Tools and Tricks in Lecture Capture_ Proprietary Software or Free by hcj


									Clay Threlkeld, BS
 Kathy Tally, MS
      Lecture capture is an umbrella term
      describing any technology that allows
      instructors to record what happens in their
      classrooms and make it available digitally.
   Length of Lecture
   Audio Quality
   Educational Benefits
   Should there be breaks?
   Most lectures should be no longer than 30
   What if the lecture is live face-to-face?
   Try to avoid background or white noise.
   Use a good quality headset
   Be wary of noises around you such as, mouse
    clicks and other people.
   Are you doing the lecture on your own for
    students to view at a later time or is it in a
    class room?
   Students can view a captured lecture
       Anytime any place
       take breaks as needed to tend to family and other
        responsibilities at work or at home
       Rewind, review or re-listen to difficult content
        related items as needed
       Faculty can rerecord, rehearse, and update while
        also producing quality lectures minus umms, ahs
        and unnecessary breath sounds (breathing is
        What tools are there for lecture capture?
             Camtasia, Tegrity

        The best use of proprietary lecture capture
             “Require students to apply lecture material to a case study, problem
              set, or real-world application, instead of passively watching the
             “Include questions in lectures that students need to respond to. After
              reviewing the lecture, the student responds to questions on a
              discussion board. Students can respond to other students’ responses
              as well.”
   Live synchronous lecture capture at a distance
   Non-video lecture capture
   Voice Over PowerPoint (VOPP)
   Free online alternatives
        How can you have live lecture captures that are
         not in a classroom?
             Through the use of Web Conferencing
                    These are not free solutions for lecture capture
        “Incorporate a synchronous component in the lecture
         capture system through a tool like Wimba. This provides
         online students the potential to get immediate feedback
         to questions. In addition, this option provides a larger
         pool of diverse students in the class discussion. Online
         students from a broader geographical area can provide a
         diverse perspective.”
   Can record these a slide at a time
   This is good for editing at later times
   These can also be converted to Flash and
    played as a movie using iSpring
   Why use an MP3 for lecture capture?
   Free and very easy to use
   Does require the LAME encoder to produce
    MP3 files.

   This is a free web based MP3 recorder
   Works much like Audacity with one added
       No need for a LAME encoder

   This tool is unique
   You can load many different formats into a
   You can record your voice over each slide and
    annotate that slide if desired.
   You can also load movies and record your own

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