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Modeled after poems written by
       Pablo Neruda
          What is an ODE?
Ode (from the Ancient Greek ὠδή) is a form
 of stately and elaborate lyrical verse.

Lyric poetry refers to either poetry that has
 the form and musical quality of a song, or
 a usually short poem that expresses
 personal feelings, which may or may not
 be set to music.
Pablo Nerudo wrote a specific
type of Ode now referred to as
     Nerudo-esque Odes
Pablo Neruda
      Who was Pablo Neruda?
• Pablo Neruda – pseudonym – real name is Ricardo
  Eliecer Neftali Reyes Basoalto

• Born in Chile in 1904

• Family disapproved of him being a writer

• Paid with his own money to publish his first book of

• Found a publisher for Twenty Love Poems and a Song
  of Despair – made him famous
- Was know as “the people’s poet”
- International Peace Prize, Nobel Prize
  for Literature
- Interested in politics and wrote about
Ode To a Lemon
          Out of lemon flowers
        on the moonlight, love's
         lashed and insatiable
        sodden with fragrance,
        the lemon tree's yellow
              the lemons
              move down
      from the tree's planetarium

         Delicate merchandise!
       The harbors are big with it-
           for the light and the
             barbarous gold.
                  We open
                 the halves
               of a miracle,
          and a clotting of acids
              into the starry
              original juices,
        irreducible, changeless,
        so the freshness lives on
                in a lemon,
in the sweet-smelling house of the rind,
   the proportions, arcane and acerb.
        Cutting the lemon
             the knife
    leaves a little cathedral:
alcoves unguessed by the eye
   that open acidulous glass
      to the light; topazes
       riding the droplets,
        aromatic facades.
       So, while the hand
  holds the cut of the lemon,
          half a world
         on a trencher,
    the gold of the universe
         to your touch:
          a cup yellow
         with miracles,
     a breast and a nipple
      perfuming the earth;
   a flashing made fruitage,
the diminutive fire of a planet.
    Subjects of Pablo Neruda’s Odes
•   Ode To Conger Chowder
•   Ode To Wine
•   Ode To Tomatoes
•   Ode To Maize
•   Ode To a Large Tuna in the Market
•   Ode To a Chestnut on the Ground
•   Ode To an Artichoke
•   Ode To a Lemon
•   Ode To Salt
Ode to Sausage
O, sausage sizzling in your succulent fat.
You disgust humanity’s vegans and vegetarians,
Yet you dissolve in spite of them
Within the depths of my mouth.

Those who say you are nothing but crude fat
In a pigskin casing are blind to your salty sweet taste,
Your crispy softness
Your fierce fragrance.

Considered impure by many,
You are the devil’s tool of temptation-
A serpent of kielbasa.
You are the flavor incarnate.

Presidents have their nations,
A boot has its confident shine,
A world of imperfection has you.

                      Jimmy Morrill
Ode to Watermelon
  I bite into you
  and relish the burst of wild flavor
  I haven’t tasted all winter.
  your sweet juice
  floods my mouth-
  buries my tongue
  in fresh pinkish flesh.
  I swallow your cold fruitiness
  and my taste buds smile
  with excitement.
  Oh, watermelon,
  the scent of June wind
  mixed with the heat of August sun
  washes over me
  as I take another bite
  of summer.

           Marnie Briggs
   Tips for Neruda-Esque Odes
- pick a subject from your everyday life that you
  have strong feelings about

  - common household object
  - food works well

- Describe the subject inside and out
- Exaggerate its admirable qualities, until it seems
  to become central to human existence
-   Tap all five senses, if possible

-   Use metaphors and similes

-   Perhaps directly address the subject of the ode

     - (Oh, Oreo, I adore you)

-   Tell your feelings about the subject and give exalted descriptions of
    its qualities

-   Keep the lines short

-   Choose strong words

-   Use a planning sheet before you begin writing
Sample student Ode - humorous
            Ode to the Toilet

                  You are
              My pot of relief,
              My pearly seat,
           My enchanted throne.
            Like my best friend,
           You are always there
              For me, through
               Thick and thin.
          Though sometimes you
                Might smell.
            Butt you are always
                There for me
                 My friend,
                              -Alex Erickson
Sample student Ode - serious
  Ode to the Shower
  My preview of Heaven,
  The cherry on top of a bad day.
  My wake-up call in the morning,
  My own steam room,
  Water massage when I’m sore.
  My own personal refuge,
  The steam on the mirror makes Mom steam,
  The standing hot tub,
  My own haven where family doesn’t go.

                         Jayson Edge

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