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									                                  Project Team Call:
                         Regional Conference on Survivorship
The Oncology Nursing Society is planning a regional conference, presented in 3 different locations in
2011, on the topic of cancer survivor issues following cancer treatment. The project team will determine
the topics for presentation, the faculty to present the information in each location, develop conference
materials, and assist in planning and executing conference logistics. The project team will have access to
survey data and survey plans being conducted by other project teams to aid in defining the scope of
survivorship topics included in the regional conferences.

The planning process will begin with a team meeting in January 2011 in Pittsburgh, PA. The initial
meeting will occur over 2 days. Conference calls will occur at least monthly thereafter for planning
purposes. The first program should occur by August 2011. All three conferences will conclude by
September 30, 2011.

Project team members will attend some but not all of the 3 regional conferences and may or may not
serve as faculty.

If you are interested in participating on this project team, email the following information to ONS
Education Department at Several other team calls are going out around the time of
this call, so please be sure to include this subject line with your email: Survivorship Regional
     o Name, credentials
     o Email address
     o Place of employment & your role
     o Years of oncology nursing experience
     o SIG membership, if any
     o Your expertise/background with the subject matter that will aid in planning content and
          recruiting faculty
     o Your experience in planning CNE programs

Please respond to this call no later than November 30, 2010.

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