Application Attachment - Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce by yantingting


									                Circle up to five categories your business should be under in the Chambers Business Directory.
                           The Mountain Home Chambers website is
Accounting                                   Energy                                     Organizations
Adult Daycare                                Engineering                                Office Supplies
Advertising                                  Entertainment                              Paint Stores
Agri-Business                                Environmental                              Pawn Shop
Animals                                      Eye Care                                   Personal Training
Apartments                                   Fertilizing                                Pet Daycare
Appliance                                    Financial Services                         Pets
Architecture                                 Financial Consulting                       Pharmacies
Arts                                         Fitness Classes                            Photography
Assisted Living                              Fitness Nutrition                          Physical Therapy
Associations                                 Fitness Center                             Pizza
Attorneys                                    Floral                                     Plumbing
Auto Salvage                                 Framing                                    Political
Automotive Services/Supplies                 Fuel and Gas                               Preschool
Automotive Repair                            Funeral Homes                              Pest Control
Automotive Sales, Lease & Renting            Furniture                                  Printing
Bakery                                       Gifts                                      Property Maintenance
Banking and Financial Institutions           Golf                                       Property Management
Bar and/or Grill                             Government                                 Public Accountants
Barber Shop                                  Graphic Arts                               Ranches, Farms and Livestock
Beauty & Skin Care                           Grocery Store                              Real Estate
Bed & Breakfast                              Hair Salons                                Recreation Activities
Bistro                                       Health Care                                Recreation District
Boarding                                     Health Services                            Recreation Vehicles
Building Supplies                            Historical                                 Recycling
Cabinets                                     Home Builders                              Rentals
Cable                                        Home Furnishings and Decor                 Restaurant
Camping and Recreation                       Home Health                                Retail Sales
Candy                                        Horseback Riding                           Schools
Carpet                                       Hospice                                    Sprinkler Systems
Catering                                     Hospitals                                  Stocks, Bonds &/or Investments
Childcare                                    Hotel                                      Storage Facilities
Church                                       Insurance                                  Tanning
City                                         Internet                                   Tax Service
Cleaning and Cleaners                        Investment Properties                      Technology
Cleaning Supplies                            Jobs                                       Telephone
Clothing Store                               Lawn Care                                  Tire Center
Coffee Shops                                 Legal Services                             Tires and Wheels
Commercial Properties                        Lending                                    Title Company
Communications                               Locksmith                                  Tobacco
Computer Services                            Lodging                                    Toys
Computer Classes                             Maintenance, General and Repair            Travel
Computer Repair                              Martial Arts                               Utilities
Construction Contractors                     Massage                                    Veterans
Consulting-Other (non Financial)             Mattress Sale                              Veterinary
Credit Union                                 Medical Center                             Video Rentals
Cremation                                    Metals                                     Vitamins
Daycare                                      Meeting/Event Room(s)                      Website Development
Dentist                                      Military Organization                      Wedding
Distributors                                 Mortgage Companies                         Other:________________
Education                                    Moving and Storage                         Doc No. MEM002 Revised 10/25/12
Electrical Contractors                       Newspapers
Electronics                                  Non Profit Organization
Employment Services                          Nurseries
                                             Nursing Homes
                                             Online Business Directory

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