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									Environmental Cleaning & Restoration Solutions In Huntersville Provides Air Duct Cleaning Services

Huntersville NC, 8-MAY-2013 - Environmental Cleaning & Restoration Solutions and Jeremy Carlton
are pleased to announce reliable and effective Huntersville air duct cleaning service for business and
home owners in the community. Improved air quality may not be something that building residents
think about specifically, but a number of signals can indicate that a comprehensive assessment of the
air system should be implemented and cleaning done as needed.

Air quality is lessened when dirt, animal dander, moisture, fungi and mold spores enter the duct work
and are distributed into the room air. Residents who are breathing this bad air are taking in the same
particulates that are in the ducts. This can worsen existing breathing issues such as asthma. Respiratory
illnesses are caused or worsened by these elements in the lungs.

There are several ways to determine if bad air could be in the duct work of the structure. Some
residents will have an increased number of illnesses and difficulty in breathing. If the building is
located in a dusty area, the systems should be checked periodically. A frequent evaluation of the system
by trained professionals is another way to determine if the system needs to be cleaned. The utility costs
for the structure are often shown to be creeping upward. This is due to the fact that the system parts
must work harder to move the air.

When the evaluation of the system by the Huntersville air duct cleaning service indicates that cleaning
should be done, the latest and more effective equipment is used. The professionals recognize the
importance of not worsening the air quality during the course of the cleaning. The debris is collected in
a closed system so that it is not re-distributed. It is then removed and disposed of off-site.

Learn more about the benefits of periodic Huntersville air duct cleaning services by checking the
information on the website at http://www.environmentalairductsolutions.com today. Members of the
press and individuals who have questions about the details of this press notice are invited to contact
Jeremy Carlton at the location described below.

Contact Person Name: Jeremy Carlton
Address: Huntersville, NC
Contact Telephone Number: (704) 886-1922
Email: jcarlton82@gmail.com
Website: http://www.environmentalairductsolutions.com

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