newusr-ag by yaofenji


									DXARTS/CARTAH New User Account Information.     
                 (206) 543-4218

Client Name:___________________________________________________________

Vasari Account/UW Email name:____________________________________________

DXARTS/CARTAH Contact Person:_________________________________________________

DXARTS/CARTAH provides file space on our network to all our clients. You have been
given an account and file space on our file server, Vasari. Your contact person will give
you detailed instructions on how to access Vasari from any of this lab’ computers.

Users of DXARTS/CARTAH's facilities agree to abide by the following conditions. Use
of DXARTS/CARTAH's equipment means that you agree to these conditions.

       Food and beverages are not allowed in DXARTS/CARTAH labs.

       Please Include the following notice in your project's acknowledgements:
              This project was completed in part with the support of the Center for
              Advanced Research Technology in the Arts and Humanities (CARTAH)
              at the University of Washington

       Researchers may be asked, from time to time, to give brief presentations or
       demonstrations of their work at DXARTS/CARTAH.

       DXARTS/CARTAH has the researcher's permission to make available a project
       description, the email address of the prime researcher, and the department. The
       description will be based on information provided by researchers on the Project

       DXARTS/CARTAH assumes no responsibility or liability for client data or belongings,
       under any circumstances. Users have a number of options for backing-up their
       work and users assume sole responsibility for this task. Several backup
       methods are available, including the use of floppy, Zip, and Jaz discs, as well as
       in some cases the use of DAT archive tapes or CD-ROMs. Users are
       encouraged to discuss backup strategies with their contact at CARTAH.

       Researchers should consult the bulletin board at DXARTS/CARTAH, for
       new and updated information about lab use information.

                                                    \\VASARI\haslam\newclient.doc   8/4/1998

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