DB2 by BrittanyGibbons


									DB2 1) The No. of CPUs used in DB2 Enterprise edition a. 4 CPU b. 2 CPU c. No restriction 2) Which of the following is not associated wit DB2 licensing? a. CPU b. Memory c. User 3) What is database configuration parameter? SQLDBCON 4) The hardware server can have multiple instances. True or False? True 5) What is meant by pre fetching? Fetching data from hard disk to buffer pool 6) Which is true? a. Database partition consists its own data, index, configuration files and transaction logs b. Database partition consists its own data, index, configuration files except transaction logs c. Database partition consists its own data, index and transaction logs except configuration files 7) Default page size in DB2? a. 4 KB b. 8 KB c. 16 KB d. 32 KB 8) What is extent rebalancing? Moving extents between containers 9) Which Table space allocates space on Demand? a. SMS b. DMS c. Both d. None 10) DMA Allocates space in? DMS 11) In which of the following elements will be physically ordered a. B+ tree index b. Cluster index c. Both d. None 12) Tables can be spanned between table spaces? True / false. True 13) Which is the smallest unit of hard disk? Page 14) Block indexes for multiple columns produces a. Blocks b. Clusters c. Multidimensional Clusters 15) Block indexes are preferable for high cardinality columns. True/False. False 16) Block Index a. The size used is much smaller than the B+ Tree index b. Is same in size as the Block Index

17) Large updates and transactions are not suitable for a. Block index b. B+ tree index 18) Database partition is known as a. Leaf b. Node c. Root 19) In logical partitions, a. CPU is shared but memory is not shared b. Both CPU and memory are shared c. Both CPU and memory are not shared but hard disk is shared d. A database partition is not given complete control of hardware resources 20) What is the denoted by aslheapsz? Communication buffer between local application and associated agent 21) Loading is fast during which of the following operations? a. During Load b. During Import c. During SQL Inserts 22) What is MPP? Massively Parallel Processing 23) Effects of locking – Concurrency And Performance 24) Number of no_ioservers used for improving efficiency? Should be equal to no of physical disks 25) If the num_iocleaners is zero? No Page Cleaners Started 26) LogBufSz should be increase for large no of transactions 27) Chngpgs – Percentage of changed pages in buffer pool should be low for heavy transactions 28) What is Max Lock? % of lock list held by an application 29) Creating db2 statistics updates – regular scheduling 30) What does page cleaner do? (in what order the data is written ) a. Data from the buffer pool is written to the disk b. Data from the dist is written to the buffer pool 31) A container is not a a. Memory b. File c. Directory d. Raw device 32) Multi Dimensional Clusters are a. Beneficial For OLAP b. Beneficial For OLTP 33) Statistics can be updated anytime a. No, Because of Performance issues b. Yes, Because of performance issues 34) Locklist Defn? 35) Other name of MPP – share nothing architecture

36) SMS – operating system 37) Chngpgs_thres? --- db2 memory 38) Correct defn of ASLheapsz? a. Co-ordinator and sub agent b.Co-ordinator and prefetch sync c. Page cleaners 39) Different table spaces have different page sizes 40) Table Space span across containers and tables can span across table spaces 41) Chngpgs_thresh decrease the value a. For heavy update transaction 42) when creating Database or users its Parent is necessary a. true b. false 43) while creating Database Spool Space Specification a) Upper limit of Spool Space should be specified b) Maximum utilization space should be specified 47) Cleanup will not affect on by which phase a. b. c. d. Acquisition application cleanup none

44) A column present in Table A which is the primary key of Table B is foreign key 45) Database can be created only from an existing database. True or false

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