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									Learn Fun & Easy Dyeing Techniques
Workshop Supply List
*Fast, Fun & Easy® Fabric Dyeing book by Lynn Koolish
*Procion MX dyes, 2 oz. each, #1, #25, and #13
*1 lb. soda ash fixer.
*Dharma Textile Detergent for prewashing fabric
6 to 8 one cup size wide mouth plastic containers
3 to 4 one quart size wide mouth plastic containers
1 or 2 buckets, 2½ - 5 gallon size
Set of measuring spoons, not used for food
10 to 12 gallon size ziplock plastic bags
6 to 10 plastic spoons
Roll of paper towels
Foam or bristle brushes
Plastic for covering workspace
Plastic bags to wrap fabric in for batching overnight
Rubber gloves – dishwashing type, long and thick, not thin or short latex gloves
Dust mask
2” to 5” diameter PVC pipe, 18” – 24” in length—available in home improvement stores
Rubber bands
Plastic notched spreader (for monoprinting)
1 square 18” x 18” of vinyl such as Quilter’s Vinyl (for monoprinting)
Spray bottle
Several squeeze bottles such as those used for condiments or hair color (optional)

* Fabric & garments – cotton, rayon, linen, or silk. Do not bring polyester, any synthetic or synthetic blends,
or fabric that is permanent-press. Bring 4–6 yards of fabric, 6–8 garments, or some combination of the two.
• White fabric
• Small garments such as t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, skirts, socks, scarves, etc.
• Commercially printed fabric to over-dye including printed white-on-white fabrics.

NOTE: Prewash all fabric and garments in Dharma Textile Detergent & hot water—don’t use fabric softener or
dryer sheets.

Books, dyes, and other supplies are available from Dharma Trading Co, 1604 Fourth Street, San Rafael,
(415) 456-1211

Class will be held at the San Rafael Community Center, 613 “B” St., San Rafael, CA.

Samples can be viewed at “http://www.lynnkoolish.com” (click on classes)
Or at http://www.flickr.com/photos/lynnquilter/sets/

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