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					November 2012                                                  Bill Hill, Potentate

                                                        Celebrating 100 Years

                                               Thank You

Pictured George and Jane Willeredt, Chuck and Barbara Weiss,
Jill and Kerry Bertels, Harold and Sherl Humphrey.

After a tour of Shriners Hospitals for Children-St. Louis, the Willeredt
family makes a sizable donation to the hospital.

 Reminder                                            Jingle All the Way
 Officer Seminar                                      Christmas Party
 January 19                                            December 8
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 Bass Tournament Results              Pg 6     Essey Contest Info        Pg 12
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 New Members                          Pg 8     Calendar Winners          Pg 27
                       Potentate’s Message
                     Greetings to our Shrine family,

                          The Paper Crusade is drawing to a close. Please get your
                           money into the Ainad office. Thanks to all who gave there time
                           and effort to make this event a great success.

                            A couple of major things that we need to get done ASAP. One,
                            please help talk to members who have not paid there dues for
                            2012. It is so important to keep them in Ainad. Call the office
                            for names that you may contact.

                        Next, we need new members and their Ladies’ membership.
                       This is the “Key” to keep Ainad growing big and strong. Please
                     help get these men in our organization. Membership is a Team effort
         l D. Hill we need everyone’s help! For any information on Membership, contact
Jim Pulley, Membership Chairman or the office.

The holiday season is almost here. Clubs and units please contact the office with your
schedule of events. We would like to schedule the divan to be at these events, if available.
Lady Jeanie and I wish you a wonderful holiday season.

                                                              Yours in faith and hope,
                                                                               Bill Hill

  1                                                                     Ainad Shriners . . .
         What Day is It? Membership Day!
I want to say thank you to all the new nobles and thanks to the top-line signers who
brought them in. For you top-line signers it will be very important for you to be a
mentor to your new noble for his first year of being a Shriner. Take him to some stated
meetings at Ainad and take him to a Shrine club or unit. Introduce him to nobles and
get him involved in activities. Make sure his lady gets introduced to the ladies. Keep
him informed by email or by phone. Have him join a club or unit. This is critical to
keeping him in the Shrine.

Mentoring is key to keeping Shriners in. Mike Gorsich is our new mentoring chairman
for Ainad. He will be sending out letters to all the club and unit presidents on getting
mentors in the clubs and units with information on how to be a mentor to their new

Keeping members is vital to keeping our hospitals up and running. Nobles, please, if
you have not paid your dues please get them paid. It is a must to help our kids that go
to Shriner’s Hospitals every day and depend on us, for you to stay in and support our
hospitals. As of October 15th, we still have 285 nobles out there that have not paid
their dues.

Advertising your clubs and units in your local community as a means of recruitment is
a must. Go out into your community and be a part of it. Participate in parades and
other community events. Speak at other organizations in the area such as the VFW,
American Legion, Lions Club, Kiwanis etc. Put a bumper sticker
on your car. Put signs in your yard or at your business that have beashrinernow.
com. Go to your local Blue Lodges and be active. We can recruit new members from
our lodges. Only 22% of the Masons in our state are Shriners. Please go to our Blue
Lodges and get them to come in.

For nobles that have a son, brother, father that is a member, they can be part of the
Legacy Program. This program recognizes relatives that are in the Shrine together.
You both will receive a pin and a certificate if you sign up to be in the Legacy Program.
So don’t put if off, bring that family member in and be a part of the Legacy Program.

This is our 100th anniversary year. What a better time to bring in a new noble. Bring a
prospect to your holiday parties; invite him and his lady to your home for dinner; have a
stag dinner for the single guys. Invite prospects to all the activities at your club or unit.
Nobles it is time we make a move. We only have 306 thousand nobles in all of Shrine-
dom. You are critical to keeping our great organization going strong into the future.

If you need help with recruiting or would like to get involved with the membership team,
please contact me or a member of the membership team.

Thank you nobles for being Shriners. Take Care; Be Safe and Think Membership.

Jim Pulley,
Home: (618) 345-1550
Cell: (618) 550-8273

Recruitment Chairman              Retention Chairman           Restoration Chairman
Jim Onstott                       Brad Spelbring               David Tollison
Phone: 618-842-5741               Phone: 618-946-3989          Phone: 618-435-4445  
Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Oriental Band
                  I open this article with sincere apology for missing the deadline for the
                  October Bulletin. One does not realize how easy it is too loose track
                  of time. They say that time flies with you are having fun and if that is
                  the case then I must really be having a good time. Enough said about
                  that, now let us move on to the next item on the agenda.

                  The summer parade season is now behind us and we of the
Oriental Band of Ainad Shrine have had a very busy one. As said before, we had not
one parade in 2011. The coming of the New Year was marked with a different and
more positive beat. We went from zero parades to fifteen. What a busy year we have
now placed behind us. Director Curt would like to extend a very hearty THANK YOU
to all who made this parade season a memorable one. We must also look with great
gratitude to our President, Art Smith who had the foresight and stick to it attitude to
work very hard at keeping the Band alive. Look out 2013, here we come!

Much planning and work is being done to bring about a new (retro) look to the Band.
Yes we are speaking about new uniforms. Jeff Nichols is chairing the Uniform
Committee and they have really stepped up to improve the look of the Band. This
change promises to be a small look from the past but a huge step into the future. The
appearance of wandering Nomads of the desert is the look that wanted to achieve and
we believe they did just that. This new look will be displayed for all to see at the Spring
Ceremonial next year.

Practice has been going very well and the limited schedule will be stepped up for
winter months. Business meetings will still be on the first Tuesday of the month. The
schedule for practice will be sent to all and I will publish it in the December Bulletin.
Much work will be done throughout the winter to help improve the sound of the Band.
Our Director is discussing having one evening for horns alone. He then wants to
practice one evening with just the drum line. Then, you guessed it, put it all together to
round out the music. Sounds like a busy winter for all.

Membership is the heart of each and every Unit of Ainad. If you presently do not
belong to a Unit we strongly suggest that you look around, find the one you like, and
get involved. We of the Oriental Band do not require any musical back ground. We
can you teach you what you need to know. That is the idea behind our winter
schedule. Come on down and gives us a try. Who knows, you may like it!

Pat Groth is on the mends from shoulder surgery and doing very well. Melody Diliberto
is holding her own with chemo, which we are told is a good sign. Charlie has been
back a couple of times and is really looking good. And just in case you haven’t noticed,
we are missing a few pounds from the Band. Henry and Joe have been on a diet and
have really shed the pounds. Looking good guys, keep up the good work!
As I bring this article to a close I hope that all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and
“Life isn’t about how to survive the storm,
But how to dance in the rain.’

Thank You Ainad Partner Program Sponsors
Citizens National Bank of Albion
10 West Elm Str. PO Box 100 Albion, IL 800/445-7189

  3                                                                   Ainad Shriners . . .
        Legion of Honor
                                                                                John Costello

October was a busy month for the Legion of Honor. We had our Annual Golf Tournament
on the 14th. Clete Schwaegel an his golf committee worked hard planning the silent
auction, the raffle and getting the golf prizes ready. Thanks Clete. On the 16th we had
our Ladies Night and election of Officers for the year 2013. Then, we had our commander
Rich Ervin and his crew get our room ready for the Halloween party that was on the 27th.
Many of you stopped by with your children and grandchildren who also brought some of
their friends and their children for some Halloween candy.

At our September meeting we voted to purchase the Month of May in the Ainad 2013
Calendar and are planning on submitting a collage of pictures of the Legion of Honor
activities in the past year.

We reported some sickness this month. Jim Stein has Esophageal Cancer and Bob
Karrer’s wife Phyllis has had a stroke. Keep them both in your prayers.

As we go into November the Legion of Honor will be tiling the Ainad door on the 3rd at
the Ceremonial by 6:00AM. That will make it a very short night as many of us will be at
the 100th Anniversary Party the night on the 2nd. I am sure it will be a blast as all the
Ainad parties are and hard to leave early to get up early the next morning.

From the Legion of Honor we wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

                   Help Our Membership Grow
      Check out this brand new site!
      Learn what Shriners do.
      A private Web Community for Shriners.
      For more info go to:

Scott Air Show Donations to SHC

         Membership Chairman Jim Pulley presents a check for the hospital from
         donations received at the Scott Air Show in which he had a informational
         booth set up promoting the Fraternity.
Having Fun & Helping Kids
           Ainad Election of Officers 2013
Ainad Temple’s election of officers for 2013 will be held at the regular stated / annual
meeting at 7:30 P.M. on December 20th at the Ainad Auditorium. The Official Divan is
to be elected in addition to the four representatives for Imperial and GLSA. Selected
pertinent information relative to the Imperial Code regarding the election regulations
are listed below.

NOTICE: Canceled Meeting: If inclement weather conditions should cause the
December 20th meeting to be cancelled it will be rescheduled to Friday,
December 21 at 7:30.

325.2 Election and Qualifications
(a) Election Order: The first seven (7) officers (Potentate, Chief Rabban, Assistant
Rabban, High Priest and Prophet, Oriental Guide, Treasurer and Recorder) shall be
elected annually, in the order in which they appear in 325.1(a), by ballot and constitute
the official divan. Candidates for elective office in a Temple must be members in good
standing of that Temple.

(b) Term Limit: A Noble may not serve as Potentate of any Temple for more than two
(2) years.

(c) Qualification: A Noble may not serve as Potentate of any Temple unless he
shall have first served at least one term as either Chief Rabban or Assistant Rabban
of a Temple.

325.5 Ballot
(a) Separate Ballot: Election of officers shall be by a majority vote of those present
and voting. A blanket ballot is prohibited. When there is more than one candidate for
election to a particular office, a separate written ballot is required.

325.8 Nomination
Candidates for office and Representatives must be placed in nomination from the floor.

325.11 Election Regulations
(a) Electioneering. A candidate for an elected office in a Shrine temple may print,
publish and circulate during the year he is seeking the elected office, a resume consist-
ing of his educational background, his vocational history, and his Masonic and Shrine
record. Except as provided in the prior sentence, the printing, publication, circulating or
distribution of resolutions, letters, telegrams, tickets, e-mail or other devices, by a unit,
club, Noble, or group of Nobles, suggesting, recommending, opposing, or containing
the names of proposed candidates for the office in the temple is prohibited.

(b) Expenditures Prohibited: The expenditure of money for gifts, favors, or
entertainment on behalf of a candidate for elected office is prohibited.

(c) Violation: For any violation of: (a) or (b) the Imperial Potentate may suspend any
offending Noble, and he may declare the election of officer’s void and order a
new election.

(d) Notice: At least one (1) week prior to the annual meeting or any election the
temple Recorder shall mail to each member a notice thereof containing this section.

Ray A. Rohr P.P, Recorder
November 1, 2012

  5                                                                    Ainad Shriners . . .
 The Fish Were Really Bitin’ at the
     Ainad Bass Tournament!
1st Big Bass       6.05     Boat # 70      Sollers & Atchison        $1000.00
2nd Big Bass       5.55     Boat # 65      Lewis & Wright            $500.00
1                  16.39    Boat # 35      Halvey & Sheridan         $2400.00
2                  13.47    Boat # 27      Robbins & Chloe           $1176.00
3                  12.74    Boat #1        Shaw & Martin             $784.00
4                  12.70    Boat # 93      Byrnes & Byrnes           $627.00
5                  11.04    Boat # 97      Porter & Shafer           $470.00
6                  10.27    Boat #94       Shelton & Wooden          $400.00
7                  10.07    Boat #89       Ernst & King              $320.00
8                  9.81     Boat # 90      Vaughn & Eggerten         $235.00
9                  9.66     Boat # 45      Lanter & Tucker           $235.00
10                 9.24     Boat # 79      Robinson & Oldham         $235.00
11                 9.23     Boat # 21      McCord & Koczorowski      $126.00
12                 9.00     Boat #70       Sollers & Atchison        $126.00
13                 8.87     Boat # 43      Dorris & Bowlin           $126.00
14                 8.86     Boat # 6       Schatte & Hurst           $126.00
15                 8.83     Boat # 68      Basso & Dobill            $126.00

Shriners Shoot Went off with a Big Bang!

Shriners Shoot was a huge success with 50 shooters attending the event. It was a
beautiful day with great shooting, lots of fun and some delicious food. The First Place
trophy went to the team of Roland Coderre, Edwardsville, Kelly Kinder, Moro, Rich
Bangert, Edwardsville, Jack Reeves, Alhambra, Keith Atkinson, Edwardsville with a
total 441 out of 500. Impressive shooting for such a windy day. There was a tie for first
place between Jack Reeves and David Bath from Belleville. With 97 each, they elected
to do a coin toss and David won the toss and received the trophy. Great shooting guys!

I can’t thank the Edwardsville Gun Club and their crew of volunteers enough. They
were so much help running the shoot and the BBQ was excellent as usual. This is a
beautiful facility and they are in the final stages of installing a new rifle and pistol range
to compliment the trap fields. They also host a wonderful fish fry twice a month, so even
if you don’t shoot, you should come by and check it out.

I can always count on Laurie’s in Edwardsville for donating some great attendance
prizes. Stop in and see Tom and Laurie for “Chill and Grill and Tunes” a guaranteed
great time.

Thanks to Marv Wallace and Dave Bold for helping with registration. A tip of the fez to
Chief Rabban, Mike Grafe for the trophy presentations as well as Bulletin Editor David
Ekstrand for taking pictures.

But most of all, a huge thank you to the 50 shooters that made this event a success.
Having Fun & Helping Kids
        Drum and Bugle Corps
                                                                                        Bruce Haas
              On Saturday morning October 6th we did the O’Fallon Homecoming and
              Heritage Parade and yes, we did it in shorts and Hawaiian shirts even if it
              was only somewhere in the low forties. All went well and all survived the
              cold. Later, after we got to the park it did warm up quite a bit and the
              sunshine sure did feel good. We ballyhooed for a short time and did a bit
              of a solute to the Patriot Riderd. They’re the motorcycle guard that does
it’s very best to shield families and others mourning fallen soldiers from the less than in-
telligent folk from Kansas who attempt to disrupt the services. They were honored and
thought well of us for making them special. This parade was the last one for 2012.

Coming up is the 100th Anniversary Gala that will be held on Friday, November 2nd.
There is something “unscheduled” that we could do that evening and I’ll let you know
about it in person at rehearsals. Come on down between now and then and we’ll fill you
all in.

On the following day we’ll hold our 2012 Fall Ceremonial at Ainad just as we always do.
We’re not exactly sure what we’ll be doing for our show but Director Bill and entertain-
ment chairman Charlie A. will cook something up for us to be sure.

At our last Stated Meeting, Charlie Alves told us about a gift we received from the
McFarland Family in honor of their husband and father Robert McFarland. This is
quite an honor. A letter of thank from the Corps will be forwarded to the family in the
very near future.

We have to my knowledge two of our ranks who are still under the weather. First, Jeff
Thomas is still in a rehab center but is doing much much better, I am told he has lost
an enormous amount of weight and is learning to become mobile again. Next, our
own banner bearer, Daune Hamman had rotator cuff surgery on October 12th and is
recovering at home. Please keep these guys in your thoughts and prayers as they
recover and join us down the road.

Lastly guys, I received the following note from Charlie Duncan telling us the condition
and prognosis of the little girl suffering from brain cancer that we helped with a dona-
tion last year at Christmas time. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and
prayers as she will soon be in the hands of God and will look down on us all
from heaven.

It is with much sadness that I send this to all of you......I spoke with Maria yesterday concerning
our sweet Janessa. Janessa was suffering yesterday with a horrible headache. Maria took her
to the hospital where they did another MRI. The tumor on Janessa’s brain has tripled in size
since the MRI that was done last month. She is havingsome difficulties using her left side and
also some other complications that have occurred in the past several weeks. Maria was told yes-
terday by the doctors that Janessa’s life would probably come to an end in about 2 months. The
plan now is to get Janessa home and have a home healthcare nurse visit the home daily. After 2
weeks or so, the doctors have suggested that Maria get Hospice involved with Janessa.
The social worker at Cardinal Glennon Hosp. is involved with the family at this time. There will
be someone who will be talking to Janessa about what will be happening in the days/weeks
ahead. It’s extremely difficult for any of us to comprehend what this family has gone through and
will be going through in the weeks ahead. The only thing all of us can do is continue to send
prayers their way. Maria has promised me tolet me know if there is anything we can do for them.
She is just so grateful for all that has been done for her and wants all of you to know how much
she appreciates everything. May the Good Lord hold them inthe palm of his hands!

  7                                                                         Ainad Shriners . . .
A.D. Manners Brought Home the Bacon!
A.D. Manners went to Moolah Shrine on Sunday, Sept 30th for a bbq cook off. We took
1st place in chicken, 4th place in pork steaks and 2nd place in Grand Champion
over all.

           Laurie’s Big New Year’s Bash
to Help Shriners Hospitals for Children® - St. Louis

                                Laurie’s Place
                               Edwardsville, IL
                               New Year’s Day
                               12:00 to 6:00pm
  Entertainment:                                    All proceeds from the items as well
  Ainad Drum and Bugle Corps                      as all tips and other donations will be
                                                            given directly to the hospital.
  Raffless, Auction Items & 50/50’s
  Ham & Beans Served

    New Members
    William G. Barnes         Ryan B. Christian             Shawn J. Gossman
    Tamaroa, IL               Elkville, IL                  Hurst, IL
    Johnnie Harris, TL        Jerry Gassel, TL              Robert Gilliam, Sr., TL

    Russel D. Bell            Benny C. Davison              Dennis M. Kuhn
    Moro, IL                  DuQuoin, IL                   Centralia, IL
    Matthew Jolly, TL         Robert Gilliam, Sr, TL        Joseph Border, Sr., TL

    Douglas R. Bird           David W. Futrell              Lukas Rodgers
    Pinckneyville, IL         Carbondale, IL                Cisne, IL
    Johnnie Harris, TL        John Manis, TL                Kevin Henry, TL

       September meeting in Mt Vernon at the Jefferson County Shrine Club.
       Brian D. Jeffries        John G. Wolf
       Bonnie, IL               Bonnie, IL
       Jerry Farthing, TL       William Moore, TL
Having Fun & Helping Kids
                                          Go to:
                                          Your kind donation will not only
                                          improve the immediate health
                                          of children today, but also the
                                          opportiunities their future’s hold.

                             ROAD RUNNER
                            MEETING REPORT

By: Mark Maxwell

The fall meeting of the Ainad Roadrunners was attended by 29 people in the small
dinning room on October 3. Chef Tom Wade along with Dave Haas prepared a
delicious meal enjoyed by the Potentate and many volunteer drivers attending.

Tammy Robbins the Director of Public and Community Relations at the Saint Louis
Hospital was our guest speaker. She covered a large assortment of topics. The
status of the new hospital was a major topic with a visual presentation as to the artist
renderings as being planned. It is expected to be open in early 2015 if all goes
according to plan. The Love to the Rescue effort and the Patient Ambassadors in
the program were shown. She also spoke on the new and updated patient referral
program that we can now just use the toll free phone number 800-850-2960 to get
the family enrolled much faster and efficiently.

Driver Coordinators Jim Darr and Earl Whitson thanked the guys for the time and
effort in making their jobs easier. They reminded them of the importance of good
conduct and safe driving practices. It was asked that anyone with changes to their
status, email or address or phone number contact the office to keep them updated.

Potentate Bill Hill a driver and former coordinator mentioned several of the
upcoming temple events and asked that the guys participate in them along with
bringing in some new members before the end of the year. Potentate Bill thanked
the people in the room for being the first impression to the patient and their family’s
when doing the part of the transportation drivers. The Spring Coordinators Election
date was set for Wednesday, March 20th with a meal before the meeting.

We have an AP for that...
 Shriners International now has an AP for your I-Pad and I-Phone. The AP is very
informative and can be used to show prospective members what Shriners are and our
philanthropy. It is real simple to locate. Goto Apple’s AP store and in the search box
type in Shriners. Select and download. It is free. Android users...well, we will have to
wait for a few more months.

  9                                                                  Ainad Shriners . . .
    Meat Shoot
    American Legion Stookey Post 1255

    201 Eiler Road, Belleville, Il

    November 11th

    Shoot begins at 12:00 pm

    House Gun available

    Sponsored by & benefit the Ainad Shriner Clowns
    (Fraternal Fund raiser)

A.D. Manners is Having a Food Drive
October 15th through November 15th to help support a local food bank.
There will be a barrel to drop-off the can food at Ainad Shrine outside the
administration office door.

        Ainad Belles
                                                                              Dorothy Kinney
                Ravanelli’s Restaurant in O’Fallon was the meeting destination for the
                Ainad Belles in September. One new member was added to our roles –
                Elveria Miller. All widows of Shriners are invited to join our group. Just
                call our President, Mary Losser at 344-8812 or our Treasurer, Mary Vogt,
                624-5299 for information concerning our meeting time and place.

Past President, Pat Friemann was the Belle of the Day and Jean Jenner won the 50/50
prize. Janice Lillie, Shirley Greene, Jean Jenner and Betty Hubbard served as host-
esses and awarded the beautiful chrysanthemum centerpieces as attendance prizes.

Upcoming events are the the Family Life Thanksgiving Luncheon at Scottish Rite on
Sunday, November 4th (tickets are $5.00), the 100th Anniversary celebration of Ainad
Shriners on November 2nd at the Four Points Sheraton in Fairview Heights (tickets are
$20.00 for the Belles).

Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Brass Band
                                                                             Carl Buehler

Another summer marching season has come and gone. It is hard to believe how cold
beer tastes when the weather is so hot! Thank you to Manager Tom for working with
all the sponsoring communities to secure contracts and coordinate times. Thank you
Director Tom for having a nice variety of music for us to play. Thank you EVERYONE
for your faithful turnouts! Once again the last marching band in Shrinedom can take
a curtain call for pounding the bricks. It would not happen with all of you making the
extra effort to come out, even on evenings when maybe there was something else you
could have chosen to do.

Now it is time to return indoors for regular meetings and practices. Did you know
that Ainad has one of the shrinking number of bands that are made up completely by
Nobles? Hard to believe. Come on down and join in the fun and fellowship we have.

By the time you read this the Ceremonial will be in the books and election of officers
completed. Make sure you put down the date of the annual party. VP Art is preparing
another wonderful evening at Villa Marie.

New members are always welcome and we have an instrument rental offer available.
If this arrives before Ceremonial, curious nobles are welcome to stop by after the
Ceremonial for some mostacolli and learn more. We practice the second and fourth
Friday of the month, but not the Friday after Thanksgiving and not the Friday on
Christmas week.

We have not heard any updates on how Hugh Cameron is doing. So, if anyone hears
anything please pass the word. Eric Joellner will be undergoing another neck surgery
so keep him in your thoughts. Stewart and his family are doing well and rebuilding after
the horrible lightning strike on their home.

Listed below is the schedule for the next few months. Everyone have a safe and
blessed Thanksgiving.

Nov 3 (Sat) AINAD Center        4:00 PM    Ceremonial (Grand Entry)

Nov 9 (Fri) Band Room           7:30 PM     AINAD Center Rehearsal/Meeting

Nov 11 (Sun) Edwardsville       7:00 PM    Fire Station ( Main St ) Parade

Nov 23 (Fri)                    Thanksgiving Weekend (No Rehearsal)

Dec 2 (Sun) Christmas Party     5:00 PM    Cocktails (Villa Marie Winery) Maryville

Dec 2 (Sun) Christmas Party     6:00 PM Dinner (Villa Marie Winery) Maryville

Dec 14 (Fri) Band Room          7:30 PM AINAD Center Rehearsal/Meeting

Dec 28 (Fri) Band Room          7:30 PM AINAD Center Rehearal

 11                                                                Ainad Shriners . . .
  Personal Essay Contest for Members of
          Shriners International
Enter the 2nd Annual Shriners International Personal Essay Contest

Share your story with us!

Every Shriner has a story to tell and we would love to hear yours. For the second year,
Shriners International is hosting a personal essay contest for its members to write
about their experience as it relates to being a Shriner. Click here for more information.
Click here to enter.

A panel of judges will read and review all essays and will choose three winners. Win-
ners will receive a plaque, pin and an gift card. Their stories will be
published in the 2012-2013 annual report as well as in a new publication that will be
released in July 2013. All winners will be acknowledged at the 2013 Imperial Session in
Indianapolis, Indiana.

Please call 813-281-8162 or email with questions. All entries
must be received by January 4, 2013.

                 We Are Always Looking for
                     a Few Good Men
                                “We keep Ainad Looking Good!”
                                      Coffee and donuts at 8:30
                                      Lunch at noon

        MaCliBo Circus Unit
                                                                                   Alan Voigt
The ringmaster thanks all the animals for showing up at the many parades this year.
We have made 30 parades with just two left in November to finish out the year. The
first parade this year was for the Moolah Circus in St. Charles and the last will be after
Thanksgiving in Highland. Plus, we will make an appearance at the ceremonial.

MA-CLI-BO purchased four new costumes for this parade season of which two were
‘new’ animals. A skunk and a chipmunk. We are currently awaiting costumes from a
different company: a monkey and a gorilla. They are replacements for our older
costumes as they get a lot of use.

It is hard to believe the parade season is almost over. Half the fun is in the getting
there, as there are plenty of back seat drivers in a motor home! The only one that didn’t
“catch it” was Carl. Everyone shows respect to him, usually.

Well the costumes are starting to feel more comfortable on these cool days. I hope to
see you at the fall ceremonial. We will miss the children and the “thank you” to
the Shriners.
Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Arab Parol
                                                                                 Michael Hayes
Hello everyone. The Patrol met for its monthly stated meeting on Tuesday, October
2. Many things were discussed with the main focus being the Halloween Party, Officer
Nominations in November and the Christmas Party. We will be sending a post card
out to the membership with the details of this year’s Christmas Party as we did not
have things finalized at the time this article was due. By the time you receive this, the
2012 Halloween Party will have come and gone. I can only imagine what a great time
it was as I am sitting here writing this 12 days before the big event. Knowing what I
know about the Patrol room, I bet a great time was had by all. Thanks to everyone that
helped get the room ready.

I have nothing new to report for the good of the Patrol other than to again say that we
are all still pulling for Charlie “Choo Choo” Harrison. Keep up the good fight. If anyone
knows of a Patrol member that is sick or has passed away please let one of the officers
know or shoot me an e-mail at Thanks.

Remember that we meet the first and third Tuesdays of each month down at Ainad
Shrine. Attendance has been slim lately to say the least. We want to see all members,
active or not.

       Collinsville Shrine Club
                                                                                  Mike LaZella
This meeting was our Halloween celebration. We had spiders, goblins, skeleton coming
out of the closet. A Freddie look alike, a welder, an angel with wings. The meeting was
preceded by a delicious meal prepared by Gigi Hulse, Rich Hulse’s daughter. A prayer
was said by Chip Darling, with the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance a little later.

We had much to talk about. We had a very successful weekend at the Italian Festival.
We want to thank all those Club members who came out to help. Because of your
dedication this event was very successful. At this meeting we had a guest John
Blondell. He informed us that the Collinsville Herald was doing a short story on our
club’s participation at the Relleke’s Pumpkin Farms. He told us some stories
concerning the history of Ainad.

We have only one more funnel cake venue this year. We will be making funnel
cakes out at Rellike’s Pumpkin Farms in Collinsville. This is an annual event, every
October we spend the weekends (Saturday & Sunday) selling funnel cakes. This is a
wonderful venue for the whole family. There are rides, animals for kids to pet & ride.
There is a pyramid to climb, cornfield maze, huge slide and all the food you can want.
Besides our funnel cakes, there are sandwich stands, BBQ stands, lemonade stands,
Mexican food and more. Along with all the food, rides and games there are also local
bands playing on the band stand. It’s a total day of fun and relaxation. So everyone
come out and visit with us and have a great time.

We are planning our Christmas Party for Dec. 8th with location to be announced at
a later date. Another event coming up Trivia Night fundraiser on Saturday November
10th, to benefit the Children’s Dyslexia Center of Southern Illinois. It will be held at the
center’s location in the Scottish Rite building.

Have a safe holiday season.

 13                                                                    Ainad Shriners . . .
    Ainad Partner Program Sponsors
         We have several Ainad Partner Program levels to choose from starting at
          $1,000. The donations help to support our programs at Ainad Shrine.
                If interested, please contact the office at 888-567-1870.

             AAA Facility Maintenance Services
             Alexander & Gubser Funeral Home
                   Bank of Edwardsville
                         BOS Metro
                Barb’s Custom Embroidery
                             at Johnston City Sportswear
                      Beelman Trucking Co.
                     Belleville Recycling, Inc.
                           Casino Queen
                Citizens National Bank of Albion
                   Davis & Sons Oil Company
                   Dignity Memorial Providers
                       Don Rodgers Limited
                      Fairfield National Bank
                          Gateway Volvo
                      Gilster Mary-Lee Corp
                        Jim’s Formal Wear
                    Joe Hunt and Associates
                       Kurrus Funeral Home
                     Lindenwood University
                         Mach Mining LLC
                     N & W Horizontal Boring
                        Patchett Law Office
                        Pepsi MidAmerica
                      Salem Tourism Bureau
                Schneidewind Insurance Agency
                           Shay Roofing
                 Steve Schmitt Auto Group, Inc.
                       Troy Grain and Feed
                            “In beloved memory of Kenny Lake”
                            Twin Lake Trucking
                            Wayne County Press

Having Fun & Helping Kids
Need Temple Blueprints Back!
Missing from the Ainad Temple is our complete set of building blue prints. If you have
a set or know of someone that does, we need them back or would like to have a copy
made for our records.
Contact the Administrator for additional information.

         Centralia Shrine Club
                                                                             Kenneth Meador
 The Centralia Shrine Club met at the Centralia Elk’s Club on October 8th at 6:00 PM
 with 23 present.

 Macie Jo Sanders brought in more tabs for the hospital. Also the Club will give
 Macie Jo a plaque or a gift for doing this.

 Carl Hall gave out cards to Shriners to call the Shriners Hospitals for Children to
 contact someone by phone to get a child in sooner at the hospital.

 Received $32.00 to send to the Burn Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

                                        Hillbilly Clan 39
                                        Becoming a member of the Hillbillies helps to
                                        raise money for the transportation fund and the
                                        Shriners Hospitals for Children®.
                                        One Time Dues:
                                        Men $50.00, Women $45.00

                                        For more info contact:
 Jim Staffey Ph# 618-599-1096

                    Come down and see our
                    new room up next to the
                    spot light 2nd Thurs. 7:00!

           Please have all submissions to the Ainad Bulletin,
           e-mailed to the editor by the 15th of each month.
                 Ainad Bulletin Editor: David Ekstrand

 15                                                                 Ainad Shriners . . .
        Williamson County Shrine Club
                                                                              Ray Dickens

W.C.S.C meets the first Thursday of every Month all Shriner’s and their wives are
welcome. Social hour 6, dinner 6:30, meeting at 7.

Jan Ellis Prepared a great Chili Mac Dinner at the October meeting.

The Divine Ladies Bazar November 17th is Very close to being sold out. Contact Barb
Buckner 618-964-9504 or Nancy Whitson 618-889 -5614 to reserve your space.

Our New air Conditioners are installed; It made the kitchen a much more pleasant
environment to work in.

Our Road Runners are burning up the highways 74+ runs 9 of which were to either
Cincinnati or Chicago.

There has been 270 tons of rock delivered much of that donated by the Short Brothers
Construction for the expansion of our parking area.

The Williamson County Shrine Club had great participation in the Ainad Bass
tournament, as well as sponsoring a team Dickens & Sigley & donating a $100.00
gift card. Great job guys.

The McGee family did a wonderful job preparing food for the NSTRA shoot. More
information to follow.

The Krazy Klowns Golf Event had excellent participation.

The Marion Kiwanis Club donated $500.00 to our Shriners Hospitals for Children.

The Paper Crusade was a huge success. We will have final numbers next month.
A tip of the Fez to Dave McGee & Earl Whitson & all the Nobles that perticipated.

The Fish Fry had an excellent participation by both the membership & the
local community.

The Williamson County Shrine Club was awarded a plaque for their participation
in the annual Marion Veteran’s Day Parade. The Shrine was also recognized in
the Flag raising ceremony.

Upcoming Events;

November 1st the slate of officers will be announced at the stated meeting.
December 14th W.C.S.C. Christmas Party, More to follow.
December 23rd The Children’s Christmas Party

All Shriners and their wives/ significant others are welcome to attend our meetings. The
first Thursday of the month. Social hour 6, dinner 6:30 and a brief meeting at 7 pm.

                              SAVE YOUR
                  Proceeds Benefit the Shriners
           Hospital for Children® Burn Unit in Cincinnati
Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Troy/Edwardsville Shrine Club
                                                                               Donnie Clark II

Recently our President Gary Bean (The Beaner) came to me and said that I have been
slacking in my duties by not writing the monthly article for the Ainad Bulletin. He rattled
my cage and said its time to get moving again and write. Well anyone that knows
Beaner knows he really did not put it quite that nice so I’m still rubbing my rear.

Normally I try to pick someone out from our club and write about them. I do that so if
there are Nobles around that do not belong to a club they would consider ours.
The person I chose to write about I consider a very good friend, good person and a
great family man. By saying all of that proves I’m not a good judge of character. The
person I’m talking about is none other than Brian Brown. Brian is a transplant from
Indiana. He is currently the clubs secretary / treasurer. He is married to his wife Kelly
(Who is a saint for putting up with him) and they have two young daughters. He is
currently employed at Purnia. I was told by several of our club members he is a taster
in the dog treats department. On behalf of all members of our club we want to thank
you for all the hard work you do keeping our club running.

In September we normally put on the glow ball golf outing, due to rain it was postponed
until October and then rained out again. So, regretfully we did not have it this year. Lee
Conway is the chairperson for this event. We all wanted to make sure he knows that
we are very thankful for all he does putting on the glow ball every year. Again, Lee on
behalf of the club, Thank you. There was an upside to the rain out. Lee is a nationally
known Chef. At our last meeting we were all treated to the food that was prepared for
the glow ball. Truthfully I only had one helping ok, maybe two.

During our next meeting the second Wednesday in November we will be nominations
and electing new officers for 2013.

Lastly, I let Gary Bean read this article before I sent it in. His comments were I should
be sitting in the corner on a tall stool with a long pointed hat. I’m still scratching my
head wondering what he meant by that.

      Even the scare crows Sell Papers in
                 Glen Carbon.
                                                                -Marv Wallace

 17                                                                   Ainad Shriners . . .
Keeping Hospital Patents Warm with a Caring Heart
Don Niehaus and Carl Hall of the
Bond County Shrine Club showing
off lap blankets made by the female
prison camp inmates of the Federal
Correctional Institution in Greenville.
These blankets are for patients of
Shriners Hospitals for Children. The
Bond County Shrine Club sought
donations of yarn for a project that
provided a great community service
activity for the inmates, and a much
needed item for the patients of
Shriners Hospitals for Children.


I wanted to let everyone know that this year the event raised over $26,000 for the
Shriners Hospitals for Children. It has been a lot of fun this year working with
everyone around the state making this our Signature Event for the Shriners of Illinois.
Don Edwards from Mohammed Shrine is getting the checks ready and the accounting
paperwork wrapped up. We will try to to present the checks to each hospital this month.

Next years game will be played on July 13, 2013 in Bloomington on the campus of
Illinois Wesleyan.
                                                         -Eric Tjarks, Game Chairman

        Jefferson County Shrine Club
                                                                                Bud Tate
Paper Crusade made a total of $9,600.00. The same as last year.

The Klowns have ham & bean tickets for sale for Saturday, November 3rd.

Thanks to the Klowns for a great dinner. It was enjoyed by all.
The Klowns will be cooking next month for the stated meeting.
The Ladies enjoyed the drawing for the painted pumpkins and flowers.

There was one Past Potentate, thirteen Past Presidents and ten Past Masters.
The attendance was 55.
Having Fun & Helping Kids
Trivia Night on Nov. 10
Benefit Dyslexia Center
A trivia night to benefit the Children’s Dyslexia Center will be held on Saturday, Nov.
10 at 7 p.m. at the Scottish Rite Building, 1549 Frank Scott Parkway West in Belleville.
Cost is $12 per person with a maximum of eight players per team. A cash bar will offer
beverages for purchase; bring your own snacks. A silent auction will also be held and
attendance prizes will be given.
For reservations, call 618-235-3350 or e-mail

                   Are you interested in meeting other Shriner widows?
                         Are you interested in having a good time?
                              Are you interested in good food?
                    Join the Ainad Belles by getting on our mailing list.
                  You will be informed of the meeting place each month.
                 Meetings are always held on the 4th Monday of each month.
                               11:00 a.m. to approx. 1:30 p.m.
                                    Dues are only $10.00
                  Call Mary Losser at 344-8812 or Mary Vogt at 624-5299

       Silver Lake Shrine Club
                                                                                   Alan Voigt

                         By the time this bulletin arrives, the Paper Crusade will be over.
                         We have had some beautiful days for this. So it is good to be
                         out there. We heard many stories from people how the Shriners
have helped their families. Many thanks to the nobles for giving their time to help with
this fundraising for our hospitals.

SLSC will sponsor a screening clinic in Highland with St. Joseph’s Hospital. The date is
Saturday, November 10. The time is from 9am-11am. The location is at the north side
of the hospital in the medical building. We will need nobles to be available to help guide
visitors at the clinic. Please arrive early.

Our club lost a dedicated noble recently: Ron Munie was always willing to help out. He
recently updated our club’s by-laws and worked to get them approved by AINAD. Our
prayers go out to his wife Marie and family. Somewhere Ron is calling for a ‘point of
order’ at that big Shrine Club in the sky.

SLSC meets on the third Monday of each month. The time is from 6:30 to 7pm, just
prior to the MA-CLI-BO meeting. It is at the K of C Hall in Highland, across the street
from Wal-Mart.
                                                                    One Step
                                                                    at a Time
 19                                                                   Ainad Shriners . . .
        Nile Notes- Al SihahTemple No. 29, Daughters of the Nile
                                                                             PQ Tonya Young
          The month of October was quite busy for members of Al Sihah Temple. First
          we had our regular session. Remember it is on the SECOND Tuesday of the
          month at 1:00 p.m. Then on the 10th several of us cruised the Illinois River
          from Grafton to Florence on the riverboat “The Spirit of Peoria”. It was a
beautiful day and so relaxing and enjoyable it would have been perfect if it was about
10 degrees warmer and the wind not blowing so we could have enjoyed sitting on the
top deck and watch the river. Even so, it was good and soooo much fun.

Then, on the 20th was the luncheon honoring our Supreme Appointees. Al Sihah
Temple is blessed with six appointees this year. PQ Tonya Young, Supreme Deputy
Organizer, PQ Shirley McCain, Supreme Goodwill Ambassador to the Central Area, PQ
Phyllis Karrer, Supreme Temple American Flag Escort, PQ Elaine Howard, Supreme
Temple Canadian Flag Escort, PQ Mildred Wiemers and PQ Ruby Wieduwilt Supreme
Temple Banner Escorts. We all “kicked up our heels” and had a great time.
Then the next week started the Official Visits of the Temples in our area. Next month
we will share all about them.

Besides being busy, Al Sihah Temple has also had several of our members who have
been ill. At our October session all of our elected officers except for Queen Myra and
PQ Elaine were absent because of illness. Pr Marcella Wilson is seriously ill and in the
hospital, Pr Angela Langford was sick and Pr Laura Herzog threw her back out. PQ
Phyllis Karrer has suffered a stroke and Pr Shirley DeCourcy has suddenly lost all of
her hearing. Please remember our members who are in sickness and distress in your
thoughts and prayers, as well as with a card, phone call or visit.

Need a ride to session? Give a member a call and I know they will be happy to share a
ride with you. See you at session on November 13th at 1:00 p.m. The other Tuesdays,
join our members to work on sewing, quilting or other crafts for the children at Shriners
Hospitals for Children®. Work starts at 9:30 a.m and then we break for lunch at noon.
Bring a sandwich, dessert and drinks are provided. Plan to join us on a Tuesday. You’ll
be glad you did.

Get ready for fun this fall, lots of activities that are new and fun for our members and
their families.

Another pearl of wisdom from Queen Myra: We ARE Women Helping Women to Help
the Children Working for the Children, The heart of Daughters of Nile.

    Just use your smartphone QR
    code reader to go to the
    Shriner’s donation website.
    It’s that easy.

 Thank You Ainad Partner Program Sponsors
 Casino Queen 800/777-0777

Having Fun & Helping Kids
 Thank You Ainad Partner Program Sponsors
 Davis & Sons Oil Co.
 602 W. Water St. Box 444 Fairfield, IL 618/842-9151

2013 Calendars
Are Here!
get yours today
Only $25.00!
Contact the office to order.

                               DUES are in
                                the Mail
                               Please pay promptly

 21                                                  Ainad Shriners . . .
100th Anniversary Merchandise for Sale!
If you have not seen the shirts showing off the Ainad100th
Anniversay Logo yet, you should.

Shirts, along with keychains, cups, jewery and other
memorabilia are all on sale at all
majors Ainad fuctions.

All of these items are going fast and will
not be reordered at this time.

Check out the Merchandise
brochure on the
website for more details.

Special Deal-
Any 3 shirts for $75!

What Happened in 1912?
In the first year of Ainad Shrine
• Arizona, Kansas & Wisconsin vote for female suffrage
• Woodrow Wilson (D) defeats Theodore Roosevelt (Prog)
  & Pres Taft (R)
• Socialist International rejects that world war is coming

              Annual Alt-Wood Shrine Club
                 Christmas Tree Sales
Over 50 Years Of Customer Satisfaction

Sales Begin Following Thansgiving
Assortment Of Pines And Balsams

Reasonable Prices

Come Early For Best Selection

Lot Located Next To VFW -
231 E. Edwardsville Road, Wood River, Il

Having Fun & Helping Kids
        El Kazam Shrine Club
                                                                                      Ron Thomason
Greetings from El Kazam. I would like to start by thanking all of you that participated with our 2012
Paper Crusade. We had a total of 18 members of El Kazam volunteer their valuable time to make
it all happen. A big tip of the Fez to all of you. In my opinion, not many things are more gratifying
than spending a few hours in September and October passing out information and raising funds to
help support our Shriners Hospitals for Children. What a great way to spend an Autumn day.
We had a nice group attending the November 2nd 100 Year Gala and we hope to have a few new
Shiner’s created from our area at the Fall Ceremonial on Saturday, November 3rd. Come on out
and show your support, this should be an enjoyable day for one and all. Read your Bulletin for all
important information on events at Ainad.

If you happen to be looking for a good Christmas Tree this year our good friends at Alt-Wood
Shrine CLub will once again be selling trees in Wood River on Edwardsville Road next to the
VFW. They are always some of the best trees available at reasonable prices.

Our October meeting was at Fieldon Lodge and an evening of great food and fellowship was
enjoyed by all. Our November dinner meeting will be a Soup/Chili Dinner. Bring a sampling of
your favorite soup, a salad or dessert, anything you might want to bring that would accompany our
soup/chili dinner. This is also our election of 2013 El Kazam Shrine Club Officers.

Please keep our servicemen and women in your thoughts and prayers along with Julius Gilbert,
Bert and Alma Schaaf, Alberta Gallay, Dwight and Berty Miller, Patsy Halemayer and Bob Sher-
win. A thought to leave you with:

T for thanks for the time to be together, turkey, talks and tangy weather.
H for harvest stored away, home and hearth and holiday.
A for autumn’s frosty art, and abundance in the heart.
N for neighbors and November, nice things, new things to remember.
K for kitchen, kettles’ croon, kith and kin expected soon.
S for sizzles, sights and sounds, and something special thats about.
That spell THANKS and joy of living and a jolly good Thanksgiving. Aileen Fisher, All in a Word.

El Kazam Shrine Club Paper Crusade
The collection was on September 22nd at the
4-way stop atf Hwy.109 and County Road in

All that helped were; Ron Avery, Roger Smith,
Ron Thomason, John Bonn, Jim Darr and Larry

Photo taken by Ambassador Mike Hillman.

 23                                                                          Ainad Shriners . . .
        Tri-City Shrine Club
                                                                         Nathan C. Branding
               Greetings Nobles and ladies! As we enter the month of November, the
               leaves are beginning to pile up and many ghosts and goblins have already
               paid us a visit at our doorstep. I also hope that this newsletter finds you
               and your family doing well.

Let’s all bring our candidates to the fall ceremonial honoring P.P. Tom Schrag (2005),
which is scheduled for November 3rd. There will be a 100th Anniversary celebration on
November 2nd (see Ainad bulletin for details). Let’s all come out, take part in the fun
and show everyone how great it is to be an Ainad Shriner! Do you have your candidate
signed up? Think Membership!

Don’t forget that we will have our election of officers/stated meeting on November 8th
(Note: 2nd Thursday). Plan on attending the upcoming meeting for some delicious
food, fellowship and fun! Looking ahead into the month of December, we will have
our annual Christmas party on December 14th starting at 6:30 PM (Note: 2nd Friday).
Please check your bulletins and be sure to mark your calendar for the many upcoming
activities. Don’t miss out on all of the fun!

Sickness and Distress: Dee Baker, Charlie Harrison, Herman Harris, Linda Wense,
Rich Cottrell, Hilda Cottrell, Dan Evans, Van Stuart, Ed Werner, Richard and June
Branding (and others we may have inadvertently omitted or were not aware of). We
want to remember our ailing members and families in our thoughts and prayers and
wish them a speedy recovery. Please contact: Nathan C. Branding (618-931-6768 or
e-mail addresses of &
concerning information for the sickness & distress column.

I am saddened to report that Marion Favier (wife of Charles “Buddy” Favier) passed
away. We are grateful for her life and the memories that she gave to us. Our sincerest
and heartfelt sympathy goes out to the Favier family. Let us also to continue to
remember the members of our armed forces who are serving our country in various
points across the world. We want to remember them in our thoughts and prayers and
wish them a safe return home.

Please be sure to recognize, remember and thank our veterans on November 11th for
they stepped forward when our country needed them most. Their courage and service
have made it possible for generations to live in liberty. We owe them our thanks.
Everyone is welcome to visit our website through the following link: http://ainadshriners.
org/tcsc and keep up to date on our activities!

Guests are always welcome to visit the TCSC on the 3rd Thursday of each month at
7:00 PM (except in the months of November and December). The board meetings are
at 6:30 P.M. on the night of stated business meetings. In closing, your membership
is important, so be sure to come down and see us. BE ACTIVE, SUPPORT YOUR

Thank You Ainad Partner Program Sponsors
Dignity Memorial
3412 Frank Scott Parkway W. Belleville 618/233.3110

Having Fun & Helping Kids
Temple Talk
If you have any questions about your dues, contact the office.

You can pay your dues, and other items on line at the
Ainad web page.

Have you paid for your circus tickets?

Go to to get up to date information.

2013 Dues are in the mail.

       Salem Shrine Club
                                                                               Buck Oulrey
Joe Black read a letter from a Dakota O’Dell. He raised $256, from a game of
Dodgeball, for the Shriners Hospitals for Children for his Senior Project.

We had four Nobles in attendance for the Stated Meeting held in Mt. Vernon.

We would like to extend our sympathy to Larry Harris who lost his lady.

We have had a very busy month and want to thank everyone who helped in any way.

We would like to wish a Happy Birthday all to those Nobles with September birthdays.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our members and their familys who are ill.

                     If U Don’t Show,
                    Then U Don’t Know.
                      Uniform Units. . .
                     Keeping U Informed

Shriners Hospitals for Children® is a health care system of 22 hospitals dedicated to
improving the lives of children by providing pediatric specialty care, innovative research
and outstanding teaching programs for medical professionals. Children up to age
18 with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries and cleft lip and palate are
eligible for care and receive all services in a family-centered environment, regardless of
the patient’s ability to pay.

 25                                                                  Ainad Shriners . . .
        Hospital Unit
                                                                                  Don Kopp
We are again looking forward to the holiday season and a lot of parties and activi-
ties connected to Ainad, hospital and our unit. We celebrate some of these holidays
with more expectations and planning than others. We must remember November 11th
is Veteran’s Day and give our troops and veterans there just due. We have a great
amount of pride in our country and what we stand for and we have those who have
served and sacrificed to thank for that. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are
important and we have fun celebrating them, but to me, Veterans Day is a special day
and should be observed as such.

To show that we are proud of Ainad and what we try to accomplish, the 100th
Anniverswary Gala Celebration Party is being held at the Four Points by Sheraton in
Fairview Heights on November 2. This will be a fun night with a band, open buffet,
entertainment by the Steve Davis Show and surprises by some talented Shriners.
Each ticket purchased has a chance to win a prize. Show your pride and attend
this affair.

Our Fall Ceremonial is November 3rd and we, in the Hospital Unit, have our special
duty and privilege of escorting and touring with the new candidates through our
hospital. We will meet in the lobby at 9:45 AM, get our act together and be ready for
the new recruits when their bus arrives. This is an obligation for all unit members and
we hope to see everyone there. We’re proud of our unit and what we do and a show of
force is a good impression on our new nobles.

Under the direction of Alan Swartz and his wife Debbie, our meeting room will be
transformed into a spook house that will give the kids a thrill and a scare, as well as a
treat. Alan and Debbie have done this the past couple of years, with the help of other
members and hopefully they will be recognized with a prize themselves.

This is the time of year when planning for 2012 starts to take place. Election of officers
for most clubs and units being discussed and planed. This is an important time for all
members of the organizations and should be done with thought and seriousness. Our
nominating committee recommended the slate of officers for next year: Kenny Kraus,
President; Mike Hickey, Vice President, Bob Cook, Secretary and Gary Fisher,
Treasurer. All good men who have served our unit and temple over the years. When
elected, they will do an excellent job.

We were saddened to hear that two of our members recently passed away. Both of the
Alton area, Bill Wilson and Dale Conners, hard workers and good members, they will
be missed, but remembered. Past Potentate Louis Holcman’s wife, Shirley Holcman,
recently passed away. The Hospital Unit would like to extend our sincere sympathy to
all the families.
                           Don Kopp,
       .                   Chuck Weiss,
                           and Harold
                           members of
                           Ainad Hospital
                           Ulnit, at the
                           statue, “Silent
                           Messengerd”,      A foursome playing in the Hospital Unit
                           after having      Annual Scramble Golf Tornament and
                           conducted a       enjoying the day and the play. Sue
                           tour of           Goedeke, Beth Ravenelli, Don Kopp,
                           the hospital.     Art Hoff and Tom Goedeke.

Having Fun & Helping Kids
               Ainad 2012 Calendar Fundraiser
                  September Cash Winners
 $25.00 Winners                    159     Mike Hillman
 Cal # Name                        728     Carla Tolbert
 769    David Smith                514     Sharon Close
 534    Alan Mag                   1,273   Marv Wallace
 688    Darius Monken              83      Dan Karvalat
 115    Julie Alexander            86      Tomas Mentzer
 16     Chris Jarman               1,094   Terry Conard
 105    Ron Thomason               370     Roger Berg
 82     Ken Whitler                434     John Manis
 114    Julie Alexander            1,225   Leo Fever
 467    Lonnie Langley
 645    Ron Viehweg                $50.00 Winners
 932    Old National Trail SC      1,235 Roger Campbell
 942    Carl Stoker                1,053 Tracey Straub
 1,242 John Copeland               453    William Wilson
 426    Kathy Doan                 399    Clay Co. Widget
 817    Bob Bugger
 102    James Neilson              $100.00 Winner
 46     Oasis Shrine Club          1,133 Roger Gum
 266    Dennis Harvell
 761    Clay Co. Widget            $1000.00 Winner
 1,113 Charlie Oldani              1,215 Henry Rohwedder

                            285 Ainad
                         Shrine Members
                            have NOT
                         paid their Dues.
                           Are you ONE
                            of Them?
27                                                Ainad Shriners . . .
                             Hospital Screening Clinics
        Thank you to everone for helping with the clinics this year.
        Start planning your clinics for the fall.
        As of now, please use only the new Application for Treatment Form
        1036 Rev 5/11/10.

        November 10 Silver Lake SC - Highland Hospital

        After selecting a date for a clinic: Authorization must be requested from
        the potentate. Please contact Carl Hall.

                                   St. Louis Hospital number for applications only:
                                                   Voice: 800-850-2960
                                                   Fax: 314-692-6402

                     Ainad Applications to Shriners Hospitals
                                                                              Submitted by
                                                                               Carl E. Hall

    County                  Sept     YTD       County                Sept      YTD
    Alexander                        0         Lawrence                          4
    Bond                             4         Macoupin                          5
    Calhoun                          1         Madison               5          48
    Clark                            0         Marion                2          26
    Clay                             4         Massac                1           5
    Clinton                  1       4         Monroe                            4
    Coles                            0         Montgomery                        0
    Crawford                 2       4         Perry                 1           7
    Cumberland                       1         Pope                              0
    Edwards                  1       4         Pulaski                           1
    Effingham                1       1         Randolph              1           8
    Fayette                  2       12        Richland              4           9
    Franklin                 3       28        Saline                            7
    Gallatin                         0         St. Clair             7          60
    Greene                           1         Union                             5
    Hamilton                 1       6         Wabash                            1
    Hardin                   1       2         Washington                        1
    Jackson                          11        Wayne                 1           6
    Jasper                   1       4         White                             0
    Jefferson                        10        Williamson            2          22
    Jersey                   1       5         Out of Jurisdiction               2
    Johnson                          5Totals                         38        329
Having Fun & Helping Kids
 William Danner     Larry Meyers            Robert Sterchi
 Mount Vernon , IL  Vandalia, IL            Olney, IL
 September 24, 2012 September 2, 2011       October 11, 2012

 Alva Gerlach       David Moritz
 Sparta , IL        Pinckneyville, IL
 September 27, 2012 September 22, 2012

 Denny Harris             Ron Munie
 Alhambra , IL            O’Fallon, IL
 October 12, 2012         October 1, 2012

     September               October
     Membership           Membership
     4,535                     4,528
     Creations                   0
     Affiliations                0
     Restorations                0
     Reversals                   0
     Associates                  0
     Demits                      0
     Suspensions                 1
     Deaths                     -6
     Associates Dropped          0
     Resigned                    0
     Net                        -7

29                                                 Ainad Shriners . . .
                                  Ainad Office
609 St. Louis Ave., East St. Louis, IL 62201
Phone: 618 874-1870 Toll Free: (888) 567-1870 Fax: (618) 874-6920
Imperial Web Site: or
Ainad Web Site:
Ainad E-Mail:
Ainad Editor: David Ekstrand email:
EMERGENCY BURNS Phone Contact Mark Maxwell (618) 616-6843

Potentate - Bill Hill (Jeanie), 1407 Benton Ave., Johnston City, IL 62951
Chief Rabban - Michael H. Grafe (Ginny), 16 Granvue Dr., Belleville, IL 62223
Assistant Rabban - Richard “Rick” Sieben (Dianne), 3201 Sugar Lake Drive., Freeburg, IL 62234
High Priest & Prophet - Bill Reidelberger (Beth), 1042 Shadow Ridge Crossing, O’Fallon, IL 62269
Oriental Guide - Kevin T. Fernandez (Kimberly), 711 Abend, Belleville, IL 62220
Treasurer - Larry J. Carril PP (Maryann), 625 W. Division St., Marine, IL 62061
Recorder - Ray Rohr, PP (Teri), 121 Longmeade, O’Fallon, IL 62269
First Ceremonial Master - Denver L. Tolbert (Johanna), 5268 Park St. Mulkeytown, IL 62865
Captain of the Guard - Edward D. Allan, 125 Aaron Dr. Belleville, IL 62220
Outer Guard - Terry L. Brown (Carolyn) PO Box 6 Cisne, IL 62823

Second Ceremonial Master - William Underwood, Jr. (Nettie), 108 Alex Drive, Swansea, IL 62226
Director - James P. Herndon (Karen), 104 LouRosa Drive, Collinsville, IL 62234
Assistant Director - Mike Koeneman (Karen), 212 Adam Drive, Swansea, IL 62226
Marshal - Steve Kraus (Joan), 3925 Upper Saxtown Rd. Millstadt, IL 62223
Chaplain - Richard Colona (Sandra), 2 Price Drive, Troy, IL 62294
Chaplain - Carl Hall, 222 Shoreline Dr #3 O’Fallon 62269
Chaplain - C. Russell Helton (Delene), 1104 Organ St., Eldorado, IL 62930
Administrator - Mark Maxwell 609 St. Louis, Ave. E. St. Louis, IL 62201
                 Imperial Council Representatives
                       Bill Hill • Mike Grafe • Rick Sieben • Bill Reidelberger
                       Jack P. Taylor PP, Ron Williams, PP, Colorado Emeritus

 Members of the Shriners Hospitals for Children-St. Louis
                  Board of Governors
               Ray Rohr, PP • Steve Kibler, PP • Henry Siekmann • Harvey L. Mirly MD
               Adrian Croissant III • Carl E. Hall-Associate • Ron Williams, PP-Emeritus
       C. A. Jack Dempsey, PP-Emeritus Chairman • Irvin C. Slate, Jr., PP-Emeritus Chairman
                               • L. Ray Radliff, PP-Emeritus Chairman

                               Ainad Units’ Schedule
Following are the scheduled meeting nights of the various Ainad Uniformed Units who hold their
meetings at the Ainad Shrine Center:
Drum & Bugle Corps - Each Monday Night Arab Patrol - 1st and 3rd Tuesday
Highlanders - Monday Night                     Color Guard - 4th Monday Night
Brass Band - 2nd Friday & 4th Friday Night Director’s Staff - 2nd Monday Night
Uniformed Units - 2nd Thursday Night           Ainad Hospital Unit - 3rd Tuesday
Legion Of Honor - 3rd Tuesday                  Krazy Klowns - 4th Monday
Oriental Band - 1st Tuesday Night              Provost Guard - 4th Thursday

The Ainad Bulletin is published 11 months a year except for July by the Ainad Shriners,
located at 609 St Louis Ave, East St Louis, IL 62201-2927.                                       30
Having Fun & Helping Kids
   PERMIT NO. 1371


Volume 88 November 2012 • No. 09
     East St. Louis, IL 62201
      609 St. Louis Avenue
         Ainad Shriners

                                           Calendar of Events
                November                                     January
                2      100th Anniversary Celebration   1              Ainad closed - New Years
                       Gala- Fairview Heights          10             *Stated Meeting Install
                3      *Fall Ceremonial/ladies program 19             Officer Seminar-Ainad
                15     *Stated Meeting                                East-West Game
                22, 23 Ainad closed - Thanksgiving

                8      Santa Breakfast-Scottish Rite
                20     *Stated Meeting/Elections
                24, 25 Ainad closed - Christmas

                * Indicates Ainad Function
                Do not schedule Club or Unit Activities on these dates. Encourage your
                members to attend Ainad Activities.
                Next Stated Meeting November 15 Stated Meeting
                Dinner Starting at 6:00 P.M. Meeting at 7:30 P.M.

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