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					DATE RECEIVED       AUTHORITY REF NO                     DESCRIPTION                                       LOCATION                        TOWN/VILLAGE
05 January 1996    South Ayrshire SA951108 Residential                                   Woodhead Road, Coylton                            Coylton
17 April 1996      South Ayrshire SA960203 O/P dev within Campus                         Auchencruive, Ayr                                 Ayr
29 April 1996      East Ayrshire   EA960045 O/P industrial dev                           Treesbank, House, Kilmarnock                      Kilmarnock
09 May 1996        East Ayrshire   EA960076 Opencast coal extraction                     Chalmerston, Dalmellington                        Dalmellington
24 May 1996        East Ayrshire   EA960014 Opencast coal extraction                     Viaduct Milne, nr Muirkirk                        Muirkirk
27 June 1996       East Ayrshire EA960199 Outline Residential                            Bonnyton Road, Kilmarnock                         Kilmarnock
28 June 1996       East Ayrshire EA960229 O/P prison                                     Bowhouse, nr Hurlford                             Hurlford
05 July 1996       South Ayrshire SA960204 Rebuilding & consolidation of building        Baltersan Castle, Parish of Kirkoswald            Kirkoswald
08 July 1996       North Ayrshire NA960343 12 Cottages                                   Lamlash, Arran                                    Arran
12 July 1996       East Ayrshire EA960262 Motor showroom                                 A71/B7064, Moorfield, Kilmarnock                  Kilmarnock
15 July 1996       South Ayrshire SA960369 Retail warehouse                              Heathfield Road, Ayr                              Ayr
18 July 1996       South Ayrshire SA960047 Erection of Retail Warehousing, New           Beresford Terrace and Parkhouse Street, Ayr       Ayr
                                           Access, Parking and Landscaping
23 July 1996       North Ayrshire NA960005 33 KV north line rebuild                      Arran                                             Arran
25 July 1996       South Ayrshire SA960002 c/u open space to respite care unit           Adamton Terrace, Prestwick                        Prestwick
07 August 1996     South Ayrshire SA960446 Erection of 90 dwellings                      East Road, Prestwick                              Prestwick
07 August 1996     South Ayrshire SA920796 Erection of car workshop/showroom             Heathfield Road, Ayr                              Ayr
07 August 1996     North Ayrshire NA960016 Demolition of Bothy                           West Kilbride Railway Station                     West Kilbride
21 August 1996     South Ayrshire SA960467 Erection of 3 loose boxes and storage         Broomhill Farm Cottage, Dundonald                 Dundonald
29 August 1996    East Ayrshire    EA960357 Chalet Crannog & loch                        The Meadows, A71 Galston                          Galston
02 September 1996 East Ayrshire    EA960377 Motor Service Showroom                       Queens Drive, Kilmarnock                          Kilmarnock
03 September 1996 East Ayrshire    EA960385 2416 sq.m. non food retail units             Burnside Street/Tannock Street, Kilmarnock        Kilmarnock
03 September 1996 East Ayrshire EA960386 Chipboard Manufacturing Plant                   Barony Colliery, Auchinleck                       Auchinleck
13 September 1996 East Ayrshire EA960406 6317 sq.m. Retail store                         Queens Drive, Little Bellsland Road, Kilmarnock   Kilmarnock
16 September 1996 North Ayrshire NA960460 c/u of school to offices & housing             Academy Road, Irvine                              Irvine
02 October 1996    South Ayrshire SA960579 C/U of Agri. Land & Erection of 6             Highfield Farm, Ayr                               Ayr
07 October 1996    East Ayrshire EA89143B Erection of Motorway Service Area              Harelaw, Fenwick                                  Fenwick
16 October 1996    East Ayrshire   EA960476 Change of use of part of Factory to form 6   Craigens Road, Cumnock                            Cumnock
                                            retail units
16 October 1996    East Ayrshire   EA960401 Re-establishment of mineral railway linked   Knockshinnock Farm, Broomfield Opencast Coal Rankinston
                                            to Broomhill
DATE RECEIVED       AUTHORITY REF NO                    DESCRIPTION                                     LOCATION                       TOWN/VILLAGE
16 October 1996    East Ayrshire EA960468 Leisure/Recreation Park                      Shieldmains Farm, Coalhall                      Coalhall
17 October 1996    East Ayrshire EA960333 31 Serviced Housing Plots                    Low Greenbank Phase 3, East Main, Darvel        Darvel
17 October 1996    North Ayrshire NA960452 Agricultural Showground Vehicular Access    South Gailes, Irvine                            Irvine
                                           & Drainage
21 October 1996    East Ayrshire EA960496 Proposed Development at Gasswater near       Gasswater near Cronberry                        Gasswater
28 October 1996    South Ayrshire SA980630 Outline Planning Permission of 2 Drive      Land at Healthfield Retail Park, Ayr            Ayr
                                           through fast food units
06 November 1996 South Ayrshire SA960182 OPP for Residentail Development             Bogend Toll, Tarbolton Road, Symington            Symington
07 November 1996 North Ayrshire NA960453 Continuation of Hard Rock Minerals, Biglees Biglees Quarry, Hunterston, West Kilbride         West Kilbride
                                         Quarry, Hunterston
12 November 1996 South Ayrshire SA960617 C/U of Former Caravan Park & ER of RES 148 Dalmellington Road, Ayr                            Ayr
                                         DEV & Assoc. Works
12 November 1996 South Ayrshire SA960685 Erection of Dwellinghouse, Todrigs,          Todrigs, Symington                               Symington
15 November 1996 South Ayrshire SA960691 Outline Planning Permission for the Erection 6 Symington Road North                           Symington
                                         of Dwellinghouse
15 November 1996 South Ayrshire SA960706 Erection of Farm Supply Building             Cattle Market, Whiteford Hill                    Ayr
20 November 1996 North Ayrshire NA960625 Alterations to Gogo Street, turning facility Former Goods Yard Irvine Road, Largs             Largs
29 November 1996 East Ayrshire EA960602 Proposed Development - Extraction of Coal Grievehill near New Cumnock                          New Cumnock
01 December 1996 South Ayrshire SA960313 23 Dwellings                                  Kilmarnock Road, Dundonald                      Dundonald
02 December 1996 East Ayrshire EA960616 Proposed Fire Fighter Training Facility        Glaisnock House Estate                          Cumnock
02 December 1996 North Ayrshire NA960635 Erection of 15 dwelling houses                Site to north of Heronswood Kilwinning KA13 7   Kilwinning
09 December 1996 South Ayrshire SA960766 OPP for erection of mixed commercial          Heathfield Retail Park, Heathfield, Ayr         Ayr
24 December 1996 East Ayrshire EA960670 Extraction of Coal by Opencast Method          Spierslack, Glenbuck, by Muirkirk               Muirkirk

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