Five Relationships enlightenment; Nirvana; yoga samsara; puja by yurtgc548


									                    HINDUISM                BUDDHISM                 CONFUCIANISM                TAOISM
  NAME OF       Vishnu (P), Shiva (D),      Buddha (man) AKA                                      8 Immortals
DEITY/DEITIES   Krishna, Brahman (C)        Guatama Siddhartha
                                              The Buddha AKA          Master K’ung fu tzu           Lao-Tze
                         None                “Enlightened One”           (Confucius)
 PLACE OF                                  Northeast India/Nepal             China                   China
  ORIGIN                 India

 PLACE OF           temple; homes                  temple                   temple                  temple
 SACRED            Bhagavad Ghita;             word of mouth         Analects; Four Books;   Chuang-tzu; Tsao-
 WRITINGS           Vedas; Smriti                                    Five Classics           Tsang; Tao-te Ching

FOLLOWERS                                                                                       Taoists; Daoists
                        Hindis               Monks; all people

BRANCHES or           Shivaism;                 Mahayana;                                    Heavenly Masters
 DIVISIONS          Vaishnavaism                Theravada                                    Moa Shar sect

 SYMBOL(S)              wheel;                    circles            whole steamed fish;         Yin and Yang;
                  Multi-headed god           (Mandalas; Yantra)      Mandarin oranges             8 Immortals

HOLY CITY or    Kashi; Benares; India;              Tibet                  Qufu
  CITIES            Cretin areas

SPECIAL DAYS      Holi (Spring); Divali          New Year                Autumn Moon           Chinese New Year;
                (Cluster of Lights); Car                                                      Tomb Sweeping Day

INTERESTING       yoga; yerga; caste       Nirvana; no immortality                              ancestor worship
   FACTS        system; Ganges River

 KEY TERMS      samsara; puja; karma           enlightenment;          Five Relationships
                   reincarnation               Nirvana; yoga
                               JUDAISM                     CHRISTIANITY                          ISLAM
    NAME OF              God (also called JHVH,                 Triune God                           Allah
  DEITY/DEITIES             YHWH,Adonai)                 (Father, Son, Holy Ghost)

    FOUNDER                   Abraham of Ur            Abraham in OT (Judaism)           Mohammed/Muhammed
                             around 1800 BC                   Jesus in NT                     around 600 AD

 PLACE OF ORIGIN      Canaan, Judah, land of present      Jerusalem, Bethlehem                     Palestine
                               day Israel                         Judah

PLACE OF WORSHIP      synagogue, temple, tabernacle              Church                             mosque
                                                             and everywhere
SACRED WRITINGS         Torah; 10 Commandments                   The Bible                       Koran/Qur’an

   FOLLOWERS                      Jews                 Christ’s disciples, Christians,         Moslems/Muslims
                                                                 all people

  BRANCHES or          Hasidic; Kabbalah; Reform;           Protestant; Catholic            Sunni; Shiite (Partisans)
   DIVISIONS            Orthodox; Conservative                                               Hashashins; Wahhabi

    SYMBOL(S)            Menorah; Star of David;           Cross; lamb; lion; fish       crescent moon and star
                         Mezuzah (Deut. 6:4-9)

HOLY CITY or CITIES         Jerusalem; Petra              Jerusalem; Bethlehem            Mecca; Medina; Jerusalem

  SPECIAL DAYS          Purim; Pesach; Shavuot;          Christmas; Easter; Palm         Ramadan; Muharram;
                       Yom Kippur; Sukkoth; Rosh          Sunday; Good Friday            Festival; Ashura; Adam’s
                         Hashanah, Hanukkah                                              B’Day; Prophet’s Birthday

INTERESTING FACTS          divided on practices             divided on doctrine             suicide bombers; jihad
   KEY TERMS             Jehovah; rabbi; Mitzvah                  tithe; triune              Five Pillars (p. 378)

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