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the Diocese of                                                             St. James’ Church Dickson


                                                                      St. Anselm’s Church Nashville

                           Youth of the Diocese of Tennessee

                   Vol. 6, No. 11 November/December 2012
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                                                  The Mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee
                                                        is to encourage and equip one another
                                                         as baptized people of God, to witness
                                              to the transforming and reconciling power of Jesus Christ.

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                                                         Protecting children from sexual abuse. 
                                                          Preventing adult sexual misconduct. 
      In the United States                          A diocesan workshop for vestries,* nursery workers, 
   A communion of 2.5 million
    members in 112 dioceses                         Sunday school teachers, volunteer youth leaders and 
   in the Americas and abroad                               employees, part‐time and full‐time, 
        Established 1789                                         anywhere in the diocese. 
        Presiding Bishop
          The Most Rev.                           There are no workshops scheduled for November or December.
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                                                               Connections: home… parish… diocese
          Episcopal Seat:                                     Published by the Diocese of Tennessee.
      Christ Church Cathedral                               Publisher: The Rt. Rev. John C. Bauerschmidt
                                                                        Editor: Cathy Hendrix
                                                                                     enduring characteristics and the same
                                                                                     hope for the future.

                                                                                     We are staking our claim, making a
                                                                                     stand, reaching out and stretching our-
                                                                                     selves for the sake of the Gospel.
Open, Obedient,                            In the Diocese of Tennessee we are:       Please join us in this work, not least of
                                                                                     all through the “Faithful & Focused”
Responsive, Committed                      ♦   Open to the power of God at
                                               work in our lives. We are expect-
                                                                                     annual fund that helps to make it pos-
                                                                                     sible. These are good days for the dio-
During my visits with parishes, I              ing God to show up and to act.        cese of Tennessee, the time God has
                often use these four           We seek God’s grace for every         given us to be open, obedient, respon-
                words to think about           part of our life together.            sive, and committed. — Bishop John
                our life together as       ♦   Obedient to Jesus’ call to make
                a diocese. Commu-              disciples of all nations. Disciples
                nities of faith have           learn from the Master and pass
                enduring character-            on the teaching. We have new
                istics; they also              Resurrection life to share.
                have a vision of
what their ministry is aiming at and       ♦   Responsive to the needs of the
of how they undertake it.                      world that God has made and for
                                               which Jesus gave his life. He has
In my time as bishop, I’ve learned a           called us to service in his name.
lot about the Diocese of Tennessee,        ♦   Committed to deepening our re-
and I’ve also seen how our life has            lationship and connection to our
developed as we have responded to              Lord Jesus Christ and to each
the new challenges that are before             other as members of his Body, for
us. As I’ve gone about the work I’m            the sake of the life of the world.
called to do here, these four words
have helped to focus me and to re-         As I look out at God’s People assem-
call me to the work that is at hand.       bled on Sunday mornings and at
                                           other times as I make my way
                                           through the diocese, I see the same

      Fifth Annual Clergy Silent Retreat
             February 4 - 7, 2013
The Fifth Annual Clergy Silent Retreat will be at St.
Mary’s Sewanee, Monday, February 4 through Thursday,
February 7, 2013. The retreat will begin with Evening
Prayer at 5:30 PM on Monday, and end with the Eucharist
at 10:30 PM on Thursday.

The theme will be “The Veil Parted: In Search of God.”
The Rev. Dr. Peter Doll will be the retreat leader. A native
of Washington DC, he is a priest in the Church of Eng-
land. He has ministered as parish priest, university chap-
lain and is now Canon Librarian of Norwich Cathedral.
Educated at Yale and Oxford Universities, he is the author
of works on church history, ecumenism and liturgical            Registration information for the retreat will be forthcom-
spirituality. Peter is married to Helen, a medical statisti-    ing. Mark your calendars, and join Bishop Bauerschmidt
cian, and they have four children.                              and Canon Snare for a reflective and renewing time apart.                                                           Connections November/December 2012    3
                                                                                      So far this year, the church has pro-
                                                                                      vided Second Harvest Food Bank with
                                                                                      over 500 lbs. of food and the Campus
                                                                                      for Human Development is also a re-
                                                                                      cipient of St. Anselm’s generosity.

Year Three: Keeping                        was opened. The Rev. James E. Wil-
                                           liams, vicar of Holy Trinity Church
                                                                                      On two Saturdays a month, the church
                                                                                      opens its doors to students of Head
The Faith                                  Nashville, and Z. Alexander Looby, a
                                           vestry member there, helped negotiate
                                                                                      Middle Magnet School for tutoring in
                                                                                      math, English, social studies and other
November 2012 marks the start of the       the purchase of the property on Me-
                                                                                      subjects in which they need help.
third year of Faithful & Focused, the      harry Boulevard where the church
diocesan Annual Fund to support the        stands today.
                                                                                      Many of their outreach programs are
ongoing work of the Church in Middle
                                           The chapel, dedicated on May 27,           funded by their annual Fish Fry and
Tennessee and beyond. Although in
                                           1960, was named for the first Black        Bazaar. The building is in current need
general, the economy seems to have
                                           Suffragan Bishop in the US, Edward         of some upgrades, including a new
improved to a degree, many of the
                                           Denby, but the name was later              marquee for the front of the building.
parishes and entities of the Diocese of
Tennessee need ongoing financial and       changed to St. Anselm’s Student Epis-
spiritual assistance.                      copal Chapel. In 1983, the chapel was      Following the resignation of the Rev.
                                           renamed St. Anselm’s Church.               Angelo Wildgoose, the congregation
The people in the diocese have shown                                                  will work closely with Bishop Bauer-
their generous spirit in contributing to   The congregation of today continues        schmidt and Canon Snare as the
this fund. But the good work must          to experience changes and challenges       bishop names a new vicar to help
continue and with your help, and your      but remains strong and faithful to their   bring St. Anselm’s church into the
prayers, it will.                          history and heritage. Though tradi-        future while honoring the past.
                                           tionally St. Anselm’s has been consid-
There are many programs, missions          ered a campus ministry, they have          The Youth Program of the
and organizations which receive an-        been restricted in the ways they are       Diocese of Tennessee
nual support from the diocese. Among       allowed to reach out to students. Still,   There is so much activity for the
these are:                                 every other Friday, there is a Bible       youth throughout the diocese that an
                                           study for students and young adult         entire issue of Connections recently
St. Anselm’s Church Nashville              members of the church.                     spotlighted them. Many of the par-
Rich in history, St. Anselm’s Church                                                  ishes have thriving youth ministries,
                                           Many older members of the congrega-        take trips and retreats, hold their own
Nashville began as a chapel in Hoff-       tion started as students and have
man Hall, the only Episcopal semi-                                                    events such as lock-ins and game
                                           stayed with St. Anselm’s as they, and      nights and perform local outreach.
nary in the south to train African-        the mission, changed.
American people for the ministry. As-
sociated with Fisk University, Hoff-                                                  But there is something else to look at:
                                           The outreach programs of St.               a diocesan coordinated youth effort -
man Hall opened in 1890; the chapel,       Anselm’s are varied and serve the
then called Hannington Chapel,                                                        one which brings the youth of the Dio-
                                           community that needs them the most.        cese of Tennessee together under one
served Hoffman Hall, Fisk University       Once each month, the vicar and mem-
and Meharry Medical College.                                                          banner but also supports the youth
                                           bers of the congregation visit the         ministers and leaders in their work.
                                           Knowles Assisted Living Center for a
After the closing of Hoffman Hall in       morning service and an evening game
1900, there was no Episcopal presence                                                 The Rev. Dixon Kinser of St. Bar-
                                           night. The residents enjoy the com-        tholomew’s Church Nashville is the
on campus for the students until 1956,     pany and the church members are re-
when an Episcopal Student Center                                                      diocesan coordinator and reports an-
                                           warded as well.                            nually to convention. He often talks
                                                                                      about trends and new ways of looking
                                                                                      at youth ministry. However, as a re-
                                                                                      cent diocesan youth gather showed,
                                                                                      it’s still all about the fellowship. Put
                                                                                      150 youth from across the diocese in
                                                                                      one place - this time it was Christ
                                                                                      Church Cathedral Nashville - and
                                                                                      watch the magic happen.

4   Connections November/December 2012                                                
                                          St. James’ Church Dickson                found in McMinnville and was pur-
                                                                                   chased for just $900.
                                          Imagine a church family moving from
                                          location to location, seeking a perma-
                                          nent home. Imagine that congregation’s
                                          members drifting away. Imagine a dis-
                                          appointed leadership and you will have
                                          a clear picture of the people of St.
                                          James’ Church Dickson - a year ago.

                                          Now imagine a happy congregation in
                                          a fresh, clean space… in a church that
                                          looks and feels and sounds like a
                                          church. Imagine their pride of place
With more than 15 youth ministries                                                 St. James’ has a very strong chapter
                                          and their joy at the return of members
present from all over middle Tennes-                                               of the Daughters of the King which
                                          who had left. That’s the body of St.
see there was much diversity of min-                                               provides emergency food boxes to
                                          James’s Church today, led by the
istry style, culture and even lan-                                                 those in need and baby caps to the
                                          vicar, the Rev. David Yancey.
guage. However, this was by design.                                                local hospital and to Vanderbilt for
With each section of the liturgy led                                               premature infants. But Fr. David says
by a different youth ministry, gather-                                             their most important service is their
ing around the Lord’s Table became                                                 prayer ministry. “I’m so grateful for
a beautiful patchwork quilt of offer-                                              their prayers, especially in support of
ings with differences being received                                               me. I need all the prayers I can get.”
not as distinction, but as gift. Bishop
Bauerschmidt joined the youth for                                                  The weekly Wednesday Lunch Pro-
the liturgy as well as the fabulous                                                gram serves those supported by De-
meal that followed.                                                                velopmental Services and their aides,
                                                                                   Senior Citizens and others who need
Moreover, the Youth Steering Com-                                                  a hot lunch. It used to be paid for by
                                          Since spring, they have been wor-
mittee (who planned and executed                                                   those preparing the meals but is now
                                          shipping in a new location, right off
the event) sees the success of this                                                maintained by donations.
                                          the main highway, on Church Street
simple youth Eucharist as evidence        to be exact, surrounded by the activ-
of what God is doing in the diocese.                                               Bishop Bauerschmidt recently went
                                          ity of businesses and traffic flow.
Fr. Dixon says, “We have some of                                                   to Dickson for his annual visitation
                                          They have heard people say they
the most talented youth workers I                                                  and to consecrate the church’s altar
                                          were previously unaware there was
have ever served with and they all                                                 and baptismal font (which was im-
                                          an Episcopal church in Dickson.
echo a common yearning for commu-                                                  mediately put to use) Four people
nity, connection and discipleship for                                              were confirmed as well.
                                          A congregation which boasts con-
our youth.                                tractors, architectural engineers and
                                          construction workers as well as fur-
“However,” he continues, “there is        niture makers and others with differ-
also this growing sense of fellow-        ent talents, the members took it upon
ship and friendship among the youth       themselves to locate a building (at
workers as well and I can really          one time a home, then later, a Laun-
only attribute it to the work of God.     dromat) and begin extensive renova-
These two areas are where we plan         tions. They hired workers who were
put our energy and resources for the      doing community service, giving
future because if God seems to be         them a second chance to be produc-
for it, we should be as well. Look        tive citizens. Some of those workers
for a more full report on all this        have attended services at St. James’.
from me in January. Until then,                                                    At some point, they hope to add a
thank you to all our churches and                                                  steeple and there are surrounding
                                          Many items were donated or pur-
youth workers who brought students                                                 buildings which one day may be used
                                          chased at Habitat for Humanity
to the Eucharist and made it what it                                               for offices and Sunday School
                                          shops (architectural remnants such as
was. It would not have been the                                                    rooms. But now, Fr. David says he
                                          windows, doors, fixtures and more)
same with out you!”                                                                sees a new sense of excitement in the
                                          or Hope Centers (which support nar-
                                                                                   people of St. James’ and says of the
                                          cotics recovery). The organ was
                                                                                   new location, “This is good.”                                                        Connections November/December 2012   5
Clergy News -                                                        In early November The Rev.s Randy Hoover-Dempsey
                                                                     and Bob Abstein will participate in the Porter Cup golf
Having resigned, The Rev. Angelo Wildgoose’s last Sun-               event which is open to all Episcopal clergy. Bishop Bauer-
day at St. Anselm’s Church Nashville is November 25.                 schmidt recently attended the CREDO conference. 

Parish News -                                                        available. Kick off the new year right with St. Michael’s
                                                                     Church Cookeville and their 1st Annual Walk/Run 5K
Recent confirmations: Erin Orr, Connor ClenDening, St.               event on January 1, 12:00 Noon. To sign up, call the
Marks’s Church Antioch; Lynn Williams, Trinity                       church at 931-526-4654. Members of St. Paul’s Church
Church Winchester; Dalton Brewer, St. Agnes’ Church                  Frankin are re-launching their Prayer Shawl Ministry.
Cowan; Robert Peery, MaryBeth Yancey; Raven Schu-                    Shawls are distributed to those undergoing medical pro-
mann, Coleman Parker, St. James’ Church Dickson.                     cedures, experiencing bereavement, having a baby, get-
                                                                     ting married, etc. If you would like to participate, contact
Recent receptions: Danny Abbott, St. Mark’s Church                   Laurie Gearhart at 615-614-2120. On December 15, St.
Antioch; Kathaleen Westlund, Calvary Church Cumber-                  Mark’s Church Antioch will hold their Carols and Cas-
land Furnace.                                                        seroles event in Reynolds Hall. To join them, call the
                                                                     church at 615-361-4100 for all the details. Church of the
Recent baptisms: Thomas Bagsby, Hunter Lundgren, St.                 Epiphany Sherwood held their annual parish meeting at
Barnabas’ Church Tullahoma; Julie Simpson, Christina                 the end of October along with a covered dish lunch. They
Yi Xuan Tantaris, St. Mark’s Church Antioch; Maria                   planned for the upcoming year and elected members to
Salinas, St. James’ Church Dickson.                                  the Mission Council. Trinity Church Winchester is
                                                                     looking for one or more volunteers to help develop a new
Christ Church Cathedral Nashville is offering the op-                church website. If you are interested, please email Alexis
portunity to take a pilgrimage to Turkey. Led by the Rev.            at On November 18 at 3:00 PM,
Joshua Caler and Dr. Daniel Shafer of Belmont Univer-                Church of the Holy Trinity Nashville will welcome
sity, travelers will visit many of the first Christian com-          Music City Baroque under the direction of Karen Clarke,
munities. For more information, contact jca-                         for a program of music for the holidays with an aria from The Boulevard Bolt is a Thanks-             Bach’s Christmas Oratorio and the Noels by Delalande
giving Day tradition on Belle Meade Boulevard as run-                and Charpentier. Please consider bringing a donation of
ners, many in costumes, take to the street for a 5-mile              non-perishable food to support Second Harvest of Middle
run/walk. For registration details, contact Dru Anderson             Tennessee. Betty Carpenter of Otey Memorial Parish
at St. David’s Church Nash-                 Sewanee has been appointed Interim Director for the
ville invites everyone to their annual Best Ever Holiday             Community Action Committee. This outreach serves
Bazaar to be held at the church on November 17. Food                 young families, disabled elderly people, those struggling
and crafts perfect for your holiday shopping will be                 with addiction and others in need.

Youth Groups Join Together                                           ness to be available to receive the presence of God, his love
                                                                     for us, and his calling for our lives. I loved getting to share
For Fall Retreat                                                     that with the youth of our diocese.”

Jill Altom, Youth Minister at Church of the Resurrection
Franklin, reports that a group went on a Fall Retreat on
October 12-14. The youth (pictured here) from Church of
the Advent Nashville and Church of the Good Shepherd
Brentwood traveled to New Frontiers Camp in Dowelltown
TN. Jill says, “We discovered the adventures of caving,
soared on a high ropes course and discovered more about the
Holy Spirit. It was really great for us to get this opportunity to
retreat from it all and be together. For me, retreats with my
church were some of the most powerful experiences I have
had in my faith journey because they gave me the time and
space to really discover God and what I thought about having
a relationship with Him. I only had a few opportunities during
my youth to go on retreat but they were by far the most
memorable and impactful experiences of that time in my life.
It often takes an experience where we get away from the busy-

6   Connections November/December 2012                                                      
Annual Convention                                                                    fulfilled the mandate asked of him by
                                                                                     the Standing Committee of Diocese
Speaker Announced                                                                    of Seychelles.

The Rt. Rev. Santosh K. Marray, as-                                                  In his pastoral ministry, he has served
sistant bishop in the Diocese of Ala-                                                in several parochial settings which
bama, has accepted an invitation                                                     includes experience in small and ru-
from Bishop Bauerschmidt to be                                                       ral multi-station parishes, urban, in-
guest speaker at the Annual Conven-                                                  ner city and suburban congregations.
tion in January 2013 at Christ                                                       He has witnessed the revival and
Church Cathedral Nashville.                                                          growth of many struggling congrega-
                                                                                     tions, restored and/or built several
Before recently accepting the call to                                                parish facilities, achieved through
Alabama, Bishop Marray was bishop                                                    successful capital campaigns. In his
assisting in the Episcopal Diocese of                                                communion-wide ministry, he has
East Carolina. In his current position,                                              ministered, nurtured, inspired and
he supports the Rt. Rev. Kee Sloan,                                                  counseled numerous people including
Alabama’s diocesan bishop, by shar-                                                  many non- Christians.
ing the annual parish visitation
schedule, and is responsible for the       diocesan family, he witnessed a major     Marray served as a member of the
Department of Mission and Congre-          diocesan revival in all areas of dioce-   Anglican Covenant Design Group
gational Development, especially in        san life. This included the ordination    which drafted the Anglican Commun-
small congregations.                       of the first women priest in the dio-     ion Covenant, and is currently a
                                           cese and province which he regards as     member of the Archbishop of Canter-
During more than 30 years of or-           one of the highlights of his ministry     bury, the Most Rev. Dr. Rowan Wil-
dained ministry, he has served the         there. With the diocese in a much         liams’ Pastoral Visitors’ Team. The
people of six dioceses (Guyana, Ba-        healthier state, he invited the diocese   team consists of lay people, clergy
hamas, Florida, Seychelles and East        to elect a local bishop. At the end of    and bishops of the communion in-
Carolina) spanning three provinces of      2008, he returned home to his family      vited by the archbishop to serve as his
the Anglican Communion (West In-           and the Diocese of Florida, having        emissary in conflict situations.
dies, The Episcopal Church and In-
dian Ocean).

He was ordained deacon at St.
George’s Cathedral in Georgetown,
Guyana, January 1981 and priest in
November of that year. He served in
various ministries in Guyana until
1989 when he was called to ministry
in the Diocese of the Bahamas where
he served until 2003. He was then
called as rector of St. Philip’s Episco-
pal Church, Jacksonville FL, until
2005 when he was elected bishop di-
ocesan of the Diocese of Seychelles,
Province of the Indian Ocean.

Bishop Marray interprets his call to
the Seychelles in terms of a miracle.
God was calling him to a very critical
mission which he couldn’t decline.
He was elected at a time when the
diocese was significantly undergoing
major challenges across the spectrum
of diocesan life. He was given a man-
date by the diocese that included pio-
neering the renewal and revitalization
of the diocese. In a spirit of collabo-
rative and collegial ministry with the                                                           Connections November/December 2012   7
                                                                                                           “Before the call to
                                                                                                           ordained ministry,
                                                                                                           I served as an
                                                                                                           attorney for 20
                                                                                                           years. During this
Messiah Pulaski To Install                 Fresh Start 4 Overnight                                         time I was a law
                                                                                                           professor, family
The Rev. Carolyn Keck                      Nine clergy joined Bishop                                       law     attorney,
                    On Wednesday,          Bauerschmidt for a Fresh Start                                  mediator, and I
                    November 7 at          Overnight at St. Mary’s Sewanee,           worked with families and parishes in
                    6:30 PM, the Rev.      October 16-17, 2012. Participants          severe conflict. It was through the
                    Carolyn     Keck       included Tracy Wells Miller (Priest        work of family and parish
                    will be instituted     Associate, St. Paul’s Church               reconciliation that I sensed this call to
                    as Rector of           Franklin), Mary Hassell (Priest-in-        the priesthood.
                    Church of the          Charge, St. Bede’s Church
                    Messiah Pulaski.       Manchester), Jacoba Hurst (Vicar, St.      “I have a Master of Divinity from
                    The life and           Luke’s Church Springfield), Kira           Fuller Seminary in Seattle, and a
ministry of the church will be             Schlesinger (Priest-in Charge, Church      Diploma in Anglican Studies from
celebrated as well.                        of the Epiphany Lebanon), Lissa            Trinity Episcopal School for
                                           Smith (Assisting Priest, St.               Ministry. I was ordained to both the
The prayers and presence of the clergy     Augustine’s Chapel Nashville),             diaconate and priesthood in the year
and laity in the Diocese of Tennessee      Carolyn Keck (Rector, Church of the        2000. After serving in two parishes -
are requested. The clergy are invited to   Messiah Pulaski), Monica Carlson           as curate and then rector - near
vest (color: red) and process.             (Transitional Deacon, Community of         Albany, New York, I spent a
                                           St. Mary Sewanee), Molly Dale Smith        wonderful year as interim priest in the
A reception in the Parish House will       (Fresh Start facilitator) and Canon        Seattle area. And my most recent
follow the installation. Church of the     Pamela Snare (Fresh Start facilitator).    parish is here in Frankfurt, Germany,
Messiah is located at 114 North Third                                                 in the Convocation of Episcopal
Street, Pulaski. To rsvp by phone, call    Fresh Start is a program designed for      Churches in Europe. My German
the church at 931-363-1454 or email        clergy in new cures, and the newly         language and bi-cultural heritage            ordained. Its purpose is to build          have served me well at Christ the
                                           relationships of mutual trust among        King, maybe the most diverse church
                                           clergy, to share experiences and           in the Episcopal Church.
                                           wisdom in ministry, and to provide
Three Deacons To Be                        continuing education. Clergy meet          “I am blessed with two beautiful and
Ordained To Priesthood                     once a month for nine months, and          brilliant children. Kyle, 35, lives in
During the month of December, three        each meeting includes worship,             Seattle and is an artist making fused
deacons will be ordained by Bishop         community building, critical               glass jewelry. I will proudly show
Bauerschmidt to priesthood in the          incidents, and facilitation of materials   off his artwork. Cara, 32, is a young
Diocese of Tennessee.                      helpful to clergy in transition. This is   adult librarian at an international
                                           the fourth Fresh Start in the Diocese      school in Brazilia, Brazil and leads
The Rev. Suzanne Cate will be              of Tennessee.                              the Sunday School at her church. I
ordained at St. James’ Church in                                                      love music, theater, reading, travel,
Ormand Beach FL on December 12;                                                       and being with people. I am also a
the Rev. Monica Carlson will be            Church Of The Advent                       long distance walker. Kyle and I
ordained at Community of St. Mary          Welcomes Interim                           recently completed a half marathon
Sewanee on December 18; the Rev.                                                      in Seattle.
Stanford Adams will be ordained at         On November 11, the Rev. Carola von
All Saints’ Church in Tupelo MS on         Wrangel will start her interim service     “In parish ministry I am passionate
December 19.                               at Church of the Advent Nashville. By      about walking with people in their
                                           way of introduction, she writes, “I was    growth in faith and service. My
Invitations will go out to family,         born in Feldkirch, Austria, where my       primary ministry gifts include
friends and the clergy of the Diocese      family were refugees from Estonia.         teaching, pastoral care, preaching and
of Tennessee. Please remember these        We immigrated to the US, specifically      working with youth and children. In
three in your prayers.                     to Seattle, Washington when I was          all of this, being part of God’s work
                                           almost four years old. That is where I     of healing and reconciliation is a
                                           went to school, University, law school     great joy.”
                                           and seminary.

8   Connections November/December 2012                                                 
Thistle Farms Fundraiser Inspires                                                      Becca Stevens, founder of Magdalene
                                                                                       and Thistle Farms addressed the audi-
On Thursday, October 4, more than 850 people gathered                                  ence saying, “ There is nothing sweeter
in the Vanderbilt Student Life Center to celebrate 15                                  than seeing a dream come alive before
years of Magdalene and Thistle Farms helping women in                                  your waking eyes. Nothing revives
recovery from addiction and lives on the street.                                       your spirit like the promise of a com-
                                                                                       munity gathered in a spirit of love.”
Magdalene, a two-year residential program, houses 30                                   She continued, “We have never been
women at a time in six homes throughout Nashville. They                                just residential communities or a social
are given support and tools to begin their recovery and           enterprise, but a movement that calls us to go to troubled
after a few months, they find work, start school or learn to      fields to use our God-given gifts to reap a harvest that can
make the products of Thistle Farms.                               feed us all. This gathering holds the hope for all who want
                                                                  to believe LOVE HEALS.”
Thistle Farms is a social enterprise, making, marketing
and distributing natural bath and body products. Purchase         After all the pledges and gifts were counted, the organiza-
of the products go to support the women by whom they              tion came within $10,000 of their $300,000 goal to support
were made. Thistle Farm products are now sold in over             the program for the next three years. If you would like to
200 stores in Tennessee and across the country and can be         contribute to their goal, please visit
bought online at

The theme of the fundraiser chaired by Fiona Prine,
“Chestnut & Sage,” lent itself to reflections through es-
says and poems from the women of Magdalene on resil-
ience, healing and growth. Musical entertainment was
provided by Gretchen Peters and John Prine who per-
formed three of this most moving songs. The women of
Magdalene joined the singers for an version of Bob Dy-
lan’s “I Shall Be Released.”

     God’s Green Earth… for the holidays
     Stuff. Everyone’s got it. Everyone wants more. Or do they?

     A new green idea making the rounds for the holidays is “no more stuff.” Does that mean to cancel Santa and
     other gift giving? No way! Give the gift of experiences. Tickets to a sporting event or concert are a wonderful
     way to tailor your gift giving. A travel experience can be fun for the entire family.

     Other ideas include cooking or language classes, outdoor activities (hot air ballooning or horseback riding), an
     afternoon visit to a winery or a short train trip. More practical gifts are grocery or gasoline gift cards, a certifi-
     cate for a house cleaning service or an offer of babysitting time.

     Some families may choose to forgo gift giving among themselves and opt to support a charity instead. Whether
     through a monetary gift or the gift of volunteerism, the holidays are a time of great need and there are many
     ways to contribute. See page 13 of this publication to volunteer through St. Luke’s Community House. Other
     seasonal organizations are the Angel Tree project, Toys For Tots and Nashville’s Metro Police Christmas Bas-
     ket Charity, which provides food and gifts to needy families. Christmas is also a good opportunity to give to
     your church in honor of a family member or friend.

     If you prefer to give of your time, the Nashville Rescue Mission and Vanderbilt’s Pi Beta Phi Alumni Club’s
     Christmas Village would be happy to put you to work.

     You won’t end up with more stuff, but the memories of time spent with family and friends - and even strangers
     in need - will stay with you a lifetime.                                                               Connections November/December 2012      9
Children At Holy Cross
Donate $1000
Each week we go with little heart
boxes that we covered with decora-
tions and collect money from the
people at church. We start at the
back of the church. Two kids hold
boxes, while two others hold the
wine and bread. Then we walk to the
front, bow to the table, and then
give the food to the people who are
holding the plates. The plates hold
dollar bills and checks. But our
boxes hold change. Two us of go to
each half of the church to collect
dimes, quarters, nickles and pennies.
We walk down the rows until we
end up in the back.                       choices to pick a group to give the      only families who have kids with spe-
                                          money to. This time we collected so      cial needs.
We do this because we use the money       much we gave to two organizations.
to donate to the people who need help     The organizations we gave money to       This offering is very fun to do be-
or money. We call this the Children’s     are Special Kids and Rising Above        cause you are contributing to the
Offering. We do it every week. It’s       Ministries. Special Kids is a group      church. (It also gives you a reason to
fun to do it!                             that helps kids gets get better with     get out of your seat.) I hope you en-
                                          their bodies because their bodies have   joyed hearing about the offering. —
When we have collected a lot of           special needs. Rising Above Minis-       Ava Bandy, 4th Grader, Church of the
change, an adult gives us three or four   tries is a monthly church service for    Holy Cross Murfreesboro

Trinity Remembers                         On November 1, Trinity Church
                                          hosted choirs from the First Presby-     St. George’s Choirs
Lost Loved Ones                           terian Church, Madison Street Meth-
                                          odist Church and the Austin Peay         Celebrate In Song
During the last year, the congregation    State University Adult Chorus in a       On December 9, at 6:00 PM, the
at Trinity Church Clarksville has ex-     concert of music composed by Paul        choirs of St. George’s Church Nash-
perienced the loss of members and         Byrom, Dr. Jeffrey Wood and Dr.          ville will celebrate in scripture and
lives with grief and sadness as they      George Mabry.                            song their annual Service of Nine
remember them.                                                                     Lessons and Carols, one of the
                                          The music was conducted by Lisa          church’s most cherished traditions.
In a tribute to all those whom they       Conklin-Bishop and accompanied by
love but no longer have with them,        organ, strings and woodwinds. The
                                                                                   St. George’s Choir and the Choristers
the congregation planned an evening       All Saints’ Concert was a memorable
                                                                                   of St. George’s, made up of youth in
of music especially designed for All      tribute to those loved ones whom we
                                                                                   grades 3-12, will take the congrega-
Saints’ Day.                              no longer have with us who but live
                                                                                   tion on the journey from the Garden
                                          in our hearts forever.
                                                                                   of Eden to the manger in Bethlehem,
Realizing the potential of involving
                                                                                   remembering the overwhelming love
several church choirs in a choral
                                                                                   of God made manifest through His
festival and knowing how blessed
                                                                                   great plan of salvation.
they are in Clarksville to have com-
posers in their midst, they planned
an evening of choral music to cele-                                                The service is open to the public. For
brate those whom they have lost                                                    more information, contact the church
with music especially composed for                                                 office at 615-385-2150.
the occasion.

10   Connections November/December 2012                                            
Episcopal Franciscans                     process, which consists of a Postu-
                                          lancy of at least six months and a No-
                                                                                   The symposium will examine the role
                                                                                   of the laity in our churches In the
In The Diocese of TN                      vitiate of at least two years. During
                                          the formation process each person is
                                                                                   Catholic Church of the Victorian era,
                                                                                   one English Monsignor notoriously
We are men and women in the Epis-         assigned a Formation Counselor. At       stated their role was: “To hunt, to
copal Church who have chosen to           the end of the Novitiate period Nov-     shoot, to entertain. These matters they
follow Jesus in the way of St. Francis,   ices may ask to be accepted to Life      understand, but to meddle with eccle-
following the Rule and ideals that        Profession. This involves taking a       siastical matters they have no right at
guided Francis after his conversion as    simple vow with life intent which is     all.” In a study prepared for the recent
he set about following God’s plan for     renewed annually. All Tertiaries are     General Convention, a different an-
his life. Being Franciscan is not         expected to have a Spiritual Director    swer was given: The Episcopal
something we do, it is who we are.        to be their guide, and they are re-      Church has historically embraced and
We make life time vows to Third Or-       quired to write a Rule of Life.          legitimized laity, bishops and clergy
der Society of Saint Francis (TSSF).                                               equally to take their place in the gov-
                                          If you would like to know more about     ernance of the church. Dr. King’s
                                          Franciscans in our diocese contact       lectures will examine the various
                                 or Charlie      roles of the laity since New Testa-
                                          Palmgren at charlepalm-                  ment times so that we might better
                                 – we would like to        understand what the role of the laity
                                          have members who belong to other         could be today.
                                          orders in our diocese work with our
                                          TSSF fellowship members in 2013.
In the late 19th century, there was a
                                          Please look for our January 2013 Di-
revival of interest in the Franciscan
                                          ocesan exhibit at annual convention.
calling inspiring groups of men and
                                          — Joyce Wilding, TSSF
women in several parts of the world
to join together to live as Franciscans
within the Episcopal Church. We
have brothers and sisters who choose
to dedicate themselves to a life lived
                                          Rev. Dr. Benjamin King
in community in convents or friaries,
two in New York and four in Califor-
                                          Presents Symposium
nia. These communities share lives of     As part of Christ Church Cathedral       Dr. King is Assistant Professor of
prayer and service. The Hours and         Nashville’s Sacred Space For The         Church History and Director of the
Eucharist, communal and personal          City, the Rev. Dr. Benjamin King         Advanced Degrees Program at The
prayer time are balanced with active      will present the fall symposium on       University of the South School of
service within the local neighborhood     “The Role of the Laity From New          Theology. He studied History and
and within the community house.           Testament Times To The Episcopal         Theology at Cambridge University,
                                          Church Today.”                           received a Masters in Theology
                                                                                   from Harvard Divinity School, and a
Francis also formed a Third Order
                                                                                   Ph.D. in Theology from Durham
because he wanted to have an Order
                                                                                   University in the United Kingdom.
in which men and women, ordained
                                                                                   A winner of the 2011 John
or lay, married or celibate could all
                                                                                   Templeton Award for Theological
join in a deeper walk with Christ
                                                                                   Promise, Dr. King’s highly ac-
while remaining in the world. The
                                                                                   claimed book, Newman and the Al-
Third Order is divided into provinces
                                                                                   exandrian Fathers, examines the in-
and regions and into smaller fellow-
                                                                                   fluence of the earliest Christian
ship groups within those regions.
                                                                                   theologians on the most prominent
                                                                                   19th century Christian theologians.
There is one TSSF fellowship in our
diocese: Wind, Water, Fire & Earth.       On Friday, November 16, there will
                                          be a 5:30 PM reception and dinner,       For ticket information to each event,
Meeting with one’s Fellowship is an
                                          followed by a lecture at 7:00 PM. On     visit
important source of mutual support in
                                          Saturday, November 17, there will be     EducationSymposia or call the church
living a Franciscan life. We meet for
                                          a morning lecture, starting at 9:00      at 615-255-7729. Deadline for reser-
prayer, sharing our spiritual journeys,
                                          AM. On Sunday, November 18, the          vations is November 12. Childcare is
study and building community.
                                          Rev. Dr. King will preach at the 7:00,   available upon request.
Third Order Franciscans are called        8:30 and 11:00 AM services and will
Tertiaries, and we follow a formation     teach at 9:45 AM.                                                        Connections November/December 2012   11
First Annual “Back To Church Sunday”                                               The final reason for doing a Back to
                                                                                   Church Sunday is that it will assist
Set For January 20, 2013                                                           us in increasing the size and poten-
                                                                                   tial of our congregations.
Taking the simplest and shortest step     the United States. In 2011, 7600
           in evangelism.                 churches participated and in 2012,       One may also ask, “Why are we do-
                                          over 13,000. Back to Church Sunday       ing Back to Church Sunday on Janu-
On January 20, 2013 the Diocese of        is a tried and true program. For more    ary 20, 2013?” This date has at least
Tennessee will have its first annual      information please see                   three benefits. It gives our diocese
Back to Church Sunday. This evan- and               plenty of time to be informed about,
gelistic event will be an opportunity                    and prepare for, the event. The date
for members of congregations to in-                                                is also right after the first of the
vite and bring a friend who is asking     Another reason for doing a Back to       year, a time when people seeking
spiritual questions or seeking a          Church Sunday in the Diocese of          changes in their lives try out church
church home.                              Tennessee is that it will help our       attendance. Finally, with Diocesan
                                          members take special notice of the un-   Convention being at the Cathedral
One may ask, “Why is the Diocese of       churched in their lives and train them   on January 25-26 we can in part use
Tennessee doing a Back to Church          how to comfortably make an invita-       this time to debrief about Back to
Sunday?” Four answers come readily        tion. Spiritual seekers are around us    Church Sunday and celebrate its
to mind:                                  all the time but perhaps go un-noticed   initial accomplishments.
                                          for a variety of reasons. This event
First, it has been successfully done in   will provide an occasion for us to de-   A website has been set up for the
numerous places by various denomi-        velop “eyes to see” and “ears to hear”   Diocese of Tennessee’s Back to
nations. The Church of England, for       those around us who are looking for a    Church Sunday: https://
example, began their Back to Church       church home and invite them     m/site/b2csunday/
Sunday in 2004. In 2011, 4200 par-                                                 There, you will find a complete in-
ishes took part in the event with an      Thirdly, Back to Church Sunday           formational booklet about the event;
average response of 20 invitees per       will be an opportunity for newcom-       logos; templates for posters and
congregation. To date, 230,000 per-       ers to be introduced to the healing      newspaper ads; sample articles and
sons have said yes to an invitation to    gospel of Christ. Everyone has hurts     announcements; as well as helpful
come to church. The C of E continues      from their past and searching ques-      web links. We urge each congrega-
to urge all its members to “take the      tions in the present. Jesus, as the      tion to carefully study this material
simplest and shortest step in evangel-    Good Shepherd and Great Physician,       and implement those parts which
ism; inviting someone we already          ministers to all in the midst of his     seem most helpful.
know to our church.”                      church. Inviting and bringing our
                                          friends on January 20 can be a won-      The diocesan Evangelism & Congre-
Three years ago a national Back to        derful - and perhaps life-changing -     gational Development Committee,
Church Sunday movement began in           experience for them.                     which is sponsoring this event, would
                                                                                                       like to receive
                                                                                                       ASAP the con-
                                                                                                       tact information
                                                                                                       for        each
                                                                                                       church’s Back to
                                                                                                       Church Sunday
                                                                                                       leader. This can
                                                                                                       be sent to the
                                                                                                       Rev.     Richard
                                                                                                       Zalesak at rjzale-

                                                                                                       For more infor-
                                                                                                       mation, feel free
                                                                                                       to contact him at
                                                                                                       the same email
                                                                                                       address or call

12   Connections November/December 2012                                            
St. Mary’s Sewanee                        Holiday Volunteers                          Music At St. Paul’s
Offers Free Activities                    Needed For St. Luke’s                       It would be fair to say that, with the
                                                                                      recent acquisition of a new organ, the
                                          Each year at this time, St. Luke’s          music program at St. Paul’s Church
                                          Community House in Nashville                Murfreesboro has been revitalized.
                                          launches their holiday programs.
                                          These programs are designed to help         Angela Tipps, St. Paul’s Minister of
                                          the people in the West Nashville area       Music and organist, conducts the
                                          have a worry-free Christmas. Gifts,         adult choir and choristers. She also
                                          food, love… all free. Here are the          conducts the MTSU Women’s Cho-
                                          programs and how you can help.              rale and coordinates the music appre-
St. Mary’s Sewanee is celebrating its                                                 ciate courses at the MTSU School of
25th Anniversary with 25 gifts back                                                   Music. She is founding director of
to the community. You may be inter-                                                   the Murfreesboro Symphony Chorus
ested in one of two of their compli-                                                  and the Nashville Chamber Singers
mentary activities below.                                                             and is a member of the American
                                                                                      Guild of Organists. She has put to-
ADVENT QUIET DAY – December                                                           gether a program of music for Fall
can be an overwhelming time for           Adopt-a-Family - families in need
                                                                                      and Spring. All are invited to attend.
clergy and parishioners. St. Mary’s       are matched with donors who pro-
Sewanee is offering the opportunity       vide gifts for the household. The
to step away from the hustle and bus-     children often get clothes and toys
tle of December. St. Mary’s Sewanee       while the parents typically receive
will hold an Advent Quiet Day on          gift cards.
December 20 for the first 40 people
who register. The day will be led by      Adopt-a-Senior - similar to the pro-
St. Mary’s Sewanee’s Executive Di-        gram above, donors are matched with
rector, The Rev. Thomas Morris. It        senior citizens who might otherwise
will include periods of reflection and    be forgotten at Christmastime.
prayer and then times of silence. It
will run from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.         Gifts for these two events will be
The Advent Quiet Day is free of           dropped off at St. Luke’s from De-
charge and will include a homemade        cember 3 to December 12. Volunteers
lunch. To register, please contact Ra-    are needed to accept gifts from do-
chel Dan Goldin at 931-598-5342.          nors and to distribute them to recipi-
                                          ents. Five volunteers are needed at all
COMPLIMENTARY NEW YEAR’S                  times, usually in two hour shifts.
RETREAT - For many years, St.
Mary’s Sewanee has hosted a New           Toy Store - unwrapped gifts are do-
Year’s Mindfulness Retreat with the       nated and, during an event on De-
Rev. Gordon Peerman and Kathy             cember 18, parents are able to
Woods. If you are looking for a con-      “shop” for toys for their children.
templative alternative to the usual       Volunteers are needed to help sort          Sunday, November 18, 4:00 PM
New Year’s Celebration, join in a         and arrange the toys and to help the        Dr. Robert Delchamp, Organist
community of like-minded people and       shoppers fill their children’s wish         University of the South, Sewanee
set an intention of loving kindness,      lists. Five volunteers are needed at        Tuesday, December 4, 7:30 PM
joy and compassion in 2012. Shared        all times.                                  Nashville Chamber Singers
silence and guided meditation, along                                                  Angela Tipps, Musical Director
with Buddhist and Christian teachings     If you would like to participate in
                                          Adopt-a-Family, Adopt-a-Senior or           Sunday, December 23, 4:00 PM
on compassion, will help us discover
                                          contribute to the toy store, or if you      A Service of Lessons and Carols
that our deepest nature is wisdom and
kindness. St. Mary’s Sewanee is of-       would like to volunteer your time to        Sunday, February 10, 2013 4:00 PM
fering one scholarship (a $425 value)     sort or help distribute the toys, please    Handel’s Concerto in F Major
to any undergraduate or seminarian        be in touch with St. Luke’s volunteer       Haydn’s Little Organ Mass
currently enrolled at the University of   coordinator, Christie Bearden by call-      Premiere of a Concertato by Don Dicie
the South. Those interested should        ing St. Luke’s at 615-324-8375 or at
                                                                                      Sunday, May 5, 2013, 4:00 PM
send an email to tho-                     christie.bearden@stlukescommunityh
                                                                                      Angela Tipps, Organist                                                            Connections November/December 2012   13
In For A Penny...                          your children as a family project that
                                           opens the door to conversation about
                                                                                        No matter how you get involved,
                                                                                        every penny really does count. There
                                           hunger and need in our community.            are Penny Drive Cans at all Avenue
If you are looking for an easy way to                                                   Bank branches, at all branches of Wil-
make a big impact, The Tennessean’s        Second Harvest serves 46 counties in         son Bank & Trust and at Second Har-
Mary Hance invites all of you to join      Middle Tennessee; 394,860 people in          vest, so if you don’t want to make
her Ms. Cheap Penny Drive for Sec-         those counties don’t know where their        your own, you can pick them up there
ond Harvest, running November 1,           next meal is coming from. Seventy-           and simply return them to the banks
2012 though the end of January 2013.       five percent of the people that Second       when you are finished with the drive.
                                           Harvest serves have incomes below
There are lots of ways to get involved:    the poverty level. Thirty percent of the     Ms. Cheap says, “I really hope lots of
   Set up a change jar at your church      clients that Second Harvest serves           you will join in. It is an easy outreach
and invite people to fill it up through    have to choose between food and pay-         project and it can make such a differ-
the drive.                                 ing for rent, utilities and medical bills.   ence to those who give as well as
   Make a penny drive can or jar to                                                     those who receive.”
have at home to put your change in         Food prices are on the rise and re-
each night.                                quests for emergency food boxes are          This is the fourth annual Ms.
   Have a holiday party with guests        up eighteen percent over last year.          Cheap Penny Drive. So far the drive
bringing money for the cause.                                                           has raised over $62,000 for Second
   Put a can in your break room at         One dollar provides four balanced            Harvest. More details on the penny
work as an office outreach project.        meals at Second Harvest.                     drive can be found at
   Make it a teachable moment with                                            

 Annual Convention Reminder                                         ocesan website at Click on
                                                                    the RESOURCES tab, then go to Forms.
 The Diocesan Annual Convention will be held at Christ
 Church Cathedral Nashville on January 25-26, 2013.                 Though there is limited space for exhibitors, there are still
                                                                    some tables available. If your constituency is interested in
 The first mailing has gone out to churches with the form to        exhibiting, please call the diocesan office at 615-251-3322.
 register their delegates. Registration prior to January 7,
 2013 is $30 per person; after that date, it is $40.The mail-       Please see page 4 of this publication for your invitation to
 ing also included a cover letter which spelled out other           the Reception following the first day of Convention. You
 deadlines such as those for submitting nominations for             needn’t be a delegate or registered to attend the convention.
 elections and resolutions. All this information is on the di-      All are welcome but we do ask that you rsvp as directed on
                                                                    the invitation if you plan to attend.

14   Connections November/December 2012                                                  
Seamen’s Church                           •
                                               Microwave Popcorn
                                               Chewing Gum
                                                                                               their nativity collections with us for
                                                                                               the display. Any nativity is welcome
Christmas On The River                    •    DVDs of recent, first-run movies
                                                                                               - from fine porcelain to paper dolls -
                                                                                               nothing is too grand or too humble.”
                   Last year, the
                   Seamen’s Church        All items must be in new and un-                     There is no charge for this exhibit; it
                   Institute provided     used condition and in their original                 is St. Peter’s gift to the community
                   holiday gifts to       packaging. For more information                      and the surrounding area. The ex-
                   some 16,000 pro-       about Christmas on the River or to                   hibit will run concurrently with Les-
                   fessional mariners     arrange pick-up of collected items,                  sons & Carols, the Columbia Christ-
                   aboard more than       please contact Fr. Kempton by                        mas Home Tour, Columbia Central
a thousand commercial towing ves-         phone at 270-575-1005 or by mobile                   High School chorus, Nashville’s
sels up and down the river system         at 270-210-5626.                                     Sweet Adelines and other Columbia
through its storied Christmas on the                                                           holiday events that weekend.
River outreach.                           To see a short film about the Sea-
                                          ma n ’ s C h u r c h I n s t i t u t e , v i s i t   The schedule at St. Peter’s is:
All year long, around four thousand       http://www.trinitywallstreet.o rg/
knitters across twelve time zones         webcasts/videos/profiles/anglican-                   Friday, November 30
have been hard at work creating           communion-stories/shipmates.                         Nativity Exhibit 1:00 PM - 9:00 PM;
beautiful hats and scarves to present                                                          Columbia Central High School Cho-
to mariners working at Christmas.                                                              rus 7:30 PM.
Each member of the crew receives a
hand knit gift, arriving in a cheerful
                                          “O, Come                                             Saturday, Dececember 1
package with handwritten cards, a
greeting from the chaplain and other
                                          Let Us Adore Him”                                    Nativity Exhibit 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM;
                                                                                               Nashville Sweet Adelines 2:00 PM;
small Christmas gifts. For those          In celebration of the holiday season,                Lessons & Carols 5:00 PM.
items accompanying the knitted            St. Peter’s Church Columbia is host-
goods, SCI must rely on donations         ing an exhibition of nativity scenes,
                                                                                               Sunday, December 2
from supportive churches, individu-       angels and other works of art cele-
                                                                                               Nativity Exhibit 12:00 N - 5:00 PM.
als and/or businesses.                    brating the birth of Christ.
                                                                                               For more information on sharing your
The Rev. Kempton D. Baldridge,            The exhibit will run from Friday, No-
                                                                                               nativity or attending the event, call
Chaplain for the Ohio River Region        vember 30, through Sunday, Decem-
                                                                                               St. Peter’s office at 931-388-3331. St.
of the Seamen’s Church Institute          ber 2, in the Parish Hall.
                                                                                               Peter’s Church is located at 311 W.
and Licensed to Officiate in the Dio-                                                          Seventh Street, Columbia.
cese of Tennessee, says some items        Peggy Harmon, one of the organiz-                               
are still needed to round out the         ers of the event, says, “We are invit-
mariners’ gift packages.                  ing members and friends to share

Most items are found at local super-
markets or pharmacies. While they
may seem small, such thoughtfully
selected gifts make a big difference in
the lives of those who receive them.
If your family, organization or com-
pany can help, please e-mail

•   Handmade Christmas Cards
•   Unscented, Colorless Lip Balm
•   Unscented, Hypoallergenic Hand
    Lotion (2-4oz bottles)
•   Sealed Packages of Holiday
•   Books or Activities like Sudoku,
    word searches, or playing cards
•   Facial Tissue (personal size)                                                                    Connections November/December 2012   15
                                                                             Non-Profit Organization
                                                                               U.S. Postage Paid
50 Vantage Way, Suite 107                                                     Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville Tennessee 37228                                                       Permit No. 431

November/December 2012
4      St. George’s Choir Evensong for All Saints, St. George’s Church Nashville
4      Bishop’s Visitation, All Saints’ Church Smryna
11     EYC Talent Show, St. Michael’s Church Cookeville
11     Bishop’s Visitation, St. Augustine’s Chapel Nashville
18     Pilgrim’s Report, St. Paul’s Church Franklin
15     Bishop’s Visitation, St. Andrew’s Church New Johnsonville

2      Annual Parish Meeting, St. Mark’s Church Antioch
9      Bishop’s Visitation, Christ Church Cathedral Nashville
11     Nashville Unlimited, Christ Church Cathedral Nashville
16     Bishop’s Visitation, St. David’s Church Nashville
28     Winterfest, DuBose Conference Center Monteagle

                      Italics denote Bishop Bauerschmidt’s visitations
               This is a sampling of events in the Diocese of Tennessee.
                For a complete listing of events throughout the diocese,
              see the Calendar of Events at

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