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Repetition - Looping by dffhrtcv3


									Repetition - Looping
           Control Structures
   Sequential
    • Do Together
    • Do In Order
   Conditions / Decisions
   Repetition / Loop
    • Counted
    • While Loop
   Repeating Behavior
    • Sequential Instructions
    • Methods
             Counted Loop
   Know how many times we need a
    block of instruction to repeat
    • Jump up and down 5 times
    • Uses a Counter
   Create a world with a Ferris Wheel.
    When the space bar is pushed, have
    the ferris wheel move around 5
               While Loops
   Repeating block of instructions
   Unspecified number of times
    • While a condition is true
    • While it is raining, use an umbrella
    • While the troll is more than 5 meters
      from the dragon, move toward dragon
     Ferris Wheel – While Loop
   Modify the ferris wheel program to
    continue going around until a switch
    is turned off.

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