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Engineering Graphics H193


									                           First-Year Engineering Program

            Engineering H191
Engineering Fundamentals and Laboratory I

                Week 02 Day 03
      Computer Aided Design (CAD) with
                Inventor® 2010
    Chapter 3: Constructive Solid Geometry
          Review and New Material
                                    First-Year Engineering Program

                  Evolution of CAD

• 2D Wireframe – Points and Lines

• 3D Wireframe – Points and

• Surface Modeling – Adding a
  surface to 3D Wireframe

• Solid Modeling – Constructive
  Solid Geometry
   – Assembling primitive solids
      by adding or subtracting

Autumn 2009                                                      2
                                          First-Year Engineering Program

                         Evolution of CAD
• Feature-Based Parametric Solid Modeling
   – A design process
        •     Sketch a 2D shape
        •     Add Dimensions for size
        •     Extrude or revolve the shape to make a solid
        •     Repeat as needed while adding or cutting away features
   – Dimensions can be changed at any time in the
     design process and the part will be updated
   – This approach is typical for parametric modeling
     programs – these include Pro Engineer, Solid
     Works, Solid Edge, CATIA, and other software
Autumn 2009                                                            3
                                     First-Year Engineering Program

              Constructive Solid Geometry
• Objects are built from Primitive

     – Join or Union

     – Cut or Difference

     – Intersection or Common
Autumn 2009                                                       4
                                          First-Year Engineering Program

    With the rectangular solid and the cylinder, we produced the
    figures on the previous page by doing a union, a difference,
    and an intersection. The setup for the intersection is shown here.

Autumn 2009                                                            5
                                 First-Year Engineering Program

              Creating a More Complex Object

   How would
   you make
   this object
   as a set
   of geometric

   Always plan

Autumn 2009                                                   6
                              First-Year Engineering Program

              Develop a Modeling Strategy
• First - do it individually
• Second – compare to the others at your table
• Which strategy had the fewest steps?

Autumn 2009                                                7
                               First-Year Engineering Program

              This is Inventor’s opening slide

Autumn 2009                                                 8
                                 First-Year Engineering Program

              Select Metric

Autumn 2009         Select Standard (mm).ipt                  9
                                       First-Year Engineering Program

                Default Sketch Plane
• When you use the default sketch plane to begin with, you need
  to begin with a profile from the proper view or the isometric will
  be rotated from what you desire.

English system parts produce a FRONT view in the
Metric system parts produce a TOP view in the

   If you forgot how to redefine the isometric view, refer back to
   slide 24 of lecture 04

Autumn 2009                                                        10
                          First-Year Engineering Program

                    Select “Tools”, then “Document
                    Settings”, then “Sketch” to change
                    the grid spacing for the sketch

Document Settings

 Autumn 2009                                          11
                                 First-Year Engineering Program

        Begin Construction: Draw Rectangle

Use “General Dimension” to get current size of rectangle
Autumn 2009                                                  12
                              First-Year Engineering Program

          Use Document Settings Again: Units

 Use Document
Settings (Units) to
   Set Display

  Autumn 2009                                             13
                                       First-Year Engineering Program

                     Editing the Sketch

Single click on the dimension to bring up a dialog box
  Autumn 2009                                                      14
                                  First-Year Engineering Program

      Setting Correct Dimensions on Sketch

Figure changes to match the dimensions and the dimensions
have the correct precision.
Autumn 2009                                                   15
                                      First-Year Engineering Program

         If Your Sketch Expands Beyond Your Window

  The “Zoom All” Button on
  the Standard Toolbar will
  rescale your window to
  the size of your sketch

Or you can use the “Zoom” Button to
rescale your window as you wish
from the options in the pull down

   Autumn 2009                                                    16
                                  First-Year Engineering Program

       If Your Sketch Expands Beyond Your Window

The “Zoom All” Button is also under the
the View tab

The same drop down menu can be found here
 Autumn 2009                                                  17
                                        First-Year Engineering Program

              Going from Sketch to Model

                                                        Right click
                                                        to bring up
                                                        menu –

                                                        Go to Part
                                                        Features –
              With ‘Extrusion’ the “Base Sketch” becomes …

Autumn 2009                                                         18
                                 First-Year Engineering Program

          Solid Model of the Base is Created

                     Extrusion 1
Autumn 2009
                     Click on ‘+’ to see Sketch 1            19
                             First-Year Engineering Program

   The Next Sketch Must Be on the Bottom Surface

                                           Use “Dynamic
                                           Rotate” to get
                                           Bottom surface

Autumn 2009                                              20
                             First-Year Engineering Program

              Bottom Surface Revealed


Autumn 2009                                              21
                                               First-Year Engineering Program

                   Sketch on Bottom Surface
Center of

                                                                Corner and
    Select Circle from Sketch Panel                             End of Line
    Find green dot that indicates center of the line
    Left Click once, drag circle to edge (another green dot)
    Green dots indicate adding constraints!
    Autumn 2009                                                            22
                                           First-Year Engineering Program

   • Finish Sketch 2 and use the Home Icon to see the top side
   • Choose “Extrude”
   • Pick the circle for your profile to extrude
   • Set the Distance to 40 mm, click left and right arrows to see
     a preview of the extrusion

       Choose Right Arrow and Click OK.
Autumn 2009                                                            23
                                 First-Year Engineering Program

              This Completes Extrusion 2

                          Note: Extrusion 2 has Sketch 2
Autumn 2009
                                Associated with It.          24
                                First-Year Engineering Program

      Three More Extrusions (Cuts) Are Executed to
                 Complete the Drawing
                                                      Extrusion 4
Extrusion 3

                                                    Extrusion 5

 Autumn 2009                                                25
                                         First-Year Engineering Program

                    Dimensioning Caution:
Enter dimensions explicitly, even if they appear correct. Constructive
Solid Geometry is not able to line up features if they are off by just

Autumn 2009                                                          26
                              First-Year Engineering Program

              Today's Assignment

• Drawing 9 – INV Ch 3 in text example

Autumn 2009                                               27

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