the
fixings by the sudden brute force. Subsequently, Martin A. falls right onto
Giuseppe M. He clings to him and drags him away from the bike that tilts now
slowly to their side. Giuseppe M. tries to get on his feet but as he's hit by a bullet
he smashes with his hip directly on Martin A.‘s forearm. They hear an ugly
cracking - as if bones are breaking under a heavy impact.

Some rays from the laser guns strike above them. Martin A. attempts in vain to
pull out his arm under Giuseppe M. He begs the Italian to move away from his
arm. Giuseppe M. turns his head around when he hears the voice of Martin A. -
and he's seemingly quite amazed to meet him at this place!

Under the door, the two 'bloodhounds' of the IGSS stop brandishing their laser
guns. One approaches now. He brutally pulls up Martin A. and puts him on his
legs. The broken arm dangles lifelessly around. The guard man noted it perfectly
well but he shows no consideration and pushes Martin A. over to the door, where
the other one grabs him and orders him to lay on the floor, head down.

The other one comes back to Giuseppe M., who tries hard - but in vain - to get to
his feet. He drags Giuseppe M. along at the collar until they reach the door, where
his colleague waits. Martin A. - who lies face down on the floor now - can only
hear how Giuseppe M. is offending the IGSS guards. In retaliation, the guards
order Giuseppe M. to kneel onto the ground and beg for mercy. But they
obviously came across the wrong one! Giuseppe M. suddenly breaks away with a
frightful curse and stumbles in the direction of Martin A., who still lies on the
ground. He apparently attempts to reach again the protection of the racing
hemisphere with giant leaps.

Now Martin A. can see him coming closer from the corners of his eye. Before he
can turn to his side, he already already a stroke in the hip and Giuseppe M.
plunges right over him to the ground. The frightening sound of the deadly light
rays from the laser guns and the deafening thunder of the blasts where they hit, set
Martin A.'s teeth on edge. The two guards fire a whole salvo right into Giuseppe
M., who dies immediately.

Two or three laser rays hit also Martin A. - and one of them is fatal. The last
thing what he can think about is: "Shit, we can now deposit our identities forever!
Bye, bye, beautiful new GloNet world!"

Only seconds later the central GloNet computer extinguishes the two identities
'10YankeeZuluDelta723-05' and '43AlphaFoxtrottNovember554-17'. As of now,
no more charges are to be paid for these two numbers. They are extinguished
forever from the main computer memory...

Manila, February 2019, Philippine Plaza, whirlpool in the basement
John T. enjoys those water bubbles of the inside whirlpool and has his cramped
muscles massaged by the warm water jets. He is the only one in the small round
bassin that is located besides the in-house gym. It is dinnertime and most hotel
guests have better things to do than sitting in hot water. John T. leans comfortably
with his head at the edge of the pool and has the day passing by in his thoughts.

He has spent the late afternoon downtown in Makati. He       also scoured some
rather (seedy?) shady bars in the Red District of Mabini. He was quite hopeful to
obtain new information there. However, this did not work out; instead he now has
the postal address of a pretty dancer in his pocket. He asked her for dinner at nine
o'clock at the hotel. And - of course - he also hopes to seduce her later in his hotel

He closes his eyes now and concentrates on working out a plan of action. But
with the bobbles monotonously murmuring around him, he soon dozes off. His
chin sinks down to the breastbone and his head tilts to the side. When it hits the
marble of the whirlpool rim he wakes up immediately and looks right into the
grinning face of a Japanese man, who meanwhile has taken a spot on the opposite
side in the pool.

"Nice sleep, Sir?" The loud laughing drags his mouth from ear to ear.
John T. hurries to reply: "Excuse me, I‘m sorry - I had a pretty hard day..."   Quite
a flimsy declaration.

"Business, Sir - business?" asks the other one.
John T. answers with a tired grinning: "Oh yes, business. Business as usual."
"Good... business is good! I‘m business man from JNT&T. You are salesman?"
"JNT&T?" John T. immedately takes notice- his fatigue disappears all of a
sudden. He doesn't even mind answering the question of the Japanese business
man. "Did you say ’JNT&T’? Is this your company?" he asks instead. He may
thank his lucky star for that stroke of fate!

"Oh yes, JNT&T! This is the Japanese National Telephone and Teleglaph! And
what business is you...?"

John T. interrupts the Japanese a bit impolitel with an impatient movement of the
hand. This man is a god-send to him! He must surely have connections to the
GloNet: "Sir, if you really are from JNT&T, then you must have some pretty good
connections to GloNet..."

This time John T. gets interrupted by the Japanese who asks unsure: "What is

John T. spells every letter slowly and clearly: "G - L - O - N - E - T, man, G - L -
O - N - E - T!"

"Oh yes, Si - GloNet, I know..."
"Man, you‘re just the person I need!" John T. would like to embrace and kiss
this foreigner. Of course, the other one can't understand that John T. is so
enthusiastic about him.

"Sir, you could be very helpful to me, because you have access to the GloNet
and to JNT&T. I‘m an information broker and I need as much information as I
can get on some unusual business!"

The Japanese smiles and starts an answer, but at this very moment the inhouse
voice paging system calls John T. to report at the reception desk. He searches the
clock which is just barely visible through the open door of the small whirlpool
room. It is ten past nine. Bloody hell, he completely forgot the bar dancer whom
he ordered for dinner!

He explains the Japanese that tonight he already has a dinner-date with a girl and
asks him to kindly excuse the interruption. Then he invites him spontaneously to
also join him for dinner.

But the Japanes apologizes, since he had already eaten extensively on the
airplane. Instead, he proposes to have a drink together after dinner: "Somewhere
downtown Manila, is that good, Si?"

"Well, that‘s no problem. Just give me your room number and I‘ll call you when
we've finished dinner!"

Manila, February 2019, Philippine Plaza, whirlpool in the basement

John T. asks the cashier of the famous in-house fitness club to inform the
reception that he might be late by a few minutes.

He takes a shower and gets dressed and then takes the elevator up to the large
entrance hall. He steers directly to the reception desk and mentions his name. A
nice lady who is dressed with an elegant yellow suit, like every female hotel
employee in the entrance hall, calls a boy. He escorts John T. to the girl who is
waiting somewhere in the big foyer.

The boy asks whether he may recommend one of the in-house restaurants for
dinner. John T. gives him a dollar and explains that he wants to meet his date first.
Then they would see. The boy bows slightly: "Thank you Sir - as you like!"

John T.'s date has made herself comfortable in the meantime. An empty
longdrink stands in front of her on the small table and her mouth is crammed with
peanuts and crisps. She dressed tastefully and shows a lot of her elegant slim legs.
Her make-up is discreet. In short: she doesn‘t look like a cheap dancer from the
night-life district. That's good, since John T. doesn‘t want to attract unnecessary
attention. He greets the girl with a kiss on her cheeks and asks her: "Do you have
any preferences, concerning dinner?"

"No, as long as it‘s not too crowded."
John T. consults the boy now with a quick glance.
"Well, Sir, I‘d recommend ’Pier 7’. They have special seafood days. I could
make the table reservation if you like."

John T. approves: "That's a good idea! We will wait here and have a drink in the

The boy bows again slightly before he moves over to the escalators that lead
down to the various restaurants. He addresses a lady of the service. She
immediately comes over to the girl and John T. : "Good evening Lady. Good
evening Sir. My Name is Linda. Would you like to order drinks?"

"Yes, please - the same for the Lady", John T. shows to the empty glass on the
table, "and for me a Mango Delight!"

"A Bloody Mary for the Lady and a Mango Delight for you, Sir. You‘re
welcome!" She walks away with graceful steps.

John T. tells the girl about his new Japanese acquaintance in the whirlpool. He
asks her whether she would like to go with him and the businessman from Japan
to Mabini after dinner and whether she knows a colleague to escort the Japanese
man. At first glance she is not much inspired. However, after John T. explains to
her that it might be very important for him and that she could earn some extra
money, she agrees. She dials the number of a friend on her multifunction wrist

John T. is lost in thoughts as he looks through the tinted, heat absorbing security
glass of the big windows around the lobby. Taxis and private cars drive up
nonstop along the big forecourt. A big bus stops there, embarking a group of
tourists. The bellboy shortly directs some helpers. Then he pages the driver of a
Mercedes limousine via microphone that he may drive up as soon as the bus
leaves. Some businessmen in elegant suits wait for taxis or call girls.

"Excuse me, Sir - here are the drinks. Will you sign the bill, please?"
John T. had not noticed, that the waitress had already brought the drinks: "Oh,
I'm sorry, I was just daydreaming!"
He signs the bill without checking the numbers. Then he grabs a dollar note from
one of his pockets and places it on the serving board.
"Thank you, Sir. You‘re always welcome!" She‘s smiling charmingly and then
she walks away, swaying her hips. John T. imagines unrestrained what's under
that tight robe...

Meanwhile the girl from the Mabini bar has finished her call. She explains: "I
arranged everything. My friend will arrive here in about an hour and she will wait
for us in the lobby."

There you are – it’s going like clockwork! John T. lifts the glass: "That‘s fine,
very fine - my name's John - cheers, sweetheart!

She‘s whispering: "And my name‘s Dolores, but my friends call me Dolly.
Mabuhay, John!"

Manila, Philippine Plaza, Lounge, February 2019

John T. tells Dolly his plan of action for that evening. After dinner they will meet
Dolly‘s colleague and then he will call the Japanese to join them. Then they‘ll
rush into the nightlife of Manila. Here comes the role for Dolly‘s friend: she must
flatter the Japanese and 'help' John T. to get him drunk, so that he hopefully gives
away the admission code for JNT&T. John T. doesn‘t tell Dolly, for a good
reason, that he would like to get rid of the Japanese man and Dolly‘s friend later
so that he can spend the rest of the night alone with her...

However, Dolly seems to read his dirty thoughts. She wants to know exactly
what should come about afterwards. Particularly, because he has promised her
that she will make some more money.

John T. answers, that these matters can be discussed later. But she insists. She
explains to him that this is also affecting her family, whom she has to support
with her shabby job. So he gives in and offers her hundred bucks. But she
declares quickly that absolutely nothing can be arranged under three hundred - but
then she will stay with him for twenty-four hours. To emphasize her offer, she lets
her skirt slide up coincidally, so that John T. can shortly catch a sight of her
tanned thighs, right up to the slip.

How that works! They quickly come to an agreement. And the price is set right
in the middle, that is two hundred bucks.

Meanwhile the drinks are emptied and the boy, who has discreetly stayed in the
background on hold, appears and asks: "Lady - Sir, your table at ’Pier 7’ is ready
now. Should I show you the way?"

"Thank you, that‘s not necessary, I‘ve already been there a few times", replies

They get up and John T. gives the boy descretely one more dollar.
"Thank you, Sir. Just call for ’Lino’ in case you need any help!"
John T. calls the waitress for the bill. Then they walk over to the escalators. Dolly
takes his arm and comes so near, that he can well feel her small cold hand.

"Your hand is so cold! Are you all right, Dolly?" he wants to know.
"I'm fine, thanks. It's just the aircond. It's a bit too cold and drafty for my taste!"
They pass a closed cigar booth now. That gives John T. the idea that he could
buy a late birthday gift tomorrow; just for himself. Indeed, a luxury cigar box with
his personal initials would be a good idea...

As they finally reach the basement floor, John T. catches sight of the ’pier 7‘
nameplate from a distance. They enter the restaurant and wait at the sign

Dolly takes over now, giving the lady there a dollar while requesting in Tagalog:
"Tahimik na lugar, kung puede!" That is something like ’A quiet table, if
possible‘. The lady nods discreetly and invites them: "Would you follow me,

She escorts Dolly and John T. through the closely packed tables which are
already mostly occupied. The table that is offered to them is close to the end of
the restaurant near the side wall. John T. appreciates the fact, because he doesn‘t
like to dine in the midst of a lot of people.

Manila, February 2019, Philippine Plaza, pier 7

Dolly and John T. take an aperitif. A quarter of an hour later they examine the
menu and the wine list. John T. orders Tossed Salad with Lobster for both. They
also take a white wine from France - not too cold. John T. also orders a mineral
water. Without ice, of course...

They have a lively conversation about various things, and half an hour later they
have already finished dinner. John T. orders an espresso and for Dolly comes an
old Cognac. At the first opportunity, John T. asks for the bill. They don't want to
keep Dolly's friend waiting. John T. gives a generous tip, because there are
sufficient reasons to be in a good mood: the events of the last few hours could
help him to make considerable progress in his investigations. And Dolly is - in
several ways - quite appealing to him!

Then they walk the stairs up to the lobby. John T. turns immediately to the
reception desk, where he calls the Japanese over an in-house picture-phone line,
while Dolly is looking for her friend. She cannot overlookall places in the large
hall. For example, the big woven chairs with their long backrest conceal
completely who's sitting behind. So she starts a go-around on the right side of the
entrance hall, where she passes by the orchestra. They play a nice cover of
"Strangers in the Night".

Unfortunately, she can‘t see her girlfriend anywhere. Probably she already
reported herself to the reception and then went to the ladies restroom to adjust her
make up. Dolly often does it that way. She goes to the reception where John T.
already waits: "Where the hell is your friend?" he asks a bit impatiently.

Dolly tries to calm him: "She’s somewhere here, just don‘t panic!" Then she asks
one of the ladies at the reception in Tagalog to page her friend.

But at this very moment an elegant young lady comes out of a door addressed
with ’Comfort Room‘. She wears a ’Terno‘, which is the Philippine national
dress, and a lot of golden jewelry.

Dolly introduces her girlfriend: "John T., this is my old friend Aliza!" But John
T. can hardly shake hands with Aliza as the Japanese already appears under the
elevator doors. He grins over his whole face as soon as he notices the two girls.
John T. informs him about the planned night program and asks: "Do you like this

The Japanese confirms instantly with vehement nods.
John T. doesn‘t want to waste time and goes straight over to the Belle Captain in
order to get a taxi. The Japanese meanwhile has a good time with the girls. The
taxi arrives up after few minutes and Dolly tells the driver in Tagalog to bring
them to Mabini‘s Starlight Bar.

Manila, February 2019, Starlight Bar

John T. arrives with his entourage at the destination. The bar is one of the usual
meeting places for come-ons. Heaps of girls - mostly between 14 and 18 years old
- are waiting for customers. Outside, on the street in front of the bar stands a boy -
hardly eleven years old - who picks every male at the sleeve and asks again and
again: "Girls! Want Girls, Sir?"

One of Dolly's colleagues has already noticed the quartet and comes over to greet
them. She introduces herself briefly and leads them to a small table in the
Séparée. While they wait for the champagne, Dolly and Aliza go to the toilet to
make up a bit. The Japanese is apparently happy how things work out. He
obviously wouldn‘t decline a quick affair and pays John T. compliments for this

A waitress brings the champagne and pours it. When Dolly and Aliza come back,
they clink glasses and the Japanese proposes to address each other with first
names. His name is Joko.
Joko drinks fast and in great quantities. John T. notices that with contentment,
even though this means that this evening could turn out quite expensive. Aliza
already has a lot of troubles to keep at a distance from Joko, until John T. has
lured the most important information out of him. Dolly is helpful and tops up
every time that Joko starts to pet around Aliza‘s décolleté.

Manila, February 2019, Starlight Bar

Working as a team, they finally manage to make Joko drunk enough so that John
T. can work on him until he tells his secrets. After a short intermezzo he blabs out
two entrance codes. One is meant for a direct access to the internal message
exchange between the national GloNet companies. The other one is for queries
about the safety status and works like a parity check. These codes do not lead
directly to the informations that John T. is looking for, but over these nodes he
can get an entrance to further exclusive services - and these could very well
contain secret material!

John T.orders another bottle and has it quickly uncorked. He tells Aliza to wait
another hour until she goes back to the hotel with Joko. Then he gives her 100
dollars in small bills. After that he leaves the bar with Dolly.

They walk a few streets through Mabini. But, seemingly, Dolly doesn't enjoy it.
She feels unsafe in this district and would like to take a Taxi and drive home to
show him her place of residence. John T., however, would very much like to take
her right back to the hotel. So he hails the next taxi that drives by. He instructs the
driver to bring them to the Philippine Plaza. But Dolly tells the driver in Tagalog
to bring them directly to Bacoor.

John T. asks Dolly what she just said to the driver. She explains that she gave
instructions to bring them directly to Bacoor, where she‘s living. John T. asks
how far from Manila that is. She tells him that it would be about half an hour to

John T. proposes her to drive together to the hotel first. They could dance there to
the live-band and then they might finish that evening at the bar. Later on she
could still show him her place, in case that it was still important for her.

But Dolly is not willing to discuss matters. She has also made secret plans, but in
another direction. Namely, she thought that she could probably match John T.
with her oldest sister, Clarissa, and herewith arrange a regular source of income
for her family. Clarissa was a former dancer in one of Mabini‘s many bars. But
she had to quit her job when their mother died at the birth of her seventh child.
She had to replace her, managing things at home. And since that time, Dolly has
taken over Clarissa‘s place. She was just sixteen years old when she started her B-
girl 'career'. She would indeed have preferred to finish her training as a laboratory
technician and start regular work in the USA or Saudi Arabia in a hospital. But
the family situation has priority, especially since it was their mother‘s last wish.
Of course, John T. has no idea about all that at present. He sits with Dolly on the
back seat of the taxi, watching the heavy traffic on the streets and asking himself
secretly whether he could also screw Dolly in her bedroom at home or whether
she shares the room with several siblings. He places his arm behind her head on
the seat. Because she‘s not reacting, he pushes the arm further until he can touch
her shoulder. But now he experiences resistance. However, he does not give up so
easily and places the other hand on her slim and silken sun-tanned thigh. But
Dolly takes his hand and puts it back onto the seat.

The driver is astonished that it has suddenly become very calm in the back of his
car and he asks Dolly, whether everything is okay. She tells him in Tagalog, that
the guy at her side is making advances and asks him to be a bit more on the gas, if
possible. But the driver already does his best in the dense traffic.

John T. is disappointed by the missing response from Dolly. He expected actually
a bit more concessions from a 'cheap hostess'. But - for the time being - he gives
up, especially since the driver apparently observes him closely in the rearview

End of Part 1

        "Attack on the GloNet"

                                     Part II

   Bacoor, near Manila, February 2019

   The first houses of Bacoor are already visible in the cones of the
   headlights. Dolly exchanges a couple of words with the driver. At one of
   the many crossroads he turns right into a minor road and stops after a few
   feet next to a small cottage. Dolly tells John T. that this is the end of the
   trip - they're home. He pays the driver and they leave the taxi.

   The cottage is dark, there are no lights burning inside. Only a wretched
   lamp, covered by gnats, gives a touch of light in front of the entrance.
   Dolly unlocks the door. It opens squeakingly and she asks John T. to come
   in. John T. is absolutely horriefied when Dolly switches the light on. An
army of black beetles runs towards the chinks between the ground and the
walls and disappears there silently. Some mosquitoes immediately hum
around the lamp hanging naked from the ceiling.

Obviously, this room serves as a kitchen as well as eating and also as a
living room There are some clothes hanging on a line, crossing the room
in the background. A plastic basket, filled with laundry, stands on an
oblique chair. There‘s also an ironing board. The cover is already burned
at many places. A wooden bowl, filled with mangoes and bananas, stands
on the table.

John T. would like to turn around immediately and recall the taxi. As
Dolly notices John T.‘s shock, she apologizes for not informing him what
to expect here. She thought he should know what it looks like in the house
of a poor family in the Philippines.

John T. tells her that she shouldn't worry. Then he asks her what was on
the program now. With a finger on her lips she conveys the message for
him not to speak too loud. She then asks, whether he would like to sit
down. But before John T. has selected a chair which could bear the weight
of a heavy European, a door opens creaking on the right side. A young
woman stands in the door frame.

Dolly smiles and calls her: "Hey, Good Looking!" But the young woman
doesn't move. She's apparently astonished to see a stranger there. Dolly
goes over to her and drags her at the arm to the middle of the room. There
she introduces her to John T.: "John, this is my sister Clarissa! She is also
our mother- substitute since mother died!"

John T. shakes hands with her: "Good evening, Clarissa. It‘s a pleasure to
meet you!"

Clarissa is slightly larger then her sister. She has long, shiny-black hair,
dark almond eyes and a sensual mouth. All toghether she is a really
fascinating compound of a Chinese and Spanish woman. In comparison to
her, Dolly fades away as a rather childish woman.

Clarissa asks her younger sister in English about the reasons for John T.‘s
visit late in the evening. She reminds Dolly that she may not take
foreigners from the bar in Manila to this little village and - even worse -
bring them to their parent‘s home. Dolly replies in Tagalog, that John T. is
none of her normal customers and that she had only dragged him along
because she believed that he was the right man for Clarissa!

John T. - of course - doesn't understad what the two woman are talking
about ...

Clarissa giggles shortly. Then she turns to John T. and apologizes, that
she just talked in Tagalog with her sister. She asks John T., whether he
knew the reason her sister dragged him over here to Bacool. He shakes his
head and seems a bit confused about that question. The two women then
start to giggle again and Clarissa explains John T. everything.

First he stands there like thunderstruck. But then - wow! He doesn‘t
dislike the new situation - even though he wouldn‘t show his feelings too
obviously. He only replies: "Well, you know, you‘re a wonderful woman
Clarissa and I really would like to take you out and give us a chance, but
does Dolly always care of you like that?"

Apparently, Clarissa can‘t follow John T.‘s arguments. She looks at him
like a big question mark.

John T. explains her: "Take it that way: I‘m here ..., well, because I
thought, I could have a one night stand with your sister. Well - and now ...
well, the situation is going out of hand ... somehow!"

But Clarissa appears not to be especially affected by these facts. She
replies that she's very well informed about Dolly's job in downtown
Manila: "You see, since our family depends on the money that Dolly earns
there, her job is accepted by all family members. And - as you guessed -
this is not the first time, that Dolly is trying to play the matchmaker!"

She then asks John T., whether he would like a coffee or a beer. John T.
doesn‘t mind a cold ‚San Miguel‘ beer. Clarissa asks him to sit down at
the wobbling table.

After she has brought the beer, John T. takes a great gulp right away.
Then he asks, where he could get a taxi back to Manila so late. Turning
over to Dolly, he remarks: "You know, I'd very much like to try out the
codes that we got from the rolling drunken Japanese, before he awakes
and becomes suspicious."

Dolly replies, he might as well make the necessary calls from here.
Apparently, she would like to have John T. at her home for tonight. She's
probably affraid that she would have to give back part of the money she
received from John T.

But John T. explains to the two sisters, that he needs specific devices that
are currently in the safety box of the hotel.

The disappointment is clearly visible in Dolly‘s face. She asks him softly:
"What about the bucks?"

John T. seems a bit upset. He asks: "What bucks are you talking about?
You got a lot of money for very little work - right? So what do you want?"

Clarissa seems also a bit embarassed by the situation. She rebukes Dolly
in Tagalog, to stop her greedy talking about money immediately. The two
sisters start a short and impulsive discussion when Dolly tries to explain
that it seems to be a simple misunderstanding. At the end both laugh again
and Clarissa explains: "Dolly thinks, that SHE owes you some money
because she didn't sleep with you ..."

John T. start also laughin now: "Oh no, don't worry! The way I see it, it
would be shame, to even think about that money! So it's better, you two
forget about that immediately!" Then he promises to drop by again over
the next few days. He gives Clarissa a business card: "Just call the hotel
and leave a message for me, in case you two need help in the meantime -

Clarissa and Dolly nod simultaneously. Clarissa then calls a taxi to
Manila on the picture-phone, whereas John T. says goodbye to Dolly: "I
like both of you - you and your sister. You‘re both nice and I sincerely
hope to meet you again soon! Sleep well - and don‘t worry ..."

Clarissa accompanies him through the main door and down the steps (it
sounds too elegant otherwise) until they arrive at the white fence that
surrounds the small site. John T. looks up into the night sky. On the
cloudless, velvet-black firmament sparkle thousands of stars, while the
tropical night is dipped in pale moonlight. It is still very warm, even
though a fresh breeze from Manila Bay is bringing some cooling. The
whisks of the scattered palms are slightly moving back and forth in the
wind. From the main road they hear the noise from the never ending
stream of cars.

John T. enjoys Clarissa's pleasant proximity. Their shoulders touch by
chance as she turns around to him, pointing at a shooting star which moves
from one end of the horizon to the other in a majestic arc. John T. is
electrified, but the lights of the taxi appear before he could say something
to Clarissa. The car is rolling slowly up the driveway. Apparently the
driver must check the numbers of the houses. That why he can‘t see
Clarissa and John T. until the car is right in front of the stairsteps. He
brakes brusquely and asks in Tagalog, whether they where the clientele
that he was about to drive to Manila.

Clarissa gives him the order to drive John T. as fast as possible to the
Philippine Plaza. Then it‘s time to say goodbye. They just shake hands and
John T. is once again speechless as he looks deep into her dark eyes ...

He is about to enter the taxi when he suddenly turns around and walks
quickly up the few steps that lead to the entry of the house. Clarissa
already stands there on the veranda. He embraces her shortly, gives her
kisses on the left and right cheek and then he returns rapidly to the taxi.

As they drive away he has a look back through the tail window. He can
see Clarissa waving at him. He waves also until they turn into the main
street ...
Manila, Philippine Plaza, February 2019

The ride back from Bacoor to Manila on the newly built highway lasts
hardly half an hour. John T. asks for the electronic room key at the
reception. The young man behind the desk seizes the opportunity to tell
him that the management doesn‘t like to see that hotel guests order certain
'dubious' ladies in their rooms.

This information catches John T. very much by surprise since he hasn‘t
taken Dolly on his room. And going for dinner with such a ‚lady‘ can't
seriously offend anybody! He mentions this, but the young lady at the
reception desk smiles only equivocally, adding he might very well know
what‘s in question and that this was only a kind hint: "Sir, this is very
much a question concerning the good reputation of the hotel that can only
be preserved, if the visitors pay attention to the rules.

John T. is too tired in order to have long discussions now. He just nods
slightly, in order to show that things are clear. The young man wishes him
a good night and John T. goes over to the elevators. At this time of the
night there are no waiters working there. Since only very few people are
on the way so late at night, he can enter a cabin immediately.The elevator
stops the cabin at the eleventh floor. John T.‘s room is near the elevators.

When he opens the door to his room, he immediately notes that the lights
burn. Funny - he is sure, that he extinguished all lights with the central
switch when leaving the room. Well, probably the room service personnel
switched it on again. They usually prepare the guest's bed for the night by
turning the quilt at one corner and then they also put a fresh tropical
flower on the pillows. In addition, he also sometimes finds a small swiss
chocolate there.

John T. closes the door and locks it too. But just to make sure, that
nobody of the personel is in the rooms, he calls: "Somebody here?"

Nobody answers. But, despite this fact, he is somehow sure that he‘s not
alone; he can feel it instinctivly. So he tiptoes to the bathroom, which is on
the left side of the entrance corridor in a distance of about ten feet from
the entrance. He opens the door cautiously and looks around. The room
seems empty. Then he tiptoes along the corridor and when he reaches the
bedroom, he suddenly dives full-length and head-on onto the carpet in
front of the king-size bed.

At that very moment he hears a scream to his right side. Turning quickly
around in that direction, he recognizes the outline of a small woman. He
can not see her face, since the light of a lamp shines directly behind her
and he is blinded by it.

He warns her: "Hold up - don‘t move!"
As the woman holds her arms up in dispair, he arises rapidly and moves
over to her. There he detects - much to his surprise - that it is Dolly‘s
girlfriend, the one that served him in the ‚Starlight‘ just a few hours ago!

"What the hell are you doing here?" he shouts at her.
"I‘m so sorry! The Jap promised me 500 bucks, if I was going to check
your room for information about you!"

And she begins to cry pitiably. She asks him, whether he would call the
police now. But John T. shakes his head. He has no use for the police
because he sometimes also moves in the grey zone between crime and
honest bourgeoisie.

Instead he asks her: "What did you see in my room and have you already
packed up something?"

She denies and empties even her handbag onto the white blanket of the
bed without further request: Two Lipsticks, a package of condoms, a
broken pack of Spearmint, a small purse with credit cards and a
communication card, some identity cards and a small make-up case.

"And what did you see - did you touch anything?"
She explains, that she did arrive somewhat less than ten minutes ago.
Therefore she has had no time to look around more precisely. She wantet
to start work on the two suitcases, when he suddenly arrived.

John T. is very much reliefed, that she didn‘t detect his high-tech
equipment under the bed! But for security reasons he grabs her
communications card. Then he asks her, to go into the bath room for some
minutes. He explains to her that he would lock her in there since he had to
finish some things very urgently.

At first she resists, but when he explains that she alone is to blame for
that, she reluctantly agrees.

He pulls out the key, which is at the inner side of the bathroom door.
Then he locks the door from outside. Now he can drag the aluminum case
with the small, but fine equipment from underneath the bed. He tests her
communications card. With his special-purpose tools it‘s easy for him to
find out what were the destinations of the conversations that were
deducted up to now.

Fact is, the lady said the truth: The last conversation dates from February
16th, 03:07 p.m. local time. Namely a four minute call to the four star
hotel in Puerto Azul and John T. mutters grinning: "Most probably with a
customer since that chick doesn‘t look bad at all ..."
Then he wonders how he would be able to play a dirty trick on the
unsuspecting Japanese. He decides to let the young woman go without
further enquires - if she, in return, gives the Japanese some false
informations. He quickly prints some documents which he always has
ready for such purposes on his computer. In addition, he prepares a logfile
and a communications card with various faked postal addresses and calls.
They should lead the Japanese to a completely wrong track. To finish
everything, he takes a faked security pass and puts it also in the girls

Now he closes the alucase and pushes it back under the bed again, hiding
it from curious eyes. He has a glance at his multifunction watch. The
whole procedures took only about fifteen minutes.

But his astonishment is great, as he stands in the doorframe: the little
beast got undressed and stands now naked under the browse! She didn‘t
draw the shower curtain, so that John T. immediately caught sight of her.
For a few seconds he's rooted to the spot. Then - with a seductive smile -
she beckons him, to also come under the shower. Probably she would like
to compensate John T. for the inconveniences - and because she got
nothing else to offer, she presents her body ...

John T. - who otherwise never minds a love affair - must this time oppose
the natural urge, to simply take off the cloths and to go under the shower
with that chick. Clarissa‘s picture comes suddenly between him and the
young Philippina under the shower. So he tells her to get dressed as fast as
possible, because he has an important mission for her.

When she comes from the bathroom after a few minutes, he explains to
her that she can leave without conditions, if only she was willing to let the
Japanese search the contents of her handbag. But she had to arrange this in
such a way, that he won‘t become suspicious. Then he tells her, when and
with whom she had contact by picture phone in the last few days. This is
of course just a random shot - and by pure chance he also mentions the
supposed customer in Puerto Azul.

But she looks at him with dismay. An incredulous astonishment stands in
her face: Where the hell does this pale and plump European have this
information from?

John T. continues his mystery tour and tries to make her understand, that
it will make absolutely no sense if she racked her brains about him. He
would always be a couple of steps ahead of her. And he had already
observed her and Dolly for weeks! He then warns her that the Japanese
might be an extremely dangerous fellow, who was cooperating with a
fundamentalist Muslim squad in the south of the Philippines who deprive
the government from power. She should pay attention not to maintain
further contacts with him. Otherwise, she might easily attract attention of
the intelligence ...
Finally John T. would like to know, how she managed to get into his
room. She explains: "That was the single most easiest thing in the world,
since I knew already your name. To get the room number, I just went to
the reception and told them, I have an appointment with you. I said that I
was already too late and that I would like to ask you to meet me
downstairs. So I would have some time to make up. Well, they gave me
your number for the in-house paging system. When everybody was busy at
the reception desk I turned to the elevators. I gave the liftboy 10 dollars
and he ordered his colleague on floor 11 - who must ensure that no
prostitutes enter the guest's rooms - to go to the lavatory for a few minutes.
So I made it to your room. I was lucky that a lady of the room service
passed by a minute later. She saw me in front of your room and asked,
whether she could help me. I told her that I just locked myself out. So she
opened the door for me without questions! Well, it‘s as simple as that!"

John T. can only shake his head. Later on, when he's not so busy
anymore, he will inform the management about this incident. And since he
has the girl's postal address now, he can quote her any time later as a

The girl is now dismissed. She says goodbye with a kiss on John T.'s
cheeks, where a considerable part of her lipstick remains ...

Manila, Philippine Plaza, February 2019
As the door closes behind her, John T. immediately starts to grab his
equipment again from under the bed. After some fumbling on the different
wires that come from the interpreters, sorters and impulse counters, he can
put the multifunction-plug into the data line socket about an inch above
the floor, right behind the desk. Now the search for informations by means
of the two codes can start, at last!

Nijni-Novgorod, former USSR, February 2019

Natascha A. is working for the Russian reconnaissance. This minute she
puts a backup cartridge with important data in the safe. She looks forward
to finish work on time, when she receives a call from Denpasar, Bali. It's
Inyoman S., looking rather worried. He works in the Medical Clinic of the
Nusa Dua Resort, near Denpasar. He reports that a man - about 30 years
old - was taken to the clinic with a stroke. The man had almost drowned at
sea. At the last moment he was pulled out by two Taiwanese tourists.

Natascha a bit irritated. Inyoman S. is an inconspicuous,
conscientious and reliable agent, who already passed her a lot of important
information. He has specialized in international terrorism - exactly as
Natascha A.: "Well, Inyoman, what‘s so special about that man?"
"Natascha, this guy is in a bad state. He swallowed a lot of water.
Presumably he is partly paralyzed and he also has problems with his
memory. He said rather confusing stuff, which I didn‘t understand.
However, he was identified as Iranian by my colleagues. I recorded
everything secretly and I'd like to warn you that something is brewing! A
few people from the Iranian embassy were already there and took him
along, before we could bring him to the emergency station ..."

"Well done, Inyoman! Please send us your recordings now. But the
whole thing has to pass the hacker before..."

"That‘s clear, I‘m not silly! It would be nice if you give me a notice later
on whether I‘ve stumlbed across a hot issue."

"I‘ll do that - I'm very happy that you informed us immediately!"
Natascha A. adjusts the secret satellite frequency on her receiver. Then
she starts the transcoder, so that it could work synchronously. The
computer projects the decrypted sentences onto the opposite wall. - And
what she reads now makes even an experienced agent, with many years of
know-how in this field, quite excited ...

Until recently she's not been concerned with the crash of the passenger jet
near Manila. When she comes home after work - usually tired and
overworked - she obviously has no interest in disaster announcements,
since she is often confronted with that matter during the day. Therefore,
she didn‘t pursue this incident. However, Inyoman S. confronts her with
data that is highly explosive. The nearly drowned Iranian apparently has
something to do with the launching of the SAM rocket! And as it seems,
he suffered by no means a normal swimming accident, since someone
made an attempt on his life!

Given this background it is clear to Natascha A. that the Iranian is in
great danger. She immediately attempts to get in touch again with
Inyoman S. But he can‘t be reached. Natascha A. consults the world time
clock. It‘s 09:10 p.m. Denpasar time. Could well be, that Inyoman left the
office already because his shift ended at 09:00 p.m. local time. But what
should she do now?

She has another secret agent in Denpasar, who‘s working in the Nusa
Inda Hotel Resort. But she has never before worked with him directly. It is
more of a backup-address, in case that Inyoman should be unavailable for
whatever reasons. Inyoman S. doesn‘t know about the existence of this
person, because it is much too tricky if the agents know about each other.

Natascha A. doesn‘t know whether this other guy is as reliable as
Inyoman S. She must therefore weigh two risks: If she doesn‘t track this
case any further, the Iranian intelligence will undoubtedly ‘settle‘ it in its
own way. In case she activates her second man in Denpasar there's an
even greater risk that - following his tracks - the Iranians could find out
about her business. There remains also the question whether there is
actually enough Russian interest in this case. Is her country concerned or
even involved in a large scale? Were there any Russian passengers -
possibly VIPs - on board the shot down airplane? Or has even the Russian
intelligence participated in the attack - or at least - supported the terrorists?
If yes, what were the motives?

On the basis of this state of affairs Natascha A. would like to obtain first
of all more information from the intelligence before she decides about the
next step. For this purpose she must tap the mainframe in Minsk. She
selects the corresponding admission code on her navigator and, after
encoding it, she sends it to Moscow. Her competence is fully-
automatically checked and she receives a second code within seconds that
gives her - combined with the first one - a lot of freedom,when rushing
around in the Minsk computer. And she immediately logs on into a
maintenance line to address her questions via voice mail to Minsk.

She speaks her inquiries without preceding preparations in the
microphone of her headset :«First inquiry: Is Russian intelligence involved
in an airplane attack over Manila? Second inquiry: Are Russian VIPs
affected by the crash? Third inquiry: Is there a Russian interest with
regard(or respect) to greater safety hazard in the Asian-Pacific region,
concerning the above mentioned aircraft crash?"

In spite of her supervisor status, she's not too hopeful to get any
information concerning sensitive data. But when the answers arrive and
have been decoded, she‘s pleasantly surprised:

"From SINFO to Natascha A.

That way they elegantly give the responsibility for further actions - and
their outcome- to Natascha S. However that‘s all right with her. She‘s a
power woman, and she immediately starts working on these subjects, even
though she has to work overtime, once again. And - in this situation - it's
at least a bit comforting to her that her friend can‘t chop off(I don‘t
understand ‘chop off‘): He did that already half a year ago ...

She checks the secret contact number of her second agent in Bali and
orders the computer to start the hacker. The connection is set up after few

Denpasar, Bali, February 2019

"Hello, is this Iwang from the Clark Hatch sports club in the Sheraton at
Nusa Indah Resort speaking?"

"Yeah, that‘s me. But who wants to talk with me so late in the night?"
Iwang‘s voice has a reproachful undertone. He has the face of Natascha A.
on his display, but since he hasn‘t seen or heard her up to now, he seems
rather astonished to look into the pale bleary-eyed face of a Russian
blonde in her mid-thirties. The situation is also a bit embarrassing, because
he stands in front of the wideangle camera, only dressed in flowery
pajama shorts. And behind him is a young girl, also half-naked, hanging

"I would like to tell you, who I am. But is it possible, that we could have
some privacy for a few minutes?" asks Natascha A., glancing at the
beauty, who goes to bed right now pulling up the blanket.

Iwang X. requests the girl to leave the room for a few minutes. But she
turns right into the camera, showing her long tongue, making a grimace
and stretching the middle finger into height. Meanwhile, Iwan X. stays
cool: "Well, after all, you‘ll have to offer some really very important
things. You see, she does not like it at all when I get calls from pretty
ladies late in the evening!" He leaves the room now, carefully closing the
door behind him.

As soon as the camera in the other room has captured Iwang X., he can
hear Natascha A.'s cynical question: "Thanks for the flowers, Iwang - but
shall we flirt or work?"

"Well, let‘s start with what you like, strange lady!" This guy really has a
ready tongue! But when it come to a showdown, Natascha A. would also
know, how to talk big ...

She informs Iwang X. about what has been going on in Bali, and that she
would like that he starts a respective GloNet research immediately. But
she doesn‘t tell him everything. He gets only as much information as she
considers necessary. And - of course - she doesn‘t tell him anything about
Inyoman S.

Iwang X. is not too happy about the fact that he must drop the bed-action
for tonight. But - on the other hand - he is quite proud, to be involved in
genuine action from the Russians, at last. He promises Natascha A. that he
will start the desired GloNet search immediately: "I'm going to inform you
as soon as I've found something interesting!"
When Natascha A.'s face has vanished from the holoscreen, he calls the
girl and explains to her that he‘s just been put in charge with an important
case for the Russian intelligence, and that he therefore must start to work
on the new job right away. The girl reacts with pouting and hides right
away in bed.

But Iwang X. doesn‘t care about: He is preparing for his ultimate ride on
a GloNet dataway - and that's enough of a thrill! So he starts downloading
the encrypted data from the Russian intelligence. Then he jumps into his
datasuit, and after he has closed the headset, he instantly starts riding the
pipe. His destination in GloNet's cyberspace is the Iranian embassy.

It is rather dark. Iwang X.'s eyes must first adapt to this darkness. Then he
looks slowly around, but he can't find any identification marks concerning
his actual position. Not being sure anymore whether he gave the correct
start coordinates to the computer, he checks the corresponding numbers in
the upper quarter of the head-mounted holodisplay. Yet, the numbers are
correct. This means that he entered the GloNet at the right place. So he
checks quickly the small display on his multifunction watch. His actual
position, represented by a small, flashing circle, is overlayed by a blown-
up street map of Denpasar. From what he sees on screen, he knows now at
least in what direction he must turn to get to the Iranian embassy. He
walks inconspicuously through some still rather crowded streets. From a
nearby restaurant he hears the sound of voices, mixed with laughter and
native music.

Iwang X. arrives at the Iranian embassy after a few minutes' walk. On the
small display at his wrist he checks the various safety devices, whose
exact locations he downloaded from the Russian intelligence server. The
computer shows him weak points that had been uncovered by the Russian
intelligence. Iwang X. first of all walks around the various buildings in the
neighborhood of the embassy. Then he decides where he wants to strike.
He has noticed a single room with no lights in the second floor on the
eastern wing of the building. Virtually all other rooms are still brightly lit
and he supposes, that the Persian is held somewhere there. He decides to
risk a local jump to that lonely dark room.

He asks the computer for the precise field coordinates. Then he starts the
preparations for the jump. There remains just enough time to briefly
remove the helmet of the data suit and to gulp down half a coke. Then the
computer reports readiness for the jump. Iwang X. is fast in putting on the
helmet again. After he has closed it carefully, he initiates the local jump.

Fractions of a second later he‘s in the target area. After materializing, he
has the usual problems with the orientation. But then he recognises that he
almost sticks to the ceiling of the target room! Well, that's not a problem:
For an experienced jumper - like Iwang X. - it is only a formality to match
the coordinates exactly so that he reaches the floor safely...
But that was about time too! From the corridor he hears footsteps that
come nearer. Somebody could enter this room any time! But he is lucky:
The volumeis turning down, as the people on the corridor just pass by.

Iwang X. now has a few seconds to look around. To his disappointment
he discovers that the Iranian is not in this room. Iwang X. orders the
computer to give him an ultra high frequency scan of the other rooms,
searching the interior of the whole building after a specific thing or
person. That is a dangerous venture, because the scanning could be
perceived by sensitive detectors.

The computer finds an object that could correspond to the inquiry after
less than two minutes. It is located on the first floor of the western wing.
The distance is approximately 100 feet. But to pass over there unseen
would be very difficult. Iwang X. is not happy at all. But at least there is
another possibility - albeit also risky: He could try to overwhelm
somebody and adopt this identity ...

In this situation, he decides instinctivly to catch somebody by surprise in
order to get a new identity. He carefully opens the door and looks through
the gap into the corridor. Then he switches the display on his
multifunction clock to IR. Now he can walk undisturbed down the dark
corridor straight to a door at the end where some stairs are leading down
to the next floor. He decides to wait here - halfway to his target - until a
suitable victim passes by.

Soon he hears light steps coming slowly upwards on the stair. After
listening carefully, he believes that it is the easy pace of a woman. He
presses himself as tight as possible to the wall behind the door. As the
door opens and an arm stretches into his direction, searching for the light
switch, he catches the arm and drags the person over to him. It really is a
woman, and before she can cry out, he knocks her down with a karate
chop to her neck. He supports her so that she glides gently onto the floor -
slowly and without any telltale noise.

Since he doesn‘t have much time, he carries the woman back into the dark
room, where the local jump had led him a few minutes before. He holds
her wrist and removes the multifunction clock. Then he tries to get hold of
her ID number. However, he does not yet succeed. After a few fruitless
tries he wants to give up. But then it occurs to him that he could remove
the small battery of the device. However, by doing so he also erases the ID
... But with his highly sensitive instruments he can try to reconstruct the
electrical charges that occupied parts of the RAM. Small residual
electrical charges are always left in the RAM modules directly after
removing the power supply. And in fact: After a short time he manages,
by means of computer analysis, to determine the hexadecimal value of the
woman's ID. Now - with the access code - he can begin with the data
transfer from her wrist-computer to his counterpart.
It doesn't take much time   until Iwang X. is a perfect digital clone of the
Iranian woman. On her behalf, she went through a perfect digital
metamorphosis. The whole data transfer, which could be quite a risky
procedure, obviously went well. The cyber characters of both persons have
been transferred, meanwhile. It's now the old Iwang X. who's laying
motionless on the floor ...

He drags his 'old' cyberbody behind one of the long curtains that are
reaching to the ground. There it can't be seen immediately by somebody
who should enter this room as long as he's away. Then he leaves the room,
this time in the body of an Islamic dressed young woman.

The light in the corridor doesn‘t bother him: He is perfectly ‘disguised‘.
He soon reaches the first floor downstairs. There he walks down the
corridor, past all the illuminated rooms. There‘s no more need to search
every room, because the computer scanning showed precisely where the
searched person could be found with greatest probability.

Here he comes across the first person! It‘s a man with a wild beard and
piercing dark eyes. Iwang X. (or should I say 'the woman Iwang X.'?)
can‘t observe him any longer, since he must look to the ground now as is
proper for a women. When he hears the man opening a door and entering a
room, he risks to look up again.

Iwang X. has almost reached his destination. It's the room behind the next
door to the right. As he finally stands in front of this door, a door suddenly
swings open somewhere in the background. Iwan X. turns his head briefly
into that direction. An elderly lady, probably a secretary, is crossing the
the corridor with a bundle of sheets disappearing behind the next door
again. She probably didn‘t even notice that somebody else was also in the

Iwang X. can now open the door of his target room just a little bit. At first
he cautiously sqeezes his head through the gap. Apparantly, only one
person is in the room sitting in an arm chair, sleeping. Iwang X. risks to
enter the room. He carefully closes the door behind him. He has the
microcomputer carry out an identity test with the sleeping person. He gets
a probability of more than 90 % that it is the searched Iranian.

Iwang X. talks softly to him, so that the Iranian will not be scared when
he wakes up. But he doesn‘t react. Iwang X. takes his left arm to check the
sleeping man's multifunction wristwatch. Much to his horror, it shows that
the identity Alpha Hotel Delta 4559256 Daddy Yankee Zulu has already
been extinguished from the GloNet database! Therefore, this person is a
dead GloNet identity...

A quick, intensive query yields, that all other data has been extinguished
too. So Iwang X. cannot judge whether this man has been dead for hours
or only for minutes. Anyway, there‘s nothing more to do for him here.
Iwang X. must now withdraw quickly, because sooner or later, they will
miss the woman‘s identity that he has adopted. And they will start to
search for her. The Iranians will then discover that somebody has secretly
intruded in their embassy.

It takes Iwang X. not even two minutes to return to the room, where his
old body is hidden behind the curtains. To carry out the local jump back
into the security of his hideaway in a nearby public park, he needs to
download once more all ID datas between his 'old' body and the one that
he used as disguise. But, as he is just entering a secret code to start the
data exchange between the two bodies, somebody flings open the door
behind him. Iwang X. turns quickly around. From the corners of his eyes
he recognizes that three Chinese agents with laser guns are pushing
through the door! His plan has blown up ...

Iwang X. sees no other solution, and so he rushes instinctively over to the
window. He has no time to open the window, and so he plunges blindly
through the closed window panes. He thinks that the strange sound in his
ears comes from the bursting glass. But it‘s the deadly sound of the laser
gun! (Light doesn‘t make any sound…)Some rays miss him first - but at
least two from the second salvo hit him deadly.

He still recognizes the hard impact of his body on the gravel path that
leads around the embassy. He notices also faintly the loss of his memory
and of his feelings, as his consciousness fades away. Funny, he thinks,
Chinese people should have no business here! Then it becomes suddenly
dark around him. At 18:03:07 WT the ID # '24 Kilo Lima Tango 328-55'
is extinguished from the GloNet data base ...

Manila, Philippine Plaza, February 2019

John T. has been sitting for hours in his hotel room, staring at the display
of his datacube. He has already discovered interesting things using the
datacube for a quick hypersurch on some hidden data highways and in
different datastores. This procedure helps him to reduce his time online
and the chance of being detected by the professionals of the GloNet
surveillance. The cube also helps him to manage and link the incoming
data. A hyper-database offershim any particular facts at his request, with
all modifications that have taken place in a certain time. And hyperlinks
ensure a fast update, as soon as changes occur.

Besides all that, the cube also assists against the feared backtracking. The
cube can't jam these attempts, but it has the ability to find out their origin
with great precision, and it can also carry out an IFF check.

Some information seem to be negligible, or even worthless - at least at
first sight. But as soon as the datacube has found some links, there all of a
sudden appears a puzzle, where - even though some information is still
missing - a specific holographic form takes shape more and more.

And what is going to be presented to John T. in the darkened room
comprises something quite explosive! China could pull the strings, or at
least be somehow involved, with a rather insignificant probability of 52 %
. However, there is a probability of over 80 % that fundamental groups
from Mindanao, in the south of the Philippines, are soon going to start
several assaults. Besides, there is a probability of over 90 % that the attack
on the aircraft over Manila on the 13th of February was also carried out by
these rebellious groups. There's even a likelihood of over 95 %, relating to
connections that these fundamentalists maintain with like-minded people
in the Near East, particularly in Teheran and Bagdad, and also to people in
Sudan, Marseille (France) and especially in Indonesia.

The computer has also found cross references concerning politically
active bureaus in the USA, in Central Europe and also in parts of former
Russia. The computer informs John T. that there's an opportunity to get in
touch with these national bureaus and their circle in the near future,
namely at the annual Aeroshow in Singapore which just opened. Almost
the entire cream of the crop is gathering there at present.

Manila, Philippine Plaza, February 2019

Even though John T. is dead tired, his instinct for hunting has been
aroused. He doesn't want to miss the opportunities in Singapore, and so he
spontaneously decides to book the next flight to Singapore.

He reaches for the videophone and informs the reception that he needs a
boy to carry his baggage, because he would check out in twenty minutes.
Then he contacts the local office of Singpore Airlines. There he books a
place on flight 3805, leaving Manila at 08:15 a.m. local time, flying
directly to Singapore. Besides this, he also requests a room reservation in
the 'Raffles' hotel.

Now he starts packing his belongings. There's just enough time for a brief
shower and to brush his teeth, before the boy is knocking on his door. John
T. is handing over the suitcase and a sports bag. But he prefers to carry his
electronic equipment and his old handbag himself to the elevator.

When he arrives at the express checkout, he's notified that a call from
Singapore Airlines arrived in the meantime. They can't book the room at
'Raffles'. All hotel rooms in Singapore are occupied, due to the Aeroshow.
He should try it again via satellite phone when he's on the airplane.
Usually, some rooms become free to rent in the late morning hours.

John T. takes it easy. His adrenalin level is so high in the meantime that
scarcely anything could snatch him off his euphoric mood! He pays for the
bill without closer examination of the detailed list. Then he asks for a taxi
to the airport.

The boy still waits with the baggage besides the great door of the entrance
hall. As the taxi is driving up the hotel driveway and stops right in front of
the entrance, he loads John T.'s baggage and then he opens the car door for
him. John T. tips him five dollars, and as soon as John T. is seated the taxi
drives off.

Manila, Ninoy Aquino Airport, February 2019

Flight number 3805 of Singapore Airlines takes off at Ninoy Acquino
Airport with John T. aboard. The big city that surrounds Manila bay soon
vanishes in the smog, and the glittering surface of the Chinese Sea comes
into view. The airplane gains height quickly, and everybody is preparing
for a comfortable flight to Singapore.

When John T. arrived at Ninoy Acquino Airport he turned immediately
to the check-in counter. Then he ordered an espresso and a hot dog. Of
course, check-in procedures have been tighted, due to the tragic event a
few days ago. Baggage checks are rigorous and John T. had quite some
problems to get customs clearance with all his high-tech junk. But now,
sitting comfortably in the business class and playing around with the
electronic gadgets around his seat, this doesn't matter anymore. The
airplane arrives at flightlevel 150 and an air hostess is coming to serve
breakfast. Everything down there on the ground seems now somehow
unreal and far, far away ...

John T.‘s thoughts turn to the passengers of the shot down virtual airplane
over Manila, during breakfast. Probably they have also been sitting in their
seats, like him and all his fellow travellers on this flight, when the fatal
rocket hit the virtual plane. - And - reflecting about this shocking event -
John T. gets a bit nervous for a few seconds. Eventually, such a SAM
could be lunched from any small vessel down in the Chinese sea ...

But philosophical thoughts are of not much help in such a situation.
Besides, they've never been the strong point of John T. either. Besides,
once airborne you are entirely left to your fate, come what may. So why
worry about it? His father used to say: "John, when your time has come,
you will be hit, wherever you are, be it in bed, on the stairs or at church!
Therefore, you always have to be ready and you must enjoy to the full
each and every minute of your life!"- Undoubtedly, the ol' man was right.
But whether he had in mind the extreme physical well-being of his son,
like eating, drinking, smoking and girls, seems rather questionable ...

John T. takes the videophone after he has finished breakfast. He dials, via
a satellite connection, the main office of Sinagpore Airlines and asks
whether there are any hotel rooms available in the meantime. In fact, he's
lucky: there is a vacancy at the Marco Polo, a room for two. But since
there are still no single rooms available, he books this double room. He
draws his credit card through the slot at the side of the videophone and his
reservation is confirmed and the debit cleared to his account in realtime.

In spite of 24 million SAMs already sold worldwide, and countless others
stealed or just vanished, the flight is uneventful. However, after
touchdown in Singapore, John T. must recognize that the weather is not as
marvellous as in Manila. It's raining and the temperature is relatively low
at 22° C.

Singapore, Marco Polo, February 2019

John T. is sitting in the lobby of the 'Marco Polo'. He studies the news on
the screen of his pocket computer. A babylonian maze of languages can be
heard all around in the big entrance hall. People from all around the globe
are constantly coming and going. John T. assumes, for the most part they
are here to attend the aeroshow like John T. And although he's personally
very interested in military aviation, there are things going on that fascinate
him at least as much. Namely, the networked realtime air combat
computer simulations are a tidbit for every VR-freak!

And so it comes, that VR freaks have their drinks in the lounge, cheek to
cheek with top managers of all great aviation companies. The one thing
that distinguishes them is their outfit - or you could say, their 'uniform'.
The company people nostly wear pinstriped suits and Gucci shoes and
they don't trust their trousers, because they fasten them with suspenders
and a belt - as opposed to the VR people who sit around in washed-out
jeans and worn-out leather jackets or tight T-shirts, partly covering their
beer bellies.

One of the main subjects of many discussions is (of course) the attack on
the airplane over Manila. And therefore, John T. hopes to find some
answers to his many questions concerning this tragedy - apart from the
undoubtedly worthwhile airshow presentations on the ground and in the
air. So he listens carefully, as soon as the topic of the conversation turns to
the Manila accident. However, he hasn't heard anything new up to now.

John T. checks the time on the clocks over the check-in desk. It's already
almost 8.30 p.m.; still much too early to go to sleep. When a lovely, small
Asian waitress has served at a table in his neighbourhood, he calls her to
order one more drink.

"Yes, Sir?"
"I'd like another softdrink, please!"
"The same, Sir?"
John T. can't remember the name of the drink he had ordered about half
an hour ago: "Yes please! I liked the flavour very much. What was the
name again?"

She has a glance at his glass and then she smiles: "I think you had a
Mango-Delicious, Sir..."

"Yeah, that's it: Mango-Delicious! It's the right name for this delicious

"Thank you, Sir! I'll be back in a minute ..."
She bends over the small table and reaches for the empty glass and the
dish with the poor leftovers of roasted honey peanuts. John T. can catch a
glance into her plunging neckline on this occasion - and the things that he
sees there make his blood instantly boil ...

When the waitress straightens up, he looks quickly into another direction.
While doing so, he notices by chance how two Americans show some
photos to each other. He can't see much from a distance, because his point
of view is not comfortable. Besides, the glossy pictures show too many
reflections in the bright light of the halogen ceiling lamps. Anyway, he can
attain at least a glance on some of the photos. As an expert, he
immediately regonizes the wreck of an airplane. Intuition and suspicion
tell him that the pictures have likely been shot at the crash site in Manila.

Without much reflection he stands up and walks slowly over to the
restroom. By doing so, he inevitably passes by the table, where the two
Americans sit. Happily, some of the pictures are still scattered, among
other things, on the table in front of them. He inobtrusivly gets his
minicamera out of the pocket and lines it up in the direction of the
pictures. When he passes the two gentleman, he presses several times on
the tiny trigger.

At the restroom, behind closed doors, he can't help to catch an eye on the
snapshots. For doing so, he must bring the extremely miniaturised camera
display right in front of his eye. He quickly checks the 42 pictures that
have been digitized by the camera in less than five seconds. Exposure and
focus seem to be correct. How good small details have been recorded,
can't be judged on the tiny display. He must examine the photos later in
the hotel room, where he can zoom deeply in on the holodisplay.

John T. stows away the minicamera in one of the many pockets of his
jacket. Then he flushes the toilet before he leaves the cabinet. In the
anteroom, where he washes his hands, there is a hotel boy passing him
some paper towels. Then he goes back into the lounge. On his way to his
table, he again passes the two Americans,who have meanwhile removed
the pictures. They are now deeply involved in a discussion about pros and
cons of Asian girls ...
The maid has brought his drink in the meantime. She has also refilled the
dish with peanuts and chips. And the table is wiped clean, too. John T. sits
down and expresses his thanks to her the next time that she passes by his
table. He's tempted, to go to his room right now to examine the snapshots.
But he decides to stay a bit longer in the lounge. His streak of luck has to
be continued - he could miss the best, if he left the lounge too early.

Nijni-Novgorod, former USSR, February 2019

It's just a few minutes since the clocks passed the  midnight hour.
Natascha A. is still working in her office. It seems that she would have to
stay there overnight. It's more than three hours now, and still she hasn't
heard anything from Iwang X. That's quite unusual, since he had promised
to send a message right after finishing his mission.

It seems odd to the experienced Russian agent that Iwang's message has
failed to arrive. So she knows well that if there is no news of him in the
next ten minutes, she'd have to come up with something new. Otherwise,
Iwang X. could easily mess up her thoroughly built structure of agents in
South Asia ...

Natascha A. tries for the last time, to get in contact with Iwang X. And
this time she could almost hear the alarm bells ringing: The holodisplay
shows a slightly superimposed ID number for Iwang X. This could be due
to small quantum fluctuations that are triggered by strong bundled
thoughts. But it also looks exactly the same when somebody bungles in
the net with an identity that he doesn't quite mangage to entirely control!
Natascha A. crosschecks this instantly, trying to neutralize the small phase
shift with a compensatory impulse. In case she succeeds it'll be clear that
quantum gravitational effects are behind that phenomenon, otherwise ...
For the time being, she doesn‘t dare to think too much about possible

Since her equipment doesn't comprise the latest rage high-tech gadgets, it
takes some time until the shattering verdict can be seen: It's a fluorescent
phase-shifted ID picture of Iwang X! Things don't look good for Natascha
A.: Obviously, her agent lost his ID to somebody else. It could well be that
Iwang X. is already dead in the GloNet society!

Natascha A. must quickly decide what to do next: Should she further
investigate what happened to Iwang X., even though in doing so she
would take the risk that someone could pick up her trails by means of
backtracking. For a moment she asks herself whether it wouldn't be wiser
to call Inyoman S. now. But in this case, she would take the additional risk
that her second agent on the Indonesian spot could be uncovered.

With help of the computer, she tries to plot the whereabouts of Iwang X.
during the last four hours. Normally, this isn't much of a problem as long
as the tracked person didn't take adequate precautions. And, surely, Iwang
X. has taken the appropriate precautions. But since they are in accordance
to Russian rules, they are not much of an obstacle to Natascha A.
Strangely, she doesn't receive any plots! This implies that somebody has
erased part or all sensible data, belonging to Iwang X. This person must
therefore also have access to secret network tools! But admission to such
tools is only given to the highest departments of politics and top-ranking
military staff ...

This would also imply that these people could easily trace Natscha A.'s
actual activities, in case they are still online! So this could suddenly turn
out to be a damned hot thing! Therefore, she immediately changes the
encrypter to a special code - internally designated Romeo. It's true that the
high-bit key - employed in crunching that code - slows down machine
speed considerably, but it's the only way to rule out the possibility of her
ID being decoded later offline. But since she didn't get a warning from her
ECM computer, it is at least not likely that somebody is tracing her at the
moment ...

It would probably be better if she took a break on this pipe to Iwang X.,
since he can't be helped anymore under these circumstances anyway. He
must be written off entirely, since his true ID is now public!

However, Natascha A. must warn Inyoman S. as fast as possible, in spite
of her reservations, concerning security. She tries once more to call the
Medical Center of the Nusa Inda resort in Bali. Local time in Bali is now
four in the morning. She decides to get directly in contact with the
emergency station of the Medical Center, since this place is on duty
around the clock.

It is important that the people there don't get amazed that a woman from
Russia wants to talk with Inyoman S. in the middle of the night. She has
to get a new and inconspicous identity, first of all. She can access the
mainframe in Minsk with her secret code, searching for a video featuring
Iwang X. After a few seconds she's already offered two different videos
with Iwang X. She screens the short films immediately online. Then she
decides quickly to work with the video which shows an interview with
Iwang X.

Now she can start the morpher. This is a peace of hardware that is
integrated on a specifically built chip. It helps with the time intensive
computations for character animation with lip-sync, face and full body

Natascha A. takes a hologram of herself. Then she works with the
morpher to superimpose her hologram onto Iwang X., who gives his
interview on video. The morpher interpolates the new 3D character,
employing sophisticated and highly optimized algorithms. Iwang X. has
optical priority in this process, but the spoken word and the corresponding
movements of the face have their origin with Natascha A. So the questions
and answers of Natascha A. will be lip-syncronized later in realtime over
Iwang X.'s face.

What's going on here is basically not a new technique. Corresponding
attempts were already undertaken in the 20th century by a married couple
of professors at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and also by some
animation studios in Hollywood. But the hardware implemenation and the
optimization of the algorithms is still part of a technology not yet available
to the masses.

It's already after midnight in Nijni-Novgorod, and therefore it will not
take hours until the computers have finished their number crunching task.
But computational intensive tasks, like this one, still take a lot of time
under most circumstances. Astonishingly, the computers have already
finished their work after ten minutes! Natascha A. heats up a soup in the
microwave oven in the meantime. Then she tries to distract herself with a
holographic chess game against a virtual opponent. It's not easy at all to
not lose track in the multi-dimensional chess-room, particularly since this
is not a game between only two humans or one human and one computer.
No, up to six opponents can play against each other at any time!

Natascha A. has just finished some moves of her newly modified opening
strategy, when an orange light directly above the holographic chess set
indicates that the computers have finished their job. And Natascha A.
simulateneously hears a computer generated male voice. It draws her
attention to the fact that she's granted five priority minutes on the pipe.

Natascha A. is extremely surprised that she got so much valuable
computer time. During daytime she would already have been happy with
one minute! And the connection stands also after less than a minute. The
picture of a man in a white coat is quickly stabilized, after some initial
flicker. It's a man in his forties, slightly gray-haired, with rimless glasses
in a clean shaved, well groomed face.

"Hello, this is Medical Clinic Nusa Inda Resort. What can I do for you?"
"Good morning, I'm Iwang. Could I talk to Inyoman, please?" Natascha
A. feels herself secure and well disguised behind the perfect mask of
Iwang's artificial face and voice.

"Good morning. I fear that I have to disappoint you: Inyoman is not yet
here. His working hours start at eight..."

"This is strange. Last week he told me that he would be on night duty this

"Sorry, but then there must exist a misunderstanding. I'd be very happy,
if you were right, because I could still stay in bed right now! But, would
you like to leave a message for Inyoman? I could tell him, that you've tried
to call him ..."

"No, thank you. I'll leave a message for him on the server. Could you
grant me another thirty seconds to deposit the message?"

"OK, but the computer will automatically disconnect soon. We're not
allowed to be privately busy on these lines - there could always arrive
emergency calls!"

"That's clear. Goodbye - and thank you!"
Natascha A. speaks a short, coded message for Inyoman S. in the mike
and then she ends the session seconds later.

Denpasar, Bali, February 2019

As Inyoman S. turns up in the Clinic shortly after 07:00 a.m. to check his
electronic mail, he receives the server message that he should call Iwang
X. The code is Romeo Alpha - what stands for Red Alert! Because he has
never heard this name, he asks for an audentification. That is an
identification method where sophisticated voice analysis is used. Since the
voice differs at least as much between people as - for example -
fingerprints, this is a very secure means of identification. His name, Iwang
X., could indicate that he's a countryman, but - strange enough - the
number belongs obviously to a secret service server at Minsk. There's
something fishy going on here - that's for sure ...

As soon as the confirmation of authenticity comes in, Inyoman S. dials
the number of Natascha A., alias Iwang X. And he can see the face of
Iwang X.only a few seconds later: "Hello, this is Iwang. You'd surely like
to know why I want to speak with you, right?"

"Hi Iwang, you guessed right! Sorry, but I don't know you, man. What
can I do for you?"

"Can we talk about Romeo Alpha?"
"Sorry, but a the moment this seems not possible", apologizes Inyoman
S. "But I could call you today at noon from my appartment ..."

"No, thank you - this is urgent!" he's interrupted by Iwang X. "I need
your help, concerning a medical problem, and I want to get your neutral

Inyoman S. suggests: "Well, why don't you call me in the car? But I need
at least three minutes until I'm ready!"
"That's a good idea! Thanks Inyoman - see you soon..."
Inyoman S. reports to his boss that he needs a break for fifteen minutes.
Then he leaves the clinic rooms. He jumps down the staircases and arrives
quickly at the underground car park, where the cars are protected from the
sweltering summer heat. Because radio reception is mostly bad down
there, Inyoman S. must drive his car out of the car park on one of the
crowded main streets. He starts the engine, and then he drives the car
carefully on the wide road which leads to the airport. He changes to the
right lane, and there he waits nervously for the signal that indicates an
incoming call. In the meantime he can reflect a little about last evening's
phone call by Natascha A. What could have happened to the Iranian?

His thoughts are suddenly interrupted by a flashing orange light on the
middle console of the dashboard. A synthetic woman's voice asks him at
the same time: "Here's a call for ID Five One Zero Zulu Delta Foxtrott
triple Eight. Would you like to answer?" That must be Iwang X.!

Nijni-Novgorod, former USSR, February 2019

Natascha A. is highly concentrated listening into her headset. After her
conversation with Inyoman S. in Bali she has waited five minutes, until
she repeated her call to Inyoman's car. The connection over the secret
node is unstable, so that the filter has to fade out statics and interference
time and again. This is evident because the typical low humming of the
international lines is interrupted from time to time. Natascha A. is just
about to hang up, when Inyoman's face finally turns up on the display -
slightly noisy and twisted. Natascha A. can see his lips moving, but she
can't hear his voice. And then, suddenly, the pipe is so bad that the sound
isn't coming through anymore.

Even though the connection was excellent just five minutes ago, Natascha
A. doesn't yet become suspicious. She's trying to rebuild a stable carrier
frequenzy with the hyperband alignment, and she succeeds after some
turning and twisting on different knobs.

The connection is stable now again, and Inyoman S. is clearly visible and
audible: "Hello Inyoman! I couldn't hear you before. Was the connection
always good at your place?"

Telling from his face, Inyoman seems quite astonished: "You are joking
Natascha, aren't you? What the hell are you doing on that bloody pipe?"

"No, I'm Iwang X.!" Natascha A. is slightly smiling.
"Damn, I'm really not in the mood for funny jokes like that! Lady, you've
just fooled me! Why are you doing that?"
Natascha A. excuses: "I'm so sorry, But I have important news that are
top-secret. Did you turn on the hacker?"

"Is it because of the Iranian? Do you have news about him?"
"First I'd like to know, whether you have hacked the line!"
"No, but I‘ll turn it on right now ..."
For about a second it is totally quiet in the line, and the picture of
Inyoman S. fades away. Then the connection becomes stable again.

"O.K. Natascha, you can fire away!"
Natascha A. is sure that is doesn't make sense to withhold the existence of
the other secret service member in Denpasar from Inyoman S. Therefore,
she heads straight for her goal, showing Inyoman S. a short video,
featering Iwang X.

"Do you know that men, Ini?"
"No, not that I know of. Should I know him?"
"No, that's perfectly O.K. if you shouldn't know him. But since tonight
we have a problem with him. Perhaps you could help us, solve that
problem ..."

"What kind of problem is it? Please don't make it so thrilling, Natascha!"
Inyoman S. interrupts her, eagerly awating the answer.

"Well, pay attention: You're not the only secret agent in Denpasar.
Iwang X. is also our secret service men - or, better told: he was ..."

"What? There are really some others around? I always expected
something like this, but it's still quite a surprise to me!" Inyoman S. is
breathing hard.

"Come on now! How could I seriously work, when I have only one secret
agent at all our outposts? For example: What should I do, if something's
going to happen to YOU? Or in case that I couldn't get hold of you ...?"

"Me - not withing easy reach? I think you're going nuts ..."
"Well then, lets talk about last night: Where the hell were you last night,
when I needed you so much?"

"That's none of your business! My private life is my own business - or is
it suddenly forbidden to be a private person after work?"

"Okay, but then you're surely going to understand that I have backup
agents! Last night I needed you urgently. I reactivated this person, called
Iwang X., when I couldn't reach you in time. It could well be that you are
only still alive because you went about your excessive love life, once more

"Why the hell? Is this..., this Iwang, is he...?"
"Yeah, I'm sorry - he seems to be another dead GloNet body. 'Fulfilling
his order' is that called. But you don't get a state funeral!"

"Does this have something to do with the Iranian?" Inyoman S. would
like to know.

"Quite a lot - you're a smart boy!"
"Well, is the Iranian also ... I mean, is he..."
"You'd like to know whether he got also killed? - The way it looks:
Yeah! There are strong indications that both are dead. But I'd like you to
check that for me - and send me your report as soon as possible, please!"

"And what do you think that I should do?"
"Somehow you must enter the Iranian embassy, where the Iranian and
Iwang X. were killed. But it's all your problem how you're going to
manage that. - I'm only interested in what's going on in that damned place.
There exists also a threat that the Iranians got hold of informations
concerning my network of agents in South Asia. You see, it's also for your
sake that I know as much as possible of what's going on there!"

"Okay, I'm really eager to to that for you. But tell me - and tell it frankly
- how dangerous is that mission?"

"Bloody dangerous, Inyoman - very risky. I don't want to lull you into a
false sense of security! No illusions here, Inyoman!"

"Well, this is the first time now that it is going to be really dangerous -
and I'm already scared stiff", whispers Inyoman S.

Natascha A. comforts him: "I can tell you even today I still get very
nervous facing a dangerous situation. But it's not as bad as ten years ago,
when I started with this job. Then I was almost constantly on the move
and always overstretched with risky business. Somewhow, I always
managed to come back with some luck, but I couldn't ever get used to that
disgusting feeling, and sometimes I nearly made a mess in my pants ..."
"Thanks, Natascha! Hopefully, I can still do without diapers ... - I'll
report, when I've found something interesting! But now I must go back to
the clinic - otherwise I'll have a lot of troubles. You understand that, won‘t

"Sure, Ini - and all the best. See you soon!"

Denpasar, Bali, February 2019

Inyoman S. drives home as soon as he's off duty towards the evening. He
has already made a plan of action and he's sure that he was careful to take
into account everything that is possible to return safely from his dangerous
job at the Iranian Embassy.

But when he rehearsals his plan on the computer he gets a probability of
only about 60 % that everything will turn out fine. That's definitely not
enough. So he must check everything again for weak points, which takes a
little more than an hour of his precious time. But with the help of his
computer he is finally successful in eliminating most of the weak points.
Only a few troublesome points can't be eliminated. But his chances at the
end of this effort have risen to about 90 %.

Inyoman S. calls his girlfriend. He resorts to a white lie and tells her that
he had to take over the night shift from a workmate. So he would be
unable to drop by this evening.

Denpasar, Bali, February 2019

Inyoman S. arrives shortly before 10 p.m. near the Iranian Embassy. He
has dressed up with an overall from the national telephone company. The
overall fits him well and so he's able to check inconspicuously the
electromagnetic emission fields withing a radius of about 1000 feet around
the building. And he promptly finds the main datapipe to the Embassy
where it branches off the superdataway.

Of course, fiber cables don't transmit telltale magnetic fields. But since -
to simplify matters - the communication lines are mostly combined in the
same conduit with the power supply, this is an easy way for Inyoman S. to
detect them.

He looks for a place where he can set up his equipment and tap the fibre
cables in the shadow of some old trees or - better - covered by bushes.
Fibre cables are comparatively safe agains disturbances from outside. But
fluctuations on the quantum photon level can sometimes be triggered by
PSI phenomenons. Incidentally, the same holds true the other way around:
Thoughts can be influenced by quantum fluctuations from the datapipe.
The sensitiveness of certain people can be trained to detect these
fluctuations. And Inyoman S. has been trained specifically, to use his
brainpower to 'read' data that way. The theory behind the bridge between
the events on the quantum level and what's going on in our brain is too
complicated to deal with here and now. But surely someday somebody is
going to write a book about that ...

Inyoman S. is deeply lost in concentrating on the datastreams that run -
separated only by a plastic tube and scarcely three feet of soil - below him.
He picks up fragments of conversations and other means of
communication. The torrent of data that emerges simultaneously is slowly
joined together in his brain. Inyoman S. is talking softly into the special
headset microphone that sends his words via satellite transmission directly
to his computer at home.

An unusual number of people from China seem to stay at the Embassy.
Besides, the datapipes are really very busy, both into the building and also
outwards. From the snatches that come to his ears, Inyoman S. recognizes
that they are planning a coup. The name of Iwang X. is also frequently
mentioned, and inbetween he hears at least twice the secret GloNet
identitiy of Natascha A. That's bad news!

When he is convinced to have collected enough data, he remotedly starts
his voice analysing machine at home. There are huge amounts of data to
be examined. Although streamlined for a massively parallel exploit of any
data input, even this highly specialized computer needs quite some time
for this task. There are terrabytes of data to be analysed, because Inyoman
S. has simultaneously tapped several lines in parallel. Therefore, Inyoman
S. is not in a hurry to return home. He stops halfway to have a snack at his
favorite bar.

Denpasar, Bali, February 2019

It's shortly after midnight when Inyoman S. returns home. The computer
reports no special events, besides a call from Natascha A. She asks
Inyoman S. to foresee a new encryption code every day, for security
reasons. That way it won't be easy for uninvited 'guests' to follow the
activities of the Russian secret service online. Inyoman S. giggles.
Natascha's caution is for him quite near to a persecution complex ...

But he loses his humour all of a sudden thirty minutes later, when the
computer has finished itscoarse analyses! And, for security reasons,
Inyoman S. makes a printout of the results right afterwards.

Shit - that can't be true! Inyoman is staring spellbound on the holodisplay.
There is a plot with China and Iran involved! However, the Chinese
obviously try to hide behind the scene. Instead, it looks as if only Islamic
fundamentalists are set to work.
But why the hell are the Iranians and their fellow believers playing that
game? They can't win anything that way, but loose a lot. What could the
bankrupt Chinese have offered them that they lend their name to
something ridiculous like this? Particularly, since the Chinese government
runs a totally secular country, which the religious fundamentalists
denounce anyway.

Inyoman S. can't expect to get explanations on these and other questions
at the moment, of course. But from the intercepted fragments of secretly
tapped communications it is evident that tightly coordinated attacks in all
important nations are planned. That way, they should be blackmailed into
further financial support from the Chinese regime. And interestingly, the
computer could also reconstruct that the attack on the airplane over Manila
was only an attempt to see, whether the logistics are working!

Because these news are highly explosive, there is no question for
Inyoman S. to inform Natascha A. immediately.

Nijni-Novgorod, former USSR, February 2019

It's 10:30 p.m local time. Natascha A. has just layed down on her couch in
a corner of the office, because she‘s dead tired. She can't leave the office,
since she is still waiting for a call from Inyoman S. tonight (what about
mobile phones?!). And no sooner has she dozen off, when the computer
notifies her with the sound of a gong that there is a call from Bali. And a
synthetic man's voice asks now: "Would you like to answer?"

Natascha A. says yes, and then - still drowsy - she reaches for the remote
control and turns to the holodisplay. She's shivering with cold, because at
nighttime the heating for the big office building is reduced. She's quickly
placing the quilt around her shoulders and then she pushes some buttons
and switches on the remote control. She's still so drowsy that she forgets
to control the unit by voice navigation. The face of Inyoman S. appears on
the display now: "Hi Natascha, I have quite some news for you!"

"Hello Ini, that sounds thrilling - fire away, man!"
And Inyoman S. tells Natascha A. everything that he discovered during
the last few hours.

Natascha A. is also astonished and a bit shocked as she is confronted with
the results of Inyoman S.'s thorough investigation. But she quickly
recovers and then she would like to know from Inyoman S.what he thinks
about the whole thing. After all, he was the first one to be confronted with
this explosive news, and therefore he has had more time than anybody to
reflect on the new situation.
Inyoman S. replies: "In my view, there is only one plausible explanation,
namely the one that my computer provided: The Chinese seized the
Islamic fundamentalists by offering them access to the H-bomb. In
exchange, the Iranians and their fellows permit them to use their identities
for terrorist attacks, thereby distracting the public opinion from the real

"But what are the Chinese aiming at with their risky action? And why are
they carefully hiding?"

"The computer has given a probability of over 50 % that the Chinese are
in fact bankrupt", answers Inyoman S. "That could have triggered their
actual line of action ..."

"So you're believing too that they can't pay anymore for their immense

"I don't believe anything - but I assume that the computer didn't miss the
point by a large margin." Then he justifies himself: "The fundamentals
seem to speak against that, I know that, Natascha! The Chinese industry is
working to capacity. But, according to the newest trend analysis, the
private budgets are heavily indepted due to the follow-up costs of the last
general strike. So - together with the public liabilites - the burden of
interest is probably too high to be payed in the near future - let alone
payback ..."

Here the line line gets interrupted for a few seconds.
"Can you still hear and see me Ini?" asks Natascha A. "I can see you
again on the holo, Ini..."

"Yeah, I can see and hear you. Everything's okay! What are you thinking
about my speculation?" asks Inyoman S.

Natascha A. answers: "You could ....... stir up...... hornets........... with
what you said, Ini! Shit, what's again wrong with that bloody pipe? Hello?
... Ini, can you hear me? Ini ..."

Now, Natascha A. gets suddenly suspicious. Damn it, somebody must be
eavesdropping! She instinctively controls the decoder's actual code, and
then she realizes that it is the same code as yesterday! She just can't
believe it! Inyoman S. must have forgotten to change the code last night ...

She waits a few seconds to calm down a bit. Then she asks Inyoman S.:
"Ini, can you hear me again?"

"Yeah, the line is clear ..."
"Ini, did you change the code last night?"
There is a deathly silence on the line for some long seconds. She can
clearly hear, how Inyoman S. is breathing hard. Then he stutters:

"I'm s ... s ... sorry Natascha, I thi ... thi ... think I've for ... forgotten that
to ... to ... tot ...totally - you know, I've been under quite some stress ..."

"Inyoman, you're an idiot! Now they've eavesdropped us. Are you aware
what this means? Man, you're such an arsehole... you just messed
everything up, what I've set up in the last few years. Piss off, man - free up
that line!"

And Natascha A. cuts off furiously.

Nijni-Novgorod, former USSR, February 2019

Natascha A. prepars herself for the second long night shift in a row . She
must now try to limit the mess in Bali caused by Inyoman S. It's clear for
her that the Chinese and Iranians have intercepted her conversation with
Inyoman S. This is - of course - a disaster and it could also have a very
negative impact on her career.

Still - not all is lost yet, if she manages quickly through all the safety
precautions that she has often checked during training sessions. Important
access ports and data are protected by multiple redundancy systems and
the encoding is internally automatically changed at irregular intervals.
Alone, the fact that her adversaries managed to tap her call to Bali
indicates clearly that there are professionals at work who are obviously
equal to her organization.

Therefore, she decides reluctantly to ask the headquarter for help. She
knows very well that she shows a partial inability that way. But - in a
situation like this - personal feelings have absolutely no priority.

The headquarter at Kiew is far from pleased about Natascha's report. But
the experts there regognize that the dimensions of the problem have grown
so much that one person alone can't act meaningfully any more.
Particularly, because meanwhile other alarming news from agents all over
the world have come in. Therefore, Natascha A. gets immediate support
from a specialized telecommunications team that consists of people that
are highly specialized on the GloNet.

The activities of that task force last until the early morning hours of that
bitter-cold continental winter day. But by then they know exactly what
kind of informations the enemy got hold of and who could tap the lines
without triggering an alarm by the computers. A quick analysis shows that
the terrorist groups got hold of some important information but on the
other hand, they didn‘t gain access to the big central servers. They could
fool some security checks, but finally they couldn't enter the higher levels.
Every time that they tried to fool the system they automatically imposed a
ban and a subsequent kick out of the local net.

Nevertheless, the advantage of being ahead with actions has melted like
snow in the sun. It will now be much more difficult to spy out further
intentions of the adversary. And the Chinese and Iranians are informed
now that at least the Russians know about some of their plans.

Nijni-Novgorod, former USSR, February 2019

The MOB meets under strict secrecy and tight security measurements,
with Natascha A. as informant. It comes to the conclusion that China and
Iran are planning a coordinated worldwide attack on the GloNet. These
conclusions are bases on some alarming news from all parts over the
world. However, the usefulness of the planned assault is not yet evident to
the MOB. Surely, an attack on the net community also has an effect on life
outside the GloNet. All kinds of possible scenarios have been simulated on
the computers during the last few hours. But except for the ever recurring
theme that China is probably trying to distract from its financial problems
and that the fundamentalists would like to employ the net for a propaganda
campain on their own behalf, nothing really knew was gained.

It will remain a mystery how these states intend to solve their problems
like this, since they just expose themselves unnecessarily in public. And a
common distrust in the computer prognosis prevails, therefore, on the
basis of still missing plausibility.

There's nothing to be said against that, except that computer prognosis
have been constantly better than people's forecasts that were mostly based
on intuition. So there's actually no reason to mistrust the computers this
time, even though their predictions don't make immediate sense to the
human mind ...

Singapore, Lobby of the Marco Polo, February 2019

It's already after midnight, but nothing of significance has happened
meanwhile. John T. feels now the efforts of the last 24 hours: He's dead
tired. He decides to go up to his room. There he could quickly blow up the
photos, before going to bed. The next morning he will try once again to
get access to JNT&T. It could well be that there is new information
available concerning his mission. Namely, he has no idea what he should
concentrate on at the aeroshow that starts at 10:00 a.m. the next morning.
After he has entered his hotel room he opens the hideaway to get his
special high-tech equipment. But now he can't believe his eyes: The
hideaway is empty! The whole equipment has vanished into thin air!

That's just not possible! For a few seconds he questions, whether he has
possibly left the equipment in the hotel foyer or somewhere around the
taxistand at the airport. But then he is absolutely sure that he had this very
important part of his baggage always with him. He can even remember
that he felt a crack in his back when he pushed the heavy aluminium case
under the bed ...

Well then: Who the hell is on his heels? Could it be his client? Or the
Japanese? But it might as well be JNT&T. There is any number of
potential enemies. After all, John T. has never been particularly sensitive
to find ways and means.

But he just can't understand that this has to happen right now, when he
has finally nearly reached one of his goals...

At least - that is his only consolation - he must have already been within
close reach of the solution - so near, that he represents a threat for certain
people. Therefore, he must keep on trying under all circumstances! The
high-tech metropolis Singapore allows him to replace for the most part his
stolen equipment, even though this costs him a packet. But the necessary
relationships are there- they only have to be freshened up. At best, he loses
one day. But he won't imagine the worst case scenario ...

He could ask the floor boy, whether he has seen somebody coming out of
his hotel room. But this wouldn't help much. In case the boy is in league
with the culprit - which is unfortunately often the matter and is partly
understandable due to the low wages - he would of course not say the
truth. And, in case that he really tells the truth, this is not favorable for
him. When a floor boy declares to have seen a stranger entering a guests
room and he did nothing to inform the management about that, he will be
fired immediately. So the boy will carefully weigh how much John T. and
his shitty case is worth, after all...

"John T. mutters: "I might as well just stay in my room and get drunk, so
that I can at least sleep a few hours!"

And so he orders a bottle of exquisite Dom Perignon. After the waiter has
left the room he hangs the panel 'Don‘t disturb!' outside at the door and
then he drinks to himself in front of the mirror.

A few minutes later, three quarters of the bottle are already emptied and
John T. sinks on the bed, still fully dressed. And another few minutes later
there is only a loud snoring indicating his presence ...
Singapore, Marco Polo, room 147, February 2019

John T. wakes up at about 9:30 a.m. with a heavy hangover. He peels of
the sweaty sheet and gropes his way into the bathroom. There he suddenly
touches the minicamera with his right foot.

This incident wakes up his senses immediately and the events of the
evening before come into his mind again: His unique and awefully
expensive equipment has been stolen! Even worse: The thieves have now
automatically access to a few important gates - at least in case that they
manage to break the code. - But sooner or later every code can be broken
with the help of a lot of time or a lot of very fast computers. And when
they manage to tap his data, nobody and nothing can help John T.
anymore ...

John T. looks into his sleepy face in the mirror and murmurs: "Well dear,
you're stuck deep in the shit!"

Now he has to pay dearly, because up to now he managed security of
sensitive data quite carelessly. He hasn't made a backup since more than a
week. Finally there's always something more important on the to do list,
isn't there?

With a sullen face he makes his way to the toilet. After that he could now
turn to breakfast - if only he hadn't that much nausea! He can't even think
of the sweet black coffee or the warm cookies he would normally stuff at
this time. One misfortune seldom comes alone ...

Although he's not feeling well, it might be a good idea to grab his
belongings and ask for the bill. He badly needs to go underground for a
few days - the sooner the better.

He calls the check-out desk and asks them to prepare the bill for him,
since - unfortunately - he must leave immediately. Then he throws his old
clothes into the suitcase. He covers them with a dry bath towel from the
hotel inventory. Then he takes his few personal belongings out of the
wardrobe and places them on top of everything in the suitcase.

He must also look for a place to stay for the next two or three days.
Because he wanted to visit his old friend Daric T. anyway during his stay
in Singapore, he thinks that he might as well call him for help right now.
Of course he can't stay for a long time in the microflat that Daric T.
inhabits with his family. But together they will surely find a nice hotel
room for him soon.

So he calls Daric T. in the Funai Center where he manages a high-tech
business. Daric T. understands immediately. He kindly asks John T. to
drops by his apartment in about half an hour. In the meantime, he will
inform his wife and then he'll close the shop. So he will probably be at
home before John T. arrives there. He asks John T. to bring some famous
Swiss cookies from the baker's shop at the Marco Polo - namely 'Gipfeli',
and perhaps some sweets for the children.

Singapore, Check-out desk of the Marco Polo, February 2019

Before 10 a.m. John T. stands in the row at the check-out desk. He pays
his bill with a credit card. Then it's just a few feet to the baker's shop
around the corner. There he buys the cakes and pastries that Daric T. had
asked for. When he's back in the hotel foyer, he calls a taxi at the bell boy
desk. Then he gives the Pakistanian porter a dollar and asks him to give a
sign, when the taxi arrives. Then he sits down on a chair in the entrance
hall opposite to the piano and thinks about what he can do to make the
best out of this awkward situation.

After a few minutes the porter signals him the arrival of a taxi. John T.
drags his suitcase behind him and walks slowly to the big entry door. The
Pakistanian porter opens the door for him and says goodbye with a kind
smile and an elegant bow and John T. gives him another dollar.

Outside, at the foot of the short staircase already waits an old Indian. His
job is to sort the taxis for the hotel visitors. He takes John T.'s suitcase and
tows it in the already opened trunk. Then he opens the front door for John
T., who gets in. John T. also gives him a dollar, before the car door is
closed behind him.

Singapore, secret place at side street of Orchard Road,
February 2019

John T. gets out of the taxi and is immediately welcomed by Daric T. He
excuses that he has to bother him and his family for a few days. But Daric
T. declares that they are very happy to help John T. He is a long friend of
the family - and friends are always welcome.

The 'normal' apartments in Singapore are mostly very small. Daric T., for
example, lives with his wife and their two children in a flat with only two
rooms. And now John T. also joins! But they will arrange; Asian people
are true masters in this respect.

They take the elevator, because the Daric's live in the 15th floor. The air in
the little elevator cage is stuffy, because there's no air conditioning in the
whole building.When the elevator stops, and John T. opens the door, he
can see four front doors in the dim light of a flickering neon light. They
are arranged around the elevator shaft. One door is ajar and a bright beam
of light comes out of it, right into the dark corridor. A young rascal's face
with a strong Chinese element looks through the cap, but he vanishes
immediately as John T. leaves the elevator cage. In return, another door
opens now from the opposite direction. A small woman appears and
reaches out for John T.

This is Daric's wife Elaine. She was already with Daric when he and John
T. first met in Europe. Peck, peck, peck - and then John T. enters the
multipurpose living room that will now be his home for a few days. But
this respresents not the picture that an average European has from a living
room: Behind the door there is a medium-sized room that leads on the
right side into a narrow corridor, where various apparatus are placed on
the floor. At the end of this short corridor there is the bath with the toilet.
John T. knows this all from a previous visit, when he stayed just over

The entrance leads directly into the combined dining, living and bedroom.
The children sleep on the sofa that can be lengthened for that purpose. A
narrow glass-door leads from this room to a miniature balcony, where
laundry is fluttering in the wind.

The small kitchen is situated directly left at the entrance. Daric took the
door off the hinges, so that the cramping room feeling is at least reduced a
bit. This kitchen reminds John T. of a kitchen on the late Oriental express
train that he visited a long time ago when another acquaintance was
working on that train. The horrible heat that comes out of that kitchen, the
heavy steam inside, the small window to the outside world and the strong
aroma of good spices that pours out of the kitchen, this is all strikingly
similar to the kitchen in the Orient Express of days long ago ...

John T. is disturbed in his nostalgic thoughts, when Elaine invites him to
take a seat. But first he's hands her over the cakes and pastries from the
bakery at the Marco Polo. When she unwraps the sweets for the children
she's apologizes that they're not around. They have gone to school about
half an hour ago and they will not return until 03:00 p.m.

They take a seat at the small round table. John T. asks Eleaine to prepare
him a a mug with her mysterious China tea, instead of the usual coffee,
because he has digestive trouble, due to all the stress of the last days. Then
they have a lot to talk about for the next two hours.

Daric T. offers immediately his asstistance to help in the speedy
replacement of John T.'s equipment. He suggests, to set out before noon,
so as they will be back early in the evening.

When all cookies are consumed and John T. feels much better after some
cups of special tea, the two men set out to the Funai Center. There they
will find everything on John T.'s shopping list - and most probably even a
bit more. The building is well within walking distance, and so they don't
take a taxi. Because they walk quite fast they arrive there in a quarter of an
Singapore, Funai Center, Orchard Road, February 2019

The rooms in Daric T.'s store are almost smaller than at his apartment.
But the few cartons with computer accessories that Daric T. displays in
and behind the showcase are only there to keep up appearances. The 'real
things' are the high-tech gadgets in the rear part of the showroom, which is
divided into two micro-rooms by a curtain.There - between the espresso
machine, the three picturephones and the two big holodisplays for
monitoring the entrance and the tiny sales space - are all the nice things.
And they are the reason that sometimes people from all over the world are
queueing up in front of Daric's store.

Right now, there is only a young man in the shop. He is busy in the rear
part of the room. John T. is already wondering what's going on there,
when Daric T. introduces him with a few words. The other man is
obviously his partner, with whom he already works for more than half a
year. Because the gadgets that are sold by Daric T. are quite expensive for
the most part, he needed an investor, who could help him out with the
necessary capital stock. It turns up in the following short conversation that
Daric T. didn't have to search for a long time, because the net yield is
extremly high. 300 % are practical without great risks! But above that
margin the risk is growing exponentially. It can - for example - easily
happen, that the authorities at the customs or the state police are going to
confiscate commodities that Daric T. has already payed for, because they
fall under certain import or sales restrictions. This - of course - sometimes
brings extremely high write-offs. But if there is a partner with assets
behind you and - what's even more important - with a big sphere of
political influence - you can sleep peacefully. And so does Daric T.!

John T. starts immediately his hunt for some 'trifle things', and after a few
minutes he has already compiled accessories that are at least as high-
graded as the things that got stolen. With a relaxed and happy face he sips
a coffee and watches Daric T., who is calmly dictating the prices and the
special discounts for John T.'s new equipment into his PDA.

The calculation is presented to John T. two minutes later. He sighs: "Oh,
Daric! You know, that's going to ruin me! I haven't yet seen any money
from my clients and if things go on like this, I probably won't ever get
some ..."

Daric T. is smiles mysteriously - typically Asian. He checks carefully
John T.'s omnium gatherum piece after piece, and then he calls a colleague
in Chinatown. John T. can't understand in detail what they negotiate about.
But from Daric T.'s gestures and reactions follows that he's in search of
equivalent, but cheaper products.

Daric T. can inform John T. after some debating that he has just
negotiated for replacement products with a discount of 50 %! He
guarantees that these products have only about 10 % write-off in
maximum output, compared to the gadgets that John T. had chosen a few
minutes ago.

"Well, that sounds much better - the deal is perfect! Gimme' five!"
replies John T. spontaneously. "But when can they deliver?"

"The articles will be delivered still today", declares Daric T. "I suggest,
you're now going to the aeroshow. I'll have you paged under the name of
'Mr. John' as soon as your gadgets have arrived."

John T. agrees. He is obviously very happy and expresses his thanks to
Daric T. and his partner. Then he sets off to the next taxi stand.

Singapore, Shanghi Airport, Aeroshow, February 2019

John T. strolls around the static display and also between the chalets of
different exhibitors. He has not much of an idea, what he should exactly
look for. And he knows none of the many well dressed gentleman, who
would like to make their aircraft palatable to potential customers in the
small wooden houses. But with his miniature point microphone he records
all conversation in his vicinity. After all, it could well be that the computer
finds the thread running through the story from certain snatches! And he
makes some secret photos, too.

After a while he thinks that he has seen enough and he marvels at some
flight shows of the newest jet fighters. The visitors can see the head-up-
display of the show fighters during their performance on big screens,
while the pilots comment their daring demonstration flight.

Low-pressure areas are building up over the wing roots, the leading edge
extensions and at their outer edge in the humid tropical air. That's where
the turbulent air condenses and gets visible in the form of vortex, as soon
as the fighters build up some Gs. This is very impressive to observe and
even more revealing to experts. Position and size of the vortex let them
draw conclusions about the aerodynamic design of the fighter. And the
better the design, the more impressive the performance of the plane ...

In the meantime it already becomes late afternoon. John T. doesn't feel
too well anymore. First of all, he hasn't had something to eat for hours.
Secondly, still nothing extraordinary has happend. Thirdly, he starts to
worry whether Daric T. would really manage to put all his things together,
since he hasn't heard anything from him up to now.

So he decides to go the round for the last time. Afterwards he would call
Daric T. But then he hears the name 'Mr. John' roaring from the
loudspeakers in his vicinity. He goes immediately to the next information
desk. There a kind lady asks him for his identification papers. Then she
informs him that he should urgently call a 'Mr. Derrick' in Hamburg,
For John T. it's obvious that this 'Mr. Derrick' is a synonym for Daric T.!
His friend is truly clever, since he has also chosen a roundabout way over
a knot in Hamburg, so that his trail is not so easy to follow for an

John T. immediately calls Daric T. This devil of a fellow has in fact made
it! He has procured all the electonic gadgets that would even honor a
secret service.

John T. doesn't waste time and immediately takes the subway. On the way
to the Funai Center it occurs to him that he would also need a robust
alluminum case. He gets out near the 'Raffles' and walks down Orchard
Road, until he passes by a shop, where there are aluminium cases for

John T arrives at the Funai Center well equipped with his new case after
only a few more minutes. Daric T. is already impatiently waiting for him.
Of course, he's very proud that he managed to get hold of all the things
that John T. had on his list of presents. John T. knows well that he is
obliged to a special gratitude to his friend, and he's inviting him for a
coffee break into the Marco Polo. There he pampers him with all the Swiss
specialities that Daric T. can polish off in about half an hour.

John T. returns to Daric T.'s appartment after the coffee break. There hr
checks the pictures he made at the airshow. Besides, he would also like to
have analyzed the recorded conversations.

Singapore, secret place at a side street of Orchard Road,
February 2019

Although it has been getting dark outside in the meantime, a lot of light
comes from the neon lights and other nocturnal lighting systems through
the curtains. John T. can easily work with his equipment without turning
on the light. But he doesn't do without the additional illumination. It
simplifies the work with the miniaturized precision instruments. Besides,
digital films don't need any darkroom.

John T. starts the voiceanalyser. And - over the small touchscreen - he
feeds in the subject area and the search range that he is specifically
interested in. From now on he must not take care of the voiceanalyser any
more. This fantastic device will be independently busy for hours,
searching through gigabytes of raw data!

John T. can have dinner now with Daric's family. After dinner he plays a
few rounds with the children on the VR set. And then - some time between
10 and 11 p.m. - he goes to sleep, after saying good night to Daric T. and
his wife. The familiar humming noise from all the electrical appliances
around him soon lulls him to sleep ...

                                 End of Part II

    "Attack on the GloNet"

                                 Part III

Singapore, secret place at side street of Orchard Road,
February 2019

John T. can't sleep long. The analyzer wakes him up with an obtrusive
bleep short before six a.m., indicating that the voice data is evaluated. He
tiptoes into the kitchen, so that he wouldn't wake up the others, who are
still blissfully sleeping. After make coffee and then he checks the results
of the nocturnal search for the next finfty minutes. Unfortunately he doen't
come across new results, with the exception that the word 'China' is
mentioned over and over in a lot of different contexts. But Chinas'
problems and reputation, concerning his international obligations, are
well-known and nothing new. And the late threats towards the West on the
whole, and specifically towards the direct neighbors, can't frighten
anybody anymore as well.

He stopps his search for a while to have breakfast with Daric T.'s familiy.
Then he sets out for the aeroshow before 9 a.m. Although he doesn't
expect much after running on the spot yesterday, he doesn't want to miss
the chance to possibly gather some relevant information, finally.

Arriving at the airfield, he immediately has a drink in a bar near the main
runway. There he studies some brochures that somebody left on the
counter. He is interrupted by an announcement in the special airoshow
broadcast that comes from two small speakers in the background:
"Volunteers, risk your GloNet ID and enrol at the Northrop chalet for a
networked simulator flight! There will be real fighter pilots of the USAF
and Navy flying in the simulation. They are connected over GloNet with
the simulator here in Singapore ..."
John T. doesn't listen to the rest of the broadcast. He gathers up his few
belongings an then he leaves the bar, heading for the Northrop chalet. He
is fascinated by the chance to fly against real fighter jockeys of the USAF.
So he walks straight over to the Northrop booth. But there he can see
already at least twenty people standing in a queue ...

John T. doesn't want to waste his time until noon with waiting. Sure - a
flight in the simulator would have been the climax of his stay in
Singapore, but then he is not here for fun: His clients want to see results -
in fact they want them subito! So he turns slowly around to go back to the
bar, where he can wait in the airconditioned room, until the next show
flights will be announced.

But then somebody of the Nothrop folks takes obviously notice of him:
"Sir, would you like to join volunteerly the flight staff for a simulated
flight?" he calls him.

John T. isn't sure, whether he calls him or sombedoy else. But he turns
around, trying to find the person that was calling.With a glance he checks
the folks at the Northrop booth. And then he sees a man, dressed in an
elegant double breasted suit, in one of the windows. He is obviously
waving at John T.! John T. hesitates an instant, then he points his
forefinger at his chest and shows an inquiring expression. The nice
gentleman nods heavily and asks him to come over.

So John T. plucks up his courage and walks straigt over there to the open
window: "Good morning, Sir, you mean I could fly one of the jets right

"Good    morning Sir, I'm Sam Chimes. Yeah, these people here are
waiting to see the demoflights on the big screen. They don't want to fly.
But - be aware - in case that you get shot down, you risk to loose your
GloNet ID!"

"Oh well, that's no problem, I'm with you!" John T. climbs without much
fuss right over the low window sill and enters the chalet ... There he
shakes hands with Sam Chimes, who introduces as a Northrop
salesmanager. Then he escorts John T. right away over to the fighterdom,
where he exclaims John T. the most important displays on the instrument
panel and the elementary rules of formation flight.

John T. makes now himself comfortable in the tight 'hot seat'. He enters
his GloNet ID on the alpha-numerical holodisplay below the HUD. The he
repeats the short emergency checklist over and over. Chimes makes John
T.'s simulator ready in the meanwhile. After a few minutes there comes
the long-awaited announcement: "All systems checked - ready to go!"
John T.'s fighter stands now on the deck of an aircraft carrier, just outside
of Singpore harbour. Chimes explains John T. that it will take again a
view seconds to update all data, including artificial sound and radio
communications with the carrier's tower and with the other fighter pilots.
He closes the cockpit carefully after he has checked on more time whether
John T. is tightly fastened to the Martin Backer Zero-Zero seat and
whether the oxygen mask and the heavy helmet with the helmsight few fit

John T. doesn't bother to wait a bit more, since he's totally fascinated by
what's already going on: The holographic displays in front of him
fluoresce in the darkened cockpit and he can hear the faint humming of
some electrical activators in 'his' plane. Other sounds that he can
distinguish from all the unusual noise around, come comes from the
aircondition apertures in the tight cockpit, the steady flow of oxygen in the
mask and his own heavy breathing.

Chimes signals John T. that communications with the carrier's simulation
environment have been established. And then - all of a sudden - all hell
has broken loose! The cockpit is filled with infernal noice from screaming
jet enginges, the rolling thunder of planes that start and land on the small
carrier deck and the hissing of the steam catapults. Despite of all that noise
around, John T. tries to prevent an information overload by all the
instruments and screen displays around him. But he succeeds only partly

When he eventually risks a look out of the cockpit for a view seconds, he
detects to his right the carrier's tower with lots of turning antenna. The
CAT is located right in front of him. It will soon accelerate him in less
than three seconds to 180 knots ... Steam rises from the guidance rail of
the tractor hook. And there's a blazing sun rising from the sea, where the
short runway ends abruptly at the edge of the carrierdeck. A terrific view!
He has always imagined it would be just like this!

A shrill sound from a siren, accompanied by a sonorous women's voice,
is warning: "Attention! Fire in left engine!" That awakes John T. all of a
sudden from his dreams. Obviously, Sam Chimes would now like to
demonstrate the different warning systems. And John T. is ever more
impressed by the amount of informations that befalls a fighter jockey ...

Chimes asks John T. now: "Hey, are you ready for the flight?" He tells
him also that he shouldn't worry ,because he would escort him all the way,
feeding him with tips and tricks!

John T. shows 'thumbs up' - and the show is just about to begin! There's
still some interference in John T.'s helmet, but then he can suddenly hear a
mess of excited voices from other pilots. He would like to ask Chimes,
whether this was a jamming, but at that very moment the officer on duty
on the carrier is already informing him: "Formations Tango and Foxtrott
are engaged in a fight with six bogeys. Your wingman is downed with
engine failure. It's your turn to come for rescue now! Your callsign is
Cheetah 1. Comprende?"
John T. answers promptly and way cool: "Tower from Cheetah 1. Flying
alone for rescue of Tango and Foxtrott. Gimme that vector, please!".

"Cheetah 1 from tower - your vector is Two Four Zero, distance Nine
Zero miles, altitude 5000 feet, heading One Five Five, speed 400 knots!"

Now John T. can hear Chimes' voice, who advices him to set up the radar
in Track While Scan modus. John T. sets up the radar to TWS mode and
he sees immedately the well-known symbols on the actual situation
display lighten up.

Chimes asks him now, whether he would like to manually roll over to the
catapult or whether he could place him at the starting lane right in front of
the big deflector shield. John T. chooses the latter, because he didn't check
the steering with the footpedals. It seems too risky to him, to have his first
plane-driving-lesson on that crowded carrier deck. He gives his approval
of the latter to Chimes, and his plane stands right away at the tip of the
cat-strip! The runway in front of him is now enveloped in clouds of steam.

There goes a trembling through that big figher plane, when the frontwheel
gear connects to the cat-drawer. The cat-officer instructs John T. over
intercom to bring up the engines from idle to 68 % power. The roaring
behind John T. increases immediately tenth of dezibels. The whole fighter
plane is trembling now from the mighty thrust of the two big GE ramjet

When the deck-officer has signaled his OK, and after the cat-officer has
checked all his instruments, Chimes instructs John T. to bring the engines
slowly up to full military power, that is 100 %.

The jet starts roaring and shaking. That beast of prey wants to dash of!
But the time has not yet come. The steam engine has still to build up the
necessary pressure to accelerate the heavy jet to rotation speed. But then
the voice of the cat-officer is coming through the roaring and screeching:
"Full burners!"

This is the sign to push the thrust levers beyond the noticeable resistance
at the 100 % mark. It's only a few inches, but by doing so, he starts an
inferno! The jet bags at the front wheel and John T. feels like on a wild
horse that rears and tries to throw the rider. Then he gets a terrible kick in
the back and the runway is pulled away under the plane. John T. fears to
be sqeezed off the back of the airplane, any moment, and he clinges
desperately to the joystick to his right, just to hold something ...

John T. is barely aware of the new situation, when he already makes out
the rolling waves of the stormy sea under him. But - strange thing - the
surface of the sea is vanishing instantly... That shouldn't be! Something
has definitely gone wrong! And now he already hears the worried voice of
Chimes: "Let the stick go, man! Let it go!"
Only  now he realizes that he's still gripping the joystick, like being
drowned. By doing so, he guides the jet with full power into a looping!

"Merde!    I'm just a bit of giant's shit!" John T. is loudly cursing to
himself. And then he let go the stick.

"O.K.", gasps Chimes, "try to level out, pushing slightly - and I mean
SLIGHTLY - the stick forward!"

John T. obeys the order - he pushes the joystick slightly forward and now
he can make out on the HUD how the crossbars of the AOA indexer are
slowly wandering across the screen. Simultaneously his stomach is pulled
up through his throat, and he has a nasty feeling that he has to throw up
the cockpit any moment ...

But then he's lucky, in that the 10° mark finally appears, and soon after
the thick cross bar for the horizon. The roaring jet is really obeying him
implicitly. That's hot, that's just terrific - it turns you on, man!

John T. stammers: "Level..." But he can't finish the sentence, as he gets
once more remainded from the kind woman's voice of another "Retract the
gear, retract the gear!"

Shit, if this goes on like that, you can't ever enjoy the flight! John T. looks
for the corresponding knob and pushes it down. Then he observes on the
left display, how three red points light up under the airplane symbole.
There you are - we've done it!

But now Chimes reminds him that he should pull the thrust lever back to
military power and that his heading is 'a bit' off the given vector. Besides,
John T. notices after a quick glance in the HUD that he has already
overshot flightlevel 50 ...

So he pushes the stick a bit - and immediately his stomach gets stuck up
his throath! But, regardless of the strain, he pulls the thrust lever a fiew
clicks back, controlling the speed of about 500 knots, increasing. What?
Why? Oh well, this bird is now sinking, of course ...

Where the hell is the speedbrake? Finally he finds the lever and he pulls
just a bit on it. His brain is immediately stuck to his forehead and his
stomach presses brutally on his ribs. Even without reading the new speed
of about 400 knots, John T. would have known that this maneuver was
successful, at least!

Now     he must get the jet on interception course. Because of all the
maneuvers in the last two minutes, he has already drifted far from the
carrier heading of 240. Luckily, he finds the actual interception vector in
the headdown display. It has the form of an oblique orange-glowing line
that is aiming directly to a formation of approximately ten objects. He can
read the heading at the tip of the line, it shows 277.

Chimes - who has observed John T.'s diverse actions from the control
room with mixed feelings - is now remainding John T. that this jet obeyes
to his commands implicitly. John T. has totally disregarded this
marvellous possibility of easing the workload, because of pure excitement!

After a glance at the interseption course he speaks slowly and cleary:
"New heading, two seven niner". Then he pushes onto the big AUTO
symbol on the touchscreen. From now the autopilot that takes care that
there is no more deviation from the interception heading.

A female computervoice can now be heard through all the noise in the
crowded cockpit: "New heading is two seven niner. Autopilot engaged."

Chimes suggests to John T. that he should simply aim with a finger on
any given target on the screens, until it starts flashing. The autopilot will
then automatically accept it as the new target and correct the interception
course appropriately. But this isn't much of a help to John T., actually. He
can't even manage to work out a plan of action, because he's always so
busy in the cockpit ... But it's high time to do that now, because the officer
in the tower reminds him that he's on an interception mission, and that the
bogeys are within 15 miles now.

John T. touches the symbol for the IFF flag on the right touchscreen. The
main display shows friendly, unidentified and hostile objects from now on
alltogether, but distinguished with special color codes. Friendly objects are
green, the enemy is - of course - read, and all other objects are white.
Besides, each objects has a yellow sticker that reads from top to bottom:
Type of aircraft, speed, height, activ radar and infrared scanners. The
actual heading of the objects on screen is indicated with small extended
lines on the stylized airplane. However, John T. can also analyze the
diverse flight maneuvers by means of a holographic representation on

John T. decides to wait until the nearest enemy jet is within 5 miles. Then
he will climb in the direction of the sun and place himself with a looping
directly behind the fastly approaching enemy pack. There he has -
hopefully - the time to take aim at the bogeys with his infrared missiles.

But before he will try to hit a bogey head on with a AAA missile. He
switches his radar with voice control to ACM mode. The nav attack
computer tracks automatically the most dangerous object within range in
this mode. And the autopilot takes imultaneously over, in case that the
plane is still manually controlled. The AP and the flight computers know
best the dangerous limits of the flight envelope and together they take care
that the fighter makes the best out of his capabilities.

When a red object in the approaching pack starts flashing, it's time for
John T. to select the AAA missile, by tipping on the corresponding symbol
below the stylized wing. The letters RNG start flashing in the HUD. This
shows him that the enemy plane is within range of the chosen missile
envelope. An distinct growling tells him two seconds later that the missile
has a lock-on. And the word SHOOT starts to flash in the HUD
simultaneously. John T. needs only pull the trigger on the joystick now ...

He would like to follow the smoketrail of the rocket to check, whether the
target was hit. But then an alarming sound in the cockpit warns John T.
that an enemy missile has a lock-on to his fighter! So it's about time to
begin evasive actions. - John T. tries to bring the plane into the vertical, by
pulling heavily on the stick. The fighter jet is responding withing split
seconds. John T. 'enjoys' a feeling, as if his head was squeezed between
his shoulder with a hammer. His stomach is pressed on the guts, and they -
in correspondence - squeeze on the bladder. If this lasts only a few more
seconds, some nasty things will evacuate automatically, to let off pressure

The world around John T. turn into a small corridor, who's edges are
rapidly getting blurred and darkened. White clouds are building up at the
edges of the wings from the extreme low pressure. These clouds spin
behin the jet within big vortex turbulances. The well-known female voice
reports: "Seven G's - seven point five G's - Eight G... - automatic takes

John T. feels immediately a lot better. Once again, this wife has saved his
life! He would really like to meet her, when he's back from this mission ...
Now the automatic G limiter is switched on and the radius of the loop is
enlarged appropriately. John T. can pull joystick to the limit now, without
the danger that he might destroy the jet or his intestines with excessive G-

The    nerve-racking sound of the missile alarm has ceased, at last!
Apparently, the brutal pulling up maneuver right into the sun's direction
has confused the infrared based pointer in the enemy's rocket's head. John
T. risks now a glance at the SAD, where he can see that the marked enemy
fighter explodes in a symbolic cloud of fire and smoke. John T. smiles
pleased: My missile has hit! -

That's his first flight - and already the first hit! Not bad... But John T.
won't have much time, until another enemy locks on again. So there's no
time now for celebrations! It is necessary, to pull out the jet that has
already reached the ceiling point of the looping at 9000 feet in the
meantime. And then he must hunt the enemy planes again. As such, John
T. is sufficiently busy with maneuvering, particularly since the speed is
increasing again with alarming rates! A warning sign lights up on the left
display, simultaneously. It seems that the ECM computer has spotted
another dangerous approach of an enemy plane ...

John T. tries to get some more information with another short glance at
the SAD. If he interprets the data there correctly, it seems that an enemy
pilot is trying to place itself behind him with an Immelmann maneuver.
This can be dangerous, particularly since John T. has no wingman to cover
his six o'clock!

But since the enemy is apparently not ready for a lock-on with his
infrared missiles, it seems that John T. remains some time to stabilize his
plane and then aim another enemy fighter. The flight computer has already
identified a promising target at 2 o'clock, and John T. tries a lock-on with
a Cobra missile.

But    at that moment he hears that horrible sound of the radar warner
again! Now he must quickly come to a decision, whether he should
continue the pursuit of the targeted enemy fighter that is now located
slightly to his right and within shooting range, or if it would be better to
break off and taking evasive action. The ECM computer tells him that the
first radar guided missile is already riding up the hot exhaust trail of his
fighter plane. Therefore it starts dropping burning magnesium balls
automatically. These balls should confuse the sensible heatseeking head of
the incoming missile, so that it can't follow anymore the hot exhaus fumes
of his engines.

John T. decides to give up the pursuit, when a computer generated female
voice urges him to start immediately evasive action. He rolls the jet on his
back and pushes the plane hardly downward after he has checked the
altitude in the HUD. He's in a nearly vertical nose dive with Mach 0.8
now. That helps the plane to gain speed without the use of the hot
afterburners! When he's about 2000 feet AGL he rolls the fighter jet
another 180° and then he pulls the stick back to the limiter. Once again,
his stomach is kissing his bladder, but this time only for a few split
seconds. Then the jet is stabilized in level flight, and John T. can initiate a
brutal evasive action to the right side. Simultaneously, the flight computer
tells him that it is jamming the radar of the incoming missile.

And it helps - it really helps! The alarm stops, the enemy missile has lost
him. But in the meantime he is already in dangerous vicinity of Singapore.
A bit on the right hand side he can already locate the docks. The speed has
fastly dropped to Mach 0.5 after the last maneuvers. A quick glance on the
fuel indicator shows that he has just enough fuel for another ten minutes
until BINGO, at cruise speed. Now that he would like to resume the
pursuit of the enemy planes, he has to pay heavily for his early fault, when
he has been much too long in full burners, after the catapult start from the
aircraft carrier. Unfortunately, he's already much too low on fuel for a
prolonged active intervention.

John T. asks the flight computer for a vector to waypoint Zero, that is the
carrier. Then he increases the thrust a bit to bring the fighter in a tight turn
in the desired direction. At the same time he orders the radar computer to
switch to Range While Scan modus. The radar range is now set to 50
miles and the azimuth 60°.
While he is checking the RWS update on the main display, he hears a
mayday call from the carrier. It seems that the big ship has been hit by two
cruise missiles. Any traffic on the carrier deck is immediately forbidden.
That means no starts and no landings for now ... Shit!

John   T. asks the flight computer: "Where is the nearest plane for air

A few seconds later the computer answers with his typical voice: "Over
the Chinese Sea. About 60 miles."

Now comes a message from the carrier. Carrier tower orders all airborne
jets with Zero homebase to change heading on the nearest military or
public airport at BINGO. Of course, that referrs also to John T.! He has
about 10 minutes now to get a landing permission on an airport around
Singapore. Since he can ignore the tower frequencies from the smaller
airfields, because their runways are too short for his jet, he decides to
concentrate on Changi airport. He asks Chimes to give him the
corresponding approach frequency. Then he switches the second COM
radio to that frequency and asks the tower for a landing permession and a
vector for touchdown. The civile He can't use the civil ILS, because it is
not compatible with the TACAN instrumentation of his fighter aircraft.
And because of the misty weather conditions and his missing flight routine
it is not adviceable for him, to land in this unknown environment, without
constant help from the tower.

When he turns the Jet to the given vector, he suddenly notices on the
upper edge of the main display a lot of white aircraft symbols that are
slowly flashing. Since the signals flash at the upper edge of the display
that would mean that the unidentified objects come from North and still
have a distance of about 50 miles. Since John T. can't imagine that these
are all civilian airliners, he asks Changhi tower, what this could mean.

Changhi answers that they just obtained a message from early warning
systems and from airliners in that area that at least ten combat bombers are
flying a southern heading, without identifying themselves. They are
supposed to have taken off in China. He hears the cracking voice from the
tower controller: "This is serious, man, no smoke!"

John T. asks Chimes whether this was really not a gag from the
simulation combat command center. But Chimes is just as nervous as all
the others. He can't explain, how someone mangaged to enter the closed
system. He requests John T., to not disturb him with further question in the
next few minutes, since this will have bloody consequencies for him, if he
can't manage the situation promptly.

"Bloody hell, it's true that yoo stick in deep shit, man - but I'm drowned
in it!"curses John T. He tries to keep in touch with Changhi tower
approach conrol, but he can hear only a mess of voices, talking
simultaneously on that frequency.

What should he do now? He has still six air-to-air missiles,1500 rounds
of ammunitions, two laser-guided air-to-ground missiles and two anti-
radiation missiles. If he's lucky, he has enough fuel to stay airborne for
another 15 minutes, at best. Then he must leave the fighter with the 'hot

He could desperately try to stop the incoming bombers. Hopefully, he's
not the only one in the air, chasing them. But this would mean, that he
deliberately abandons the fighter, when he's finally out of fuel ...

SAT shows him the situation with ten white arrows, that crawl slowly
over the display like a fish school. The distance is now less than 40 miles.
Some other objects that are nearer to John T.'s location have meanwhile
been identified as civilian airliners by the computer, since it received
corresponding codes from ground control and from the airliners.

John T. decides to ask Changhi tower for the military frequencies of the
Singapore Air Force's interceptors that - hopefully - will be airborne any
time. So they could coordinate further actions. But, then again, h doesn't
manage to come through. All airliners in that region are busy on this
frequency, asking for immediate landing permission.

But now, there's at least the voice of Chimes in John T.'s headphones! It
is like telepathy, because he tells John T. to switch his radio on 149.66,
where he could hear the radio communications of the SAF. The situation
is apparently very serious! All nations within a radius of 500 miles have
denied to have so many bombers in the air - China too! Besides, it appears
from satellite photos that a gang of bombers is also on its way in the
direction of former Russia and also Japan. And ome military planes have
just taken off in Nepal, heading for India and/or Pakistan.

Chimes recommends John T. to swith off the radar and to fly as low as
possible with the use of the terrain following computer. Besides, before
long he was expecting instructions from the pacific task force of the
NATO and also from SAF.

Chimes has only just switched off, when the NATO task force reports:
"Cheetah 1, when low on fuel, turn vector Two Zero for tanker, Two Five
Miles, Altidute 2000, your frequency is 139.33!"

John T. answers: "From Cheetah 1, Roger. Vector Two Zero , Two Five
Miles, Flightlevel Two Zero, frequency 139.33!"

"That's correct ...any problems up there?"
"Tell the guy at the pitstop to take special care of me. I havn't done this
"Don't worry! When entering the 5 miles area around the tanker, just
switch to center frequency 123.45. You'll be guided by soundwaves ...
sorry, man, I've to free the line. Long live uncle Sam!"

Now John T. is again on his own. He turns the jet to the right vector for
the tanker plane. - And there is already a green flashing arrow - the
symbol for the tanker!

John T. has heard about the new approach procedure, based on surround
sound. The nearer you are the target, the louder the sound in the helmet.
Besides, the sound is moving from one side to the other and also up and
down and even backwards and forewards, when there is a deviation from
the designated track. All pilots that have made experiences with the new
procedure are crazy about. So let's have a look!

John T. switches the radar off. He puts his forefinger slightly on the green
tanker symbol on the righthanded wide-angle holodisplay. The symbol
starts to flash slowly and the autopilot knows that this is the new target for
the jet. The fighter climbs through flightlevel 23 up to FL 25 and then it
turns into the final approach on the tanker. The tanker symbol flashes a lot
faster now, indicating that the distance is under 20 miles now. Therefore,
it is time now to switch to the special tanker frequency, which is 123.45.
The radio transmitter on board of the big tanker plane send a special
'zoom-in' sound on that frequency. John T. can hear this guidance sound in
his headset immediately after the computer has dialed 123.45. It comes
slightly from the right and below the center. John T. rides the fighter right
down the sound signals, until the distance to the tanker is short of 3 miles.
The drain tube is now automatically extending. The automated lock-on
device of the tanker feeds the flight computer of the fighter plane
simulaneously over a special link with the appropriate speed and height
for the an autopilot-approach. The flight computer is responding
immediately after data transmission, calculating the best approach speed
on the basis of the actual conditions. Thus, John T. must only concentrate
on the oscillating fuel probe that hangs in the relatively calm air behind
and under the body of the big tanker plane.

Air refueling must work the first time today, because the fast approaching
enemy bomber fleet leaves not enough time for a second attempt. - And
it's working first time! It takes not even two minutes, before John T.
reports full tanks. After a final 'thank you' to the tanker crew, he switches
the autopilot off and turns into a tight bend with 90° of bank, so that he
can quickly separate from the tanker. Then he banks the jet another 90° on
the back and pulls it elegantly into a steep dive to gain speed. Four SAF-
jets are already eagerly waiting for a pit stop at the tanker a few miles
behind ...

John T. takes his fighter out of the dive, when he reads about 500 knots on
the spead tape. He pulls shortly 7 Gs and Mr. Gimes hears him moaning
and groaning under heavy pressure. When he has stabilized the plane in
level flight at 500 feet AGL, he engages the autopilot in terrain following
mode. Then he scans the radio frequencies of the SAF. Finally, he gives
the new heading and the desired height of 300 feet AGL into the flight
computer. Now, that the autopilot has taken over, John T. has the scarce
chance to enjoy a computer controlled flight with over 500 knots at 300
feet AGL!

But then the commander of the first wing of the SAF can be heard on the
common fleet frequency: "US Navy Cheetah 1, from SAF leader. What
are your intentions?"

At last! They took quite some time... John T. doesn't hesitate with his
answer: "Cheetah 1, for SAF Leader. Sneaking in at low level. Have
AAAs, ARs and AGs. Any suggestions?"

The SAF wing commander gives John T. the advise, to attack the enemy
fighter at 3 o'clock with his air-to-air missiles. That would open the way
right into the center of the bomber formation for his wing. Then he should
switch to the Ars: "Try to put the radar guidance plane of the enemy out of
action! Then you have a free choice, in case that you have still enough fuel

John T. hears him slightly laughing, before the commander switches the
communication of. Shortly after, they receive a message from SAF
command center that there's an empty and useless old tanker in the air.
This plane can be operated by remote control from the wing commander's
jet. The great airliner could camouflage the radar contours of the much
smaller jets, when flying in close formation, thus fooling the aggressors!

The   wing commander has a message for John T.: " Sorry, but Ican't
detach a wingman for you! There were simply not enough pilots available
for an emergency start ..."

As soon as John T. is able to visually identify the SAF formation in the
sky, he receives the secret radio frequency of the ground radar guidance
that coordinates the attack on the aggressors. Ground control will guide
John T. and the other defenders from now on with vectors to their targets.
John T. takes his place on the right side of the wing formation.

After   about 30 seconds they detect the outline of the old, remote-
controlled tanker in the blue hazy sky. And the commander orders a total
silence on all radio frequencies between his formation and John T. from
now on. He guides the big plane with his remote control skillfully at the
tip of his formation, so that the old tanker flies a few feet deeper than the
other jets. This is very important, because the big vortex streams from the
tanker's wings are even dangerous for powerfull fighter jets. In the most
harmless case the result is just abumpy ride, in the worst case you
encounter an engine stall, and the smaller planes get just turned upside
down! Therefore, it's important to hold a precise lateral and vertical
distance. And the speed has to be synchronized as well ...
Since John T.'s has switched off the radar, his fighter is guided only by
the terrain following computer now. Logically, there is not much data
about the battlefield available on the screens, because only passive devices
are working now. It is a strange feeling, when you have only an empty
display in front of you and when you know that out there - in a distance of
less than 20 miles - the enemy is flying head on with nearly the speed of

John T.'s flight computer receives the necessary guidance data from
ground control. At the same time he must visually inform himself
regularly about the position of the other SAF fighters. The passive radar
receiver shows, that his fighter comes periodically into radar illumination
from enemy sythetic aperture radar. This could be an airborne radar-eye of
the aggressors. But the SAF wing with John T. is now following the coast
line with 400 knots, to make sure, they can't be easily detected by enemy
radar, because of the ever present ground clutter.

Now, that the big old tankerplane has taken the lead of the SAF wing,
comes an advise from ground control, to fly a tighter formation, so that the
incoming aggressor, who switches on his radar only periodically for just a
few seconds, can't make out, whether the radar signature comes from an
airliner or from a bunch of smaller fighters. John T. feels cold sweat on his
forehead. He has not trained that situation in the simulator! He hopes in
despair that nothing goes wrong because of him ...

John T. doesn't recognize how fast times go by, because it takes great
pains for him to concentrate on keeping his position in formation flight.
But then comes finally the order from the wing commander to switch on
the radar again! Immedately, there are 12 enemy objects visible on the
main screen. They are flying in staggered positions from 1000 feet to
12000 feet AGL in formation rhombus. There distance is already less than
11 miles.

And here's also the damned plot of the passive radar warning receiver!
John T. hears simultaneously the respective warning sound. From the
bleeping in his headset he can also detect that a radar source at 10 o'clock
illuminates his jet!

This is serious! John T. switches his radar to attack      mode. The radar
antenna searches now only a range of 10 miles with an azimuth of 100°.
Then he selects the aggressor jet at 3 o'clock as next target. This fighter is
about 4000 feet AGL. Distance: 8 miles.

The commander asks all five wing members whether they are ready. Then
he gives the sign for the attack! John T. breaks away as arranged with a
half-roll upwards to the right. His midrange missiles have already a lock-
on to the selected aggressor jet. And now RNG and SHOOT flash
simultaneously in the HUD!
John T. pulls the trigger on the stick. There's a faint rumble and then he
can make out the fume track, as the missile accelerates and overtakes his
jet. The first rocket is on its way! But the battle computer informs him
now that a radar-guided missile tries to kill him too ...

He rolls his jet, who flies now on about 2000 feet AGL, upside down and
then he pushes the fighter hardly downwards, pulling shortly nearly 8 Gs!
The ECM computer drops automatically hundreds of specially coated
foils, to distract the radar guidance system of the incoming missiles. But
this bloody missile is following John T. steadfastly!

It must have a speed in excess of Mach 3.5 in the meantime. And this
gives John T. the chance to trick it, by flying very tight maneuvers. The
missile will have a lot of problems to follow. Taken in account the actual
speed, it is now simply not able to fly tight bends anymore. Therefore,
John T. turns his jet quickly into an aggressive Immelmann maneuver,
trying to attach a very tight turn to the left or right at the top. But he would
have to make up for the lost energy afterwards, by going into a steep dive

He can hear the worried voice of the wing commander in his headset,
notifying him that the old tanker was just hit. Besides, the number four of
John T.'s wing was also hit - by fragments of the exploding tanker. Numer
four had a compressor stall in the course of this 'event'. But there is also
good news: The pilot of number four could launch two missiles, right
before he had to bail out, and one of them was a lethal hit!

The radar-guided enemy rocket has apparently lost John T., due to a few
wild maneuvers. Probably it run out of fuel. But the computer is warning
again. It made out a new danger at 11 o'clock. This time it is an infrared-
guided missile. Distance about 5 miles, fastly approaching. - Merde!

And what happend to that first missile, that he has shot, just half a minute
ago? In the heat of the fight he didn't check, whether it was a hit. But now
he can make out only five aggressors on the situational awareness display.
So it seems that some have already been shot down. Probably one of these
kills was due to 'his' missile ...

But this is not much of a comfort to him, as the nerve-racking sound of
the radar warning receiver sets his teeth on the edge. The ECM computer
shows two bogeys in the direction of the incoming rocket. One of them
surely points at John T.! They are less four miles out now, and therefore
he blindly selects one of them. He pulls the trigger even twice in his
dispair, without waiting for the RNG and SHOOT symbol in the HUD.
Two of his precious infrared rockets set off in splits of a second, and he
has only one infrared missile left now for further actions.

John T. turns 180°. He flies upside down now at 6000 feet AGL and he
closely examines the approach of the incoming enemy missile.
Meanwhile, the missile has approached to about half a mile! Surely, the
rocket has obtained top speed now. That means, he could trick it now with
some brutal evasive action. The flight computer drops already the
remaining burning magnesium balls.

John T. stays cool for another second, then he turns the fighter in an
extreme bend downwards and to the right. But shortly after there is a
terrible blow. The fighter plane is immediately uncontrollable and starts to
spin. The world turns like mad around John T. He tries in dispair to grasp
the grip over his head that triggers the hot seat. But he can't get his fingers
around it! He looks frantically at the altitude indicator, where the digital
numbers approach quickly the ominous Zero! Suddenly, he sees some
blurred houses and streets stagger around. And then there's a deafening
bang. Impact! The jet vanishes immediately in a sea of flames.

John T. is dead. Kicked off the net. The ID 'Juliet Tango 34 Alpha 99
Bravo Yankee' is extinguished from the GloNet user data base at the same
time ...

Near Zurich, Switzerland, appartment of John T., February

John T. can't believe it: HE has been kicked off the GloNet in Singapore!
O.K., such things can happen, and have happened before - even to some
really smart cyber riders. But a guy like John T. sets apart from most
others, in that he is back in the Net right away .. .Now, that he has just
returned to Switzerland, he has only one thing in mind: He wants to get
back to his beloved GloNet Society as fast as possible!

But before he starts to get hold of a new ID with every bad trick he
prepares for a drinking binge. And - additionally - he will also stuff
himself with all kinds of food. So he peels off the light summer suit, which
he wore for the last 20 hours. He shuffles along to the bathroom, where he
enjoys alternating cold and hot showers. Then - with brushed teeth! - he
goes to the kitchen. He opens the fridge, thereby realizing that it was
totally neglected during the last days. Apart from a yoghurt, there are no
usable things stored. The other things look already a bit alive, from mould

That's  really bad news. It means that John T. must leave the warm
appartment for the shopping center, which is about five minutes to walk.
There he can stock up on food stuff. But - bloddy hell - a glance at the
multifunction watch shows that it is already night -according to local time!
Once more he has forgotten this damned time lag after a long flight ...

Therefore, he must take the car to the nearest drive-in, because the shops
around are all closed. But before he leaves, he starts the computer to
search the data highways for 'lost' numbers and other data garbage while
he is away. So he will have at least some basic material for his new
GloNet ID when he returns.

John T. is soon at the drive-in. He piles up whatever he feels like. And he
is already back home again, about a quarter of an hour later. He makes
short work and sits down at the bar to start 'eating'. After he has filled his
poor stomach with three different burgers and at least one liter of diat coke
and two vanilla shakes with ice, he notices weariness in his bones. So it's
about time to swallow one of this fantastic pick-me-ups that go around in
the 'scene'. Then he fills the coffeemaker with fresh water. He replenishes
the filter paper up to the top with Arabicca and the he starts the machine to
brew the new elixir.

John T. makes use of the waiting period to satisfy a basic human urge on
a quiet place. But he has only just sat down and reached for an old
computer magazin, when he hears a signal from the computer room.

He's sure that the computer alreday striked gold. Therefore he is happily
looking forward to his reincarnation in the GloNet. He almost forgets to
wash his hand from pure excitement! On his way to the computer
'refugium' he has a look at the coffee maker. Could well be that the old
apparatus is a bit faster than usually ... But this anticipation was in vain,
because the calcification in its innards is already that much in progress that
the hot water is coming out only drop by drop.

The old stale air in the computer room needs urgend replacement. John T.
opens a window, so that the warm air inside can mix with the cold dry air
outside. He calls this a 'background process', because it doesn't need his
attention furthermore ... Then he sits down in front of the big holodisplay
and starts to study the reports on the screen.

His hopes for an immediate comeback in the Net are hardly ruffled: The
computer declares

   ACCES                             NOT                             PERMITTED!

                         INVALID CHECKSUM!

Such a thing hasn't ever happened to John T. before! Up to now he has
always met the payment deadline for his GloNet communications and for
the equipment. He checks the banker's orders of the last three months, to
be on the safe side. He has all the important personal data also as a backup
on his palmtop computer. Much to his relief he notices that the transfers
for the telecom charges and the leasing of his equipment have been made
regularly. The sum has also promptly been charged to his account.

Shit, what the hell is then going on here? John T. has the computer once
again playing with all kind of dirty tricks. After all, there must be an
unstable netcreature alive somewhere in the pipe; just a poor net-identity,
from whome he could easily suck off the badly needed ID! But this time it
is only a waste of time: As soon as the computer wants to enter the
GloNet, there's again this bloody message

   ACCES                             NOT                            PERMITTED!

                         INVALID CHECKSUM!

After further unsuccessful attempts he decides spontanepously, to visit
his friend Martin A. But since he has no GloNet access ye, he must go
there in the physical reality of 'real life'. He could still use e-mail, of
course. But this would be too risky, without the firewalls and encoder files
under the omnipresent GloNet security. Luckily, the drive over to Martin
A. takes normally not even five minutes.

John T. packs his data suit and some other things - that seem neccessary
to carry out his plan - in a Bally sports bag. Should he also take along
some other clothing? No, he has already a reserve dress, a toothbrush and
some other things in a 'emergency' suitcase in the trunk of his car.

Nijni-Novgorod, former USSR, February 2019

Natascha A. has just returned from the MOB. It is safe to assume that
some terrorists got hold of secret service data, by monitoring the GloNet
for some time. The MOB members are convinced that the situation is
extremly dangerous, even though top secret data has not yet penetrated. To
divert the Chinese and their allied terror squads of fundamentalists, the
MOB decided that Natascha A. should feed them with false reports.

Natascha A. is not exactly happy about this new scope of duties. But she
realizes that it is only logic, to start this attempt from 'her' computer
system. The leak in the Infonet has - after all - its origin here. And, up to
now, 'her' system is affected the most.
Her small net of only two secret agents in Bali - that was so difficult and
troublesome to set up - is a write off, anyway. Things are too hot there for
quiete some time. But the computers of Iwang X. and Inyoman S. are still
of good use as an additional base for false reports. And, besides that,
Inyoman S. must be eliminated fastly and for good. This guy is not worth
a red cent anymore ...

Natascha A. 'sucks off' the immense amount of data that was        already
prepared for enemy deception by her specialists. Then she carries out the
country-specific plausibility checks, just for security reasons. She takes
care that the prepared data flows undisturbed into the hundreds of servers
that were randomly chosen by the Russian secret service. The partly false
data flows from there to the computers of Iwang X. and Inyoman S., with
help from implemented pathfinders that destroy themselves, after arrival at
their target. And, even though the Chinese - who will doubtlessly grill the
two contaminated computers - believe only part of the false informations,
Natascha A. and the Russian secret service have had great success ...

For now it is important that Inyoman S. believes that he is still working
for Natascha A. For that purpose, she pretends to give him top secret
informations, in a first step. In a second step, she sends him for two weeks
on an 'important' trip to Miami, so that he disappears from the hot scene in

Near Zurich, Switzerland, appartment of Martin A., February

Martin A. is preparing dinner when John T. rings at the door. He opens
the door with a grumpy face. When John T. looks at him, it is instantly
evident for him that Martin A. is involuntarely on withdrawal. For a
moment he takes into consideration, whether it would be wiser, to turn
around instantly and go back home. But a flow of Martin A.'s hot recipe
'Coq auf Vin' reaches his nose and so he decides to be invited for dinner.

"Man,   don't waste my time! What's wrong with you?" Martin A. is
obviously not delighted to have John T at the threshold of his flat.

John T. enters and - while Martin A. closes the door carefully - excuses
himself: "Sorry to disturb you, Martin, but I can't re-enter this bloody
GloNet. Something has gone crazy right after I was shot down during an
aircombat in Singapore. But don't ask what it is! To tell the truth: I've
simply NO idea..."

"You've    also been kicked out?" asks Martin A. with an anxious,
trembling voice.

"What do you mean by 'also'?" John T. would like to know.
"Well, three days ago I was KIA in Teheran! I've tried to get back into
GloNet ever since..."

"You've been kept out a full three days?" asks a stunned John T.
"Sure, and you - bloody bastard - you didn't dare to anwer my e-mail!"
replies Martin A. reproachfully.

"If only I had known about that ... I realized that my mailbox was full, but
I had other priorities. I thought, reading my mail was just a waste of time.
Oh man, that last moments in the GloNet were really a hot thing! Did
YOU find out what's wrong, at last?"

"Nothing,   absolutely nothing!", declines Martin A. with a resigned

"What kind of reports did you get when you've tried to check in?"
"Alwaysthe same shit:        ACCES      NOT PERMITTED - INVALID

John T. giggles: "Exactly the same!"
"I can't see anything funny here!" replies Martin A., showing John T. his
stretched middle finger.

"Man, don't be upset!" John T. tries to calm him down, kindly slapping
Martin A.'s back. "Now we shall solve this fucking problem together. I
won't return home until that's done - promised!" But - of course - John T.
has also in mind the 'Coq au Vin'...

"Well spoken, but first of all we fill our belly! You're invited to my
frustration muck, but you'll have to wait for about a quarter of an hour. Is
that okay?"

"There's nothing I'd like better!" replies John T. He sits down at the bar
opposite the open kitchen and watches closely how his friend potters
around. "Where is your wife and children, Martin?"

Martin    A.'s head comes up behind two empty winebottles and a big
cooking pot: "Off and away - they went on vacation. I can't have them
around, as long as I'm not back in the GloNet. These situations stress my
family life - but you've surely no idea about things like that, right?"

John  T. has no family, so it's obvious that he doesn't know, what his
friend is talking about. He sneers: "Well, there's nothing better under the
sun then a bachelor's life!"
"Oh no, John! There's three things a REAL man has to do!"
"And these are?" John T. would like to know.
"First: To have a son. Second: to plant a tree..."
John T. starts laughing so that his big belly shakes up and down: "...and
what's the third thing?" he gasps.

Martin      A. smiles and snaps his fingers: "Third thing is, to drive a

"Ha, ha , ha - ho, ho, ho!" they both shake and tremble from laughin and
John T. even falls from the barstool, so that both start anew with laughing.

After some time they calm down and Martin A. fills two wineglasses with
red wine, vintage 2001. They drink to Martin A.'s familiy, to John T.'s
Ferrari, and then they bawl: "Let's plant a tree now!"

The glasses clink again and again and they both gulp again and again,
until Martin's Coq au Vin is ready.

John T. balances two plates, two knifes and forks and his wineglass over
to the dining table. Obviously, he is already a bit drunken. Martin A.
comes with the bird - drowned in wine - and with a salad bowl. Then they
munch and belch and giggle, until the people next door are furiously
knocking at the wall.

"Oh     shit, what time is it?" Martin A. checks his multifunction wrist
watch. It's almost 3 a.m. This is the signal to remove the leftovers of the
feast, right away. Then they fill the dishwasher and start the coffeemaker.

The dishes must suffer quite a bit until everything is stowed away, since
the two gentleman's ability to coordinate their moves has suffered
considerably under the influence of the alcohol.

Then they move over to the computer room, and there we have instantly
concentrated routine: They switch on the holodisplay and the scanner, then
they set the codegenerator to ON. Now they must coordinate the tracker
and scheduler, and they also start up the debugger.

The   procedure resembles a bit the countdown for a shuttle start into
space. The atmosphere is tense because - at least somehow - it is for
Martin A. and John T. also a matter about living or not, because their
future GloNet IDs are at stake.

They run now through different login procedures and they use all cheat
modes that are known in the digital underworld. But even the most off-
beat procedures are this time not helpful! Finally our two friends have no
choice, but to dig out some pretty dirty tricks, they haven't used since the
'good time' of the old network protocols, like TCPIP and its successors.

Because of the very limited technologie of that time it happened quite
often that people were suddenly kicked off their networks, when too many
participants met for a realtime party, or when a datastorm raged through
the pipes. Most netsurfers had an antidot in the form of a net-construction-
kit that helped with the setup of a new empty party place in the virtual
networld. Coming from an 'empty room' in the net, one could then - by
exploiting some undocumented net features - rejoin the original party. But
there were some drawbacks, of course, because other net entrants where
usually kicked off instead ...

Martin A. und John T. had already automated that technique so far that
they deliberately kicked themselves off the net sometimes - only to force
their way back a few minutes later and to sweep an unpleasant guy from
the stage!

But meanwhile are the      new wide-band glass fiber cables and wavelet
datacompression on the market, and there are much less problems with
bandwidth and data overload, because of the high capacity. The dreadful
data storms are also gone. Besides, the old cunstruction kit is not
applicable any more, since the new cyberworlds have been intentionally
designed, so that they are not compatible to the old ones.

Since Martin A. und John T. are cyberpunkers, right from the beginning,
and since thy are almost dreaming in binary code, they might all the same
succeed in decoding the code to the new cyberwold. Then they have the
secret interfaces at hand. And once they are open to them, they have the
opportunity to rejoin the GloNet and to set up a new identity. And fun can
go on and on and ...

But the people running the GloNet are no      fools, however. They have
signed some cracks from the old 'scene'. These gentleman - ladies can't be
found in that gang - have turned gray more or less, but their knowledge is
of invaluable importance, when you have to deal with the installation of
working(!) firewalls against the invading of young cracks from the new
digital scene.

Denpasar, Bali, February 2019

Inyoman S. has been busy     for hours to 'tidy up' his computer. It was
absolutely chaotic ever since the disastrous call with Natascha A.
Somebody was trying again and again to force his way into Inyoman's
computer, whereas suddenly top secret information appeared -
informations, he didn't know that they were deposited in his system ...

Besides   he has just came accross an encoded secret message from
Natascha A., who tells asks him to leave for Miami as soon as possible.
And she also excuses herself, because she was so impolite to him, lately.
Furthermore she informs him that no secret informations have leaked out
and that she has still all things under controll. A data integrity test by the
secret service, who had - by mistake - not been announced, was the
obvious reason for the confusing interferences during the last call.

Inyoman S. is quite happy that his mistakes have no further implications.
He switches the computer into standy and then he fills a big Bally
sportsbag with clothes and other utensils he would probably need in
Miami. He is eagerly looking forward to the unexpected transfer into the
holiday paradise at the East coast - at the expense of the Russian secret

Near Zurich, Switzerland, appartment of Martin A., February

Outside - well isolated behind thick windows - roars the first S-Bahn train
past. Martin A. and John T. are still sitting behind their holodisplays. They
feed their digital engineering marvels with new code over and over and try
to find a rear entrance to the GloNet. On the horizon theirs already a pale
glimmer of the new day. One more ice-cold winternight draws to close. It
is still too dark in the West to make out the vanguard of the next cyclone.
It will surely bring more snowfall.

Our friends don't pick up much of nature's spectacle. Their attention is
attracted by the fluorescent holodisplays and a well filled coffemaker.
They have finally got beyond the first two firewalls in a well synchronized
stunt. But they have been stucked for over two hours now at the third
digital bulwark.

John T. goes once more into the kitchen. He fills his mug with coffee and
plops two sugar cubes into the hot, brown, aromatic liquid. He looks out of
the kitchen window and observes the early birds on their way to work. He
also spots a neglected dog, who scratches and shakes himself. Probably, he
wants to get rid of some fleas. Now he is on his back, swinging to and fro
on the hard old snow. Could it be that the cold snow is deterrent to the
annoying insects?

John T. remembers with a gentle smile an old joke about two fleas that
leave the bar late at night. Says one: "Hey man, I'm drunken, I can't drive.
What should I do?" The other one answers cool: "Do it like me: Jump on
the next dog!"

While John T. is sipping his coffee and observing the ongoing activities
outside, he has an idea all of a sudden: Of course - that must be the
solution! He puts down the coffee cup and hurries over to the computer
room.: "I've got it! Oh man, why didn't we think about that earlier?"
"What     have you got?" grumbles Martin A., still staring at the
holodisplay, where some cryptic signs are blinking.

"The    solution! A simple method, how we can overcome the third
firewall, without revealing our presence. Do you know how it's done?"

Martin A. is shruggin his shoulders indifferently. He gives the computer
some new instructions, consisting mainly of binary code.

"We proceed like the fleas ..."
"Like what?" Martin A. is apparently shocked. It seems that his friend
has gone crazy. No wonder, after a night like this one ...

"Hey you silly ass, don't you get it?" John T. makes a short pause. Then
he continues: "Fleas cling to living beings and they carry them everywhere
they want to go, unintentionally of course. We only notice them, when
they make a mistake, that's when they bite!"

"Martin A. excuses: "Sorry man, but I still don't get it". He stares at his
friend in a mixture of doubts and pity.

"Well, Martin, we just cling to someone else, who is online. We creep -
so to speak - into his fur and have him taxiing us that way, right back into
the GloNet. But because we don't bite, he doesn't need to scratch himself,
and he doesn't take notice of us!"

Martin A. giggles und answers a bit cynically: "You should probably
have a long shower. Someone has put ideas in your head!"

But then, at least, he is ready to listen quietly to John T. for a minute.
After that he is still skeptical, but John's ideas don't seem so far-fetched to
him any more. But it is neccessary to work out the right strategy to make
them work - if at all.

First   of all they have to attack the great central firewalls from other
people's systems, so that nobody can easily draw conclusions on the
authorship. And that looks as follows: The permanent poll at the third
firewall is executed with a special CODEC. This is a chip that checks the
IDs by decoding them first. After that the IDs are encoded again with
another algorithm. Martin A. and John T. must now find a hub that is
working with a known CODEC, that is a CODEC whose secret
construction data is known to our friends. With a spcially written patch in
binary code they can then try to fool the poll mechanism of that chip.
Happily, they are able to patch all CODECs from the series Alpha up to
Sierra, because in these series the programmers have left a loophole, in
case that the chip is going to be trapped in an endless loop during test
Above    all, CODECs of the series Papa to Sierra are still working
widespread in the GloNet infrastructure, even though their week points are
known for years, now. The manufacturers of these chips have thought that
the special patches, known only to three or four people, would never leak
to the hacker scene. But they havn't taken in account the wealth of ideas
and the summed up time of thousands of hackers in the GloNet!

The   probability, to come across a matching patch by chance, is very
small, of course. So it seems safe to assume that it will 'normally' take
more than 100 years to test all possible codes by brute force, even on the
fastest computers available today.

These are the results of calculations by statisticians of the companies that
have been involved int the production ot the CODECs in question.. But as
everybody knows, statistics flatter their authors ... Usually, uncertainties
don't appear in those forecasts. For example, uncerteinties that are
extremly well represented by Matin A. and John T. - a dangerous breed!
These guys don't use brute force to find the patch. Instead, they try to
imitate the way, the human brain adopts to solve such a problem: They
calculate with thousands of 'small' computers in a distributed private
network. Their computer resources are shared, and the great task is
divided in thousands of subtasks that are executed in parallel, where
practicable. Connections and associations are arranged, recorded,
completed, deleted and newly connected as a background process in a
distributed database. Of course, a 'neuronal' network like this can't have
the capacity of the human brain - but it has a lot of time to solve the tasks
... Where the human brain must immedately come to decicions, there's no
hurry for the hacker's netbrain. It can work in the background for days,
weeks and even months, trying to solve a problem. In the meantime, all
actual processes are executed in several separate foreground tasks. An
uninformed user wouldn't normally notice that the computer is secretly
working in the background with thousands of other computers on a
solution to a hacker-problem.

Besides, clever software filters screen 'impossible' patches, consisting of
repeating numerical data, e.g. combinations like 111 or 007. The address
and other interesting data of the companies, involved in the CODEC
process, are also known and screened. So time is not wasted for such
irrelevant numbers, and people like Martin A. and John T. succeed
therefore at least from time to time: They crack patches that have been
presented to the public as being 'secure'.

Martin A. writes now a patch in machine code, while John T. is trying to
get in touch with as many computers as possible. These are all systems
that are open to get in touch, without access to the GloNet. Happily, many
systems belong to that selection, mainly netservers of companies that are
doing worldwide business. And most of them stand in other time zones,
were they are not running full power actually.

Of    course, some of these systems are taking safety precausions that
automatically lock access, when capacity peaks are reached. Therefore, it
is normally not possible for unauthorized people, to profite from free
system resources. But it is possible to bypass them. Some programs have
specialized in fooling the machine that it was working to capacity. Other
programs manage to hold most tasks, so that it is possible to take over the
free system time.
Naturally, John T. and Martin A. know a lot of corresponding tricks, and it
takes them only two hours to gather enough systems, so that they can start
to emulate a virtual supercomputer. And the remaining is reduced to a
question of time and patience ...

Near Zurich, Switzerland, appartment of Martin A., February

It is almost 3 p.m. The predicted snowstorm has meanwhile reached the
Northeathern Switzerland. Heavy snow has been falling for over an hour
now. The snow flakes are big and moist. They sit on the cold old snow and
pile up quickly to a considerable layer.

Everything is ready for operation 'Flea'. John T. and Martin A. are again
at the third firewall of the traffic control computer in one of the distributed
local GloNet bases. They are impatiently scanning the connected systems,
waiting like a spider in the net for a login report of a legal user. And- after
only a few minutes, there is a blob with the ID '21 Sierra Zulu 3001 Hotel
Papa' appearing on the holoscreen! Martin A. snaps the blob and removes
it to a triangular symbol at the lower edge of the screen. Our two friends
have now hidden their small program that they use to couple unnoticed
with their victim, behind a meaningless unobtrusive symbol.

However, the ID '21 Sierra Zulu 3001 Hotel Papa' is now a few bytes
longer. Therefore, it would be recognized instantly at the firewall - if there
wasn't this hacker's darling in the form of another little program, showing
Martin A.'s brilliant programing. This jewel of the modern art of
programing patches the decoding chip, so that it believes that the ID '21
Sierra Zulu 3001 Hotel Papa' is still of the same length.

And - in fact - Martin A. und John T. have re-entered the GloNet system
shorty afterwards! They must now uncouple from their data carrier, which
has smuggled them unvoluntarely through the last firewall. Otherwise it is
possible that further precautions could take hold of them. After uncoupling
they have time to set up new IDs with their well-known methods and
again take part at the GloNet action ...

After the tricky decoupling maneuver they look at each other and then
they start a cry of joy. They use the prepared patches to get each hold of a
new ID in a few minutes. That they have kicked off two unsuspecting
participants is of only little interest for them in the actual situation.
Now they must clear all the computers that they have connected, without
asking anybody. They must also remove the digital traces that could point
to them as intruders. Martin A. is also busy, checking that none of his
patches remains in the pipes.

After that they must synchronize John T.'s computer over the highspeed
net, so that it is up to date, when John T. returns home. Besides, they
urgently need the resources of John T.'s computr, since they want to
continue with their research and make extensive use of the gathered data.

Finally,  they send a waverider in search of even more data. They
obviously missed some of the newest informations. Later, they will filter
out the most important files with their parsers. And - after all - there is still
one answer pending: What or who the hell has both of them kicked off the
GloNet, and why was it so difficult to return? As long as they don't know
the answer to that high priority topic, it is possible any time that they get
kicked off the GloNet again ...

Besides, it seems that the GloNet is quite unstable at present. These could
well be an aftereffect of their illegal activities. - But under these
circumstances they cannot even think about sophisticated actions. And a
lot of their high-tech gadgets will also not function in the net, until stable
conditions are reached. So, inevitably, top priority is now set to get a
stable GloNet link.

Near Zurich, Switzerland, appartment of Martin A., February

Mostly hidden behind lowlevel snowclouds, a tired winter sun has tried
in vain to spend a bit of warmth and light during the short daylight hours.
But the shadows of the night have silently creeped up in the meantime and
start to cover the country in the pale evening 'light'. And patches of fog lay
still in all directions. At times their is even a starlit sky visible through the
low drifting clouds. But Martin A. und John T. don't take any notice of
what's going on outside. The only thing that stirs them deeply, is the fact
that they have missed a lot during the long hours of their involuntary
GloNet absence.

More and more scenarios are developing on the holodisplays - and all of
them have, one way or another, some relationship to the odd events in the
GloNet. The computers of Martin A. and John T. are working hard to
calculate the probabilities for each scenario. Both machines end finally
with the same three favorites, all three have a probability of more than 50

The first scenario assumes that net terrorists are about to simulate a global
seizure of power within the GloNet society. If one takes into account the
tight conncetions between the GloNet and the 'real world', this seems to be
quite serious, since John T. and Martin A. can both remember cases,
where new ideas and products where first tested in the GloNet society.
And the same is true for some global management strategies.

The second scenario assumes that islamic fundamentalists try to knock
out the GloNet structure, aiming to end the dissolute, blasphemic live that
prevails in large parts of the GloNet, where some odd sexual habits have
established in the virtual society.

A   third scenario shows the development of the following constellation:
An attack on the GloNet could be executed by islamic fundamentalists.
But they could be put up by the Chinese. Therefore, the fundamentalists
would be missused as cover for a Chinese induced attack on the GloNet. A
reason for such a simulated Chinese attack could be an aggressive forward
strategy, because its growth in population could be out of control. That
would induce general impoverishment and criminalization.

Fact is: During the last decade, the Chinese have been forced by western
countries to pay more attention to human rights, even though they know
that this is just wishful thinking, when you are confronted with the control
- and wellfare - of such a huge population. They have also threatened, to
reclaim privileged credits, in case that the Chinese wouldn't observe the
rules. According to that scenario, China is insolvent, and most countries
stopped their delivery of oil and other goods - and even C.O.D. These
facts add altogether to already existing Chinese problems, like copyright
and liscense payments to western and other asian countries, e.g. India, are
still missing. Besides, there are reparation payments of about 50 billion
eurodollars to the UNO's children's fund overdue. These penalty payments
are caused by countless software copyright violations in China over the
last two decades.

Martin A. proposes that they dont' stop their search here. The three
computer-presented scenarios are not enough evidence for him. He wants
to use his private computer to further scan the sensitive parts of the
GloNet for other illegal activities, and John T. is approves. Therefore,
Martin A. is busy now for the next thirty minutes with the setup of the
cryptor and the the firewalls on his machine.
For safety reasons, John T. disconnects his computer at home via remote
control from the GloNet. He know all too well that hings could soon get
quite tricky! In case that Martin A.'s computer should be invaded by an
unknown virus during the search for illegal activities in the net, there is at
least much less danger that this virus could also invade John T.'s machine.
Of course, a certain risk cannot be excluded, because a machine that can
be shut down remotedly, can also be turned on that way ...

As another safety precaution, John T. and Martin A. attach a home-made
snooper at the fiber channel connection. That is some kind of a machine
that spools, compresses and records all interesting data that is running
through a pipe. The snooper's data can be decoded and checked after the
end of the 'mission' on a pocket computer, which is entirely detached from
the GloNet.

Martin A. starts the search as soon as all these preparations are finished
and cross-checked. It will take a few hours now, to track down even a
small part of the illegal activities in the GloNet. Time enough, to invade
the kitchen once again. And afterwards they will have a nap, until
midnight ...

Near Zurich, Switzerland, appartment of Martin A., February

John T. shivers with cold, when he wakes up around two in the night. No
wonder - Martin A., who stands outside on the balcony, has left the door
wide open to let in the fresh and clean air of this winter night. His
silhouette is lighted up by the dim lamp in the kitchen and stands out
against the darkness of the night that begins right behind the balustrade,
where the dim light falls off.

Martin A. props his ellbows on the cold iron railing and smokes a
cigarette. His eyes stare into the dark night and so he doesn't notice that
John T. doesn't sleep anymore and gets up - still drowsy - to go to the

John T. switches on the light in the pitch-dark bathroom. But the cold,
bright light of the neon light hurts his eyes. So he switches it instantly off
again. He gives way to his convenience, flushes the toilette and then he
shuffles along to the kitchen.

When Martin A. knows very well, that John T. will appear in the kitchen
in a view seconds, when he hears the flush of the toilette. Therefore, he
flicks off the butt into his neighbour's garden. Then he goes into the
kitchen to fill a mug, the size of a stain, with the hot, dark brew that is a
surfer's delight. When John T. comes into the kitchen - already in a much
better condition - Martin A. puts the mug right in front of him, as soon as
John T. sits at the bar. John T. nods his head thankfully and asks Martin A.
whether he was already checking the computer.

Martin   A. is grinning, he presents John T. a statement of about fifty
pages. Whereas John T. glances hastily over the lines - simultaneously
sipping coffee - Martin A. closes the balcony door. Then he makes a tour
of his appartment with the sprinkler can. The various greens that are a
hobby of his wife need urgently some water ...

John T. realizes with disappointment that there are scarcely any signs for
remarkable illegal activities. Some smaller activities haven been executed
in Nijni-Novgorod repeatedly on February 19, and in Southeastern Asia,
specifically in Bali, some unusual activities have also been recorded.
The incidents in Bali and Nijni-Novgorod correspond witch each other,
adjusted for worldtime. So it is quite obvious that something is going on
between Indonesia and Russia. John T. can't imagine that there should
come any threat from that direction actually. But it won't do any harm, to
have the computer do some calculations on that subject. So puts the mug
on the bar counter and then he goes directly back to the computer room.

There he finds Martin A., cursing and mopping up puddle on the desk! In
his efforts to please all greens, he has overrated the capability of an old
cactus to suck water. And so he simply drowned the poor plant, and the
cactus had to let go most of the water in no time at the bottom of his pot!
That led inevitably to the flooding on the desk ...

"Hi, hi, hi! What a mess, my dear ..." chuckles John T.
"Bloody shit! Piss off, man!" hisses Martin A.
"Well, well - then I shall analyze the acitvities in Nijni-Novgorod and in
Bali, in the meantime. Most probably, there's nothing of importance going
on there. - But better safe than sorry", murmurs John T. Then he hides
behind a big holodisplay.

Martin A., who in the meantime has the artificial deluge well in hand,
murmurs grumpily after some time: "That's unnecessary! That would be a
solution that came much too easy to us ..."

John T. interrupts him: "What do you mean with 'much too easy'? All
smart solutions are simple and easy ..."

"Well spoken, Mr. Marlow! Than you just start your work! Meanwhile, I
will freshen up my beauty which is a bit shaky. And then I'll change my
clothing, before I'll grow up lice." With these words he leaves for the

"You might as well bring the disinfection spray for me!" giggles John T.
Then he starts feeding the computer with instructions. He want to get
connected with Baly and Nijni-Novgorod. During this activities he checks
once again the data about conspicious net activities that occured during the
last days.

When he discovers that the corresponding data is already deleted, he calls
Martin A. a bloody idiot. But then - after some reflection - he must admit
that Martin A. was right. Because of safety reasons he had to kill that data.
Besides, it's not much work, to feed the highspeed scanner with the fifty
pages. John assigns for that job a locked and protected area of the memory
pool, so that net spies cannot easily access the data. Then he starts the
identification process.

The   machine reads automatically page after page. Using its OCR
functions, combined with a massive parallel architecture and hardware
patternmatching technology, it can recognize and interpret text at an
unbelievable speed. John T. grabs meanwhile one of Martin A.'s cigars
from the Philippines. The noble wrapping on each cigare reads with
golden letters 'Specially handrolled for Martin A.' Besides, there are two
narrow red stripes tied around the big 'belly' of the cigars where it also
reads with golden letters 'M.A.'. John T. turns the cigar slowly under his
nose. He is obviously pleased with the flavor. Then he bites off the
spcially made rear part and spits it out, right on the floor. Then he takes
his gas lighter. He turns the tip slowly over the restless flame until the
cigare burns nicely. Now, bluish smoke rises in thin clouds from the tip.
John T. puffs and blows slowly a thick cloud of smoke to the ceiling. Then
he stares through the window into the dark, cold winternight. Now and
then he puffs again. He lets the smoke masterly rise in small rings. Then
he goes into the kitchen to pour in some more coffee.

He has only just put his coffee mug under the coffeemaker, when he
hears a announcement from the computer room. A pleasant female voice -
with a bit of echo, in association to airport terminals - tells him that the
scanner has finished the text recognition. And the analysis of the contents
is also completed.

"Oh dear, you're fast..." appreciates John T. He pours some cream into
the coffee mug and adds a few small cubes of sugar substitute. Then he
shuffles over to the computer room. He is quite amazed, when he studies
the results of the computer's analyses on the holodisplay. There are again
this correlations between the net events in Bali and Nijni-Novgorod. And
not only that, but there are also relations between the China interpretation
and the hotspot in Bali! So it turned out once more that - for the time being
- humans cannot be entirely substituted by computers and software. The
computer made the analyses independently, but the machine acted in
behalf of John T. Even though the informations were basically already
there, the computer wouldn't take the necessary steps, to estimate these
correlations during the early morning session.

Near Zurich, Switzerland, appartment of Martin A., February

Martin A. and John T. have thoroughly tested Martin A.'s machine: There
are no viruses. So they can now remotedly switch on John T.'s machine,
once again. They need this machine, because they want to look as fast as
possible through the immense amount of data and therefore they want to
work their respective machines in parallel.

For the rest of the morning they both try to get to the bottem, of that
correlations between the GloNet activities in Bali and China. They still
cannot rhyme anything with the confusing data that was just analyzed.
Because of the way that these data arrived and because of their very
nature, a deliberate feint cannot be excluded. But such a chaos develops
also, when a center (knot) on the data highway is hopelessly overloaded or
when the lines 'sweat', as a result of a high humidity.

After one more hour in surch of strange events, Martin A. asks, whether it
wouldn't be wiser, to do without the assumed Bali-China connection,
because they wasted already too much time on that topic. Instead, he
would like to start checking the associations that could exist between Bali
and Nijni-Novgorod.

But John T. wants to carry on for another thirty minutes, until high noon.
He has noticed that the energy quantums from Bali do not show any
dubious peaks that would appear at overloaded centers. Logically, he
concludes that therefore the data chaos must be produced artificially. And
at this state of affairs it seems clear, that another thirty minutes are no
waste of time!

Near Zurich, appartment of Martin A., February 2019

But thirty minutes later it is also clear for John T. that it is about time for
a change, because it is already after midnight. So they try now, to find a
coincidence between the hot spots of Bali and Nijni-Novgorod. But since
they don't exactly know, what they should look for in Bali and because it's
getting dangerous, to stuck to that center all the time, they decide to
concentrate on Nijni-Novgorod for the time being.

John T. suggests, they should bring right up their heavy guns to overload
the firewalls in Nijni-Novgorod. Because Martin A. - who is usually more
cautious than John T. - has also lost patience, he agrees. So they let out a
dirty dozen of Trojan horses of their electronic 'treasury'. They set them on
the firewalls at the Nijni-Novgorod center. And right behind this
camouflaged assault they drop the parser, that should reveal weak points
and try to invade there. They start their attack on both systems
simultaneously, but they don't choose the direct way over Austria and
Poland. Instead they select one route that passes through the Nordic
countries and one via Italy, the Balkan peninsula and Romania.

Unfortunately, they notice too late that they have made a big mistake that
should not happen to two experienced netsurfers - even when stressed:
After a few minutes they must detect that the automatic routers in the
country centers split the once painfully orchestrated action, because of the
accumulated appearance of their data and the resulting capacity limits. So
the country centers can ensure that the parallel transmission of other data
is not disturbed. But the combined offensive of Martin A. and John T. on
the system firewalls has lost its power of a paralled attack, and they cannot
even think anymore about overloading the firewalls.

The best thing, they can do now, is to cover up their digital tracks, so that
the Trojan horses cannot help the recipients to find a way back to the
sender. Therefore: Limiting of damage instead of causing damage is top
priority now!

John T. and Martin A. are awfully cursing, while desperately undertaking
the necessary precautions to hide their IDs. They know all too well that the
Russians will immediately recognize that something was going on and that
they will take an awfull revenge at the authorship, as soon as they find out,
who it was.

Nijni-Novgorod, Office of Natascha A., February 2019

It  is almost 3 p.m. The landscape outside of Natascha A.'s office is
wrapped in steam. An overheated hot-water supply is loosing water,
because of a bursted pipe. The water is damping up in a depression in
front of the office, already forming a huge pond. When the hot water
comes into contact with the cold and totally dry continental air, dense
clouds of condensation form instantly. Driven by the chilly wind, they're
drifting slowly over the white-frozen countryside.

Another MOB take place in Natascha A.'s office, mainly because she has
to inform a few experts about the flow of informations during the last 24
hours. The last Chinese activities - in the GloNet and in reality - give hope
that they have been taken in by the faked informations that Natascha A.
scatters over the Bali outpost. In addition, she and her team plugged the
data highways in the Northern regions of Africa and the Near East with an
amorph virus. All data running through the pipes in that region is
considerably slowed down subsequently. This helps the Russian team to
check the data on dubious contents.

Natascha A. informs the ladies and gentleman also about the fact: During
a very short periode, the firewall detectors have registred an unusual
amount of attempts from Central Europe, to enter the Russian system. She
explains that her specialists are still trying to find the starting point and
authorship of these crack-attempts.

Concerning the problem 'Inyoman S.', Natascha A. can assure that she has
elegantly withdrawn him from circulation, by offering him a stay in the
US for two weeks, to put his mind and nerves at rest. He accepted right
away and has made himself scarce already yesterday, February 20, 2019.
His destination was Miami.

The members of the MOB laugh loud and long. Then they hear from
Natascha A. that the activities in the Souteast Asian part of the GloNet
have noticeably risen in the last few hours. But computer analysis show
that these activities are still in the 'normal'. Most senders and receivers are
known. She suggests to be patient now and to wait and see, what the
Chinese would do with the informatons and how they would react in the
The  members of the board are very pleased with the presentation of
Natascha A. Again, she stands a good chance for a speedy promotion to
Kiew, when the operation comes to a happy end.

Nijni-Novgorod, Office of Natascha A., February 2019

It's only just around 4 p.m. But over the endless Russian steppe it is
already getting noticeable darker. The sun has disappeared behind the
horizon and a pale, near shadowless light, has the outlines of the
countryscape become blurred into each other. In a few hours the moon
will rise and bring up stronger contrasts.

Natascha A. doesn't waste time to gaze through the window. She's grown
up with all that and as of now, she hates the long, hard Russian winters.
This is one of the reasons that she has accepted the job here, because in
her actual position she has the chance, to surf the data highways at public
expenses and visit much warmer virtual scapes.

Natascha    A.'s eyes are fixing an imaginary point in the holodisplay.
That's the place, where she expects the supercomputer to represent soon
the different possible links of his long search. - And there it is! The first
pipes and knots are lighting up in the darkness of the holodisplay that is
focussed at infinity. It's still quite exciting for Natascha A. to watch the
computer when he sets up even the most unbelievable links through AI.

It  takes only a few minutes until a complicated structure fills the
holographic space of the display. It is characterized by a apparently
impenetrable tangle of conjunctions. Natascha A. focuses on the multi-
dimensional holographic cube, where the computer has marked the most
likely links. She turns the cube a bit to the right and at the same time she
pulls at the front side in the virtual space. This has somehow the effect of a
zoom-in. Then she lifts the cube a bit and then she tilts it around the
opposite edge. Now she can examine the side that was on the ground
before she started her manipulations.

She is mainly interested in the Central Europe region. Therefore she
pushes the knob 'Superimposing map' - and the corresponding area is
instantly covered by a map of Central Europe where the underlying
structures of the holodisplay are still gleaming through. Two thick red
lines run from Nijnii-Novgorod directly to Switzerland, namely the region
around Zurich.

The thickness of the lines symbolizes the data traffic, in comparison to
the other connections. And the red color indicates that several attacks on
the firewalls of the Nijni-Novgorod center have been undertaken over
these pipes.

Natascha   A. asks the system administrator to give her all available
information on the data traffic between Zurich and Nijni-Novgorod during
the last 48 hours. This request is nothing special and can be met by an
ordinary system administrator in little more than two minutes. But this
time she has to wait over five minutes, until the official in charge is
desperately reporting: "Sorry Natascha, but I have only rubbish from that
region. It seems that somebody has coverd up his tracks very carefully ..."

"Could you tap and equalize data from the memory banks? Somewhere
there we could still come accross a temporary file or something similar.
That will give us a hint ..."

"I could try. But I need much more time, because I'd have to scan all
knots. And - running in parallel to the normal business - this could take
ages!" The system administrator sighs and makes a grimace, as if he had
eaten a lemon.

"Okay, start your work! Surely, I'm pressed for time, but this data is such
important to me, that I will be more patient then usually. But I sincerely
hope that you can present something interesting to me, at least. You know
me: I can make things difficult for you, in case that I'm not happy with
your work ..."

"Oh yeah, my great mother of bits and bytes! I won't let you down, but in
return, you have to go out with me next week. Approved?"

"All right, you bloody philanderer! But don't waste your precious time to
drag me off. I'm taboo for your cybersex games - comprende?" The system
administrator roars with laughter and Natascha A. cuts off the line ...

She takes a seat at the plotter. Then she plots the maps with the net traffic
on the most important routes between Russia, Central Europe and the Near
East as well as Southeast Asia. Then she sticks the posters - 6 x 9 feet in
size - on the windows. Like this, she hopes to come across a good idea,
when she occasionally has a look at them.

Nijni-Novgorod, Office of Natascha A., February 2019

It is already dark outside now. The humming of various computers, along
with accessory parts - like cooling systems - drowns out the distant howl
of the snow storm that rages outside since dusk.

Natascha A. has been waiting in vain for an inspiring idea - an idea, that
would help her along with the relevance of the suspicious connections
between Central Europe and Russia. Finally she layed down on her
'emergency' bed to rest for a few hours, after she had swallowed two
sleeping pills.

But an alarm bell wakes her up about two hours later. For a few seconds
she is not sure what's going on, because she is still under the influence of
the strong sleeping pills. She blinks, looks at the ceiling and then she turns
her head around to the computer, because the sound is coming from that

That's certainly her system administrator! At one go she sits upright on
the bed and searches for the remote control unit. She wakes the
holodisplay from stand-by and now she sees the face of her most
important staff member - at least for now. A meaningful smile around the
corners of his mouth shows her that he striked gold! That's a good outlook,
even though it means, that her diet plan for the coming week will be upset

"Well,    Natascha, there we are! By chance I've come accross an
interesting thing, when I tried to retrieve data from a knot at the Polish
border. I could tap a live connection to Central Europe there. But,
strangely enough, the data passed over South Africa. That's certainly
unusual, because normally one would choose the cheapest and therefore
the shortest route ... So I clinged immediately to that message and started
the parser. Do you have any idea about the destination of that data?"

"Don't thrill me, you son of a bitch!" hisses a still drowsy Natascha A.
"Okay darling - here's what I've found!" He points at two illegal ID's in
the holodisplay - the ID's of Martin A. and John T.!

"Man, you're hopeless, what the hell should we have to do with this two
bastards?" scolds Natascha A. Her memory is known to be phenomenal,
but she cannot remember the names of John T. and Martin A.

"Well Blondie, that's what you can tell me next Monday evening at the
Italian's bar! For myself, I'm dead sure about one thing: If somebody can
figure it out, then it's YOU!" Short pause. Then he finishes, maliciously
sneerig: "Very well then - see you soon ..."

Natascha A. is a bit upset. She pulls the plotted maps from the windows.
By doing this, she catches a look outside, into the pitch-dark night.
Snowflakes swirl in front of the window. They are illuminated by the cold
neon light from Natascha A.'s office. Now and then she can make out cone
a car's light cone, groping his way through the snowstorm. She
concentrates on any reminiscence of the IDs of Martin A. and John T., but
she can't remember that she ever heard these names before.

After a few minutes, she is absolutely sure that she had nothing to do with
those two 'gentleman'. Most propably, here are just two new nethackers
that would like to make a name for themselves, by trying to penetrate into
the system of a government security agency. A lot of people have also
tried that before - and failed with dire consequencies. They got caught by
the netpolice and then punished severely: Their GloNet account was shut
for some months or even years and - in addition - they had to pay several
thousand dollars penalty.

Natascha A. is still on the point to get some shuteye. She yearns for a
couple of ours of undisturbed sleep - until dawn, if possible. So she lays
on the 'bed' again.
But it seems, that her wishes will not be fullfilled tonight. She is just
falling asleep, when she hears another alarm sound. She checks the
holoscreen as a synthetic male voice informs her that another attack on the
system has been carried out and successfully blocked! No wonder, she is
immediately wide-awake again, rushing at the holodisplay ...

Near Zurich, appartment of Martin A., February 2019 *

Martin A. und John T. recognize that they have to take prompt
countermeasures against attemps of backtracing. Otherwise, the Russian
defense could make them easily out as authorship of the last attacks on
their firewalls. Once again, they have to make use of all their dirty tricks.
As a primary step, they would like to recall the independent Trojan horses
that are on the way to Nijni-Novgorod. Martin A. is not naive and so he
has worked some well-hidden machine code in all of his diverse 'secret
weapons'. This allows him to eliminate his digital weapons by self-
anihilation, in case of an emergency, e.g. when they get out of control. But
to start this process, he should at least know, where his Trojan 'horses'
currently are. If there was enough time, he could send a digital scout to
pick up their trails. But there is not enough time - and the chances are
practically zero, to come accross one of the Trojan horses by chance. So
good advice is expensive ...

Taken this into account, John T. suggests that they do not even start the
search for the Trojan horses. It would be an unncessary waste of time. In
return, he would like to 'implant' their IDs into virtual machines that could
be foisted on any Philistine in the GloNet. However, Martin A. thinks that
this attempt could be dangerous, because they could lose control of their
new IDs. Finally, they come to an agreement: They will try immediately to
find and setup two other IDs, with the help of their new knowledge. Next,
they could still implant the 'old' ones into virtual machines and get rid of

Nijni-Novgorod, Office of Natascha A., February 2019

Natascha    A. starts the frequency synthesizer, before she attempts to
identify the aggressors. She finds out soon that there are only isolated
Trojan horses around. And they have been stopped at the first firewall. She
compares the structur of the those ‚animals‘ with a library of known
aggressors in Kiew. It takes a few seconds, until the central in Kiew can
pass on the results.

The reply isn’t much of a surprise for Natascha A. The Trojan horses
belong to the same species as the ones, who have already sporadically
tried to penetrate her system. She is only surprised about the fact that her
experts cannot identify the authorship, as of now.

Therefore,   she switches to a secure video connection. She asks for
permission, to speak personally to the expert in charge at Kiew. After a
few seconds there appears the face of a bearded fellow with a cigarre in
the corner of his mouth. This is Kasimir Andropow, the second highest
officer of the special division there. She knows him from their common
basic training at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

"Hi Nat'scha, angel of mine! Hmmm, what’s up today?" Kasmir shows
his widest grinning, baring his yellow teeth, with the cigar still sticking in
the corner of his mouth.

"Hello Kashi, you randy buck! A few minutes ago there was again an
attack from Trojan hores on our firewalls. Your system has already listed
this assault – but the authoship couldn’t be identified. Don’t you really
have any ideas?"

"Sorry Blondie, that’s a difficult business. The guy, who has programed
these beasts, knows his trade - hats off! Can’t explain why he acts so
clumsy. With his knowledge he should actually know that there’s nothing
in it with just a few beasts ..."

"Ok - in case that you come accross the names of Martin A. or John T.,
along with you investigations, I’d like to be informed immediately!"

Kasimir ask maliciously: "Even in the middle of the night?"
"Yeah - even when I’m fucking! That’s all you want to know, isn’t it?"
"Well, you don’t necessarily have to tell me, who’s the lucky one in your
bed. In case that it’s me I should know myself ..."

"It couldn’t be you, because I don’t like cigarettes!"
"Well darling, here come the facts: First of all, this is a CIGARE, not a
cigarette! Second fact, I have also other merits! Would you like to see
something right now?"

"Thanks, I’m stocked up with things like that! Just provide the data, so
you you’ve still a small chance ..."

"Wow,     Blondie, it's incredible! I can’t wait to set to work! Bye
sweetheart ..."

Natascha    A. chirps: "Bye Kashi, bye!" Then she cuts off the video
connection. She murmers: "Horny bastard..." before she turns to the
kitchen to have some coffee with a dash of Wodka.

But halfway she hears the voice of her system administrator, who reports
that the last Trojan horses have used exactly the same pipe, as the one that
led to the IDs of John T. and Martin A.

"Are you sure about that? Did you cross-check your data?"
"Sure, I did - and the computer indicates a coincidence of 95 %. Nata,
I’m not so stupid, to waste your time with irrelevant news!"

"Well, so we must think now about a strategy: How could we best nail
down these bastards? I think, it is best that you come in my office as soon
as possible. I was just going to have some coffee and vodka and I think,
you could also need it – right?"

"Well – sure, in the first place the Wodka, of course! I’m on my way to
you ..."

Near Zurich, appartment of Martin A., February 2019

John T. and Martin A. are not aware that it is already almost 10 p.m. and
that they missed dinner – which is very unusual. It is all or nothing, once
again, for the two. Either they manage to aquire new IDs in the next
minutes or they have had their chips for quite a while! They both cannot
imagine anything worse than to be excluded from GloNet. But –
realistically - that’s in store for them, when the surveillance in the
netcenter checks, what illegal activities they are to blame for.

Martin A. is actually busy downloading a stranger’s ID, when there is an
alarm at the outer firewall, that he doesn’t notice immediately. But John T.
has a fast reaction: He instantly cuts off the connection to the pipe that
Martin A. is just riding on. Naturally Martin A. shouts at John T.: "Are
you crazy, man? What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Sorry, but there’s no time for quarreling now! What about, if you would
check the outer firewall, once in a while?" replies John T. cool and easy.

Martin A. has a glance on the holodisplay. He can make out hundreds of
viruses that will try to overload his system. They are already at the last
inner wall!

"Shit, they’ll break through any time! For how long is that already going
on? And why didn’t you say anything?"

"I’m trying, I’m trying – but you’re just shouting at me ..."
Martin A. hisses: "Bloody hell, they break through at the last wall!" and
he bites his lip. "What should we do, John? – Come on, do you have an

"Switch it all off! Remove the plug! But before I must check, whether
they could start my system. Then it would also be affected! . I’ll switch
right now for a few seconds ..."

It seems like an eternity, until the connection to John T.‘s machine is
stable. A bad sign - the system of Martin A. is apparently already at the
limits. The holodisplay allows a least a short glance. It indicates that John
T.'s machine is also under attack. But the connection collapeses, as soon as
the viruses break through the last inner firewall and start to spread in
Martin A.‘s system ...

"I’ll try one more time to dial in", mutters John T. grimly, although he
actually knows too well, that there’s no real chance to set up a conncetion
to his machine anymore.

"Forget it!" replies Martin A. resigned. "It doesn’t make any difference
now, whether they knock out just one or both of our machines. We have
waited too long. You should have unplugged the system, when they were
still running up at the first firewall!"

"You’re not really serious about that, aren’t you? Do you think that we
would have gotten off lightly, after all? There's no question, we've been
attacked deliberately! That means, we’re not an unknown number for

Martin A. knows well that John T. tells nothing but the fact. But he
defiantly refuses to answer. Instead, he walk over to the main power
supply to switch his system off.

The   humming in the room gives instantly way to an eerie silence.
Through the open tilting window in the kitchen comes the rattle of a
freight train – muffled by the snow and fog. Martin A. and John T. are
looking the picture of a misery in front of the dark holos. They rest their
heads on the hands, staring on an imaginary point somewhere in the depth
of the black displays. No one dares to break the unholy silence. They both
miss the energy to form or even to speak a phrase. It seems that also their
core energy has fizzled out with the interrupted power supply. - So the
minutes drag on until around 11 p.m., when a repeated ringing at the door
rouses both from their apathy.

"Could that be your wife?" asks John T. with a weak voice.
"Don’t  know – but actually she should arrive not until the day after
tomorrow with a direct flight from Manila."

There it rings again three times ...
"You could at least open the door. Probably she hasn’t got the keys ..."
"Stop    that silly talking, I’m quite sure, it’s not her. She’s not so
impatient, to ring several times in a minute! She knows that sometimes I
just can’t run away from the computer. Besides – she would surely have
called or otherwise informed me, in case that she came back earlier!"

But then he lifts alle the same from his seat. He walks slowly through the
door of the computer room and down the corridor to the main door of his

Nijni-Novgorod, February 2019, Büro von Natascha A.

Natascha A. has developped a strategy, to run over the systems of Martin
A. and John T. with her system analyst and the virus specialists in Kiew.
They decided to make use of a similar brute force strategy, like it was
planned by the two ‚gentleman‘ from Switzerland. The virus expert
explains in the course of the video conference that a few thousand amorph
viruses would be enough to get rid of the evil. Besides, they decide to
inform the GloNet saveguard about the known facts. So they could
sanction the retaliation and pay a visit to the two guys.

The attack on the systems of John T. and Martin A. turned out well. Just
for the sake of elegance, it was launched at 01.01 a.m. local time. It took
barely twenty minutes to overload both systems. The computer system of
John T. was subsequently ‚atomised‘ by the viruses, whereas Martin A.‘s
system was apparently cut off the power suply a few seconds, before total

The small hand on the old-fashioned analog clock in Natasch A.‘s office
has crossed the face ‚2‘ in the meantime. Because the central heating of
the buildung is lowered during the night, it it considerably cooler in the
office now. Natascha A. takes another coffee mug and warms her cold
hands at the hot pottery.

"Should we launch another attack on the system of Martin A., in case that
he connects to GloNet again tonight?" she asks her experts.

"There’s absolutely no need for that, Natascha. For security reasons I
took the liberty to put a team of the Safeguard onto both of these bastards.
They will arrive at Martin A.‘s apartment in less than an hour and seize his
equipment ..."
"Anyway – I’d definitely like to join that team, when the systems are
checked. I have a bloody feeling that something’s going on that’s beyond
our contro l..."

"Should I join you?" asks her analyst.
"No, thanks. You must stay here and take care of our net security. I have
a missgiving that we could soon run into a lot of trouble!"

Natascha A. says goodbye to the virus expert in Kiew, who’s face is still
on the holodisplay. Then she turns to her systems analyst: "Thank you
very much for your excellent work! Without you, we wouldn’t stay, where
we are right now ..."

"That’s  all right, Natascha. I really enjoyed to work with you – and
something like tonight is not an everyday experience ..."

"Not as yet – not as yet, but that will change soon! We’ve just stirred up
a hornet’s nest. But, first of all, you should get a good night’s sleep right
now. Good night."

When     the door has closed behind her systems analyst, Natascha A.
switches to the local airport. She asks to refuel a small business jet that
belongs to her agency. Provided that the snowstorm is not too strong, she
would like to fly off in a few minutes, because she would like to be
present, when the people of the Safeguard authority check the systems of
John T. and Martin A.

Near Zurich, appartment of Martin A., February 2019

Martin A. opens the door. When he regonizes the face and the uniforms
of two Safeguard men, he tries immediately to close the door again. But
one of the two men is faster and places his heavy boot in the gap.

The other one asks impatienly: "Are you Martin A.?"
"No – I mean, yes – that’s me ..."
"I must inform you herewith that your computers are confiscated by the
Safeguard. We have a search warrant here ..." He fishes a note, not bigger
than A5, from his breast pocket.

Martin A. studies quickly the seal and the date. They both seem to be
okay. So he must ask the two guys in, willy-nilly.

When one of the Safeguard men passes Martin A. in the doorway he sees
John T., coming out of the computer room.

"Hi Martin, where’s your wife ...?" John T. is speechless. That must be a
dream! There is a guy of the dreadful GloNet Safeguard, standing in the

The Safeguard officer doesn’t even dare to introduce himself, when he
passes John T. Martin A. is curses heavily, after he has closed the door.
The second Safeguard guy walks now also down the corridor. He opens
the door to the right that leads to the bathroom. After a quick glance, he
leaves the door open and turns to the kitchen – when his fellow appartenly
striked gold. He calls him from the computer room.

John T. und Martin A. can’t do anything. The Safeguard in the computer
room had already recorded the situation on a micro videomachine. He
speaks simultaniously into a hidden micro, as soon as something seems
actually important to him. His fellow is now also enterning the computer
room, followed on the heels by Martin A. and John T. They are now four
in this small room of about 15 m2, so that it feels quite crowded now.

But it’s not just the cramped condition that is breathtaking for Martin A.,
so that he needs to undo his necktie and to open the topmost button of his
collar. It’s also the emotional stress that makes him sweat. But John T. is
not better off than Martin A. He presses his fists against the hip and
observes suspiciously the two Safeguards that start to unplug the cables of
Martin A.‘s computer system. Sometimes the don’t even bother to find
out, where a cable comes from – they just cut through with tongs! The
mucles on John T.‘s bodystyled arms - with nearly 40 inches around -
move convulsively and Martin A. is afraid, that his friend will pounce on
the two men of the Safeguard any moment. He urges John T.: "Don’t dare
to make things worse, Buddy!"

But this warning comes too late or it is simply not forceful enough! John
T. pounces already on the Safeguard next to him. He seizes him at the
throat and warns him: " You bloody son of a bitch! Don’t put your dirty
paws on these machines – or you won’t leave this room alive!"

The other Safeguard member becomes aware of what’s going on, because
of John T.‘s shouting. He rushes at John T., trying to knock the pincers on
John’s head. But John T. puts the screws even harder on the other
Safeguard man, so that he gasps for air. Then he positions him between
the attacker and himself. The other one stops instantly his wild
counterattack. John T. breaks suddenly away now, giving his‘ Safeguard
an awful kick in the back, so that he hits his workmate with full force. The
kinetic energy drags both to the floor.

Martin A. has recovered from his first shock and takes now also part in
the action against the two Safeguards. He stamps his foot with brute force
on the hand of one of the Safeguards that tries to get on his feet. There is a
loud crack, when one of the bones breaks, and then the poor guy roars
from pain ...

John T. seizes the other Safeguard in the meantime. He twists his arms on
his back. Then he warns him with a fierce undertone: "Watch out, what
I’m going to tell you now: You have exactly ten seconds to leave that
apartment with the other ape. If you don’t make it, I’ll stick your head
right into the holodisplay! Capito amigo?"

The other one nods slightly his head. John T. lets him go and Martin A.
lifts his foot a bit, so that the other Safeguard men can withdraw his hand.
Both guys come on their feet quickly and instantly leave the apartment.
But before they close the front door, they threaten to come back soon with
reinforcement ...

Martin A. und John T. burst out laughing hysterically at the sight of these
two funny fellows. They slap spontaneously each one’s back and Martin
A. giggles: "We’re crazy, man. They will never forgive us! But it was
funny all the same ... Do you think that they accuse us of bodily harm?"

"So what? We’ll have nothing to loose anymore – things can only turn
better. Do you think that they would have left anything complete in this
room here?"

"Certainly not. But we used force against officials of the GloNet. We
can't deny that, in case that they start legal proceedings ..."

"... these are no officials, after all! These pigs are at the lowest level of
my social hierarchy – a lot deeper than car dealers, traffickers or even
pimps! You know, what the so called ‚serious‘ people think about
entertainment in networks, don’t you?"

"Yeah, of course, but this can have unforseeable consequences for us, all
the same! We have probably a police record, and our GloNet access could
be blocked lifelong ..."

"Come on, stop it! We’ll have to face the music. But - as you know wall -
we could still go back to the GloNet, illegally ..."

"Not with me, John! That will be another story and you‘ll have to look
for a new buddy, who’s going to take part, when you foul up! It’s totally
unbearable with you, man – comprende?"

"Okay, easy man! Don't be upset about that. First, we’ll sleep on it and
later we’re going to meet sometimes in the late afternoon. After all, I have
to clean up quite a mess at home. I’ll call you when I’m ready. Bye, bye,
honey pie ..."

John T. is already on his way. Martin A. just manages to ask him, not to
slam the door als usually – then he’s already out of sight.
                                End of Part III

        "Attack on the GloNet"

                                 Part IV

Near Zurich, Switzerland, appartment of John T., February

People living near the church, who are still awake, can hear one clock
stroke, when John T. turns into the driveway to his garage. In the bright
floodlight of his car he can detect a car with a running engine, just behind
a snowdrift that has a hight of about two feet.

At first, he doesn’t waste a thought on that fact. It’s quite normal that
guests are driving away at around 1 a.m. But when he operates the remote
control to the garage door, he has to wait about a minute, until the door is
completely open. That gives him a chance to think about various things –
and suddenly a cold shiver runs down his spine: There they are – the
fellows from the GloNet Safeguard! They have the engine running,
because it was too cold in their car!

John   T. considers briefly to turn around and drive away, as fast as
possible. But he quickly rejects this, because it has to be assumed that the
Safeguard people have already identified him from his car plate. As sure
as hell, they would follow him anywhere!

And he must open his appartment to them, in case they have a search
warrant. He has no choice and therefore he decides to look full in the face
of the GloNet authority, even when it comes to a bad end. When the
garage door is fully open, he drives down and parks his car in his personal
parking lot. He doesn’t bother to hide his presence. The Safeguard fellows
know right ahead, that he is around. His plan of action has them believe
that he didn’t notice them. He will try to arrange that the Safeguard people
must wait outside as long as possible, so that he can hide suspicious data
and equipment ...
When John T. opens the door to his apartment, he instantly switches on
the light. Then he turns to his computer room. But he barely manages to
have a glance at the holodisplay and to realize that his computer system
has crashed totally, as a result of a virus attack, when he hears twice the
slamming of a cardoor through an open tilted window.

He tries immediately to restart the system. But this fails. When John T.
realizes that he has to unplug the whole system to break out of the virus'
loop, he decides to throw a few ‚hot‘ gadgets into the litter bag first.

He gathers the most expensive devices and leaves the computer room.
But he is not even halfway to the kitchen, when the doorbell rings several
times. John T. doesn’t react and - as he passes by the fridge - he takes a
faded lettuce from the lowest shelf. Then he grabs also three moldy
tangerines. With these vegetables and fruits he covers the electronic
wizardry that he carefully places at the bottom of the litter bag. On top of
all he throws a few quickly wrapped flowered kitchen towels and a started
pack with Swiss rolls.

Meanwhile the doorbell doesn’t come to a rest, and it is high time now
for John T. to operate the intercom system. On the way to the front door
he take off. Then he pushes the button for the intercom with one hand and
asks hypocritically: "What the hell is going one down there?" With the
other hand he unzips his leather boots meanwhile and throws them down
the corridor, in the direction of the bedroom.

A man’s voice is anwering trough  the loudspeaker of the intercom: "
We're from GloNet Security Department. We have a search warrant,
please open the door immediately. Otherwise we would obtain access

John T. takes off his socks and throws them to the place down the corridor
where his boots already are. He must still get rid of the Jeans and the
underpants, but before doing so, he answers: "Sorry, I’ve returned just a
few minutes ago and I’m already undressed now, because I want to have a
shower! I think it should at least be allowed to get dressed again, before I
open the door ..."

"You can put on your dress, when we’re in your apartment. I repeat:
Open the door NOW!"

John T. has managed to slip out of the Jeans in the meantime. Now he
hurries into the bathroom to turn on the faucet of the shower. Then he
rushes back to the intercom switch at the front door.

"Hello – what’s wrong with you. Open immediately! This is an order!"
bawls the threatening voice of the second officer through the overloaded
small loudspeakers over the front door.
"Okay.- I’m not deaf!" answers John T. provocative and pushes the knob
for the electric door opener.

He hears how the heavy main door downstairs is pushed open and the two
officers are running up the stairs in a hurry. John T. peers through the
small round hole with security glass at his front door, when the GloNet
fellows arrive at his floor. He sees two gigantic athlets, both with a hight
of around 6 feet - real bouncers. Physically, there’s nothing to be achieved
with people like this, not even for John T.!

One of them tries to open the door and notices that it is still locked. The
other one is immediately ringing like madly at the bell. John T. opens the
door now and asks to see the search warrant. But one of the GloNet guys
presses already strongly against the door. He squeezes John T. – who’s
constitution is quite heavy– against the wall behind the door, just like an
empty cardboard box.

John T. needs all his armstrength – and he makes over 300 pounds at the
bench press – to gain at least enough space between the door and the wall,
so that he can breath. But then – all of a sudden – the pressure weakens,
and John T. falls forward with door. The front slums with a loud boom
that echoes through the whole staircase. John T. stumbles right into the
arms of one of the GloNet giants – arms, that are nearly as big as his

The fellow grabs John T. by his Jimi Hendrix          shirt and pulls his 170
pounds up, as if he had a Jojo in his paws. The seams of Johns shirt crack
alarmingly as he struggles helplessly in the air, facing the GloNet giant.

"Well,   soon you’ll be a good boy again! - And that’s now for my
workmates, that you have beaten up half an hour ago ..." He swings John
T. over to his colleague, who has placed himself down the corridor in a
distance of about 6 feet. John T. can just recognize that a huge fist
emerges from nowhere, slamming right into his face - and then
compassionate darkness of unconsciousnes surrounds him ...

When he regains consciousness, he sits on the floor, leaned against a wall
of the corridor. He sees right into the face of a grinning giant, who has just
emptied a bucket of water over his head. John T. is still heavily dazed.
Nevertheless, he tries desperately to get up. But as soon as he lifts a few
feet, he feels very dizzy and a sudden nausea takes over. Therefore, he
immediately stretches out on the ground again.

"Come on now! We certainly won’t break down, just because of a little
punching against our brain – won’t we?" Legs apart, one of the two giants,
stands over John T. Looking at him from the ground makes him even
bigger and uglier than he already is.

The Safeguard officer above him grabs John T. now again at his shirt and
pulls him up. John T. feels like swinging on a Bungy-Jump rope, before he
faints, again because his brain is nearly bloodless.

When John T. recovers later on, it seems to him that there is icy rain
falling, while he has no shelter. Besides, the picturephone is ringing
continuously. Again, he needs some time, until he is aware, that he sits in
the bathtube, right under a terribly cold stream of water from the sprinkler.
He tries instantly to turn off the jet, but he succeeds only after some
unsuccessful attempts. Then he presses with both hands against the sides
of the bathtube, trying to stand up. But he still lacks the power. Besides, he
feels again terribly sick. He fights bravely against the rising dizzyness and
then turns slowly around in the bathtube. Now he knees laterally in the
tube, trying to put a leg over the tubeside.

After some efforts he is successful. He slips slowly accross the rim of the
tube and falls heavily on the marble floor of the bathroom. He recovers for
some minutes on the ground, because he must fight against a heavy
dizzyness, once more.

Finally, he manages to reach for a corner of the bathtowel. It hangs over
the tubes of the heating system at a sidewall of the bathroom. He dries his
hair, the head and the neck. Then he slips out of the dripping wet shirt.
When he holds the shirt in his hands, he notices that it is in shreds and
tatters. The brutal violence of the 'giants' – together with his considerable
weight – has teared at the tissue, that even the top-quality cotton had to
give way ...

As    soon as John T. feels a bit better, he pulls himself up by the
washbasin. Then he stumbles into the kitchen to brew a strong coffee. On
his way to the kitchen he passes automatically the computer room and he
just has a glance, to check, what happened to his equipment in the
meantime. Beyond his worst expectations it looks like there was a bomb
raid. Nothing is a its former place, nothing seems intact, everything is
upset, emptied, shattered and teared out!

But somehow that leaves him cold. Perhaps, this is an aftermath of all the
strokes at his head, so that he is still somehow mentally handicapped. Fact
is, he has absolutely no desire to further examine the devastation.

But when he has draged himself finally to the kitchen, he is seized by the
next shocking discovery: The contents of the litter bag are spread out all
over the kitchen floor! These two men from the Safeguard were really
professionals, in that they have searched EVERYTHING ...

John T. tries to switch the coffee maker on. But then he realizes that the
container for the coffee beans has been removed; the beans have been
emptied in the outlet. That’s too much! He throws the towel, fills a glass
with cold water from the faucet and gulps it all at once. Then he takes a
few Aspirins from a jumbo pack that he received from a friend in the
USA. He fills the glass again and swallows the pills together with a lot of
cold water.

Then he turns to the bedroom. The only thing he wants now, is to have a
good sleep for the next 24 hours. And afterwards he would like to wake up
from this horrible dream into normality!

Intercontinental Airport Zurich-Kloten, February 2019

Natascha    A. gets a vector for a direct approach to runway 16 at the
Intercontinental Airport Zurich-Kloten. It’s around 5 a.m. and there’s not
much traffic in the air. After her jet has docked before the General
Aviation Buildung, she passes the customs and then she turn to the AVIS
car rental.

Originally she has had the idea to have a look at Martin A.‘s apartment
first and the at John T.‘s. But short before landing she was informed by
her organization that it was necessary, to stop the search at Martin A.‘s
apartment, because of violent attacks on the Safeguard men at Martin A.'s
appartment. But she heard also that the local police is only waiting for
Natascha's arrival in Zurich and for her personal testimony. Then they will
escort another pair of Safeguard people to Martin A.‘s apartment to
continue the search.

But Natascha A. heard also good new, because the Safeguard striked gold
in John T.'s appartment – you bet! They even found a lot more material,
then could be expected, realistically. The examination of terrabytes of
gathered data will take at least 24 hours!

Looking at things that way, there are actually more good then bad news
for Natascha A. Natascha A. decides therefore, to drive immediately to the
police station at the municipality of Martin A.‘s residence. She wants to
show the officers there some of her digital pieces of evidence.

Striving on a low budget, she can only rent a small car. After entering the
car she starts the engine and then she plugs her PDA with numb fingers to
the car's on-board computer. She switches the tiny holodisplay to GPS and
checks her actual location on the digital on-screen map and also her
distance to the first destination. After a few seconds she finds the police
station on the map. She marks the place with her finger on the touch-
screen. From now on, a digital voice will guide her. She drives the car
carefully out of the parking lot and over to the main street of Kloten.

Since it is still quite early in the morning, there is not much traffic on the
road. But the roads are partially icy and sometimes also covered with
snow drifts. She is graceful to the Swiss thouroughness, since he rented
car is well equipped for these conditions. Only the heating system is not
strong enough to warm the interior on the short leg from the airport to the
municipality of Martin A. And when it finally shows an effect, it is too
late, because Natascha A. can already see the illuminated plate ‚POLIZEI‘
far off. On the parking in front of the station house are four parking
spaces. Two are occupied by cars that have been seized during the night
by a patrol. And one is taken by a police car. She parks her car on the
single free slot, besides the police car. Then she fishes the documents for
the police out of her travel-bag.

The big, heavy door of the station house is closed. She rings shortly and
after a few seconds she hears the voice of a female police officer on the
intercom: " What can I do for you?"

"My name is Natascha A. I'm coming from Russia. I think you've been
informed from the Embassy that I'll arrive today."

"Ja - äh -  yes, that's correct. I have to check your identification first.
Please put your ID in the slot below the bellknob!"

Natascha A. complies with the order. After a few seconds she is asked by
the computer to carry out a voicecheck. This one comes also positivly off
and then she hears a synthetic male voice: "Check-in over, please enter

Then there is agains the voice of the female officer on the intercom: "The
office is on the first floor on the right side, you can't miss it ..."

The   line is interrupted with a sharp crack and Natascha A. hears the
electrically actuated door opener shortly buzzing. Then she pushes the
door open and enters the brightly illuminated corridor that is pleasantly

The police officer, who has spoken to her, stands already in one of the
door frames to the right. Both woman welcome each other. Natascha a
hangs her heavy Russian winter coat at the coat rack, and she is offered a
chair to sit down, as soon as they have entered the office.

She can smell freshly brewed coffee and cookies that come directly from
the oven. The officer asks Natascha A., whether she would like a coffee
and some cakes.

"Oh yes, please! How do you call this bread?"
"You    mean this one?" asks the officer, showing to a golden-yellow
colored crisp roll. It strongly resembles a horn.

"Yeah ..."
"Oh, das ist - sorry - that is called 'GIPFELI'.
Natascha A. bites into the offered GIPFELI. It tastes very good and she
comments: "It has a funny name, but it tastes excellent. I think, I like your

Natascha A. enjoys also the outstanding coffee – and for the time being -
she almost forgets the reason for her being in Switzerland. But, finally, the
two women come to the point. The Swiss police officer examines the
pieces of evidence that Natascha A. has brought along. It quickly turns
out, that it will really be necessary to organize another visit to Martin A.'s
appartment; this time not only with the Safeguard people, but also with
protection of the local police. It can’t be accepted that somebody ignores
the rules of the GloNet completely, refuses examinations and by use of
brute force against Safguard officers.

The police officer mobilizes her colleague, who is on stand-by at home.
Then Natascha A. gets in touch with the GloNet-Safeguard for Central
Europe. She asks the mission control there to turn up with stronger men,
this time. They promiss her to send the same team that was already at John
T.‘s place that night.

After Natascha A. has given her consent, the GloNet specialists are
immediately sent to Martin A.‘s apartment. And so the action gets under
way ... However, all people involved are once again pressed for time,
because it’s already 7 a.m. now. And Martin A. can – and will - remove
evidence with each minute!

Near Zurich, Switzerland, appartment of Martin A., February

Martin A. is – by nature – more cautious than John T. He expects, that
the GloNet Safeguard will turn up again sooner or later, this time probably
with police protection. Therefore he started to repair all devices that had
been only partially destroyed, as soon as John T. had left his apartment.
He finished this work around 4 a.m.

When he finally starts his system on a trial basis, serious problems turn
up immedately, as expected. The systems starts only partially and – after a
short inspection – it turns out that important system files have been ruined
by viruses or ‚bad‘ handling, last night.

However, Martin A. needs a safe system, to backup the sensitive data
from his ‚old‘ system and to shredder it after restoration. The GloNet
Safeguard people will surely confiscate his machines, when they come
again. Later on, they will filter out the delicate data at their headquarters.

Therefore   he fetches now the latest system backups from the flush
container in the toilette room. He takes the small holographic cubes out of
the waterproof wrapping and then he tries to set up a stable system. It is a
pitty that he and John T. haven not made regular backups during the last
hours, because of their sheer excitement, to be back to the 'society' again

So it’s up to Martin A. to reconstruct the data with the now stable system,
as far as possible. And – in fact – at 7 a.m. he has made it: The old system
is reconstructed for the most part! Martin A. starts the backup process
now. And later on, he will shredder the redundant data in the system.

The   pale daylight penetrates already through the curtains into the
computer room, when the bell at the door rouses Martin A. from his work.
Martin A. peers through the curtains: This might be John T. But it would
be quite unusual, because John sleeps normally until about noon.

Martin A. is quite startled: It’s a police car that is parked accross the
driveway – blocking it hereby. When he turns his head to see, what’s
going on at the main door, he sees there four people. They look up to his
apartment. One of them is a policeman. One is a woman, who’s clothing
seems quite odd. And last – but not least – two heavyweighters with a
black look ...

Shit! What should he do now? He curses John T., because he is now stuck
with this ‚mob‘ outside – because John T. had a really nasty behaviour last
night. But, complaining doesn’t help much now. Somebody is already
ringing the doorbell. Martin A. decides spontaneously, to not respond for
the time beeing.

Before he sits down again in front of the holodisplay, he has another look
outside – and there he sees to his great shock, how one of the Safeguard
people walks over to the opposite building. He seems quite angry, enters
the house for a short time, and then he comes out again with a lot of
keycards in his hand and the landlord in tow ...

"There we have it! That’s the way they obtain access to my apartment!
Well then – there’s no sense in defending anymore ..." murmurs Martin A.
with a sigh. Then he goes to the door to open the entrance downstairs with
the remote control.

The whole ‚mob‘ comes instantly running up the stairs. They gather in
front of Martin A.'s apartment, with the landlord gasping right at the end.
Somebody rings at the door and Martin A. opens. One of the Safeguard
fellows asks unfriendly: "Are you Martin A.?"

"Yeah – what’s wrong?"
"Yeah – what’s wrong?" repeats the other, imitating Martin A.'s voice.
The others roared with laughter. Then the giant turns his head to the
companions behind him: "What a cheek! Did you hear that? He asks
‚What’s wrong?'" Then he looks again at Martin A. and whispers with a
dangerous undertone: "You’re a scream, man! You’re absolutely hopeless
... We are here to surch your apartment – and then we will seal it. And
you, kinky ass, you know very well, why we do that, do you?"

"You’re    referring to the last night's incidents?" Martin A. asks

"Ha, ha, ha! 'incidents' – that’s good! That’s VERY good! Man, you get
on my nerves! You’ve beaten up my friends – and you call that an
'incident', ha, ha, ha ..."

"Come on, stop waffling!" he is now interrupted by his collegue. "He is
obviously missing this most important mucle between his ears, called
BRAIN! Come on, let us do our job ..."

Talking like that, he squeezes past Martin A. into the apartment, and there
he blocks instantly the whole corridor with his giant body. The policeman
follows and then the others enter also. Finally, the whole gang is pushing
to the computer room.

Only   the woman with the odd dress stands still in the staircase. She
shows Martin A. an ID with kyrillic characters. He asks her in German for
a translation of the characters. But she doesn’t understand him and asks
him to speak English. And now comes the policeman to clarify things: He
explains Martin A. that this woman is from the Russian GloNet secret
service and that he must let her in.

Martin A. has no choice, but to close the door behind them. The four
people begin immediately with their search, each on in another room of
his four-room-apartment. They are also in search for documents that could
be of evidence in a further lawsuit against Martin A. And the one in the
computer room strikes soon gold. He is not exactly scrupulous, when he
dismantles the machines, tearing out the cables that Martin A. has just
temporary repaired. He carries the computers into the corridor, where he
piles them up.

The three others find nothing in the other rooms. So they turn also to the
computer room, where it looks meanwhile like an electronic battlefiled.
One of the two Safeguard giants squeezes a pile of electronic devices
under his butcher’s arms and orders Martin A. to re-open the main door of
the apartment. He obeys willy-nilly. Martin A. can observe a few seconds
later, how this numb giant throws the expensive and sensitive equipment
in the trunk of his combi. Martin A. is terrified, of course ...

The   others seem unimpressed, and the lady from Russia reveals with
cheerful exclamations that everything is in the bag. It is hardly twenty
minutes since the arrival of the GloNet ‚task force‘, when all computer
equipment that could have some laswuit evidence, is stowed away in the
cars. What’s left over is quickly rendered useless by the experts.

When      the bigger one of the Safeguard guards definitely leaves the
appartment a few minutes later, he hisses to Martin A. that he had a lot of
luck, because the police was also around this time. Otherwise he would
have beaten him to a pulp. And - as a sign of his immense disdain - he
spits into Martin A.‘s face, before leaving the place.

The woman from Russia says goodbye with a chirping: "Bye, bye, my
Sweet Honey Pie..." Then she leaves in a cloud of French perfume.

The police officer, who leaves last the apartment, hands over the search
warrant, together with a list of the confiscated devices. He excuses: "I’m
really sorry! We couldn’t do much in this case. But – in the end – it’s you
alone, who caused this mess ..."

Near Zurich, Switzerland, appartment of Martin A., February

Martin A. is completely blocked for about a quarter of an hour, unable to
form an idea. Then a giant rage arises, and he is totally mad about John T.,
who involved him in that terrible ‚thing‘.

He returns into the computer room to give John T. over voicephone a
piece of his mind. But only as he sees the nearly bald room, he gets
conscious that they have also cut off his voicephone connection line..

So he puts on his old bomber jacket and the heavy, warm winter boots.
Over there, at the railroad station, there is still one of this old-fashioned
public phones. It doesn't look hygienic inside this boxes, but for the
comming call to John T. it will help him to find the right mood ...

But Martin A.'s call is not answered by John T. Strange – he is well-
known to be a late riser and so he should be at home in the early morning
hours ... Martin A. dials up once again, but still without success. Now he
calls the post office and asks them to inform John T. that there's a priority
call in the pipe, because Martin A. suspects John T. to be just too lazy to

But at the post office they inform him, that John T.s line is shut since
about four hours! Martin A. was not suspicious so far, but now he smells a
rat: The people of the Safeguard could have taken away John T.‘s
equipment during the night or in the very early morning hours. He doesn’t
waste any more time and so he returns right away home to get the car.
Then he drives to John T.‘s place, as fast as the weather conditions permit.
Near Zurich, Switzerland, appartment of John T., February

When Martin A. arrives at John T.'s place, he rings like mad at the door.
It takes a few minutes, but then – in fact - he hears the sleepy voice of
John T.: "What’s up down there?"

"It’s me ..., open the door, you bastard!"
"What ..., what the hell do YOU want from me? Isn’t it possible to get a
good nights sleep ..."

"You will quite soon no more feel like sleeping, you sun of a bitch! Open
now – before I’ll freeze to an icicle!" threatens Martin A.

Now    he hears the humming of the electrically acutated door opener.
Martin A. pushes the heavy wooden door open. He takes three steps at
once, until he arrives in front of John T.‘s entrance. John T. comes just out
of the door and wants to shake hands.

But now Martin A. stands there like shocked. After all, he was here to
read John T. the riot act. But now he sees a pale man, with a smashed face,
in front of him – and he is suddenly overcome by compassion for this
dreadfully looking human wreck: "What the hell has happend to you? Did
you have a car accident on the way home tonight?"

"No, unfortunately not – the Guard has beaten me up when they searched
the apartment - sort of revenge for the little punchin-up in your computer
room, I think ... "

"Well, there you are! Why don’t you listen to me? I have warned you so
many times, to control your quick-tempered character. Because of that, I
am also sitting in a big pile of shit! They just came again to my place, and
this time they took everything with ‚em!"

"What ? They must be totally crazy. I can’t believe that – that’s out of all

"I assume, they did it, because we have kicked them in the ass last night."
"Oh no, there’s more behind it! They’re acting almost in panic.We’ve
just stirred up a hornet’s nest by mistake! I’d like to know ..."

"Now you’re at it again, bloody hell!" he’s interrupted by Martin A. who
is trembling with anger. "It’s the last time that I warn you: Don’t follow
that track anymore! How the hell shall I explaine that mess to my wife,
when she’s coming home? Man, I’ve lost over twenty thousand Swiss
francs tonight!"
John T. reacts aggressivly: "Oh yeah - and I’m to blame for it! It was all
my idea, was it? You simply joined in later - just to do me a favor, did
you? Man, why don’t you just go back home to cry and stamp?"

At that very moment the door of the opposite apartment opens. A young
woman in a dressing gown stands in the doorway and askes Martin A. and
John T. in a slightly spiteful mood, to stop that noise in the staircase

As soon as she has turned around and closed the door again, John T.
complains: " Really, that’s it! Because of you, I have now even problems
with my kind neighbour! Push off now, I won’t waste a tear for ..."

"Done    - fuck you, man!" he’s interrupted by Martin A., who turns
angrily around and rushes down the stairs.

John T. hears the haevy slamming of the main door and the roaring of the
engine, when Martin A. starts the car a few seconds later. Then he shuts
the door of his apartment. He wants only be left in peace for a while. He
gets an old towel from the bathroom and takes it to wrap up the bell over
the door. Well – now it will take a bit more to get on his nerves!

And really, he has his peace for the next 18 hours - only interrupted once
by an excursion into the kitchen, because the headache reports back. He
quickly washes down four Aspirin with a glass of coke and then – a
minute later – he sleeps again. So he doesn’t notice how the snowstorm
outside calms down and makes room for a clear, blue winter day. And he
also cannot see, how the sun dives into the fog at the horizon as a glowing-
red fireball at around 4 p.m. And he misses the thin crescent of the moon
that is presented some time later on the starlit nightsky. And, of course, he
doesn’t notice that two cars, a pickup and a small rented car, parked in a
free lot before the apartment, a few minutes after midnight ...

Teheran, February 2019, GloNet-Center Near East

The rising sun at the horizon of the Iranique metropolis is barely visible
behind thick layers of smog and a frosty morning makes everything go
numb outside. However, inside the GloNet center at the outskirts of
Teheran, the airconditioning must fight against the surplus-heat that is
emitted by the computers and all the technology in the many rooms of the
vast building. Over the airing shafts of the big fans, on the northern outer
wall, vapour pillars take shape. They remain for minutes nearly
motionless, until a sudden gust of wind whirls them around.

After a hectic night with preparations and news-forwarding to the agents
that are scattered all over the world, it has been getting a lot calmer during
the last two hours. But only a few minutes ago an agent has sent an strange
request over an anonymous server. He claimed, that part of the messages
that he received from Teheran during that night, were destroyed, when
they arrived. Therefore, he asked Teheran for a new transmission. Of
course there's a lot of excitement now in the GloNet center of Teheran,
whether they should take the risk to contact the agent once more. The staff
of the secret service assumes that it is a trap. Therefore Teheran contacts
immediately the Chinese secret service to hear their opinion.

It doesn't take long until the experts come to an agreement: They're sure
that the request isn't authentic, because right after the forwarding of the
messages, Teheran received short, encoded OK-messages of all certified
recipients. Now it is a question of whether the sender of this strange
request could be identified and how much data is already well-known to
the enemy. It is obvious that someone intercepted the sceret data
transmissions. But because thousands of encoded messages are channeled
through the widely branched GloNet daily, Teheran has assumed that a
few messages more for his agents wouldn't attract attention amid the
whole data garbage. And - besides - the encryption algorithm hasn't been
cracked up to now. So - why the hell - should someone notice the few
additional files by chance? Obviously, this coincidence isn't accidental!

And a data analyst reports also bad news: They discovered just now that
the whole secret-data transfer with friendly subscribers has been detoured
over public GloNet pipes during that night!

"Blast it all!" scolds a secret officer immedately. "What son of a bitch is
responsible for that mess?"

"The folks from the I/O control!"
"Herewith I order that the chief of that unit reports - here and now!"
shouts the Safeguard officer.

"Sorry, my command doesn't apply to the I/O unit. You must ..."
"You're really a figur of fun! Soyou don't even risk to forward my orders
to the I/O section? Dismiss, you asshole!"

The officer is totally wild. As soon as the data analyser has left the room,
he gives order through Intercom that the whole I/O staff has to report
immediately in the command center.

About two minutes later all six people on duty in the I/O are gathered on
a line in the command center. The officer struts the line to and fro several
times in a very provocative manner. Meanwhile, nobody of the staff risks
to look directly into his eyes. Then - suddenly - the officer turns 90
degress and shouts at the man, who stands at the far left: "You worm! Do
you know what you have been up to, some hours ago?"

He   winces and stutters: "Ye...yes - we w...w...we...wa...wa...wanted -!

"What do you know! This worm wanted to '' something -
ha, ha, ha! I didn't know that worms can report something - ho, ho, ho! -
Listen, that's not just a bad choke. Oh no, that even makes me sick! S-I-C-
K, do you understand that, you clumsy worm?"

"Positive! Understood!"
"Look at him, his brain is really in his ass! But how about the other
worms?" He turns to the other five in the line. "Somebody to report
something?" he asks with a dangerous undertone.

When nobody risks to reply, the officer provocates: "Dumb worms - also
no brain ... But perhaps they have an ass, at least!" There's a short
threatening silence - and then there comes already the eruption: "Show off
your ass - all of you!"

The six men don't know, how to react now. When they let their trousers
down to show their ass to the officer, they will be accused for insulting an
official and immediately suspended from service. If they don't obey, they
will charged with refusal to obey an order - and therefore also immediately
suspended ...

So nothing happens for about half a minute. One looks at the other - and
nobody wants to start doing something. But now the chief of the small unit
makes a proposal to the officer: "Listen, as chief on duty of this I/O unit,
I'm responsible for these men. Therefore I declare guilty and I'll take
everything upon myself. You can suspend me right now, if you like,
because there's really no excuse for what happened! But - please - let go
these five innocent men, they just obeyed my orders ..."

"Let them go? Why the hell should I? Worms can't walk- don't they? Ho,
ho, ho!" The officer laughs his head off. Then his voice gets dangerously
cold: "No, ridiculous figures like you, don't get away as easy as this. Not
with me!" Here he makes a short break and turns his head to the big
holodisplay at the ceiling. Then he suddenly cries: "Show off your ass
now! This is my last order!"

Now the chief has no other choice than to let down his pants. Then the
officer orders him to turn around 180 degrees. Now he kicks him full
power in the ass, so that the poor man falls forward onto the floor. Before
he manages to get upright again, the Safeguard officer places himself at
his side to put one of his polished boots on his head: "All right, now you
almost please me as a worm! Worms creep on the ground and worms have
nacked asses!"

After looking a few seconds at the helpless man on the ground he shouts:
"And now - creep this way out! - Go, go!" He show with one arm to the
next door.

The chief crawls slowly over to the indicated door that is in a distance of
about 30 feet. One of the other employees opens the door for him, when he
arrives there. As soon as he has left the room it's the turn for the other five.
Each one of them has to undergo the same humiliating procedure. Luckily,
after about five minutes the specter is over. During the whole event there
was a dismayed silence in the room - only disrupted by the bawling and
roaring of the secrutiy officer.

Somebody in the background begins to speak emotionless, when he
finally stops his annoying laughter: "There is a peculiarity in the GloNet
that has also to be taken in consideration: We call it in our jargon
'SATAN'. Satan was originally a tool for netwokr security administrators
and it was mainly directed against so called 'worms' ..."

The Safeguard officer starts again to laugh for at least a minute, when he
hears the word 'worm'. Then - finally - the technician can continue with
his explanations: " 'Worms' were programs that were waiting to filter out
strange codewords by the dozen in the networks of the late 20th century.
Dan Farmer - who's age might be around the mid-fifties now, in case he's
still living - has developed SATAN. Farmer was then a fairly freaked out
androgyne figure. He liked to be photographed sitting astride on a PC.
Even though originally planned to help the poor administrators, whowere
running big enterprise computers, SATAN was continuously developed,
and from the 21st century on it was increasingly improperly used by net

In  that case it might well be that somebody is just having fun, by
waylaying news in the GloNet, that have been encoded by SATAN,
hoping to come accross something important one day! There are enough
such people, using the GloNet. Sooner or later, they draw attention and are
self-important during chats, by spreading news that are not meant for the
public. They are harmless, because they are easy recognizeable by their
clumsy behaviour in the net, namely attracting attention at any price. But
they are - of course - registrated with the GloNet Safeguard Service
database - just in case that something happens.

Then there's a second group that counts more in this context. These are
the hackers, that do their secret work in behalf of the State. They are
mostly undergrounders that jumped off for several reasons. More or less
'voluntarely' theiy are forced to do their magic work for the bright side of
the Power." (Roaring laughter all around ...)

"Likewise,   their tremendous knowledge about the secret sides of the
GloNet can be used in favour of the public. For example, they try to
intercept encoded messages by means of sophisticated scanning
algorithms. Afterwards, specialists decode them offline on the powerful
computers of the secret services ..."
"But what's that to do with our problem?" asked the officer impatiently.
"Well, even though a hackers got hold of our messages, it doesn't mean
that we'd have to ring the alarm bell, right now. There's good reason to
believe that our secret code won't be cracked for at least a decade." Here
he makes a short break and looks around. Some people cheer him up to

"Of course, it is just as well possible - maybe even more likely - that the
GloNet authority became aware of the impulses. But, personally, I plead to
pursue all three posibilities, because all three could be correct - at the same

The engineer who has just made this proposal is looking around again. A
vivacious discussion starts immediately among his colleagues. Finally
there are some suggestions, to hear also China's oppinion on that subject.

Because only a weak majority of the Chinese and Iranian secret service
thinks that the planned actions should be canceled for safety reasons, the
officer orders his team, to also ask the allies in some North African states.
That is happening, even though he knows that the increased data traffic on
the pipes to North Africa can be recorded by other GloNet members. But
there is simply no other opportunity, concerning the actual time pressure

After half an hour of talking it is obvious that the allies in North Africa
have also very different opinions. After all, there is now a majority of only
two votes that wants all the more get cracking now. They want to choose
the earliest possible deadline, so that hostile secret services cannot take
steps against the planned actions. Under these circumstances it is decided,
to break off now and to reconsider everything locally, once more. One
hour later will be the crucial and final vote.

Zurich, Central GloNet-Office Switzerland , February 2019

It is 6:33 a.m. local time. The staff in the central office is eagerly waiting
for a response of the terrorist groups. Simultaneously they are trying to
supervise the data traffic in the corresponding sector of the GloNet. They
search primarly for indications that certain pipes are used to capacity. And
recent clues suggest that there is a conference system in use. Of course, it
would be a lot easier, if Zurich could rope in GloNet offices of other
countries for this search. But it is feared that the GloNet central offices in
some Asian, African and Near East countries are already infiltrated.

All of a sudden, some specialists are nervously debating. In their area of
surveillance there are the typical capacity peaks visible that indicate a
GloNet conference system. And - in fact - after barely ten minutes, the
precise locations and the involved net IDs are located!
When Natascha A. receives the printed results, she walks immediately
over to John T. There she places the few sheets on his holodisplay. She
slaps his back with an appreciating grinning: "Look at this, John. Your
idea catched on!"

John T. und Martin A. got it quickly. They recognize the high-explosive
news on these view sheets and John T. gloats: "And now, you bastards out
there, let's ignite the afterburner! We'll blow a shockwave through their
pipes that's going to melt their machines!"
Natascha A. stops him: "Just a minute, John! We must proceed carefully.
You can easily imagine that there must be a lot more people involved. It
would be a pitty, if they would be early warned by brisky actions, isn't it?"

"Well,    Natascha, you're right. We must discuss our strategy and, if
necessary, we must even take in account multiple strategies, just in case
that ..."

Here he is cut short by Martin A. who is not yet got a word in edgeways.
Normally he doesn't mind much, because he is used to it when keeping
company with John T. But the fact that Natascha A. and John T. have once
again reached an agreement, without the usual problems, has caught his
attention. And then they're also addressing themselves with first names ...
So far, they faced each other like cat and dog. That's, after all, quite an
astonishing change! Martin A. can't really believe it and therefore he
interrupts their conversation, by asking Natascha A. hypocritically: "How
long is it, that you get along as well with John?"

For a few seconds their's a dangerous flush of anger in Natascha A.'s face.
But she recovers right away and blows Martin A. up in her well-known
manner: "I don't like to here such personal remarks. You revoke that
formally and immediately, SIR!"

That was loud enough, so that the whole room could pick it up - and a
few douzen pairs of eyes look over to them, instantly.

Martin A., is surprised by the fierce reaction of Natascha A. And at the
same time he also feels to be attacked quite unjustified. So he briskly
replies: "I won't do anything at all, M'am! After all, this question was only
meant for fun. In case that you can't understand that, I feel terribly sorry
for you ..." Here he turns demonstrativly his back on Natascha A. Then he
walks over to the coffeemaker and pours out some coffee into a mug.

It's obvious that Natascha A. is extremly provoked by this reaction of
Martin A. She is just about to walk also over to the coffeemaker, when
John T. interferes. He holds her back at the ellbow, beggin Martin A.:
"Come on, Martin, no funny business! After all we're ONE team now and
therefore we must work toghether. Why are you not apologizing to her,
and everything will be forgotten?"
"Well, well, look who's talking! Why do you come to this stupid girl's
help? Have you already forgotten, how you called her secretly just a few
hours ago?" And - without waiting for an answer - he adds: "You called
her a horny Russian Milka, because you had great fun watching her milk
boobs hopping up and down when she's walking around! Ho, ho - and ..."

When Natascha A. hears the expression 'horny Russian Milka' she flipps
out instantly. She turns around and slaps John T.'s face on the left and on
the right side. Before he has a chance to understand, what happens to him,
she also spites at him, hissing: "And you, you are a skunk with a drooping
punch, a Super-Buddha who can't see his cock for all of his fatty belly!
Man, how come you still have the guts to leave your appartment, looking
like this?"

Hearing these nice sentences, Martin A. has a laughin fit. He shakes so
much that he pours half of the coffee mug's contents over the coffeemaker.

Now the chief in command interferes: "That's about enough! In case that
you don't manage to behave instantly like civilized people, I have you
three - he shows at Natascha A. , Martin A. and John T. - taken away by
the security officers, on account of deliberate disturbance of important
work. You got that?"

The three of them stand there and look crestfallen. Of course, everybody
in the big central command room picked up, what's going on. They sit
back and watch disapproving, what's could be up next. The general
prejudice that these hackers are primitive, clumsy people and that
Natascha A. is an unusually aggressive woman, has been confirmed after
this ugly interlude. Therefore, most of them would surely be quite happy,
when the chief in command had the three quarrelsome taken away
immediately ...

Martin A. is the first to break the embarrassing silence. He takes some
paper towels and starts to clean up the mess he had caused around the

John T. doesn't risk to look at Natascha A., although he would like to
apologize. Usually, he has always a loose tongue, but this time he cannot
save the situation with the right words. Therefore, he turns slowly around,
trying to continue his work at the holodisplay. He removes the few pages
of paper, placed by Natascha A. on his display just about a minute ago.

At this moment he hears a loud sobbing from behind him. He turns
around again - and there he sees Natascha A., standing there, looking the
picture of a misery! While covering her face behind her hands, so that
nobody could see her teardrops, her whole body trembles like an aspen

John T. takes a heart and walks the two steps over to her. He touches her
slightly at the forearm, trying to console her. But before he can start
talking, she's shaking off his hand and running accross the room to the
ladies restroom. After the door has slammed behind her, there is an
awkward silence in the room.

John T. would very much like to beat up Martin A. But the chief's
unmistakable words, spoken only a few minutes ago, threaten him like the
sword of Damocles. Then, as soon as he has suppressed his feelings of
anger, he knows all of a sudden, what he has to do right now. So he walks
swiftly over to the ladies restroom and there he opens the door without

One of the female technical engineers tries in vain to hold him back at his
jacket. John T. breaks away and slams the door with a loud bang ...

Teheran, February 2019, GloNet-Center Near East

There's considerable excitement in the small center, because an expert of
the Net Security Service (NSS) has just now drawed the attention to the
fact, that traces of SATAN have been identified in two servers.

"I  want that somebody immediately cross-checks that matter! Highest
priority!" roars the officer on duty.

"Roger!" The NSS expert gives the necessary orders to his squad.
During the following investigations there the rest of the team in this
center discusses further proceedings along with the allies in China and
North Africa, because the thirty minutes to think things over are soon

"Should    we start the meeting in spite of SATAN?" asks one of the
technical engineers.

"Is there a certain danger, concerning our security, as long as SATAN
hasn't been removed entirely?"

"Yes - I'm sorry ..."
"In this case we postpone everything!" blusters the officer.
"Roger, meeting postponed! China and North Africa will be informed
with a hacked message."

An   encoded and hacked electronic message is quickly sent over the
hyperchannel to the allies. They are informed that the meeting will be
postboned as a safety measure.
Djakkarta, GloNet-Center Bali, February 2019

"By Allah, what do they think they are, these guys in Teheran? They
can't postpone the net meeting, because of some silly, minor security
problem!" grumbles Ali M. He is a stocky Balinese with a thin upper lip
mustache. He has just tried several times to get in touch with the supreme
command in Teheran. But they didn't react. So he doesn't even know,
whether his messages arrived.

"I'm quite interested what Cairo, Abu Dhabi and - first of all - Canton
think about such a behaviour. Aghar, please fix a secure pipe to Canton!"

Die connection is established in a few seconds. The Glonet central of
Canton can be seen in the holodisplay in the middle of the room. The chief
in command wants to report. But before he can start to speek, he hears Ali
M. calling: "Excuse me Sir, what are your plans, concerning the postponed
net meeting and what are you thinking about the arbitrary act of Teheran
to postbone the scheduled meeting?"

"We're    just discussing what to do next. Teheran didn't answer our
checkback up to now - probably security reasons. Do you have an idea
what's really going on?"

"No   idea, because we also don't get any answers. I can't stand these
arrogant guys there...!"

"Keep calm, dear Ali! You know well that the guys there take everything
a little more serious then we do. In any case, we will inform you as soon
as we've come to a decision. Could you try to establish a secure
connection to our allies in Abu Dhabi and Cairo in the meantime? They'll
also be worried about further actions."

"This is a good idea. That's exactly what I'm going to do now! Should I
inform you afterwards, or will you call back?"

"We will call back. Allah be with you!" After these words from Canton,
the hologram blacks out and other data, that was covered so far, appears

Zurich, Central GloNet-Office Switzerland, February 2019

It is exactly 07:05 a.m. local time. John T. is in the ladies restroom now.
He can hear the sobbing of Natascha A. She must be in one of the three
cubicles. For a few seconds he stands just there, not knowing what to do
next. But then he takes heart and calls: "Natascha - it's me - John! Please
give me a chance to explain you a few things ..."
"Just leave me alone! What the hell could YOU explain to me? Your silly
big talking speaks for itself!"

John T. knows now from the direction, where the voice came from, where
Natascha A. has locked herself up. He's already impatient, like always.
After all, he makes a fool of himself, in case his intentions don't work as
planned. He places himself in front of the cubicle, were she is locked and
demands with a firm voice: "Well, either you open in the next 30 seconds
or I'll smash the door, even though this will be the last thing I'll be doing,
before the boss calls the bouncer! I want only that you listen to me, at least
once in your life. Is that really asked too much? Afterwards, you can call
the security officer and have me taken away, it won't bother me ..."

John T. stops in the middle of the sentence because Natascha A. starts to
fiddle with the safety lock now. Then she opens the door slowly, just a
little bit, so that her head is visible to John T. He sees her pale face with
cheeks, wet from teardrops, and with reddened wet eyes. She asks with a
trembling voice: "John, do you have some paper towels?"

"Pa...pap... paper...towels...?" he stutters.
"Yeah, papertowels. You know, these thin, white towels that you throw
away after usage ...?" But when she sees John T.'s blank looks, she
continues: "Of course you don't have that - right? Why come that you men
can scarcely offer what we women acutally need?" But as she makes out
the wrinkles on John T.'s forehead - a good sign of his rising anger - she
attaches quickly and with a warm voice: "Oh dear, I'm so sorry! I really
don't intend to start again with that old story! Over there, besides the
mirror, you should find some. Could you get them for me, please?"

In  fact, John T. sees there a pile of papertowels. He takes them all.
Natascha A. has ventured out on the small corridor between the cubicles,
in the meantime. When John T. finally stands right in front of her, he
carefully picks out two of the papertowels. Spontaneously, he dabs her wet
cheeks with them.

Natascha      A. tries instinctivly to repulse with one hand. But then she
quickly lowers her hand again. She closes her eyes and seems to relax just
a little bit, even though she sobs a few times in between. Finally, she gives
John T. a friendly smile and whispers: "My make-up must look dreadful -
could you rub that off, John?"

" I don't think so. I would have to rub really strong - and I don't like to
risk that ..."

"Okay, let it be, I'll wash my face with water, over there. Could you get
my handbag in the meantime? It should be somewhere in the main room,
probably on a seat or a desk."
"No problem, but   first I would like to apologize, finally and formal!
Meanwhile, you could remove your make-up, if you don't mind."

After this request, Natascha A. walks over to the small washbasin. She
puts her face under the thin jet of handwarm water and John T. hands her
some papertowels. She dabs her face dry. And when she looks up to John
T., he notices that her face looks now even paler and more fragile, because
of the cold light of the inert-gas-lamps.

"I must really sit down now", she explains apologetically when John T.
prepares to start his excuse. She pushes aside the small chest of drawers
that contains cleaning agents and is placed right under the washbasin.
Then she sits down on it, puts her long hair out of her face with both hands
and asks John T.: "Well, what do you have to say, John?"

John T. knees right in front of her and starts: "Look at me, Natascha: On
the one hand you're really a very fascinating woman. You're intelligent,
independent - and a great career lies ahead of you. When I'm honest to
myself, then I have to admit that women - women like you, who exert a
certain vocational power and influence, on the basis of their position, are
'sexy' to me. Martin and me - and certainly a lot of other men - are quite
confused by your sheer energy and your provocativ and pertly appearance.
Yes, and last - but not least - we are, after all, engaged in different things.
I'm still something like your adversary ..."

She interrupts him: "But these are certainly no reasons, to call me with so
much disdain, isn't it? I know that I'm really insufferable at times and that
I can also behave quite unfeminine. But this is not nearly enough to treat
me so insulting and scorning!"

"Well     - you're perfectly right! Only - hmm... - Martin and me, we
usually talk big, when we are confronted with somebody or something that
rattles us. That is for us like an invocation..., like a magic spell, to make
our opposite susceptible and vulnerable. To women it must have the
impression of a macho affection. The impact on men - however - is quite
different. Sometimes we can really take someone in like that, because he
doesn't take us serious, or he might even guess that we're a bit stupid. - I
know that I can't undo what I've said. Still, I'd like you to know that -
actually - I'm positively minded to you. If we'd have met another time at
another place - carefree of what happened before - it might well be that I
had invited you for dinner - just to get to know you better ..."

Natascha A. waits some seconds. But since John T. doesn't finish the
sentence, she kindly asks: "What did you intend to say just now?"

John T. avoids her eyes and examines an imaginary point in the distance.
Natascha A. puts a hand on his shoulder. She shakes him gently and
reminds him: "John, tell me all that I should know. I don't want to miss the
chance, to settle things between the two of us, here and now. We're still on
our own in this room ..."

"Well - I think - I mean ..., well, you'd surely be a nice buddy, Natascha.
That sounds banal, I know. But I'm thoroughly convinced of this ...". John
T. waits some seconds before he continues: "You know what? Actually, I
knew from the start that we do you wrong with our silly big talking. But
that's the way it works between Martin and me: As soon as somebody
appears unpleasant to one of us, he has also no chance with the other one!
We're in deep solidarity, seemingly ..."

At  that moment the door opens a little bit and the head of a female
engineer is visible. She can't see Natascha A. and John T., because she
searches in the wrong direction. She calls: " Natascha, may I help you?"

Because there's no response on her question, she enters the restroom
cautiously. She goes over to the toilet cubicles. Then she hears Natascha
A., who blows her nose. She turns around and - for a few seconds - she
looks quite buffled. She didn't expect to find Natascha A. and John T.
sitting in harmony besides the washbasin. She just happens to hear a part
of Natascha A.'s response: "... we could make up for the dinner. I'm sure,
we have a lot to tell to discuss. When my job here is terminated, I'll have a
few days off. We could go join for a sightseeing of Zurich - and you could
perhaps show me the city's nightlife?"

As the engineer discovers that John T. nods in approval, she interrupts the
two, visible relieved: "Well, I don't want to interfere with the planning of
the leisure-time activities of you two. But under these circumstances we'd
be quite happy, if you would join us again soon ..."

Natascha A. und John T. both start to laugh loudly at the same time. And,
without hesitation, the engineer giggles too.

As soon as the staff outside in the main control room hears the laughing
in the ladies restroom, some of them risk to have a look through the open
door. Most of them are glad that the quarrelsome two made it up with each

But Martin A. restrains himself remarkably. He doesn't even try to hide
that the state of affairs doesn't please him much. And when somebody asks
him, why he was not going to join the party, he shortly replies that there
has to be somebody, who will eventually take care of the computers, when
everybody else is running away ...

Djakkarta, GloNet-Center Bali, February 2019

Ali M. has just contacted Abu Dhabi and Kairo. The staff there takes the
view that the time has not yet come, to put Teheran under pressure. Safety
precautions have priority in that case. Ali M. is not happy about this
outcome, of course. He would very much like to show the guys in Teheran
that he is a man of action. Therefore, he thinks carefully about how he
could convince the Chinese to strike at last - without the blessing from

Teheran, GloNet-Center Near East, February 2019

"Atteeeention!" The hustle and bustle      of the ten people in the center
pauses instantly. They all stand to attention. A high-ranking officer from
the military intelligence stands in the armored doorway. He briefly nods
and orders: "Go on!"

Later on, he is vividly debating with the security officer from the civil
intelligence. The question is, whether the allies should be informed about
further actions and whether the net meeting should be started, even though
SATAN could lurk somewhere in the pipes.

"We think, it's much too dangerous to start a meeting, as long as SATAN
isn't clearly identified and completely eliminated."

"I can understand your reservations. But carefully weighing our interests,
I think we should take the risk. During the last weeks we have almost
entirely taken the initiative. Now we received signals from our secret
GloNet agents and of some of our allies, mainly from China and
Indonesia. These signals indicate that our leading the way is regarded as
arrogant and that they want to start with the planned actions now ..."

"But ..."
"Please, don't force me to give you order to launch the net meeting, right
now! I just would like that you think it all over again. I'm sure, you'll do
the damned right thing after I've left this room. Allah be with you!"

With these words he turns around and walks over to the door. The chief
in command waits until he is under the doorway, then he calls loudly, once
more: "Atteeeention!" And the whole crew stands to attention again.

The intelligence officer turns around, sizes everybody, one after the other,
with his gray, cold eyes and orders: "Go on working!"

When  the automatic door closes behind him with with a soft sizzle,
somebody murmurs: "Allah may standby in case this guy flips out ..."

The civilian security officer seems not to have heard anything. He checks
a holodisplay that shows the loading of important GloNet pipes around
Bali, Cairo, Abu Dhabi and Canton. He has realized that he cannot avoid
to relunch the net meeting in a few minutes, and that he will be the one,
who is completely stucked - in case that something goes wrong. The
military officer just gave him clearly to understand that he didn't want to
give the respective order. Doing so, he got elegantly rid of a heavy-
burdened responsibility.

The civilian officer orders: "Listen everybody!" Then he continues, still
checking the holodisplay: "The meeting will be relunched in two minutes
in order to take the final vote! It's of high importance that Bali and Canton
have their say. The sensibility level of the automatic meeting controller
must be adjusted adequately, so that we will be warned in time by the
computer, in case that they not get a word in the edgeways! - Any

Nobody reports.
"By Allah, all of you know, what's the stake and what you have to do!
The final countdown starts in ten seconds!"

Zurich, Central GloNet-Office, Switzerland, February 2019

It is 07:37 local time. Most of the GloNet-IDs that take part in the plot are
identified meanwhile. Some experts art still busy to examine the
intercontinental network pipes on further suspicious fluctuations, but the
majority takes a break. They have gone to the canteen to have a breakfast

One of the view      that still hold out in the big local GloNet command
center is Martin A. On the one hand he is somehow just not in a festive
mood, and on the other hand he estimates that the current situation is still
extremly dangerous. Before long he expects that the other side will recall a
local or even global attack on the GloNet, as soon as they become aware
that their IDs are well-known to the GloNet security authority in the
meantime. Besides, he is still emotionally annoyed that he couldn't bring
himself to apologize to Natascha A. Surely, the staff in this GloNet center
will interpret that as a weakness of character. Therefore, he secretly hopes
that something important will happen, as long as nearly everybody else is
devoted to gluttony in the canteen. So he could be rehabilitated, somehow.

Djakkarta, GloNet-Center Bali, February 2019

Ali M. scolds: "That's done it!        If only these god damned incredulous
fellows in canton would deign to give us an anwer, finally! Why the hell
do we have to collaborate with these atheists? We surely have enough
brothers to deal with this affair .. "
At this very moment the picture on the big holodisplay in the centre of
the control room changes. An encoded message from Teheran announces
that the net meeting between the allies will be continued in a minute!

"Well done!     But why did they have to wait so long to tell us that?"
grumbles Ali M. The prospects for Ali M. are now much better to get
home in time ...

But now appears a message on the holodisplay and a synthetic female
voice warns: Attention, there is a probability of 85 % that SATAN has
infiltrated this system just now! - Attention, there is a probability of 85 %
that SATAN has infiltrated this system just now! Attention, there is a
probability of 85 % that SATAN has ..."

"Someone stop that crybaby immediately!" orders Ali M. "Damn thing -
that's really the last things, we needed now ... - Red alert! Proceedings
according to level ALPHA! Checking of Firewalls Zero One, Zero Two
und Zero Three. Catch circuits over sectors DELTA to LIMA. Site plans
and diagrams onto my holo. And transmit immediately - I repeat:
immediately - warnings over the hyperband to Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Teheran
and Canton. Hacked, compressed and 1024 bit-encoded, as usually!"

The torrent of words from Ali M. has everybody starting busy activities at

Zurich, Central GloNet-Office, Switzerland, February 2019

O7:44 Uhr local time. Martin A. feels a cozy weariness creeping up his
bones. The eyelids get heavy and he is suddenly longing for his kingsize
bed at home. He is asking himself: What the hell I'm I still doing here?
Why I'm I not going to celebrate with the others in the canteen. Or - even
better - why I'm I not just going home? Reflecting his thoughts he checks
once more the holodisplays. And - instinctivly - he realizes as small
deviation on the datahighway between Bali and Teheran. A few seconds
later he also notices that telltale little peak of energy on the glass fiber
pipes from Bali to Cairo, Abu Dhabi and - finally - to Canton in China.
Martin A. is familiar with this small energy peaks. They come from highly
compressed and hacked messages on the hyperband. And because all
affected GloNet centers are under a special security surveillanc, it is
immediately clear to Martin A. that he must inform the staff in the
canteen. Even though that would mean that he spoiled the party once

It takes not more than twenty seconds after his emergency call to the
canteen, until the chief in command and two female experts appear in the
doorway. Martin A. plays back the automatically recorded incidents in
slow motion. That way, the fast increases and decreases of the energy
amplitudes in the hyperband-field are even clearer visible.

An expert begins to speak: "I'm not so sure as Martin A., what this is all
about. These amplitutes do not necessarily come from compressed and
hacked hyperband messages. We have already seen such peaks in cases,
where pipes have been affected by pulsed magnet fields." Here she pauses
shortly; then she continues: "But since only just the dubious Glonet
regions are affected, I agree with him, this time..."

The other expert nods in approval.
The chief in command breaks the short silence: "Hm ..., well - I take it
that there's obviously something under way." Then he adds thoughtfully:
"It seems that I have to spoil the party over there ..."
Here got interrupted by Martin A. who murmers sarcastically: "I'm so glad
that it is YOU, this time, and not ME! Seems that I'm the black sheep of
the familiy, anyway ..."

But   before the chief in command manages to inform the staff in the
canteen about the newest events, the few people in the main control room
can suddenly observe a significant rise of data transmissions. The boss
reacts quickly and precisely. The view people around detect from the
emotionless nature, in which this man acts, that he has an immence
experience in handling difficult situations: "Switch realtime frequency-
and speech-analyzer on! - Feedback?"
One of the two experts reports a few seconds later: "RFSA running. The
machine is working perfectly!"
"Okoay", the chief turns to Martin A.: "I expect you to feed the 68 tripple
X parallel machine every three to five minutes with all the virus-checked
incoming data ..."
"Got that, commander! I'm on my way!" replies Martin A., and he quickly
turns around to the 68XXX computer holodisplay.

Djakkarta, GloNet-Center Bali, February 2019

The SATAN-warning to the allies went unhindered into the pipes. But the
pipes were already open at both ends, so that SATAN could now already
reside in systems that have not been infected so far. In any case, Teheran
reported just 30 seconds ago that they received again a SATAN warning,
concerning a new infiltration. Cairo and Abu Dhabi report similar
observations. Only Canton seems not affected so far.

However, before     the affected centers can take a vote it is necessary to
free the infected systems from SATAN. And so it is decided to postpone
the vote once more, so that the meeting procedures will start half an hour
later than previously re-scheduled.

Zurich, Central GloNet-Office, Switzerland, February 2019

After  a bit more than 3 minutes it is obvious that the remote data
transmission has returned to normal level. A quick analyses shows that
something like a final vote must be planned. But it also seems that it has
been postponed at the last moment. And - most important - that the enemy
systems are attacked by SATAN!

This puts the Swiss GloNet central immediately on orange alert. SATAN
is a dangerous thing: Once it has managed to creep into a system, it is very
diffictult to get rid of it. Of course, Zurich's inner ring - the hardware
kernel - is hermetically sealed by means of multiple redundant
independent firewalls. But in der middle section, where most data flows,
such a rigorous sealing is naturally not possible. A program like SATAN
can cause severe damage in that section. Therefore, there is a class of so-
called antidots that fight against intruders of all kind in a similar way as
their 'real' biological examples. Polymorph viruses and synthetic bugs
from hackers that could trigger quite some excitement in the late 20th
century, are now under control of these electronic public health service.

But - like in real life - there are also in the GloNet chaotic states that
undermine the health of the global network-organism and that could
trigger the epidemic of data. It is known that SATAN cannot create
computer viruses at all, but this program tries to access the kernels of the
great computer centers. In one of its highly evolved states, SATAN
modulates internal system calls, thereby faking the antidots to believe that
the intruders sit legally in the kernel. As soon as SATAN spreads there
with the help of computer viruses, he alters calls that are relevant for
systems security in a vicious way, by coupling part of his own code to
their code. Normally, it is no problem to identify these altered data, by
constantly comparing the byte-length with a secure database. But SATAN
uses a sophisticated compressor algorithm that restores altered code to his
original length. In case that SATAN couldn't achieve an complete
equivalence, the program does without any modifications, to not give
himself away. Therefore, the computer centers have proceeded to
compress their inherent system commands and their data as much as
possible with lossless compressors. Besides, extremly sensitiv parts haven
been programmed more and more in hardware.

Teheran, GloNet-Center Near East , 2019, February 2019

It is exactly 12:16 p.m. local time when Cairo, Bali and Abu Dhabi
announce that SATAN has been successfully removed from their systems.
Canton - which was not affected - has gone offline in the meantime
because they didn't want to risk an infiltration. With a special code Canton
is asked now to go online again. They have already wondered, why it
takes so much time at the allies' centers to remove SATAN.

As of now, Teheran coordinates again all of the allied activities. They
must define the joint procedures now, otherwise they will miss the best
time window, because time is running short. Therefore, they all want to
take the vote quickly now.

But because they are pressed for time, Teheran has not been as cautious
as usual. Therefore, nobody notices that the GloNet center in Zurich is
monitoring online in a roundabout way, when the result of the vote is
announced after some back and forth.

Teheran   is briefly reporting the vote: "There has been only a narrow
majority - but the result must be accepted without protest by all our
members! The vote is seven to six for the realization of our original plan.
But the time for the start of our joint operation has been shifted. We start
our actions now at exactly 00:24:00 world time. The forward time of two
hours is not changed. Allah be with all of you! - Any questions?"

There   are only a few question concerning the coordination, and after
about five minutes the net meeting is over.

Zurich , Central GloNet-Office, Switzerland, February 2019

The improvised party in the canteen has been abandoned meanwhile and
the crew has completely gathered in the big control room. In contrary to a
lot of the employees, John T. and Martin A. don't believe things are secure
again. Of course, Zurich has successfully monitored the online meeting of
Teheran and his allies. But it is not sure that all relevant data is known.
There is still the possibility that one or more untapped secret channels run
information between Teheran and his allies. Teheran has probably even
got something of Zurich's bugging system. Then they could have temped
Zurich deliberately with faked news ...

Natascha A. takes also the view that it is now even more important, to
continue the monitoring of all net activities in the regions in question.
Most of the GloNet staff take only reluctantly note of these statements,
because it means, the party in the canteen is definitely canceled and they
are supposed to have another night shift instead. But the employees don't
have watertight arguments that could clear away the objections of
Natascha A., Martin A., John T. and - much more important - of the local
GloNet boss.

Therefore,   the assignment of the staff to different surveillance groups
starts now right away. The groups detach each other every two hours. So
about a quarter of the staff has a break of six hours, another quarter carries
out routine work and half of the employees are available for special
surveillance tasks. The people that have been off duty for six hours, enter
first the stressful special service for the next two hours. Then they take
care of the routine work for another two hours, before they are again off
for six hours. This organization is not new to the stuff. It has already been
tested several times in simulated red alerts on a scale of 1 : 1. Therefore
everything goes now according to the plan.

A small task force must now develop a new strategy against the outside
threat. There are only eight people assigned to that team, among others
also Natascha A., Martin A. and John T. This special task force retreats
into a quiet adjoining room for the brainstorming. They are all networked
wireless with each other by the small PDA's that they wear like a
wristwatch. And they are also connected to the backbone of the local
GloNet center over a dedicated highspeed line. Besides they must put on a
special helmet that, among other things, gauges their brainwaves. A few
special purpose seats are arranged below a central holodisplay at the
ceiling. They remotely resemble the old chairs for dental treatment that
were widely in use during the second half of the 20th century.

After the members of the task force have gathered under the holodisplay
and taken their seats, there is a short function test. Happily, verything
works fine at the first go. That is not self-evident, because there is a lot of
high-tech involved, and the software is mostly still in Beta. The special
helmets are also often a source of trouble. They are disigned, to give
conclusions on subconscious thoughts and feelings through the help of

The main reason for this phenomenon is the fact that - for once - theories
lag ways behind experience. There are still no programs around that could
compensate for the inevitable inaccuracies that stem from the trouble
sensitive measurement and evaluation of the weak current, involved.

The error-correction within the software is still managed heuristically in
the first place. The original idea was, to connect that novel
communications system from the beginning with biocomputers or even
quantumcomputers, because brain activities are, by nature, closely related
to chaos and quantum behaviour.

Many people hoped for improvements in efficiency and the elimination
of a possible source of errors, by switching from quantum- and
bioactivities to the linear logic of massivly paralleled computers. It then
turned out quickly that bugs in the communications system's hard- and
software were often additionally amplified by these computers, because of
bio-resonance phenomenons. As a consequence, related experiments have
finally mostly been aborted.

The whole brainstorming procedure takes longer than scheduled. Even
after 90 minutes there is still a red lamp over the door, signaling that there
is still no admission. But then, after about 100 minutes, it is decided to
break off. Still, it takes again some time for the computers to develop and
present the best strategies.

When the computers have finished their task and start to present the task
force's ideas, there is much surprise that there have are some rather
unconventional proposals. These ideas seem to have been suppressed by
their 'inventors', but the affiliated brainwave activities have been
intercepted and interpreted by the hard- and software. Because the
computers had to exploit mostly subconscious ideas, the results are not
much of a surprise to the experts, among them psychologists,
anthropologists and biochemists.

One of the most amazing proposals suggests, to apparently ignore the net
terrorist's activities for the time beeing. But then - at the last moment - the
whole GloNet should be shut down, still under full control of the GloNet
authority. During the attacks on the GloNet, the most important functions
could be maintained over the emergency net. At the same time there are
software ATPs tracing the jamming of the aggressors and preparing for an
immediate counterattack. They overflow the terrorist's nests and - as soon
as this is achieved - the work of destruction on the data of the Dark Side
can be launched. As soon as all terrorist bases haven been eliminated, the
GloNet can start to work again in normal state.

This procedure would not be pleasant to the GloNet clientele with sensitiv
data, of course. But a controlled shut down of the Glonet activities - even
without previous notice - offers the administration a chance to safe over
999,99 per mil and to make it immediately available after a new startup. A
GloNet crash, as a result of a terrorist attack, would result in more data
losses and more trouble, without doubt. But this idea will probably not be
completed, because the circle of well-informed people would have to be
extended too much. So far, this has never lead to an improvement of
secrecy - on the contrary ...

A   seemingly unconventional proposal suggests to switch the GloNet
backbones, just before phase zero, to the reserve satellites that are working
in the hyperband. The power of these satellites should be sufficient for
twenty minutes, in the worst case scenario. The 'hot' pipes in the terrorist's
sectors could be switched off during that time. Possibly, even the whole
network could run in parallel, so that the terrorists would think that their
attacks were successful. However, the brief time with a guaranteed power
supply seems too short for most experts. Somebody suggested to supply
the satellites additionally over microwave links with energy. So some
more extra hours could be gained. But an prompt checkback with the
technical service turns out that most of the communcications satellites'
microwave receivers are too small. And they cannot be retrofitted in such
a short period, because six of the GloNet Gliders are away for important
satellite maintenance services in the space around the earth. The other two
Gliders are downed in the hangars for a periodical check-up. And besides:
There would be too many peoples involved, once more.

A third proposal is to paralyse the GloNet centers of the net terrorists
under some heavy, carefully coordinated virus attacks. A contamination of
the pipes to the terrorist's centers could also be taken into consideration.
Martin A.'s virus - only just developed and tested - has already proofed
that it can cheat some firewalls. A few thousands of these viruses could
pretend a system administrator that 'his' computer system is overloaded,
when they reproduce fastly enough - and if they manage to make no easy
target, using self-modifying code. After the system administrator has shut
down the system, some of these viruses settle down in a Flash-ROM.
When the system is started again, they are already inside the safety zone
that is protected by firewalls. There they can connect to higher 'cell-
organisms'. Then they could fake the system that they are part of a
completely 'legal' file system. Now they clue unhindered to the data
packets that transit to the Intranet or the GloNet. Like this, they could
spread out quickly overall and the networked computers could be
contaminated from the outside and the inside at the same time ...

Of course, these viruses will be detected by virus scanners, in the sequel
of a session - but this is part of the strategy: The system administrator will
now try to get rid of the viruses. If he doesn't succeed, he will once more
shut down the system and restart it with a 'clean' configuration. But now
he will detect with horror that the viruses are there again! How could he
know that they have clued to a Flash-ROM? So a system can be off
service for hours - and sometimes for days, when the system administrator
must be sent to a clinic, because of a nervous breakdown ...

It is obvious that somebody will sooner or later deal with the Flash-
ROMs. But until this happens, the system will be offline for a hell of a
time! And - in any case - a GloNet center can be jammed for hours, like

Another scenario that could be carried out quite easily, suggests to detach
the 'hot' centers from the net on a plausible context, until the situation is
again under control. However, the calculations of the probability engines
show clearly that terror squads can undermine this venture. They could
manage to switch to other pipes, if they have planned thoroughly.

The computer offers also a     few pieces of advise that are more in the
mainstream and implie less risky business. But on the downside, their
element of surprise is nearly zero.It is necessary now, to weigh carefully,
what strategy might be most suitable to put a stop to the terrorist's game.

Exactly as  in Teheran, Zurich must come quickly to a wise decision,
because each minute is valuable in the race against time. Nevertheless,
Zurich makes up his mind and keeps the computers once more busy with
some more probability calculations, concerning the proposed procedures.
And because time is running merciless, it is the boss, who decides
spontaneously, to make available two quantum computers for this task.

When the computers announce the results of these analyses after about
fifteen minutes, everybody is surprised - to say the least. None of the
proposed actions could catch on with significant majority. Rather, the
computers have come to a strange conclusion that is close to surreal in its
philosophical statement - if one considers that it is the answer of a lifeless

The experts in the main control room of the Swiss GloNet center look at
each other, shake their head and some are smiling with embarrassment.
Nobody risks to say that the quantum computers might have flipped out -
even so the majority is surely convinced about that ...

Some    members of the tech staff regain their composure first. They
suggest to make a counter check with the biocomputers. Realistically,
there is no alternative to that, in view to a zero option. So the boss gives
his 'Go'.

About    half an hour later the biocomputers have also no clear
recommendation. At least they do without philisophical outings, but they
state unemotionally that none of the view variants got more than a 50 %
rating. The proposal, to specifically infiltrate the GloNet with Martin A.'s
viruses, got most points - but still not enough. Things get pretty difficult
now ...

And then there comes an order from the I/O control center: "As of now
we have alert phase orange! We have a real mess with the net and need
every expert available for help!"

Teheran, February 2019, GloNet-Center Near East

A   few minutes ago the experts located the first strange and alarming
deviations, checking high-speed data transfer. The secret service assumes,
a leak in the system has allowed GloNet data to spill out of the pipes
during the meeting with the allies. Therefore, the security police of the
GloNet is now intercepting and disturbing traffic on these lines. But the
majority of the stuff in this GloNet center is not willing to follow that
assumption. Experience has showed that eavesdrop manifests with other
symptoms. The net pulsates this time completely different - as if
somebody sucks off the whole 'juice'. Data is reflected back and fore, as
multiple echoes appear. Resonances help to bring the pumping net into a
feedback loop. It's just a matter of time, until the capacity of the net will
collapse under the strain of the present power peaks.

"Shit, what son of a bitch pumps up the net like hell?" yells an officer of
the secret service.
"We are sorry, but we have no idea what's going on out there!" 'explains
somebody of the tech staff.

"Alert phase orange for the whole center - and I want a connection to the
GloNet Worldcenter, right now!" comes the order from the officer.

"Sir, we have a connection!" reports the communications service seconds

But even on this pipe that is shut for any other data traffic, there is a hell
of jamming in the communication. The pump effect is so strong that the
automatic volume control turns as low as 0.02 percent of maxpower! The
pumping in the high-frequency range jams the communication with the
GloNet worldcenter even more, because the automatic volume control
cannot keep up with the ever changing amplitude. This behaviour
increases the pump effects additionally.

"What the hell are you really doing in the central office? We have alert
phase orange and this damned data traffic is jammed on every pipe ..."

"We try ha ... but this is ... of control. But we know that the origin is not
here! We repeat: The origin ... here! The additional noise is brought in
through an unknown ..."

At this point, the line is heavily jammed once more.
"Hello Worldcenter, hello Worldcenter, can you hear me, can you see
me? Please stand by ..."

But after a few more useless attempts it is clear: This pipe is dead.
"Shit, they don't come through anymore! Hold the line on all emergency
frequencies! We have alert phase red! I repeat: Alert phase read!" shouts
the highest ranking secret service officer.

Zurich, Central GloNet-Office, Switzerland, February 2019

The brainstorm team hurries to set off into the main controll room. They
arrive there just in time, because the chief-representative Vanessa M.
orders just alert phase red. A short glance at the heavily flickering and
pumping holodisplays makes them fear the worst.

The   boss wants to know: "What's going on here?" He looks for his
representative, who is busy again, discussing matters with a highfrequency
expert. When she turns away from the console, shaking her head in
despair, she recognizes her boss, who is checking the data on a displays in
front of her: "Vanessa, what the hell is going on here, once again? Is this
still under your control?"

"I'm sorry - but that looks really bad. We tried about all tricks during the
last two minutes, but it doesn't help. On the contrary - it's getting worse
and worse! We have now reached about 85 % of our maximum capacity.
If we can't stop it, we have 150 % in about a minute! Then we'll need a
new fuse box ..."

"Is this coming from outside in or is it a fault in our system?"
"We are absolutely sure that the extra juice is fed into our system from
the outside! But then - nobody could have as much power as ..."

The   boss is cutting her off impatiently: "Did you check the GloNet
centers in Bali, the Iran and China?"

"We    can't get through to them, since a bit more than a minute. The
jamming is too strong", replies Vanessa M. With a glance at the
holodisplay at the ceiling she continues immediately: "Our range is
presently limited to about 250 kilometers - diminishing fastly. We'll have
not even in-house capacity in about a minute or so!"

"Shit, that's really bullshit!" curses one of the technicians. He has just
tried in vain to get the GloNet Worldcenter on the secret high-priority

"How much longer can you supply power?" asks the boss.
"The fuses are good for one more minute - if we're really lucky, else ..."
That's an alarming statement by the crew from the electrical engineering.

John T. suggests, to shut off the whole center, except the direct pipe to the
GloNet Worldcenter. And he thinks that it will be also necessary to
disconnect the sensible areas from the emergency generator: "We should
be extremely careful, as long as we still don't know, who and what is
playing havoc with the net!"

For a short and dangerous moment the boss looks at John T. as if he had
just heard the words of a man, who is going nuts. Then he checks the
informations on various displays - and there he notices that some values
are already in the red sector. This triggers finally a start off: "Listen
everybody! We shut down the system immediately. And don't forget to
switch off sensible areas from the emergency generator! This is an alpha
order - code: Delta, November, Romeo, Niner, Three, Tripple Seven,
Foxtrott, Lima!"

As soon as this order has died away, there are thousands of lines of code
running over the holoscreens as automatic backup routines fill the
holomemory. Seconds later, the displays get abruptly dark when the
loading factor of the net is coming near the 140% mark.

"Sensible areas must be cut off immediately now!" screams the boss
when he notices that the loading factor is crossing 150%.

"We can't do this right now. We still need a few seconds! When we cut
off now, we distroy the holomemory!" is one technical engineer
desperately warning.

"Bio-  and quantumcomputers are off now!" reports another technical

"Wow, that was a really hot one!" groans the chief deputy.
When    the loading reaches over 155%, several muffled blasts can be
heard by everybody in the main control room. It is similar to an old-
fashioned pistol with silencer.

"Here   go the fuses ...", mutters the boss. "Engineering department -
what's going on there?"

An expert in a white overall appears after a  few seconds in the door
frame: "We could managed to shut down the sensitive sectors, but before
we could disconnect them physically, the fuses were already blown out.
To the hell with the whole damned bloody thing! - If the holomemory is
damaged now, then ..."

"Then what?" asks John T.
"Then we have lost all records on this center's data transfer from about
midnight on! And - even worse - all crypto codes from the last hours have
gone down the drain too - and with it most of the files that stem from
financial transactions of the local banks. We must keep them, because of
security reasons, for at least 48 hours."

"But you could surely restore 'em, as you did with the memory of our
personal machines?" asks Martin A.

"Well, I'm afraid that's not that easy this time... - we're talking here about
BILLIONS of files and not about a few hundredthousand or millions! And
they are all highly encrpyted and therefore very different from each other."

"But on principle it must work, when ..."
"But    it doesn't!" John T. is cut off by a technical expert. "We
encountered interactions on the quantum level in the holomemory, with
the dire consequencies that the respective hotspots of older data can't be
restaured any more!"
"Is that true?" asks John T. the boss.
"It is - I'm afraid! And when you add the fact that the holomemory was
exposed for some seconds to the strong, resonant and modulated energy
pulses, because of the emergency shut down, it is clear that we could have
destroyed its capacitativ ability, at least in part or - worse - totally!"

Glider C9, in geostationary orbit around the Earth, February

Compared      to the GloNet-Glider with the callsign GSS 3, the orbital
satellite that is in service right now, is nothing more than a dwarf - even
though it could easily fill an entire living room. After two hours of heavy
work with no incidents in the orbit, there is an emergency call from
CC 14 in the South American Andes: "What the hell are you guys doing
with our satellite out there? We have absolutely unbelievable amplitudes
on our pipes! Where do you have this juice from? ... are these all bloody
beginners hanging around our baby this time? Stop that bloody shit immed
... order from the highest ranking staff!" These words are followed by a
few curses that are not meant for the press, before the connection is cut off
without a goodbye.

The commander up there in the glider wonders about the complaint from
Earth, but he is even more curious, why the transmission quality was so
bad. Therefore he checks first the receiver - but there is no hint of a
malfunction. And the activity of the sun is also not predicted beyond
average for today. So he decides to check this later, because he wants to
inform his crew about the message from the earth, right now.

He has no idea, what's it all about and so he asks the service team that is
outside of the GSS 3 working and silently floating around the satellite:
"Attention, you guys, out there! We've just received some 'minor'
complaints about our work from CC 14!" With these words he replays the
short radio communication that he encounered just a few seconds ago.

The crew outside listens impatiently to the complaint from earth. Each
and every small prolongation of their stay in deep space is undesireable for
the people out there, who work in precisely timed shifts outside the glider.
Because of the strong cosmic radiation, working outside the gliders, that
are protected with special lining materials, is only allowed for about an
hour daily. Each member of the workgroup has a special indicator on his
front and back that shows his actual contamination level. As soon as
somebody reaches the limit, he must immediately return to the secure
interior of the glider. But then - consequently - all work outside must also
be stopped, because everybody's work is tightly syncronized and
depending on the other team member's work.
The captain of the team at the satellite repair bays reports: "Right now,
we're working on the outer fairing and two people are replacing the laser
diodes. So this satellites operates only with minimal power during our
service, for security reasons. Standard procedure, you know ... the hell
thinks this son o' a bitch, who we are? We're not planning any suici...
actions as of now!"

The glider commander notices with unease the short cut offs that remaind
him of some sort of jamming. But then - who would jam a service line? He
breathes deeply, then he contacts the captain of the service team again:
"That sounds pretty much like our normal routine. I'll read those guys in
Chile the riot act right now! Go on working ... there!" He has a glance on
his multifunction wrist watch and attaches: "I hope I didn't spoil your
appetite ... Don't forget, it's lunch ... in about ... minutes."

To be absolutely sure about the integrity of all relevant systems, he asks
the computer to check the glider and also the satellite outside that is
connected to the glider with a thick 'umbilical cord'. When the check is
finished without any indication of malfunctions, he calls CC 14.

In  a split second a synthetic female voice reports: "Connection
established, you may talk, Commander!"

"GSS 3 to CC 14. No unusual events up here. Business as usual." Here
he makes a short break. Then he attaches with a calm but icy voice: "You
guys down there, kick your ass yourself next time, before you bother us
with such peanuts again! You got that?"

It takes not even ten seconds until the station in the Andes replies: "Roger,
14 to GSS 3. We kindly ignore your last sentence." There's a short break
here and the glider commander thinks, that CC 14 has already cut off. But
then they come again - this time with an interesting message: "Are you
still online Glider 3?"

"Sure we are ..."
"Listen, meanwhile we have reports that we're not the only ones, who
encounter such problems with our pipes. Because you're managing one of
our satellites up there, we've thought that it could be you, messing it all up.
But we just received messages that about half of the worldwide GloNet
centers have failed. Just a minute ago we did also cut off our links to the
GloNet, because otherwise we would have overloaded the system. The
juice in the pipes was suddenly so enormous - we've read peaks over 140

"Roger, Glider 3 to CC 14. Up here all autosystems are at green. There
are absolutely no indications about changes of the cosmic radiation. Could
it not be a software problem, after all?"
"Roger,   14 to 3. We'll check that immediately. Thanks for the hint!

Multinationale Moonbase ‚Sentry‘,                      East      of    Mare
Tranquilitatis, February 2019

The    sensitive gauges, belonging to the special equipment for the
exploration of the moon's mineral resources in the 3.8 billion years old
lava streams of the vast lowlands, record electromagnetic shockwaves.
The scientist Eve M. - who's duty is also to control the measurements
periodically - is striked by the massive amplitudes. She asks the central
office, whether there are geological tests taking place in the observed
moon area. The answer is negative, the last explorations have taken place
about a week ago. Because a grave accident with a high radiation dose
occurred then in a minireactor, all work has been suspended, until the fact-
finding commitee of the security commission will have published a report.

"Could it be, that somebody is exploring on his own account, without
knowledge of the superior officers?" insists Eve M., who is an expert on
diamond deposits.

"Just a moment, I can overview the fleet of exploratory vehicles from the
other window ..." replies the officer on duty at the central office.

Eve M. sees on her display, how the officer walks across his room and
how he looks through the windows on the opposite wall. He holds the
minicamera in his multifunction wrist watch to the window, so that Eve
M. has now about the same overview on the area outside as the officer

"We     should count 14 vehicles", he explains to her. "You may count
along, if you like. I'll start at the left side ..."

"No, thanks - just tell me whether there is no vehicle missing!" refuses
Eve M. with a smile.

The officer seems very concerned, when he states a few seconds later:
"There are only twelve out there ..."

"What? Does this mean that there is somebody exploring all the same?"
the good-looking scientist would like to know.

"No, no - don't panic! It might well be that the two missing vehicles are
in the rep hangar for periodical checks. I can check that, if you give me
one more minute ..."

"Yes please - that's very important to me!" she asks kindly.
She can clearly see and hear, how the officer oders his computer to check
the whereabouts of the missing vehicles. Then a synthetic voice informs:
"Location of exploration vehicles number two and seven is rep hangar.
Duration of service checks is expected to be until 28th of February. Do you
need further informations?"

"Yes. Is somebody exploring outside of the base right now?"
It takes only a few seconds, until the emotionless voice replies: "No, there
are no explorations taking place. All exploration is stopped, until the
report of the Security Commission is published. - Do you have more

"No thanks, connection terminated", answers the officer.
Then he asks Eve M.: "Did you catch that, M'am?"
"Yes, thanks! But I have a last question ..."
"Yes, please ..."
"Did you receive any notifications from the monitoring computers during
the last quarter of an hour or so. These messages would be about
deviations from the rated values."

"Negative, there have been no such messages during the last 48 hours. If
it goes on like this, service up here will be quite boring. Just a year ago
things were quite a bit different ..."

Eve M. interrupts the officer, because she is in a hurry: "Sorry Sir, I'd like
to talk about that with you another time. But I'm quite under stress, at the

"That's all right, M'am. Good luck!" The officer terminates the connection
and Eve M. observes the screens again. The rated values are still much too
high. She is sure that these fluctuations are not system-inherent. Therefore,
she decides to have the instruments checked by the tech expert that is
assigned to this task. In case that the equipment works correctly, contrary
to all expectations, she would have to discuss the latest data with some

She orders the computer to search for the tech expert. After some time the
machine reports: "Wanted person located in section 32. Has break until
15:00 worldtime. Establishing connection anyway?"

"No, wait until three o'clock p.m., before you establish the connection!"
This affair is not first on Eve M.'s priority list. As long as not even 1 % of
the instruments have failed there's no need to worry. However, she decides
to observe all gauges regularly and with shorter intervals. And she tells the
computer to report immediately deviations of 50 % or more from the rated
value. These deviations are actually between 25 and 40 %.

She has just left her office, when the communicator in the multifunction
wrist watch starts to vibrate. There's obviously an important message
lining up. Eve M. types her identification code on the small touch screen-
display - and there is already that message, running over the screen in red

                             End of part IV

        "Attack on the GloNet"

                                  Part V

Saturnorbit , Near Enceladus, February 2019

A really huge spaceship floates majestically just a few miles from one of
Saturn's moons. The spaceship is there since the 14th of February. It is part
of a galactic delegation of observers, who regularly watch the
development of mankind since several thousand years. But since human
beings made their first attempts to fly - just about one hundred years ago -
and when they landed on the moon in the late sixties of the last century,
the extraterrestrial observations have been considerably intensified.

Another important fact, leading to closer monitoring, has been the advent
of computers, together with great advances in information technologies
and computer sciences and - last but not least - the foundation of the
GloNet. And it was evident that the the steep learning curve of mankind
and their thirst for knowledge - combined with a global network and a
general information surplus - gave new opportunities to the inherent
aggressivness of these creaturs. This was in strong contradiction to most of
the other oberseved evolutions. Therefore, it was decided to observe the
further state of affairs on Earth from a nearby place in the solar system.
This could be done with a small, but permanent delegation. And Saturn,
the great planet with his strange ringstructure, gives the huge ship just the
needed radar protection.

The   small extraterrestrial delegation decided a few minutes ago, to
intervene and induce a controlled communications chaos on Earth. During
the last days they noticed increased activities beyond the average
fluctuations in the GloNet. Because of the special human behavioral
pattern that had been registred on many occasions before, they came to the
conclusion that a potentially dangerous coup was planned.

Further accurate analysis showed that the effects of the planned GloNet
coup could not been predicted clearly. Starting with fourth grade
oscillations, there was no way to determine further trends. This clearly
indicated that the GloNet would afterwards develope into a highly chaotic
behavior.Too many strange attractors turned up in the multi-dimensional
environment - and they all influenced one another. A quick check,
concerning similar events in the evolution of other cultures of the
universe, showed alarming facts: A multi-attractor field leads in 95 % of
similar cases to civil war or at least war-like actions - up to mutual
extermination. Potential fields up to the seventh order of magnitude were
generally under control with extraterrestrial super-mathematics. But here it
was about multi-dimensional fields of much higher orders.

The   small crew of the spaceship decides therefore to intervene
immediately and to heavily jam the Earth' lifeline, called GloNet. The
quarrelsome there on the Blue Planet shall thus run into so many
problems, that they forget quarreling pretty fast ...

The extraterrestrial crew uses a guide beam in a hyperdimension to send
sharply focussed energy bundles into vital parts of the GloNet. The energy
quantums are modulated onto a string, so that they can easily enter from
the hyperdimension into the four-dimensional continuum of space and
time. This string has simultaneously the effect of a resonance amplifier.
However, the source energy is estimated so that it should not cause
permanent damage to the GloNet.

Saturnorbit, near Enceladus, sometime in February 2019

During and after the disruptive action there is a lot of activity on the
spaceship: The diverse transmission frequencies on Earth must be scanned
by the crew of the spaceship. It turns out that the alien intervention causes
an enormous chaos on the global lifeline. Nearly all known political and
military frequencies show an immens data traffic. And there is a lot of
turmoil there. So the crew comes to the conclusion that it is neccessary to
stop the jamming for some time. They will wait and see, what longterm
reactions can be observed on Earth.
Multinationale Moonbase ‚Sentry‘,                     East      of     Mare
Tranquilitatis, February 2019

After   Eve M. has read the message about the dangerously rising
electromagnetic numbers on her communicator she runs right back to her
office. In fact, the values are incredibly high! They are already
approaching the 170 % mark. She really wants to know now, what is
behind all that. There is no way: The repair service has to get in touch with
her immediately. Therefore, she tells the communicator to wake up the
repair expert right now.

After a few seconds she gets clearance to speak. The small holodisplay
flickers shortly, before the picture stabilizes. Eve M. looks into the face of
a tired and uncombed Tatjana R.: "Hello Tatjana! I'm sorry to startle you
in the middle of your well-deserved sleep. But it's pretty important that
you come up into my control room as fast as possible and ..."

"Has   your equipment also gone crazy up there?" asks Tatjana R.
seemingly very excited.

"What does this mean, 'also'"
"Well", replies Tatjana R., "I was just called by the guys in the hangar,
because they have funny readings on their test equipment since for some
minutes ..."

"Wow, that's it! My peak values read over 200 % now. When they reach
250 % I'll have to switch off most of the instrumentation."

"I'll be in your office in a few seconds", promises Tatjana R., and her
tired face fades away on the holodisplay.

Eve M. has now constantly an eye on the main display in her office room.
And the luminous stripes there are creeping slowly but steadily over the
200 % mark ...

Saturnorbit, near Enceladus, February 2019

The crew of the spaceship from deep space decides now to stop the heavy
jamming of the Earth's network, because the interference with the GloNet
has already the desired impact. But they'll watch closely the further

Multinational        moonbase         ‚Sentry‘,       East      of     Mare
Tranquilitatis, February 2019

The     door opens with a slight sizzling and Tatjana R. enters the
observation station of Eve M. This room is under nomimal pressure, i.e.
corresponding to a terrestrial hight of about 4500 feet. In the connecting
corridors outside there is a much lower athmosperic pressure. This reduces
stress on the long-winded structures considerably. Besides, loss of air from
miscroscopic meteorite hits is not so much of a problem as would be,
when there was overpressure everywhere in the station.

After a glance over the different holodisplays it is pretty clear to Tatjana
R. that something very strange is going on: "You're right, Eve, these
numbers are totally beyond normal. I haven't seen that before ..." Here she
makes a short break, but after a moment of hesitation she continues: "To
be exact: I think, I saw pretty similar values years ago during a string
experiment by the military. They had pretty serious considerations about
how they could protect the Earth from the potentially diastrous aftermath
of a big meteorite impact. So they tried to deviate a meteorite from his
trajectory with a special arrangement of atomic bombs that were ignited
sequencially. They hoped that the bombs would have an effect on the
gravitational field around the meteorite, by building a small artificial
'crater' in this field. The gravitational waves should help to drift the
meteorite in the direction of the gravitational 'crater'. He would kind of
'roll over there' like a marble on a slanted plane ..."

"And - did you find out, where these strange behaviour came from?"
"Well, I was not allowed to be there in the project team, when the data
was evaluated. You should bear in mind that this was about top secret
research. They wanted definitely to prevent that the press got to know
about that. They feared that publications on that theme could trigger
unnecessary fear of a speedy comet impact in the public."

"So you have no idea how that was linked up?" asks Eve M. eagerly.
"Of course I thought about that! First I assumed that the instruments have
gone crazy. But this was obviously not the case. I consulted the records of
the manufacturers of these instruments to learn more about them. By
chance I noticed that they - through there specific structure - must be
extremely sensitive to differences in the local gravitational field. I had that
checked in several known gravitational 'traps' - both extraterrestrial and
terrestrial. The results coincided mostly with my assumption.

"May I conclude, these amplitudes here could have something to do with
gravitational waves?"

"Yes and no! Other events could theoretically also have an effect. Energy
streams from another dimension - for example. And cosmic strings could
also manifest like that. When the instruments at that time were sensitive
enough to react on gravitatonal fields, they might as well be to other fields
or forces with cosmic dimensions!"

"Are you really talking about higher-dimensional forces now?" asks Eve
M. a bit dismayed.

"Well, please don't look at me like that, Eve! Our math has already gone
multi-dimensional a long time ago. Do you seriously believe that there's
not more under the sun than we have found so far with our bit of
knowledge in the four-dimensional space-time?"

"But - where is the origin of these forces? What I mean is: Who and what
triggers 'em? I just cannot watch how our expensive and sophisticated
equipment kicks the bucket ..."

"No     idea", replies Tatjana R., shrugging her shoulder. Perhaps
extraterrestrial beings or a black hole or a neighbour galaxie ..."

"Please, Tatjana, stop that nonsense! These events can't leave you cold. I
know you - you're dying to find out more about it!"

"You're damn right! I shall study the data thoroughly as soon as this is
over. When I get the necessary computer power for only a few days, I
think that I can present some results sometimes in the near future!"

"But don't you're going to check these instruments here before?" asks
Eve M., showing to the bank of gauges on the console.

"I'm deadsure that they indicate without the slightest deviations.     They
simply locate force-fields that are actually beyond our comprehension. But
if you give the explicit order, I'll check the whole system right now. After
all, you're the boss!"

"No, no - that's all right! I know that you have a sixth sense, when you're
working with such problems. I'll speak up for you that you get all the
computer power you need, as soon as this is over!"

"Thanks,  Eve, you're a terrific boss! It's a dream job under your
command ..."

"Come on, don't exaggerate! You should rather explain me, how I have
to imagine such a interference with another dimension!"

"Well, that whole damn thing is very technical! I'm not sure whether you
really want to be bothered with that kind of stuff - but I'll try to explain it
by means of a comparison. Is that okay?"

Eve M. nods and Tatjana R. continues: "Well, Eve, imagine a world with
only three dimensions, namely a three-dimensional space-time universe,
with X and Z coordinates in a cartesian-like 2D-system and the time as the
third component. This defines a world that is totally flat. And this world is
occupied by totally flat creatures that stretch in only two dimensions. For
them, there is no 'above' and 'below', because - as you now know - their
world is totally flat. They can't even imagine something like 'up' and
'down', since they've never been confronted with a fourth dimension. Let's
assume now a creature from the 4th dimension - for example you! -
looking down on that flat world. And you decide suddenly to touch one of
the creatures on that flat world, just to see what happens.- Comprende,

Eve M. smiles: "Sure, if only we could manipulate men as easy as this!"
"Good heavens, Eve, you can twist them round your little finger much
easier! Blink with your eyes, show off your legs, let them have a deep
insight in your décolleté and - when everything else fails - a quick grasp
between their legs will always do!"

"Oh, I see! These stories about you are therefore correct?" asks Eve M.
Tatjana     R. replies hypocritically with a cheeky smile: "What kind of

"Oh well, there we have it!" giggles Eve M.
"And - what of it?" asks Tatjana R. coquettish.
"Nothing, nothing - as long as you do your work so well!" replies Eve M.
"Okay, you've interrputed my explanations. Shall I continue or do you
prefere to talk about my sexual lifestyle?"

"Yes, please! I'm very interested in your theory about gravitational

Tatjana R. continues with her explanations: "You can surely imagine that
your interference is a frightening experience for such a flat creature.
There's suddenly that finger of yours in front of him. And that finger came
out of nowhere, because that creature has no knowledge about a fourth
dimension. After some time it will come to some conclusions that are not
new to us: Perhaps it believes that his vision is a ghost or just a
hallucination. Most probably it will visit a two-dimensional psychiatrist
and it starts to give interviews to the press. But it could also decide not to
believe in ghosts and things like that. Instead it could - for example -
improve his knowledge about mathematics. It could discover that there are
actually more than just three dimensions hidden in mathematics. It learns
how to use his new math to calculate in many more dimensions. But it
cannot apply his knowledge, because it has no physical tools to explore
the 4th dimension - let alone the higher ones. You got that, Eve?"

"Hearing you talking like this, you make things clear to me. I just wonder,
how you will foist that to the big boss of this base, when you ask him for
more computer power", replies Eve M. smiling.

"Don't you worry!" replies Tatjana R. "He's just a man - one more man.
You've heard that stories about me, right? So why not imagine a new one,
right now?"

With swinging hips she tripples gracefully like a model over to the exit.
There she shakes her head, so that her peroxide blonde hair falls lightly
over her shoulder. She really looks like a big Barbie and before Eve M.
can start to laugh about that show, the door has already closed behind
Tatjana R.

When Eve M. turns around to check the displays once more, she sees
with great astonishment that they all show normal values meanwhile. She
bites her lip slightly and murmurs: "That silly creature from the 5th
dimension has already removed his finger ..."

Teheran, February 2019, GloNet-Center Near East

There's   a hopeless confusion in the local GloNet center. The crew of
engineers didn't manage to detach all important servers from the net in
time. Nobody can say, whether the sensitive equipment was damaged
during the short period of electrical overload, until the fuses responded
and cut power off. The power meters showed still steadily increasing
values in the GloNet pipes, just one minute ago. But a few seconds ago
they all dropped back to normal values, as if by magic. Understandably,
the people in the center still mistrust the indicated numbers, and so nobody
risks to give order for the re-start of the main system.

Zurich, Central GloNet-Office, Switzerland, February 2019

In Zurich the experts are as much surprised as their opponents in Teheran,
when they realize that the power meters fall suddenly back to normal from
dangerously high values. Everybody in the center can vividly imagine that
'outside' all had broken loose after the Central GloNet office had a dead
loss. But - in contrary to Teheran - people here don't yet know about the
global range of the incident. Therefore, everybody prepares for a seamless
reintegration into a working GloNet. So it is still generally assumed that
the problem can be traced back to one's own dead loss.

And there is already the order: "Replace the fuses! Then start the servers
in sectors Delta, Teta and Omega! Report, when you're ready!"
John T. asks: "Wouldn't it be wiser to wait a few minutes, to make sure
that the whole fuss doesn't start all over again?"

"That's out of the question!" replies a disgruntled boss. "How the hell
should we work out, what really happend, when we're not able to fall back
on our saved data?"

Martin A. tries to mediate: "John asks only for a few minutes - not for
hours. That doesn't really make much of a difference under present
circumstances or ..."

The boss interrupts him: "Oh, I see! And what about the thousands of
people outside? Do you seriously believe, they will understand that we
waste precious minutes here, while business for millions of GloNet dollars
slips through their fingers?"

John T. placates him down: "Okay, that was just a shy suggestion!
Personally, I don't care if the system crashes again under the next attack
and ..."

Natascha A. cuts him short: "You suppose therefore that this was the first
attack from Teheran and their allies?"

"Yeah, I suppose - but nothing more. I don't have enough facts yet. I'd
really like to go through the data of the last minutes before the crash. - Do
you have another explanation?"

"Martin A. assists: "I guess, most people here think the same. After all,
what we learned during the last days, it seems just logic."

"In  that case, they pretty much fooled us, because everybody here
thought, they would start at around midnight", murmurs Natascha A.

"Once in a while everybody makes a mistake. But we must learn from
our mistakes. And that means that we don't get caught once more by these
guys in Teheran. So let's be prepared for the worst." John T. talks softly to
Natascha A. and Martin A., while he has a meaningful look at the boss,
who is still eagerly waiting for the report that the systems have started up

John T.   still assumes that this was only the beginning of the planned
series of attacks on the GloNet. And therefore, he thinks it would be wiser
to check the data of the last minutes before the crash offline, instead of
going online in the GloNet.

However, Natascha A.cannot advocat John T.‘s thesis. It seems to her
simply inexplicable, how somebody could feed that much juice into the
net. She rather tips on a software or hardware error in the Zurich center.
Such an error could intensify himself in a feedback loop. That again would
induce this absurdly high levels of energy that were indicated by the
power meters, though they didn't exist in realtiy.

Martin A. has just made a few calculations on his communicator. Even
though the results are temporary for now, they lead to the one conclusion:
In case that the power meters showed correct readings, there must have
been an enormous armount of energie fed into the GloNet. At the present
level of knowledge it is simply impossible, even a synchronized alliance
of several country centers, to obtain the requested energies. Therefore, he
tends towards the opinion of Natascha A. And he surely can't support the
view of some engineers that only the readings on the displays were wrong.
These people will have troubles with their argumentation, when they must
explain the kown fact that most of the fuses have responded to the energy
overload! Fuses usually don't respond to the readings on the displays, but
to a 'real', physical overload ...

In the middle of this lively discussion comes the voice of the chief
engineer: "Sectors Delta, Teta and Omega are working again. We're
spooling the backup data into the machines. About three minutes from
now we should be ready to go online!"

"Order for sector blue: Have always an eye on the displays for Delta,
Teta and Omega! As long as we're not online, they shouldn't show
anything - and I mean 'anything'. But in case that the last breakdown was
induced by outside sources ..."

Here the boss is interrputed by a enthusiastic system administrator: "All
data from Delta are 100 % konsistent. Seems we have detached just in

The system administrator from sector Teta calls too: "We have fed 30 %
of the backup data now and we didn't encounter any differences. We just
hope it will go on like this!"

The   boss takes over again: "Omega, you got that? Report your state,

"Here Omega - sorry, seems that we have a problem here ..."
"What kind of a problem?" asks the chief.
"Well, we've just finished the backup. Parity correlates 100 % - that
looks good. But we have a strange response by the holomemory. Refresh
happens in much shorter intervals than we're used to. It seems that
something has altered the structur of the memory ..."

"What     the hell does it mean 'shorter refresh intervals'? Exactly what
refresh-time values do you read?"
"Well, the refresh is now 20 picoseconds, that's about 1500 % less! We
believe that this is certainly not an accident ..."

The chief interrupts him: "I'd like to hear Delta and Teta first. So what's
your opinion Delta?"

"Omega is right", declares Delta. "The refresh has changed. Obviously,
we have ignored that fact. Luckily we have no problems yet. The limit
could be around 5 picoseconds, however. And at the present values we are
suddenly in dangerously close proximity to that."

"Very      well - I want that all sectors immediately check their
holomemories! Besides, I request an additional parity check. Last but not
least: Is there somebody in this buidling who could explain to me, what
this anomaly means for our security, please?"

The   boss waits a few seconds. But since he gets no answer, he adds
disgruntled: "Besides, I want to be constantly updated about the
holomemory refresh states. Report immediately when the refresh time
goes even more down! Is that clear?"

He gets a common murmur.
"How many percent of nominal power can we offer, when we go online
from now on?"

The system administrator answers quickly:      "We've just reached 60 %.
That means, we must establish priorities. But like that, we're surely able to
maintain a stable system. And we don't make any compromises,
concerning security!"

Now there's a short, but tense silence in the GloNet center. Everybody
there waits eagerly to see, whether the tech staff succeeds to bring this
important Central European net center back online. Then - after two
appartently endless minutes - sectors Delta, Omega and Teta report to be
ready to go online. And because refresh times haven't changed in the
meantime, they get the GO from the boss.

Djakkarta, GloNet-Center Bali, February 2019

Ali M. curses once more about that damned western technology. 'His'
system went automatically offline, when the first energy peaks run
through the GloNet. The poor ignorant, that he is, is not aware of the fact
that he missed the worst, because of the automatic shut down.

It is only a few minutes now that Ali M. tries in vain to reconnect to the
GloNet. And in this short time the number of blasphemic curses has at
least quadrupled. Ali M. shows to a row of expensive network computers
and gesticulates: "That's just bloody shit, what this western salesmen have
sold to us! I'll take all this whoremongers by their balls and I'll squeeze
'em one by one between their pissed off computers! And ... ,where the hell
is the goddamned reply from Teheran?"

A    small, timid female employee asks: "Could it be that these energy
peaks that we registred shortly before the automtic shut down of the
system have something to do the missing contact to Teheran? We could
try to call another station for a change ..."

Now it is enough for Ali M.! No woman ever tells him what to do! He
seizes the perplexed woman that is scanning the pipes to the Near East,
and drags her from her chair. Then he shouts hysterically: "I want that
everybody here listens to me now! Look at this bullshit here! She has
warmed up her ass long enough on this chair. I'll fire her right now,
because of chronic incompetence! And everybody in this room here will
be dismissed like this, if you can't sit on your mouth AND your ass at the
same time!"

He pushes the totally distracted employee accross the whole room and
further through the main door. After the door has closed behind the two,
somebody risks to complain: "Now he's gone completely mad! It's not our
fault that these arrogant guys in Teheran don't dare to give us an answer!
And - after all - somebody should stop this guy, if he ... "

At this moment another    employee shouts: "Silence please! I think we
have a connection to Teheran ..."

And   - in fact - Teheran is transmitting on all four hyperchannels

"Answer   immediately!" orders the highest officer in the center. And
Djakkarta is sending on all four hyperpipes with all its power.

Teheran, February 2019, GloNet-Center Near East

Teheran is ready now to start an emergency system with a capacity of
about 25 %. But because there is still no data conformity obtained, it is out
of question, whether to go online or not. Data integrity is essential for
maintaining a functional GloNet. Because parts of the computer
infrastructure have been detached too late from the net, the holomemory of
these machines has obviously been damaged. And since the backup media
for redundancy detached at different times, it is only logic that there are
varying damages and divergent databases, where there should be
correspondence down to the last bit. The 25 % of max system power will
therefore be fully available for data recovery and restoration, so that the
system of this center can go online later on with cleared data.
"The restauration of data to a state as close as possible to the originals has
first priority now!" is the order from the officer in command. "Second
priority has the provision of as many sub-systems as possible. I'd like to
go online with over 90 % of our resources - and better yesterday than now
..." Telling these last words, he smiles slightly to show the staff that this
was rather a joke.

"We'll do our best. But - and we feel really sorry about that - it will take
some time!" replies an engineer.

"How long is 'some time'?"
The engineer is shortly talking to some experts over intercom. Then he
replies: "Well, realistically, this means about half an hour - best case ..."

The   officer interrupts him abruptly: "Then I'd like everybody here to
work with 120 %! You get 20 minutes!" Speaking these words, he's
already on the way back into his separate office. There he enters the
security code for system state Zero into a special computer. This computer
starts immediately the transmission of a Mayday call over an autarkic
emergency system in intervals of 10 seconds. Other GloNet centers are
therefore warned that Teheran has an emegency and fails to sustain
service. In case that it didn't already happen automatically, they can even
program detours to inform the other subscribers.

Zurich, central GloNet-Office, Switzerland, February 2019

After Zurich has gone back online into the GloNet, they discovered that
the distributing network has been affected globally. But, happily,
connections to about half of all country centers have been restored in the
meantime. And it turned out that they are all restoring their data and
checking, whether their databases are matching with backup data.

Zurich tries  now to inform all available stations that an attack on the
GloNet by Teheran and his allies could be the cause of this GloNet crash.
The centers withing reach receive also a summary of the most important
facts. The attempt to get a connection to Teheran fails repeatedly. Either
Teheran doesn't want to reply or they were surprised themselves by the
self-inducing rise of energy in the GloNet - or they are not involved at all

Therefore,   Zurich scanns immediately Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Bali and
Canton, to find a plausible solution to the above speculations. Canton is
already online again, but they seem still mostly busy with themselves. In
any case, there are no strong datastreams, worth mentioning. But the
system there seems at least to be stable because the firewalls are fully
working and the security mail transfer responds correctly to the scanner

In Bali, however, there's still a lot going on. The scanner registers that the
GloNet center there is on four hyperfrequencies simultaneously, with full
power - destination Teheran ...

"Decoder       - and put it through on four displays, I want each pipe

It takes not even 20 seconds, until the requested data comes up on four
holodisplays. But what appears there is quite disappointing: Bali is
sending in regular intervals of 10 seconds the following message:

      hell, why hasn't anybody told me that Teheran has gone
MAYDAY?" blusters the boss.

"Because   the scanner didn't indicate anything!" replies a technical
engineer who stands not far away.

"But why the hell are you not scanning continuously?"
"We can't because we have not enough power yet. Too much is going on
simultaneously - so we have to set priorities. But acutally we're already
scanning in intervals of five minutes ..."

The boss is mocking: "Ha, ha - don't make me laugh! Don't you want to
scan just once in an hour? - Besides, how much power is available?"

The female system administrator checks quickly her holodisplay: " We're
still around 60 %. We can't improve that quickly, because we have to take
care that the system stays stable."

"Well, then give me a STABLE pipe to Teheran right now! I'll have a
few questions ... "

A stressed expert apologizes after some seconds: "Sorry chief, we can't
get a pipe to Teheran. Either they are not yet online or they have blocked
their whole system against the outside world!"

"Go on - don't stop your attempts! Instead you can give me a priority
pipe to Bali now", orders the boss.

"Checked    ..., the line will be ready on the main display right now",
replies somebody in the background of the dusky room.
Seconds later appears a cripsy and sharp live-picture of the GloNet center
Djakkarta on the great central display at the ceiling.

Djakkarta, GloNet-Center Bali, February 2019

An emotionless robot voice warns repeatedly: "We are scanned - we are
scanned - we are ..."

Ali M.'s stress factor is definitely on his way up to the limit: "What kind
of a bloody bitch is scanning us?"

There comes no immediate answer, because the computer has obviously
problems with the speach recognition software. It is not used to the strange
undertone in Alis M.'s voice. So it takes a few seconds, until it is ready to
answer. But that's a few seconds too long for Ali M. and therefore he
becomes abusive to the machine: "You bloody bastard, you stupid
machine - give me your fucking answer right now or I'll tear your plug
from the bloody power suply!"

"I beg your pardon, Sir. Would you please repeat your last order?" asks
the robot voice, obviously unimpressed by Ali M.'s verbal attack.

"Just piss off - fuck you!" Ali M. makes a characteristic sign with his
middle finger in the direction of the holodisplay in front of him.

"Sir, I have a problem with your last orders. The interpretation shows no
action that I'm entitled to. Could you please repeat your orders in other
words?" asks the cool robotic voice of the specialized computer.

Ali M. verdreht die Augen: "How shall I put it, SIR?"
The people, who followed the short conversation between Ali M. and the
computer, have a sudden laughin fit. That's how they unload the tension
that has condiderably increased during the last minutes.

As everybody calms down again it's time for Ali M. to inform the
computer : "My last two orders are irrelevant, meanwhile. I just want to
know now, who is scanning us."

The computer has a prompt anwer: "Scanning is performed by the GloNet
center of Zurich."

Ali M.: "Shit!"
Computer: "Please, Sir?"
Ali M. "Why are they scanning us?"
Computer: "No obvious reasons - but calculations will be continued, if

At  this very moment the GloNet center Zurich appears on the big
holodisplay. Ali M. asks right away, without any greetings: "First of all:
What's going on? Secondly: Why are you scanning us? Thirdly: What do
you have to do with that chaos on the GloNet?"

The     chief in command of the GloNet center Zurich smiles slightly:
"We're sorry to disturb you - but it seems to us, YOU have a lot to answer
for ..."

Ali M. is already furious again: "Come on - stop that silly talking! Why
the hell should we be involved with that chaos in the net?".

"Well, your hypocrisy, that's the last straw! We have more than enough
evidence that the mess on the GloNet has been instigated by a terror
group. Conspiracy extends from Teheran over the Middle East to
Djakkarta and even to China!"

Ali  M. shudders slightly, when he hears these accusations. But he
recovers quickly and urges Zurich to come out with facts.

"Facts? Well, here are some! We have - for example - intercepted some
net meetings between Teheran, Abu Dhabi, Canton, Cairo and Djakkarta.
There's enough evidence that there has been a plan to attack the GloNet in
synchronized actions by the above mentioned centers at 00:24 worldtime!"
Here follows a short, masterly orchestrated break - something that rarely
fails. Then the chief continues: "We ask you to convene the groups that
are responsible for the whole mess for a new net meeting. You have the
secret code and we will pass on all evidence that we gathered ..."

Ali M. is left speechless for a moment, when he hears these accusations.
But he recovers quickly and counters: "That's ridiculous! I have no idea
what you're talking about. It's no question for us that not even all GloNet
centers together could feed the pipes with enough juice to do, what you are
accusing us. You just make a fool of yourself with such childish claims!"

After a short pause he continues: "But - it's just as well. You want a
meeting, and you'll get that meeting! But it will be different from what
you think, it should be ..."

Ali M. bursts out laughing here: "Oh yeah, we agree - we certainly agree,
to get together all GloNet centers worldwide as soon as possible! We will
ask San Diego to initiate that videoconference. And you'll make a fool of
Zurich replies: "That's all right! We shall see, who has better arguments.
So we just wait, until we get a message from San Diego." These are the
last words before Zurich breaks off.

Zurich, Central GloNet-Office, Switzerland, February 2019

The boss got into a sweat, disputing with Ali M. And he is now suddenly
not so sure anymore, whether he acted correctly, when he informed
Djakkarta that their net meetings were intercepted. He looks around to get
some response from his stuff.

But there is only a pointed silence in control room. The people in the
center are mostly communications experts. And they know all too well
that it will be practically impossible to proof the alleged conspiracy. It is
good and proofen practise in the GloNet that digital evidence is not
allowed in lawsuits, because digital data is prone to undiscernible
additional alterations. This meeting - if it really takes place - will reveal
that the Zurich center has not done his homework - unless a miracle

Natascha A. looks only quickly at the boss, then she turns around and
walks briskly out in protest. Most employees avoid the chief's eyes, staring
at the holodisplays in front of them, as if there was something very
interesting going on. But one can almost touch the tension in the room and
also the subliminal aggression of some people.

Martin A. und John T. look at each other. It is clear for them that the
planned attack on the GloNet wouldn't have worked anyway, because
most of the centers are busy on their own, obviously. Martin A. begins to
speak: "Let's looks at the facts! Three crucial points have changed to our
disadvantage: Firstly, the net terrorists - lead by Teheran - know now that
we know about their plans. Secondly, they are warned now and therefore
they won't undertake any actions for some time. And thirdly, they will be
considerably more cautious, when they're going to undertake any attacks
in the future; and that makes our work a lot harder, of course. These are
facts. So why don't we look at it positivly, since we can't change anything
anymore? At least there will be no further attempt to disturb the net in the
next days. But it's true, we are confronted with the urgent question, how
we could manage to procure more watertight evidence for the attack that
was planned for tonight!"

John T. adds after a short break: "I made up my mind during that debate
between Bali and Zurich. I thinks now, it could well be that the cause for
the GloNet breakdown was something totally different than the planned
attack from Teheren and his allies. Ali M. is probably right, when he
claims that no imaginable group could feed so much power into the pipes!
Of course, there remains a small chance that somebody has tools at his
disposal that are still unkwnown to us. But, besides this minimal
probability, it is obvious that we need to find out first of all, what caused
the GloNet crash, if we want to master the situation. I think everybody
here agrees that this center needs further AAA credit ratings by the other
GloNet members ..."

"But then we really need to put facts on the table!" remarks somebody in
the background.

"Well, I appreciate this votes", declares the boss. "It is obvious that I
have brought us in this difficult situation, because of my rash statement.
I'll do my best to make up for it - you can take my word for it! Are there
further suggestions that could help us out of this muddle?"

Somebody of the technical division declares: "It will take us only a few
more minutes to run the system with one hundred percent. I suggest
therefore that we begin immediately with the analyses of the last thirty
minutes, before we switched the system off. And we should do this with
the massivly parallel biocomputers and also with the quantumcomputers!
Primarly, we should scrutinize closely the voltage modulation. Personally,
I haven't seen such graphs ever before. And I don't know about any
technology that would be able to produce peaks of this kind from
nowhere. But we're able to learn, after all ..."

The boss replies: "That's a good idea! I'd like to be informed immediately,
as soon as we reach the rated output. And then we will let go as much
computer power as possible on this single problem!"

Martin A. asks: "Has somebody already checked the quantum- and
biocomputers for any damage?"

And John T. suggests: "If they're still working, we could already run a
few simulations on these machines, until the main system has reached
hundred percent performance."

"We have already connected one of the biocomputers to the net. But,
unfortunately, the DNS molecules have been obviously damaged or even
destroyed by the extreme power peaks. So far we couldn't restart this
machine. Good news is that the quantumcomputers haven't been damaged,
apparently! They started automatically, when the power supply was
switched on again.

"Okay - then you're going to use all available quantum power to run a
chaos simulation on the GloNet crash, until the main systems works with
nominal output again! Are there any more suggestions? Any uncertainty?"

"We should also run a hyperspace simulation on the forthcoming GloNet
videoconference", suggests somebody from the hyperspace customer
"That's   a good idea!" acknowledges the boss. "Remains only the
question, whether we have already enough computer power." He calls the
engineering department: "You got that? What's your opinion?"

"In about five minutes we're ready to give 40 to 50 percent of nominal
output to the hyperspace simulation. I think the guys there will nead at
least five minutes, until they're ready to start the simulation and ... "

"Thanks, just give as much power as possible to that hyperspace - and as
fast as possible!

"Further  suggestions?" Nobody takes the floor. "Okay, ladies and
gentleman, start your engines! I hope we will succeed and ..."

The chief stops in the middle of the sentence. The digial clock shows
11:38 p.m., when the computers indicate that Teheran, Cairo and Abu
Dhabi are back in the net and that they ask the GloNet worldcenter over
the conference system to call for a special video-meeting.

Thus, there doesn't remain much time for Zurich to find out, what was
really going on in the GloNet half an hour ago ...

Zurich, Central GloNet-Office, Switzerland, February 2019

Actually,  John T. und Martin A. would have pretty much enjoyed to
watch the programers, how they set up the simulation environment of the
GloNet crash on their quantumcomputers. But when they were already on
the way down to the specially protected area, Martin A. had the idea to
scan simultaneously all accessible data on that theme. Therefore, the two
went back to the central control room to start that scan.

It takes longer than usual, until all available informations have been
associated in the holomemory, because the system is still not running full
power. Martin A. shows to the big display, asking John T.: "John, what's
the best way to sort that huge amount of data?" Since John T. doesn't
anwer right away, Martin A. continuous: "Time and place, will that be
enough - or should we also take size and grade?"

"I'd include the contents. But don't ask me why! It's just a spontaneous
idea ..."

"Spontaneous ideas are always good!" smiles Martin A. Therefore, he
starts the corresponding search and sort algorithm on the computer.

After   a few seconds appears a three-dimensional graph of the data,
projected into a cubus. Reports from the vicinity of Zurich are located in
the foreground of the cubus. Data from regions that are further away
appear in the background on the Z-axis. Events that happened
chronologically not long ago are located all down on the Y-axis. On the X-
axis it is still necessary to classify the data, prior to their synopsis.

Martin A. und John T. ask the computer to pick out those words that
appear significantly more often than others. Then they must classify these
words on the X-axis, with the help of the computer. This takes some time.
But after a few minutes there is evidence of some new discoveries.

When John T. picks a message from a moon base in the background of
the holodisplay he asks Martin A. nervously: "Do you see that, Martin -
can you see it also?" And he shows with the forefinger to a certain region
in the display.

"Do you mean that message from Sentry?"
"Yeah! Look here - this correlation ... that's surely not accidental! They
have sent this message more or less simultaneously to the GloNet crash.
Could it be that ..."

"You're still serious about these gravitational waves or something similar
that could have fed all that energy in the net? Man, you're nuts! That's pure
science fiction!"

"Well, Martin - and what about electromagnetic shockwaves? Let's face
it: We don't know much about these things! We should at least check,
whether Sentry discovered the origin of their troubles in the meantime ..."

"There's no need to check that. I have the covering letter here, were they
report that the jamming came from the space region around Saturn ..."

"Wow! Can     you imagine what happened up there?" John T. punches
heavily on Martin A.'s shoulder.

"Man, why do you always have to hit me on my shoulder? You very well
know that I don't like that!"

"Oh   dear! Why are you upset about that? We have finally found
something that will let us go forward with giant strides - and you have
nothing better than to complain!"

"John, you can't honestly believe that this message has something to do
with the GloNet crash, don't you?" asks Martin A. almost shocked. "The
chronological correspondence is a mere coincidence. And electromagnetic
shockwaves just can't 'feed' the GloNet with energy ..."

"Look who's talking! Well, little Einstein, it seems that you know a lot
about shockwaves, do you? Then tell me: Where's your bloody Nobel
prize? - Martin, we know about five per mil about cosmic math and we do
already things that have been unthinkable twentyfive years ago! And now,
what happened if we managed only ten per mil of that math? These
shockwaves might well be an open book to us ..."

Martin A. giggles: "If - if - If - and where's the beef?"
John T. remains unmoved by that mockery of Martin A.: "Better we stop
talking - there's lots of work waiting for us! I'm going to check, whether
there have been any uncommon observations by the robot probes near
Saturn around the time of the GloNet crash. In the meantime, you might as
well go to bed - if you'd like to ..."

Martin A. won't stand for that, of course: "Mister genius, there might as
well be some other explanations, besides your slimy theory of
shockwaves! You throwed yourself onto the first theory - and that's never
a good thing. That's why I'm definitely NOT going to bed now. Instaed, I
shall analyze this hologram with the help of the computers. You may call
me, in case that you need my help ..."

"I'll do nothing of the sort! Who would put an atheist in charge of finding
the truth in the Bible. No, I'll do without your help for once!"

Martin A. starts his analyzes of the hologram, while John T. asks the
computer for additional informations from the robot probes in the Saturn
region. But his attempt is not too hopeful. The global surveillance has
probably held back most of the really interesting data.

And the quickly available data show in fact suspiciously homogenous
results. So the really 'hot' informations of the robot probes are obviously
not open to the public. But John T. tries nevertheless to build a consistent
theory with the existing facts and reports - a theory that would support his
hypothesis of electromagnetic shockwaves or gravitational waves as
primary cause of the GloNet crash.

But therefore he needs a lot more - and mainly divergent - data. So he
tries now to get hold also of the last robot transmissions from the inner
planets. Even data from the asteroid belt is valuable to him in that context.

But the more informations he collects, the more it becomes a certainty to
him that he gets only access to data that went through the security sieve of
the global surveillance department. Therefore, he thinks feverishly about
hacking the computers at their main office.

But now comes Martin A. unintentionally to his help: "John, I have hear
another encounter of events that is rated with ninety percent! Shall I send
you the pictures or do you come over to me?"

John T., who sits in front of his holodisplay, jumps up from his place as if
stung by an adder, to check the data on Martin A.'s monitor.
"Yeah, that's it, Martin!" he shouts with euphoria. And he slaps Martin
A.'s back once more quite heavily. Martin A. pulls again faces because of
his pain ...

"Oh man, please stop this bloody slapping on my back ... - it's so silly!"
he complains, rubbing his battered shoulder.

There are some numerical figures, connected to the three axis of space on
the holo - and they make John T. to flip out. These data escaped obviously
the surveillance department's eyes.

"Where the hell is that data from?"
"It goes back to amateur radio operators in different parts of Western
Europe. These guys had inexplicable interruption on a multiple-modulated
NX-band ..."

"Could you check what carrier frequencies are use for the NX-band? And
could you then transmit the modulated frequencies to me?" asks John T.
"In the meantime I'll calculate all modulations of the GloNet base-

"Of course, but that will take two or three minutes!"
"Try to do it in 90 seconds - will you?" requests John T.
Martin A. doesn't answer any more, because he's already busy to gather
the requested data. And John T. is so much devoted to his modulation
calculations that he doesn't even realize that Natascha A. approaches his
chair from behind, until she asks, whether she could help him somehow.

"Of    course! I have taken the GloNet base-frequency and now I'm
calculating as much modulated and logarithmed frequencies as possible. I
think we just came across something very interesting here ..."

He is interrupted by Martin A.: "John, I'm ready now. Did you switch the
connection to parallel operation, because I'd like to calculate the
correlations now?"

"Sure, but I'm very sorry - I'm not ready now, the computer is still
working hard ..."

Martin A. turns his head to meet John T.'s eyes. But - accidentally -
Natascha A. looks also over to him at that very moment and therefore he
cannot anymore evade an eye contact. He has a fast reaction and asks
Natascha A.: "Hello Natascha! May I explain to you, what we're actually
Martin   A. is still not comfortable when he meets Natascha A. He
undoubtfully knows that he behaved unfair to her. And now he hopes to
gradually overcome the strained atmosphere with his actual offer.

Natascha A. recognizes all too good that John T. is under extreme stress
at the moment. Therefore she accepts gladly Martin A.'s offer: "Yes
please, Martin ... - that is, when I don't bother you too much ..."

"No problem, I have to wait for John's data, before I can continue my
work", replies Martin A. He didn't miss to realize that - for the first time
ever - Natascha A. addressed him with his Christian name.

Martin   A. tries to explain her John T.'s theory on electromagnetic
shockwaves and even more exotic gravitational waves, as a the cause of
the GloNet crash: "And right now we try to synchronize some time-
correlated reports about unusual frequency measurements with the GloNet

Natascha A. understands quickly, what this is all about: "I see, you guys
believe that these shockwaves - or whatever it was - have arrived in a
modulated phase of the GloNet base-frequency and that this is the trick to
feed so much energy in the net ..."

"Right!   But, to be correct, I must admit that it is only John T., who
strongly believes in this theory. Personally, I'm not at all convinced. But
sometimes he has a bloody good nose for the unusual, and mostly he is
even successful ..."

"But what kind of cosmic events could trigger such waves? Are there any
records about odd observations, concerning that theme?" asks Natascha A.

"Well,    that's our main problem: The military security officers have
obviously censored all related data. But we came across some messages of
amateur radio operators that talk about strange interferences in the NX-
band at the time of the heaviest GloNet jamming. Nevertheless, I must
admit that we still have no idea, what this could ultimately mean. It seems
that there have not been any particular records on special astronomical
events during the last view hours that could be the reason for ..."

Natascha A. stops Martin A. She is smart, ans so she has quickly made
new relations and connections with the data on Martin A.'s display. Now
she points to a certain region on the holodisplay: "That's a Centry-
message, right? Did you already get in touch with that moon base. It could
well be that they had a chance in the meantime to determine the origin in
the Saturn region! I think that their reports are censored too, but there's a
slight possibility to find out something between the lines", suggests
Natascha A.

"Wow, I didn't think about that! Natascha, could you fix that for us?" asks
Martin A.

Now John T. reports: "Martin, I have all relevant data ready now! Please
start immediately with a three- and four-dimensional superimposing. I'll
prepare the two-dimensional graphs in the meantime."

The requested data appears already on Martin A.'s display, and he starts
his job immediately. With a meaningful look over to John T. he excuses:
"Sorry, Natascha - it seems, I just got a lot of homework! If I can't finish
that in time, there's already a killer on the road ..."

"Okay,  so I'll try now to get in contact with the moon base", replies
Natascha A.

At    that moment, everybody can hear the engineering department,
announcing: "That's for all of you! As of now, we're running the mill at
full speed again! We repeat: Full power again!"

The   boss is enthusiastic about that, of course: "Feed immediately the
specially prepared programs into the system, and check the last minutes
before the crash on odd and conspicous incidents!"

All   divisions report ready for duty and the start of the respective
programs. The boss checks the worldtime-clock: It is 11:48 p.m. The
world-center in San Diego can contact Zurich any time now, to announce
the video-meeting. Then there will be not much time for Zurich - in a
worst case scenario most probably just a view minutes - to coordinate all
necessary activities and datastreams. However, this time it could possibly
take a bit longer, because the GloNet is still not stable. That could mean
that Zurich has time until about 00:30 a.m. to get on to the cause of the
GloNet crash. Still not exactly much time for such a complex task ...

GloNet-Worldcenter, National Center for Supercomputing
Applications, San Diego, USA, February 2019

"Give me GloNet Zurich - I want to talk with the chief in person!" orders
the task force head - a lady in the early fourties. She acts on behalf of
more than a third of the GloNet members worldwide. The only theme for
the video-meeting is: 'Intolerable reproaches from GloNet center Zurich
towards varying GloNet members. Furthermore: Personal and financial
consequencies, concerning GloNet center Zurich.'

The main control room of GloNet center Zurich appears a few seconds
later on the big panorama screen of the GloNet Worldcenter in San Diego.
There are no empty phrases to welcome each other. Both sides get down to
business immediately. Because the net is not so stable as before the crash
and because a lot of the GloNet centers are still struggling to get back into
the net with consistent data, San Diego suggests to fix the video-meeting
between 00:30 and 01:00 p.m., worldtime of course.

Zurich asks for a bit more time. But San Diego draws Zurich's attention to
the fact that some members fear, Zurich could cover up things if granted
more time. Besides, San Diego has just discovered that a virtual
conference simulation takes place in Zurich. Therefore they ask Zurich to
accept that a neutral virtual representative is send to that simulation. So
the chance is minimized that Zurich could hide important facts.

There's consensus in the GloNet that neutral observers are accepted in
similar situations. In case that Zurich should refuse this request, they are
automatically suspected to have someting to do with the crash.

Since   Zurich's big boss assumes that Teheran has simultaneously also
virtual debates with Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Canton and Djakkarta, he asks San
Diego to control or stop such activities in return. But San Diego informs
Zurich that these GloNet centers don't show any virtual net-activites

Somebody in the background of the control room in Zurich shows his
annoyance: "Shit, it's no question that they play with marked cards! I'm
sure that they have a virtual meeting somehow right now! And we could
prove that - if we could draw off a bit more computer power for a few
minutes ..."

San Diego has somehow picked up on this words and promptly replies:
"A stable GloNet is highest on the priority list right now! You are
therefore not allowed to tap on that valuable computer power. This is a
command! Ignoring it will have dire consequencies."

It's clear for everybody that the GloNet center in Zurich is continuously
and carefully scanned by other GloNet centers worldwide. Under these
circumstances it is practically impossible, to draw off the requested
computer power, undetected by the others. There is no alternative for
Zurich - the boss must give his consent to the neutral GloNet
representative that will observe Zurich's virutal activities.

Everybody in the Zurich center is absolutely convinced that Teheran and
his allies cover up their activities very skilfully. San Diego is certainly not
naive - and still they have noticed nothing, as of yet. That could mean,
Teheran has developped a new technology that does not betray to
conventional scanning. And that could have immense implications ...

Zurich, Central GloNet-Office, Switzerland, February 2019

Meanwhile Natascha A. has contacted 'Sentry'. She had hoped to receive
more information on the strange measurements during the GloNet crash.
However, ‘Sentry’ reports that the entire radio communications will be
diverted into a waiting queue, unless it has high priority. Therefore,
without the necessary priority code, she has no chance to receive an
answer from 'Sentry' in the next thirty minutes or so,.

As a last resort, she tries to get hold of that code over her secret service
center in Minsk. The GloNet secret service has a priority code that helps
their agents, to get in touch with military services in emergency situations.
But first she has to convince the boss in Minsk that this is an emergency
situation. Fortunately, this is easier than she has imagined. She receives
the code a few minutes later. For saftey reasons it is encoded.

In fact, Natascha A. can contact the Sentry intelligence with the help of
that special code. But then they inform her, that they cannot answer her
questions yet, because the military experts are still examining the events

Natascha A. turns to Martin A.: "I'm sorry, but I can't help you. There's a
news blockout as long as the military has no findings about the cause of
the GloNet crash. It seems, you guys run right into a hot tip ..."

At that moment John T. calls for Natascha A. und Martin A.: "Come
over, and look at this here!"

On  the holodisplay they can see several different multi-dimensional
waves, superimposed and color-coded.

"The     Computer searched for similarities in the modulated carrier-
frequencies of the GloNet and of the recorded jamming frequencies, just
prior to the crash."

John T. points to a few small still-pictures with screenshots: "Look here,
you can clearly recognize correspondance in several dimensions. But I'm
just wondering, why the jam-frequencies show no time component. Either
this is a bug in the software or the data has been changed somehow ..."

"But there is a timeline!" interrupts Martin A., pointing to the holoscreen.
"Right, but the computer has interpolated it!" replies John T. And after a
view inputs, the computer shows the original graph. And really - there is
no time-axis!

Martin A. frowns and shakes his head: "That's beyond me ..."
Natascha A. interrupts him a bit helpless: "And if there is no software bug
AND no time-axis?"

"I  thought about that too. As far as I'm concerned, there's only one
explanation. But, please, don't start to laugh now! We have to deal with
some sort of hyper-radiation that 'invaded' into our four-dimensional
spacetime from a higher-dimensional universe, or something like that!"

"And what could be the cause of such a 'radiation'?" asks Martin A. He
has obviously some problems to suppress laughing.

"Greene Mars people with UFOs, of course!" giggles Natascha A. But
then she stops her giggling all of a sudden and adds: "Let's be serious:
Couldn't it be possible that this 'radiation' - or whatever it was - has been
triggered in a natural way by a cosmic event?"

"Yeah, why not?" asks John T. And then he adds a bit resigned: "But - as
of now - we have simply not enough informations. I don't think that it
would help, to ask the cosmologists, for example. If they knew something
- and I don't think they do - they would take care, not to tell us anything
about ..."
Martin A. tries to cheer his friend up: "But, at least, we have found
something that could help us out of a tight spot at the net-meeting!"

"That's true", adds Natascha A. "But I'm not sure, whether 'our' thesis is
underpinned with the existing facts. I think, we should inform the chief
immediately. If we could tap on all available computer power to support
our theory, it might well be that we find out some relevant things, until the
meeting starts!"

John T. und Martin A. nod silently, and Natascha A. sets off to inform the
big boss. He is busy to holographically visualize the endles numbers that
are continuously spit out by the computers. To everybodies surprise, the
experts have not found any significant coincidences with former GloNet
crashes, up to now. That strongly underpins the thesis that the last crash
has been induced deliberately 'from outside'.

The chief comes over to John T. and Martin A., and they proudly show
him their findings. As a real professional, he recognizes immediately the
significance of their findings. He switches manually to a conference-
setting with the different teams that are involved with their respective
studies. He asks, whether there exist any new discoveries, concerning the
GloNet crash. Because this is not the case, he transfers the graphs from
John T.'s computer to all stations that are linked. And John T. explains
quickly his procedure and his anylysis of the available data and facts.

The chief asks: "Has anybody the faintest idea, whether this is about a
new nature of gravitational waves or another known or unknown form of
energy that can affect the GloNet in such an alarming manner?"

Some experts on radiation debate shortly. Then they inform the eagerly
waiting employees in the control room that something like gravitational
waves or some unkown sort of radiation is out of question, because of the
missing time-constant: "This is a new phenomenon - and we must run a
detailed comparative analysis in the whole GloNet, first of all. As far as
we know, this is about the only way to compare all available relevant data,
and ..."

"But we have no time for that!" interrputs the big boss, a bit impatiently.
Then he adds: "Fact is, we have located something that could have
triggered the GloNet crash, but we have no idea what it could be - unless
we explain it with an effect from hyperspace ..."

Here he is interrupted by an announcement that the net-meeting will start
in three minutes and he reacts quickly: "All stuff that is busy with the
conference-simulation shall break off immediately and join us in the
control room!"

"Would you like a résumé of the simulation data?" asks a lady from the
engineering department.

"No, fortunately I can do without that now", smiles the boss.
"But", replies the amazed engineer, looking around for help, "should we
not at least ..."

But the chief doesn't listen to her anymore. He is again absorbed with the
diagrams on John T.'s holodisplay. Well aware that he is able now to put a
cuckoo in the GloNet nest with the ominous graphs on that screen and
with a worried glance on the multifunction display at his wrist he orders:
"John T., I want these data immediately on my personal screen and on the
main display!"

With   these words he turns around to rush accross the room to his
workplace. He has just returned to his console, when the people from the
conference-simulation report back: "Chief, we will give our best - but with
only few facts in hour hands we will have a hard time to ..."

"Do not worry, people, you've done your homework!" praises the big
boss. "In the meantime we run across some hot data. I think, we'll pretty
much give them hell!" Talking like that, he shows in the Eastern direction
with his fist.

"But why the hell did nobody introduce these important data into our
simulation?" asks somebody bewildered.

"Because we know about them only for some minutes! Besides, I was
suspicious that Teheran would try to scan our simulation. This was
obviously not the case, but it was the only way to make sure, that they are
not prepared for my statement ..."

"Attention!   Conference system ready in 10 seconds!" announces a
synthetic robot voice. "9 seconds ..., 8 seconds ... "
"John T. und Martin A., you don't stop your search during the conference!
I want all new facts on my personal display, as soon as you find
something! Got it?"

"Roger, there's nothing I'd like better!" confirms Martin A.
The great display, that shows a panorama view of Zurich's GloNet center ,
divides into many small screens now. And on every one of these screens
there's the face of a GloNet center chief at nearly all worl-wide GloNet

   Zurich, Central GloNet-Office Switzerland, February

   The meeting starts on time and as early as possible. That clearly
   shows the priority, given to that event by the GloNet worldcenter
   in San Diego. San Diego takes also care of the short preface. Then
   the prosecutors have the opportunity, to state their reproachs.
   Following the charges, Zurich makes good use of his legal
   opportunity to reply.

   The Teheran clique makes also good use of the next ten minutes
   to show that they have been unjustly accused of net terrorism by
   the Zurich center. For the time beeing, they succeed to convice
   most participants that the collapse of the worldwide net has
   nothing to do with their activities, be they as they may.

   Now it is Zurich's turn again. Even though Martin A., Natascha A.
   and John T. have not found any new facts in the meantime, Zurich
   has to present quite a bit to the gathered GloNet audience. And the
   supplied multidimensional holograms, with hundreds of
   superimposed graphs and different views, help a lot. But, of
   course, not many participants are ready to follow the thesis of
   gravitational waves, without further internal discussions with their
   respective experts. And Zurich doesn't either succeed in
   convincing the others about the terrorist net-activities of Teheran
   and his allies, so that one could start to debate about sanctions.
   Therefore, Zurich founds finally himself compelled, to formally
   excuse for his 'irrational accusations', after a short tactical

   Because everything went off smoothly, Teheran decides to go all
   out: They try to relegate Zurich to the background, once and for
   all, with a cross action. Teheran hopes that the GloNet security
   administration would therefore find less time for an intense control
   of certain GloNet events. Of course, Teheran has not written off
   the planned attack on the GloNet - it is just postponed, until things
   have calmed down.
With   this cross action, Zurich is accused of threatening the
GloNet stability and - therefore - of beeing partly responsible for
the GloNet crash, because they allowed hackers, like Martin A.
and John T., to have access to a GloNet center.

A majority of the participants do not agree with this accusations,
at least on the basis of the presented facts. But still, one third
speaks for an internal inspection. And since Teheran and his allies
have achieved a partial success, without a great deal of energy,
they are going even further now, filing further action, as they claim
that Zurich has manipulated the presented data!

But   by doing so, Teheran has vastly overshooted the mark.
Namely, San Diego demands Teheran and his allies to underpin
this claim with evidence. So there is no need for Zurich to
intervene, since Teheran and his conspirators fail to meet that
demand. And so they get also a bad mark from the GloNet
worldcenter authority at the very end of this net-meetin. On the
other hand, this leads to heavy debates in the GloNet centers of
many third-world countries and to increased aversions to the
'dominant' West.

San Diego tries in vain to mediate. The latent aggressions that
have been pent-up in many national GloNet deputies, are released
now, almost without restraint.

Saturnorbit, near trabant Enceladus, Februar 24, 2019,
00:58 Uhr worldtime

The emissaries in the strange, foreign spacecraft have payed great
attention to the course of events in the Earth' GloNet system since
the crash. The ongoing debate between the GloNet member-
countries' central offices was more or less as expected, until
Teheran startet to counter attack. But now it seems quite likely that
the meeting could end in chaos, since things could obviously run
right into a East-West and North-South conflict. Therefore, the
aliens in the spaceship are forced, against their originally planned
order of events, to intervene once more, to prevent the GloNet
society from greater damage.

"Realign our jamming transmitter to spaceregion 'Earth'! When
ready, start jamming with maximum power - this time with max
power, until further notice!" reads the logical order from the
spaceship command center.

GloNet Worldcenter, formerly National Center for
Supercomputing         Applications,       San     Diego,      USA,
February 2019

"Attention, the net gets unstable again!" warns a shrill voice from
the engineering department.

First, the boss of San Diego center assumes only a short overload,
because of the chaotic end of the video conference just a minute
ago. Up to now she had not the authority to stop the wildly
shouting and screaming GloNet mob in the country centers. But
then it shows quickly that this first assessment is wrong, because a
nervous expert from the data analysis department informs her:
"We're quite sure that these are the same symptoms as before the
last crash! Just a moment ..." He turns around to a workmate, then
he continues: "Well, it's quite plain now: We have hundred percent

The chief waits only two or three seconds, then she orders: "Stop
all systems and cut them off the net!" Instantly, the panorama
holodisplays at the ceiling gets dark and the many displays in the
big control room darken too, all at once. Just before the holo in
front of the boss fades out, she catches a glimp of the pipes' actual
energy supply - it has already reached 150 % ...

Half a minute later the reports of the different divisions drop in. It
seems that they all managed to cut off their respective computers
from the GloNet backbone. That's good news, but then everybody
can hear the chief loudly cursing in the sudden silence: "When I’ll
get him by the balls, I'll sqeeze that goddamn son of a bitch until
he’s dead!"

"Is she really a woman?" asks one of the exchange-engineers from
Liverpool, speaking in a whisper.

His workmate - a california girl with a flawless beach figur and a
legendary weakness for fitness training - whispers in plain Oxford
English without an accent and with a meaningful look over to the
lady boss: "She IS a woman - but definitely not a lady!"

The junior expert from England roars suddenly with laughter. And
the nervous boss of this GloNet center responds with a censorious
look. Fortunately, she didn't hear the preceding conversation ...

Zurich, Central GloNet-Office Switzerland, February

"Shit!", groans an engineer in the eastern hardware division, "the
net is again going to melt down!"

"Do you also read such crazy signals?" asks a colleague from the
western division over intercom.

"Looks just as before the last crash. Obviously, someone plays
the same games with us ..."

He is interrupted by a message from the control room: "Attention,
attention, RAP! Emergency procedures! Stop systems immediately
and cut 'em off the backbone! I repeat: Switch off ALL systems in
an emergency procedure and cut them off the GloNet backbone!"

Teheran, GloNet Center Near East , February 2019

The experts and engineers in this center have obviously profited
from their experience with the last GloNet crash. They reacted at
the very early stages of the new attack and managed just in time, to
cleanly turn off their systems and to cut off the connection to the
GloNet backbone.

"Do   you still take the view that this jamming stems from the
center in Zurich?" asks somebody from the staff the highest
ranking security officer in the control room.

"No   more, I can't believe that they have the cheek to risk an
attack during an ongoing video conference. This time, they
couldn't hush up some telltale signs. But I'm still convinced that
Zurich is somehow involved - and we have to find out as soon as

"You mean, we should search somewhere else, because Zurich
gives only the orders, while someone else carries them out?"

"It could be like this - yeah.Why not? Wouldn't we act the same
way - if we only could?"

An    female engineer joins the debate: "Unfortunately for your
thesis, we couldn't locate the patterns of the jamming that was fed
into the GloNet during the first attack. All textbook criterions tell
us that it MUST be possible to locate, where in the worlwide net
such amounts of energy are fed in ..."

"Bla, bla! Something fishy is going on here! Everybody can see
that!" the chief cuts her short. He's obviously disgruntled that
someone raises objections. "I trust my instinct. And it tells me that
there's more to it than meets the eye - and this is Zurich! Therefore,
I'd like that you press ahead with adequate investigations, as soon
as we can join the GloNet again. Got that?"

The    people around nod submissivly, and the security officer
retires grumpily for further deliberation with his chief into his
small office.

One of the older engineers shows into the direction of the officer's
room and murmurs: "That's right, there's something fishy here! But
Zurich is NOT behind it. We'd better join, to get to the bottom of
that something. But instead of doing so, he runs amok and has us
chase after a phantom!"

Many of his workmates, standing near him, take the same view.
But they don't risk more than a slight nodding. Obviously, the
tyranny of their chief really got to them to the bone ...

Djakkarta, GloNet Center Bali, February 2019

Ali  M. grew very old in the last two minutes. And he also
expelled from divine paradise, because he had used at least two
dozens of the worst curses. Now he gesticulates wildly: "By Allah,
we're sitting in a mess up to our ears! Is there nobody hearing us?"

"We're isolated. Out there, there's nothing going on anymore!"
confirms his system administrator.

"I'm sorry Ali", warns a friend from the engineering department,
"but the symptoms show clearly that this strange 'something' has
again pumped up the net with a hell of energy! With respect to our
expensive equipment, we should immediately cut off ..."

"Bloody shit, that's just what I need! We're NOT going to do that
- not as long as I'm in command!" Obviously, Ali's choleric
temperament runs away with him, once more.

"Well, in that case, I must reject all responsibility for what comes
now! I have lots of witnesses that I have forwarned you, Ali!"
cautions his friend.

"Yes - yes ..."
"Well then, shall I pull out the plug yet?" asks his friend.
"No, of course NOT!" replies Ali M.
"Yes, yes - no, ... Tell me once and for all: What's your order

In the meantime, most of the instruments show values in the super-
critical range. And all eyes in the control room stare at Ali M., who
shouts at his friend: "Do I have to spell it? As long as I'm in
command, nobody in this room will pull out not even the smallest
plug! - By the way: For how long lasts your deafness?"

Now,    most of the chaff turns away, shaking their heads. It's
crystal-clear to them that Ali M. is totally overstretched by leading
a GloNet center.

When Ali M. notices that his employees turn away, he realizes
that his hopes for re-election are definitely dashed after this
outburst. He desperately tries to defend himself, calling: "And if
the whole thing was just a feint attack that somehow affects our
instruments in strange ways. Perhaps to make us believe that the
net was going to crash? We can only find the truth, if we push
through to the bitter end! Can't you see that, or can you come up
with an adequate proposal?"

His question stays unanswered, because his suggestion is much
too risky. Ali M. shows only once more that he misses not just the
slightest idea about psychology, but also about technical questions
around the GloNet.

The engineering divisions Omega and Delta report now that the
filters cannot absorb the high energy peaks any more. Therefore,
about half of the computers bailed out in the last thirty seconds
because of overheated CPU's and faulty RAM modules.

Now     Ali's friend takes over: "Cut off everything immediately
from the backbone!" He makes no more allowances for the strictly
organized GloNet style of leadership. He knows well, of course,
that this is a mortal sin in the net ...

Ali tears off a holodisplay from the anchor and rushes with it at
his friend, totally out of control: "You goddamn bloody son of a
bitch, I'll bump you off!"

He tries to smash the display on his friend's head. At the last
moment, two strong men prevent him from doing so, by tearing
him down to the ground.

"I  have already alarmed the police!" calls a woman from the
background. She has fortunately made a quick and correct analysis
of the hopeless situation.
       Saturnorbit , near Trabant Enceladus, February 2019

       The    foreign representatives in the spacecraft notice with
       satisfaction that their second GloNet-jamming is a success. The
       automatic translators are fed with the communications in the
       GloNet centers around the world. But, even though they learn
       something new with each translation, they have still difficulties
       with the interpretation of some idioms of the human vulgar
       vocabulary. For instance with the threat of the GloNet chief of the
       San Diego center that reads "WHEN I’LL GET HIM BY THE
       UNTIL HE’S DEAD." And some of Ali M.'s curses cannot be
       analyzed, because the mentality of the aliens does not allow for it,
       because a total lack of corresponding experiences.

       The command of the spacecraft decides therefore, to inspect some
       GloNet centers right now, under cover of the night, with a few
       small reconnaissance craft. Hopefully, they are even better able to
       judge the situation and to gain some more important information.
       Furthermore decicions on the future of mankind - and specially
       that of the GloNet - will be made, depending on the gathered data
       in a few days ...

                                 End of part V

           "Attack on the GloNet"


Barbara H. leaves the national GloNet central office in Zurich on the 24th of February
2019 at 3:13 a.m. local time. und macht sich gleich auf den Heimweg. She’s been on
continuous duty the last 48 hours because all hell had broken loose. But now she’s a few
hours off.

She walks carefully over the parking level that is partly covered with tamped snow and
occasionally icy. Fortunately, this parking level – in front of the main GloNet building -
is well lighted up. It’s very cold out here and Barbara H. senses the coldness even more
nastily, because she hadn’t left the warm building for two days. Her body got used to the
pleasantly air-conditioned world inside the main GloNet building.

When she’s already near the parking lot where she had parked her car two days ago,
she’s touching a few alpha-nummerical characters on the touchdisplay of her
multifunction watch – whereupon the door on driver’s side opens slowly upwards. It has
become a custom that car doors open that way, because this allows a tighter parking setup
on the limited urban parking space. After she has wearily dropped into the driver’s seat,
she’s tipping the GPS coordinates of her residence on the backlit keyboard satellite, that
has coming out of the dahsboard when she closed the saftey belts. Of course, she might as
well speak into the micro that is well-hidden in the roof, to carry out these tasks. But
mostly she prefers the old-fashioned way to talk to her small sportcar that has a modern
hydrogen engine.

The pleasant voice of her boyfriend reminds her, that she’s not yet fully protected by the
safety equipment, because she missed to close the hip belt. So she closes the belt and then
– like magic – several displays lighten up on the dashboard. The interior light is dimmed
automatically and the position lights are switched on instead. On the dark windshield, the
small fluorescent orange symbols of the Head-Up-Display are visible now. The hoarfrost
on the glass is removed almost instantly by small heating elements, that are sandwiched
between two Securit glass layers. The HUD shows the actual speed, the target speed, the
expected braking distance, the distance to the car in front and also the best way to the
destination with arrows on symbolic roads. Barbara H. can additionally request to be
continously notified on less important data in green alpha-numerical letters. These data
refer to average speed, local or world daytime, the hydrogen reserve, tire pressure,
incoming messages and a lot of other more or less usefull things. All of these secondary
displays are – of course – also available on the dashboard. But the reading during driving
is for the eyes much more pleasant from the HUD. It is adjusted to infinity and therefore
the eyes need not to adapt. Besides, the whole dashboard switches automatically to
‚nightdisplay‘ as soon as it is dark outside, so that only the speed and –if necessary –
warning lights are visible.

Barbara H. starts the engine with a short voice command. After three seconds she hears
again the voice of her boyfriend: "All systems work perfectly – you may drive off,
darling. When do you intend to be home?"

Barbara H. check quickly the display of the multifunction watch at her wrist, then she
anwers: "Before 4 a.m. – if possible."

"In that case you must drive with an average speed of 57 km/h. Have a nice drive,

She drives quickly off. After a few minutes she arrives at the slip road to highway 1. The
small streets seem nearly deserted and they have been already mostly cleared from snow.
Only at the roadside there are still some spots with snow, covered by a thick dirty layer.
On the highway there’s also not so much traffic at this time, even though meanwhile
great part of the working force have to do shift work as a result of the merciless world

On the HUD, a slowly flashing arrow above the present speed display shows now to
another display. This is the target speed, that Barbara H. should observe if she’d likes to
be at home at the desired time. The upwards showing arrow means in this context, that
she must increase the speed.

When she got in the lane on the highway, she gives an order to the computer: "I’d like
the newest quotations, the local weather forecast for today and the International news!"
She’s not too surprised that two thirds of the news are about the two GloNet crashs. She
only hopes that her friends won’t get on her nerves with questions that she can’t answer

Meanwhile the traffic on the highway has cleared even more. The frontradar shows
Barabar H. that the car in front of her has had a stable distance of about 430 meters along
the last 10 kilometers. And behind her she can only detect two pairs of light. The lights of
the big town of Winterthur are only faintly visible any more.

Now, that the news are over, Barbara H. is a bit bored. For a change, she asks the
computer to fade in the new calculated TOA in the HUD. She discovers with satisfaction,
that she’s likely to be home already at 03:50 a.m.

But what are these lights for, that are suddenly lighting up just under the upper frame of
the windshield? The lights are moving accordingly to her car. Could it be that she sees
the position lights of a chopper?

Barbara H. observes the the phenomenon for about two minutes. Then she orders the
computer to wind down the windows on her side. A cold breeze blows in her blonde hair
and cools her hot cheeks. She peeps out of the open window as good as possible while
still steering the car. The lights change their postition now – they are suddenly on the
right side, but they stay level with the car.

To her great amazing there’s no other noise besides the roaring and whistling of the
wind, the sound of the winter tires on the rough tar and the reassuring humming of the
engine. The flapping of the rotortips that are moving fast than the speed of sound should
at least penetrate through the background noise.

Barbara H. leaves the window open because the lights move now accross her car’s roof
to the driver’s side again. Now – at least – she should hear a sound of the strange aircraft!
But she can’t hear anything – and this thing get slowly but steadily a bit weird...

Because she observed the aircraf’s lights, she has slowed down her speed trough the last
two minutes. The taillights of the car, that drove only just half a kilometer in front of her,
are blurred but recognizeable now. But the HUD shows already a gap of 810 meters. And
in the rearview mirror she can’t she anymore the two cars that haven been following her
for a while.

But on the other lane some carlights are approaching. "Do they also see what I see?"
she’s asking herself, observing whether the approaching cars slow down their speed. But
they don’t seem to do so. "Well then, for them it must really look like a low flying small
airplane or a chopper", she’s explaining their missing reaction.

Meanwhile the lights have positioned directly in front of her car in a distance of perhaps
a few hundred meters. But it’s difficult for Barbara H. to guess the space between the car
and the lights in the sky because of the darkness. The objects in question seems to
‚swallow‘ all lightrays, even that of its own position lights. So if it has big lights it might
as well be that the distance is ten times shorter – and conversely.

The on-board computer reminds Barbara H. that she has to leave the highway at the next
exit in about 20 seconds. She was so much occupied with her observations that she would
have downright missed this waypoint...

"Slow down you speed, darling". That was her boyfriend’s voice again, automatically
advising her in special situations.

"You’re damned right!" she sighs with a short glance at the HUD. The speedometer
shows still 60 km/h – and she’s only about 30 meters from intersection with the side
street, where a big stop sign is placed!

Fortunately the road is absolutely free of snow and ice in front of her. She’s downright
on the brakes and the car comes to a stand still at the thick white stop line with squeaking
tires. Barbara H. has a quick look at the left and at the right, then she turn into the side

She’s wondering whether the lights would still follow her. Silly question – of course
they will! After all they’ve been at her heels for at least fifteen minutes now. That is not a
chance incounter, there’s a method behind it... Could it finally be an UFO? And if yes,
why should she of all people be the chosen one – when so many others where eagerly
waiting to be given a visit by extraterrestrials.

Barbara H. has never seriously dealt with that subject. She’s not a dreamer and she loves
to solve tricky problems with her keen logic – problems that areaccessible to the rational
intellect. Sentimentality and exaggerated romanticism are horror for her! It’s true that she
can easily imagine that there are things that can’t be explained up to now with todays
means, but when there was a discussion about UFO’s and the like in her circle of friends
that always left her quite cold.

But now she would still be a bit disappointed if that ‚thing up there‘ would not follow
her anymore, even though the road leads now with many turns through a lot of small
woodlands: An area where nobody would want to stop with a breakdown, not to mention
with an UFO right above! But nevertheless, strangely she doesn’t get wind up. She has a
safe feeling that she is not chased by the UFO – or whatever it may be – but escorted...
And really – the object is still above, beside and sometime in front of her, all the way
down the winding road. Barbara H. stops her car short off the village where she lives.
Driven by an inexplicable impulse, she leans out of the still open window. The lights of
the flying object come also to a stop – apparently in a short distance. Now that she
doesn’t need to steer the car simultaneously she can observe the ‚thing‘ more accuratly.
She detects that there are lights of different colors that turn slowly, so as if the lower part
of the object could twist independent from the upper one. Only now she realizes that she
hasn’t ever been afraid, even though this ‚thing‘ was following her intentionally! On the
contrary – she’s emotionally totally relaxed and calm. Somehow she very well knows that
‚they‘ don’t want to her any harm...

She’s suddenly interrupted in her contemplation by an approaching car. When it is only
about two hundred meters away from her it slows quickly down to a standstill. It seems
that the driver has also noticed the strange object that ‚stands‘ in the cloudy nightsky,
absolutely silent. But after a short time the other car starts to move again. It accelerates
powerfully so that it has well over 100 km/h. when it drives past.

Barbara H. decides now to drive on as well. But before she’d likes to give ‚that things up
there‘ at least a signal to tell ‚goodbye‘. For that purpose she switches the floodlights of
her car off and on a few time in short intervals. – And if ‚they‘ had waited for a signal,
the flying object starts to move now! It silently moves away and up from her with a
seemingly unbelieveable acceleration . Because it produces absolutely no noise in doing
so, it has the effect on a terrestrial observer as if it would dwindle to invisibility from one
moment to the other...

Barbara H. needs a minute to find her way back to reality. She pinches her arm until it
really hurts her. No, this was not a dream – she’s on her way home and she just had
contact with a UFO!

Now   she drives off and only two minutes later she parks the car in front of her
apartment. When she gets out of the car it’s absolutely quiet in and around the village.
Nobody else seems to have taken notice about the strange nocturnal visitors.

Barbara H. is too tired now – in the middle of the night - to think a lot about what just
happend to her. When she’s creeping to her friend into the warm double bed she decides,
to inaugurate him the next morning during breakfast. Before she falls asleep she has one
last thought: "I just hope, he will not laugh at me..."

Barbara H. came really across an UFO. The spaceship had gone into a stationary orbit
over Europe at 01:10 world time. Then its passengers startet to scan some interesting
regions from a hight of over 2000 kilometers with hypersensitive instruments. And so
they also took notice when Barbara H. left the GloNet building in Zurich. And as soon as
the young woman passed below the air corridor of the Intercontinental Airport Zurich-
Kloten the strange flying spaceship was ‚falling down‘ to about 50 meters AGL (Above
Ground Level) where it was secure from radar detection. If the radar controller in charge
for that region happend to check the screen at that very moment, he would only have seen
a very short flicker that could be due to anything from a fluctuation in the power supply
to a voltage peak.

Barbara   H. was scanned on the whole way home. The technology behind is totally
strange to any inhabitant of the earth. It’s a technology that is based upon super
mathematics that has mastered the hyperdimensional problems of anti-gravitation and has
even made them a playground to creativity. Barbara H. was an open book to this visitors.
She became one of their unconscious GloNet agents during that cold night from February
23 to February 24 in the year 2019...
                                    End of Epilog

•   4D: four-dimensional; three space coordinates - X, Y, Z - and one time coordinate. Is
    necessary for simulations in space and time. 3D = spatial, 2D = projected onto plane
•   AAA: Advanced Air to Air missile (tripple A missile). Can be launched against an enemy
    plane right head-on.
•   ACM: Air Counter Measures
•   AG: Air to Ground missile
•   AGL: Above Ground Level
•   AI: Artificial Intelligence
•   AOA: Angle of Attack
•   AP: Auto Pilot
•   AR: Anti Radiation (or Anti Radar) missile; to be used against radar facilities
•   ATM: Automated Teller Machine
•   ATP: Anti Terrorist Packets
•   BINGO: Time to refuel
•   Brainwave: Is visible by special devices that measure the electro-magnetic potential of
    brain activities)
•   CAT: Catapult
•   CC 14: Control Center 14
•   CODEC: Codeing and decoding files
•   DA: Digital to Analogous
•   DMA: Direct Memory Access
•   DSEX: Digital Space Exploration
•   DSP: Digital Signal Processor
•   DT: Data Traveller (Slang for somebody who is 'riding' the on the data-highways of the
    global network, in search of data or just for fun)
•   ECM: Electronic Counter Measures
•   EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse
•   EPRP: The EPRP-experiment has its name from physicians Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen &
•   FFT: Fast Fourier Transformations (Special Mathematics to handle matrix data)
•   Flash-ROM: Read Only Memory that -despite the name - can be updated by special hard-
    and software
•   GloNet: Global Network, supporting an artificial virtual world. Everybody may take part
    with a freely chosen seperate identity for cash.
•   GPS: Global Positioning System (System for precise navigation on Earth and in the
    GloNet, based on satellites)
•   Graphics-Engine (part of the computer that is responsible for the graphics display)
•   GSS: Glonet Satellite Service
•   HERF: High Energy Radio Frequency
•   HUD: Head Up Display
•   ID: Identification (all participants in the GloNet have their own multidigit identification
    number; it consists of alpha- numerical characters)
•   IFF: Identification Friend or Foe
•   IGSS: Iranian GloNet Secret Service
•   ILS: Instrument Landing System
•   INS: Inertial Navigation System (backup navigation in space, independent from --> GPS
•   I/O: Input/Output
•   IR: InfraRed
•   JNCC: Japanese National Communications Company
•   JNT&T: Japanese National Telephone and Telegraph Incorporated
•   JPEG: Joint Photograph Expert Group (developed special proceeding for the the packing
    (compression) of still images; it is NOT lossless)
•   KIA: Killed in Action
•   LT: Local Time
•   Milka: A famous Swiss chocolate with a violet packaging
•   MOB: Meeting of the Board
•   MPEG: Motion Photograph Expert Group Group (developed special proceeding for the
    the packing (compression) of moving images, e.g. movies, videos; it is NOT lossless)
•   OCR: Optical Character Recognition
•   PDA: Personal Digital Assistant
•   PGB: Pritty Good Privacy (crypto-software)
•   Pipe (Slang for data transmission through fiber-optic cables and over satellites)
•   Radiosity: Physical model of light (in addition to simple raytracing). Gives a physically
    correct spread of light inside and outside. Takes in account the typical light emissions of
    objects that are not primary light sources.
•   RAP: Red Alert Phase
•   RGB: Red/Green/Blue-channels in a digital picture of millions of colors
•   ROM: Read Only Memory
•   RNG: Range
•   SAD: Situational Awareness Display
•   SAF: Singapore Air Force
•   SAM: Surface to Air Missile. There are two types: One searches his target with an
    infrared-sensible head automatically. Premium targets are the hot engines of airplanes.
    The other one is radar-guided, either by a ground station's radar or by ist own small radar
    dome in the head of the rocket.
•   SATAN: Security Administrator Tool for Analysing Networks
•   Scramjet: Supersonic Combustion RAM Jet
•   SINFO: Secret Information (Informatiochannel that provides secret data for Russian
•   Tagalog (Native language in the Philippines. There are many dialects, the dominant one
    comes from the area around Manila)
•   TOA: Time Of Arrival
•   Tuc-Tuc (small motorcycle that was altered for transportation of two and more persons.
    Mostly with a small roof as protection against rain and sun)
•   virtual (virtually = as good as) living in the GloNet reality of the global network, but
    NOT in the 'real' world
•   VR: Virtual Reality ( as good as reality)
•   WIB: World Investigation Bureau (an organization for worldwide GloNet researches on
    illegal activities in the net)
•   WT: World Time

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