Saint Bonaventure by dffhrtcv3


									Saint Bonaventure
Saint Francis (1182-1226)
   Francis was able to
    initiate a movement
    of appreciation for
    the humanity of
    Christ and a love for
    nature that would
    come to full flower
    during the
Bonaventure (1217-1274)
                 “He was a professor
                  at the University of
                  Paris, minister
                  general of the
                  Franciscans, and a
                  cardinal who played
                  a major role in the
                  spiritual ferment of
                  the high Middle
Assisi, Italy
   “Bonaventure
    achieved for
    spirituality what
    Thomas Aquinas did
    for theology and
    Dante for medieval
    culture as a whole.”
Assisi, Italy
                   “Bonaventure
                    creates a type of
                    summa, for he
                    draws together into
                    a comprehensive
                    synthesis major
                    strands of Christian
Assisi, Italy
   In order that passion
    does not turn into
    mere sentimentality
    it needs to be
    balanced by a
    rigorous intellectual
    life. Learning must
    go hand in hand
    with love.
Francis with Animals
   “Francis called all
    creatures by the
    name of brother or
    sister, because he
    knew they all had
    the same source as
Meditation of Nature
                  Just as words can
                   point to concepts
                   and maps can give
                   a picture of a
                   territory, so visible
                   nature makes
                   manifest the
                   invisible creator.
Francis and Clare
   “See, therefore, how
    close the soul is to
    God, and how, in
    their operations, the
    memory leads to
    eternity, the
    understanding to
    truth, and the power
    of choice to the
    highest good.”
Francis Receives Stigmata
                  Mystical ecstasy is
                   like a fire that
                   consumes what it
                   comes into contact
                   with until whatever it
                   is burning becomes
                   itself fire.
Skepticism and Relativism
                  Is this the end of the
                   road or is there a
                   new unified field
                   theory waiting to be
                   discovered, some
                   container in which
                   we can see once
                   again the patterns
                   that connect?

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