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									                              DYNOJET ANNOUNCES THE CMD MARINE
                                 FOR WATERCRAFT APPLICATIONS
                   North Las Vegas, NV, March 11, 2012 - Dynojet Research, Inc is proud to release the first application of the
                   CMD Marine for watercraft. The CMD (Combustion Management Device) is an easy-to-install fuel controller
                   that gives the end user full control of the fuel curve in an easy-to-adjust format for the ultimate in air/fuel
                   ratio tuning.

                   Pop the seat to install the CMD Marine unit, and                 THE FIRST UNITS AVAILABLE ARE:
                   within a few minutes you’ll have the power to            CMDM-6210 for 03-11 Sea Doo watercraft with the
                   control your engines fuel curve at the tips of your      4-Tec 1503cc Supercharged engines w/Siemens ECU
                   fingers. The CMD Marine gives you the ability to
                   tune the engine for a proper fuel delivery
                   curve without the downtime of shipping your
                   ECU (electronic control unit) off for recalibration,
                   or the expense of going to a stand-alone fuel
                   management system. Already have a modified
                   ski that has fuel delivery issues (is your ski rich at
                   idle and through the mid-range, killing your fuel
                   economy?), the CMD Marine will allow
                   you to tune the ski to work with larger than
                   stock injectors and static or rising rate fuel
                   pressure setups.

                   Changes are made to the engines’ fuel curve via
                   the CMD Marine’s onboard microprocessor.
                   Using this technology, we are able to offer a large area of adjustment without making any permanent changes
                   to the ECU. Removing the CMD Marine module returns the engine to its previous condition.

                   The unit comes complete with software and USB cable link that allows you to change between different maps
                   or make adjustments to a map file. The USB port provides an instant, no-hassle way to connect the CMD Marine
                   unit to today’s computers.

                                                                                  In the event you need to run the engine without the
                        Quick connect CAN accessory communication                  CMD Marine module, the supplied bypass plug will
                          ports for LCD and AutoTune accessories                    return the engine control and tune back to stock
                                                                                 quickly without having to remove the engine harness

                    3-3/8” X 2-5/16”)
                                                                              • ONBOARD NOTES STORAGE FOR MAP DESCRIPTIONS
                    PROGRAMMED OFF-VEHICLE)                                   • QUICK CONNECT CAN ACCESSORY COMMUNICATION
                                                                                PORTS FOR LCD AND AUTOTUNE ACCESSORIES
                    SWITCH NOT INCLUDED)                                      • 2 OPTIONAL ANALOG INPUTS ALLOWS USER TO TAP OR
                                                                                ADD ANY 0-5V SENSOR AND BUILD AN ADJUSTMENT
                  • UNIT HAS A -100%/+250% FUEL CHANGE RANGE.                   TABLE BASED ON ITS INPUT SUCH AS TEMPERATURE,
                                                                                THROTTLE POSITION, ETC)
                    FOR PRECISE FUEL CHANGES

                        Dynojet Research 2191 Mendenhall Drive North Las Vegas, NV 89081
                  For the ultimate in fuel tuning, you can combine the CMD Marine unit with our wideband oxygen sensor monitor
                  device for real-time air/fuel ratio display. This will show you precisely what air/fuel ratio your engine is running at,
                  giving you the vital information as to where changes are necessary. The CMD Marine also has a feature called
                  AutoTune, which gives you the ability to set a target air/fuel table within the software, and have the CMD Marine
                  automatically tune while you ride. You simply set the software to the air/fuel ratio you desire, and it will adjust
                  and tune on the fly! You will then have the ability to implement these adjustments to the main fuel table.

                                                                                                           WIDEBAND 2 BASE KIT

                         AUTOTUNE AT-200 FOR CMD MARINE:
                                                                                                                   AVAILABLE GAUGES
                      Plugs directly into the CMD Marine using the CAN accessory
                    ports. Each map cell is individually adjustable so you can specify
                      an exact air/fuel ratio value desired for each area if needed.

                  There are two different wideband units available that offer
                  the AutoTune feature to the CMD Marine. The AT-200 is a
                  single channel wideband device that comes prepackaged
                  with the communication cable to connect it to the CMD Marine unit. If you’d
                  like to also add a digital or analog air/fuel ratio gauge on your ski, the Dynojet
                  WideBand2* device offers the same features as the AT-200, but also has a
                  gauge output to drive any of our WideBand2 gauges. An alternative
                  monitoring option is the LCD-200 touch screen display. This touch screen                                   LCD-200
                  display device also gives you the ability to log all channels to an internal, user
                  supplied SD card. With the maximum 1gb SD card installed, the LCD-200
                  can log up to 186 hours of data!
                  * Communication cable – WB2 to CMD Marine – 76950145 – 6” other lengths available

                     NEW MODELS COMING SOON:
                    • CMDM-6310 for all Yamaha 1812cc Supercharged SHO watercraft

                    • CMDM-6210 for 09-12 Sea Doo watercraft with the 4-Tec 1503cc Supercharged engines w/Bosch ECU

                    • CMDM-6110 for all Kawasaki Ultra 250/260/300 1498cc Supercharged watercraft

                    • 6-102 ignition module for all Kawasaki Ultra 250/260/300 1498cc Supercharged watercraft
                        • ALLOWS +/- 20 DEGREES OF TIMING                                • RAISE YOUR REV LIMIT
                                                                                         • ADJUST TIMING BASED ON ENGINE TEMP OR
                        • ADJUST TIMING PER CYLINDER                                       BOOST INPUT

                                       FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE DYNOJET CMD-MARINE,
                                  VISIT ONLINE AT WWW.DYNOJETCMD.COM OR CALL 800 992-4993.

                        Dynojet Research 2191 Mendenhall Drive North Las Vegas, NV 89081

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