; 2013 Will Be The Year Of Content! Google Has Promised Us
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2013 Will Be The Year Of Content! Google Has Promised Us


In this post, we Opti Matrix Solution - Web development Company will help you find a balance between SEO and content to always have more visibility on the web.

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									       2013 Will Be The Year Of Content!
           Google Has Promised Us

                              2013 will be the year of content! It is some
                              time we repeat what to focus on our website,
                              our blog; our social networking is quality
                              content regardless of the size of our business.
                              We must be creative, original and produce
                              content that will want to share it to all our
                              contacts. That’s it I hear you say, yes, but
                              today it is only on the internet how to stand out
                              from our competitors? Of course I never said it
                              was an easy thing, and that we will be less than
                              two experts to produce content top level but
                              I’m sure we’ll come up regularly find great
Over time we will even find it fun to produce new content write our text, our
blog (I can get carried away a bit). We do not feel the creative soul; take
advice from experts who can help us in specific areas. Because we can
assure our good friend Mr. Google always wants more quality content.
In this post, we will help you find a balance between SEO and content to
always have more visibility on the web.

Write quality content
Remember to differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering
quality content. To do this you linger questions that you will ask your
regular customers. Are there any issues that come up in their interrogations?
Is that the difficulties are often the same to use your services and products?
If this is the case why not offer them products that will address these issues.
This will also avoid having to always repeat the same information to all your
customers. Teach them to buy your services, see what they can do for them
to understand that your product will improve their lives. Ideally add a blog
section to your website and present it regularly for new articles.

                     By : Opti Matrix Solution- Web Design Company           1
Choose relevant keywords
When talking SEO must necessarily think of keywords, one does not go
without the other. Before writing your text try to think of keywords that you
want but do not insert the keyword stuffing (too many times the same
keyword on a page) it shows very quickly and it’s ugly, you will disturb
your reader for whom reading is not natural and you may lose the path
without forgetting that Google realizes this and penalizes you quickly.

Feel free to use Google Adwords to help you select the right keywords by
looking at the number of monthly searches and competition. Do not forget
that today we will focus on the long tail as a user rarely looking on Google
one word, it will type an expression.

What I always recommend is to put themselves in the position of a person
seeking what you offer on your page, what type of search you to find your
product / service?

Where do you place your keywords?
That’s it you’ve found the keywords that you want to highlight on your page
but do you know where it is better to place them? Google loves that
keywords are placed in the title or first sentence, it will give more weight.
Google will tell you that there is no ideal number of keywords per page but
be careful because if you put keywords everywhere you will be penalized by

Tools to help you
On the web there are many free tools that will be able to help you. We
mentioned above Adwords, there are also Google webmaster tools that will
detail your web pages and give you plenty of information on your site. Do
not forget to also integrate analytics to see who comes to your site and how
they get there.

                        By : Opti Matrix Solution- Web Design Company       2
Position yourself as an expert
If you still want to attract more people you must show that you are an expert
in your field. If you write regularly on your blog items that have a common
theme, Google will love you and gradually you will find yourself on the
magic page that is to say, the 1st page! In addition, if your articles are of
good quality will be shared by many readers on various social networks.

Use the links
In your article remember to put links that go to other referral sites and where
possible add links that lead to other pages on your website (internal
networking). In your text that average 500-600 words do not include 10 links
either because it will be too much or we could then ask questions about the
need to put as much.

Always remember to users
The best advice that can be given in terms of content and SEO is always put
in the place of people who visit your site. What you do not like when you
surf a site or conversely what makes you stay there and even go back?
I think you understand that at the moment the content is king and must be
preferred without duplicate content because in this case it’s done for Google
will do you no favours.
Remember to put your site, blog regularly being updated (we repeat again)
in your original text.

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This article has been written by a technical writer working at Opti Matrix Solution – a Web
Development Company offering affordable search engine optimization services and Website
Designing Services to the worldwide clients,

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