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     “Traditional” start to Nexpo’97 in New Orleans
   The Newspaper Association of America kicked off              System at Homestead Publishing in Belair, Maryland,
Nexpo’97 in appropriate Dixieland fashion, as a five-piece      U.S.A. The installation at Homestead includes the Edi-
band and its umbrella-wielding leader strutted through New      torial, News Pagination, News Planning, and Text Archive
Orleans’ Ernest N. Morial Convention Center floor blaring       modules of the Scoop system and was integrated by
out “When the Saints Come Marchin’ In”. The traditional         Publishing Partners International (PPI).
New Orleans tune set the tone for a festive four days (June        Mactive, European supplier of advertising sales
21-24) of wheeling and dealing, wining and dining, picking      systems, is now trying to sway American publishers on the
and grinning, sweating and fretting. Sounds like just another   benefits of an integrated advertising database. 80 news-
day in “The Big Easy”, but for the 10,000-plus visitors and     papers are now using Mactive’s Adbase to streamline their
300-plus exhibitors at Nexpo’97, these four days were any-      advertising process.
thing but easy. Especially when it came to making a critical       Another newcomer to Nexpo was SAXoTECH (Aal-
decision about the future of a newspaper. nt reports on this    borg, Denmark) with its platform-independent SAXo-
event in two parts; part 2 will be published in our September   PRESS Publishing System. For the first time, SAXoTECH
1997 issue.                                                     exhibited its multilingual version of the SAXoPRESS
                                                                system on both Macintosh and Windows NT. It showed an
    Like Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras, this show had it        English-language version on the floor, and is available in
all. The Gämmerler booth provides a local barber who gave       Danish and German and soon to be in Norwegian. SAXo-
haircuts to anyone taking a seat, and a barbershop quartet to   TECH announced that it is in the process of establishing a
harmonize songs. The faircuts and the music were free,          U.S. subsidiary.
Gämmerler’ real trimmer equipment was not.                         Another Danish company, CCI Europe, but one not so
    If you strolled by Quipp Systems’ booth, you might          unfamiliar to the United States, showed CCI AdDesk for
have got snagged, so to speak. The mailroom equipment           the first time. AdDesk is a Windows NT-based platform for
supplier offered visitors a chance to catch the big one,        ad management and a Macintosh platform for ad produc-
as they had a deep-sea fishing simulator on its booth,          tion. The system is built around an Oracle SQL database
complete with rod and reel and a video of the sailfish you      that is used for administrative and management informa-
were reeling in. The newly named linopress Publishing           tion, and is also an object database for text, image, graphics
Systems rang in its first trade show with a jazz band for       and ads. It is integrated with CCI’s NewsDesk for sharing
a party on its booth.                                           product planning and output resources. CCI also gave a
    From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s intri-     sneak preview to an early prototype of its AdDesk Sales
guing demonstrations of high-tech futuristic tools, to the      and Administration system, which CCI claims will be a
urgency surrounding the dilemma of Year 2000 complian-          total advertising solution for classified, display advertising
cy, to “putting the customer first” slogans, the atmosphere     and ad booking. Its release is scheduled for the first quarter
was as spicy as a Creole Crawfish dish.                         of 1999.
                                                                   As part of its Hermes editorial and pagination sys-
     Prepress                                                   tems, Unisys (Italy) launched Hermes PageCast, a
                                                                system that allows pages to be transmitted once from
    European vendors continued to make their presence felt      the central production site to multiple remote sites for
in the U.S. market, using Nexpo as a showcase for their         printing. The system has a flexible transmission tool
products.                                                       that can send pages in PDF, PostScript Level 1, Level 2
    Debuts and demonstrations: linopress Publishing             or Ripped (TIFF) format to the remote sites. The monitor-
Systems staged its first trade show since becoming              ing tool enables the central production site to monitor
part of the Heidelberg group, and announced a new               the process.
add-on and stand-alone retrieval system called Lino-               It is unimaginable to use the word “newcomer” when
Press MediaBase. The archiving system reportedly                referring to Microsoft, but it was just that at Nexpo,
allows the user to archive all important files used in a        where the software giant staged a booth for the first
desktop environment – images, logos, texts, adverts,            time. Microsoft showcased its BackOffice family of
etc. – at the time they are generated. The system inte-         products, and had other solution developers share on its
grates all the common desktop publishing applications,          stand. Those included: Unisys, Digital Equipment,
like MS Word, QuarkXPress, Photoshop, Illustrator and           Gannett Media Technologies International, Geac Pub-
others.                                                         lishing Systems, Integrated Software Systems, Manage-
    Wilkenson Scoop (from Stockholm, Sweden, and dis-           ment Process Integrators, NTI Newspaper Techno-
tributed in the U.S. by David R. Lightfoot LLC) made its        logies, Pantheon, Publishing Partners International,
debut at Nexpo. Scoop’s first showing in the U.S. comes on      SoftAd, Software Consulting Services and System Inte-
the heels of its complete installation of the Scoop Editorial   grators.

32                                                                                   newspaper techniques    July/August 1997

   With its “It’s a Jungle Out There” theme, Digital             Year 2000: Of the many “buzzwords” that rang through
Technology International (Orem, Utah) walked away with        the show floor, the dilemma facing the industry of Year
the show’s Most Attractive and Creative Exhibit Award.        2000 compliancy in systems was quite evident. Most of the
DTI took advantage of the attractive and heavily trafficked   vendors took the opportunity to present their status and
stand to unveil its cross-platform software: SpeedWriter X    solutions with this problem.
for editorial and ClassSpeed for advertising. The product        Atex Media Solutions, which has legacy systems
gives the user the choice of either a PC or Macintosh         throughout the world, said that it has taken an industry
platform and also the ability to use their favourite word     leadership role by forming a Century Compliancy Commit-
processing program. SpeedWriter X will also allow a           tee to deal internally and externally with this problem. Atex
newsroom or WAN (wide area network) to mix Macs               is developing software which will search for places and
and PCs.                                                      codes that are not compliant within an Atex system. Atex
   Orders: Atex Media Solutions announced that it has         said legacy systems which have been upgraded through the
finalised an agreement with Wegener Arcade, the largest       years should not have any problems, but newspapers that
regional newspaper publisher of The Netherlands, to           have not upgraded may have some problems. So, Atex is
supply the five major newspaper publishing centres of         taking an educational approach to its customers.
Wegener Arcade with Enterprise advertising systems.              Electronic Publishing: Another first for Nexpo was the
Atex will install the Enterprise system for more than         inclusion of two New Media Pavillons, which received a
350 seats.                                                    lot attention.
   Cybergraphic announced that Queensland Newspapers,            AdOne Classified Network (New York), provider of
publisher of The Courier-Mail (about 220,000 circulation      online classified ad solutions, introduced DisplayOne and
Monday-Friday, 333,000 Saturday) and The Sunday Mail          LogoOne. DisplayOne is a turnkey solution for publishing
(581,000) will install Cybergraphic’s Windows NT pagina-      display ads on the Web. Using a proprietary conversion
tion system, CyberPage and NAILS (Newspaper Auto-             process, DisplayOne enables newspapers to create Web-
mated Intelligent Layout System).                             based display ads for advertisers, directly from the original
   Alliances and partnerships: German software house          print ad files – for example, PDF, GIF and TIFF files.
Pape+Partner Media, a longtime strategic partner of           LogoOne embeds the advertiser’s logo on an HTML page
Linotype-Hell for production management systems in            along with the rest of the liner ad. Including logos online
numerous projects, launched its products for the U.S.         can be crucial because this is often where contact informa-
publishing market supported through linopress Publishing      tion is provided.
Systems. The systems of Pape+Partner Media cover three           Pantheon (Seattle, Washington), provider of web site
essential parts of newspaper production: planning, assem-     management tools for the newspaper industry, announced
bling and production control.                                 the release of three new versions of their Web-site manage-
   Future Tense (Acton, Mass., U.S.A.), developers of         ment family: Pantheon Interpreter 2.5, Pantheon Builder
professional Web publishing software, announced that it       2.5, and Pantheon Clandar. Pantheon software has helped
has signed a letter of intent to acquire Mission Critical     more than 100 newspapers develop web sites.
Technologies (Concord, Mass., U.S.A.). Mission Critical          Imaging: Autologic Information International (aii),
develops remote ad management solutions for more              which showed its array of imaging and RIP products,
than 30 major metropolitan and national newspapers            announced the signing of an agreement with Scitex Cor-
worldwide.                                                    poration for distribution rights of the Dolev 4news image-
   Harris Publishing Systems prepress system integrators,     setter. The APS 4news Laser Imager (the name under
and Cascade Systems, provider of enterprise-wide content      which aii will market the product) produces single
and workflow management solutions, announced that they        broadsheet films or double broadsheet films ready for cross
are working together to define an interface between Harris’   punching. The APS 4News Laser Imager interface to aii’s
XP-21 System and Casade’s MediaSphere archiving               standard imaging architecture is currently in development
system. The proposed link will integrate the archival         and will be available for shipment in September, 1997. aii
process with the editorial workflow.                          also debuted APS Grafix RIP 3, which is based on an
   System Integrators (SII) and Associated Information        Adobe PostScript 3 Interpreter and provides integrated
Systems International (AISI) have packaged a new              PDF support.
front-end publishing system designed specifically for            ECRM’s new Mako line of imagesetters made its U.S.
medium-.sized newspapers based on SII’s new Coyote/3          debut at Nexpo. The Mako line reportedly offers higher
Win95/NT client line, along with SII’s editorial and          resolutions and greater flexibility for printers using both
advertising products. AISI will be the integrator pro-        film and polyester plate, as well as an easy upgrade path
viding a total solution, including everything from input      from a 14-inch width to an 18-inch width.
to the typesetter.                                                                                             –Dean Roper

newspaper techniques   July/August 1997                                                                                 33

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