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									                                                                       Basic Types of Cloud Services
                                                        Online Storage Services are similar to a blank Hard Drive

                                                            •   You must manually upload and download files
                                                            •   No scheduling or incremental uploads

                                                        Backup Services allow you to schedule backups and to perform
                                                        incremental backups.

                                                            •   Many allow you to store and recover recent versions
           Area 2 Computers and Technology                  •   Most try to make things automatic
                       Group                            Synchronization is a combination of Storage and Backup

                     by Phil Goff, Branch 116               •   Files may be manually uploaded or automatically when a file
                       November 17, 2011                    •   Great way to access and edit files from different computers.
                                                            •   Good way to share files to large to email.

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                    Two Types of Backup                                            Drive Imaging

                                                    •     Backs up a complete hard drive or partition
•   Drive Imaging
                                                    •     Backs up the Operating System and all Programs
•   Selected File Backups
                                                    •     Backs up all of your data files, pictures, music, etc.

                                                    •     Not many people backup the OS or Programs. If computer
                                                          crashes, you have CD’s to restore them

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                         Drive Imaging                                                        Data File Backup

 • Requires a lot of space on destination hard drive                     • Data file backup programs are everywhere.

 • Allows you to quickly restore your Operating System and                  • Download free software programs
   Programs in case of disk failure
                                                                            • Windows 7 has backup software included
 • Online services not designed to offer Drive Imaging
                                                                            • External hard drives come with backup software
 • Windows 7 includes Drive Imaging software, but no
   incremental backups (each image is complete size.)                       • Purchase Acronis TrueImage or other proprietary
                                                                              progams with special features.
 • Popular programs for Drive Imaging are Acronis TrueImage,
   Norton Ghost and Paragon

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                       Data File Backup                                     Storage Media for Backing Up Data Files

What are the Primary Problems with Data File Backups?                  Media                 Disadvantages          Advantages
                                                                       Burn backups to       Slow and          Good permanent
   • Select which files to backup – Need to know where all of
                                                                       DVD’s                 cumbersome. Takes record of dated file
     your data is stored on the computer.
                                                                                             multiple DVD’s.   images
      • Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, Email, Browser
        Bookmarks, etc.
                                                                       Backup to an          If fire or other       Fairly simple and
   • Remember to backup regularly.                                     external hard drive   disaster, everything   low cost. Easy to
                                                                                             is lost                recover files.
   • Need software that only backs up changed files
     (incremental)                                                     Backup to an online   Costs money.           Easy to setup and
                                                                       service                                      works automatically.
   • Be able to recover a file or an earlier version easily.                                                        Easy to recover
   • You are not protected if a file is created and lost between

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Popular Online Backup Services (alpha sequence)                                                                       Online Backup Services have Similar Features

 Online Backup Service   Stated Price                   Price for 3 PCs and 50GB   Free Plan
                                                        Data for 1 Year
                                                                                                                       • You select which files (folders) are to be backed up
 Acronis Online          $50/year                       $50                        2GB 30-day trial
 Carbonite               $59/year/1 PC                  $177                       15-day trial
                                                                                                                       • You setup a backup frequency (can be continuous.)
 CrashPlan               $50/yr/1 PC unlimited          $120                       30 day, free to backup to a
                                                                                   friend’s computer                   • Online Company uploads incremental backups (changed files or
 IDrive                  $49.50/year/150GB/1 PC         $149.50                    5GB free account                      folders)
 Jungle Disk             $3/month plus storage fees     $81                        None.

 KineticD                $2/GB/unlimited PCs            $100                       14-day trial                        • Online Company keeps some dated versions for retrieval.
 MiMedia                 $99/year/100GB/Unlimited PCs   $99                        7GB free account

 MozyHome                $5.99/mo/50GB/1 PC             $119.88                    2GB free account
                                                                                                                       • Varying levels of encryption security.
 Nomadesk                $75/year/unlimited/3 PCs       $75 (subject to fair use   30-day free trial
                                                        policy)                                                        • Files can be accessed from any computer on the internet.
 Norton Online Backup    $50/25GB/5 PCs                 $100                       30-day 5GB trial
 SOS Online Backup       $79.95/year/5 PCs              $79.95                     14-day trial

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     Features of Selected Cloud Backup Services                                                                        Features of Selected Cloud Backup Services

          Acronis Online                                                                                               Carbonite

          • Integrates with Disk Imaging to external drive                                                             • Unlimited Storage.

          • Up to 5 PC’s                                                                                               • Version sets stored for 90 days.

          • Storage up to 250GB                                                                                        • Pricing is $59/year per computer.

          • Version sets stored for 45 days.                                                                           • For $99/year allows a System Image Backup online

          • Pricing is $5/month or $50 per year                                                                        • Free trial for 15 days

          • Free trial for 30 days

          • Interface takes some time to figure out.

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  Features of Selected Cloud Backup Services                                   Features of Selected Cloud Backup Services

   Mozy                                                                         CrashPlan

   • Scheduled backups of all types of files.                                   • Free service to backup to external drive or to another computer.

   • Keeps all file versions for 30 days                                        • Pricing is $50/year for unlimited online

   • Pricing is $5.99 for 50GB                                                  • Pricing is for 1 computer only

   • Can access files from anywhere, even on smartphones                        • Can access files from anywhere with internet access

   • Free trial for 15 days

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              Popular Free Cloud Storage and                                                Popular Free Cloud Storage and
                     Synchronization                                                               Synchronization
Google Docs
• Gives you 1GB but files converted to Google format don’t count. (Free
  storage can be extremely large if Doc, Excel & PPT files converted to        • Everyone’s favorite tool for sharing and synchronizing files.
  Google’s format.)
                                                                               • Offers 2GB of free online storage
• Picasa Web gives you another 1GB for photos but smaller files don’t
  count.                                                                       • Synchronizes files across multiple computers and platforms,
                                                                                 Windows, Mac, iPhone, etc.
• Easy to use. All you need is a Gmail username and password.
                                                                               • Easy to share large files and pictures with others.
• Easily share files and pictures with others.
                                                                               • Company is now valued at $1 Billion
• Add-in for MS Office let’s you upload to Google Docs with a single

• You can view documents when offline.

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            Popular Free Cloud Storage and                                       Popular Free Cloud Storage and
                   Synchronization                                                      Synchronization
  Microsoft SkyDrive
                                                                       • Synchronization of selected apps and file storage
  • Offers 25GB of free online storage
                                                                       • Apple gives you 5GB free. Content purchased from Apple
  • Offers 5GB of Synchronized storage
                                                                         doesn’t count toward limit.
  • Download Windows Live Mesh to install on computer
                                                                       • Replaces current MobileMe software
  • Interface is a little difficult but product is quite good.
                                                                       • Only works with iOS5 devices. (My 2nd gen iPod Touch won’t
  • Good way to share files with others.

                                                                 17                                                                      18

                 Free Online Storage Only                                   What is My Personal Backup Strategy?

Adrive                                                                • I have two external hard drives.

• Offers 50GB of free online storage                                  • I do a complete system image once a month and then
                                                                        incremental backups weekly. (I use Acronis TrueImage)
• No synchronization or version sets in free accounts
                                                                      • I rotate backups between the two hard drives so that the prior
• Don’t know about it’s financial status                                month is always intact.

                                                                      • Once each year I copy all of my photos and most valuable
                                                                        document files onto a portable hard drive and keep it at my
                                                                        daughter’s house.

                                                                      • I am now working with Google Docs and Windows SkyDrive to
                                                                        synchronize data with my laptop.

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                    Online Shopping for the Holidays                                                            Online Shopping for the Holidays
                                                                                                Advantages of Online Shopping
                                                                                                      • You get to see a complete array of items, not just the one or two
  • Each Year online sales grow dramatically
                                                                                                        a store carries
  • If you don’t shop online, you should                                                              • You can read reviews by prior customers to see if something lives
                                                                                                        up to it’s claims
  • Many retail stores now have online sales
                                                                                                      • Many times you don’t pay sales tax (although that is likely to
  • Sales tax issue is still in dispute                                                                 change.)
                                                                                                      • You can shop when you want, not just during store hours.
  • Will never replace retail stores, but will probably cause them to change the way 
    they do business.                                                                                 • Shipping is fast and reliable. (You can track delivery.)
                                                                                                      • Returns can be made without waiting in lines. Online stores retain
                                                                                                        your invoice for you.
                                                                                                      • You don’t have to go to the store.

By Phil Goff
Branch 116
November 17, 2011
   11/17/2011                                                                               1   11/17/2011                                                                  2

                    Online Shopping for the Holidays                                                            Online Shopping for the Holidays

          • Credit card theft almost never occurs on the internet
                                                                                                         • Shutterfly, Costco, Snapfish and Kodak
          • I use Costco’s American Express.  If there is a problem within 60 days, just 
            tell A/E not to pay the bill.                                                                    • Calendars

          • Organizations like PayPal act as a broker and can be used with eBay to                           • Coffee Mugs
            protect your card number from a small retailer
                                                                                                             • Notepads (only $7.99 for a nice pad)

                                                                                                             • Photostamps (cost ~ 90 cents each)

                                                                                                             • Mousepads

  11/17/2011                                                                                3   11/17/2011                                                                  4
                  Online Shopping for the Holidays                                                Online Shopping for the Holidays

                                                                                   Other Photography Gifts
         Other Photography Gifts
                                                                                         • Wrapped Canvas prints from
               • Picture on aluminum is a unique (but expensive) photo
                                                                                  are unique
                 gift. Go to and

                   • They claim metal prints are much more vibrant than

                   • Can be custom shaped, etc.
                                                                                              Wrapped Canvas print.
                                                                                              See border.

11/17/2011                                                                  5   11/17/2011                                                                6

                  Online Shopping for the Holidays                                                Online Shopping for the Holidays

      Most Popular Website is                                              Popular Items at

             • Amazon sells everything so go there first.                                    • Cameras and accessories. Check for unbiased
                                                                                               camera recommendations.
             • Generally purchases over $25 have free shipping. If it comes
               from Amazon then no sales tax.                                                • Magazine subscriptions. Amazon carries all magazines at
                                                                                               competitive subscription prices.
             • Amazon has a great Wish List function so ask relatives to
               build a Wish List.                                                            • Amazon gift certificates are quite popular.

             • Amazon offers a browser add-in so that your wish list can                     • Ebooks for those who own Kindles.
               reference other websites! Works in Chrome, IE, Firefox and

11/17/2011                                                                  7   11/17/2011                                                                8
                   Online Shopping for the Holidays                                            Online Shopping for the Holidays

                                                                                  Other Websites to Consider
  Don’t overlook
                                                                                        • They sell a ton of small cheap items. Most are
        • Sells many new items of all kinds
                                                                                          technology type gadgets, but do carry other stuff.
        • Most can be purchased with a “buy it now” pricing (no bidding
                                                                                        • They sell computer and other consumer
                                                                                          technology items. Great website to learn about an item.
                                                                                          Customer service is excellent.
        • eBay protects its buyers so you are unlikely to be cheated
                                                                                        • All the major stores have good websites – Macy’s, Sears, Home
                                                                                          Depot, etc.

                                                                                        • is an excellent resource for cameras and

11/17/2011                                                                9    11/17/2011                                                                 10

                   Online Shopping for the Holidays                                            Online Shopping for the Holidays
                                                                                 Questionable Websites
    Miscellaneous Websites to Consider
                                                                                 • If a price is much lower than the major websites, then you are asking
             • United States Mint ( sell coin sets and other            for trouble.
               good gift items. (Beware of similar named websites that
               are not the U.S. Government)                                      • Watch out for discount photo stores in Brooklyn and NY area. If the
                                                                                   website doesn’t list the location of the Company, then don’t order
             • For tools, try They have some good prices             anything from them.
               (don’t forget Amazon, Sears, Lowes, etc.)
                                                                                 • Check the website with the BBB at
             • sells top quality gift baskets, etc.
                                                                                 • Google a question about the website such as “problems with
             • sells discount golf supplies.          ”

             • sells kitchen gadgets that are good           • Don’t bother with questionable websites. There are many legitimate
               for gifts.                                                          sites such as Amazon, Newegg, etc.

11/17/2011                                                                11   11/17/2011                                                                 12
              Online Shopping for the Holidays

     Shopping Online  is easy.

     If you enjoy walking the malls just before Christmas then do 

     I’ll be at home watching football.

11/17/2011                                                      13

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