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The American System


									James Monroe and “The Era of
       Good Feelings”

        Monroe Doctrine
   “The Era Of Good Feelings”
• “The Era of Good
  Feelings” was a period of
  national pride and political
  peace associated with
  James Monroe
• Jeffersonian Republicans
  accept Hamilton’s
  economic plans.
  Americans expected civil
  discord between the
  political parties.
      Anglo- American Peace

• 1815 American trade
  is important to the
  British economy
• 1818 both nations
  settle the Canadian
  boundary dispute and
  agree that both nations
  will control the
  Oregon territory for 10
                Monroe Doctrine

• Named for James Monroe
  • 5th President of the United States 1817-1925

  • Monroe brought a vision of an expanded America to his presidency—a
    vision that helped facilitate the formulation of what has become known as
    the Monroe Doctrine. Because this Doctrine bears his name, the general
    public is not inclined to recognize the significant contributions made by
    Secretary of State John Quincy Adams and unofficial presidential advisor
    Thomas Jefferson.

  • The Doctrine was presented in an address to congress December 2, 1823
          Monroe Doctrine
• In Latin America, it is a period of revolution
  and liberation.
• Chile, Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil have
  gained their freedom from Spain and
  Portugal. The United States recognizes
  them as legitimate countries.
• America fears that other foreign countries
  like France and Britain may now want to
  control these countries in Latin America.
           Monroe Doctrine
• Warns European nations that they cannot
  set up colonies or interfere in Latin
  American problems anymore.
• The United States will protect North and
  South America from any European
• The United States will not involve itself in
  European affairs militarily or politically.
Monroe Doctrine Political
Monroe Doctrine Political
Monroe Doctrine
Political Cartoon

• Use this PowerPoint along with the text of the Monroe
  Doctrine to complete a Document Analysis Worksheet.

• We will meet as a class to go over the results, be sure to
  complete the reading of both the PowerPoint and the text
  prior to our meeting.

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