Extending your student visa

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					Extending your student visa
    Tier 4 (G) Student Visas
   40 points required

   Attributes (course) = 30 points

   Maintenance (living costs) = 10 points
Extending your student visa
The Application Process
 Completed form with required documents
 Apply in person or by post before your
  current visa expires
 Letter from Home Office to book your
  biometric appointment
 Attend your biometric appointment
 4 to 14 weeks (or more) you will receive
  your passport and documents
 5 to 10 days receive your UK ID Card for
  Foreign Nationals (which is your visa)
Extending your student visa
    How to avoid problems when making your visa
   Make sure your application is sent in time so that it arrives
    at the Home Office BEFORE your current visa expires
   Send your application by special delivery and keep the
    receipt from the Post Office
   Must complete in BLACK ink
   Must use CAPITAL LETTERS to complete the form
   Answer all required questions and follow the directions. If
    a question does not apply to you, leave it blank
   Make sure you have the most up-to-date form and all
    required documents
Extending your student visa
                     Application Form
   Tier 4 (G) available from the UK Border Agency

   Dependants can apply with the student but a
    separate form must be filled in for each dependant
Extending your student visa


   The application fee is £357 if you are
    sending your application by post

   The application fee is £628 if you are going
    in person to the Home Office

   The application fee is £50 for each
    dependant application sent with your form
Extending your student visa

 The new rules for visa extensions mean
 that providing the correct documents on
 time is very important.

 All documents must be original and
Extending your student visa

   Passport – You should provide all the
    passports that you have ever used in the UK.
   Check is it valid and has at least 6 months left
   If any of these passports have been lost or
    stolen, you will need to provide a police report
    and details of your initial trip to the UK.
   You should also include any passports of your
Extending your student visa

   Photographs – 2 UK passport size
    photographs of yourself and each
   These must be on a white or light grey
    background, you cannot smile, and nothing
    in front of your face.
   Must be taken within 1 month
   Photograph Guidance can be found on the
    UKBA Home Office website.
Extending your student visa
   Visa Letter – 2 types
Certificate of Acceptance for Studies Visa Letter
  If you are applying for a visa to start a new course,
  you should have or soon will receive a CAS Visa
  Letter from the University. This will come from the
  admissions office once you have accepted your

Student Extension Visa Letter
  If you are extending your visa to continue a current
  course that you are studying, you will need to apply
  for a Visa Letter to extend your visa from your
  Teaching Office.

You must have a visa letter to apply for a visa.
Extending your student visa
Documents to Support Application
Proof of qualifications
 Your visa letter may list the documents
  used to obtain your place at UEA.
 You must include all of these original
  documents and in English or translated.
 If you are extending to complete a course
  that you are already studying, you may not
  need proof of previous qualifications.
You only need the documents that are listed
  on your visa letter
Extending your student visa
Money Needed for Tuition & Maintenance
 1st year course/tuition fees (or all course
  fees for one year or less)
 Maintenance / Living Costs
       £5,400 (£600 x 9 months max.)
       or £1,200 (if you meet the requirement to show
        the lower amount - £600 x 2 months).

   Unless paid to UEA or have financial sponsor
Extending your student visa
Proof of finances for maintenance
 If you are extending your visa to complete a course that
  you have already started or have completed a course that
  was longer than 6 months and completed within the last 4
  months, you will only need to show £600 x 2 months
  (£1,200) + tuition.

   If you are starting a new course and completed a course
    that was less than 6 months or completed the course
    more than 4 months ago or applying for a student visa
    from another visa type you will need to show £600 x 9
    months (£5,400) + tuition.
       This is the maximum, if your course is less than 9 months
        then you show however many months you are studying.

   Dependants will need to show £400 per person per month
    up to a maximum of 9 months. If you are entitled to the
    reduced maintenance requirements your dependants will
    need to show £400 per person per month for up to a
    maximum of 2 months.
Extending your student visa
Proof of finances – Tuition and Maintenance
 Tuition
       Paid in advance, show on visa letter or official receipt
       Bank account in your name (statement or letter)
       Letter from an Official Financial Sponsor
       UEA Scholarship
       Letter from your parent and birth certificate or other…

   Maintenance
       Paid in advance for UEA accommodation only
       Bank account in your name
       Letter from an Official Financial Sponsor
Extending your student visa
Proof of finances – Bank Accounts
 All funds must be in a bank account in
  YOUR name
 You must have 28 days in your statement
 The required amount must show in the end
 The bank statement or bank letter cannot
  be more than 1 month old
 Must be originals (keep your statements)
 The financial requirements can be
  complicated, please ask an International
  Adviser if you are confused.
Extending your student visa
   Bank Statements and Letters must have include
    the following:
       Your (or your parents) name
       Account number
       Date of the statement or letter
       The bank’s name and logo
       Amount of money available

   Ad hoc statements are accepted if on the bank’s
    letterhead paper
   If a print out is used it must have all the above
    details and the official stamp on every page.
   You can use an overseas bank account. But it
    needs to be an original document, in English, and
    convert the end balance to British Pounds
Extending your student visa
Proof of finances from Financial Sponsor
 If you are receiving financial sponsorship,
  you must provide a letter from your
  financial sponsor confirming the details of
  your sponsorship, including the amount and
  when it will finish. This needs to be on
  official letter headed paper and
  signed/stamped by your financial sponsor.
Extending your student visa
ATAS – Academic Technology Approval Scheme
 Certain subject areas need to apply for a clearance
  certificate under the ATAS, before you make a visa
 This only affects certain subject areas, but Masters
  or PhD students should check whether or not the
  requirement applies to you. You will need to obtain
  the JACS code from your School Office and
  compare it to the list on the ATAS website:
 You must apply for your ATAS certificate on-line at
  least 1 month before applying for your visa. The
  certificate will be emailed to you and must be
  printed and submitted with your visa application.
Extending your student visa
Police Registration Certificates
 Some nationalities are required to register
  with the police. If your visa states that this
  is a requirement for you, you must include
  your Police Registration Certificate and
  those of any dependants also required to
 Certificates must be up-to-date and include
  your current address and details of any visa
  extensions or changes of course.
Extending your student visa
Translations in English
 If any of your documents are not in English or
  Welsh you will need to get them translated by
  a professional translator.
 The translation must include:
       Details of the translator’s credentials
       Confirmation it is an accurate translation of the
        original document
       Translator’s contact details
       The original signature & date of the translator
   Must include both original and translation versions
    in your application
   If the document provided in English from your
    education institution or bank, that is acceptable
Extending your student visa
                List of Required Documents
                      This is only a guide
1.    Application Form
2.    Application fee
3.    2 passport size photos
4.    Passport(s)
5.    Visa letter
6.    Bank Statement and/or receipts
7.    Any Education documents
8.    Police Registration Certificate (if required)
9.    ATAS Certificate (if required)
10.   Financial Sponsor Letter (if required)
Extending your student visa
How can we help you?
   Information on our website

   Twice a month Visa Information Sessions
       1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 3pm

   Visa Workshops - International Student Advisers
    from the Dean of Students’ Office will go through
    the application form and answer questions.
       Tuesdays 10am
       Wednesdays 2pm and 3pm
       Fridays 10am

   Email us at
Extending your student visa

          Thank you!
             Paul Hartzler
              Jane Amos
    International Student Advisers
       Dean of Students Office

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