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									Eco Advantage Pest Control In Kansas City Provides Residential Termite Control Services

Kansas City, MO, 8-MAY-2013 - Eco Advantage Pest Control is pleased to announce that the firm
provides termite control and eradication services for residences in the greater Kansas City area. Termite
control is much more than just spreading around some chemicals. The professionals at the Kansas City
pest control firm have developed a comprehensive series of highly effective techniques and products to
get the job done safely.

According to a Kansas City pest control company spokesperson, "Subterranean termites require high
moisture levels, so they build their colonies in soil but forage away from the colony looking for wood
to eat and tunnel in. Often they build mud shelter tubes on the surface of structures to help them stay
moist while traveling between the soil below and the wood above. The presence of these termite tubes
is a good sign that a certified termite control service should be called to perform a thorough

Another signal that termites are present and active is swarms. Typically in the months of February
through April a subterranean colony produces swarms of reproductive termites. This is alarming to the
home owner and is an indication that a consultant should be called to identify the location of the colony
and define the necessary actions to control and eradicate the insects.

For most people, the home is the biggest asset and protecting the investment is crucial. The
professionals at Eco Advantage are able to get rid of termites, as well as many other pests that can
damage the residence. All work is done with no risk to the home owner, business owner or pets on the

For termite control, Eco-Advantage's Liquid Defense system has a number of benefits. It manages
colonies up to six times faster than bait systems. It eliminates termites by ingestion, contact, and the
"Transfer Effect, " meaning affected insects help spread Termidor throughout the colony before dying
themselves. The product has virtually no odor and meets the stringent standards of the Food Quality
Protection Act. It is the fastest at eliminating termites.

Learn more about the techniques and products for ridding structures of termites and other pests by
visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and
others who have further questions about the information presented in this press notice should use the
contact information for the Kansas City pest control firm below.

Company Name: Eco Advantage Pest Control
Address: Kansas City, MO
Contact Telephone Number: (816) 431-2847

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