Reliance Pest Solutions In OKC, Provides Top Termite Control Solutions For Your Home

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					Reliance Pest Solutions In OKC, Provides Top Termite Control Solutions For Your Home

Oklahoma City OK, 8-MAY-2013 - Reliance Pest Solutions and Gannon Mahaffay are pleased to
announce that the best available termite control remedies are available for local residences. When
choosing a reliable and guaranteed pest control service, it is important that the procedures be both
effective and safe. OKC pest control relies on a reputation built over more than 15 years of responding
to the needs of local home and business owners.

While speaking to an interviewer recently, the company owner stated, "We will provide a no-cost audit
of your home to determine if there are signs of termite infestation. We give an honest appraisal of the
results of our review. We don't use pushy sales techniques or tricks. We are so sure that you will be
satisfied that the appraisal is accurate that we pay you $50 if you feel your time has been wasted. You
will learn where there are problems and how they can best be resolved."

"Our professional crew" he explains, "looks over every minute space of your home to determine the
exact areas of the infestation. The next step in our review is to define a plan to eradicate the nasty pests
permanently. We also include how we will follow up on the control so that the termites or other pests
do not return. This includes reapplication of our products, if needed at no further cost. If we can't solve
the problem, we will return your entire payment."

The firm uses only products that are safe for humans and pets to be around. Termites can do a great
deal of damage in a very short time, so it is important to use products that are effective quickly, but not
at the risk to the health of the inhabitants of the residence or business. The type of pest may vary,
depending upon the environment. Termites come in more than one type, so there is need to target the
particular species of pest while still accomplishing the results of permanent eradication.

Learn more about the advantages of consulting with an OKC pest control firm that guarantees
satisfaction by visiting the website at today. Members of the
press and individuals who have queries regarding the information in this press notice are urged to
contact the company at the location described below.

Company Name: Reliance Pest Solutions
Address: 211 N. E. 38th Street. Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Contact Telephone Number: (405) 237-6104

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Description: Reliance Pest Solutions provides guaranteed termite control results to homeowners in the Oklahoma City area. Satisfaction is guaranteed in eliminating infestation of termites and many other types of pests that can cause thousands of dollars in damage to homes and buildings.