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									Spiritual Adoption Please pray and intercede everyday that your spiritually adopted baby will be saved from the
destruction of abortion. Week 10 – The uterus has now doubled in size. The baby can squint, swallow, and wrinkle its
forehead. – ProLife Committee

                                      Saturdays from 4:00 P.M. to 4:30 P.M.
                 Parish Reconciliation is Sunday, December 16, at 7:00 P.M. at St. Anthony Church

                                          CHRISTMAS MASSES
      Monday, December 24, at 4:30 P.M. and 11:00 P.M.; Tuesday, December 25, at 8:30 A.M. and 10:30 A.M.
CHRISTMAS FLOWERS AND DECORATIONS ~ If you would like to make a donation for poinsettias and
Christmas decorations in memory of a loved one, envelopes can be found in your December packets. Please complete
the information on the back side of the envelope along with your donation. Drop it in the collection by December 16.
2008 CALENDARS are available at the entrances of the church. Please take one home. A special thank you to Dust &
Son Auto Supplies, Thelma Keller Convention Center, Holiday Inn Express, Hilton Garden Inn, K-Bowl Space Odyssey
Bowling, Country Inn and Suites for providing these calendars.
THANK YOU ADVENT ANGELS ~ The generosity of everyone who brought in gift bags was overwhelming. Your
support is truly appreciated.
CHRISTMAS DINNER sponsored by the Effingham Ministerial Association will be held at the Rosebud Theatre on
Tuesday, December 25, at 11:30 A.M. Please call Dalyne or Leann at 347-5569 by December 21. Volunteers should
arrive by 10:45 A.M. Doors will open at 11:00 A.M.
YOUNG HEARTS POTLUCK ~ Tuesday, December 18, at 12:00 noon in the Parish Center.
PARISH CHOIR ~ Wednesday, December 19, at 7:00 P.M. in church.
PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN WORKSHOP ~ Tuesday, January 8, from 6:30 to 9:30 P.M. at St. Anthony
Parish Center ~ call 347-7129 to register.
SPRINGFIELD DOMINICANS will host a retreat on January 4-6 for                   Liturgy Schedule
any single Catholic woman ages 18-35. To register, call Sister Lori at
217-787-0481 by December 31.                                               Monday, December 17
                                                                           7:15 A.M.: Helen & Henry Krampe by Louis &
THE SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM is offered by Sacred Heart Parish Eleanor Kinkelaar
to the babies of registered parishioners. In addition, at least one parent
                                                                           Tuesday, December 18
must be a practicing Catholic, (“practicing” means, at minimum,
                                                                           7:15 A.M.: Johnnie & Mary Lou Schaefer
participation at Mass each and every Sunday).                              family by the family
2008 PRE-CANA CLASSES ~ Register early as class sizes are limited.      Thursday, December 20
Sunday, January 27 ~ St. Francis Parish, Teutopolis ~ 217-857-6404      8:30 A.M.: Silas Alldredge by Gertrude
Saturday, March 8 ~ St. Mary’s Parish, Ste. Marie ~ 618-455-3155        Alldredge
Saturday, April 12 ~ Sacred Heart Parish, Effingham ~ 217-347-7177
                                                                        Friday, December 21
Sunday, September 14 ~ St. Anthony Parish, Effingham ~ 217-347-7129
                                                                        7:15 A.M.: Robert Hardiek, Jr. by the family
Sunday, November 9 ~ St. Isidore Parish, Dieterich ~ 217-925-5579
                                                                        Saturday, December 22
CURRENT ADDRESSES FOR THE HOLIDAYS                                      5:00 P.M: Louis & Agnes Kuhns by Jim &
                                                                        Pat Kuhns
Fr. Jeff Goeckner                         Fr. Daniel J. Bergbower
St. Boniface Church                       Church of St. Peter           Sunday, December 23
110 N. Buchanan Street, P.O. Box 423      2600 Maine Street             8:30 A.M.: SHCCW Sick, Homebound &
                                                                        Ladies over 80 by SHCCW
Edwardsville, IL 62025                    Quincy, IL 62301
                                                                        10:30 A.M.: Mary Jo Stephens by Mike
Fr. Paul Habing                           Fr. Donald Knuffman           Stephens
Nunoa ~ Casilla 102                       St. Peters Church             5:30 P.M.: James W. Tolch by Paula Tolch
Ayaviri-Melgar                            711 South Sixth Street        7:00 P.M. Spanish: Fletcher Jansen by the
PERU, SOUTH AMERICA                       Petersburg, IL 62675          family
   WEEKLY OFFERING ~ December 8 - 9                             School News . . .
                        Weekly Total        Total to Date       Terra Nova ~ We recently received our standardized
                                                                testing results. The average score across the nation is 50%.
*Envelopes ~ 286           $ 13,461.00         $ 258,467.76     Our classes strive to reach the 75th percentile (or the top
*Loose                     $    1,301.15       $ 33,023.05      25% in the nation) in each academic area. More than one-
                                                                half the composites were above the 80th percentile.
Children ~ 27              $       29.13       $      553.86    Sacred Heart achieved the following:
Adopt-A-Student            $       43.00       $    5,533.00          Reading 82%
                                                                      Language 81%
Total                      $ 14,834.28         $ 297,577.67           Math 78%
                                               $ 310,080.00
                                                                      Science 82%
Budget Goal                $ 12,920.00
                                                                      Social Studies 87%
Difference                 $    1,914.28      - $ 12,502.33
                                                                Christmas Break ~ There will be regular dismissal at
              Comparison to 1 Year Ago (YTD)                    2:50 P.M. on Friday, December 21. School resumes on
                                                                Friday, January 4.
 Total YTD 2007-08 Total YTD 2006-07 Difference for YTD
07-01-07 to 12-09-07 07-01-06 to 12-10-06 2008 to YTD 2007
        $ 297,577.67       $ 287,131.53        $ 10,446.14      “Voices of Charity” II CD is available for purchase at
                                                                the parish office for $20 each (buy 5 get 1 free).
*Totals include Immaculate Conception collection:
                                                                Second Hand Rose ~ Catholic Charities will not be
          Envelopes: $1,031.00; Loose: $190.00
                                                                accepting donations on Thursdays in December. The
                                                                store will be closed Dec. 24-25.
Tax Tips about IRA Distributions . . .
If you’ve reached the age of 70-1/2, you need to take
required minimum distributions (RMD) from your IRA.             Sacred Heart Parish ACSA goal is $45,959. As of
For the remainder of 2007, you can donate up to $100,000        December 11, $15,145 has been received from 144
from your IRA directly to Sacred Heart Church and reap
                                                                families Approx. 750 families have not responded, so if
two great benefits: First, the amount you donate escapes
                                                                you have not made your pledge, please do so now.
income reporting, which means it has no effect on the
taxability of Social Security benefits and has no bearing
on your itemized deductions or alternative minimum tax.                            Year End Giving
Second, this particular charitable donation is not subject to      It is through generous donations that our parishioners
the normal limitations as other donations are (the 50% of       and others in the community can benefit from the
adjusted gross income limits). Remember, this special tax       ministries, programs, and activities of Sacred Heart
benefit only lasts through the end of 2007, and you must        Parish. Please keep Sacred Heart in mind if you
be over 70-1/2 to take advantage of it. Please call the         consider making any contributions before the year end.
parish office for more details if you are interested in         Anyone wishing to have a contribution applied to your
pursuing this great opportunity to help the church and save     2007 taxes are asked to submit it to the parish office on
money at tax time!                                              or before Monday, December 31, 2007. If you have any
                                                                questions, please contact Mark at 347-7177.

                                                                                    Prayer List
                                                                Please pray for the sick and convalescing: Ed Adams, Joan
                                                                Adams, Corky Bock, Elaine Brummer, Lisa Crosson, Jack
Sunday, December 23 ~ No Life Night after Mass. Go
                                                                Ellis, Ava Gass, Leo & Helen Haarmann, Deanne Huey,
home to prepare for the celebration of the coming of Jesus!
                                                                Alma Luchtefeld, Jeannie Meyers, Ada Mae Moran, Bob
                                                                Moser, Brian A. Niebrugge, Eileen Overbeck, Arlene Pals,
                                                                Lynn Petty, Barb Sims, Ronald Steinbach, Larry Weber,
                                                                Ginnie Dasenbrock, Francis Herboth, Ron Niebrugge, Tina
                       Compliments of                           Vogel, Vicki Schafer, Linda Root, Chris Westjohn, Lori
                                                                Mathews, Barb Carie, Frances Hoelscher, Nora Niccum,
           EFFINGHAM                                            Rebekah Volk, Mary Ritchie, Judy Reardon, Mary
        ASPHALT COMPANY                                         Fehrenbacher, Robert Yocum, Bernice Walk, David
                                                                Swingler, James Kuhns, Jesse Ketteman, Bertha T. Ordner

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