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                                                          E.A. Agyeman
                                                          Senior Librarian (
                                                          J. Kuofie
                                                          Principal Admiistrative Officer
           December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Adabie-Gomez, D. Nkumsah, A.                        Adabie-Gomez, D., Nkumsah, A.
Preliminary       laboratory       studies    on    Preliminary       laboratory       studies    on
radiosterilization of glossina palpalis palpalis    radiosterilization of glosinna palpalis palpalis
(r-dx diptera: glossinidae) by gamma radiation:     (r-d) (diptera: glossinaidae) by gamma
effects of 15kr- on pupae and adults on             radiation: effects of kr on pupae and adults of
different ages. VF-TR-A--7. (8p.)                   different ages. (10p.)
Technical report, 1988.                             Technical report.
KEYWORDS:         Radiosterilization.      Gamma    1988.
radiation. Glossina                                 KEYWORDS:         Radiosterilization.      Gamma
                                                    radiation. Pupae. Glossina.

Adabie-Gomez, D. Agolor, G.K.
Effect of different doses of gamma radiation        Adabie-Gomez, D.A. Annoh, C. E. Boohene, C.
on different ages of pupae and adults of            Laboratory maitenance of in vivo and in vitro
glossina palpalis palpalis. VF-TR=A=4. (4p.)        colonies of glossina palpalis (robineau-
Technical report, 1988.                             desvody) (diptera: glossinidae) for sterile
KEYWORDS: Gamma radiation. Glosinna.                insect technique (sit) control programme in
Radiation doses.                                    Ghana. (21p.)
                                                    Conferemce paper.
Adabie, D.A.                                        KEYWORDS: Glossina. Sterile male technique.
A survey of insects associated with grains and
cereal products in selected warehouses and
flour mills in two regions in Ghana. (6 p.)         Adabie-Gomez, D.A. Osae, M. Agyir-Yawson, A.
Technical report, 1977.                             Evaluation of four local plant species for
KEYWORDS: Insects. Cereals.                         insecticidal activity against sitophilus zeamais
                                                    motsch. (coleoptera: curculionidae) and
                                                    callosobruchus maculatus (f) (coleoptera:
Adabie, D.A.                                        bruchidae). (12p.)
Preliminary investigations of the ecology and       Technical report.
biology of anopheles gambiae giles in               2003.
Kwabenya, Ghana. BNARI. (25 p.)                     KEYWORDS: Coleoptera. Castorbean. Nuts.
Technical report, 1978.                             Medicinal Plants. Insecticides.
KEYWORDS: Ecology. Mosquitoes.

Adabie, D.A.                                        Adabie-Gomez, D.A.
Preliminary rearing of glossina palpalis palpalis   Situation report on the BNARI tsetse research
(r-d) (diptera: glossinidae) in the laboratory.     and control programme on the development of
(12p.)                                              SIT for the control of tsetse flies in selected
Technical report.                                   areas in Ghana (1983-2002). (23p.)
1983.                                               Technical report.
KEYWORDS: Glossina. Mass rearing.                   2002.
                                                    KEYWORDS: Glossina. Sterile male technique.
                                                    Research Programs. Ghana.

           December 1, 2009      [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Adom, T. Bansa, D. Boatin, R. Timpo, S. Vuore,       Adu-Gyamfi, A. Nketsia-Tabiri, J.
T. F. Datohe, D. Asamoa-Tutu, P. Adjei, H.           Physico-chemical characteristics and micro-
Assessment of maternal body composition and          biological profile of jollof rice meal. (5p.)
breast milk intake in infants in Bongo District      Technical report, 2007.
using deuterium dilution method. (7p.)               KEYWORDS: Rice. Microorganisms. Food.
Technical report, 2007.
KEYWORDS: Breasts. Milk. Deuterium. Infants.
Body composition.                                    Adu-Gyamfi, A. Nketsia-Tabiri, J. Apea-Bah, F.
                                                     Radiosensitivities of bacterial isolates on
                                                     minced chicken and poached chicken meal and
Adu-Gyamfi, A.
                                                     their elimination following irradiation and
Effect of storage time on microbial quality of
some spices and dried seasonings. (9p.)              chilled storage. BNARI/rtc. (5 p.)
Journal article.                                     Journal article.
Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science, vol 39        Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 77 (3008),
(2006), 93-101.                                      174-178.
KEYWORDS: Storage. Microorganisms. Spices.           KEYWORDS: Chicken. Irradiation. Escherichia
                                                     colli. Staphylococcus.
Adu-Gyamfi, A.
Food irradiation: an emerging opportunity for
African countries. (9p.)                             Adu-Gyamfi, A.
Journal article.                                     Studies on microbiological quality of smoked
Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science, vol 35        fish in some markets in Accra, Ghana. (15p.)
(2002), 165-173.                                     Journal article.
KEYWORDS: Food. Irradiation. Technology              Ghana Journal of Science 46 (2006), 67-75.
assessment.                                          KEYWORDS: Fish. Microorganisms.

Adu-Gyamfi, A. Nketsia-Tabiri, J.                    Adu-Gyamfi, A.
Elimination of bacterial isolates from jollof rice   Tissue banking: current procedures, ethical
meal by irradiation and chilled storage. (14p.)      considerations and potential applications in
Journal article.                                     the healthcare system in Ghana. BNARI/RTC.
Journal of Food Safety, 2007, (in press).            (6p.)
KEYWORDS: Bacteria. Rice. Irradiation. Freezing.     Journal article.
Refrigeration. Food.                                 Journal of Applied Science and Technology
                                                     (JAST), Vol. 5(1&2) (2000), 50-55.
                                                     KEYWORDS: Tissue banking. Public Health.
Adu-Gyamfi, A. Nketsia-Tabiri, J.
Microbiological studies of macaroni and
vegetable salads in waakye, a local street food.     Ahiabu, R.K. Danso, K.E. Klu, G.Y.P. Bieler, P.
(11p.)                                               Msikita, W.
Journal article.                                     In vitro cassava research capability at the
Ghana Journal of Science, 2006, 46 (In press).       Biotechnology and Nuclear Agriculture
KEYWORDS: Microorganisms. Vegetables. Rice.          Research Institute (BNARI) - Ghana: potentials
Food.                                                and contraints. (3p.)
                                                     Journal article.
                                                     In: African Journal of Root and Tuber Crops, vol
                                                     2(1&2) (1997), 209-212.
                                                     KEYWORDS: Cassava. Plant breeding. Ghana.
                                                     Research programmes. In vitro.

          December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Ahiabu, R.K. Lokko, Y. Danso, K. Klu, G.Y.P.      Annoh, C.E. Banor, H.E. Luger, D. Adabie-
Improvement of basic food crops in Africa         Gomez, D.A.
through plant breeding, including the use of      Capability of glossina tachiniodes westwood
induced mutations: mutagenesis for acmv           (diptera: glossinidae) males to mate and
resistance in a Ghanaian cassava cultivar         inseminate female flies in different mating
'bosom nsia'. IAEA-TECDOC--951. (10p.)            ratios to sustain a laboratory tsetsefly colony
Conference proceedings.                           for sterile insect technique control programme
1995.                                             in Ghana. (5p.)
Proceedings of a final research co-ordination     Journal article.
meeting of a FAO/IAEA co-ordinated                Ghana Journal of Science, V. 40 (2000), 51-55.
programme. (30th Oct-3rd Nov).                    KEYWORDS: Glossina. Sterile male technique.
KEYWORDS: Cassava. Plant breeding. Disease
resistance. Mutagenesis.
                                                  Annoh, C.E.
                                                  Developing the sterile insect technique (sit) for
Amernope, G. Amoatey, H.M. Darkwa, A.             riverine tsetse eradication programmes in
Banini, G.K. Elloh, V.W.                          Ghana. (5p.)
The fresh and dry root weights profile of         Conference paper.
cassava      (manihot     esculenta     cranz).   1999.
BNARI/Plant Science. (10p.)                       KEYWORDS: Sterile male technique. Glossina.
Technical report.
KEYWORDS: Cassava. Roots. Productivity.
                                                  Annoh, C.E. Botchey, M.A. Adabie-Gomez, D.A.
                                                  Yankson, K. Timpo, S.
Amenorpe, G. Amoatey, H.M. Darkwa, A.             The use of radiation-induced inherited sterility
Banini, G.K. Eloh, V.W.                           for the control of eldana saccharina walker
Peak root and starch weights of ten early         (lepidoptera: pyralidae) on maize crop in field
bulking cultivators of cassava (manihot           crops. (5 p.)
esculenta crantz). (10p.)                         Journal article.
Technical report,                                 Journal of the Ghana Science Association, vol.
2007.                                             7(2), 2005, 37-41.
KEYWORDS: Cassava. Productivity.                  KEYWORDS: Lepidoptera. Maize. Sterile male

Amiteye, S. Asare, D.K.
Technical report on training undertaken at the    Annoh, C.E. Adabie-Gomez, D.A.
Donald Danforth Plant Sciences Centre. 4p.        Radiation       entomology:    an      essential
Technical report.                                 component of integrated control of insect
2007.                                             pests for increased food production. (7p.)
KEYWORDS: Cassava. Progress report.               Journal article.
                                                  Journal of Ghana Science Association, vol 1(1),
                                                  1999), 81-87.
Annoh, C.E. Adabie-Gomez, D.A.                    KEYWORDS: Radiosterilization. Pest control.
Determination of optimum fly-density of
glossina palpalis robineau-desvody for
maximum production of pupae in different
cage sizes. (8p.)
Technical report.
KEYWORDS: Glossina. Mass rearing. Pupae.
Sterile male technique.
           December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Annoh, C.E.                                         Annoh, C.E. Botchey, M.A. Mensah, B.A.
Radiation-induced inherited sterility in            Adabie-Gomez, D.A. Montford, G.K.
biotechnology for insect pest management.           Some biological characteristics of pupae of two
(1p.)                                               species of lepidopterous maize stemborer
Journal article.                                    laboratory reared for inherited sterility control
Biotech Ghana, vol 2(1), 2002, 8.                   programme in Ghana. (8p.)
KEYWORDS: Pest control. Sterile male                Journal article.
technique.                                          Journal of the Ghana Science Association, vol
                                                    2(2), 2000, 54-61.
                                                    KEYWORDS: Maize Lepidoptera. Pupae. Sterile
Annoh, C.E.                                         male technique.
Sterile insect technique: an effective tool for
insect pest management. (2p.)
Journal article.
Biotech Ghana, vol 1(3), 6-7.                       Annoh, C.E. Adabie-Gomez, D. Osae, M. Ewusie,
KEYWORDS: Sterile male technique. Pest              E.A. Timpo, S.
control.                                            Rapid appraisal of public awareness on the
                                                    importance     of   pollinators   for   their
                                                    conservation. (4p.)
Annoh, C.E. Botchey, M.A. Adabie-Gomez, D.A.        Technical report.
Mensah, B.A.                                        2004.
Inherited sterility in eldana saccharina walker     KEYWORDS: Pollinators. Conservation.
(lepidoptera: pyralidae): effect of sub-
sterilizing doses of gamma radiation on
mating, fecundity and fertility. (8p.)
Journal article.                                    Annoh, C.E. Adabie-Gomez, D.A. Boohene, C.K.
Journal of the Ghana Science Association, vol       Determination of optimal fly density of
4(1) (2002), 41-48.                                 glosinna palpalis palpalis (robineau-desvoidy)
KEYWORDS:         Sterile   male       technique.   (diptera: glossinidae) for maximum puparia
Lepidoptera.                                        production in different cage types for sterile
                                                    insect technique (sit) programme in Ghana.
Annoh, C.E. Adabie-Gomez, D.A. Ennison, I.          Technical report no.2 for the year 1988.
Emi-Raynolds, G.                                    KEYWORDS: Glossina. Pupae. Sterile male
Radio-sterilization effects on adult males of       technique.
glossina tachiniodes (diptera: glossinidae)
exposed to different doses from a gamma
irradiation facility in Ghana. (7p.)
Journal article.                                    Annoh, C.E. Botchey, M.A. Adabie-Gomez, D.A.
Journal of the Ghana Science Association, vol       Yankson, K.
2(3) (2000), 193-199.                               Releases of sterile to fertile mating ratios of
KEYWORDS: Glossina. Sterile male technique.         eldana saccharina and determination of f1
Radiation doses.                                    sterility in field cages. (10p.)
                                                    Technical report.
                                                    KEYWORDS: Moths. Sterile male technique.

           December 1, 2009      [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Annoh, C.E. Adabie-Gomez, D.A. Botchey, M.A.        Ayeh, E.O. Misa-Aboagye, L. Asare, D.K.
Kwapong, P.K. Osae, M.Y. Timpo, S. Ewusie, E.A.     Amernope, G.
Releases of sugar cane moths eldana                 Combined effects of heat and water stresses
saccharina walker (lepidoptera pyralidae) for       on nodulation and nitrogen yield of local
pest suppression by radiation-induced sterility     cowpea and groundnut germplasms. (10p.)
on maize crop in a screen house. (6p.)              Technical report.
Technical report. 2007.                             KEYWORDS: Heat stress. Water requirements.
KEYWORDS: Moths. Sterile male technique.            Nitrogen fixation. Vigna. Peanuts.

Apea-Bah, F.B. Oduro, I. Ellis, W.O. Safo-          Ayernor, G.S. Ocloo, F.C.K.
Kantanka, O.                                        Physico-chemical changes and diastatic activity
Time of harvesting and its effect on the quality    associated with germinating paddy rice (psb.rc
                                                    34). (5p.) submitted as a technical report.
of flour from four cassava varieties. KNUST/
                                                    Journal article.
Biochemistry dept. (12 p.)                          African Journal of Food Science, Vol 1 (2007),
Proceedings of the 13th ISTRC Symposium,            037-041.
2007, 248-259.                                      KEYWORDS: Rice. Germination.
KEYWORDS: Cassava. Harvesting

                                                    Bah, F.A. Appiah, V. Nketsia-Tabiri, J. Akomeah-
Apea-Bah, F.B.Oduro, I. Ellis, W.O. Safo-
                                                    Adjei, F.
Kantanka, O.
                                                    Effect of cocoa bean irradiation on sensory
Principal component analysis and age at
                                                    quality of processed cocoa products. (5 p.)
harvest effect on quality of gari from four elite
                                                    Journal article.
cassava varieties in Ghana. (7 p.)
                                                    Journal of Ghana Science Association, vol 9 (1)
Journal aticle.
                                                    (2007), 35-39.
African Journal od Biotechnology, vol 8(9)
                                                    KEYWORDS: Cocoa bean. Radiation effects.
(2009), 1943-1949.
KEYWORDS: Cassava. Gari. Quality.

                                                    Bah, A.F. Osae, M. Ocloo, F. Boatin, R. Nketsia-
                                                    Tabiri, J. Vuore, T.
Asare, D.K. Banini, G.K. Ayeh, E.O. Amernope,       Effect of irradiation dose on the physical,
G.                                                  chemical and sensory quality of stored ware
Potential evapotranspiration demand of the          yams (dioscorea rotundata var. Puna). (10p.)
coastal savannah environment of Ghana. (11p.)       2006.
Technical report, 2006.                             Yam Project Technical report 2006.
KEYWORDS: Evaporation. Coastal regions.             KEYWORDS: Radiation effects. Yams.
Savannahs. Transpiration.

                                                    Bailey, D.L. Adabie, D. Focke, D. A. Dame, D. A.
Asare, E.K.                                         Field releases with adults and pupae of
Elucidating the molecular mechanism for             toxorhynchites rutilus (diptera: culicidae). (5p.)
elevated amylose in wheat (triticum aestivum        Journal article.
L.) starch. (25p.)                                  Journal of medical entomology, vol. 20 (2), 308-
Progress report.                                    312.
2006.                                               KEYWORDS: Diptera. Sterile male technique.
KEYWORDS: Molecular biology. Wheat. Starch.
           December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Bansa, D. Boatin, R. Adom, T. Timpo, S.            Boatin, R. Kurpad, A. Adom, T. Bansa, D.
Asamoa-Tutu, P.                                    Dectection of helicobacter pylori in rural
Evaluation of breast milk intake of infants and    school children using Carbon 13 urea breath
body composition of lactating mothers using        test. (6p.)
deuterium oxide and fourier transformed            Technical report.
infrared spectroscopy. (8p.)                       KEYWORDS: Breath. Urea. Children. Diagnosis.
Technical report.                                  Bacterial diseases. Carbon 13. Rural areas
KEYWORDS:       Deuterium      oxide.    Fourier
transformation. Infants. Lactation. Body           Danso, K.E. Ahiabu, R.K.A.
composition. Mammary glands. Milk.                 Screening for embryogenic competence in
                                                   some cassava (manihot esculenta crantz)
                                                   cultivars in Ghana. (3p.)
                                                   Journal artidle.
Bansa, D. Boatin, R. Amoatey, H.M. Asare, D.K.     African Journal of Root and Tuber Crops, vol
Adom, T. Nyarko, B.J.B. Serfor-Armah, Y. Timpo,    2(1&2) (1997), 152-154.
S.                                                 KEYWORDS: Cassava. Embryos. Mutagen
Industrial related contamination of peri-urban     screening
vegetables. (9p.)
Technical report.
2004.                                              Danso, K.E. Ford-Lloyd, B.V.
KEYWORDS: Vegetables. Contamination. Urban         The effect of abscisic acid and sucrose on post-
areas.                                             thaw embroyogenic competence and
                                                   subsequent plant recovery from embryogenic
                                                   calli of cassava. (18p.)
                                                   Technical report.
Biotechnology and nuclear Agriculture              [2007].
Research Institute: safety handbook. BNARI-        KEYWORDS: Abscisic acid. Saccharose.
PUB--3. (39p.)                                     Embryos. Cassava.
KEYWORDS: Biotechnology. Agriculture.              Danso, K.E. Serfor-Armah, Y. Nyarko, B.J.B.
Manuals.                                           Osae, S. Osae, E.K.
                                                   Determintaion of some mineral components of
                                                   cassava (manihot esculenta crantz) using
                                                   Instrumental Neutron Actvation Analysis. (4p.)
Boohene, C.K. Adabie-Gomez, D.A. Annoh, C.E.       Journal article.
Effects of different feeding regimens on the       Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear
survival and reproductive performance of           Chemistry, vol 250(1), 2001, 139-142.
glossina palpalis palpalis (r-d) fed in vivo on    KEYWORDS: Neutron activation analysis.
guinea pigs. (12p.)                                Cassava. Minerals.
Technical report.
Technical report for 1992.                         desBordes, C.K. Gomda, Y. Kufe, F. Damnyag, G.
KEYWORDS: Guinea pigs. Glossina. Feeding. In       Osei-Somuah, A.
vivo                                               Experience with the use of vincristine sulphate
                                                   in the treatment of canine transmissible
                                                   veneral tumor in Ghana. (5p.)
                                                   Technical report.
                                                   KEYWORDS: Oncovin. Dogs. Neoplasms.
          December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Dransfield, R.D. Brightwell, R. Khlu, J.          Gomez, D.A.
Chaudhury, M.F. Adabie, D.A.                      Prospects for using sterile insect technique (sit)
Size and mortality rates of glossina pallidipes   in an integrated control/eradication of
in the semi-arid zone of southwestern Kenya.      reverine tsetse flies in parts of Ghana. (17 p.) A
(14 p.)                                           paper presented at a seminar on "Land use in
Journal article.                                  tsetse fly and onchocerciasis free zones in
Medical and Veterinary Entomology (3) (1989),     Ghana".
83-95.                                            Seminar Paper.
KEYWORDS: Glossina. Semi-arid regions. Kenya.     1988.
Mortality.                                        KEYWORDS: Sterile male technique. Ghana.
                                                  Glossina. Pest control.

Gbedemah, C.M. Adu-Gyamfi, A. Owusu-Biney,
A. Boatin, R. Boateng, B.
The effect of low-dose gamma radiation on the     Gomez, D.A.
biochemical stability of some intraveneous        Potential for adopting the ICIPE tsetse control
fluids. BNARI/. (7p.)                             components in Ghana. (5 p.) Proceedings of the
Journal article                                   International Conf. on Capacity Building in
Journal of Applied Science and Technology         Insect Science in Africa: field experience and
(JAST), Vol. 4(1&2) (1999), 24-30.                evaluation of the impact of ARPPIS.
KEYWORDS: Gamma radiation. Intraveneous           Conference paper.
fluids. Low dose irradiation                      1990.
                                                  KEYWORDS: Glossina. Pest control. Technology
Gomda, Y.M. Fianu, F.K. Osae, E.K. Akaho,
E.H.K. Karbo, N.
Na and K levels in forage species from the        Gomez, D.A.
communal grazing lands during the dry season      Tsetse and trypanosomiasis control activities in
at some locations in the northern region of       Ghana. (8p.) Presented at the 3rd FAO/IAEA
Ghana. (8p.)                                      Regional Training Course on the Use of Sterile
Technical report.                                 Insect Technique for Combacting Tsetse flies in
[2006].                                           Africa.
KEYWORDS: Sodium. Forage. Potassium.              Seminar paper.
Savannahs.                                        1993.
                                                  KEYWORDS: Glossina. Trypanosomiasis. Sterile
                                                  male technique. Pest control
Gomda, Y.M. Des-Bordes, C.K. Adotey, D.K.
Investigations in the chemical element content
of singed meat using neutron activation           Gomez, D.A. Annoh, C.E.
analysis. (4p.)                                   Present and future programmes of National
Technical report.                                 Nuclear Research Institute (NNRI) on tsetse
2007.                                             and trypanosomiasis control to boost livestock
KEYWORDS: Meat. Neutron activation analysis.      production in Ghana. (13p.) Presented at the
                                                  18th Biennial Conference of Ghana science
                                                  Association, 1-6th August, 1993, University of
                                                  Ghana, Legon, Ghana.
                                                  Conference paper.
                                                  KEYWORDS: Glossina. Trypanosomiasis. Pest
                                                  control. Ghana.

           December 1, 2009      [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Horna, D. Timpo, S.E. Gruere, G.                    Nyamekye-Boamah, K. Abaye, D.A.
Marketing under-utilized crops: the case of the     Orchidectomy in oryctolagus cunniculus. VF-
African garden egg (solanum aethiopicum).           TR-A--1. (4p.)
(24p.)                                              Technical report.
Technical report.                                   1988.
[2006].                                             KEYWORDS: Rabbits. Orchidecomy
KEYWORDS: Marketing. Garden eggs.

Klu, G.Y.P. Lamptey, T.V.O. Dinku, E. Novak, K.J.   Oduro, V. Safo-Kantanka, O. Danso, K.E.
Studies on Meristem culture of white and            Amoatey, H.M. Amitey, S.
yellow-pigmented cultivatars of                     Identification of rapd markers linked to
cassava(manihot esculenta crantz). VF-TR-A--5.      pubescent trait in cassava (manihot esculenta
(7p.)                                               crantz). (13p.)
Technical report.                                   Technical report.
1988.                                               [2007].
KEYWORDS: Meristems. Cassava.                       KEYWORDS: Cassava. Biological markers.

Klu, G.Y.P. Dinku, E. Dolezel, J.                   Osae, M. Y. Wilson, D.D. Adabie-Gomez, D.A.
Rapid in vitro propagation of food yams             Annoh, C.E. Ewusie, E.A. Kluvitse, F.
(dioscorea sp) by nodal cuttings. (8p.)             The effect of gamma irradiation on the biology
Technical report.                                   of the gigarette beetle, lasioderma serricone
KEYWORDS: Cultivation techniques. Yams. In          (f) (coleoptera: anobidae). (6 p.)
vitro. Nodal cuttings                               Journal article.
                                                    Journal of Ghana Association, vol. 8 (1) (2006),
Klu, G.Y.P. Lamptey, T.V.O.                         KEYWORDS:        Gamma        radiation. Beetle.
Gamma-radiation sensitivity and methodology         Biological radiation effects.
for mutant isolation in cassava (manihot
esculenta crantz). BNARI. (10p.) Parts of
research carried out under IAEA reserch
contract no. 3595/RB.                               Response of cassava to different methods of
Technical report.                                   application of fertiliser-nitrogen. (11p.)
[2006].                                             Technical report.
KEYWORDS: Gamma radiation. Mutants.                 [2007].
Cassava.                                            KEYWORDS: Cassava. Fertilisers. Nitrogen.

Nketsia-Tabiri, J. Adu-Gyamfi, A. Owusu-Biney,      Raemakers, C.J.J.M. Rozenboom M.G.M. Danso,
A.                                                  K. Jacobson, E. Visser, R.G.F.
Irradiation of ready meals for microbiological      Regeneration of plants from somatic embryos
safety and shelf-life extension.                    and friable embryogenic callus of cassava
1.Microbiological quality of waakye and other       (manihot esculenta crantz). (4p.)
ready-to-eat meals. (6p.)                           Journal article.
Journal article.                                    In: African Journal of Root and Tuber Crops, vol
Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science, vol. 39      2(12) (1997), 238-242.
(2006), 19-24.                                      KEYWORDS: Cassava. Embryos. Biological
KEYWORDS: Microorganisms. Rice.                     regeneration.

           December 1, 2009    [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Sofiari, E. Raemakers, C.J.J.M. Kanju, E. Danso,   Plant cell, Tissue and Organ culture, 50 (1997),
K. van Lammeren, A.M. Jacobson, E. Visser,         45-56.
R.G.F.                                             KEYWORDS: Cassava. Neutron activation
Comparism of NAA and 2,4-D induced somatic         analysis. Embryos. Somatic mutations.
embroyogenesis in cassava. (12p.)
Journal article.

           December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Aboh, I.J.K. Ofosu, F.G.                          Addo, M.A. Okley, G.M. Affum, H. Avi, C.
Atmosphere aerosol during 2005/06                 Gbadago, J.K. Osae, S. Sanu, J.K.
harmattan season at Kwabenya -near Accra,         Water physic-chemical characteristics and
Ghana: possible sources. NNRI/physics. (18p.)     trace heavy metal contamination status in
Technical report.                                 sediment and waters of Kpesie lagoon, La-
[2007].                                           Accra. (14p.)
KEYWORDS: Aerosol. X-ray fluorescence             Technical report.
analysis. Harmattan.                              [2007].
                                                  KEYWORDS: Physico-chemical characterisitics.
                                                  Water pollution. Sediments. Heavy metals.
Aboh, I.J.K. Ofosu, F.G.                          Lakes. Kpesie lagoon.
Determination of mass, element and black
carbon concentrations in 2005/06 harmattan
aerosol at Kwabenya, near Accra-Ghana. (17p.)     Addison, E.C.K. Andam, A.B. Nani, K. Dodge, R.
Technical report.                                 Design construction and testing of a human
[2007].                                           abdomen phantom (anthropomorphic) for in-
KEYWORDS: Aerosols. X-ray fluorescence            vivo dosimetry in radiology. (11p.)
analysis. Carbon black.                           Technical report.
                                                  KEYWORDS: Radiation doses. Abdomen.
Achel, D.G. Broni, F. Gomda, Y. Brown, C.A.       Thermoluminescent dosimetry. Phantoms.
Gyamfi, O.K.
Mycobacterium bovis in milk samples: A
preliminary investigation using PCR. (9p.)
Technical report.                                 Adomako, D.A. Nyarko, B.J.B. Dampare, S.B.
[2007].                                           Serfor-Armah, Y. Osae, S. Fianko, J.R. Akaho,
KEYWORDS: Mycobacterium. Milk. Cattle.            E.H.K.
Polymerase chain reaction                         Determination of toxic elements in waters and
                                                  sediments from River Subin in the Ashanti
                                                  region. (11p.)
                                                  Journal article.
Addo, M. Gbadago, J.K. Affum, H.A. Adom, T.       Environmental monitoring assessment,
Ahmed, K. Okley, G.M.                             KEYWORDS: Heavy metals. Water pollution.
Mineral profile of Ghanaian dried tobacco         Sediments. Rivers.
leaves and local snuff: a comparative study.
Technical report.
KEYWORDS: Tobacco. Leaves. Neutron
Activation Analysis. Minerals

           December 1, 2009      [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Adomako, D. Osae, S. Fianko, J.R.                  Afful, S. Akpabli, C.K. Yeboah, P.O.
Hydrochemistry of the Densu river basin of         Studies on depletion of some triazine
Ghana. (20p.)                                      herbicides in two soil ecosystems in Ghana.
Technical report.                                  (7p.)
[2007].                                            Journal article.
KEYWORDS: Hydrochemistry. Rivers.                  Journal of Applied Science and Technology, Vol.
                                                   8(1&2) (2003), 62-68.
                                                   KEYWORDS: Herbicides. Soils. Triazines. Thin
Adotey, D.K. Serfor-Armah, Y. Yeboah, P.O.         layer chromatography.
Fianko, J.R.
Market basket survey of essential elements in
some core vegetables in Accra, Ghana. (14p.)       Afful, S. Semenhyia, C.B.J.
Technical report.                                  Advances in thin layer chromatographic
KEYWORDS: Vegetables. Neutron Activation           analysis of chemical warfare agents. (8p.)
Analysis.                                          Technical report.
                                                   KEYWORDS: Thin layer chromatography.
                                                   Chemical warfare agents.
Adu, P.S. Akaho, E.H.K. Nyarko, B.J.B. Serfor-
Armah, Y.
Determination of some wear elements in used        Afful, S.
car engine oil and oil filter using neutron        1H, 1H{31P} and 31P{1H} NMR spectral of
activation analysis. (6p.)                         propyl        isopropylphosphanate    and
Journal article.                                   isopropylphosphonic acid. (12p.)
Journal of the Ghana Science Association, vol      Technical report.
2(1) (2000), 53-58.                                2007.
KEYWORDS: Oils. Neutron activation analysis.       KEYWORDS: Nuclear magnetic resonance.
Filters.                                           Isopropyl. Phosphonates.

                                                   Afful, S. Dogbe, S.A. Ahmad, K. Ewusie, E.A.
Afful, S. Akpabli, C.K. Yeboah, P.O. Dogbe, S.A.   Thin layer chromatographic analyses of
Comparison of two detection methods in the         pesticides in a soil ecosystem. (8p.)
thin layer chromatographic analysis of             Journal article.
herbicides in a coastal savannah soil. (8p.)       West African Journal of Applied Ecology, vol. 14,
Technical report.                                  2008.
2004.                                              KEYWORDS: Soils. Thin layer chromatography.
KEYWORDS: Herbicides. Thin Layer                   Pesticides.
Chromatography. Soils. Coastal Regions.

           December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Ahmad, K. Dampare, S.B. Addo, M.A. Osae, S.         Ahmad, K. Dampare, S.B. Adomako, D. Opata,
Adotey, D.K. Adomako, D.                            N.N. Quagraine, R.E.
Size fractional gold assaying of gold bearing       The use of neutron activation analysis in gold
rocks from the Amansie West District of Ghana       prospecting in small-scale mining in Ghana.
by     instrumental     neutron    activation:      (6p.)
implication for gold extraction process by          Journal article.
small-scale miners. (19p.)                          Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear
Technical report.                                   Chemistry, vol 260(3) (2004), 653-658.
2005.                                               KEYWORDS: Neutron activation analysis. Gold.
KEYWORDS: Neutron activation analysis. Gold.        Prospecting.
Rocks. Extraction.

                                                    Ahmad, K. Opata, N.A. Akaho, E.H.K. Afful, S.
Ahmad, K. Osae, E.K. Nyarko, B.J.B. Serfor-         Senu, J.K.
Armah, Y.                                           Speciation of As(+3), As(+5), monomethyl
Neutron activation analysis for some toxic          arsonate (mma) and dimethyl arsinate (dma)
elements in the hair of some "galamsee"             in the urine of an Africa rat using a combined
workers in Ghana. (6p.)                             cation-anion exchange chromatography and
Journal article.                                    analysis using neutron activation analysis.
Journal of the Ghana Science Association, vol       (10p.)
2(1) (2000), 39-44.                                 KEYWORDS: Neutron Activation Analysis. Ion
KEYWORDS: Neutron activation analysis.              exchange chromatography. Arsenic. Urine. Rats.
Miners. Toxicity. Multi-element analysis. Hair.

Ahmad, K. Dampare, S.B. Addo, M.A. Osae, D.         Ahmad, K.
Adotey, D.K. Adomako, D.                            Estimating the activity of radioisotopes
Size fraction assaying of gold bearing rocks (for   produced in intermittent irradiation of targets
gold extraction) by Instrumental Neutron            in nuclear reactors. (5p.)
Activation Analysis. (6p.)                          Journal article.
Journal article.                                    Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear
Journal of Applied Science and Technology           Chemistry, vol 218(1) (1997), 71-75.
(JAST), vol 10(1&2), (2005), 1-6.                   KEYWORDS: Radioisotopes. Activity levels.
KEYWORDS: Gold. Neutron activation analysis.        Irradiation.

           December 1, 2009      [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Ahmad, K. Carboo, D.                               Ahmad, K. Oppong, I.V.
Speciation of As(III) and As(V) in some            Preliminary chemical investigations of the oil
Ghanaian gold tailings by simple distillation      from the seed of carapa procera. (4p.)
method. (10p.)                                     Technical report.
Journal article.                                   KEYWORDS: Oils. Seeds. Extraction. Chemical
Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 122 (2000), 317-    properties. Carapa procera
KEYWORDS: Gold. Arsenic. Sediments. Rivers.
Distillation. Tailings.                            Ahmad, K. Osae, E.K. Amoh, G.
                                                   Use of an americium-beryllium neutron source
                                                   in gold prospecting in small-scale mining in
Ahmad, K. Baranyar, L. Kornyei, J. Maakuu, B.T.    Ghana. (5p.) Reprint from Proceedings of an
Determination of nuclear cross-section of 81Br     international symposium on nuclear techniques
(n,γ) Br82 reaction by thermal neutron             in exploration and exploitation of energy and
irradiation of bromide processed and               mineral resources. 591-595.
measured as HBr82. (3p.)                           Conference paper.
Journal article.                                   1991.
Journal of Applied Science and Technology          KEYWORDS: Americium. Beryllium. Gold.
(JAST), vol 6(1&2) (2001), 4-6.                    Mining. Neutron sources.
KEYWORDS: Hydrobromic acid. Neutron
Activation Analysis. Cross sections. Nuclear
reactions. Thermal neutrons.
                                                   Ahmad, K. Dampare, S.B. Adomako, D. Opata,
                                                   N.S. Quagraine, R.E.
Ahmad, K. Baranyi, L. Kornyei, J.                  The use of neutron activation analysis (NAA) in
Production of phosphorus-32 by the (n,γ)           gold prospecting in small scale mining in
irradiation of calcium pyrophospate (Ca2P2O7).     Ghana. (9p.)
(14P.) Authors proofs.                             Technical report.
Journal article.                                   KEYWORDS: Neutron activation analysis. Gold.
Ghana Journal of Chemistry.                        Mining.
KEYWORDS: Phosphorus 32. Calcium.
Pyrophosphate. Isotope production. Irradiation.
                                                   Ahmad, K. Ephraim, J.H. Akaho, E.H.K. Nyarko, B.
                                                   J.B. Osae, S. Osae, E.K. Opata, N. Asamoah, K.
Ahmad, K. Aryeetey, E.A.                           Speciation of As(3) and As(+5) in some
A mathematical scheme for calculating Mo-99        Ghanaian gold mining samples using solvent
and Tc-99M. (7p.)                                  extraction into methyl isobutyl ketone (mibk).
Journal article.                                   (19p.)
Journal of the Ghana Science Association           Technical report.
(Special edition), vol 1(2) (1999), 61-69.         KEYWORDS: Arsenic. Gold. Chemical state.
KEYWORDS: Molybdenum 99. Technetium 99.            Methyl isobutyl ketone. Solvent extraction.
Mathematical models.                               Neutron activation analysis.

          December 1, 2009    [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Ahmad, K. Senu, J.K. Opata, N.S. Nartey, V.K.   Ahmad, K. Addo, M.A. Afful, S. Opata, N.
Carboo, D.                                      Preparation of in-house reference materials
Speciation of As(+3), As(+5), monomethyl        using two mushrooms species and the analysis
arsonate and dimethyl arsinate in river         by neutron activation analysis. (13p.)
sediments using a combined cation-anion         Technical report.
chromatography and analysis by Neutron          [2007].
Activation Analysis (NAA). (11p.)               KEYWORDS: Mushroms. Neutron activation
KEYWORDS: Arsenic. Ion exchange                 analysis.
chromatography. Neutron activation analysis.
Sediments. Chemical state.
                                                Ahmed, Y.A. Umar, I.M. Ewa, I.O.B. Ajuju, A.S.
                                                Nyarko, B.J.B. Akaho, E.H.K.
Ahmad, K.                                       An alternative approach to the determination
Environmental sanitation problems of the        of epithermal flux-shaping factor (alpha) for
Achimota council area. (95p.)                   k0-Naa. (11p.) Preprint.
Report.                                         Technical report.
1999.                                           2006.
KEYWORDS: Health hazards. Urban areas. Public   KEYWORDS: Neutron Activation Analysis.
health. Environmental protection.               Epithermal neutrons. Neutron flux.

Ahmad, K. Osae, E.K. Nyarko, B.J.B. Serfor-     Akaho, E.H.K. Jonah, S.A. Nyarko, B.J.B. Osae, S.
Armah, Y. Osae, S.                              Maakuu, B.T. Serfor-Armah, Y. Kyere, A.W.K.
Determination of gold concentration in          Simultaneous use of neutron transmission and
mercury extracted gold using neutron            reflection techniques for classification of crude
activation analysis. (14p.)                     oil samples. (6p.)
Technical report.                               Journal article.
KEYWORDS: Gold. Mercury. Neutron Activation     Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 57 (2002), 831-
Analysis.                                       836.
                                                KEYWORDS: Classification. Reflection.
                                                Petroleum. Radiation absorption analysis.
Ahmad, K. Baranyai, L. Kornyei, J.
Laboratory preparation of selected
radioisotopes. (32p.)
Technical report.
KEYWORDS: Radioisotopes. Chemical

           December 1, 2009    [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Akaho, E.H.K. Maakuu, B.T. Nyarko, B.J.B. Osae,   Akaho, E.H.K. Danso, K.A.
E.K. Serfor-Armah, Y. Chatt, A.                   Computer modelling of fuel behaviour and
A theoretical model for predicting neutron        performance in research reactor(s) as related
fluxes for cyclic neutron activation analysis.    to fuel depletion. RT-RSG--7. (24p.) Progress
(8p.)                                             report on work under IAEA research contract no
Journal article.                                  5734/rb.
Journal of the Ghana Science Association, vol     Technical report.
2(1) (2000), 45-52.                               1990.
KEYWORDS: Neutron flux. Neutron activation        KEYWORDS: Nuclear fuels. Research reactors.
analysis. Mathematical models. Thermal            Burnup. Computerized simulation.

Akaho, E.H.K. Danso, K.A.                         Akaho, E.H.K. Instiful, J.D.K. Maakuu, B.T. Anim-
Computer modelling of fuel behaviour and          Sampong, S. Nyarko, B.J.B.
performance in research reactor(s) as related     Feynman - α technique for measurement of
to fuel depletion. RT-RSG--7. (24p.)              detector dead time using a 30kw tank-in-pool
Progress report.                                  research reactor. (5p.)
1990.                                             Journal article.
Progress report on work under IAEA Research       Nuclear instruments and methods in physics
contract no. 5734/RB. Dec 1989 - Jul 1990.        research A 479(2002) 585-590.
KEYWORDS: Nuclear fuels. Burnup. Research         KEYWORDS: Feynman method. Dead time.
reactors. Computerized simulation.                GHARR-1 Reactor. Position sensitive detectors.
                                                  Reactor noise.

Akaho, E.H.K. Maakuu, B.T.                        Akaho, E.H.K. Jonah, S.A. Dagadu, C.P.K.
Simulation of reactivity transients in a          Maakuu, B.T. Adu, P.S. Anim-Sampong, S. Kyere,
miniature neutron source reactor core. (12p.)     A.W.K.
Journal article.                                  Geometrical effects on thermal neutron
Nuclear Engineering and Design, 213(2002), 31-    reflection of hydrogenous moderators using
42.                                               241Am-Be source. (5p.)
KEYWORDS: Transients. GHARR-1 Reactor.            Journal article.
Reactivity. Computerized simulation. Reactor      Applied Radiation and Isotopes 55(2001) 175-
cores                                             179.
                                                  KEYWORDS: Geometrical aberrations.
                                                  Moderators. Neutron detectors. Thermal
                                                  neutrons. Reflection. Neutron sources.

          December 1, 2009    [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Akaho, E.H.K. Jonah, S.A. Dagadu, C.P.K.         Akaho, E.H.K. Maakuu, B.T.
Maakuu, B.T. Anim-Sampong, S. Kyere, A.W.K.      Nuclear safety-related calculations for Ghana
Thermal neutron reflection method for            research reactor-1 core. (7p.)
measurement of total hydrogen contents in        Journal article.
Ghanaian petroleum products. (6p.)               Journal of Applied Science and Technology
Journal article.                                 (JAST), 5(1&2) (2000), 32-38.
Applied Radiation and Isotopes 55(2001), 617-    KEYWORDS: Nuclear safety. Safety-related
622.                                             calculations. GHARR-1 Reactor. Reactor safety.
KEYWORDS: Thermal neutrons. Hydrogen.            Reactor cores.
Petroleum products. Neutron reflectors.
Neutron sources.
                                                 Akaho, E.H.K. Maakuu, B.T. Anim-Sampong, S.
                                                 A mathemathecal model for predicting
                                                 activities of 99Mo, 99mTc and 99Tc: with
Akaho, E.H.K. Nyarko, B.J.B.                     application to Ghana research reactor-1. (7p.)
Characterisation of neutron flux spectra in      Journal article.
irradiation sites of MNSR reactor using the      Ghana Journal of Chemistry, 4(1) (1998), 7-13.
westcott-formalisms for the k0 neutron           KEYWORDS: Molybdenum 99. Technetium 99.
activation analysis method. (9p.)                Mathematical models. GHARR-1 Reactor.
Journal article.                                 Activity levels.
Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 57(2) (2002),
KEYWORDS: Neutron flux. GHARR-1 Reactor.         Akaho, E.H.K.
Neutron activation analysis. Westcott-           Two-phase flows and heat transfer in clusters
formalism. Neutron spectra. Neutron reactions.   with even and odd numbers of peripheral rods
                                                 of equal geometrical features. (6p.)
                                                 Journal article.
                                                 Journal of the University of Science and
Akaho, E.H.K. Maakuu, B.T. Qazi, M.K.            Technology, Kumasi, 16(3) (1996), 77-82.
Comparison for some measured and calculated      KEYWORDS: Two-phase flows. Heat transfer.
nuclear parameters for Ghana research            Fuel rods. Fuel element clusters
reactor-1 core. (7p.)
Journal article.
Journal of Applied Science and Technology        Akaho, E.H.K.
(JAST), 5(1&2) (2000), 25-31.                    Burnout correlations for even-odd-numbered
KEYWORDS: Nuclear parameters. GHARR-1            peripheral rod clusters over low pressure
Reactor. Reactor cores                           range. (12p.)
                                                 Journal article.
                                                 Journal of the University of Science and
                                                 Technology, Kumasi, 15(2&3) (1995) 112-123.
                                                 KEYWORDS: Burn-out. Fuel rods. Fuel element
                                                 clusters. Low pressure.

          December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Akaho, E.H.K. Anim-Sampong, S.                   Akaho, E.H.K. Anim-Sampong, S.
A theoritical study of the fast-neutron          Two-group macroscopic cross section data
attenuation in Ghanaian serpentine shields.      base for the prototype miniature neutron
(6p.)                                            source reactor. (8p.)
Journal article.                                 Journal article.
Journal of the University of Science and         Journal of the University of Science and
Technology, 14(1) (1994), 34-39.                 Technology, 14(1) (1994), 40-47.
KEYWORDS: Fast neutrons. Rocks. Shielding        KEYWORDS: Multi-group theory. GHARR-1
materials. Neutron transport theory.             Reactor. Reactor cores. Cross sections.
Attenuation. Concretes. Multi-group theory.

                                                 Akaho, E.H.K. Anim-Sampong, S. Maakuu, B.T.
Akaho, E.H.K. Emi-Reynolds, G. Darko, E.O.       Calculations for the core configurations of the
A theoretical study of the attenuation of        miniature neutron source reactor. (7p.)
photons in Ghanaian serpentine shields. (8p.)    Journal article.
Journal article.                                 Journal of the Ghana Science Association
Journal of the University of Science and         (special edition), 1(2) (1999), 1-7.
Technology, 13(3) (1993), 130-137.               KEYWORDS: Reactor cores. GHARR-1 Reactor.
KEYWORDS: Photons. Attenuation. Rocks.
Shielding materials.

                                                 Akaho, E.H.K. Danso, K.A.
Akaho, E.H.K. Maakuu, B.T. Dodoo-Amoo,           A feasibility study of a homogenous
D.N.A. Anim-Sampong, S.                          unreflected subcritical assembly driven by
Steady state operational characteristics of      isotopic neutron sources. (13p.)
Ghana Research Reactor-1. (9p.)                  Conference proceedings.
Journal article.                                 Proceedings of 17th biennial conference of the
Journal of Applied Science and Technology        Ghana science association.
(JAST), 4(1&2) (1999), 15-23.                    KEYWORDS: Feasibility studies. Neutron
KEYWORDS: GHARR-1 Reactor. Steady state          sources. Subcritical assemblies.

Akaho, E.H.K. Anim-Sampong, S. Maakuu, B.T.      Akaho, E.H.K.
Dodoo-Amoo, D.N.A.                               Isodep, a fuel depletion analysis code for
Dynamic feedback characteristics of Ghana        predicting isotopic changes in research reactor
Research Reactor-1. (9p.)                        cores. (20p.)
Journal article.                                 Conference proceedings.
Journal of Ghana Science Association, 2(3)       Proceedings of the 17th biennial conference of
(2000), 200-208.                                 the Ghana science association, 192-211.
KEYWORDS: GHARR-1 Reactor. Feedback.             KEYWORDS: Nuclear fuels. I-codes. Reactor
                                                 cores. GHARR Reactor. Burnup.

           December 1, 2009      [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Akaho, E. H. K. Gbadago, J. Dodoo-Amoo,             Akaho, E.H.K. Acharya, R. Nyarko, B.J.B. Chatt,
D.N.A. Fletcher, J.J.                               A.
Estimation of neutron and gamma dose rates          A method for the calculation of modified
for loss-of-coolant accidents for tank-in-pool      spectral index for k0-NAA using three different
reactor. (10p.) Proceedings on First AFRA           conventions applied to pure /ideal "1/v" (n,γ)
Regional Conference on Research Reactor             reactions. (16p.)
Operation, Safety and Utilization, 10-11th April,   Technical report.
1999.                                               KEYWORDS:       Neutron     spectra.    Neutron
Conference proceedings.                             activation analysis. GHARR-1 Reactor.
 KEYWORDS: Dose rates. Loss of coolant.
GHARR-1 Reactor. Reactor accidents.                 Akaho, E.H.K. Jonah, S.A. Dagadu, C.P.K.
                                                    Maakuu, B.T. Anim-Sampong, S. Kyere, A.W.K.
                                                    Analysis of total hydrogen content in palm oil
Akaho, E.H.K. Dagadu, C. E.                         and palm kernel using thermal neutron
MNSR-TH: thermal-hydraulics code for                moderation method. (5p.)
analysing tank-in-pool type research reactor        Journal article.
core. Proceedings on first AFRA regional            Journal of Applied Science and Technology
conference on research reactor operation,           (JAST), vol 6(1&2) (2001), 21-25.
safety and utilization, 10-11th April, 1999.        KEYWORDS: Hydrogen. Oil Palms. Americium
(22p.)                                              241. Beryllium. Helium 3. Thermal neutrons.
Conference proceedings.
KEYWORDS: Thermal hydraulics. M-codes.              Akaho, E.H.K. Nyarko, B.J.B. Serfor-Armah, Y.
GHARR-1 Reactor.                                    Osae, S. Anim-Sampong, S. Maakuu, B.T.
                                                    Ahmad, K.
                                                    The neutron spectrum parameters f and α for
                                                    GHARR-1: inner irradiation site for k0
Akaho, E.H.K. Nyarko, B.J.B. Serfor-Armah, Y.       standardization NAA method. (8p.)
Osae, S. Anim-Sampong, S. Maakuu, B.T.              KEYWORDS: GHARR-1 Reactor. Irradiation.
Ahmad, K.                                           Neutron activation analysis. Neutron spectra.
Determination of the neutron spectrum               Standardization.
parameters of Gharr-1 inner radiation site for
K0 standardization naa. Poceedings of 2nd
AFRA conference on research reactors for socio-     Amuasi, J.H. Ephraim, J.H. Glover, E.T.
economic development. (5p.)                         Electricity generation in Ghana: the role of the
Conference paper.                                   chemist. (10p.) 11th Ghana Chemical Society
2001.                                               conference, 2nd-5th September 1998.
KEYWORDS: Neutron spectra. GHARR-1 Reactor.         Conference paper.
Neutron activation analysis.                        1998.
                                                    KEYWORDS: Power generation. Electric power.

           December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Anim-Sampong, S. Akaho, E.H.K. Gbadago, J.K.       Backburn, R. Swallow, A.J. Woodward, T.W.
On the treatment of resonance cross sections       Ahmad, K. Clegg, R. Radulovic, S. Sonsuk, M.
in thermal reactor lattices using the wimsd/4      Preliminary chemical studies of substituted
transport lattice code. (12p.)                     metallophtalocyanines. 5th Symp. on Radiation
Journal article.                                   Chemistry, (7p.)
Journal of Applied Science and Technology          (1982).
(JAST), 5(1&2), (2000), 1-13.                      KEYWORDS: Radiochemical analysis.
KEYWORDS: Reactor lattices. W-codes. Cross         Phythalocyanines.
sections. GHARR-1 Reactor. Resonance

                                                   Bamford, S.A. Osae, E.K. Aboh, I.J. Serfor-
Anim-Sampong, S. Akaho, E.H.K. Gbadago, J.K.       Armah, Y. Nyarko, B. Ofosu, F. Odamtten, G.T.
Calculation of multigroup reaction rates for the   Biomonitoring of air pollution through trace
Ghana research reactor-1 fuel lattice using the    element analysis. (10p.)
wimsd/4 transport lattice codes. (10p.)            Technical report.
Journal article.                                   KEYWORDS: Air pollution monitoring. Trace
Journal of Applied Science and Technology          amounts.
(JAST), 5(1&2) (2000), 14-24.
KEYWORDS: Reaction Kinetics. GHARR-1
Reactor. Reactor Lattices. W-codes. Multi-group
theory.                                            Bamford, S.A. Osae, E.K. Serfor-Armah, Y.
                                                   Nyarko, B.J.B. Ofosu, F. Aboh, I.J. Odamtten,
Armah, G.E. Achel, D.G. Acquaah, R.A.              Biomonitoring of air pollution through trace
Purification of miraculin glycoprotein using       element analysis. Report on the Second
tandem          hydrophobic         interaction    Research Co-ordination meeting, Vienna,
chromatography. (12p.)                             Austria. (NAHRES--63) (2001), (107-113).
Patent.                                            Report.
1999.                                              2001.
United States Patent No. 5,886155                  KEYWORDS: Trace amounts. Air pollution
KEYWORDS: Purification. Chromatography.            monitoring. Neutron activation analysis. X-ray
Glycoproteins.                                     fluorescence analysis. Biological indicators.
                                                   Metals. Mining.

           December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Bamford, S.A. Osae, E.K. Aboh, I.J. Serfor-         Banini, G.K. Chaudhri, M.M. Smith, T. Hayward,
Armah, Y. Nyarko, B.J.B. Odamtten, G.T.             I.P.
Biomonitoring of air pollution through trace        Measurement of residual stresses around
element analysis. (5p.)                             vickers indentations in a ruby crystal using
Progress report.                                    raman luminesence microscope. (3p.)
1999.                                               Journal article.
Report on the First Research project Co-            Journal of Physics D. Applied Physics 34(2001),
ordination meeting (RCM), Vienna, Austria.          122-124.
(NAHRES--45) (1999), 74-78.                         KEYWORDS: Raman effect. Microscopy. Vickers
KEYWORDS: Air pollution monitoring. Trace           hardness. Residual stress. Monocrystals.

Bamford, S.A. Aboh, I. Osae, E.K. Bine, C. Antwi,   Banini, G.K. Nazarova, T.A. Hangen, U.D.
L.A.K. Danso, K.                                    Landwehr. Tymiak, N. Lim, Y.Y. Chaudhri, M.M.
Assessment of heavy metal pollution in Ghana        Nanoindentation around vickers
by nuclear-related techniques. (12p.)               microindentation in MgO (100) crystal. (4p.)
Paper submitted at the first IAEA research co-      Journal article.
ordination meeting on CRP No. 4903/RB held at       Z. Metalkid 93(2002), 875-878.
Bled, Yugosliviia from 3rd-7th October, 1988.       KEYWORDS: Magnesium oxide. Vickers
Conference paper.                                   hardness. Monocrystals. Nanostructures.
KEYWORDS: Heavy metals. Pollution. X-ray
fluorescence analysis.                              Banini, G.K. Emi-Reynolds, G.
                                                    Comparative study of the variables for
                                                    determining unit processing cost of irradiated
                                                    food products: a case study of Ghana. (9p.)
Banini, G.K. Emi-Reynolds, G.                       Journal article.
Doserate mapping studies of multipurpose            Journal of Applied Science and Technology,
gamma irradiation facility after hoist cable        vol3(1&2) (1998), 29-37.
replacement. GAEC-NNRI-RTC--8. (14p.)               KEYWORDS: Irradiation. Food processing. Cost
Technical report.                                   estimation. Ghana.
KEYWORDS: Irradiation devices. Dose rates.
Gamma radiation.

           December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Banini, G.K. Emi-Reynolds, G. Kassapu, S.N.        Carboo, D. Serfor-Armah, Y.
Comparative      study    of    the    variables   Arsenic pollution in streams and sediments in
determining unit processing cost of irradiated     the Obuasi area. UST/IDRC '97 Symposium on
food products in developing countries. GAEC-       the Mining Industry and the Environment, UST,
NNRI-TEC--6. (19p.)                                Kumasi, Ghana.
Technical report.                                   (6p.)
1997.                                              1997.
KEYWORDS: Food processing. Developing              KEYWORDS: Water pollution. Sediments.
countries. Cost estimation. Comparative            Streams. Arsenic. Mines.
evaluations. Irradiation

                                                   Dagadu, C.P.K. Danso, K.A.
Boadu, H.O.                                        Radiographic determination of flow pigs in oil
Power for tomorrow. (6p.)                          pipelines. (6p.)
Technical report.                                  Technical report.
KEYWORDS: Nuclear power. Public opinion.           2007.
                                                   KEYWORDS: Flow blockage. Pipelines. Industrial
                                                   radiography. Petroleum products.
Boadu, H.O.
The public and nuclear energy option. (15p.)
Conference paper.                                  Dahlen, J. Backstrom, M. Ephraim, J. Boren,
1996.                                              Hans. Allard, B.
KEYWORDS: Nuclear power. Public opinion            Determination of the molecular weight of
                                                   fulvic acids by uv/vis spectroscopy. (11p.)
                                                   Journal article.
Carboo, D. Debrah, C. Brimah, A.K.                 Chemosphere, vol 38(4) (1999), 783-794.
Speciation of chromium, copper, iron,              KEYWORDS: Fulvic acids. Ultraviolet spectra.
manganese, nikel, and zinc of sediment from        Molecular weight. Visible spectra.
the Densu river by sequential extraction. (15p.)
Technical report.
[2006].                                            Dampare, S.B. Nyarko, B.J.B. Osae, S. Akaho,
KEYWORDS: Chromium. Copper. Iron.                  E.H.K. Asiedu, D.K. Serfor-Armah, Y. Nude, P.
Manganese. Nikel. Zinc. Nuclear activation         Simultaneous determination of tantalum,
analysis. Sediments. Absorption spectroscopy.      niobium, thorium and uranium in placer
                                                   columbite-tantalite deposits from the Akim
                                                   Oda District of Ghana by epithermal
Carboo, D. Debrah,C. Brimah, A.K. Serfor-          instrumental neutron activation analysis. (7p.)
Armah, Y. Nyarko, B.J.B.                           Journal article.
The metal spectrum of river sediment from the      Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear
Densu reservoir. (8p.)                             Chemistry, vol 265(1) (2005), 53-59.
Technical report.                                  KEYWORDS: Tantalum. Niobium. Thorium.
KEYWORDS: Metals. Rivers. Sediments.               Uranium. Neutron activation analysis. Placers.

          December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Damptey, P.M.T. Mensah, A.T.                      Danso, K.A. Akaho, E.H.K. Kyere, A.W.K.
Women and vulnerability to climate change.        Estimation of thyroid dose from the miniature
(57p.)                                            neutron source reactor. (6p.)
Technical report.                                 Journal article.
2005.                                             Journal of the University of Science and
KEYWORDS: Women. Vulnerability. Climate           Technology, Kumasi, 14(2) (1994), 90-95.
change.                                           KEYWORDS: Thyroid. Radiation doses. GHARR-1

Damptey, P.M.T. Gbedemah, C.M. Nketsia-
Tabiri, J.                                        Dogbe, S.D. Osei, R.
Preliminary investigation on the fermentation     Asbestos: its ill effects on health and the
of cassava pulp in gari processing in Ghana.      problem in Ghana. (13p.)
(4p.)                                             Technical report
Technical report.                                 2004.
[2007].                                           KEYWORDS: Asbestos. Toxicity. Man.
KEYWORDS: Fermentation. Cassava.

Damptey, P.M.T.                                   Dogbe, S.A. Emi-Reynolds, G. Banini, G.K.
Who needs what to implement the kyoto             Gamma radiation treatment of waste waters
protocol? An assessment of capacity building      from textile industries in Ghana. (8p.)
needs in 33 developing countries. (2p.)           Journal article.
Summary of country report prepared by country     Journal of Applied Science and Technology
investigator.                                     (JAST), vol. 6(1&2) (2001), 13-20.
Technical report.                                 KEYWORDS: Gamma radiation. Waste water.
United Nations Institute for Training and         Textile industry.
Research with the Consortium for North-South
Dialogue on climate.
KEYWORDS: Kyoto protocol. Developing
countries.                                        Dogbe, S.A.
                                                  Prospects of radiation technology in Ghana for
                                                  industrial applications, agriculture, human
Danso, K.A.                                       health and environmental protection. (41p.)
Simulation of radiation damage to study the       Technical report.
processes by which radation damage is             [2008].
produced. (8p.)                                   KEYWORDS: Irradiation. Industrial applications.
Technical report.                                 Agriculture. Environmental protection. Public
1988.                                             health. Gamma radiation. Technology
KEYWORDS: Physical radiation effects. Crystals.   assessment.
Molecular dynamics method. Computerized

           December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Eghan, J.M. Buah-Bassuah, P.K. Osborne, O.C.        Ephraim, J.H. Pettersson, C. Allard, B.
Track analysis of laser-illuminated etched track    Correlations between acidity and molecular
detectors using an opto-digital imaging. (10p.)     size distributions of an aquatic fulvic acid. (9p.)
Journal article.                                    Journal article.
Measurement Science and Technology, 18              Environment International, Vol 22(5) (1996),
(2007), 3651-3660.                                  475-483.
KEYWORDS: Fourier optics. Nuclear track             KEYWORDS: PH Value. Fulvic acids. Molecular
detectors. digital image processing. Track          size

                                                    Ephraim, J.H. Pettersson, C. Norden, M. Allard, B.
Ephraim, J.H.                                       Potentiometric titrations of humic substances:
The Chemical basis for nuclear waste                do ionic strength effects depend on molecular
management. (11p.)                                  weight. (7p.)
Technical report.                                   Journal articles.
KEYWORDS: Radioactive waste management.             Environmental Science and Technology,Vol
                                                    29(3) (1995), 622-628.
                                                    KEYWORDS: Titration. Humic acids.
Ephraim, J.H.                                       Potentiometry.
Heterogeneity as a concept in the
interpretation of metal ion binding by humic
substances. The binding of zinc by an aquatic
fulvic acid. (7p.)                                  Ephraim, J.H. Allard, B.
Journal article.                                    Influence of humid substances on the uptake
Analytica Chemica Acta, 267(1992), 39-45.           of metal ions by naturally occurring materials.
KEYWORDS: Ion exchange. Fulvic acids. Zinc.         (33p.)
Humic acids. Hetrogenous effects. Metals.           368-367.
                                                    KEYWORDS: PH Value. Uptake. Humic acids.

Ephraim, J.H. Allard, B.
Effects of fulvic acid on the uptake of metal
ions by naturally occurring solids. (6p.)           Ephraim, J.H. Szabo, G. Bulman, R.A.
Journal article.                                    Potentiometric titrations of chemically
Polish    Society      of   Humic     Substances,   immobilised humic acid and salicylic acid and
Grunwaldzka 53 (1997), 678-682.                     their uptake of EU(III) as a function of pH and
KEYWORDS: Fulvic acids. Cadmium. Quartz.            ionic strength. (5p.)
Adsorption. Europium. Zinc.                         Journal article.
                                                    Environment International, Vol. 20(1) (1994)
                                                    KEYWORDS: Titration. Humic Acids. Salicylic
                                                    acid. Europium Potentiometry.

           December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Ephraim, J.H. Allard, B.                            Ephraim, J.H. Marinsky, J.A.
Copper binding by an aquatic fulvic acid:           Ultrafiltration as a technique for studying
hetrogeneity considerations. (7p.)                  metal-humate interactions: studies with iron
Journal article.                                    and copper. (10p.)
Environment International, Vol 20(1) (1994), 89-    Journal article.
95.                                                 Analytica Chemica Acta, 232(1990), 171-189.
KEYWORDS: Copper. Fulvic acids.                     KEYWORDS: Iron. Copper. Ultrtafiltration.

Ephraim, J.H.                                       Ephraim, J.H.
Iron interaction with a soil fulvic acid: studies   Non-aqueous titration of a fulvic acid sample,
via potentiometric titrations, ultrafiltration      with use of an internal reference compound.
and dialysis techniques. (13p.)                     (4p.)
Journal article.                                    Journal article.
Ghana Journal of Chemistry, Vol 1(6) (1992),        Talanta, Vol 36(3) (1989), 379-382.
300-312.                                            KEYWORDS: Titrations. Fulvic acids.
KEYWORDS: Iron. Fulvic acid. Titrations.
Potentiometry. Ultrafiltration. Dialysis.
                                                    Ephraim, H. Boren, H. Arsenie, I. Pettersson, C.
                                                    Allard, B.
                                                    A combination of acid-base titrations and
Ephraim, J.H. Mathuthu, A.S. Marinsky, J.A.         derivatization    for     functional       group
Calcium binding by fulvic acids studied by an       determinations of an aquatic fulvic acid. (10p.)
ion selective electrode and an ultrafiltration      Journal article.
method. (6p.) Humic substances in the Global        The Science of the Total Environment, 81/82
environment and implications on Human               (1989), 615-624.
Health.                                             KEYWORDS: Titrations. Fulvic acids.
Journal article.
KEYWORDS: Calcium. Fulvic acids. Filtration.
                                                    Ephraim, J.H. Xu, H.
                                                    The binding of cadmium by an aquatic fulvic
Ephraim, J.H. Marinsky, J.A. Cramer, S.J.           acid: a comparison of ultrafiltration with ion-
Complex-forming properties of natural organic       exchange distribution and ion-selective
acids; fulvic acid complexes with cobalt, zinc      electrode techniques. (10p.)
and europium. (7p.)                                 Journal article.
Journal article.                                    The Science of Total Environment, 81/82 (1989),
Talanta, Vol 36(4) (1989), 437-443.                 625-634.
KEYWORDS: Acids. Cobalt. Zinc. Europium.            KEYWORDS: Cadmium. Ion exchange.
                                                    Ultrafiltration. Iron selective electrode analysis.
                                                    Fulvic acids.

           December 1, 2009    [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Ephraim, J.H.                                      Fianko, J.R. Osae, S. Adomako, D. Achel, D.G.
Europium binding by an aquatic fulvic acid.        Isotope hydrology and hydrochemistry of some
Interaction functions for the "average" sites in   nutrient enrichment sources to the Densu river
the fulvic acid molecule. (13p.)                   basin in Ghana. (7p.)
Journal article.                                   Technical report.
The Science of the Total Environment, 108          2007.
(1991), 261-273.                                   KEYWORDS: Hydrology. Water chemistry.
KEYWORDS: Europium. Fulvic acids.                  Rivers. Isotope applications

Ephraim, J. Marinsky, J.A.                         Fianko, J.R. Osae, S. Adomako, D. Achel, D.G.
A unified physiochemical description of the        Isotope hydrology and hydrochemistry of some
protonation and metal ion complexation             nutrient enrichment sources to the Densu river
equillibria of natural organic acids (humic and    basin in Ghana.
fulvic acids). 3. Influence of polyelectrolyte     Technical report.
properties and functional heterogeneneity on       KEYWORDS: Hydrology. Isotope applications.
the copper ion binding equillibria horizons BH     Rivers. Water chemistry.
fulvic acid sample. (10p.)
Journal article.
Environment Science and Technology, Vol 20(4)
(1986), 367-376.                                   Fianko, J.R. Osae, S. Adomako, D. Adotey, D.K.
KEYWORDS: Humic acids. Fulvic acids.               Serfor-Armah, Y.
Electrolytes. Copper ions.                         Assesment of heavy metal pollution of the
                                                   Iture Estuary in the Central Region of Ghana.
                                                   Journal article.
Ephraim, J. Alegret, S. Mathuthu. Bicking, M.      Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Vol
Malcolm, R.L. Marinsky, J.A.                       131(1-3) (2007).
A united physiochemical description of the         KEYWORDS: Estuaries. Heavy metals. Pollution.
protonation and metal ion complexation
equillibria of natural organic acids (humic and
fulvic). 2. Influence of polyelectolyte            Fianko, J.R. Osae, S. Achel, D.G.
properties and functional group hetrogeneity       The impact of anthropogenic activities on the
on the protonation equilibria of fulvic acid.      Densu River in Ghana. (12p.)
(13p.)                                             Technical report.
Journal article.                                   2007.
Environment Science and Technology, Vol 20(4)      KEYWORDS: Pollution. Anthropology. Rivers.
(1986), 354-366.
KEYWORDS: Humic acids. Fulvic acids.

           December 1, 2009       [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Fletcher, J.J. Glover, E.T. Banini, G.K.              Gyamfi, O.K. Aryeetey, E.A. Achel, D.G. Gyasi,
The regulatory control of radiation sources,          R.K.
including systems for notification,                   The diagnostic utility of the psa screening test
authorisation (registration and licensing) and        in a Ghanaian population. (17p.)
inspection. Safety of radiation sources.              Technical report.
 (12p.)                                               2004.
Technical report.                                     KEYWORDS: Prostate. Diagnostics. Neoplasms.
[2007].                                               Ghana
KEYWORDS: Radiation sources. Regulations.
Radiation protection.

                                                      Gyamfi, O.K. Biney, E. Bedzra, K.D. Marfo, K.
Forson, A.                                            Khan, B.K. Bonsu, F.A. Addo, K.K.
Neutron activation analysis for some Ghanaian         Incidence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in
archaeological pot shards using the Ghana             the sputa of coughing inmates in selected
research reactor-1 (Gharr-1) facility. (31p.)         Ghanaian prisons. (11p.)
Technical report.                                     Technical report.
2006.                                                 2007.
KEYWORDS: Neutron Activation Analysis.                KEYWORDS: Saliva. Mycobacterium
Archaeological specimens.                             tuberculosis. Males. Diagnosis.

Gbadago, J.K. Addo, M.A.                              Jonah, S.A. Williams, I.S. Nyarko, B.J.B. Akaho,
The process of physical protection system             E.H.K. Serfor-Armah, Y.
design and evaluation. (9p.)                          Routine monitoring of market infant foods by
Technical report.                                     neutron activation analysis with a low power
KEYWORDS:       Gharr-1    Reactor.     Physical      reactor. (5p.)
protection.                                           Journal article.
                                                      Journal of Trace and Microprobe techniques, vol
                                                      21(2) (2003), 407-413.
Glover, E.T.                                          KEYWORDS: Neutron activation analysis.
Dissolution kinetics of stilbite at 40C, 250C, 400C   Infants. Food. Milk products. Radiation
and 600C under alkaline conditions. (11p.)            monitoring.
Technical report.
KEYWORDS: Stilbite. Dissolution. PH value.
Reaction kinetics. Radioactive waste disposal.

           December 1, 2009    [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Khayyai, M.M. Banini, G.K. Hasko, D.G.             Maakuu, B.T. Akaho, E.H.K.
Chaudhri, M.M.                                     A computer modelled nuclear design of a
Raman microscopy investigations of structural      subcritical assembly driven by isotopic neutron
phase transformations in crystalline and           sources. (9p.)
amorphous silicon due to indentation with a        Journal article.
vickers diamond at room temperature and at         Journal of the University of Science and
77K. (8p.)                                         Technology, Kumasi, 15(2&3) (1995).
Journal article.                                   KEYWORDS:        Isotopic   neutron     sources.
Journal of Physics D. Applied Physics 36 (2003),   Subcritical assemblies. Design. Computerized
1300-1307.                                         simulations.
KEYWORDS: Raman spectroscopy. Diamonds.
Amorphous state. Silicon. Vickers hardness.
Monocrystals. Temperature dependence.              Maakuu, B.T. Akaho, E.H.K.
                                                   Core conversion studies of Ghana research
                                                   reactor-1 (GHARR-1). Proceedings of first AFRA
                                                   regional conference on research reactor
Krantz-Rulcker, C. Allard, B. Ephraim, J.H.        operation, safety and utilization, 10-11th April,
Acid-base properties of a soil fungus,             1999. (11p.)
trichoderma harzianum. NNRI/Chemistry. (4p.)       Conference paper.
Journal article.                                   1999.
1994.                                              KEYWORDS: Reactor cores. GHARR-1 Reactor.
Environmental Science and Technology, Vol          Conversion ratio. Thermal analysis.
28(8) (1994), 1502-1505.
KEYWORDS: PH value. Fungi. Soils.
                                                   Marinsky, J.A. Mathuthu, A. Ephraim, J.H.
                                                   Reddy, M.M.
Mahmood, A. Kwawaja, F. Arthur, J.R. Cann,         Calcium ion binding to a soil fulvic acid using a
O.R. Serfor-Armah, Y. Inkabi, C.                   donnan potential model. (7p.)
Studies on flouride content of drinking water      Journal article.
in Cape Coast, Ghana (W. Africa). (4p.)            Radiochim, Acts 84, (1999), 205-211.
Journal article.                                   KEYWORDS: Calcium ions. Fulvic acids. Donnan
Jour. Chem. Soc. Pak, vol17(2), 1995.              theory. Chemical bonds.
KEYWORDS: Flouride. Drinking water.

                                                   Marinsky, J.A. Reddy, M.M. Ephraim, J.H.
                                                   Mathuthu, A.S.
                                                   Computational scheme for the prediction of
                                                   metal ion binding by a soil fulvic acid. (14p.)
                                                   Journal article.
                                                   Analytica Chemica Acta, 302(1995), 309-322.
                                                   KEYWORDS: Metals. Fulvic acids.
                                                   Computerized simulation. Copper ions.

           December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Marinsky, J.A. Ephraim, J.H.                       Progress technical report for the year ending
A unified physicochemical description of the       December 31, 1988.
protonation and metal ion complexation             KEYWORDS: Cocoa products. Packaging.
equillibria of natural organic acids (humic and    Radiodisinfestation.
fulvic acids). 1. Analysis of the influence of
polyelectrolyte properties on protonation          Nani, E.K. Maaku, B.T. Amuasi, J.H. Schandorf, C.
equillibria in ionic media: Fundamental            Transit dose calculation in high dose rate
concepts. (5p.)                                    (HDR) brachytherapy using sievert integral.
Journal article.                                   (5p.)
Environment Science and Technology, Vol 20(4)      Journal article.
(1986), 349-354.                                   Journal of Applied Science and Technology
KEYWORDS: Humic acid. Fulvic acid.                 (JAST), Vol. 10(1&2) (2005), 80-84.
Potentiometry. Electrolytes. Copper ions.          KEYWORDS: Dose rates. Brachytherapy. Kerma.
                                                   Iridium. SI Units.

Mathuthu, A.S. Marinsky, J.A. Ephraim, J.H.        Nani, E.K.
Dissociation properties of laurentide fulvic       Convolution techniques in brachytherapy - the
acid: identifying the predominant acidic sites.    fast fourier transform. (10p.)
(7p.)                                              Technical report.
Journal article.                                   [2007].
Talanta, Vol 42(3) (1995), 441-447.                KEYWORDS: Brachytherapy. Fourier
KEYWORDS: Fulvic acids. Dissociation. PH value.    transformation.

                                                   Nartey, V.K. Donkor, A. Fianko, J.R.
Mathuthu, A. Ephraim, J.H.                         Recovery of silver from waste photographic x-
Binding of cadmium to laurentide fulvic acid.      ray films. (6p.)
Justification of the functionalities assigned to   Journal article.
the predominant acidic moities in the fulvic       Ghana Journal of Chemistry, Vol. 6(2) (2005),
acid molecule. (8p.)                               79-84.
Journal article.                                   KEYWORDS: Silver. Recycling. Materials
Talanta, 42 (1995) 1803-1810.                      recovery. Photographic films.
KEYWORDS: Cadmium. Fulvic acids.                   X Radiation.

                                                   Nartey, V.K. Fianko, J.R. Donkor, A.
Montford, K.G.                                     Physcio-chemical analysis of streams on the
Evaluation of some packaging materials for         Akwapim ridge of Ghana. (7p.)
radiation disinfestation of dried cocoa beans.     Journal article.
VF-TR-A--8. (8p.)                                  Environmental Contamination and Toxicology,
Progress report.                                   73(2004), 292-298.
1988.                                              KEYWORDS: Chemical analysis. Streams.

           December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Nartey, V.K. Adaboh, R.K. Fianko, J.R. Donkor,     Norden, M. Ephraim, J.H. Allard, B.
A.                                                 The binding of strontium and europium by an
Water quality assessment of streams draining       aquatic fulvic acid-ion exchange distribution
the Akwapim ridge of Ghana. (12p.)                 and ultrafiltration studies. (8p.)
Journal article.                                   Journal article.
West African Journal of Applied Ecology, Vol 8     Talanta, vol 40(9) (1993), 1425-1432.
(2005), 175-186.                                   KEYWORDS: Strontium. Europium. Fulvic acids.
KEYWORDS: Water quality. Streams.                  Ion exchange. Filtration.

Nazarov, M.V. Nazarova, T.A. Dub, S.N. Banini,     Nyarko, B.J.B. Akaho, E.H.K. Serfor-Armah, Y.
G.K.                                               Application of NAA standardization methods
Nanoindentation, microindentation and              using a low power research reactor. (6p.)
cathodoluminesence of MgO crystals. (12p.)         Journal article.
Journal article.                                   Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear
Maldavian Journal of Physical Sciences, vol(2)     Chemistry, vol 257(2) (2003), 361-366.
(2003), 43-54.                                     KEYWORDS: GHARR-1 Reactor. Neutron
KEYWORDS: Nanostructures. Magnessium               activation analysis. Standardization.
oxides. Cathodoluminesence. Crystals.

                                                   Nyarko, B.J.B. Serfor-Armah, Y. Holzbecher, J.
Norden, M. Ephraim, J.H. Allard, B.                Osae, E.K. Akaho, E.H.K. Carboo, D. Chatt, A.
Europium complexation by an aquatic fulvic         Epithermal instrumental neutron activation
acid - effects of competing ions. (6p.)            analysis for the determination of gold and
Journal article.                                   arsenic in Ghanaian gold tailings using
Talanta, 44 (1997), 781-786.                       conventional and anti-coincidence counting.
KEYWORDS: Fulvic acids. Europium. Ion              (5p.)
exchange.                                          Journal article.
                                                   Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear
                                                   Chemistry, vol 256(2) (2003), 253-257.
Norden, M.M. Ephraim, J.H. Allard, B.              KEYWORDS: Neutron activation analysis. Gold.
The influence of a fulvic acid on the adsorption   Arsenic. Tailings.
of europium and strontium by alumina and
quartz: effects of ph and ionic strength. (6p.)
Journal article.
Radiochimica Acta, 65, (1994) 265-270.
KEYWORDS: Fulvic acids. Alumina. Quartz.
Strontium. Adsorption. PH Value.

          December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Nyarko, B.J.B. Serfor-Armah, Y. Akaho, E.H.K.     Nyarko, B.J.B. Akaho, E.H.K. Fletcher, J.J.
Anim-Sampong, S. Maakuu, B.T.                     Zwicker, B. Chatt, A.
Epiboron instrumental neutron activation          Simultaneous determination of short-to-
analysis for the determination of iodine in       medium lived nuclides in Ghanaian food items
various salt samples. (4p.)                       using INAA and compton suppression
Journal article.                                  counting. (6p.)
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear            Journal article.
Chemistry, vol 251(2) (2002), 281-284.            Journal of Radioanlytical and Nuclear Chemistry,
KEYWORDS: Salt. Neutron activation analysis.      vol. 270(1) (2006), 243-248.
Iodine.                                           KEYWORDS: Food. Neutron activation analysis.
                                                  Compton effects. Trace amounts.

Nyarko, B.J.B. Serfor-Armah, Y. Akaho, E.H.K.
Adomako, D. Osae, S.                              Nyarko, B.J.B. Akaho, E.H.K. Serfor-Armah, S.
Determination of heavy metal pollution levels     Osae, S.
in lichens at Obuasi gold mining area in Ghana.   Standardisation of K0NAA method at GHARR-1
(6p.)                                             centre. 2nd AFRA Regional Cnference on
Journal article.                                  Research Reactor Operation, Safety and
Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology        Utilization, 14th-16th March, 2001. (7p.)
(JAST), vol 9(1-2) (2004), 28-33.                 Journal article.
KEYWORDS: Heavy metals. Pollution. Mines.         KEYWORDS: Neutron activation analysis.
Lichens.                                          Standardisation. GHARRr-1 Reactor.

Nyarko, B.J.B. Bredwa-Mensah, Y. Serfor-
Armah, Y. Dampare, S.B. Akaho, E.H.K. Osae, S.    Nyarko, B.J.B. Akaho, E.H.K. Fletcher, J.J.
Perbi, A. Chatt, A.                               Zwicker, B. Chatt, A.
Investigation of trace elements in ancient        Simultaneous determination of short-to-
pottery from Jenini, Brong-Ahafo region,          medium lived nuclides in Ghanaian food items
Ghana by INAA and Compton suppression             using INNA and compton suppression
spectrometry. (7p.)                               counting. (6p.)
Journal article.                                  Journal article.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics        Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear
Research B 263 (2007) 196-203.                    Chemistry, Vol 270(1) (2006), 243-248.
KEYWORDS: Trace amounts. Neutron activation       KEYWORDS: Trace amounts. Food. Neutron
analysis. Compton suppression spectroscopy.       Activation Analysis. Compton effect.
Ceramics. Cultural objects. Pottery.

           December 1, 2009      [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Nyarko, B.J.B. Adomako, D. Serfor-Armah, Y.         Osae, E.K.
Dampare, S.B. Adotey, D. Akaho, E.H.K.              The feasibility of producing a 99Mo : 99mTc
Biomonitoring of atmospheric trace element          generator using the Miniature Neutron Source
deposition around an industrial town in             Reactor (MNSR). (5p.)
Ghana. (5p.)                                        Journal article.
Journal article.                                    Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear
Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 75 (2006),         Chemistry, vol 198(2) (1995), 393-397.
954-958.                                            KEYWORDS: GHARR-1 Reactor. Technetium 99.
KEYWORDS: Soils. Heavy metals. Lichens.             Molydenum 99. Radioisotope Generators.
Neutron activation analysis. Deposition.

                                                    Osae, E.K. Nyarko, B.J.B. Serfor-Armah, Y.
Nyarku, M.                                          Nyarko, B.J.B. Serfor-Armah, Y. Akaho, E.H.K.
Correlation of concentration of arsenic (As),       An alternative method for the thermal neutron
gold (Au) and antimony (Sb) in gold tailings        flux (modified cadmium ratio method). (5p.)
with particles sizes. (9p.)                         Journal article.
Technical report.                                   Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear
[2007].                                             Chemistry, vol 238(1-2) (1998), 105-109.
KEYWORDS: Arsenic. Gold. Antimony. Tailings.        KEYWORDS: Neutron activation analysis.
Particle size.                                      Cadmium. Thermal neutrons. Neutron flux.

Ofosu, F.G. Aboh, I.J.K.                            Osae, E.K. Amoh, G.K.
Monthly variations of inhalable suspended           Determination of the thermal neutron flux of
particulate matter at Kwabenya, Accra. (6p.)        an am-be neutron source. (7p.)
Technical report.                                   Journal article.
2007.                                               Journal of the University of Science and
KEYWORDS: Monthly variations. Aerosol               Technology, Kumasi. Vol 16(3) (1996) 108-114.
wastes. Air pollution monitoring. Particulates.     KEYWORDS: Thermal neutrons. Neutron flux.
Inhalation. Gravimetric analysis.                   Neutron sources. Americium. Beryllium

Offei-Mensah, P.S. Gbadago, J.K. Dagadu, C.P.K.     Osae, E.K. Amoh, G.K.
Danso, K.A.                                         Multi-element analysis of gold ore mill heads
Simulations of tray distillation columns as tools   by instrumental neutron activation technique.
for interpreting signals from gamma-ray scans.      (4p.)
(21p.)                                              Journal article.
Technical report.                                   Journal of the University of Science and
KEYWORDS: Gamma radiation. Distillation             Technology, Kumasi. vol 16(1-2) (1996).
columns. Computerized simulation.                   KEYWORDS: Neutron activation analysis. Gold
                                                    ores. Multi-element analysis.

           December 1, 2009      [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Osae, E.K. Nyarko, B.J.B. Serfor-Armah, Y.           Osae, E.K. Bamford, A.S.
Darko, E.O.                                          Nuclear Analytical techniques in the mining
An emperical expression for the full energy          industry in Ghana. (5p.) Paper submitted at the
peak efficiency of a N-type high purity              International Conference on the geology of
germanium detector. (6p.) Submitted as a             Ghana, held in Accra, Ghana, from 9th-16th
technical report [2006].                             October, 1988.
Journal article.                                     Conference paper.
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear               1988.
Chemistry, vol 242(3) (1999), 617-622.               KEYWORDS: Nuclear Analytical Techniques.
KEYWORDS: Efficiency. High purity GE                 Mineral industry.

Osae, E.K. Fletcher, J.J. Serfor-Armah, Y. Nyarko,   Osae, E.K.
B.J.B. Ofosu, F.G.                                   The principle of neutron activation analysis.
Multi-element analysis of unidentified fallen        VF-TR-A--2. (19p.)
objects from Tatale in the Northern region of        Technical report.
Ghana.                                               1988.
Journal article.                                     Technical report for the year 1988.
Journal of Applied Science and Technology            KEYWORDS: Neutron Activation Analysis.
(JAST), vol 5(1-2) (2000), 45-49.
KEYWORDS: Multi-element analysis. Fallout
                                                     Osae, S. Misra, S. Koeberl, C. Sengupta, D.
                                                     Dube, A. Ghosh, S.
Osae, E.K.                                           Target rocks, impact glasses, and melt rocks
Experimental determination of full energy            from the lonar impact crater, India:
peak efficiency for two coaxial hpge detectors       morphology. petrology, and geochemistry.
for gamma-ray energy range from 80-1500 kev.         (36p.)
(13p.)                                               Technical report.
Technical report.                                    2005.
1988.                                                KEYWORDS: Rocks. Geology. Craters.
Technical report for the NNRI, september 1988.       Geochemistry.
KEYWORDS: High purity GE detectors. Gamma
radiation. Energy efficiency. Peaks. Neutron
activation analysis.                                 Osae, S.K.D.
                                                     Chemistry of water from the Densu river basin.
                                                     Technical report.
                                                     KEYWORDS: Water chemistry. Rivers.

           December 1, 2009      [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Pasvasars, I. Ephraim, J.H. Allard, B.             Serfor-Armah, Y. Nyarko, B.J.B. Osae, E.K.
Complexation of europium by an aquatic fulvic      Carboo, D. Anim-Sampong, S. Seku, F.
acid: iron as a competing ion. (6p.)               Rhodophyta seaweed species as bioindicators
Journal article.                                   for monitoring toxic element pollutants in
Polish Society of Humic Substances,                marine ecosystem of Ghana. (11p.)
Grundwaldzka 53, 767-772.                          Journal article.
KEYWORDS: Europium. Fulvic acids. Complexes.       Water, Air, and Soil pollution 127, (2001), 243-
Iron.                                              253.
                                                   KEYWORDS: Biological indicators. Neutron
                                                   Activation Analysis. Aquatic ecosystems.
Pettersson, C. Ephraim, J. Allard, B.              Seaweeds. Water. Pollutants.
On the composition and properties of humic
substances isolated from deep ground water
and surface waters. (9p.)
Journal article.                                   Serfor-Armah, Y. Nyarko, B.J.B. Hoizbecher, J.
Organic Geochemistry, Vol 21(5) (1994), 443-       Akaho, E.H.K. Osae, E.K. Chatt, A.
451.                                               Epithermal instrumental neutron activation
KEYWORDS: Ground water. Fulvic acids. Humic        analysis with compton suppression
acids. Surface water.                              spectometry for the determination of iodine in
                                                   food samples. (4p.)
                                                   Journal article.
Semenhyia, C.B.J. Darko-Kwakye, N.                 Journal of Radioanlytical and Nuclear Chemistry,
Multi-element determination in cassava grown       vol 256(2) (2003), 259-262.
in Ghana by instrumental neutron activation        KEYWORDS: Neutron activation analysis. Iodine.
analysis. (14p.)                                   Compton spectrometry. Food. Epithermal
Technical report.                                  neutrons. Trace amounts.
KEYWORDS: Neutron activation analysis.
Cassava. Multi-element analysis.                   Serfor-Armah, Y. Nyarko, B.J.B. Akaho, E.H.K.
                                                   Kyere, W.K. Osae, S. Oppong-Boachie, K. Osae,
Serfor-Armah, Y. Nyarko, B.J.B. Adotey, D.K.       Activation analysis of some essential elements
Dampare, S.B. Adomako, D.                          in five medicinal plants used in Ghana. (4p.)
Levels of arsenic and antimony in water and        Journal article.
sediment from Prestea, a gold mining town in       Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear
Ghana and its environs. (12p.)                     Chemistry, vol 250(1), 2001, 173-176.
Water, Air, and Soil pollution, 175 (2006), 181-   KEYWORDS: Neutron activation analysis.
192.                                               Medicinal plants. Herbs.
KEYWORDS: Arsenic. Sediments. Antimony.
Water. Neutron activation analysis.

           December 1, 2009    [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Serfor-Armah, Y. Akaho, E.H.K. Nyarko, B.J.B.      Serfor-Armah, Y. Kyere, A.W.K. Nyarko, B.J.B.
Kyere, A.W.K. Oppon-Boachie, K.                    Akaho, E.H.K. Oppong-Boachie, K.
Application of instrumental neutron activation     Determination of Fe levels in plant/herbal
analysis to plant medicine in Ghana: a review.     medicines by instrumental neutron activation
(4p.)                                              analysis. (4p.)
Journal article.                                   Journal article.
Journal of Radioanalytical Chemistry, vol 257(1)   Journal of Applied Science and Technology
(2003), 125-128.                                   (JAST), vol 8(1-2), (2003), 115-118.
KEYWORDS:        Medicinal    plants.   Neutron    KEYWORDS: Iron. Herbs. Medicinal plants.
activation analysis. Herbs.                        Neutron activation analysis.

Serfor-Armah, Y. Nyarko, B.J.B. Carboo, D.         Serfor-Armah, Y. Nyarko, B.J.B. Akaho, E.H.K.
Osae, E.K. Anim-Sampong, S. Akaho, E.H.K.          Kyere, A.W.K. Osae, S. Oppong-Boachie, K.
Instrumental neutron activation analysis of        Multi-element analysis of some traditional
iodine levels in fourteen seaweed species from     plant medicines used in Ghana. (9p.)
the coastal belt of Ghana. (4p.)                   Journal article.
Short communication.                               Journal of Trace and Microprobe techniques, vol
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear             20(3) (2002), 419-427.
Chemistry, vol 245(2) (2000), 443-446.             KEYWORDS: Multi-element analysis. Medicinal
KEYWORDS: Neutron activation analysis. Iodine.     plants. Herbs.
Seaweeds. Coastal regions.

                                                   Serfor-Armah, Y. Nyarko, B.J.B. Adotey, D.K.
Serfor-Armah, Y. Nyarko, B.J.B. Osae, E.K.         Adomako, D. Akaho, E.H.K.
Carboo, D. Seku, F.                                The impact of small-scale mining activities on
Elemental analysis of some green and brown         the levels of mercury in the environment: The
seaweeds from the coastal belt of Ghana. (5p.)     case of Prestea and its environs. (6p.)
Letter to the editor.                              Journal article.
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear             Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear
Chemistry, vol 242(1) (1999), 193-197.             Chemistry, vol 262(3) (2004), 685-690.
KEYWORDS: Seaweeds. Coastal regions.               KEYWORDS: Mining. Mercury. Environmental
Neutron activation analysis. Multi-elemental       effects.

                                                   Yeboah, P.O. Melfah, P.T. Semenhyia, C.B.J.
                                                   Sound residue of firimiphos-methyl in stored
                                                   maize grains. VF-TR-A--6. (5p.)
                                                   Technical report.
                                                   Technical report for 1988.
                                                   KEYWORDS: Residues. Maize. Pesticides.

               December 1, 2009    [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Asiamah, S.D. Osae, E.K. Schandorf, C. Darko, E.O.      Darko, E.O. Charles, D.F.
Radiation dose due to nuclear medicine practice in      Safety assessment and quality control of medical X-
Ghana. (15p.)                                           ray facilities in some hospitals in Ghana. (20p.)
Technical report.                                       Technical report.
1998.                                                   1997.
Technical report 1995-1997.                             Technical report, 1997.
KEYWORDS: Radiation doses. Nuclear medicine.            KEYWORDS: X-ray equipment. Hospitals. Quality
                                                        control. Safety analysis.

Boadu, M. Osae, E.K. Golow, A.A. Serfor-Armah, Y.
Nyarko, B.J.B.                                          Emi-Reynolds, G. Banini, G.K. Fletcher, J.J. Schandorf,
Determination of arsenic in some water bodies,          C. Ennison, I.
untreated ore and tailing samples at Konongo in the     Strengthening the security of radiation sources in
Ashanti region and its surrounding towns and            Ghana. IAEA-CN--70/27. (4p.)
villages by instrumental neutron activation analysis.   Technical report.
(5p.)                                                   (2006).
Journal article                                         KEYWORDS: Radiation sources. Radiation protection.
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, vol
249(3) (2001), 581-585.
KEYWORDS: Arsenic. Gold ores. Neutron activation        Emi-Reynolds, G. Banini, G.K.
analysis. Water. Tailings.                              Qualification of gammacell-220 calibration field for
                                                        radiation processing at the Radiation Technology
                                                        Centre, Kwabenya. GAEC-NNRI-RTC--1. (16p.)
Darko, E.O. Fletcher, J.J.                              Technical report.
National waste management infrastructure in             1997.
Ghana. (7p.)                                            KEYWORDS: Gamma sources. Calibration.
Journal article.
J. Radiol. Prot. 1998, vol. 18(4). 293-299.
KEYWORDS: Radioactive waste management. Ghana.          Emi-Reynolds, G. Banini, G.K. Ofori-Appiah, M.
Infrastructure.                                         Pre-commissioning dosimetry at the Radiation
                                                        Technology Center (RTC), Kwabenya. GAEC-NNRI-
                                                        RTC--2. (15p.)
Darko, E.O. Osae, E.K. Schandorf, C.                    Technical report.
A simple method for the deconvolution of                1997.
134Cs/137Cs peaks in gamma-ray scintillation            KEYWORDS: Dosimetry. Gamma sources. Irradiation
spectrometry. (13p.)                                    plants.
Technical report.
KEYWORDS: Gamma spectroscopy. Scintillations
Peaks. Cesium 134. Cesium 137.

           December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Emi-Reynolds, G. Banini, G.K. Ennison, I.               Radiation protection and safety guide: inspection.
Dosimetry practices at the Radiation Technology         Radiation Protection Board. GRPB-G--4. (24p.)
Centre. GAEC-NNRI-RTC--4. (13p.)                        Report.
Technical report.                                       1995.
1997.                                                   KEYWORDS: Radiation protection. Inspection.
KEYWORDS: Dosimetry. Gamma sources. Irradiation         Radiation monitoring. Safety standards.

                                                        Emi-Reynolds, G. Akaho, E.H.K.
Emi-Reynolds, G. Banini, G.K.                           A theoretical evaluation of the effectiveness of the
A theoretical and experimental dose rate of the         biological shields for the 0.5mci irradiation facility.
multipurpose gamma irradiation facility in Ghana.       (11p.)
GAEC-NNRI-RTC--3. (16p.)                                Journal article.
Technical report.                                       Journal of the University of Science and Technology,
1997.                                                   Kumasi, 14(2) (1994), 79-89.
KEYWORDS: Gamma sources. Irradiation plants.            KEYWORDS: Biological shields. Irradiation plants.
Ghana. Dose rates.

                                                        Emi-Reynolds, G. Kovacs, A. Fletcher, J.J.
                                                        The response characteristics of tetrazolium violet
Emi-Reynolds, G. Banini, G.K. Akaho, E.H.K.             solutions to gamma irradiation. (3p.)
Practical evaluation of the biological shielding        Journal article.
effectiveness of the gamma irradiation facility at      Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 78 (2007), 1515-
Kwabenya, Ghana. GAEC-NNRI-RTC--5. (19p.)               1518.
Technical report.                                       KEYWORDS:        Gamma radiation.          Tetrazolium.
1997.                                                   Dosimetry. Radiosterilization.
KEYWORDS: Gamma sources. Biological shielding.
Irradiation plants. Ghana.
                                                        Emi-Reynolds, G. Kovacs, A. Fletcher, J.J.
                                                        Dosimetry characterization of tetrazolium violet-
Emi-Reynolds, G. Banini, G.K. Ennison, I.               polyvinylalcohol films. (4p.)
Rehabilitation of broken-down chamber for the           Journal article.
gammacell-220 irradiation facility. GAEC-NNRI-TRC--7.   Radiation Physics and Chemistry 78 (2007), 1519-
(12p.)                                                  1522.
Technical report.                                       KEYWORDS: Tetrazolium. Polyvinyls. Dosimetry.
1997.                                                   Films.
KEYWORDS: Gamma sources. Repair. Irradiation

           December 1, 2009    [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Faanu, A. Darko, E.O. Emi-Reynolds, G. Glover, E.T.    Schandorf, C. Darko, E.O.
Schandorf, C.                                          Report on the high level regional seminar to speed
Establishment of standards and criteria for            up implementation of the model project INT/9/143
radiation protection of non-human species. (25p.)      Addis Ababa. (8p.)
Technical report.                                      Executive summary.
2007.                                                  1997.
KEYWORDS: Radiation protection. Animals. Plants.       KEYWORDS: Reporting requirements. Radiation

Radiation protection and safety guide: qualification
and certification of radiation protection personnel.   Schandorf, C. Tetteh, G.K.
Radiation Protection Institute. GRPB-G--1. (12p.)      Analysis of dose and dose distribution for patients
Handbook.                                              undergoing selected x-ray diagonistic procedures in
1995.                                                  Ghana. (8p.)
KEYWORDS: Personnel. Radiation protection.             Journal article.
Certification.                                         Radiation Protection Dosimetry, vol 76(4) (1998),
                                                       KEYWORDS: X-ray diagnosis. Patients. Radiation dose
Radiation protection and safety guide: dose limits.    distribution. Biomedical radiography.
GRPB-G--3. (229p.)
1995.                                                  Schandorf, C. Tetteh, G.K.
Radiation Protection and Safety guide no. GRPB-G3:     Analysis of the status of x-ray diagnosis in Ghana.
Dose limits.                                           (9p.)
KEYWORDS: Radiation protection. Dose limits.           Journal article.
                                                       The British Journal of Radiology, 71 (1998), 1040-
Radiation Protection Board annual report for 1994.     KEYWORDS: X-ray diagnosis. Ghana.
Annual report.
1995.                                                  Schandorf, C. Fletcher, J.J. Sundara Rao, I.S.
Annual report for 1994, Radiation Protection Board.    Radiological protection survey of medical x-ray
KEYWORDS: Radiation protection. Radiation              diagnostic installations. GAEC-PHY--2. (87p.)
monitoring. Reporting requirements.                    Technical report.
                                                       KEYWORDS: Radiation protection. Hospitals. X-ray
Radiation protection and safety guide no. grpb-g5:     equipment. Radiation monitoring.
safe use of x-rays. GRPB-G--5. (33p.)
Hand book.
KEYWORDS: Radiation monitoring. X-radiation.
Radiation protection. Safety standards.

           December 1, 2009      [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Schandorf, C. Emi-Reynolds, G.
Radiological protection survey and quality control
measurements at the Ashanti Goldfields
Corporation x-ray department. 17-19 September
1990. GAEC-PHY--3. (16p.)
Progress Report.
KEYWORDS: Radiation protection. X-ray equipment.
Quality control. Mines. Radiation monitoring.

Schandorf, C.
Performance characteristics of diagnostic x-ray
machines in medicine. VF-TR-A--10. (5p.)
Technical report.
KEYWORDS: X-ray equipment. Performance testing.

Yeboah, J. Asiamah, M. Darko, E.O.
Studies on the terrestrial background gamma
radiation in and around the metropolitan area of
Accra: Radioactivity in soils and rocks (Part1). (14p.)
Technical report.
Technical report 1996/97.
KEYWORDS: Background radiation. Soils. Rocks.
Radioactivity. Gamma radiation. Urban areas.
Radiation monitoring.

           December 1, 2009    [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

                                                       Appiah, V.
Aboh, I.J.K.                                           The use of ionising radiation from 60CO gamma
Developing a model for the multi-element analysis of   source in controlling mouldiness in dried cocoa
Prestea gold ore with energy-dispersive x-ray          beans.
fluorescence (edxrf) analysis. (87p.)                  (287 p.)
Thesis (M.Phil.) University of Ghana, Legon,           Thesis (Ph.D) University of Ghana.
1990.                                                  2001.
KEYWORDS: Multi-element analysis. X-ray                KEYWORDS: Radiation doses. Cobalt-60. Cocoa
fluorescence analysis. Gold.                           beans. Bacteria

Akudugu, J.M.                                          Dampare, S.B.
Examination of irradiated neuroblastoma and            Petrology and geochemistry of paleoproterozoic
neuroepithelial cell lines for the interrelationship   mafic-ultramafic bodies and associated volcanic
between cell survival micronucleation. (162p.)         rocks in the southern part of the Ashanti greenstone
Thesis (Ph.D) University of Stellenbosch.              belt, Ghana. (258 p.)
2000.                                                  Thesis (Ph.D) Graduate school of natural science and
KEYWORDS: Irradiation. Neuroblastoma. Nucleation.      technology, Okayama University
Nerve cells.                                           2008.
                                                       KEYWORDS: Petrology. Geochemistry. Volcanic

Amoh, G.K.
An approach towards estimating the elements in the     Damptey, P.T.M.
dark matrix in energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence    Gender and community water resources
analysis. (71p.)                                       management in the lower Kakum basin.
Thesis (M.Phil.) University of Ghana, Legon,           (129 p.)
1994.                                                  Thesis (M.Phil) University of Ghana.
KEYWORDS: X-ray fluorescence analysis.                 2008.
Multi-element analysis                                 KEYWORDS: Drinking water. Water resource
                                                       management. Sex dependence.

Annoh, C.E.
The development of radiation-induced inherited         Donkor, J.C.
sterility for the management of lepidopterous maize    Ghana Water Company Limited: a study in
stem borers: eldana saccharina walker (pyralidae)      corporatization. (111p.)
and sesamia calamistis hampson (noctidae). (171p.)     Dissertation (M.P.A.) University of Ghana, Legon.
Thesis (Ph.D) University of Cape Coast                 2001.
2003.                                                  KEYWORDS: Corporatization. Ghana Water Company
KEYWORDS: Lepidoptera. Maize. Radiosterilization.

           December 1, 2009      [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Nketsia-Tabiri, J.                                     Schandorf, C.
Traditional fish processing: technology, quality       Studies on the dose and dose distribution for
development and evaluation.                            patients undergoing various examinations in x-ray
(245 p.)                                               diagnosis and methods for optimisation. (172 p.)
Thesis (Ph.D) University of Ghana                      Thesis (Ph.D) University of Ghana.
1994.                                                  1998.
KEYWORDS: Fish. Food processing.                       KEYWORDS: Radiation dose distributions.
                                                       Biomedical radiography. X-radiation. Patients.

Nyarko, B.J.B.                                         Sedega, M.
Development of instrumental neutron activation         Immunization against murine malaria by sporozoites
analysis methods for assessment of iodine and          and by pre-erythrocytic stages. (194p.)
selected elements in Ghanaian foods using low          Thesis (P.h.D.) University of London
power research reactors. (166 p.)                      1988.
Thesis (Ph.D) University of Cape Coast, Ghana          KEYWORDS: Immunity. Malaria. Sporozoa.
KEYWORDS: Neutron activation analysis. Iodine.

                                                       Serfor-Armah, Y.
                                                       Studies of seaweeds as indicators of toxic element
Ofori-Darko, E.                                        pollution in Ghana using neutron activation analysis.
Study of radioactivity contamination of the Korle      (240 p.)
lagoon from radioactive effluent discharges. RPI.      Thesis (Ph.D) University of Ghana
(98p.)                                                 2006.
Thesis (M.Phil). University of Ghana, Legon.           KEYWORDS: Seaweeds. Neutron activation analysis.
 1991.                                                 Water pollution.
KEYWORDS: Lagoons. Radioactive effluents.

                                                       Yeboah, J.
                                                       Radiation risk in paediatric radiology.
Sangmuah, N.E.                                         (233 p.)
The committee system in decision-making in the         Thesis (Ph.D) University of Cape Coast, Ghana.
Ghana Atomic Energy Commission. (90p.)                 2008.
Dissertation (M.P.A.) University of Ghana, Legon.      KEYWORDS: Radiation doses. X-radiation. Infants.
2000.                                                  Biomedical radiology.
KEYWORDS: Decision-making. Management

              December 1, 2009            [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]


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                                                                        Anim-Sampong, S., 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 31, 34, 35
Abaye, D.A., 9                                                          Annoh, C. E., 2, 9
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Amoh, G.K., 32, 40                                                      Brightwell, R., 8
Amuasi, J.H., 19, 29                                                    Brimah, A.K., 22

              December 1, 2009          [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Broni, F., 11                                                 Emi-Reynolds, G., 18, 21, 22, 23, 36, 37, 38, 39
Brown, C.A., 11                                               Ennison, I., 5, 36, 37
Buah-Bassuah, P.K., 24                                        Ephraim, H., 25
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                                                              Ephraim, J.H., 14, 19, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 34
C                                                             Ewa, I.O.B., 15
                                                              Ewusie, E.A., 5, 6, 9, 12
Carboo, D., 14, 15, 22, 30, 34, 35
Charles, D.F., 36
Chatt, A., 16, 19, 30, 31, 34
Chaudhri, M.M., 21, 28                                        Faanu, A., 38
Chaudhury, M.F., 8                                            Fianko, J.R., 11, 12, 26, 29, 30
Clegg, R., 20                                                 Fletcher, J.J., 19, 27, 31, 33, 36, 37, 38
Cramer, S.J., 25                                              Focke, D. A., 6
                                                              Ford-Lloyd, B.V., 7
D                                                             Forson, A., 27

Dagadu, C.P.K., 16, 17, 19, 22, 32
Dahlen, J., 22
Dame, D. A., 6                                                Gbadago, J.K., 11, 20, 27, 32
Damnyag, G., 7                                                Gbedemah, C.M., 8, 23
Dampare, S.B., 11, 13, 14, 22, 31, 32, 34, 40                 Ghosh, S., 33
Damptey, P.M.T., 23                                           Glover, E.T., 19, 27, 38
Damptey, P.T.M., 40                                           Golow, A.A., 36
Danso, K., 4, 9, 10, 21                                       Gomda, Y., 7, 11
Danso, K.A., 16, 18, 22, 23, 32                               Gomda, Y.M., 8
Danso, K.E., 3, 7, 9                                          Gomez, D.A., 8
Darko, E.O., 18, 33, 36, 38, 39                               Gruere, G., 9
Darko-Kwakye, N., 34                                          Gyamfi, O.K., 11, 27
Darkwa, A., 4                                                 Gyasi, R.K., 27
Datohe, D., 3
Debrah, C., 22                                                H
Debrah,C., 22
desBordes, C.K., 7                                            Hangen, U.D., 21
Des-Bordes, C.K., 8                                           Hasko, D.G., 28
Dinku, E., 9                                                  Hayward, I.P., 21
Dodge, R., 11                                                 Hoizbecher, J., 34
Dodoo-Amoo, D.N.A., 18, 19                                    Holzbecher, J., 30
Dogbe, S.A., 12, 23                                           Horna, D., 9
Dolezel, J., 9
Donkor, A., 29, 30                                            J
Donkor, J.C., 40
Dransfield, R.D., 8                                           Jacobson, E., 9, 10
Dub, S.N., 30                                                 Jonah, S.A., 15, 16, 17, 19, 27
Dube, A., 33
E                                                             Karbo, N., 8
Eghan, J.M., 24                                               Kassapu, S.N., 22
Ellis, W.O., 6                                                Khan, B.K., 27
Elloh, V.W., 4                                                Khayyai, M.M., 28
                                                              Khlu, J., 8

               December 1, 2009           [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Klu, G.Y.P., 3, 4, 9                                                     O
Kluvitse, F., 9
Koeberl, C., 33                                                          Ocloo, F.C.K., 6
Kornyei, J., 14, 15                                                      Odamtten, G.T., 20, 21
Kovacs, A., 37                                                           Oduro, I., 6
Krantz-Rulcker, C., 28                                                   Oduro, V., 9
Kufe, F., 7                                                              Offei-Mensah, P.S., 32
Kurpad, A., 7                                                            Ofori-Appiah, M., 36
Kyere, A.W.K., 15, 16, 17, 19, 23, 35                                    Ofori-Darko, E., 41
Kyere, W.K., 34                                                          Ofosu, F., 20
                                                                         Ofosu, F.G., 11, 32, 33
L                                                                        Okley, G.M., 11
                                                                         Opata, N., 14, 15
Lamptey, T.V.O., 9                                                       Opata, N.N., 13
Lim, Y.Y., 21                                                            Opata, N.S., 14, 15
Lokko, Y., 4                                                             Oppong, I.V., 14
                                                                         Oppong-Boachie, K., 34, 35
M                                                                        Osae, D., 13
                                                                         Osae, E.K., 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 30, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36
Maakuu, B.T., 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 28, 29, 31                         Osae, M., 2, 5, 6, 9
Malcolm, R.L., 26                                                        Osae, S., 7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 22, 26, 31, 33, 34, 35
Marfo, K., 27                                                            Osae, S.K.D., 33
Marinsky, J.A., 25, 26, 28, 29                                           Osborne, O.C., 24
Mathuthu, A., 28, 29                                                     Osei, R., 23
Mathuthu, A.S., 25, 28, 29                                               Osei-Somuah, A., 7
Melfah, P.T., 35                                                         Owusu-Biney, A., 8, 9
Mensah, A.T., 23
Mensah, B.A., 5
Misa-Aboagye, L., 6
Misra, S., 33                                                            Pasvasars, I., 34
Montford, K.G., 29                                                       Perbi, A., 31
Msikita, W., 3                                                           Pettersson, C., 24, 25, 34

N                                                                        Q
Nani, E.K., 29                                                           Qazi, M.K., 17
Nani, K., 11                                                             Quagraine, R.E., 13, 14
Nartey, V.K., 15, 29, 30
Nazarov, M.V., 30                                                        R
Nazarova, T.A., 21, 30
Nketsia-Tabiri, J., 3, 6, 9, 23, 41                                      Radulovic, S., 20
Nkumsah, A., 2                                                           Raemakers, C.J.J.M., 9, 10
Norden, M., 24, 30                                                       Reddy, M.M., 28
Norden, M.M., 30                                                         Rozenboom M.G.M., 9
Nyamekye-Boamah, K., 9
Nyarko, B.J.B., 7, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 27, 30, 31,   S
  32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 41
Nyarku, M., 32                                                           Safo-Kantanka, O., 6, 9
                                                                         Sangmuah, N.E., 41
                                                                         Sanu, J.K., 11
                                                                         Schandorf, C., 29, 36, 38, 39, 41
                                                                         Sedega, M., 41

               December 1, 2009           [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Seku, F., 34, 35                                                       V
Semenhyia, C.B.J., 12, 34, 35
Sengupta, D., 33                                                       Visser, R.G.F., 9, 10
Serfor-Armah, Y., 7, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28,   Vuore, T. F., 3
   30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 41
Smith, T., 21                                                          W
Sofiari, E., 10
Sonsuk, M., 20                                                         Williams, I.S., 27
Sundara Rao, I.S., 38                                                  Wilson, D.D, 9
Swallow, A.J., 20                                                      Woodward, T.W, 20
Szabo, G., 24
T                                                                      Xu, H., 25
Tetteh, G.K., 38
Timpo, S., 3, 4, 5, 6, 7                                               Y
Timpo, S.E., 9
Tymiak, N., 21                                                         Yeboah, J., 39, 41
                                                                       Yeboah, P.O., 12, 35

Umar, I.M., 15
                                                                       Zwicker, B., 31

              December 1, 2009             [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

SUBJECT INDEX                                                    Carapa procera · 14
                                                                 Carbon 13 · 7
                                                                 Carbon black · 11
A                                                                Cassava · 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 23, 34
Abdomen · 11                                                     Castorbean · 2
Abscisic acid · 7                                                Cathodoluminesence · 30
Absorption spectroscopy · 22                                     Cattle · 11
Acids · 25                                                       Cereals · 2
Activity levels · 13, 17                                         Cesium 134 · 36
Adsorption · 24, 30                                              Cesium 137 · 36
Aerosol wastes · 32                                              Chemical analysis · 29
Aerosols · 11                                                    Chemical bonds · 28
Agriculture · 3, 7, 23                                           Chemical preparation · 15
Air pollution monitoring · 20, 21, 32                            Chemical properties · 14
Alumina · 30                                                     Chemical state · 14, 15
Americium · 14, 32                                               Chemical warfare agents. · 12
Americium 241 · 19                                               Chicken · 3
Amorphous state · 28                                             Children · 7
Animals · 38                                                     Chromatography · 20
Anthropology · 26                                                Chromium · 22
Antimony · 32, 34                                                Classification · 15
Aquatic ecosystems · 34                                          Climate change · 23
Archaeological specimens · 27                                    Coastal regions · 6, 35
Arsenic · 13, 14, 15, 22, 30, 32, 34, 36                         Coastal Regions · 12
Attenuation · 18                                                 Cobalt · 25
                                                                 Cobalt-60 · 40
B                                                                Cocoa beans .6, 40
                                                                 Cocoa products · 29
Bacteria · 3, 40                                                 Coleoptera · 2
Bacterial diseases · 7                                           Comparative evaluations · 22
Beetle · 9                                                       Complexes · 34
Beryllium · 14, 19, 32                                           Compton effect · 31
Biological indicators · 20, 34                                   Compton spectrometry · 34
Biological markers · 9                                           Compton suppression spectroscopy · 31
Biological radiation effects · 9                                 Computerized simulation · 16, 23, 28, 32
Biological regeneration · 9                                      Concretes · 18
Biological shielding · 37                                        Conservation · 5
Biological shields · 37                                          Contamination · 7, 29
Biomedical radiography · 38, 41                                  Conversion ratio · 28
Biomedical radiology · 50                                        Copper · 22, 25, 28, 29
Biotechnology · 3, 6, 7                                          Corporatization · 41
Body composition · 3, 7                                          Cost estimation · 21, 22
Brachytherapy · 29                                               Craters · 33
Breath · 7                                                       Cross sections · 14, 18, 20
Burnup · 16, 18                                                  Crystals · 23, 30
                                                                 Cultivation techniques · 9
C                                                                Cultural objects · 31

Cadmium · 24, 25, 29, 32
Calcium · 14, 25, 28
Calcium ions · 28                                                Dead time · 16
Calibration · 36                                                 Decision-making · 41
               December 1, 2009     [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Deposition · 32                                           Flow blockage · 22
Design · 11, 16, 28                                       Food · 3, 6, 27, 31, 34
Deuterium · 3, 7                                          Food processing · 21, 22, 41
Developing countries · 22, 23                             Forage · 8
Diagnosis · 7, 27                                         Fourier transformation · 7, 29
Diagnostics · 27                                          Freezing. Refrigeration · 3
Dialysis · 25                                             Fuel element clusters · 17
Diamonds · 28                                             Fuel rods · 17
Disease resistance · 4                                    Fulvic acids · 22, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 34
Dissolution · 27                                          Fungi · 28
Distillation · 14
Distillation columns · 32                                 G
Dogs · 7
Donnan theory · 28                                        Gamma radiation · 2, 8, 9, 21, 23, 32, 33, 37, 39
Dose limits · 38                                          Gamma sources · 36, 37
Dose rates · 19, 21, 29, 37                               Gamma spectroscopy · 36
Dosimetry · 36, 37, 38                                    Garden eggs · 9
Drinking water · 28, 40                                   Gari · 6
                                                          Geochemistry · 33, 34, 40
                                                          Geology · 33
                                                          Geometrical aberrations · 16
Ecology · 2, 12, 30                                       Germination · 6
Efficiency · 33                                           Ghana · 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20,
Electric power · 19                                          21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37,
Electrolytes · 26, 29                                        38, 40, 41
Electrolytes. Copper ions · 26                            Ghana Water Company · 41
Embryos · 7, 9, 10                                        GHARR-1 · 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 28, 30, 31, 32
Energy efficiency · 33                                    Gharr-1 Reactor. · 27, 31
Environmental protection · 15, 23                         Glossina · 2, 4, 5, 7, 8
Epithermal neutrons · 15, 34                              Glycoproteins · 20
Escherichia colli · 3                                     Gold · 13, 14, 15, 30, 32, 36, 40
Estuaries · 26                                            Gravimetric analysis · 32
Europium · 24, 25, 26, 30, 34                             Ground water · 34
Evaporation · 6                                           Guinea pigs · 7
Extraction · 13, 14
                                                          Hair · 13
F                                                         Harmattan · 11
Fallout deposits · 33                                     Harvesting · 6
Fast neutrons · 18                                        Health hazards · 15
Feasibility studies · 18                                  Heat stress · 6
Feedback · 18                                             Heat transfer · 17
Feeding · 7                                               Heavy metals · 11, 21, 26, 31, 32
Fermentation · 23                                         Helium 3 · 19
Fertilisers. Nitrogen · 9                                 Herbicides · 12
Feynman method · 16                                       Herbs · 34, 35
Films · 37                                                High purity GE detectors · 33
Filters · 12                                              Hospitals · 36, 38
Filtration · 25, 30                                       Humic acids · 24, 26, 34
Fish · 3, 41                                              Humic Acids · 24
Flouride · 28                                             Hydrobromic acid · 14
               December 1, 2009            [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Hydrochemistry · 12                                              M
Hydrogen · 17, 19
Hydrology · 26                                                   Magnessium oxides · 21, 30
                                                                 Maize · 4, 5, 6, 35, 40
I                                                                Malaria · 41
                                                                 Males · 27
I-codes · 18                                                     Mammary glands · 7
Immunity · 41                                                    Management committees · 41
In vitro · 3, 9                                                  Manganese · 22
In vivo · 7                                                      Manuals · 7
Industrial applications · 23                                     Marketing · 9
Industrial radiography · 22                                      Mass rearing · 2, 4
Infants · 3, 7, 27, 41                                           Materials recovery · 29
Infrastructure · 36                                              Mathematical models · 14, 16, 17
Inhalation · 32                                                  M-codes · 19
Insecticides · 2                                                 Medicinal plants ·2, 34, 35
Insects · 2                                                      Meristems · 9
Inspection · 37                                                  Metals · 20, 22, 24, 28
Intraveneous fluids · 8                                          Methyl isobutyl ketone · 14
Iodine · 31, 34, 35, 41                                          Microorganisms · 3, 9
Ion exchange · 13, 15, 24, 25, 30                                Microscopy · 21
Ion exchange chromatography · 13, 15                             Milk · 3, 7, 11
Iridium · 29                                                     Milk products · 27
Iron · 22, 25, 34, 35                                            Mineral industry · 33
Iron selective electrode analysis · 25                           Minerals · 7, 11
Irradiation · 3, 9, 13, 14, 19, 21, 22, 23, 37, 40               Miners · 13
Irradiation devices · 21                                         Mines · 22, 31, 39
Irradiation plants · 36, 37                                      Mining · 14, 20, 22, 35
Isopropyl · 12                                                   Moderators · 16
Isotope applications · 26                                        Molecular biology · 6
Isotope production · 14                                          Molecular dynamics method · 23
Isotopic neutron sources · 28                                    Molecular size · 24
                                                                 Molecular weight · 22
K                                                                Molybdenum 99 · 14, 17, 32
                                                                 Monocrystals · 21, 28
Kenya. · 8                                                       Monthly variations · 32
Kerma · 29                                                       Mortality · 8
Kinetics · 20                                                    Mosquitoes · 2
Kpesie lagoon · 11                                               Moths · 5, 6
Kyoto protocol · 23                                              Multi-element analysis · 13, 32, 33, 34, 35, 40
                                                                 Multi-group theory · 18, 20
L                                                                Mushrooms · 15
                                                                 Mutagen screening · 7
Lactation · 7                                                    Mutagenesis · 4
Lagoons · 41                                                     Mutants · 9
Lakes · 11                                                       Mycobacterium tuberculosis · 11, 27
Leaves · 11
Lepidoptera · 4, 5, 40
Lichens · 31, 32
Loss of coolant · 19                                             Nanostructures · 21, 30
Low dose irradiation · 8                                         Neoplasms · 7, 27
Low pressure · 17                                                Nerve cells · 40
              December 1, 2009            [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Neuroblastoma · 40                                                    Pipelines · 22
Neutron activation analysis · 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,   Placers · 22
   19, 20, 22, 27, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 41                     Plant breeding · 3, 4
Neutron flux · 15, 17, 32                                             Plants · 38
Neutron reactions · 17                                                Pollinators · 5
Neutron sources · 14, 16, 17, 18, 32                                  Pollutants · 34
Neutron spectra · 17, 19                                              Pollution · 14, 21, 26, 31
Neutron transport theory · 18                                         Polymerase chain reaction · 11
Nikel · 22                                                            Polyvinyls · 37
Niobium · 22                                                          Position sensitive detectors · 16
Nitrogen fixation · 6                                                 Potassium · 8
Nodal cuttings · 9                                                    Potentiometry · 24, 25, 29
Nuclear Analytical Techniques · 33                                    Pottery · 31
Nuclear fuels · 16, 18                                                Power generation · 19
Nuclear magnetic resonance · 12                                       Productivity · 4
Nuclear medicine · 36                                                 Progress report · 4, 6, 16, 21, 29
Nuclear parameters · 17                                               Prospecting · 13
Nuclear power · 22                                                    Prostate · 27
Nuclear reactions · 14                                                Public Health · 3, 15, 23
Nucleation · 40                                                       Public opinion · 22
Nuts · 2                                                              Pupae · 2, 4, 5
                                                                      Purification · 20
O                                                                     Pyrophosphate · 14
Oil Palms · 19
Oils · 12, 14                                                         Q
Oncovin · 7
                                                                      Quality · 6
Orchidectomy · 9
                                                                      Quality control · 36, 39
                                                                      Quartz · 24, 30
Packaging · 29
Particle size · 32
Particulates · 32
Patients · 38, 41
Peaks · 33, 36
Peanuts · 6                                                           R
Performance testing · 39                                              Rabbits · 9
Pest control · 4, 5, 8                                                Radiation absorption analysis · 15
Pesticides · 12, 35                                                   Radiation dose distributions · 41
Petroleum · 15                                                        Radiation doses · 2, 5, 11, 23, 36, 40, 41
Petroleum products · 17, 22                                           Radiation effects · 6
Petrology · 40                                                        Radiation monitoring · 27, 37, 38, 39
PH value · 24, 27, 28, 29, 30                                         Radiation protection · 27, 36, 37, 38, 39
Phantoms · 11                                                         Radiation sources · 27, 36
Phosphonates · 12                                                     Radioactive effluents · 41
Phosphorus 32 · 14                                                    Radioactive waste disposal · 27
Photographic films · 29                                               Radioactive waste management · 24, 36
Physical protection · 27                                              Radioactivity · 39
Physical radiation effects · 23                                       Radiochemical analysis · 20
Physico-chemical characteristics · 11                                 Radiodisinfestation · 29
Phythalocyanines · 20                                                 Radioisotope generators · 32
                                                                      Radioisotopes · 13, 15
              December 1, 2009           [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Radiosterilization · 2, 4, 37, 40                              Staphylococcus · 3
Raman effect · 21                                              Starch · 6
Raman spectroscopy · 28                                        Steady state conditions · 18
Rats · 13                                                      Sterile male technique · 2, 4, 5, 6, 8
Reaction · 20                                                  Stilbite · 27
Reaction kinetics · 27                                         Storage · 3
Reactivity · 16                                                Streams · 22, 29, 30
Reactor · 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 28, 30, 31, 32               Strontium · 30
Reactor cores · 16, 17, 18                                     Subcritical assemblies · 18, 28
Reactor lattices · 20                                          Surface water · 34
Reactor noise · 16
Reactor safety · 17                                            T
Recycling · 29
Reflection · 15, 16                                            Tailings · 14, 30, 32, 36
Regulations · 27                                               Tantalum · 22
Reporting requirements · 38                                    Technetium 99 · 14, 17, 32
Research Programs · 2, 3                                       Technology assessment · 3, 23
Research reactors · 16                                         Technology transfer · 8
Residual stress · 21                                           Temperature dependence · 28
Residues · 35                                                  Tetrazolium · 37
Resonance absorption · 20                                      Thermal analysis · 28
Rice · 3, 6, 9                                                 Thermal hydraulics · 19
Rivers · 11, 12, 14, 22, 26, 33                                Thermal neutrons · 14, 16, 17, 19, 32
Rocks · 13, 18, 33, 39                                         Thermoluminescent dosimetry · 11
Roots · 4                                                      Thin Layer Chromatography · 12
Rural areas · 7                                                Thorium · 22
                                                               Thyroid · 23
                                                               Tissue banking · 3
                                                               Titration · 24, 25
Saccharose · 7                                                 Tobacco · 11
Safety analysis · 36                                           Toxicity · 13, 23
Safety standards · 37, 38                                      Trace amounts · 20, 21, 31, 34
Salicylic acid · 24                                            Transients. · 16
Saliva · 27                                                    Transpiration · 6
Salt · 31                                                      Triazines · 12
Savannahs · 6, 8, 12                                           Tuberculosis · 27
Scintillations · 36                                            Two-phase flow · 17
Seaweeds · 34, 35, 41
Sediments · 11, 14, 15, 22, 34                                 U
Seeds · 14
Semi-arid regions · 8                                          Ultrafiltration · 25
Sex dependence · 40                                            Ultraviolet spectra · 22
Shielding materials · 18                                       Uptake · 24
SI Units · 29                                                  Uranium · 22
Silver · 29                                                    Urban areas · 7, 15, 39
Sodium · 8                                                     Urea · 7
Soils · 12, 28, 32, 39                                         Urine · 13
Solvent extraction · 14
Somatic mutations · 10                                         V
Spices · 3
Sporozoa · 41                                                  Vegetables · 3, 7, 12
Standardization · 19, 30                                       Vickers hardness · 21, 28

               December 1, 2009          [CHECKLIST OF GAEC PUBLICATIONS]

Vigna · 6
Visible spectra · 22
Volcanic Rocks · 40
Vulnerability · 23

Water · 6, 11, 14, 22, 26, 30, 33, 34, 36, 40, 41
Water chemistry · 26, 33
Water pollution · 11, 22, 41
Water quality · 30
Water requirements · 6
Water resource management · 40
W-codes · 20
Westcott-formalism · 17
Wheat · 6
Women · 23

X-radiation · 29, 38, 41
X-ray diagnosis · 38
X-ray equipment · 36, 38, 39
X-ray fluorescence analysis · 11, 20, 21, 40

Yams · 6, 9

Zeolites · 27
Zinc · 22, 24, 25


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