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									                2011 -2012 Bedford PTG Executive Board
                      0ctober 19, 2011 at 9:00 a.m.

Adrienne Allen (Co-President), Missy Joyce (Co-President), Karen Joyce (VP, Publicity), Andrea
Gately (VP, Fundraising), Kim Ahnen (Secretary), Michael Fournier (Administrative Liaison),
Terry Wolf (School Board Liaison), Deb Delahunty (BHS Liaison), Lynne Natale (RAL Liaison),
Stacy Norris (McKelvie Liaison), Lisa Nash (PWS Liaison), Brittany Casey (Memorial Liaison),
Dina DeLisle (RBS Liaison)
Leslie Froio (Treasurer), Julie Muir (O.R.K.), Pamm Hughes (O.R.K.),

       1. Welcome & Introductions
       2. Old Business & Approval of Last Meeting’s Minutes - Approved
       3. President’s Topics
          o Committees
                  Wellness – We did not get a great response for people wanting to be on
                    the wellness committee. Meetings will be one Thursday a month from
                    3:30 -4:45, meetings are at the SAU building. This would be a two-year
                  School Calendar – PTG recommends two members and two members
                    come from the community. Charge for the committee is to explore
                    options for a school year calendar that the district could implement that
                    would maintain learning as a priority for students. The committee will
                    also submit a final written report to the Bedford School Board no later
                    than Monday, January 23, 2012, that includes, at a minimum, the
                    a. A review of the NH state regulations/laws that guide school year
                    b. A review of viable school year calendar options highlighting the pros
                        and cons of each.
                    c. A list of district policies/procedures that would need revision and/or
                        need to be added to facilitate implementation, if appropriate.
              PTG recommends Kim Kearns and Allison Michaud as the representatives
              to the committee.
                       Focus Groups – MEM – went well, good representation, very
                        thankful to       administration for being thorough; RBS – asked
                        a lot of questions, good process, very thorough, very
                        supportive; PWS – Oct. 26; MCK – Oct. 27
   o Fit Kids Program – is an interactive, 7 week, health awareness program. It targets
      the ages of 9-10 and is designed to teach children in the classroom about the
      importance of personal health, physical fitness and the benefits of good nutrition.
      The cost to cover all 4th graders is approximately 2,300.00. Could this be ORK
      money, AIR money or priorities money? Action Item – Dina DeLisle – Contact
      Dr. Chuck to ask if he could implement the program at all three schools if
      we came up with money for the supplies.
   o Minutes distribution
           Who is on it? Why? Who can get it & when? The minutes are just for the
              PTG executive board until approved. Once it is approved it will be posted
              on the PTG website and available to the public.
   o Membership update – Membership dues are up from last year
   o Coordinator Meetings – We will be setting up soon to get feedback, liaisons will
      be included on the list.
4. Publicity Topics
   o Facebook – Not a lot of activity – please go to facebook and post information
      about events.

5. School Board Report – School Board Forum will be on November 10, 2011 at 10:30
at the library. PTG will sponsor coffee, this is open to the community. No set agenda just
an opportunity to ask questions. The IB program as well as SAT test scores, and paying
for high school basketball games are some topics that might be discussed.

6. Fundraising Topics

   o Gift Wrap - Our Meadow Farms Gift Wrap and More drive ended on 10/4/2011.
      Estimated sales were $42,750. This is an estimated profit of $18,000. Sales were
     down approximately $9,150 from 2010. Profit will be down approximately
     $5,000. However, our budget for profit was $20,000, so a $2000 difference from
     actuals. We can still order on-line with Meadow Farms until 12/31. Publicizing
     this on our websites may be a way to help increase sales/profits. Action Item –
     Karen Joyce – Put on Facebook and Website that online ordering is
     available until 12/31.

   o Gift Cards - Gift card fundraiser begins on 10/21 -- this Friday. Again, two
     deadlines for orders, 11/4 for pre-Thanksgiving and 12/9 for pre-Hanukkah,
     Christmas delivery. Tami Bohan is the District Chair for the Gift Cards. Need
     Sandwich Boards for the advertisement at the BHS driveway. Would like to print
     2 posters for the sandwich boards if possible to advertise this sale. Gift cards will
      be picked up at a central location.

   o Ski & Skate - Ski and Skate sale is Nov 18 and 19.

   o Action Item – Liaisons – Have volunteer coordinators send list of volunteers
     for each event to the district coordinator.

   o Hannaford only allows schools to be at one of their stores on the Hannaford Helps
     Tower. RBS, RAL and BHS are on Jenkins road, MEM, PWS and McK are at S. River

   o Barnes and Noble – We did get the list of volunteers from all of the schools and
     will ask from that list if anyone wants to be the coordinator.

7. Treasurer Topics
   o Budget – see attached

8. Liaison Reports

       BHS –
     Membership
      Current: 101 student memberships and 29 faculty
      Mrs. Benware’s advisory is winner of the PTG membership contest. Their
      breakfast is scheduled for the 25th of October
     Coffee with the Principal is October 18, 2011 at 7 pm. Bill has an open agenda for
      discussion – issues or concerns with the opening of school.
     BHS Conferences are November 7 – 10. PTG is having
      dinner for the teachers on the 8th and 9th. Parent volunteers will be providing the
     Gift card fundraiser starts the 21st. Discussion on how to
      have more advertising – perhaps BCTV? Is this already being used? We will have
      a gift card table out during the week of conferences to promote the gift cards.
     Coke rewards containers for bottle caps have been
      placed next to the vending machines in the school.
     Artist in residence went very well. Driftwood sculptures
      can be seen outside of the high school.

      RAL –
      No report

      MCK –

      NECAP testing has just finished

      McKelvie teachers will have several sessions to work with a writing consultant
      this year. The first of those sessions begins this week
Mr. Fournier has requested that the PTG help to identify a parent to manage lost
and found items at McKelvie - items should be organized and displayed before
conferences with the remaining items donated before the Thanksgiving Holiday.
The same should occur before February Break, April Break and the end of the
school year.

upcoming events:
10-21 Gift Card Kick Off
10-27 Move-A Thon
10-27 Parent Focus Group with Tim Mayes (reagarding algorythm for
selecting/approving educational materials)
11-7 Parent Teacher conferences begin

-Riddle Brook will be hosting a Father/Daughter dance on February 17, 2012 and
a Mother/Son Dance on May 4, 2012. Tickets will be sold and all proceeds will go
towards a future replacement of the playgrounds climbing structure(s).

-RBS Garden update: Landscaping was to begin Monday 10/3 to lay groundwork.
Larger scale work will begin after NECAP’s. Everything, with the exception of
bulbs should be completed this fall. There will be a dedication of the garden with
stepping stones at some point in the spring. We are looking into grant proposals
for this project as well.

-Wee Deliver (inter-school postal service) will launch in October. Third and
fourth graders will deliver the mail.

-Aine Phillips Memorial at RBS: Will be scheduled after school, one day in
November, near her birthday.

-RBS Clothing Sale: October 10-21.

-Food drive to benefit the New Horizons Food Pantry being held 11/1-11/18.

-Coat drive being held 10/24-12/16

-Pete Gustafson from the SEE Science Center will be visiting all 3rd grade
classrooms to present his Solids, Liquids and Gases program, coinciding with the
states of matter curriculum (11/4).

-End of October: 3rd Grade Field Trips to Mount Kearsage

-10/26th: Kevin Skarupa (WMUR Meteorologist) to present to Grade 4
       -10/28th: Grade 4 – Bay Colony Educators presentation

       -November: First Grade Field Trips to Beaver Brook

       -Molly McCarthy is seeking financial support from PTG to continue having Dr.
       Chuck from Granite State FitKids come to the fourth grades to present his seven
       week wellness education program.

       MEM –
       No report

       PWS –

       We held our first ever NECAP pep rally. It was a huge success. Students in grades
       K-2 led cheers, sang songs and gave speeches to 3rd & 4th grade test takers. “Do
       your best on the test” was the theme. The testing atmosphere was very positive
       this year.
       Three BHS seniors (Lauren Angelini, Emma Kokkinos, Michelle Robinson) will be
       continuing the K-Kids (Kiwanis) program that was started last year. This is a
       service based leadership program led by students. Students will get to choose
       charities and projects that they would like to participate in or raise funds to
       support. Ken Williams oversees this program.
       Robyn Clark and Cheryl Daley have been continuing to speak to all classrooms
       about the schools positive behavior program. This includes topics such as Kelso
       choice and how to handle bullying.
       October 25: PWS will receive it's 20th consecutive Blue Ribbon Award for
       excellence in volunteering.
       October 26: PWS will be hosting a Book Selection Process Focus Group led by
       Tim Mayes and Chip McGee, at 10 a.m. in Room #20.
       October 27: Emergency Drill – Playground evacuation
       October 31: Annual Halloween parade around the building, families are
       encouraged to attend. Grades 1-4 @ 1:30, Morning K @ 10:30
       November 4: Mystery Theater fundraiser at Manchester Country Club.
       $160/table or $25/pp. Music, light food, silent auction, cash bar, mystery! Contact
       Lisa for tickets & info.

9. ORK Updates
   Elementary –
      1.The Bay Colony Educators will be visiting all three elementary schools on
      Friday, October 28th to present their living Colonial history presentation to our
      4th graders. Times will be:

       Memorial School
       8:00 - 8:15am Set up in cafeteria
8:15 - 9:15 Presentation
9:15 - 9:30 clean up

Peter Woodbury School
9:45 - 10:00 Set up in library
10:00 - 11:00 Presentation
11:00 - 11:15 clean up

Riddle Brook School
12:45 - 1:00 Set up in upstairs Room 216/218
1:00 - 2:00 Presentation
2:00 - 2:15 clean up

2. Pete Gustafson, from the SEE Science Center, will visit all of our 3rd graders to
present his Solids, Liquids and Gases program which coincides beautifully with
the 3rd grade States of Matter curriculum. His schedule will be:

Memorial School - Tuesday November 1st - In Cafeteria

Riddle Brook School - Friday, November 4th - In Room 216/218

Peter Woodbury School - Thursday, November 10th - Room 20

3. The fabulous Abenaki Storytellers will make their way into our schools again
this fall to enrich our 3rd graders' Native American Unit. I'm working with
teachers now to ascertain when the best time/dates for them to come will be.
They not only tell awesome Native American stories, but while the stories are
being told, Rick Hunt creates an elaborate mural that each school gets to keep.
I've attached a few pictures below so you can see how intricate his work is. Really

4. Programs to be scheduled for rest of the school year:
Audubon Animals in Winter - 2nd graders
Tanglewood Marionettes - 1st graders
Eyes on Owls - 4th graders
Spain Brothers/John Farrell - all school events
      Audubon Rocks & Minerals - 2nd graders
      Live Animal Traveling Zoo - 1st graders

   Middle/Upper -
      McKelvie: Three programs scheduled so far. Anti Bullying was school wide. The
      other two are for 6th grade language arts. McKelvie still has a nice chunk of
      budget left.

      Lurgio: Two programs scheduled thus far. Grapes of Math will be coming up and
      is a big presentation during the day and at night for the community. This
      program should be great and taking a large chunk of the budget.

      BHS: Poetry Out Loud is in the works. It is a program where teachers are trained
      and includes a poetry competition for students. Is going to be rolled out in
      humanities classes and Bill Hagen forsees it growing each year. It is an
      investment in a long standing program. (Cost is one time cost. Waiting for all
      paperwork on cost.) Sounds terrific.

10. Upcoming Dates
           a. State of the District with Tim Mayes – November 3rd
           b. Gift Cards – first order due – November 4th
           c. Frozen Food & Gift Card pick-up – November 15 & 16
           d. November e-board meeting – November 16th
           e. Ski & Skate Sale – November 19th

11. Action Items

  Action Item                                Responsible Person     Status

  Create a PTG Tree Display – showing        Missy Joyce            Open
  coordinators and who to contact for
  questions and volunteer opportunities.

  Investigate ordering in bulk for events    Adrienne Allen         Open
  that take place at more than one school.

  Continue to research viability of online   ?                      Open

  Continue to research polling questions     Karen Joyce            Open
on PTG publicity materials.

Contact Dr. Chuck to ask if he could        Dina DeLisle   Open
implement the Granite State FitKids
program at all three schools if we came
up with money for the supplies.

Put on Facebook and Website that            Karen Joyce    Open
online ordering for giftwrap is available
until 12/31.

Have volunteer coordinators send list of    Liaisons       Open
volunteers for each event to the district

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