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									                                                                                                          TUAA Retreat
                                                                                       Mackenzie House, Trent University
                                                                                              Saturday, August 21, 2010

Meeting Minutes
Meeting called                                         Type of
                       Adam Guzkowski                                      196th Alumni Council Meeting
by:                                                    meeting:
Facilitator:                                           Note taker:         Sylvia Hennessy
                      Alan Barber, Lenaee Dupuis, Kathleen Easson, Jovan Groen, Jess Grover, Adam Guzkowski, Lee
Attendees:            Hays, Jonathan Lake, Kylie Patrick, Jonathan Pinto, Tony Storey
                      Teleconference participants: Dianne Lister, Iain MacFarlane
Regrets                Amy Donald, Stephan Donald, Steven Franklin, Tom Miller, Murray Miskin, Dave Thomas


Agenda item:           President’s Remarks                             Presenter:       Adam Guzkowski
Discussion:        As Below
         Meeting is the official opening of the council retreat.
         Thank you to Jess Grover, Kylie Patrick, Kathleen Easson and Sylvia Hennessy for their assistance in organizing
          the retreat.
         Kylie motioned to appoint Jonathan Lake and Jonathan Pinto as councillors, seconded by Alan Barber.
         Motion carried.
       Adam motioned that the Alumni Association be empowered to act on any decisions over the course of the
        retreat, seconded by Jonathan Pinto.
         Lenaee inquired about a code of conduct for the retreat.
         Adam will lead the group in formulating a code of conduct for the retreat following the council meeting.
         Alan inquired about the motion.
         Adam explained that this motion would extend the decision making power for the retreat.
         Motion carried.
Agenda item:             Minutes of the 195th Council Meeting         Presenter:    Adam Guzkowski
Discussion:              As Below

      Any suggestions, comments or changes.
      Changes to the minutes include:
       Pg. 3, Senate Report, second bullet; (tribal) should read (tri)
       Pg. 4 , Committee Updates, Communications, second bullet; (or) should read (our)
       Pg. 5, Alumni Retreat, Discussion, first bullet; (is) should read (in)
    Alan motioned to accept the minutes as amended, seconded by Jess Grover.
      Kylie suggested the minutes should be sent to members within a shorter period of time following a council
      Sylvia suggested sending the minutes within two weeks following the meeting.
      Kathleen suggested a council member should record the action steps required and send that information to all
       members within a few days following the meeting.
      Adam noted that committee processes would be discussed later during the retreat.
      Motion carried.

Action items: Make necessary changes to 195th minutes and             Person responsible                Sylvia
post corrected document on council website

Agenda item:      Trent University Update                             Presenter         Dianne Lister
Discussion:       As Below

      Gary Boire has been hired as Provost and will assume the position in September.
      Three appointments in the faculty of Arts and Science: Dean of Humanities, Dean of Social Sciences, Dean of
      Establishing a School of Education and possibly other schools.
      Strategic planning will be put into play as we create an integrated plan – the outcome will be a multi-year budget
       and multi-year plan.
      First draft of the integrated plan will be available in December.

Board Relations
      Kate Ramsay retired from the board after eleven years.
      Five or more board members will leave the board next June, which gives opportunity to identify alumni leaders
       for the vacant external membership positions. Dianne encourages alumni council to research and identify names
       to be brought forward to the Nominating & Governance Committee in the early part of 2011.
      Board will be focusing on the strategic enrolment plan and the first year of operations at the Oshawa Campus.
      Alumni engagement in the Oshawa Campus will be very important.
      PVP, PPG has been working on integrated plan and getting organized for academic changes.
External Relations
       Steven, Dianne and faculty members have met with the bishop and principal of Sacred Heart Catholic College.
        Non-credit courses will be offered to Trent students this fall, transfer credit courses may be developed and
        offered in the future.

       Dianne acknowledges the efforts of staff and volunteers for the Athletic Campaign. Adam Guzkowski did an
        extraordinary job in securing the gift of $1 million from Justin Chiu. The staff has raised $1.5 million, we are now
        at 72% of the $4 million campaign goal.
       50 Million Dollar Campaign is at 42% of goal, over $21 million raised in 3.5 years.

Fall Events include:
            Sept. 24 – Chancellor at Trent, outreach to local high school students
            Sept.30 - Don Tapscott book launch
            Oct. 3 – Head of the Trent; Alumni Association AGM; Sport Recreation Centre Opening; Presidents River
            Oct. 18 - Oshawa Campus Opening
            Oct. 19 - David Morrison Lecture
            Oct. 21 - Stairs Lecture, Chemistry
            Oct. 25 – DNA, Module C Opening
            Nov. 3 - Drain Chair Announcement - Kate Norlock
            Nov. 12 – IRC (Industrial Research Chair Program), Suresh Narine Announcement
            Nov. 23 - Sheppard Lecture – Devra Davis
            TBA - Harry Kitchen Lecture
            Dec. 8 – Trent Severn Waterway & Parks Canada Leaders Round Table Symposium

       Alumni Association should think of ways to engage alumni participation in events.
       Tony, Steven and Dianne will meet to discuss steering committee for 50th Anniversary, TUAA role will be
        significant for outreach.

Questions for Dianne
       Q. Jonathan Lake - Have faculties been split in regards to the new academic structure?
       A. Dianne – There will be three faculties, a Dean for each faculty.
       Q. Jovan – Has the College Task Force (Robin Lathange) submitted a copy of the preliminary draft report?
       A. Dianne – I have received a copy of the draft but it has not been tabled by PVP group.
       Q. Adam – Is the preliminary draft report an internal document?
       A. Dianne – The report is internal at this time.

       In the new Viewbook the message talks about the re-vitalized college system, Tony will send a copy to each
        council member.
       We are also planning to build out an international alumni strategy.
Action Items: Tony will send each council member a copy of              Person Responsible         Tony Storey
the new Viewbook
Agenda item:    Board of Governors Report                               Presenter                N/A
Discussion: As Below
      No report at this time

Agenda item:    Senate Report                                          Presenter:      Jess Grover
.Discussion:      As Below
      Senate has not met since the last council meeting on May 15th.

Agenda item:    Committee Updates                                      Presenter:      Council Members
Discussion:     As Below

Jovan Groen – Communications
      Website updates, council profiles, Trent magazine will be discussed at the retreat.

Jess Grover – External Relations
      Discussions will take place during the retreat, Dr. Michael Allcott will join us tomorrow to discuss the topic of
       interaction with international alumni.

Stephan Donald – Finance & Services (reported by Tony Storey)
      Affinity Programs; inquiries and interest in Mortgage Plan, Home and Auto Insurance has seen a 28% growth
       over last year.
      Licence plate program has been suspended, may change in future.
      Meeting with library staff , alumni will have access to selected on-line databases.
      Lee inquired about alumni discount for new Athletic facility.
      Tony will investigate alumni rates for new Athletic facility.
      Alumni website will have direct link to Athletic website.

Kylie Patrick - Nominating and Recognition
      Notified committee chairs about mandates and vacancies.
      Working on recruitment methods and ideas during retreat.
      Lenaee inquired about alumni representation in Oshawa.
      Adam mentioned that the subject of alumni representation in Oshawa will be discussed at the retreat.

Iain MacFarlane – History & Heritage
      Committee has met twice in regards to the 50th Anniversary and Commoner Reunion.
      These topics will be discussed at the retreat.
Lee Hays – Campus Affairs
       Looking for committee members.
       Will be working with co-chair of the committee - Meloche Monnex Student Intern.
       Tony and Kathleen are recruiting for the Meloche Monnex Student Intern.
       Please refer to handout (Appendix A).
       Opportunity for alumni to tag on to some of the university events happening in the fall – further discussions to

Tony Storey – Chapter Relations & Outreach
       Ottawa War Museum event: twenty people attended, could have been better attended, event went well.
       Halifax Event: dozen people attended; Dave Wallbridge, Chapter President is active within NDP party and has
        extended an offer to approach individuals on behalf of Trent.
       Toronto Degrassi Event: could have been better attended, event went well.
       Peterborough Annual Garden Party: included a celebration of Gillian Wilson’s 70 th birthday, event was attended
        by alumni and friends of Gillian, many non-alum guests were decision makers within the community and were
        impressed that Trent would include honouring Gillian’s birthday at the garden party.
       Victoria Alumni Reception: very nice group of alumni, event went well.
       Bowen Island Event: five people attended, three of which were leaders within the community, very innovative
        community with strong leadership; good story for the magazine.

Upcoming Chapter Events include:
             Oct. 18 – Oshawa Campus Public Tours, Faculty Speaker (Robert Wright)
             Oct. 22 – Peterborough 25km meal, Camp Kawartha Environment Centre
             Nov. 15 – Ottawa Second Annual Footprints in the Vineyard
             TBC – Toronto, Don Tapscott talk and book signing
             TBC – Kingston, Footprints in the Vineyard
             TBC – London/Middlesex, Chapter Event with James Rainey

       Alan motioned that reports as presented be accepted, Lee seconded.
       Motion carried.

Action Item: Tony will investigate rates for alumni at the new         Person Responsible             Tony Storey
Sport & Recreation Centre

Agenda item:     Alumni Association AGM, Head of the Trent &          Presenter:      Adam Guzkowski, Tony Storey &
                 Sport & Recreation Centre Opening                                    Lee Hays
Discussion:      As Below
      Adam - Alumni Association AGM discussions will follow at the retreat
      Tony – Head of the Trent is focusing on three events which are: 40th Anniversary Rowing Regatta , Sport &
       Recreation Centre opening, Commoner Event
      Lee - official opening of the indoor rowing and paddling tank at the Sport & Recreation Centre will be celebrated
       with an evening reception on Friday, October 1st. Carol Love will be named an honorary alumna; official opening
       of the Centre is on Saturday, October 2nd at 12:30 p.m., Justin Chiu and the City of Peterborough will be
       acknowledged for each giving $1million to the campaign; $1.5 million remaining to reach our goal; President’s
       River Reception will follow the Centre opening ; official donor wall unveiling reception for the Centre will be in
       February 2011
      Adam mentioned that the goal is to have large alumni presence at the official opening of the Sport & Recreation
       Athletic Centre, the AGM will wrap up promptly at 12:30 p.m. in order for AGM participants to attend the athletic
       centre opening.

Agenda item:   AOB                                                   Presenter:
      Tony is proof reading the magazine and may have to leave the retreat from time to time
      Motion to adjourn
      Motion carried - meeting adjourned
Next Meeting :
AGM, Saturday, October 2, 2010
10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Alumni House

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