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									           Shriners International
                                                          East St. Louis, IL
Volume 87                              October 2011                             Number 08
                                                                     Larry Carril, Potentate

the good ol’ boys ilus. sir larry carril and his son justin sitin’ back and shootin’ the
breeze at the hillbilly jamberee hosted at the old national trail shrine club.
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                      Trick or Treat!                    Cast Your Vote
                                                          October 27
                        Halloween Party
                          October 29
                                                              Stated Meeting pg 11

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                        Potentate’s Message
                         Greetings Nobles,
                             Where has the summer gone? The time has really flown by for me
                              and my family with the Shrine but even more so with the birth of
                               our new grandchild Vincint Joe Carril of dad and mom Justin and
                                 Jamie Carril. Mom and baby doing just great. Dad, not so much.
                                 Justin, changing diapers aren’t really that bad. . . with a
                                  gas mask.
                                     The final results are in from the 2011 Ainad Auction and it
                                  was a success. My thanks again to Chris and Lana Feix for
                                  heading up the Auction again this year despite all of the worries
                                  that came with it. A special thanks to all the clubs and units who
                                 bailed us out at the last minute. The net results exceeded the
                                proposed budget.
                              Membership is key to any organization and Ainad is no different.
                             Keep looking for those potential members. I hear new Shriners say
        Lar            ril constantly that they didn’t know our organization was so much fun.
            ry J. Car organization can make great lifetime memories for them and their
families while we are also working for the Shriners Hospitals for Children®. So bring a potential
member down to a Ainad function so they can see what it is all about. Jim Pulley and his
committee is doing a fine job of bringing in new nobles during this difficult year. As of this
writing we still have 270 Nobles who have not paid their 2011 dues. Please send in your
payment before we have to drop you from our membership rolls.
  The Hillbilly Jamboree was a huge success in Vandalia and I would like to personally thank
Tim and Stacy McMillan, Old National Trail SC, and the Tin Lizzies for opening their club up
to all that attended. That shrine club sure knows how to put out the welcome mat. One note
taken from that weekend was the welcome that I received up there on Thursday night after
the stated meeting. Someone decided to decorate my camper so I would feel right at home,
right Roger, Earl and Gus?
   I have had more progress marching with the Units. I had said that I wanted to march with
as many units and clubs as would let me. Well, some of the groups are quite brave, believe
me. All my Shrine life I have been asked if I drive one of those little cars and I can now say
YES! I can’t believe that the Fire Patrol and Tin Lizzies let me drive one. Awesome! I got to
march with the Highlanders in Prairietown, and I was sworn to secrecy about what is worn
under the kilts. I was honored to be able to march with them and play a drum. I think my
heritage did not exactly match my uniform though. I was a giraffe with Ma Cli Bo. I loved
playing with the kids along the parade route even though I couldn’t see where I was going
most of the time. Talk about HOT…. I don’t know how you guys do that all summer. You are
a better man than I am, that’s for sure. I made an appearance as “Joey, the Clown” at the
Trenton parade and homecoming last week. I had a ball with the kids on the parade route
and even met a Shrine baby on the way. Thanks to Bob Bassett, I didn’t make too many kids
cry….in fact, I think I was the best looking clown in Trenton. Bob sure had his work cut out for
him when he applied all that make-up on me but at least one in the Drum Corps didn’t know
me. What is so great about the Ainad Clowns and Ma Cli Bo is you have direct contact with
the kids and the little kids love the circus animals and the clowns. It warmed my heart.
  By the time you get this the Ainad Bass Tournament will be history, and so will the 1st
Annual Ainad Campout. I will let you know how these two functions turned out. Thanks in
advance to Dave Tollison and crew for the Bass Tournament and Danny McGee for the
campout. I will cover these subjects in November’s bulletin.
  Don’t forget that October 27 stated meeting is also ladies night. We will be discussing and
voting on a possible dues increase. Read more on Page 11. Please call the office so we have
enough to feed you and your lady.
  Please look for candidates for the Fall Ceremonial named in honor of Past Potentate Kenny
Lake. I am hoping for a very large class to represent a very large man in my family’s life. I am
also hoping for a lot of unit participation that day.
  Ladies, please call Ainad to reserve a spot for the Ladies’ Program during the Fall ceremo-
nial. The trip will be to St. Charles shopping, or to the casino, whichever you prefer. Lunch will
be at the casino afterwards. The cost is again $30.00 and that includes the bus and lunch.
The Ainad must have your reservation! Can’t wait to see you all!

Here’s lookin at you, Fondles!
                                                               Larry Carril

  1                                                                           Ainad Shriners . . .
          Why Did You Become a Shriner?
Welcome Nobles,

Well, fall is in the air. Everyone should be gearing up for the Fall Ceremonial.
Illustrious Sir, Larry Carril is, in remembrance, honoring Past Potentate, Kenny Lake.

Nobles we need to you to get out there and bring in new nobles. It is all of us work-
ing as a team that makes us what we are today. As a noble, a new noble can help us
in many ways. They bring us new ideas. They help us with our fundraisers like; the
paper crusade, helping with the circus, participating in parades, and working with clubs
and units to help them grow. They are a part of our community and they are recruiting
new members. They also help Ainad with fun activities that we all enjoy every year—
the Easter party for the kids, the Chili Cook Off, the Halloween party and
Christmas with Santa Claus.

Also, by bringing in a new noble, you can help keep our dues from going up. And, most
importantly of all, they help us fund Shriners Hospitals for Children®. This is just a
few of the reasons we should all be recruiting new members and supporting all our
recruiting endeavors. So please nobles, get those petitions in.

After we get them in, their top line signer should be there as a mentor for the next year
or so. He should help his noble get involved in a club or unit, make sure he is receiving
his bulletin from the temple, make sure he is informed of all club and temple activities,
make sure his lady knows about opportunities for her, and just make sure he is not lost
when he first comes in.

We would like for all of you to sign up to be a mentor on ShrinersVillage.com. At
this time I would like to thank all those that have signed up to be mentors. They are:
Matthew Berens, Mack Farmer, Kevin Fernandez, Michael Grafe, Billy Hill, Robert
Hillman, John, Koehler, Asheley, Lybarger, Daniel Mcgee, James Pulley, James
Onstott, Donald Schmeiderer, Bradford Spelbring, and Ronald Thomason. These
nobles have agreed to mentor prospects and help them with getting into the Masons
and Shriners. We would also like to see every new noble assigned to an active mentor
from their area. So, you can see, we need you to sign up to be a mentor. It is key to
the success of our temple for retaining new members.

If you know a noble that has not paid his 2011 dues, the deadline is right around the
corner. He will be suspended if his dues are not paid by the end of December. For
those nobles who have not yet paid their dues, you can pay on line or you can call
Diane at the temple and pay by credit card.

If you know a noble who has dropped out bring him back in. He can come back in by
paying two years dues ($128.00). So, please get a reinstatement form and bring him
back in.

Well, until next time have a safe month. Always be thinking—membership is the key to
our success in Shrinedom.

Your Membership Chairperson,
Jim Pulley
Home: (618) 345-1550
Cell: (618) 550-8273
Recruitment Chairman             Retention Chairman         Restoration Chairman
Jim Onstott                      Brad Spelbring             David Tollison
Phone: 618-842-5741              Phone: 618-946-3989        Phone: 618-435-4445
bertageorgeo@yahoo.com           spelbringbb@yahoo.com      dave_tollison@yahoo.com
Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Oriental Band
                                                                                    Art Smith
                  Hello from the Oriental Band!
                  I hope you are enjoying the fall weather as much as I am.

                  Things are changing in the band for the better!

                 Something new! All new members of the Band will receive on year
free dues. We sure could use a few new members,as the Fall Ceremonial will be here
sooner than you think.

Be sure to bring a candidate with you when you come to the Ceremonial.

Also, stop by the Oriental Band room on Ceremonial day. We have made some chang-
es. It might surprise you.

Our unit is a family type. Your family is always welcome.

Our instruments are easy to play. We will teach you. We play a different type of music
and the people love it!

Don’t forget the Halloween party. Our door will be open giving out candy to the kids . . .
young and old.

If you are interested in joining, stop by the Oriental Band room. We’re right next to the
kichen downstairs or contact me, Art Smith at 618-236-6341. We meet every Tuesday
at 7:00 pm. All are welcome.

       Hard Hat Crew
                                                                              Rich Colona, Sr.

The Hardhats are working hard and having fun every Wednesday from 8:00 a.m.
till 12:00 noon and we are in the painting mode at this time. The door to the back
parking lot had to be recaulked and painted. This is the panel we replaced off of the
stage about 7ft. x 10ft., with a door installed. We reworked the big mirror 4ft. x 6ft. in
the Potentates room. It is so heavy it pulled out the anchors from the wall. This time it is
mounted with a 3.5” screw into the brick and 2 inches into a metal stud. Hopefully that
will hold the mirror.

It has been too hot to do too much and like we always say, “Do what you can.” Every-
thing we do saves our center money and helps to preserve the building especially with
the show and tell coming up next year. It’s going to be on us before we know it.

You may have seen some piles of dirt around the building and when it cools off we will
be spreading it around the foundation of the building where we have some low area’s
since all the shrubs have been removed.

I guess that’s about it for now. When you see these hardhats be sure and thank them
for their time and work on this beautiful old building, Charlie Jerden, Dick Staggs, Art
Smith, Ed Scott PP, Jeff Nichols, and Rich Colona.

The one who says it can not be done should ask a Hardhat if it can be done.

  3                                                                   Ainad Shriners . . .
        Director Staff
                                                                           Dave Casson Jr.
President Lee Owens opened the September meeting of the Directors staff with the
traditional formalities with 35 members in attendance. Due to the absence of the
secretary/treasurer, his report was not available.

The meeting continued with no new or old business, committee reports were made on
upcoming Paper Crucade, Ladies Appreciation Day and clothing sales.
Illustrious Sir Larry Carril was introduced to make his introductions of Past Potentates
(1) and Divan Members (6). He continued with high praise for the work the Directors
Staff and their work, thanking them for work in progress and in the future. The Fall
Ceremonial coming up on November the 5th, will be a special and personal day,
honoring the Late Past Potentate Kenny Lake. He explained his vision of large crowds
in the stands during the 2nd session, Grand Entry, and Fez Presentation, asking each
of us to do our part and encouraged other Nobles to attend and be a part of a great day
at Ainad. The subject of having Ainad’s dues increased was discussed, trip to GLSA,
and the importance of membership concluded his report.

Past Potentate and chairman of the 100 year anniversary committee, Kurt Grosse gave
the members an update on the actions being put into place for next year. The theme
will be..100 years of Tradition for Future Generations. Honor the Past, Celebrate the
Present, Create the Future.

President Owens reported on the Auction thanking Chris and his Lady Lana for their
work and the Nobles/friends/family that bought tickets and contributed to the auction.
He introduced Director Jim Herndon for any comments. Jim also brought up the
importance of the fall ceremonial and scheduled a work night for October the 3rd,
he will be at Ainad around five. This will be an opportunity to clean out the storage
area and check out the equipment needed to perform the skits.

We had one visitor who left with a petition to join in his hand.

     Southern Illinois Buckmasters Donate To
         Shriners Hospitals for Children®
                                                       During their annual banquet held
                                                       September 17 at the Steeleville,
                                                       IL American Legion, the Southern
                                                       Illinois Buckmasters presented
                                                       a donation of $1,000 for the
                                                       Shriners Hospitals for Children®
                                                       to Ambassador Roland Wagner, a
                                                       member of the Randolph County
                                                       Shrine Club.

                                                       The Shriners were among several
                                                       organizations receiving donations
                                                       this year and they included many
                                                       high school trap shooting teams
                                                       in the area. The Buckmaster’s
                                                       slogan is “Helping The Youth &
                                                       Handicapped of Today.” We
                                                       thank the Buckmasters for their
                                                       dedication in helping others.
Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Krazy Klowns
                                                                                 Bob Bassett
                   The Ainad Krazy Klowns finished off their last parade for the season
                   in Trenton. Joining us for the parade was a new clown named “Joey”
                   who was making his first appearance in make-up as a clown.
                   It was none other, than Illustrious Sir Larry J. Carril, a.k.a. “Joey”.
                   Joey was worked both sides of the street with Peaches while doing
                   a paradability skit called the “Tight Rope Walkers”. Joey also had a
                   neat pocket gag he worked through out the parade. He would ask
the children if they would like to see a picture of his new friend. With the children
responding yes, Joey would pull out a small pocket mirror and show the children a
reflection of themselves. This brought many smiles to his audiences’ faces.

Many marching units do not have the oppurtinuity to intermingle with the parade
crowds, because they are always marching in the parades. The Klowns always have
time to intermingle with the crowds, while showing off their talent.

Illustrious Sir Larry Carril had a
first time experience of what our
unit members
encounter many times in during

There was a family who was very
excited when they saw Joey and
myself coming down the parade
route, that they stopped us. The
parent’s of an 8 month old baby
girl couldn’t wait to thank us “
Shriner’s”for the care their daugh-
ter was receiving at the Shriner’s
Hospitals for Children®.

The Ainad Krazy clowns have decided to host another 8-ball tournament at Baxter’s in
Fairview Heights on November 12th. This tournament is open to men and women. You
do not have to a Shriner to compete.

We are also planning some other functions and raffles to use as a fund raiser to
host the 2014 ISCA (International Shrine Clown Association) Mid-Winter here in the
Fairview Hgts, O’Fallon area. Please watch the bulletin for more information on these
up and coming events.

With Great Appreciation the Ainad Krazy Klowns would like to thank “Mr. Jack” Jack
Wagner and “Andy” Mike McManus for their time and dedication they have provided
to the unit these past years. Both men have over 23 years each of service as a clown,
have decided to go inactive. They always have the ability to make anyone laugh at any
given time. They assure us they will be available to Klown if called upon. Thank you
once again Mr. Jack and Andy.

            If U Don’t Show, Then U Don’t Know
             Uniform Units..Keeping U Informed

  5                                                                   Ainad Shriners . . .
        Legion of Honor
                                                                             John Costello

The LOH Summer Summery. June was a busy month for the Legion of Honor. There was
the Circus Parade in which the LOH had our float that carried many of our members,
led by our commander and 5 of our marching unit carrying our flags. We thank past
Commander Ken Halbrook for using his van to pull the float. For the next 3 days we were
kept busy covering the circus performances in Belleville and Waterloo. Next, we had our
unit stated meeting at which we welcomed our newest member, Johnny Johnson who is
a Marine.
   June also brought a sad note to our unit. Joe Hill passed away on June 17th after a
long illness. Joe Hill was an Ainad Ambassador who was not only one of our members
but participated with his Lady Darlene in many of the Ainad functions. There were 22
LOH members who took part in his walk-though and Masonic Service, along with many
more from the Shrine and his Cahokia Masonic Lodge at the Kassly Funeral Home. Joe
will be sorely missed by all of us here at Ainad.
    Next was the Grizzlies game where we took part in the Ainad Shrine parade into the
park. Commander Mike Kimbrell sang the National Anthem at the start of the game.
   Our commander made reservations for some of us and our ladies at the Roemer Topf
Restaurant (an Authentic German restaurant) in Mascoutah. We had a great dinner and
we were treated to lively German music.
   The month of July was a quiet month for the Legion of Honor with little business being
conducted. We received a letter from the Fairview Heights Rotary Club requesting the
use of our trailer for the Fairview Heights Homecoming. We conditionally approved the
request if they could show proof of insurance.
   We made final plans for the Great Lakes Shrine Association-Legion of Honor
Convention in London, Ontario, Canada on 18 thru 21 August. We shared a bus with
Ansar Temple LOH.
   There is a bus in the planning stages for the Wreath Laying Ceremonies in Arlington,
VA with Ansar and Hadi. Anyone interested contact Commander Kimbrell.
   At the August LOH unit stated meeting Past Commander Pulley passed out the agenda
for the Wreath Laying in Alexander, VA. The dates for the bus trip are, leave November 2
and return on November 7.
   We had a visit from Past Potentate/GLSA-LOH 1st. Lt. Commander Ken Morey and his
Chief of Staff Past Potentate Vern MacGreagor. Ken spoke on the up-coming convention
in Canada and the time and place the bus would be leaving from. This was the last
visit as 1st. Lt. Cmdr. for Ken. He will become Commander of The GLSA-LOH at the
convention in Canada.
   We had a guest, John Blondell who is looking for information about all the units of
Ainad for the 100th Ainad Anniversary.
   Our trip to Canada started out on Wednesday the 17th with our group staying in Spring-
field over night because our bus was leaving at 0530 on Thursday morning. We all had
dinner together at the Amber Jack Alehouse in Springfield after which there were 0400
wake-up calls for everyone.
   We had 9 leaving on the bus for Canada and 4 driving. The bus trip was full of fun and
combined fellowship. There were plenty of snacks and liquid refreshments on board
shared by Ainad and Ansar, making the trip a memorable one. The trip took 12 hours
because we made a few stops on the way up. In a more serious part of the
convention we had 6 members of our unit who have passed away since last year,
Kenneth Anderson, Daniel Harris, Ernest Allen, Donald Weidner, Henry Schuessler,
and Joe Hill. The Ainad Hospitality Room was (as it always is) a big hit and our Host of
Host, Commander Kimbrell saw to it that all who stopped by were happy they did and
they kept coming back.

             Please have all submissions to the Ainad Bulletin,
             e-mailed to the editor by the 15th of each month.
                   Ainad Bulletin Editor: David Ekstrand
                    E-Mail: peanut1221@sbcglobal.net

Having Fun & Helping Kids
        Drum and Bugle Corps
                                                                                  Bruce Haas
           By the time this article hits the press, will have sent yet another parade
           season to the records books. We will have entertained and we’ll also
           have been entertained, fed and watered ourselves too by the likes of our
           very own Carla Lake, Illust. Sir Larry Carril, Kenny Stumpf and lastly but
           certainly not least by John Mueller as well. The streets were many times
           hot and the weather more humid than in recent memory but seemed to
have done it up pretty well again. All too soon, we’ll be thinking about 2012 and what
summer delights await us there.

Before I get into the news of the month, I want to ask all of you to take a moment to
remember our own John Munro in your thoughts and prayers. John, at this writing, will
have spent a good deal of time recovering from a spinal issue that saw him undergo
surgery and rehabilitation at a local center for spinal injury. He’s on the mend and will
soon be out of that wheechair and on the run. Look out for that, becuase he just might
be better and quicker than he has been in a good long while.

We performed at the Belleville Oktoberfest, September 23, and assisted in the
ceremonial tapping of the Golden Keg. This the first time for us to participant in this
festival and hopefully we’ll be asked to do it again next year.

Once more we’ll perform at Laurie’s Place in Edwardsville on Veterans Day, November
11. Laurie and her husband always make us welcome and provides us with all we can
eat and drink.

Even later in the year and early in December is our Annual Christmas Party which will
be held at the CK and L of I Hall in Swansea, IL. Watch for the invites to arrive in your
mailbox soon.

That’s about all there is for this time around so... as always, take care, be safe and

                                Artisan Quarter Auction

                        Benefiting Children’s Dyslexia Center
                      – Southern Illinois -A Scottish Rite Charity

      Thursday, October 6
      1549 Frank Scott Parkway West                     Doors Open: 6:00 pm
      Belleville, IL                                    Bidding Begins at 7:00 pm

      Collecting Tabs to put Shoes on Kid’s Feet.
Ainad Shriners would like to thank the members of Randolph County Shrine Club, Ms.
Christine Overton and Ms. Jo Price for collecting 2000-3000 soda tabs for the Sneaker
Fund. Way to go!

  7                                                                   Ainad Shriners . . .
        Color Guard Unit
                                                                           Mike FitzPatrick
We closed out another parade season with a great turn out at the Millstadt
Homecoming. Once again, thanks to the new members and our seasoned veterans
who came out to make this a great parade for the Color Guard. It was a great day for
a parade. The Camel’s milk did flow, and many members sampled the community
hospitality at the concessions after the march.

Now it is October. That means our annual picnic for active and social Color Guard
members. The Picnic will be in Bellevue Park in Belleville as usual, on Sunday,
October 23. This is our opportunity to show our appreciation to those members who
took to the streets and marched for the unit throughout the summer.

We are finalizing plans for the Color Guard Christmas Party. The Christmas party
will be at the same place as last year, The Elks at 9480 Old Lincoln Trail in Fairview
Heights. It will take place on December 10. This year will be by reservation only, with
your payment being your reservation. We will not be accepting payments ‘at the door’.
We will need your RSVP before the first of December. So get you RSVP returned as
soon as possible.

We hope to see as many of our regular and social members at the Ainad Halloween
Party, October 29 and Fall Ceremonial, November 5.

To those members who can not make our regular meetings we encourage you to keep
abreast of events by reading the Ainad Bulletin “Calendar of Events” and the feature
articles and notices that give more detailed information.

Our next regular meeting will be the 24th of October. All Color Guard members are
strongly encouraged to be there.

Having Fun & Helping Kids
                      Krazy Klown Unit
                     Second Annual Pool
                   Tournament Fund Raiser
                       Saturday, November 12, at 1 pm
                            Tables open at 12pm

                         5225 N. Illinois (Hwy. 159)
                           Fairview Heights, IL
                              (618) 355-9940

    Prize Money awarded

       $25 Entry Fee
                                                Contact Bob Bassett
         8 Ball Rules                    at (618) 887-4544 to Pre-register!
    Best 2 out of 3 games
       50/50 Drawing                     Entry fees are not Tax deductible

9                                                         Ainad Shriners . . .
        Arab Patrol
                                                                          Michael Hayes
Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the Ainad Arab Patrol bulletin article.
I am Michael Hayes and I will be your tour guide through this land of fun and adventure.
So buckle your seat belts and hold on tight, it’s going to be an exciting ride!

The Patrol’s annual Family Picnic was held on Saturday, August 27 at the Tri City
Shrine Club in Granite City. We had an awesome turn out! The food was great and the
company was divine. President Wayne, Secretary Dave and Jesse Hess set up a golf
adventure out back that left all participants wanting more. Great job guys! You know if
you wouldn’t have moved it in closer I would have won that!

The annual Halloween party is coming up at Ainad on Saturday, October 29. I am
sure that a lot of help is going to be needed this year so the Patrol can defend its
championship from last year. Will anyone ever forget the Swamp People? That was
so awesome. I know the guys have something even better planned for this year. No
hints, but I guarantee you will not want to miss this one!

Fall Ceremonial is coming up November 5 at Ainad. We need everyone to come out
and help us show our respect to Potentate Larry Carroll and the Divan by participating
in the grand entry. There should be NO reason that we cannot put at least 16 people
out on the floor. Come on out and have a great time with us in the room before and
after the grand entry as well. As a reminder, Captain Ed wants us to again wear black
shoes for this event.

From a good of the patrol standpoint, please keep Charlie “Choo Choo” Harrison in
your prayers as he will be having surgery to remove a lump in his shoulder. We will be
praying for a full recovery you Charlie. Please keep all of our brothers and sisters in
your prayers and let us know if anyone is sick or has been taken by the black camel.

Remember: we meet on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. We need more
attendance at both meetings, especially the meeting on the third Tuesday of the month
when we practice. If for some reason you can’t march come on down and play some
cards or just socialize with the rest of us.

     $2,000 for Shriners Hospital for Chldren®
On Thursday, August 25th Mike Dickey, Vice President of the Wood River Township
Kiwanis Club, presented officers of Alt-Wood Shrine Club with a check for $2,000 for
Shriners Hospital for Chldren® and a check for $500 for the Ainad Transportation
Fund. Over the years Wood River Kiwanis has been a faithful donor to Ainad and
the Hospital.

                                            If you happen to be in Wood River on
                                            October 13, 14 or 15th, you might want to
                                            stop by and get some delicious Kiwanis
                                            Tennessee Bar-B-Que. They will be set
                                            up on Highway 111 (Vaughn Road) in
                                            Wood River.

                                            Pictured from left to right; Kiwanis Vice
                                            President Mike Dickey, Alt-Wood Shrine
                                            Club Treasurer Chuck Toner and Alt-Wood
                                            President Ron Thomason.

Having Fun & Helping Kids
                        Vote on October 27 at the Stated Meeting

A Resolution Providing for Amendment to
Article 5, Section 5.2 of the By-Laws of Ainad Shriners

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors of Ainad Shriners has a responsibility to its members, the
Nobility; and

WHEREAS, it is essential for the good of the Order that Ainad Shriners function each year with a
balanced budget; and

WHEREAS, when a budget is not balanced, there are only two means of redress: increase revenue
or decrease expenses; and

WHEREAS, the dues of Ainad Shriners have not been increased since the year 2000, over eleven
(11) years ago; and

WHEREAS, the previous dues increase before year 2000 was in 1988, some twelve (12) years
before the year 2000 increase; and

WHEREAS, the result of Ainad Shriners not increase its dues more frequently has its Nobility
paying the 2nd lowest dues in GLSA, that staffs an office offering member services, and employee
benefits; and

WHEREAS, Ainad Shriners’ current annual dues only covers about 38% of the operating expenses
of the temple; and

WHEREAS, Ainad Shriners’ current annual circus net income has shown declines; and

WHEREAS, Ainad Shrine loses revenue each year from the demise of our Nobles; and

WHEREAS, there are uncontrollable expenses that escalate at a faster pace beyond our control
(e.g., postage, printing, gas, water, sewer, electric, and insurance) and those driven by require-
ments of justice (e.g., wages, health insurance); and

WHEREAS, Ainad Shriners membership was 6029 at the start of the year 2000, and as of August
2011 Ainad Shriners membership is 4703 for a net loss of 1326 members and a loss of over
$58,000 in revenue from dues; and

WHEREAS, membership in Shriners International was 528,978 at the start of the year 2000, and
currently said membership is 324,789, a loss of 204,189 members worldwide; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors of Ainad Shriners deems it necessary to increase the dues of
its Nobility and amend Article 5, Section 5.2 of the Bylaws of Ainad Shriners to reflect the same;

WHEREAS, due notice of the proposed increase and amendment having been properly given to
the Nobility of Ainad Shriners.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLOVED by the Board of Directors of Ainad Shriners of Shriners
International of East St. Louis, Illinois, as follows:

Section 1: The foregoing recitals are hereby incorporated herein as findings of the Potentate and
Board of Directors of Ainad Shriners.

Section 2: That an increase in Ainad Shriners dues as set forth in Article 5, Section 5.2 of the
Bylaws of Ainad Shriners is warranted.
 11                                                                          Ainad Shriners . . .
Section 3: That Article 5, Section 5.2 of the Bylaws of Ainad Shriners be and is hereby amended to
read as follows:

The annual dues of all members except for Life Members and for Candidates initiated during the
year shall be Fifty Five Dollars and Zero Cents ($55.00) effective for the year 2012, with all dues
paid in advance by all paying members before January 1st and each calendar year thereafter.
Following the first year’s dues increase (2012), there will be an additional increase of Five Dollars
and Zero Cents ($5.00) per year for two (2) additional years (2013 & 2014) for the Ainad Shri-
ners portion of dues payment (2013 dues $60.00; 2014 dues $65.00) and thereafter continuing
at the 2014 amount of Sixty-Five Dollars and Zero Cents ($65.00) until amended by the Nobility.
The dues of Candidates shall follow the quarterly percentages as prescribed under Article 32 of
Shriners International Bylaws and payable in advance prior to initiation. Further, the stated Ainad
Shriners dues amount excludes the required Per-Capita fee and the Hospital Assessment fee, as
required under Article 32 of the bylaws of Shriners International. Each of these fees will be added
to the total of the Ainad dues payments as required by each Noble as by the bylaws of Shriners
International. The temple may, by affirmative vote, remit dues of a member for good cause shown
either to the temple or committee selected for that purpose. No membership card shall be issued
to any member unless and until he shall have paid the aforesaid dues and the per-capita and
hospital assessment in full.

The annual dues of the temple shall be determined at a stated or special meeting of the temple
after due notice has been given to each member stating the proposed amount of the annual dues,
and after complying with all other requirements as provided in the bylaws of Shriners Internation-
al. The annual dues shall not be less than prescribed by the bylaws of Shriners International.

Section 4: The current version of Section 5.2 of Article 5 of the Bylaws of Ainad Shriners is hereby
repealed and replaced, in its entirety, by the aforementioned language contained in Section 3 of
this Resolution.

Section 5: In the event any provision of this Resolution is determined to be unlawful, void, or
otherwise unenforceable, such provision shall be severed from the Resolution and the remaining
provision of this Resolution shall remain in full force and effect.

Section 6: This Resolution shall be presented to our legal counsel for review to ensure this Reso-
lution meets and conforms to the Shriners International Law and Ainad Shriners By-laws.

Section 7: Notice of this Resolution shall be posted in the next Ainad Bulletin to comply with
Article 3, Section 3.6 and Article 11, Section 11.1 of the Ainad Shriners By-laws and those of
Shriners International.

Larry J. Carril, Potentate

Attest:      Steve F. Kibler P. P., Recorder

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      Learn what Shriners do.

      A private Web Community for Shriners.
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Having Fun & Helping Kids
                          Youth Fund
                               All YOU CAN EAT

                          East Lodge #504
                9950 St. Clair Ave Fairview Heights, IL

                            11:00 am - 4:00 pm
                             $8.00 for Adults
                            $3.50 for kids 3-12
                           Under 3 eat for FREE
                       Sunday, October 23
            Grilled or Baked Chicken Potato Cole Slaw, BBQ or
                 Roasted Pork Steak, String Beans, Dessert,
           Coffee, Tea, Dessert and Orange Drink (w/ Vitamin C)

 Check out the Winners of the Ainad Calendars on page 27!

                 2011 Calendars
                Now Only $20.00!
                                  365 $25.00 Daily Prizes
      A raw xt
         .2 g
        D Ne
       ug in

                                  52 $50.00 Weekly Prizes

                                  12 $100.00 Monthly Prizes
                                  4 $1250 Quarterly Prizes
      Get yours now!               Drawings is held the last Friday of each month.

               Look Who’s is Turning 150?
Douglas Lodge #361 in Mascoutah, IL will be celebrating 150 years on Saturday,
October 22nd at 1:30 PM. The new Grand Lodge Officers will be performing the
ceremony. The lodge received its’ charter on October 1, 1861 with 40 members
inspite of the beginnings of the Civil War. We welcome everyone to attend this
historic occassion. The lodge is located at 19 West State Street in Mascoutah and
refreshments will follow the ceremony. For more information and location of the
lodge please goto the following website:

 13                                                              Ainad Shriners . . .
    Ainad Partner Program Sponsors
        We have several Ainad Partner Program levels to choose from starting at
       $1,000. The donations help to support our programs at Ainad Shrine Temple.
             If interested, please contact the temple office at 888-567-1870.

     A Special Thank You to Our Sponsors
                    AAA Facility Maintenance Services
                    Alexander & Gubser Funeral Home
                       Ashland Consumer Markets
                           Bank of Edwardsville
                            Bank of Springfield
                          Beelman Trucking Co.
                         Belleville Recycling, Inc.
                               Casino Queen
                          Citizens Bank of Albion
                               Cooper B-LIne
                        Davis & Sons Oil Company
                       Dignity Memorial Providers
                          Fairfield National Bank
                               Gateway Volvo
                          Gilster Mary-Lee Corp
                        Glover Oilfield Service, Inc
                                Helmets First
                            Jim’s Formal Wear
                         Joe Hunt and Associates
                         Johnston City Sportwear
                           Kurrus Funeral Home
                         N & W Horizontal Boring
                            Patchett Law Office
                          Peoples National Bank
                             Pepsi MidAmerica
                          Salem Tourism Bureau
                     Schneidewind Insurance Agency
                               Shay Roofing
                     Steve Schmidt Auto Group, Inc.
                           Troy Grain and Feed
                             “In beloved memory of Kenny Lake”

                            Twin Lake Trucking
                            Wayne County Press
Having Fun & Helping Kids
                                           Hillbilly Clan 39
                                           To inform all Nobles that the Hillbilly Clan #39
                                           is on the move. This is NEW INFORMATION
                                           for new members who want to join with
                                           the Hillbillies in raising money for the
                                           transportation fund and the Shriners
                                           Hospitals for Children® through Ainad.

                                           One Time Dues:
                                           Men $50.00, Women $45.00

there will be a business meeting/dinner to be held at duquoin masonic lodge on
friday october 21 at 6:00pm meeting we have several things to discuss. one is
annual election of officers for the hillbilly clan #39. also discuss possiblity of hillbilly
international convention possibly to be held in southern illinois ainad area for 2015.
so all you cuzins be sure to attend this meetin’. need everyones participation in this
project. please give me a call so we’ll hav’ nuff vitalls to feed ya’ll. august we held our
first hillbilly jamboree, looked like the flatlanr shriners, enjoyed the surymone, especially
ole charlie, he had a ball. there was approximately 200 hillbilly plus some i lost count
of. we are planning to do another hillbilly jamboree again next year. we wish to thank
cuzin tim mcmillan for all the work and planning he and old national trail shrine club
members did on our behalf. all who missed the jamboree, really missed a good time
cuzins lets all get clan #39 going so we can all have a terrific year from now on. if ya’ll
are interested in starting up the outhouses again, contact me an we’ll get it organized
fer ya. outhouse #4 was reactivated again this year, at west salem, illinois officers of
clan are, james a. staffey, ph: 618-599-1096, po box 440, dowell, il. 62927-0440, raban
of clan. brad buckner, ph: 618-694-9502. guardian of the still. dean vegher, ph: 618-
410-5974 keeper of the cob. chief rabban bill hill, is our assistant raban of the clan.
see all of ya’ll at the busnis meetin’.Included in your dues is one year news subscription
for the Hillbilly magazine.

 15                                                                    Ainad Shriners . . .
        Williamson County Shrine Club
                                                                                 Ray Dickens

W.C.S.C meets the first Thursday of every Month all Shriners and their wives
are welcome.
  Our Divine Ladies are on the move. They are skipping their October meeting to go
to Belleville and participate in the quarterly auction for the Dyslexia Center. This is just
one of the many charities the Divine Ladies support. Their Christmas Bazar November
19th still has room for a few vendors. Contact Nancy Whitson 618-983-6162 or Barb
Buckner 618-983-6787 to reserve your space.
  The Clowns golf tournament went well.
  The final rib cook 450 sides was a sellout. A tip of the Fez to Randy Patchett and 8 to
12 people who made this possible!
  The stated Meeting was a huge success. Great food a good turn out and several new
Nobles initiated.
  The W.C.S.C. as always were well represented at the Ainad Bass Tournament.
  Bill Beal and Earl Whitson delivered 1000 Beanie Babies To the Shriners Children’s
Hospital. The Babies were donated by the Marvin Eberhart family see picture below.
  The News paper drive is underway and under the guidance of Dave McGee & Earl
Whitson. They do a great job The W.C.S.C. is normally first or second in collections.

Up Coming events:
  Oct. 15. The Club will be providing food and man power to the National Shoot and
Retrieve Bird Dog Event ,this year at the Sparta Shooting Complex. This event raised
$17,000.00 last year and in excess of $215,000.00 since it’s conception. All profits
(there is very little expense) go to our Shriners Hospitals for Children®. What’s
remarkable is this is not a Shrine function.
  Oct. 21 Fish Fry always a fun time. There will be take outs & deliveries at lunch and
an all you want to eat dinner that evening starting at 5. This is not only a good fund
raiser but a great time to spend with friends and neighbors.
  October 22nd our first October Fest. A full day of activities, lunch & games for the
children, live music and bingo for the adults. For more information contact Paul
LaGrand 521-3782.
  All Shriners are welcome to attend our meetings. The first Thursday of the month.
Social hour 6, dinner 6:30 and a brief meeting at 7 pm.

        Jefferson County Shrine Club
                                                                                    Bud Tate
We had our meeting outside for the first time in a long time. The weather was great.
The Park Supt. had the pavilion looking great. Thanks, Karl for the great cleaning job
and thanks to anyone else who helped clean.
The Club donated a $60.00 gift certificate to Ainad Transportation Fund.
Our Paper Crusade will be September 30th and October 1st.
Chief Rabban Bill Hill talked about his travels in the past few weeks and the
Bass Tournament.
Tom Martin was introdued as a new member.
The Christmas party and Installation of the 2012 officers will be Tuesday, December
13th at the Shrine Park. Bring your lady.
A big thanks for the good dinner was prepared by the cooks.

Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Collinsville Shrine Club
                                                                               Mike LaZella
The final total of taxes owed on our trailer comes to $751.74. The result of the Troy
Homecoming came to a approximately $1500.00 for the two days. This total was
smaller than last years, but so were all the other vendors at the homecoming. Because
of our Club’s By-Laws, the Treasurer’s report could not be accepted, so it was modified
& suspended until next meeting. Our Mini -Clinic resulted in Two Children’s paperwork
being sent to the Hospital.

Our Paper Crusade starts on Friday Sept. 2 at the American Legion from 4pm to 7pm.
Rich Colona will pick up the papers from Ainad and Chip will bring the aprons, buckets,
etc. and we’ll all meet there. Two more dates for our paper crusade will be: Sept. 24th
at K-Mart from 8am to noon, and Sept. 29th at Wal-Mart from 8am to noon. Don’t forget
the Italian Festival on Sept. 16th & 17th. The festival opens 10am and closes at 10pm
both days. Then we have the Rellicke Pumpkin Farms events each weekend of
October. We will be busy this month and next. Our October meeting will be held at
the Blue Lodge in Collinsville, with dinner at 6pm and meeting and our Annual
Auction at 7pm. This auction is always fun, with lots of ruthless bidding on lots of
wild & crazy stuff. The bids sometime get into the hundreds of dollars, but don’t worry
its all funny money.

Our prayers and well wishes go out to Everett Bohnenstiehl and his family & friends.
Everett was hospitalized recently for over a week. He’s home now and recovering. Get
well soon, Everett we miss you. We also want to acknowledge the passing our a past
Club Member, Jude Arras. He was an active member of the Arab Patrol.

John Bondell, who is working on the historical review of Ainad Shriners, visited with us.
He told us many interesting events concerning the creation and history of Ainad. He
visited the firehouse in New York, that was in the film “Ghostbusters”, and took
pictures of himself in his Staypuff Character, all eight foot tall, and the firemen from
the firehouse. The Lieutenant of the firehouse had a nephew who was helped by the
Shriners. He has invited anyone who has a story to tell to get in touch with him.

Congratulations to Ken & Susie, they were married recently, and still are talking to each
other after a few weeks of marriage.

            Here we are at the American Legion Hall in Collinsville, IL on Friday
            Sept 2nd handing out Ainad papers in an effort to raise money to
            support the Shriners Hospitals. This was the first Collinsville
            Shriners fund raising event with two more planned.

            Left to Right are: Ken Sweitzer, Chuck Michels, Rich Colona
 17                                                                 Ainad Shriners . . .
     of Ainad
                              By Maryann Carril

Dear Nobles and Ladies,
         When I began this article featuring couples here at Ainad, I had two goals. One
was to thank our husband and wife teams who work behind the scenes making sure
the Temple, clubs and units functions run smoothly. The second goal was to show our
new Shriners coming in that there is opportunity for their wives to become involved. I
hope I have been able to accomplish at least one of those goals. What better way to
do that than show off our best examples?

                            The couple I would like to introduce this month is actually the
                            inspiration for this program. They are a quiet couple, but ready
                            to help in any way they can.

                            Bob and Beverly Bassett were both born in 1957. Bob in
                            Highland, Beverly in Granite City. They were married on July
                            13, 1979. They have two daughters, Amanda 29 and Hannah
                            27. They also have two grandchildren, Cheyenne and Wyatt
                            Choat. Bob and Beverly both work for Boeing.

    Bob & Beverly       Bob has been a Mason for 25 years in the Marine Lodge. He
        Bassett         joined the Shrine in 1991 and the Krazy Klowns in 1994. A lot of
you may know him as Peaches. If you have never seen Bob as Peaches out on the
parade route, you have truly missed a rare treat. He is the ultimate professional.
Beverly makes his costumes and she is right there with him,helping him get ready
and handling all of his gear. She deserves a very large medal for that alone,yet it is
something that they enjoy doing together. Bob was President of his unit in 2000. In
2004 he was elected as Secretary of the International Shrine Clown Association, a
position he held for five years. He was elected as 3rd Vice President of ISCA in 2011.
Bob will be President of the ISCA in 2014 when Ainad’s Krazy Klowns will be hosting
the mid-winter convention in Fairview Heights.

Bob and Beverly chaired the annual Easter Party at the Temple from 2002 to 2009. It
was a new concept at the time and they were not afraid to take it on. Each year they
added different things until it became what it is today. I sometimes wonder if Beverly
still counts Easter eggs in her sleep. How many thousands would that be? Bob and
Beverly are also Santa and Mrs. Claus at the annual Christmas party and have been
since it’s beginning in 2004. Sometimes it is a family affair with Amanda and Hannah
helping out. Bob is also Ainad’s 2011 Coordinating Ambassador.

Bob has been active in his community over the years, serving on Marine’s Village
Board for sixteen years. Thank you Bob and Bev for the recognition you bring to
Ainad and Shriner’s Hospitals for Children®.

Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Nile Notes
                                                                          PQ Tonya Young
         What fun the Ladies of the Household at prior to our Session in September.
         We feasted on delicious food at our annual potluck luncheon. What a
         delight to enjoy so many wonderful dishes made by our members, the best
         description was YUM! If you weren’t able to attend you missed out on some
great tasting food! You also missed out on our fun, annual Silent Auction. Lots of
goodies were brought in and we raised over a $100.Thank you to all who brought and
bought items. It is always fun to get a great deal and to help out Ainad.

Prior to our October 11th Session, we will have a “get to know the candidate” luncheon
at 11:30 a.m. hosted by the membership committee. Plan to attend both the luncheon
and ceremonial at session to show your support to our newest member. The food will
be great too!

Speaking of the membership committee, at our September Session PQ JoAnn
Kern handed out our new Member Handbook and By-laws. The committee did an
outstanding job on putting together references about Daughters of the Nile, our
history, explanation about how and why we do things and the meaning of the offices
and stations, plus Ainad’s By-laws. This is a great reference book for new and
not so new members alike. Be sure to read your cover to cover and keep it handy for
references when you received it.

Keeping our membership informed is a priority and one of the ways we are able to
accomplish this is through our annual dues. Unfortunately there are way too many
who have NOT paid their dues for 2011. Don’t delay, pay them today!
Please send your dues to Pr. Recorder Marcella Wilson 204 Brentwood Lane Alton, IL
62002-4421. We don’t want to lose you! Mail your check Today!

PQ Del Eisele had fallen prior to September session and we hope she is doing better.
Keep all members who are in sickness and distress in your thoughts and prayers.

Mark your calendar and plan to attend the Official Visit of Supreme Queen Laura on
Thursday November 10th. We know you will truly enjoy sharing the day with her and
her Supreme officers.

Join us in a great attitude to continue to make miracles happen everyday for the
Shriners Hospitals for Children®.

The photo is the trip Queen Carol, Pr Myra, Pr Marcella and Pr Kitty made to
Shriners Hospital for Children®-St Louis to deliver the proceeds from the Card Party
Silent Auction for the Pain Management Department. The proceeds will be used to
purchase items to help reduce pain.

 19                                                                Ainad Shriners . . .
        El Kazam Shrine Club
                                                                                   Ron Thomason
Greetings from El Kazam. Autumn is finally here. The hills and valleys of El Kazam Country will
soon be alive with vivid colors. We should all take the time to take a color tour and enjoy the
beauty of the midwest in Fall.
  This is a very busy time of the year for El Kazam. The Paper Crusade is in full swing, our
September collection days are behind us, but we will be collecting in Jerseyville on Friday,
October 14th and Saturday, October 15th at Wal-Mart, Sinclairs and Shop and Save. If you have
not signed up to help, call Ron Thomason at 314-378-5544. It is a great way to spend a couple
hours, and it all goes to Shriners Hospitals for Children®.
  Our September meeting was at Mac’s Time Out in Alton. The food was great and the fellowship
was even better. We were honored to have as our guests Assistant Rabban Mike Grafe and his
lady Ginny and John Blondell. John spoke to us on the 100th Anniversary of Ainad and that he is
requesting any history, artifacts, etc. that any of us may have on El Kazam Shrine Club or Ainad
Shrine. It was also good to see Past Potentate and long time member of El Kazam Ed Scott and
his lady Betty.
  Our Annual El Kazam Golf Tournament is Saturday, October 8th at Westlake Country Club in
Jerseyville. Get your foursomes together, or if you don’t golf, come on out, we can always use
some volunteers to help us out.
  Our October 14th meeting will be at The Fill’in Station Restaurant in Batchtown. Come on out
and enjoy your Shrine Club.
  Don’t forget ladies night at Ainad on October 27th and the Ainad Halloween Party on Saturday,
October 29th. We should have a least two candidates from our area for the Fall Ceremonial on
November 5th. Please check your Bulletin for other important dates and happenings at Ainad.
Please keep our servicemen and women in your thoughts and prayers, along with Bert and Alma
Schaaf, Paul Brown, who is recovering from knee surgery, Julius Gilbert and Alberta Gallay.
  A thought to leave you with; “I shall always feel pleasure when it may be in my power to render
service to Lodge No. 39, and in every act of brotherly kindness to the members of it.” Brother
George Washington

        Franklin County Shrine Club
                                                                                      Carroll Kelly
President Dave Tollison opened the August 19th meeting of the Franklin County Shrine
Club by welcoming Johanna Tolbert back as she continues to recuperate from knee
replacement surgery. President Tollison also welcomed Captain of the Guard, Denver
Tolbert, Ron and Elaine Huie and several Williamson County Nobles and Ladies who
enjoy dual membership in both clubs. There are still tickets out from the BBQ rib fund-
raiser so the total amount raised can not be figured but will be announced as soon as
possible. President Tollison also said that there are a few Franklin County Shrine Club
t-shirts still available for $15 each. If interested, contact his Lady, Loretta.

New business consisted of the following important dates to remember:
 10/15--next regular meeting of Franklin County Shrine Club at T Street in Christopher
 10/13--Paper Crusade
 10/23 Williamson County Shrine Club Flea Market
 11/19--Franklin County Shrine Club at T Street in Christopher
 12/5--Christmas Party at Gibby’s on the Green, Rend Lake Golf Course

Jim Broshears said grace and we all enjoyed a good meal. We also had fun helping
Captain of the Guard, Denver Tolbert celebrate his “39th” birthday.

Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Dania Shrine Club
                                                                          Ron Williams, PP
The last meeting of the Dania Shrine Club was a picnic with the ladies at the O’Fallon K
of C Hall September 9. President Mahler welcomed everyone and opened the meeting
with the prayer and pledge. It was moved to refrain from the regular order of business
so everyone could enjoy the meal. A large crown enjoyed pork steaks and brats
prepared by Dania chef’s Curt Graul, Red Lemke and Frank Martinez.
  After the meal the president went through the usual introductions. High Priest and
Prophet Rick introduced the four Past Potentates present, and the current Divan. He
informed all present on the Ainad calendar for the next couple of months.
President Malear stated the dates and places for the Shrine newspaper sales in
O’Fallon and Mascoutah later in September.
  President Malear introduced John Blondell, a past master of the Mascoutah De Molay
chapter, a past master of Illinois State De Molay and a member of Ainad. John stated
he was asking for help in preparing for the 100th Anniversary year for Ainad. He is
looking for histories on members and also items that can be displayed at Ainad. All
help will be appreciated.
  The next meeting will be October 4, at the K of C. Hope to see you there.

       MaCliBo Circus Unit
                                                                               Keith Korte
We had a busy summer. We attended 20 parades since the circus kick-off parade and
we sponsored a poker run. Also we gained five new members. We welcome Scott
Prange, Brian Straube, Ty Gansmann, Allan Courtney and Allan Voigt. The motor home
and trailer got new roofs. Sadly we lost a charter member. Duane Essenpries passed
away in August. Our unit is sponsoring a team in the bass tournament consisting of a
member from the local high school fishing team. Watch out for them! On Oct. 15th we
are having a Horse poker run in Jamestown. Bring your horse and join in on the ride
through the country. And finally, we received a Gold Book certificate from the Shriners
Hospitals for Children® for our donation in helping with perchasing new equipment.

                  Ladies Trip November 5
St. Charles shopping or Ameristar Casino. Leave Ainad between 9 and 9:30. Lunch at
Ameristar. Cost is 30.00 per person Includes lunch and bus. New candidates’ wives
are free. Arrive back at Ainad at 3:00 to 3:30, for Grand Entry. Call 618-874-1870
for reservations.

Please return payment of $30 to: Ainad Temple , 609 St. Louis Ave, East St Louis , IL

Name: _______________________________ Phone # ______________________

Payment method: Check _____ Visa _____ MasterCard _____

#___________________________________________Exp _____

You can pay online now at ainadshriners.org

  21                                                               Ainad Shriners . . .
        Salem Shrine Club
                                                                                  Buck Oulrey
Our meeting was held at the Sharon’s Restaurant on August 20 with 30
members present. President Wayne Bumgardner opened the meeting.

The nominating committee for the 2012 officers is: Don Decker, Bill Smith and John

Once again this year, Joe Black organized the trip for Salem High School Football team
to visit the Shriners Hospitals for Children®-St. Louis. Thanks Joe for a great job. Buck
Oulrey, Don Mills and Mike Mills went on the trip with them.

The 59th. annual Salem-Centralia Shrine Football Game was be held in Salem this
year and was won by Centralia. Carl Hall and Chief Rabban Bill Hill were present for
the half-time ceremony. Chief Rabban Bill Hill thanked everyone in attendance for their
support of SHC and their respective teams. Salem Shrine Club presented retired
football coach, Scott Steward, with a plaque commending him for implementing the
trips for the football team to the Shriners Hospital for Children®-St. Louis, along with the
assistance of Joe Black, starting in 2000.

One of our members, Garry Oulrey, suffered a heart attack about a month ago. He is
doing fine now and will go back to work soon.

On September 17, we will have our last cookout of the year at Salem IGA.

John Blondell was present at our meeting. He is compiling the history of all Clubs and
Units in Ainad Temple’s jurisdiction for the 100th year.

                   Fall Ceremonial Schedule
                                     November 5
                            In Memory of Kenneth A Lake PP

6:30 am    Building opens- Breakfast and coffee in dining room.
           LOH Tile the doors.
           Ladies report to small dining room for coffee & rolls.
7:30- 8:30 Candidates sign in & physicals. Top line signer’s assist
8:30       Ladies Program - Welcome and Introductions in the Small Dining Room
8:40       Ballot on Candidates.
8:45       1st Section -The Ceremonial Cast on the stage.
9:30       Class picture on the front steps with the Divan, Cast.
9:45       Men’s Bus Leaves-Tour of Shriners Hospital for Children-St. Louis
12:00      Lunch- all members, dining hall.
           50 Year Members honored in small dining room – 11:45
1:00       Candidates report to meeting room, main level.
1:15       Candidates Warm-up – Directors Staff.
1:45       2nd Section starts- All members in the Auditorium.
3:00       2nd Section concludes- clean up and break.
3:30       Ladies return from trip.
4:00       Grand Entry- Units Parade for all members and the Ladies.
           Open to everyone.
5:30       End of Program. All rooms open to New Members and Ladies.
5:35       Fez and dues card presentation, pictures. Ladies can assist.
11:00      Building Closes. Good Night. Return home safely.

Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Silver Lake Shrine Club
                                                                                 Alan Voigt

                      We will meet on Monday, September 19 at 6:30 at the Knights of
                      Columbus Hall. The club has several activities in September and
                      October. Scheduled for Friday, September 30, Paper Crusade in
Marine from 2:30 to 5:30 we will meet at the 4-way stop.

Carl Hall has scheduled a ‘mini-clinic’ for Saturday, October 8, from 9am to 12pm at St.
Joseph’s Hospital in Highland. This is usually in the doctors building at the North side

Our Paper Crusade in Highland are NOW scheduled for the October dates of Friday,
October 21 and Saturday, October 22. We will be at Rural King and Tru-Buy from 8am
to 4pm each day. Please note the change of this date!

AINAD will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2012! The temple would like information
on each club’s history. Anyone with knowledge of charter members or club history/
activities should send it to ainadshrinersyearbook@gmail.com or get it to club officers
listed below by November 1.

AINAD stated meeting October 27, which is ladies night. Potentate Larry Carril will take
a vote of the nobles present on a dues increase. I would urge each of you to attend.

Silver Lake Shrine Club will meet on Monday, October 17 at 6:30pm at the Highland
Knights of Columbus Hall across from Wal-Mart. All nobles and their ladies are wel-

Don Carnley, President                           Denny Zobrist, Vice-President
654-2227                                         806-1949

Wayne Deibert, Treasurer                          Alan Voigt, Secretary
654-9435                                          288-5173

       Centralia Shrine Club
                                                                           Kenneth Meador
The Centralia Shrine Club met at the Centralia Elk’s Cub on September 12th with
14 present.

Present at the meeting were John Blondell, 100th Anniversary Historian and
Kevin T. Fernandez, 1st Ceremonial Master. May 12, 1912 Ainad received their
charter. The committee is wanting the history of Shrine Clubs and Units. Coming up
next year will be the 100th year anniversary for Ainad.

Louis Fogleman said we did pretty good on the Golf Tournament.

Coming up will be a Pancake and Sausage supper at the Masonic Lodge on
September 24th from 6 – 12 noon.

We are having a Paper Crucade for the Shriners Hospital for Children® on September
16th and 17th.

 23                                                                 Ainad Shriners . . .
        Tri-City Shrine Club
                                                                           Nathan C. Branding
               Happy Autumn Greetings! As we enter the month of October, the trees
               are beautiful with fall colored leaves and the temperature continues to fall.
               Soon, many ghosts and goblins will visit us at our doorsteps. I hope that
               this newsletter finds you and your family doing well.

I have some additional and great news from our activities within the month of August.
Charles Favier had a hole in one at our annual golf tournament, which was held on
July 16th (Arlington Greens Golf Course). Great job and congratulations Charlie! Also,
the Granite City Dairy Queen generously donated $88.19 to Shriners Hospital for
Children®-St. Louis from their recent benefit held on July 18th to honor the Tri-City area
Shriners. We certainly tip our fez to them for their generous support and appreciation!

We held our second fish fry of the year on September 9th and 10th at the Granite City
Bellemore Village parking lot. Along with the great support of workers, we were equally
blessed with many hungry customers. President Morris would like to extend his
appreciation and thanks to those members (to numerous to mention) for their
dedicated work, which made our fish fry a success.

Looking ahead into the month of November, Ainad’s Fall Ceremonial is rapidly
approaching and is scheduled for November 5th. Let’s all come out and take part in
the fun! It is not too late to start looking for a new candidate. Think membership!

We will have our election of officers/stated meeting on November 10th (starting at 7:00
PM). Please check your bulletins and be sure to mark your calendar for the many
upcoming activities. Don’t miss out on all of the fun!

Sickness and Distress: Charlie Harrison. Jim Turnbull, Rich Cottrell, Hilda Cottrell,
Marion Favier, Dan Evans, Jr. Day, Van Stuart, James Graham, Ed Werner, Richard
and June Branding, James Buford, (and others we may have inadvertently omitted
or were not aware of). We want to remember our ailing members and families in our
thoughts and prayers and wish them a speedy recovery. Please contact: Nathan C.
Branding (618-931-6768 or e-mail addresses of nbranding@terminalrailroad.com &
Brandings2@sbcglobal.net) concerning information for the sickness & distress column.

Reminder: Hold on to those aluminum can tabs! All proceeds benefit the children at
the Shriners Hospital, Burn Unit of Cincinnati. Please save and bring your tabs to the
TCSC on stated meeting dates.

Please be sure to visit our website through the following link: http://ainadshriners.org/
tcsc and keep up to date on our activities!

Let us continue to remember the members of our armed forces who are serving our
country in various parts of the world. We want to remember them in our thoughts and
prayers and wish them a safe return home.

Guests are always welcome to visit the TCSC on the 3rd Thursday of each month at
7:00 PM (except in the months of November and December). The board meetings are
at 6:30 P.M. on the night of stated business meetings. In closing, your membership is
important, so be sure to come down and see us.

Having Fun & Helping Kids
Temple Talk
We have over 270 unpaid members, please pay your dues.

Fall Ceremonial, bring a Canidate.

If you have not all ready, Pay for your Circus Tickets!

You can pay for Ainad events on-line.
Shrine items wanted!
Old Shrine photographs, recorded movies, records, nic nac items
anything showing the past 100 years of Ainad wanted. Also, need
display cases to borrow. Contact Mark in the office if you have
any items to donate, put on loan for display. The 100th
Anniversary Committee needs your help.

        Special Meeting Informed 35 Guests
         How to Boost AINAD Membership

      The presentation was lead by special guest, Sam Montgomery PP(L) of
      Shriners International Membership Executive Committee.

                        Build Character . . .
                        One Step at a Time
 25                                                               Ainad Shriners . . .
        Hospital Unit
                                                                                   Don Kopp
  Finallly we are seeing some signs of cooler autumn weather. It actually rained and we
were all happy about that. Everyone was beginning to think the dry weather would last
forever. Many trees, plants, and of course the poor yard grass, have suffered and many
will not recover. I lost bushes that I planted 12 years ago and there is nothing I can do
about it. Everything has a life span but many conditions rush the inevetible end and
weather is definitely one of them.

The final report was given and again this year our annual scramble golf tournament, for
the 16th year, was a great success. Our success equates to our helping our Shriners
Hospital for Children®-St. Louis. We work closely with our hospital and they let us know
how we can help and what they would like us to do. We have a very good relationship
with the staff and administration, which we greatly appreciate. I like to keep the Nobles
of Ainad infomed of our efforts so they will know any support they may give our unit,
often helps our hospital.

Congratulations are in order for Earl Gum, who requested and was granted emeritus
unit membership. Earl has always been a hard working member and he has certainly
earned this status. Earl is a past president of the hospital unit. We know Earl will
continue to do his best in helping our unit in it’s efforts.

October 29th is the date for the Ainad Halloween Party. Allen Schwartz and his wife,
Debbie, will organize the Halloween Party competition, representing the Hospital Unit.
Allen and Debbie did the deed last year and did a good job. They will be even better
this year and hopefully will bring honors to our unit. We really appreciate their effort and
invite our members and families to attend this fun event.

The annual Ainad Bass Tournament, held at Rend Lake in Southern Illinois, is one of
the most successful projects held that supports Ainad.The Hospital Unit voted to
support this event by again purchasing a full page ad in the Bass Tournament program
book. I have attended the last two tournaments and it is always well organized and is
a fun day for everyone attending. I especially enjoy the weigh-in and the awarding of
prizes. We have had the drawing for the beef fund raiser the past two years and plan to
do it again next year. We will keep Ainad Nobles informed in later articles.

We received a nice letter from our Shriners Hospital for Children®-St. Louis, thanking us
for our generous donation. It is always nice to get recognized for doing what we love to
do, knowing that they really appreciate our efforts and hard work.

This has certainly been a fast year but I know it is drawing to an end because talk of
our Christmas/installation dinner is being mentioned, and also our treasurer, Bob Cook,
is dunning us for next year’s dues.

We were happy and proud to hear that our Shriners Hospital for Children®-St. Louis has
been named by US News and World Report as one of the top 10 Pediatric orthopaedic
hospitals in the United States. Our hospital is co-listed with St. Louis Children’s
Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine due to their partnership in
providing pediatric orthopedics. Most of the physicians at Shriners Hospital for
Children® are faculty members at Washington University School of Medicine.
Shriners Hospitals for Children® is a health care system of 22 hospitals dedicated to
improving the lives of children by providing pediatric specialty care, innovative research
and outstanding teaching programs for medical professionals. Children up to age
18 with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries and cleft lip and palate are
eligible for care and receive all services in a family-centered environment, regardless of
the patient’s ability to pay.
Having Fun & Helping Kids
               Ainad 2011 Calendar Fundraiser
                    August Cash Winners
 $25.00 Winners                  1559 Alexander Floyd
 Cal # Name                      1599 Landers V.Ray
  112   John Decoursey           1143 Bowen Ed
 1047 Ron Hunsche                1531 Wilton Robert
 106    Neal Mize                950    Suess Paul
 281    David Schneidewind       1137 Knebel Jerry
 1112   Walter Wirtz             244    Owens Lee
 1509 Alice Morgan               1098 Kobernick Ed
 301    Richard Staggs           781    Weiss Jerry
 400    Rick Sieben              87     Morehead Sharon
 681    Koffee Klub O’fallon     930    Chapman Phillip
 906    Kelly Hogan              1435 Deibert Carol
 758    Cummins Rev. Bill        1438 Gilomen Harold
 1437 Wasser Joseph              $50.00 Winners
 20     Mueller Donald            687   Rohr Mac
 53     Diane Alexander          1147 Herzog Robert
 1102 Horner Charles             1318 Watson Floyd
 716    Mueller Shirley          227    Ulrich Sue
 1465 Frey Bob                   $100.00 Winner
 1150 Buettner Beth              224    Klaustermeier Beth



                                 October 15
                               It’s the Rite
                               Thing to Do
                                    Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
                                       Valley of Southern Illinois

27                                                   Ainad Shriners . . .
                                Screening Clinics
        Oct 8 - Silver Lake SC - Highland Hospital
        Oct 15 - El Kazam S C - Jerseyville, IL Wellness Center
                 Bond County SC - Bond County Health Dept. Greenville, IL
        Oct 29 - Heart S C - Dr. Arora’s Prompt Care
        Nov 19 - Ainad Hospital Unit - Montgomery County Health Dept. Hillsboro, IL

        As of now, please use only the new Application for Treatment Form
        1036 Rev 5/11/10.

        After selection a date for a clinic: Authorization must be requested from
        the potentate. Please contact Carl Hall.

                                 St. Louis Hospital number for applications only:
                                                 Voice: 800-850-2960
                                                 Fax: 314-692-6402

                     Ainad Applications to Shriners Hospitals
                                                                             Submitted by
                                                                              Carl E. Hall

    County            August    YTD           County             August    YTD
    Alexander                     1           Lawrence                       2
    Bond                    2     4           Macoupin                       0
    Calhoun                 1     2           Madison              7        57
    Clark                         0           Marion               4        25
    Clay                    1     3           Massac               1         1
    Clinton                 1     3           Monroe                         0
    Coles                         0           Montgomery                     0
    Crawford                1     5           Perry                4         7
    Cumberland                    0           Pope                           0
    Edwards                       0           Pulaski                        0
    Effingham               1     5           Randolph             1         8
    Fayette                 2   12            Richland             2         4
    Franklin                3   16            Saline               3        10
    Gallatin                1     1           St. Clair           15        52
    Greene                        0           Union                1         2
    Hamilton                      0           Wabash                         1
    Hardin                  1     1           Washington                     4
    Jackson                 1     5           Wayne                2         5
    Jasper                        4           White                          1
    Jefferson               1    12           Williamson           2        15
    Jersey                  1     8           Out of Jurisdiction            2
    Johnson                       0           Totals              58       278
Having Fun & Helping Kids
Jude Arras             Edwin McLean, Sr.
East Carondelet , IL   Belleville , IL
August 30, 2011        August 27, 2011

Bobby Carrigan         Halleck F. Reese
Carrier Mills, IL      Pinckneyville, IL
August 20, 2011        July 6, 2011

Charles R. Field       Roy Roberts
Carrier Mills, IL      Mount Sterling , IL
August 20, 2011        September 9, 2011

Charles A. Goldschmidt Dr. Ronald Thouvenot
Columbia , IL          O’Fallon, IL
September 1, 2011      June 30, 2011

James Holloway         George White
Chester , IL           Neogia, IL
August 20, 2011        August, 2 2011

Paul McKelvey          Clyde H. Wiseman, Jr.
Imperial, MO           Godfrey, IL
August 21, 2011        September 9, 2011

                                        So. . .
                                 do you have
                                  your 2011
                                DUES CARD?
                                   Payment is Overdue

      July                    August
      Membership           Membership
      4,684                     4,673
      Creation                       0
      Affiliation                    0
      Restorations                   1
      Reversals                      0
      Associate                      0
      Demit                          0
      Suspensions                    0
      Deaths                       -12
      Associates Dropped             0
      Resigned                       0
      Net                          -11

 29                                                     Ainad Shriners . . .
                                      Ainad Office
609 St. Louis Ave., East St. Louis, IL 62201
Phone: 618 874-1870 Toll Free: (888) 567-1870 Fax: (618) 874-6920
Imperial Web Site: shrinershq.org
Ainad Web Site: ainadshriners.org
Ainad E-Mail: admin@ainadshriners.org
Ainad Editor: peanut1221@sbcglobal.net
EMERGENCY BURNS (618) 616-6843
Potentate - Larry J. Carril (Maryann), 625 W. Division St., Marine, IL 62061
Chief Rabban - Bill Hill (Jeanie), 1407 Benton Ave., Johnston City, IL 62951
Assistant Rabban - Michael H. Grafe (Ginny), 16 Granvue Dr., Belleville, IL 62223
High Priest & Prophet - Richard “Rick” Sieben (Dianne), 3201 Sugar Lake Drive., Freeburg, IL 62234
Oriental Guide - Bill Reidelberger (Beth), 1042 Shadow Ridge Crossing, O’Fallon, IL 62269
Treasurer - Ray Rohr, P.P. (Teri), 121 Longmeade, O’Fallon, IL 62269
Recorder - Steven F. Kibler, P.P. (Diane), 310 Prairie Drive, P.O. Box 12, Dieterich, IL 62424
First Ceremonial Master - Kevin T. Fernandez (Kimberly), 711 Abend, Belleville, IL 62220
Captain of the Guard - Denver L. Tolbert (Johanna), 5268 Park St. Mulkeytown, IL 62865
Outer Guard - Edward D. Allan, 125 Aaron Dr. Belleville, IL 62220

Second Ceremonial Master - William Underwood, Jr. (Nettie), 108 Alex Drive, Swansea, IL 62226
Director - James P. Herndon (Karen), 104 LouRosa Drive, Collinsville, IL 62234
Assistant Director - Mike Koeneman (Karen), 212 Adam Drive, Swansea, IL 62226
Marshal - Steve Kraus (Joan), 3925 Upper Saxtown Rd. Millstadt, IL 62223
Chaplain - Richard Colona (Sandra), 2 Price Drive, Troy, IL 62294
Chaplain - Carl Hall, 1449 Schwarz Meadow Drive, O’Fallon, IL 62269
Chaplain - C. Russell Helton (Delene), 1104 Organ St., Eldorado, IL 62930
Administrator - Mark Maxwell (Lisa Brandon), 609 St. Louis, Ave. E. St. Louis, IL 62201

                  Imperial Council Representatives
                          Larry Carril • Bill Hill • Mike Grafe • Rick Sieben
                       Jack P. Taylor P.P., Ron Williams, P. P., Colorado Emeritus

     Ainad Members of the St. Louis Hospital Board of Governors
                Ray Rohr, PP • Steve Kibler, PP • Henry Siekmann • Harvey L. Mirly MD
      Carl E. Hall, Associate • C. A. Jack Dempsey, PP, Emeritus Chairman • Adrian Croissant III
             E. Gene Ross, Emeritus Chairman • Irvin C. Slate, Jr., PP, Emeritus Chairman
                    L. Ray Radliff, PP, Emeritus Chairman • Ron Williams, PP, Emeritus

                                   Temple Unit Schedule
  Following are the scheduled meeting nights of the various AINAD Uniformed Units who hold their
                             meetings at the AINAD SHRINE CENTER:
        DRUM & BUGLE CORPS - Each Monday Night • ARAB PATROL - 1st and 3rd Tuesday
                 HIGHLANDERS-Monday Night • COLOR GUARD - 4th Monday Night
      BRASS BAND - 2nd Friday and 4th Friday Night • DIRECTOR’S STAFF - 2nd Monday Night
          UNIFORMED UNITS - 2nd Thursday Night • AINAD HOSPITAL UNIT - 3rd Tuesday
                 LEGION OF HONOR - 3rd Tuesday • KRAZY KLOWNS - 4th Monday
              ORIENTAL BAND - 1st Tuesday Night • PROVOST GUARD - 4th Thursday

The Ainad Bulletin is published 11 months a year except for July by the Ainad Shriners,
located at 609 St Louis Ave, East St Louis, IL 62201-2927.
Having Fun & Helping Kids
   PERMIT NO. 1371



                                   Address Service Requested
Volume 87 October 2011 • No. 08
    East St. Louis, IL 62201
     609 St. Louis Avenue
        Ainad Shriners

                                                               Calendar of Events
               October                                                   December
                                  Paper Crusade All Month                10   Breakfast with Santa
               7                  IL Grand Lodge-Springfield             15   *Meeting/Elections
               10                 Temple Closed                          26   Ainad Closed
               27                 *Stated Meeting/
                                  Lady’s night
               29                 Halloween Party

               5                  Fall Ceremonial/
                                  Ladies Program
               17                 *Stated Meeting

              * Indicates Ainad Function
              Do not schedule Club or Unit Activities on these dates. Encourage your
              members to attend Ainad Activities.

              Next Stated Meeting October 27 Stated Meeting
              Dinner Starting at 6:00 P.M. Meeting at 7:30 P.M.

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