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					                               Swe-Check Pty Ltd ABN 23 064 179 862
  T: (+613) 9521 6133 F: (+613) 9521 6177 E:
          Postal Address: P Box 2618 Cheltenham Victoria Australia 3192
         Head Office: 34 George Street Sandringham Victoria Australia 3191

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 Company Name:                                                                                        Date:
 Trading Name:                                                                                                       (If Applicable)

General Details                                                      Business Classification:
 ABN:                                                                Industry:
 Number Years in Business:                                           Website:

 Est. Monthly Purchases: $                                           Fuse Products Required for: (Please tick only one.)
 Phone Number: (             )                                            Resale           New Products / OEM          Maintenance

 Fax Number:         (       )                                            Other:

Accounts Payable Department                                           Statement Address:

 Contact Person:
 Phone Number: (             )

 Fax Number:         (       )


Invoice Options:                     Send invoice (priced) with goods unless purchase order specifies otherwise.
(Please tick only one)
                                     Send delivery docket with goods and original invoice to statement address.

Trade References - please provide 2 references.
Company Name:                                                        Company Name:
Contact Person:                                                      Contact Person:
Phone Number: (                  )                                   Phone Number: (              )
Fax Number:              (       )                                   Fax Number:           (      )

I/We hereby state that the information contained in this application is true and correct and that all transactions on this and
subsequent accounts are governed by Swe-Check Pty. Ltd. "Terms & Conditions Of Sale," of which we acknowledge receipt of a
copy. If Swe-Check Pty. Ltd considers it relevant to assessing this application for commercial credit, I/We agree to Swe-Check Pty.
Ltd. obtaining from a credit report containing personal credit information about me/us in relation to commercial credit provided by
Swe-Check Pty. Ltd.

Signed:                                                                 Position:

Name:                                                                   Date:
                              Swe-Check Pty Ltd ABN 23 064 179 862
 T: (+613) 9521 6133 F: (+613) 9521 6177 E:
         Postal Address: P Box 2618 Cheltenham Victoria Australia 3192
        Head Office: 34 George Street Sandringham Victoria Australia 3191

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                                    TERMS & CONDITIONS OF SALE

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all sales unless any of the terms and conditions are expressly removed
or altered by authorised Swe-Check Pty Ltd management.

Delivery                                                           Warranty
Delivery shall be the responsibility of Swe-Check Pty              The only warranty applicable to the goods is any
Ltd and a delivery fee will be charged. Any                        written warranty included in the quotation. Swe-
discrepancies in deliveries must be notified within 14             Check Pty Ltd shall not be liable for any personal
days of receipt of goods.                                          injury, property damage, negligence or otherwise of
                                                                   Swe-Check Pty Ltd, its servants or associated entities.
Terms of Payment
Goods are to be payed for within 30 days from the                  Order Cancellation or Variation
date of invoice. Delivery of a cheque or negotiable                All orders scheduled for delivery within 60 days are
instrument shall not constitute payment unless and                 non-cancelable.
until such instrument is honoured by the payers bank.
Ownership of the goods does not pass until such time               Breach
as the goods are paid for.                                         Any one of the following acts by the customer shall
                                                                   constitute a breach of the customer's obligations
Return of Goods                                                    hereunder
Return of goods will not be accepted without prior
approval and goods agreed to be returned will only be              - failure to make payment for the goods
accepted if they are returned in the same condition as                       when payment due.
when delivered.                                                    - failure to accept delivery of goods
A restocking fee of 20% will be charged on goods                             supplied as per customer's order.
returned. A credit number will be issued.                          - return of goods without consent.
                                                                   - any other act by the customer in violation
Exchange Rate Variation                                                      of any of the provisions hereof.
Any variation to the A$ exchange rate between the
tender date and the acctual supply / invoice date will             In the event of a breach by the customer, Swe-Check
be passed onto the customer.                                       Pty Ltd may terminate the customer's order or any
                                                                   part thereof without any liability costs including but
Force Majeure                                                      not limited to reasonable legal fees incurred by Swe-
SWE-CHECK will not be liable for any failure to deliver            Check Pty Ltd in any effort to collect payment owing
or any delay in delivery due to any cause beyond its               or otherwise enforce rights hereunder.
control including but not limited to Acts of God, fires,
labour disputes, inability to obtain material or                   Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
government actions. In the event of any such delay                 The customer accepts these terms and conditions by
the date of delivery will be extended by a period equal            failing to object to such terms and conditions within
to the time lost by reason of such delay.                          14 days of notification of said terms and conditions.

Account Terms                                                      Overdue Accounts
Strictly Nett 30 days from invoice date.                           Interest may be charged on overdue accounts at the
                                                                   current bank overdraft rate.