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Business Simulation Game

Business Simulation Game
                     Direct business contribution


Knowledge                                                      Skill
acquisition                                                    acquisition


                   Indirect business contribution

•   起源:大約是在1955年從美國開始
•   大型主機
•   迷你電腦/個人電腦
•   網路/網際網路
•   行動裝置

    Gaming: The Future’s Language!
                                     Richard D. Duke(1974)

SIG (Special Interest Group)                                    The main goals of ISAGA
•    Association for Business Simulation and Experiential
                                                                •   to enhance the development and
                                                                    application of simulation and
•    Digital Games Research Association
                                                                    gaming methodologies;
INDSAGA                                                         •   to encourage a wider use of
•    Indian Simulation and Gaming Association                       simulation and gaming
ISAGA                                                               methodologies, particularly in the
•    International Simulation and Gaming Association                social, human and technological
•    Japanese Association of Simulation and Gaming
NASAGA                                                          •   to facilitate communication among
•    North American Simulation and Gaming Association               specialists of simulation and
SAGANET                                                             gaming throughout the world;
•    Simulation and Gaming Association - The Netherlands
                                                                •   to exchange information about and
•    Swiss-Austrian-German Simulation and Gaming
                                                                    experience of simulation and
     Association                                                    gaming methodologies;
SIETAR-USA                                                      •   to encourage interchange between
•    Society for Intercultural Education, Training and
     Research – USA
                                                                    the profession of simulation and
SSAGSg                                                              gaming and other professional
•    Society of Simulation and Gaming of Singapore                  areas and disciplines.
•    Thai Simulation and Learning Association - Thai SALA

    遊戲式學習(Game-Based Learning)
• Game based learning
  – (GBL) is a branch of serious games that deals with
    applications that have defined learning outcomes.
    Generally they are designed in order to balance the
    subject matter with the gameplay and the ability of the
    player to retain and apply said subject matter to the real
  – The book 'Digital Game-Based Learning' by Marc Prensky
    was the first major publication to define the term,
    although given the embryonic state of the serious game
    industry it has continued to evolve since then.

     模擬遊戲(Simulation and Gaming)
• A simulation game is a game that contains a mixture
  of skill, chance, and strategy to simulate an aspect of
  reality, such as a stock exchange. While today,
  simulation gaming has its largest application in the
  world of computers with people learning by
• It has been used extensively as an effective way to
  generate new and more complex behavior among

• Board Game                                  • Computer Game
   – A board game is a game played               – A personal computer game (also
     with counters or pieces that are              known as a computer game or
     placed on, removed from, or                   simply PC game) is a video game
     moved across a "board" (a                     played on a personal computer,
     premarked surface, usually                    rather than on a video game
     specific to that game). Simple                console or arcade machine.
     board games often make ideal                  Computer games have evolved
     "family entertainment" since                  from the simple graphics and
     they are often appropriate for all            gameplay of early titles like
     ages. Some board games, such as               Spacewar!, to a wide range of
     chess, go/weiqi, xiangqi, shogi,              more visually advanced titles.
     or oware, have intense strategic
     value and have been classics for

            嚴肅遊戲(Serious Game)
• A serious game is a software application developed with game
  technology and game design principles for a primary purpose
  other than pure entertainment.

• Long before the term "serious game" came into wide use with the
  in 2002, games were being developed for non-entertainment
  purposes. The continued failure of the edutainment space to
  prove profitable, plus the growing technical abilities of games to
  provide realistic settings, led to a re-examination of the concept
  of serious games in the late 1990s. During this time, a number of
  scholars began to examine the utility of games for other purposes,
  including early work by Henry Jenkins at MIT in collaboration with
  Randy Hinrichs at Microsoft Research, and books such as Janet
  Murray's Hamlet on the Holodeck, contributed to the growing
  interest in applying games to new purposes. Additionally, the
  ability of games to contribute to training expanded at the same
  time with the development of multi-player gaming.

   嚴肅遊戲(Serious Game)

Michigan State University now is offering a master’s degree in
telecommunication, information studies, and media through which
students can complete a course of study in serious game design.(2007.2.1)
Business Simulation Game

•   Who we are                                             •   Simulations
•   More than 20 years old, and still growing.             •   B to C Simulations
    Being there for your customers is always                    –   Markstrat , Online B-to-C
    good business. At StratX, it's nothing short of             –   Valuestrat , B-to-C
    a mission.                                                  –   Brandstrat , B-to-C
•   From our first client in 1984, StratX has taken             –   Markops , Online B-to-C
    a global approach to professional                           –   e-Strat B-to-C
    development, creating international as well
    as local expertise for clients around the              •   B to B Simulations
                                                                –   MarkPro , B-to-B
    world. We speak their language. Understand
                                                                –   Valuestrat B-to-B
    their culture. Deliver solutions tailored to
                                                                –   Brandstrat, B-to-B
    their actual business situation. Learn how we
                                                                –   Markops B-to-B
    make it happen.
                                                                –   e-Strat B-to-B
•   Where we started
                                                           •   Service and Finance
•   Helping professionals connect theory to the                 –   Markstrat Services
    real world has always been at the heart of                  –   Valuestrat , Finance
                                                           •   Other
•   Our approach                                                –   Retailstrat
•   Creating a customized solution means                        –   Valuestrat Telecom
    building a close partnership from the start.                –   Brand WarGaming Model
                                                                –   GAMAR
                                                                –   SAMAR

•   Capsim business simulations engage participants in
    a dynamic competition to turn struggling                     • Simulations
    companies into successful, profitable businesses.               –   Foundation
    Classes are divided into teams that work together               –   Capstone
    to focus on strategy, finance, production, marketing
    and all the key elements that interact to build their           –   Comp-XM
    business. Instructors focus on directing the learning
    experience towards defined learning goals.
•   With each round of decision making— representing
    a full year for the company—participants build their
    business acumen and decision-making confidence
    as they interpret data, shape strategies and
    experience the results. A host of Capsim materials
    and services support the creation of a dynamic,
    highly interactive learning experience.
•   Delivered online, in the classroom, or a combination
    of both, delivered in condensed or expanded time
    frames, Capsim programs have the flexibility to
    adapt to any academic or corporate curriculum. The
    Capsim formula for participant achievement,
    minimal preparation and easy adaptability has
    proved successful at more than 500 business
    schools and leading corporations worldwide.

•   Innovative Learning Solutions, Inc.                         •   Products
•   Innovative Learning Solutions, Inc. (ILS) provides          •   Innovative Learning Solutions offers online business
    state-of-the-art learning tools for business schools            simulations and simulation-based training seminars
    and business professionals. Through Marketplace, a              for business schools and corporations.
    family of online business simulations, ILS helps            •   For business schools
    businesses develop better managers and create               •   Are you looking for a business simulation to be used
    corporate cultures that are more cross-functional,              as a supplemental assignment or a main project for
    customer-oriented and profit-driven. ILS                        your college course? Marketplace offers a set of
    administers web-based business simulations for                  simulations, each designed for a specific business
    hundreds of business schools around the world and               course. They range from purely marketing games for
    provides technical support for the faculty that use             the introductory courses on the undergraduate
    Marketplace for their marketing and business                    level, to mid-level games for the capstone
    courses.                                                        marketing strategy or new venture courses, to
•   The Oak Ridge National Lab, Lockheed Martin, the                complex simulation games designed for the
    University of Tennessee, and the Tennessee Valley               integrative courses on the undergraduate, MBA and
    Authority have helped to bring this area the highest            EMBA level.
    concentration of technical expertise in the State of        •   For corporations
                                                                •   Do you need a business simulation that can be tied
                                                                    into the managerial training for your company? ILS
                                                                    offers simulation-based training programs for
                                                                    strategic management training, executive
                                                                    development seminars, integrated business
                                                                    management and leadership development

•   Forio                                                           •   Simulations
•   Forio builds custom simulations and sells simulation                    Leadership & Management
    development software to businesses, universities, and
    government agencies around the world.
                                                                            Project Management
•   Forio focuses on strategic planning and training                        Strategic Thinking
    simulations for mid- and senior-level managers. Forio                   Innovation
    provides development services (to build and launch a
    new simulation) and server software (to run simulations
                                                                            Finance & Accounting
    on desktop computers or over the web). Forio uses the                   Capacity & Supply Chain
    system dynamics simulation methodology, developed at                    Sales & Marketing
    MIT, which works well for explaining the consequences
    of managerial decisions over time.                                      Service & Operations
•   Forio software and services focus on training and                       Negotiation
    performance enhancement. Simulations are typically                      Pricing
    geared toward medium- and long-term strategic and
    operational issues facing large organizations. Forio                    Single-Player
    simulations are often used at corporate retreats as a                   Team-play
    way of enhancing discussion and explaining new
    initiatives, strategies, or competitive threats facing
    organizations. Forio has built simulations for audiences
    as small as 10 users to over 25,000 users.

•   About XJ Technologies                                    Simulations:
                                                             Manufacturing Expansion, Increasing Output, Reducing Production
•   XJ Technologies is a leading provider of dynamic         Cycle Time, Materials Analysis and Volume Optimization, Improving
    simulation tools, technologies and consulting            Equipment Utilization
    services for business applications. XJ
                                                             Transportation Planning and Optimization, Warehouse Operations:
    Technologies designs, develops and markets               Layout And Optimization, Stock Optimization, Supply-Chain
    AnyLogic - the first and only tool that brings           Management
    together System Dynamics, Process-centric                Competitive Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Performance
    (Discrete Event), and Agent Based methods                Evaluation, Sales and Demand Forecasting
    within one modeling language and one model
                                                             Business Process Analysis: As-Is and Future States, Business
    development environment. The language of                 Process Redesign and Optimization,
    AnyLogic has unmatched flexibility and enables
                                                             Hospital Planning: Ward Layout and Design, Medical Equipment
    the modeler to capture the complexity and                Optimization, Medical Treatment Planning
    heterogeneity of business, economy and social
    systems at any desirable level of details to gain        Site-Specific Throughput Calculations, Pedestrian Traffic Flows
                                                             Redesign, Evacuation Analyses
    deeper insight into interdependent processes
    going on inside and around the organization.             LAN Modeling, Cellular Networks Modeling, Telecommunications
                                                             Systems Modeling

                                                             Financial and Investment Risk Analysis, Portfolio Management:
                                                             Projects and Investments, Financial Forecasting

                                                             Human Migration Modeling and Analysis, City Growth And
                                                             Evolution Modeling, Advertising Campaign Effectiveness

•   From vision to reality                                •   Board Game
•   Klas Mellander, one of Celemi’s founders and               –   Celemi Apples & Oranges
    the master designer behind our powerful
    learning methodology, works from this core                 –   Celemi Cayenne
    concept:                                                   –   Celemi Decision Base
•   "We cannot simply absorb other people’s                    –   Celemi Enterprise
    knowledge, we must create our own."
•   That’s the heart of our approach. We create                –   Celemi Livon
    a process of self-discovery so the learning is             –   Celemi Livon Lite
    personal and the knowledge is internalized.                –   Celemi Performance
    Our consultants have the capacity to
    translate complex business principles into                 –   Celemi Sales Endeavour
    realistic, visual learning experiences—                    –   Celemi Tango
    whether ready made or customized.
•   By creating true understanding, we get
    everyone in your organization to take the
    right action, make the right decisions,
    operate more efficiently – and, ultimately,
    make your organization’s vision a reality.


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