KERALA PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT
                                             (ELECTRONICS SUB DIVISION, KOZHIKODE -20)

                                                           TENDER SCHEDULE
Name of work:- Installation of Local Area Network (LAN) at District Jail, Kozhikode

PAC : Rs.49,790.00
EMD : Rs. 1,250.00                                              Due Date: 19.07.2012                 Period of Completion: One Month

Sl.   Qty                      Description of item                       Rate In figures and words         Unit         Amount
                                                                                                                          (Rs. )
1.     1    Supply and installation of 16 Port Auto sensing 10/100       Rs.5,000.00                       Each               5,000.00
            Base TX, Fast Ethernet, unmanageable, rack mountable         (Rupees Five thousand only)
            Accepted Model:- D-Link or equivalent
2      1    Supply and installation of CAT –6 16 port patch panel for Rs. 4,750.00                         Each               4,750.00
            terminating CAT-6 Cables from information outlets         (Rupees Four thousand
            Accepted Model:- D-Link or equivalent                     Seven hundred Fifty only)

3.     1     Supply and Installation of Horizontal Cable manager         Rs. 1,000.00                      Each               1,000.00
                                                                         (Rupees One thousand only)

4.     1    Supply and installation of 6U Rack for switch, Patch panel   Rs. 5,500.00                      Each               5,500.00
            & Cable Manager including cooling fan, power strip for       (Rupees Five thousand Five
            switches and hardware mounting kit                           hundred only)
5.    140   Supply and fixing 20mm         PVC Conduit /casing and       Rs. 59.00                         Metre              8,260.00
            Caping conforming to IS 9537 / 1983 part III along with      (Rupees Fifty Nine only)
            all required accessories on surface including making good
            the damages etc as required.

CONTRACTOR                                                                                     ASSISTANT E XECUTIVE ENGINEER.

6       310   Supply, laying , certification and documentation of CAT-6 Rs. 44.00                         Metre             13,640.00
              4 pair UTP cable through the existing conduit as required. (Rupees Forty Four only)
              Accepted Model:- D-Link, KRONE or equivalent

7.      12    Supply and fixing CAT-6 information outlet with spring Rs. 450.00                           Each               5,400.00
              shutter front access for connecting nodes.             (Rupees Four hundred Fifty

8.      12    Supply and Providing 1 meter CAT-6 patch cord               Rs. 200.00                      Each               2,400.00
              Accepted Model:- D-Link or equivalent                       (Rupees Two hundred only)

9.      12    Supply and Providing 2 meter CAT-6 patch cord               Rs. 220.00                      Each               2,640.00
              Accepted Model:- D-Link or equivalent                       (Rupees Two hundred
                                                                          Twenty only)

10.     12    Testing of each and every node point and making             Rs. 100.00                      Each               1,200.00
              permanent labelling at the I/O box and on the Patch panel   (Rupees One hundred only)
                                                                                                            Total       Rs. 49,790.00

                                                          (Rupees Forty Nine thousand Seven hundred Ninety only)) ly)

      CONTRACTOR                                                                                      ASSISTANT EXECUTIVE ENGINEER


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