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<br><br><b><I>LAST WEEK ON MELTDOWN…</I></b>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Nick Adams is pacing his locker room, cursing under his breath. His face is a
mask of embarrassment after his loss earlier in the evening.</font>
<br><br>Adams:</b> I can’t be THAT out of shape. I mean, I’ve won the TV title three other times. WHAT
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> He kicks a nearby locker filling the room with a loud metallic noise. He sits
on a chair, putting his head in his hands. There is knock at the door.</font>
<br><br><b>Adams:</b> WHAT?
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The door opens just a bit and a man in a red and purple uniform sticks his head
<br><br><b>Delivery Guy:</b> Are you Nicholas Adams?
<br><br><b>Adams:</b> Yeah. Why?
<br><br><b>DG:</b> Package for you sir.
<br><br><b>Adams:</b> Whatever.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The Delivery Guy opens the door and walks across the room. He hands an
envelope to Adams, who eyes it warily.</font>
<br><br><b>DG:</b> I just need your signature right here sir.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Adams scribbles his name where indicated and the driver leaves. He stares at
the envelope for a moment and then rips it open. He pulls out a contract. His eyes widen as he scans the
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The camera, looking over his shoulder pans up and left, stopping on a very
expensive looking card attached to the top of the contract with a gold paperclip. It reads simply:</b> </font>
<br><br><b>“COMPLIMENTS, MBA”</b>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The scene fades out.</font>
<br><br><b><font color=red>WWA MELTDOWN
<font color=#1f9af9>     Music blares out of the speakers as the cameras spin over the fans heads. A loud burst of
pyro explodes on the stage and the crowd goes wild.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> We are just one week away from WWA Fault Line. The countdown to Rage In The
Cage begins there. But what twists and turns will come our way before then?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Hopefully, Dave Harley keeps his World Title!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> The Extreme Machine takes on his right hand man, Leviathan in our Main Event. We also
have some awesome Embrace The Power action tonight. Perhaps tonight is the night that we’ll learn what the
prize is?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Shut up Jimmy, it’s backstage time!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Looking up from his desk, as solemn and dejected as a man who’s going to
lose his job of 10 years, Wallace Coleman sat contemplating what could have been.</font>
<br><br><b>Wallace:</b> If I’d just gone to the toy manufacturers conference… they may have given me
some handy pointers…
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> There’s a knock at the door Wallace knows its time.</font>
<br><br><b>Wallace:</b> Come in…
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The door swings open the backstage staff member opens it, but stops
suddenly, not saying a word. Almost like he’d seen a ghost.</font>
<br><br><b>Wallace:</b> Yes! Yes! I know! I’ll clear my desk in a minute, just give me a second to clear my
thoughts for Christ sakes, it’s my last day here…
<br><br><b>Staff:</b> But… but…
<br><br><b>Wallace:</b> But what…? You told me two weeks ago, if I don’t get EDH to wrestle tonight then
I’m fired, well EDH won’t wrestle without his damn duck.
<br><br><b>Staff:</b> … you mean…
<br><br><b>Wallace:</b> Yes, a plastic toy duck apparently. Only somebody forgot to mention that fact and I
ended up looking for a proper real life duck.
<br><br><b>Staff:</b> … you mean…
<br><br><b>Wallace:</b> I mean, the only real clues I have is that the duck was shot so there might be some
bullet holes in it or something.
<br><br><b>Staff:</b> … you mean…
<br><br><b>Wallace:</b> … what?
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The staff member was flabbergasted as he looked not at Wallace Coleman, but
behind him. Wallace turned around to look behind him to see what this backstage guy was going on about and
he got the shock of his life.
<br><br>Wallace Coleman had spent the better part of a week looking, he’d looked at everything and
everywhere he possibly could, and after all that searching, as he turns around and sitting there in the corner of
the room…
<br><br>…is a small plastic yellow duck!
<br><br>Not just any small plastic yellow duck, a small plastic yellow duck with 2 black holes in it, the kind of
holes that bullets would make.
<br><br>It could have been divine intervention, it could have been some strange twist of fate, or this duck may
have some kind of superpowers, but Wallace Coleman just didn’t care. He has his job back, and he’s the
happiest person in the arena.</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Dammit! Does that mean that idiot Dave Hurst is gonna wrestle here?
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> It would appear so Tony. That’s huge news.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Pfft!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> As many of you’re probably aware, Ace vs. Jack was scheduled to be recorded before the
show and highlights of it shown about now. However instead we take you live to a press event.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The camera is facing a table, there are three seats set up behind a table at the
front of the room, and between the camera and the table are many journalists. From the right hand side of the
room enter:</b> Ace, Bridge and Jack Griffiths; they all sit behind the table.</font>
<br><br><b>Bridge:</b> I have assembled you all here so that Ace can make announcement regarding his
contract with the WWA.
<br><br><b>Ace:</b> Firstly thank you all for coming here. I felt it necessary to public announce this so that
you can all understand that I have not turned my back on the WWA, rather I have had to make a decision I
never wanted to make.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Ace takes a sip of water.</font>
<br><br><b>Ace:</b> Unfortunately the issues which meant I couldn’t compete last week also mean that I
can’t compete this week, or for the foreseeable future. This is why I have chosen to not to dissolve my contract
but take some time off indefinitely.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> A frantic murmur from the journalists starts up.</font>
<br><br><b>Bridge:</b> We will now take questions from the floor…
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> All of the journalists start standing vying to be the first to ask a
<br><br><b>Bridge:</b> Yes you…
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Bridge is pointing at a journalist in the front of the pack.</font>
<br><br><b>Journalist:</b> Am I correct in the assumption that Jack receives another automatic bye in the
<br><br><b>Jack:</b> After consideration with the bookers it has been decided that I will indeed face
Shaman; it was difficult for me to accept the place given that I am receiving it because Ace loves his family.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Ace looks over to Jack and nods in appreciation of Jack’s sentiment.</font>
<br><br><b>Jack:</b> Something that would mean a lot to me though is if Ace was to agree to have this
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Jack looks over to Ace, and talks to him not the journalists.</font>
<br><br><b>Jack:</b> When and if you get back man, we have this match. You vs. me, no questions asked
and no matter if I have a title or not.
<br><br><b>Ace:</b> Sure but on one condition…
<br><br><b>Jack:</b> Name it…
<br><br><b>Ace:</b> No stipulations, just one on one. Not for glory but for love of the industry!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Jack stands up, quickly followed by Ace. Above Bridge’s head they both
extend their arms and shake hands on the match.</font>
<br><br><b>Bridge:</b> Ok, next question… you.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Bridge points at a female reporter sitting closer to the camera, whilst Ace and
Jack sit back down.</font>
<br><br><b>Reporter:</b> Obviously the focus of this conference is Ace and not Jack but I was wondering
what Jack is feeling right now. Knowing that he is mere minutes away from fighting the longest serving WWA
roster member? Shaman…
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Before Jack is able to answer a voice just off of screen says</font>
<br><br><b>Voice:</b> It doesn’t matter how he feels, he stands no chance of winning. I may not be a
Shaman fan but he is twice the wrestler Jack could ever be…
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The camera pans and we see that the voice belongs to Mr. Darkness.</font>
<br><br><b>Jack:</b> I should’ve known that you’d be here… the fact of the matter is, I know I cannot match
Shaman in many areas. He is stronger than I am, he is older than I am, I intend to use his age against him
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Jack sips some water.</font>
<br><br><b>Jack:</b> His age means he is more experienced than I am but more importantly he is slower than
I am. Sure he is more powerful than I am, but if I am quicker than he is; then I can make myself unavailable to
<br><br><b>Mr. Darkness:</b> Well, that’s for more intelligent than I gave you credit for. Did you steal that
from your wife?
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> This comment causes Jack to fume; he stands up and makes towards Mr.
Darkness. Mr. Darkness returns the favour by making towards Jack; fortunately Ace holds Jack back.</font>
<br><br><b>Mr. Darkness:</b> What’s the matter? Too frightened to fight me?
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Ace stops holding Jack back and turns knocking Mr. Darkness down with a
hard right hand.</font>
<br><br><b>Ace:</b> When are you going to learn, he isn’t frightened of you! I held him back not because of
what you’d do to him but what he could and would’ve done to you. Personal life and wrestling should never
cross, just because Jack has a wife and soon a child doesn’t mean you can exploit them for your gain!
<br><br><b>Jack:</b> You really are a breath of fresh air, I hope you get back sooner rather than later.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The screen fades to commercial as Jack and Ace stand triumphantly behind the
table; Bridge sits by.</font>
<br><br><font color=red> <b>COMMERCIAL – Khaled Tours – Shagging, Bagging and Toe
<br><br><b>Voice:</b> … he’s not coming back Dave…
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Exceptional Dave Hurst sits once more in the darkened recesses of his locker
room. The ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign dangling from the handle on the door outside, the door slowly opens, EDH
gets up breathing heavily… he’s not a happy bunny. As he walks over to the door, a soft voice of Wallace
Coleman comes through the door.</font>
<br><br><b>Wallace:</b> Oh Daaaave… oh Daaaaave!
<br><br><b>EDH:</b> What do you want? I thought I told you not to come back until you found my Du-
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> EDH stops suddenly, his face frozen in shock and awe. His eyes squint at the
light from the door, he blinks a few times to check that it’s real.</font>
<br><br><b>EDH:</b> Du… Du… Ducky…?!?!?!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Dave walks over to the other side of the room, he slowly and cautiously picks
up the duck. Coleman seems to have placed plasters over the bullet holes, but EDH knows who this little duck
<br><br><b>EDH:</b> Oh my God! Ducky!! You’re back!!!!!!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Coleman runs for his life, a deranged lunatic having a fit at finding his long-
lost companion is charging after him. The camera slowly fades out as Wallace Coleman runs down the corridor
with EDH, with his newly found friend back in his hand, chases after him.</font>
<br><br><b>EDH:</b> Thank you Wallace! Thank you!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> EDH v Grunge is coming up tonight. But first, it’s tag team time!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The arena lights start to flash before turning to their normal colour again with
an explosion. Stevie V’s 'Dirty Cash’begins.</font>

<br><br><I>Mmm-hmm, wooh-hooh-hooh-hooh-hooh-yeah-eah
I've no excuse, I just want you to use me-ee<br>
Take me and abuse me<br>
I got no taboos, I'll make a trade with you-ou-ou<br>
Do anything you wa-ant me</I>
<font color=#1f9af9> Two men appear on the entrance ramp. On the left side we see, DJ Wallstreet with his
familiar suitcase and on the right side we have Alec Lancer bowing cockily to the crowd.</font>
<I>Money talks, mmm-hmm-hmm, money talks<br>
Dirty cash I want you, dirty cash I need you, woh-oh<br>
Money talks, money talks<br>
Dirty cash I want you, dirty cash I need you, woh-oh</I>
<font color=#1f9af9> Dirty cash, dirty cash</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> They are back for their second match:</b> The Stockbrokers
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Again, I have to admit I like them very much. They are so polite.
Meanwhile, back in the city, the real pill, the nitty gritty<br>
Sell yourself for your own soul<br>
For a nickel, not a bag of gold<br>
Behold, to what you've been told<br>
Plus the bubba and roomies below<br>
Money is the cause, tell me what's the path
Dirty cash, that dirty cash
Mmm-hmm, money money</I>
<b>Trudeau:</b> Introducing first ... from New York City, New York and weighing in at a combined weight of
four hundred and eighty-six pounds ... The Stockbrokers.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> A nice fact here, Jimmy. Both of our teams are from New York.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Let’s see then who is New York’s finest.
<font color=#1f9af9> Charging down to the ring, Alec Lancer and DJ Wallstreet pass by the announcer’s table.
This time they just wave at them, and DJ Wallstreet even gives them a blink. The announcers don’t know what
to think of this so they just wave back instead with a forced smile.</font>
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> They haven’t forgotten us, at least.
<font color=#1f9af9> They are now standing still before the ring taking a good look at it. DJ slowly starts to
walk up the stair to enter the ring. He has now reached the ring apron and pulls the top rope up so he can step
trough the ropes inside the ring. Alec follows his tracks, using the exact same style to step into the ring.</font>
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> I want to know where they got that suitcase from.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> It appears to me you have found a new form of a fetish.
<font color=#1f9af9> Alec Lancer is still standing in the ring, with his Armani suit on. His shoes are reflecting
the lights. DJ Wallstreet is leaning on the turnbuckle in the meanwhile, taking a good look at the fans. The fans
start to boo them a bit, but the Stockbrokers don’t look affected by this. They are still waiting for the match to
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> They aren’t as popular as the Vain and Vicious though.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> You mean that they are both not popular?
<font color=#1f9af9> The house lights suddenly go out. The sound of a heartbeat begins, faint at first but
growing louder by the second. The sound becomes near deafening, then nothing. At this moment, the words
‘Devil’s Own’ followed by ‘Vain & Vicious’ appear on the WWA-Tron and the sound of a high hat signals that
AC/DC’s Back in Black has begun to play. A soft white light glows at the top of the ramp where the wrestlers
appear. The silhouette of two men standing side by side can be seen. The song starts up with its popular guitar
riff. Half a dozen spotlights shine down on the Vain and Vicious members, Mick Vain and Vic Vicious wearing
the WWA World Tag Team titles around their waists. As they begin their walk down the ramp, they are
assaulted by massive boos from the capacity crowd, stopping them in their tracks. Their manager, Lance Gold,
walks up behind them with a microphone in hand. Smiling, he hands it to Mick Vain. Mick looks around at the
disapproving crowd and smiles wryly.</font>
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> These people have no respect for the Tag Team champs.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Who can blame them? Not only are these two some of the most egotistical men I have
ever seen, they are deeply underhanded.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> How can you say that? Vain and Vicious are the WWA tag team champions. They’ve
earned that honor by beating all comers in the WWA. And now they are part of Devil’s Own. As if they weren’t
dominant before, now they are unstoppable, along with the rest of DO.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> They’ve made a deal with the devil. Sooner or later, these guys will get their due.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Yeah, yeah. You’ve been saying that about V&V for months now. Face it Jimmy, they
are untouchable.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> We’ll see about that.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> All right, Mick is about to speak. This has to be important.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Right.
<b>Mick:</b> Yes! Thank you, thank you.
<font color=#1f9af9> Mick does a mock bow.</font>
<b>Mick:</b> Believe me, Vic and I know how happy you all are that Vain and Vicious disposed of those
pathetic has-beens, The Pain Syndicate.
<b>Crowd:</b> BOOOOOOOOOO!!!
<b>Mick:</b> Since we decimated them at Birthday Bash and relieved them of our titles, TPS saw that they
could not compete with the likes of the V&V machine and sank into a deep depression.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> What the hell is he talking about?!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Do I need to remind you to shut up?
<b>Mick:</b> They were living the perfect life at the top of the WWA tag division. Which as you all know,
was at the time, a joke. These guys had no competition, none, zilch, nada, nothing. I mean, BioNica, All
American Team, Devil Dogs, KaOs and a bunch of other forgettables that aren’t even worth mentioning. That
was what they had to face every damn week. Of course they looked good! My grandmothers could tag up and
look good against those teams.
<font color=#1f9af9> Mick, Vic and Lance laugh as the crowd shower them with more boos.</font>
<b>Mick:</b> Aw, shut up!
<b>Crowd:</b> BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
<b>Mick:</b> And as if we weren’t dangerous enough, we are now part of the most dominant force in the
WWA today. That’s right, I’m talking about the Devil’s Own. They were a handful before, but with Vain and
Vicious on the team, we are going to devastate the WWA and lay waste to anyone who gets in our way,
including these undeserving clowns in the ring, the Stockbrokers.
<font color=#1f9af9> Mick and Vic begin to walk slowly toward the ring, the Stockbrokers members chomping
at the bit to get at the tag team champs, but the ref is holding them back for the moment.</font>
<b>Mick:</b> How you two got this match against the champs, I’ll never know, but rest assured, nothing in
your pathetic careers could have prepared you for what you are about to face tonight. You are about to be taught
a lesson and be reminded how insignificant you really are. I’d stand out here and tell you how much of a beating
you’re about to experience, but Vic and I prefer to let our actions speak for us. School is now in session boys.
<font color=#1f9af9> With that, Mick drops the mic at his feet and Vain and Vicious remove their belts before
storming the ring. All four men are going toe to toe in the middle of the ring.</font>
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Here we go!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> That windbag is finally done talking.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Jimmy, sooner or later, V&V are going to make you pay for talking about them like
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> ...
<font color=#1f9af9> Mike Vain and Alec Lancer start in the ring and quickly lock up looking for
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Starting the match oput with a lock up!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> What excitement yay! **Sarcastically**
<font color=#1f9af9> Alec Lancer whips Mike Vain into the ropes. While he is bouncing back from the ropes,
Alec lifts up his boot, trying to score a big boot the face of the current tag team champion. Mike ducks
underneath the big booth, and throws himself into the ropes at the other side of the ring. With great speed, Vain
comes back to the middle of the ring, and makes a clothesline attempt. Alec catches him midair, nailing an
astonishing belly to belly suplex on the smallest member of Vain and Vicious.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> That Alec Lancer just launched the tag team champion like he is nothing.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> The Stockbrokers are showing they can take it to the champions, for now at least.
<font color=#1f9af9> Alec Lancer gets back to his feet again. Walking towards the turnbuckle Alec Lancer
smiles. Alec Lancer tags in DJ Wallstreet. DJ Wallstreet jumps off in the air, straight onto the top rope, and
completes the plancha leg drop directed on Mike Vain. But the tag team champion of the world rolls away just
in time. DJ misses him thus completely, landing on his legs. Mike Vain crawls to his turnbuckle and makes the
tag for his team.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> DJ misses a nasty looking Plancha.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> That’s an understatement to say the least.
<font color=#1f9af9> Vic Vicious steps in the ring through the ropes. He immediately walks up to DJ and he
wants to land a kick, but before his boot hits DJ, he lies down. Vic loses his balance, because of the missing
kick, and DJ pulls at his other leg, causing his fall. Vicious lands flat on his back and DJ stands up again. He
puts his tie back in place with a big smile on his face.</font>
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Don’t underestimate your opponent, tag team champion.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> That was observant!
<font color=#1f9af9> Vic Vicious gets to his feet slamming the mat as he does so and he turns and quickly
makes his way to his own corner and tags back in Mick Vain..</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Short in ring experience for Vic!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> It is all a plan!
<font color=#1f9af9> Mick flies off the ropes and attempts a flying crossbody. Alec Lancer catches Mick and
swings him over and delivers a huge powerslam! This draws cheers from the crowd. He hooks a leg.</font>
<font color=#1f9af9> Vic Vicious flies into the picture, slamming an elbow to the back of Lancer’s head. Alex
rolls off of Mick Vain, holding his aching head. Vic drags him to his feet and tosses him in the V&V corner.
Mick rolls over and is slowly getting to his feet. Vic rushes Alec Lancer and hits him repeatedly with forearm
smash after forearm smash to the face.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Lancer is reeling now!
<font color=#1f9af9> Vic picks up Alec and sits him down on the top turnbuckle. He climbs to the second
turnbuckle and grabs Lancer in a suplex position. Vic looks over at Mick who is now perched on the top
turnbuckle in a neutral corner.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Oh my God! Superplex!!!
<font color=#1f9af9> Vic suplexes Lancer off the top rope who goes crashing into the mat. A split second later,
Mick nails a Senton Bomb! He goes for a quick cover as Vic exits the ring.</font>
<font color=#1f9af9> DJ Wallstreet makes the save for his team in his turn. Vic jumps back in and goes after
Wallstreet, all four men in the ring.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> It is Mayhem now!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Just the way V&V like it!
<font color=#1f9af9> DJ Wallstreet gives Vic Vicious a few punches in his face. He starts to lose his balance,
and takes a few steps back. Although in pain, Vicious is able to block another punch. He tries to nail a chop, but
DJ easily avoids himself to get hit. Wallstreet knocks him down from behind with his left elbow. Still feeling
the hit on his elbow, DJ continues his assault. He throws Vicious to the corner of Alec Lancer. Alec kicks Vic in
his stomach without the referee seeing it.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Argh, they are starting to do it again.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> What? I didn’t see anything nor did the referee.
<font color=#1f9af9> Vic Vicious is in pain, but he continues fighting. He manages to hit a body shot on Alec,
but only with tremendous effort. Fighting his way through the pain he tries to irish whip Alec into the ropes, but
instead Alec out powers him by sending him into the ropes. The tag team champion holds himself to the ropes,
causing him to stand still. Alec walks nearby and Vic steps one foot forward, making it look like he is going for
a confrontation. Instead of doing that, he throws himself into the ropes and he goes for a flying clothesline. But
Alec catches him mid-air and reverses the move with a flatliner DDT.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Vic Vicious has been outsmarted by his fellow New Yorker.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Indeed, Jimmy, for once I agree. I don’t think they need anyone’s help at all.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> The Stockbrokers have done the old fashioned tag switch aroo as well!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Switch aroo?

<font color=#1f9af9> Vic Vicious is looking rather groggy after that last move. Moving in, Wallstreet is
surprised by a boot to the gut that doubles him over. Vic takes advantage and grabs a handful of hair and slams
Wallstreet’s face into the mat with a vicious Facecrusher.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> What’s it going to take to keep this big man down?!
<font color=#1f9af9> Vic Vicious walks over to Wallstreet and stomps him several times before helping him to
his feet. Vic backs him into the ropes and delivers a series of powerful blows to the side of Wallstreet’s head.
Vic proceeds by whipping him into the ropes across the ring and catching him in a Spinebuster. The ring shakes
with the impact. He tags Mick back in.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> The champs aren’t down yet!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Nope because they are champions!
<font color=#1f9af9> Mick says something to Vic as he tags back in Vic..</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> What is going on?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Don’t know!
<font color=#1f9af9> DJ Wallstreet tries to get back to his feet, but he fails at the first attempt, falling back on
his knee. Vic Vicious is preparing to launch an attack on DJ wallstreet. DJ Wallstreet tries to get up to his feet
for a second time, but he fails again. Vic runs towards DJ Wallstreet and wants to jump onto the knee of DJ
Wallstreet with one foot so he can deliver his infamous shining wizard, but DJ Wallstreet pushes the leg away
with his left arm. With his right arm he pulls the left leg of Vic to him. Vicious lands flat on his back, exactly in
the position DJ had hoped for. He remains to hold the left leg and puts him into the figure four leg lock.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Figure four! Will Vic tap?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> DJ has applied his submission holds. He’ll squeeze the life out his opponent.
<font color=#1f9af9> The tag team champion screams out in pain, and DJ Wallstreet tries to put some extra
leverage on the leg by letting him fall on his back. Vic Vicious is sitting now, but both of his arms are on the
mat, pushing him into his current position. Although being in this position with great pain, Vic tries to reverse
the hold. Only one hand is now still on the mat, while he tries to get himself on the belly with his other hand,
trying to unbalance himself.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> The tag team champion must reverse this.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> By the look in DJ’s eyes I can see will keep onto this hold, at all costs.
<font color=#1f9af9> Alec Lancer starts to punch away at Vic Vicious. Seemingly he isn’t aiming at anything
as he hits the head, arms and stomach. With fast swift moves he’s trying to create some space to launch a
punching strike. Out of nothing, Vic Vicious kicks him. Alec catches his leg and performs a leg sweep. Vic
Vicious lands on his back.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Did you see Vicious spinning?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> No, it went to fast.
<font color=#1f9af9> The Bad Ass Financer bounces in the ropes, gets back and plants an elbow straight in
Vicious mid section. Alec Lancer gets to his feet again. He picks Vic up at his hair and punches him at the head,
this time hard. Vic Vicious is stumbling at his feet, and Alec clotheslines him to the floor. Again, Vic Vicious
takes another hard fall.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Alec Lancer is handing out some ass kicking here.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> He truly proves to be the Bad Ass Financer.
<font color=#1f9af9> Alec Lancer kicks the tag team champion a few times while he is still lying on the
ground. Vic Vicious can’t do anything but take it. Alec picks him up and just throws him into the turnbuckle.
He nails a few spears on him. He kicks him into the mid section. Vic Vicious bends forwards and Alec Lancer
puts his head face down between his legs. Executing a perfect face crusher, Alec Lancer cloned Vic Vicious
way of doing a face crusher perfectly.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Alec Lancer just made fun of Vic Vicious by imitating him.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Look at Mike Vain. He doesn’t like it one bit.

<font color=#1f9af9> Vic rushes Alec Lancer leaning up against the ropes, Lancer ducks down and launches
Vic Vicious who lands hard on the floor near the announcers’ table.</font>
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Oh no, the action is getting a little too close for comfort again.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Hold the fort Tony.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Yeah, that’s me, the ever-dutiful soldier.
<font color=#1f9af9> Alec grabs the top rope with both hands and slingshots himself over, landing on Vic who
was getting to his feet. Both men fall to the floor and in obvious pain.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Who took the worst of that car wreck?!
<font color=#1f9af9> Lancer is the first to his feet. He grabs Vic’s hair and hauls him up onto his own feet. He
does not let go of Vic’s hair as he leads him to a ring post. Without hesitation, Alec slams Vic head into the
steel post. Alec does it again and does not let Vic fall. He goes for a third shot but Vic somehow blocks it and
turns quickly on a surprised Alec Lancer. Vic grabs a handful of Alec’s hair and smashes his head into the
unforgiving steel.</font>
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> A big mistake by Lancer. Vic Vicious is an animal and out here on the floor... this is not
a good idea by the Stockbroker member.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> The blue moon must be shining because I agree with you Tony.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Wow! Crazy huh?
<font color=#1f9af9> Vic does not let Lancer fall but instead helps him to the floor, slamming him down with a
beautifully executed Sambo Suplex on the annoucers’ table!</font>
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Not again!
<font color=#1f9af9> Mick Vain quickly hops down from the corner he was in and grabs Vic and pulls him to
his feet and moves him towards the ring and shoves him in as Dj Wallstreet does the same as Wallstreet shoves
a brief case in behind Lancer..</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> oh no this could be it!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Come on double V you can do it!
<font color=#1f9af9> In the ring Lancer grabs the brief case and stands up and turns and swings at Vic who
ducks quickly and turns taking the brief case away from Lancer and clocks him with it and then throws it out of
the ring before the referee can turn around and see what has happened. The referee drops for the count as
Wallstreet runs across the ring and is met by Mick Vain who attacks him quickly..</font>
Ding Ding Ding!!!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Your winner and still WWA Tag Team Champions!!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Yes Vain and Vicious!
<br><br><font color=red><b>COMMERCIAL – New to KFC – Monkeybirds! Taste like
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Red Tape by Agent Provocateur hits the arena and just moments later the lights
switch to between red and white. As the fans rise ready to boo the man from Japan, the lights stop flashing and
red and white spot lights hit the entire rampway. Joshua Taro Freedom in an ever familiar Deus Oraculum top
comes strutting out from behind the curtain. The fans rain the boo’s down on the American Japanese native but
an uncaring and cocky Freedom heads towards the ring. As Joshua navigates his way around the ring, ring side
fans began hurling abuse at Joshua. Joshua starts arguing with the fans at ringside, ripping signs, drinks and hats
away from anyone who annoys him.</font>
<b>Fan:</b> Screw you Joshie!
<b>Joshua:</b> Don’t care me Joshua a**hole.
<b>Fan:</b> Kiss my a** f***t.
<font color=#1f9af9> Joshua takes a step toward the fan almost ready to fight as arena staff move in to hold off
any attempt the fan might make to jump the railing.</font>
<b>Joshua:</b> Keep it coming and not even the staff here will stop me kicking your a**.
<b>Crowd:</b> You suck, You suck, You suck, You suck, You suck, You suck.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Joshua starting fights with fans now, that great PR..
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> The man got his name wrong. Come on, how would you like being called Jimmie.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> I am.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> o…. I knew that.
<font color=#1f9af9> As Arena staff hold back the fan, Joshua spits in his face before walking down to collect
a mic smirking as the fan tries to leap over the railing.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> That's disgusting.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Yeah, fans should be removed for trying to jump the rail, shameful.
<font color=#1f9af9> After collect his microphone Joshua slides into the ring and seats with his back resting
upon the turnbuckles.</font>
<b>Joshua:</b> Damn, I'm spiting feathers.
<b>Crowd:</b> Booooo, You Suck, You Suck, You Suck!
<b>Joshua:</b> Jesus you people are boring, how about a new chant for once in your lifes. You Suck, boo. This
isn’t 1978.
<b>Crowd:</b> JTF***t, JTF***t, JTF***t, JTF***t
<font color=#1f9af9> Joshua lowers his head and places his hands over his ears to block out the chant; fans
simple shout louder making sure there words get through. After a few seconds the chant dies down enough for
Joshua to rise up out of the corner and step into the centre of the ring.</font>
<b>Joshua:</b> Despite your blatant discrimination and disrespect of a more talented human being, I will
continue onwards.
<b>Crowd:</b> Booooo
<b>Joshua:</b> Shut, UP!
<b>Crowd:</b> You Suck, You Suck, You Suck, You Suck, You Suck, You Suck, You Suck,
<b>Joshua:</b> Blah, Blah, Blah, even the dumbest of you know that just isn’t true, now shut up and let those
of us with a life worth living, continue. Tonight Joshua Taro Freedom will step out in front of you, you here
tonight should feel honored, humble, grateful and most important of all thankful. Tonight you will see me;
Joshua Taro Freedom beat some guy called Summer.
<font color=#1f9af9> The fans look a little confused at first but the smile on Joshua face indicates he didn’t
make a mistake, he clearly meant to say Mal Somers name wrong.</font>
<b>Joshua:</b> Now I’ve never seen Mel Summers, and to be honest with a name like that I'm hoping he is
really a she. I just don’t trust guys with girl’s names, something a little odd about them.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Joshua disrespects Mal Somers here, the pair will go head to head in just a little while.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Mel Summers, well its close enough, he is half Japanese after all.
<b>Joshua:</b> Now while I'm out here, Joshua Taro freedom has a new T-shirt, I know all my real fans will
eagerly rush out and buy three of four each fore I am your better and as such only have the coolest threads. I
don’t talk to championship belts, I don’t get my titles taken away from me like a B***h waiting for a beating,
and I don’t let the man who screwed me over simply keep on doing so.
Mel Somers you tonight face `The Greatness` and you tonight will understand just why I have such a name. The
pain, the torture, the twelve long months of never getting the break, will all flow out of me, and crash into you.
Your B***h a** will be handed back to you on a plate, you will be no better then these common pathetic
morons who spend there welfare checks on crack and beer.
<b>Crowd:</b> Booooo
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> I have to apologize for that, the opinions of Joshua Taro Freedom do not reflect those of
World Wrestling Alliance or the people that owner or view our product.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Well…Nevermind.
<b>Joshua:</b> What? Am I lying? I drove through this Sh*thole, I’ve seen the low income housing, the half-
baked attempt at something meant to be a superstore. You people have no idea what truth pride in life is.
Anyone respectable already left this town and moved to New York, but not the poor parts. Respectable people
like me live with the rich and famous. People like you; People like Mal Somers live in Long Island and disgrace
the New York name.
<b>Crowd:</b> Booooo
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Are they booing Joshua or Long Island?
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> I'm gonna guess the fans are booing Freedom; he’s attacking them for no reason at all.
<b>Joshua:</b> Mal Somers and common pathetic fans, you will all learn a valuable lesson tonight. People
should not mess with `The Greatness` Joshua Taro Free….
<font color=#1f9af9> JTF is cut off by a burst of white pyro and the strains of Iron Maiden's "Can I play with
madness", and the crowd get to their feet with a roar as Mal Somers steps out on stage with Rookie, as always,
draped over his shoulder. JTF kicks the bottom rope in anger as the crowd cheers more for Somers. As always,
Mal gives the thumbs up the WWA faithful before crossing his arms and looking down the ramp at JTF.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> You can't argue with the fans!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Joshua just did!
<font color=#1f9af9> The crowd dies down and Mal begins to speak.</font>
<b>Somers:</b> Hey fans, thanks for the warm hand on my entrance! I...ooops, that didn't sound right.
<font color=#1f9af9> The crowd chuckle at Mal.</font>
<b>Somers:</b> One other thing that doesn't sound this buffoon in the ring!
<font color=#1f9af9> The crowd cheers as JTF sneers, looking around as if to say "who me?"</font>
<b>Somers:</b> What's your name kid? Josie Taco Feeldumb?
<b>Joshua:</b> It's Joshua Taro Free...
<font color=#1f9af9> Somers cuts him off, holding Rookie to his ear.</font>
<b>Somers:</b> HOLD ON! Now I'm really interested, but Rookie just wanted to say, it doesn't matter what
your name is!
<font color=#1f9af9> The crowd pop, albeit cheaply.</font>
<b>Somers:</b> Truth be told Josie, I have seen and heard quite a lot about you as of late...but for all the wrong
reasons. Coming out here, cursing at the fans, treating the public with disrespect, well, it actually reminds me of
someone else when they debuted in the
<font color=#1f9af9> The crowd begin to stir. JTF yawns.</font>
<b>Somers:</b> You see, when I debuted here in the WWA back in September 2002, I wanted to make it big,
make an impact, so I took the easy way out. Berating the fans, taking cheap shots, all that crap.
But you see Josie, that got me nowhere. It was only when I formed X-Corp that I realized the only way to the
top was to bust your ass day in and day out, and give it your all. You can talk all the crap you want but unless
you have the skills to back it up in the ring, you'll just be known as the guy who can talk alot of crap.
<b>Crowd:</b> CHEER!
<b>Somers:</b> Now talkings great, especially if you're a mass debater, but down there...
<font color=#1f9af9> Mal points down to the squared circle.</font>
<b>Somers:</b> It's worth nothing! So the question you have what it takes? Because me, Rookie, and
the twelve thousand MALcoholics in attendance, are just DYING to find out!
<font color=#1f9af9> The crowd roar as Somers stares down at JTF</font>
<b>Joshua:</b> You disrespectful, ignorant little man. Maybe if you keep that attitude towards someone of
greater stature, Mal Somers won’t make it to the match tonight. Do you really think walking out hey waving
and given the drain on the 1% of America works. This people you so dearly pander to are a disgrace. I, a man
who was born into that 1% have to pay more tax so they can sit at home and do nothing. They deserver nothing
but beatings for the rest of there lives.
And it just makes me so happy that I, `The Greatness`, Joshua Taro Freedom will be able to personally, and
gleeful kick the extra I have to pay out of your a**.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> JTF versus Mal Somers is set to heat up!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> And now it's just gotten personal! I love it!
<font color=#1f9af9> Somers departs backstage as JTF mugs at the crowd</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Well, we are about ready for Dave Hurst’s TV debut for the WWA.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> First, we have a talking belt and now a wrestler with a duck. I quit!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> I’ll hold you to that!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Grunge walks out without his usual fanfare and hops into the ring.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Well that’s unusual?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Grunge has entered without his normal entrance.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Must be a new strategy.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Always pays to strategise.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The lights in the arena darken… the crowd quietens down to almost
silence…..Ambient music of a swirling wind begins… spotlights circle in a figure of eight over the crowd on
each side of the WWAtron</font>
<br><br><I> Here’s the weight of the world on my shoulders…</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> A ripping guitar riff tears out of the speakers! But then silence again…</font>
<br><br><I>Here’s the weight of the world on my shoulders…</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Another ripping riff, followed by the electrical opening to Shinedown’s Fly
From the Inside!</font>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> One huge explosion from the top of the titan tron and out of each side of the
titan tron comes yellow fireworks with green streaks, the titan tron lights up in a golden light and smoke trails
across the floor of the entrance.</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Damn this guy! He’s making the damn WWA bankrupt from all this stuff!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Sorry? What was that? I can’t hear they’ve placed us right next to one of the damn
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> What…?
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Leaping through the smoke, onto his knees, with his famous pet duck held high
above his head clutched in his right hand. The crowd rise into a boom of cheers, getting on their feet to see the
first glimpse of EDH and his opening to World Wrestling Alliance.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Ducky is back!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> That stoopid piece of plastic nearly cost our esteemed interviewer Wallace Coleman his
<br><br><b>Gary Trudeau:</b> Coming to the ring, weighing in at 200 pounds:</b> From Brighton, England
here is Exceptionalllll Daaaaaaave Huuuuurrrrrssssttttt!!!!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Dave practically skips down the aisle to the ring, taking high fives from the
crowd, ecstatic at getting his duck back to him.</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> What’s up with this guy? Has he had too many e-numbers or something?!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> This is a stark contrast to the misery and dejectedness he was in previous weeks, a total

<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Dave slides into the ring, under the bottom rope and quickly rises to his feet
ready for anything that goes his way.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> We are about to get a glimpse of one of our newest recruits!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Hope the duck does well.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> I’m talking about EDH.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Oh duck.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> You’re enjoying this.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Duck am I.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> EDH locks up with Grunge into a collar-elbow tie up, pushing back on his legs
and causing his opponent to back-track as he’s pushed into the turnbuckles. Then EDH backs off and doesn’t
touch Grunge at all, with his arms held up in innocence.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> An act of good sportsmanship from the happy-go-lucky Brit!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> I’m not fooled by this guy Jimmy. This is part of his evil schemes I tell you! Evil
<font color=#1f9af9> Grunge is taken aback by EDH’s sportsmanship and comes out of the turnbuckles a little
puzzled. But as the two go up to tie up the second time, EDH quickly spins around him, locks his arms around
his waist, and rolls back into a roll-up!</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Evil schemes!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> EDH with the close count! Grunge was nearly caught completely by surprise!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> He was a lucky Duck.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> <font color=#1f9af9> ignoring</font> Grunge needs to be careful, it’s not clever to try
and wrestle on the mat with Exceptional Dave Hurst.
<font color=#1f9af9> The two wrestlers go into a collar-elbow tie up, but almost instantly EDH grabs the arm
and twists it causing Grunge to lean forward in pain.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> And Grunge is already paying for not keeping with his own wrestling style.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Bah, this EDH is not all he’s cracked up to be. Grunge should be countering that in no
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> As Tony says that, Grunge spins with his body and twists Hurst’s arm into a
hammerlock, as soon as that has any chance of being locked EDH drops his head and spins his body out of the
move, and locking in a hammerlock of his own!</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> EDH – The man of a thousand counters!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Everyone knows that counter Jimmy!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Grunge responds by dropping his head and spinning behind Hurst to lock the
hammerlock back on HIM, exactly the same counter as EDH had just used!</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> See!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> But as Grunge makes any progress on hurting EDH, EDH grabs an arm over the
head of Grunge, pushes off with his legs into the air, and with his legs now above his head, when the legs
pendulum back down to the mat, uses the leverage to bring Grunge over with a snap mare! Then locks in a vice-
tight headlock and stops Grunge dead in his tracks.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Well what about that one then!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Well… erm… BAH!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Eloquent as ever.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> EDH releases the grip but as Grunge feels relief he flips over snapping the neck
and Grunge flops on the canvass. Sensing an opportunity, EDH goes for ropes.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> EDH is on the top rope and ready to leap! What kind of high-risk move is he going to
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Flying DUCK!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Grunge slowly gets to his feet and turns his head as EDH tries to gain his
balance, seeing him on the top rope. Grunge runs over to the ropes and hits a devastating diving forearm to one
of EDH’s legs, causing him to fall and straddling his legs on the turnbuckle!</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Nothing at all! EDH is performing no high-risk move! Hah!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Ouchie! That has GOT to hurt!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> EDH sits straddled on the top rope, more concerned with whether his bollocks
had turned to pancakes than the approaching Grunge. Grunge turns his back on the turnbuckle and climbs
backwards up the ropes, getting his feet on the second turnbuckle and holding on to EDH by bringing an arm
over his head.</font>
 <br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Oh no! What’s Grunge about to do now?!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> It looks to be… an ace crusher!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> From that high up?! Are you kidding me?! This could kill him!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> As Grunge is about to move away from the ropes and execute the move, EDH
leans back and stops Grunge’s leverage, then reaches an arm down in front of his opponent’s chest and then
back across his opponent’s chin, with a snap, he locks in a dragon sleeper!!</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> A dragon sleeper! EDH countered the ace crusher into a dragon sleeper!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Unfortunately, with it being on the ropes, the referee comes over to EDH and
asks for a rope break before making the count.</font>
<br><br>Referee:</b> 1… 2… 3… 4… BREAK IT UP!
<font color=#1f9af9> EDH relinquishes the hold and Grunge falls face-first to the mat with a thud.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> EDH is making a great first impression.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> You good say the people are getting their Duck’s worth.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Enough of the Duck!
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> YOU DUCK!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Jimmy slaps the back of Tony’s head.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> You’re a duckwit!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> As Jimmy and Tony, debate the use of duck’s in the WWA. EDH goes for the
ropes again. Grunge is groggy and struggles to stand. EDH waits and as Grunge gets to his feet, he leaps and
Grunge instinctively nails the stomach of EDH with a spinning heel kick.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Grunge have suffer some defeats lately but he is still a former world champion.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> He was a lucky…
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Jimmy raises his hand.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Don’t say it!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Grunge now stalks the writhing EDH.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> And Grunge has the inverted chancery locked in, you know what this means!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> The G-Sharp!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The inverted chancery is locked, EDH brings his arms over his neck, loosening
the hold slightly.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> If Grunge hits this it’ll be all over!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Grunge swings EDH around for the G-Sharp! But EDH manages to pull the
swing over one more half-rotation and stays on his feet as his head slips out of the hold!</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> How the hell did he escape that?!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> I don’t know quite how he did it folks, but the technical genius, EDH, has just escaped yet
another move!

<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Grunge stands on the mat, looking over at EDH, completely enraged by what
he’s managed to do. Nobody escapes the G-Sharp, nobody.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Grunge looks furious!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Grunge goes after EDH and swings a punch. EDH ducks and counters
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> CHICKENWING CROSSFACE!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Hmmmmm chicken!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Grunge can’t escape!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Grunge struggles to break free but he can’t as the technical ability of EDH is
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Grunge can’t break it!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> He’s going to tap! Or maybe a little jazz!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> <font color=#1f9af9> ignoring again</font> This will be a big victory for EDH!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Grunge tries valiantly but can’t break loose and is force to do what he doesn’t
want to do.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> GRUNGE TAPPED! EDH wins!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> The power of the Duck!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> EDH stands and smiles as he walks over and gets his beloved Ducky. He then
begins to delight himself by climbing each of the turnbuckles and raising Ducky in the air.</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Look a four turnDuckle salute!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Commercial please!

<br><br><font color=red><b>COMMERCIAL – Free tampons! Absolutely no strings attached!</b></font>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> A hush engulfs the arena as the crowd awaits the next moment in WWA live
TV, “Alive” by P.O.D erupts through the P.A system. The crowd rise as they know when Bridge hits the ramp
way something will happen or something will be announced. Bridge stops at the top of the ramp and smiles as
the crowd cheers.</font>
<br><br><b>Bridge:</b> Hello fellow monkey haters!
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> We all know who that is directed at.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Bubbles will never be the same again.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Bubbles? Harley you fool!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Harley is actually a Cold mountain silverback from the unrecognised northern
American region.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The crowd knows and cheers accordingly.</font>
<br><br><b>Bridge:</b> Now I could stand here all night and spell out the faults in our world champion but I
have another important matter. And that is the situation with the WWA TV title.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Bridge walks across the ramp, then stops.</font>
<br><br><b>Bridge:</b> Now after Birthday Bash, the WWA hierarchy decided that the TV title should be
defended on each Meltdown and guess what it hasn’t.
<br><br><b>Crowd:</b> BOOOOOOOOOO!
<br><br><b>Bridge:</b> Now we all know why, our TV champion has been in the pocket of Matt Warr,
probably playing pool knowing those two. But enough about them. With the little power I have, I have
stripped Hell Itself of the WWA TV Title!
<br><br><b>Crowd:</b> WOOOOOOOOOOOO!
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> HE CAN’T!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> He just did.
<br><br><b>Bridge:</b> Now Hell and Matty boy might think that I can’t do it. But check that little clause at
the bottom boys and you will see it’s true. You don’t defend, you lose the title!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Matt Warr bursts through the curtain in disgust, he tries to rip the microphone
from Bridge and fails as Bridge is far too strong.</font>
<br><br><b>Bridge:</b> Howdy Matt, I would say it’s a pleasure but you and turd go together. Now Matt
before you try and burn the Bridge, let me tell you and everyone here what is going to happen. At Faultline we
will have a new TV champion.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Matt shakes his head.</font>
<br><br><b>Bridge:</b> As all the new recruits plus some illustrious old guys will battle in an over the top
battle royal. Last man standing will be the WWA TV champion.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Matt tries to grab the microphone again. This time Bridge lets him take it. The
crowd begins to boo.</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Shut up you clowns, Matt is speaking.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The mic fails as Bridge walks off and pulls the plug as he heads behind the
curtain, leaving a red face Matt Warr standing on the ramp way.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> That is the most intellectual thing he has ever said.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Matt Warr is the Stephen Hawkins of the Wrestling world!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> I am not touching that. Any way, you heard it at Faultline, it’s a battle royal to decide the
WWA TV title!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> But up next, Mal Somers will get some sense beaten in to him.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> By JTF? We’ll see…
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> We cut back to the arena where the WWATron fires up and five words explode
on screen.</font>
<br><br><font color=red><b><center>MAL SOMERS
<br><br>SECOND TO NONE</center></b></font>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The crowd gets to their collective feet as the opening riff of "Can I Play With
Madness" reverberates over the P.A. and the crowd begins to roar with cheers.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Here comes Mal Somers, who looks pumped up tonight!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> I think JTF managed to get under his skin.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> As the song kicks in, the stage area begins to glow with ultraviolet light, and a
figure steps from the darkness into the eerie light. The crowd cheers as Mal Somers stands at the top of the
ramp, arms in the air. The ultraviolet light gets brighter and brighter until the scene changes as two massive
explosions of white pyro occur on either side of the ramp and Somers heads down the ramp.</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Mal is so unpredictable, who knows how he will go tonight?
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> It will be entertaining, that's for sure. Either Tracer Bullet or Dave Harley could factor
into this match if my hunch is correct.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> As Somers heads down the ramp, we can see he is still rather unkempt, with
Rookie over one shoulder and dragging a steel chair along the ground behind him. He slaps hands with the fans
before rolling into the ring.</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> What a strange individual.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> It seems Somers is harkening back to his days as the "CHAIRman" of the WWA.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Somers rushes to the nearest corner, and scales the ropes, giving the crowd the
infamous X-Corp "X" formation with his arms as flashbulbs illuminate the arena. He grins as he returns the
favour over the opposite corner, the fans on that side of the arena eliciting an even louder response. Somers
leaps backwards to the mat, flicking his unkempt red hair back as he raises Rookie and the chair up high.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Quite a response for Mal tonight.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> But as long as Harley has the belt, MALcoholics won't be cheering a world champion.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Red Tape by Agent Provocateur hits the arena just moments later the lights
switch to between red and white. As the fans rise ready to boo the man from Japan the lights stop flashing and
red and white spot lights hit the entire rampway. Joshua Taro Freedom in a ever familiar Deus Oraculum top
comes strutting out from behind the curtain. The fans rain the boo's down on the American Japanese native but
an uncaring and cocky Freedom heads towards the ring. As Joshua negates his way around the ring, ring side
fans began hurling abuse at Joshua. Joshua starts arguing with the fans at ringside, ripping signs, drinks and hats
away from anyone who annoys him.</font>
<br><br><b>Fan:</b> You suck, Joshie.
<br><br><b>Joshua:</b> F**k you a**hole, I'm a star you're a zombie waiting to die.
<br><br><b>Fan:</b> Kiss my a** f***t.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Joshua rips the mans hate away from him, and pushes him down into his seat,
the man and his friends next to him began scrambling towards Joshua but the arena staff rush over and pull
them back.</font>
<br><br><b>Joshua:</b> Come on then scumbags, cross the line, come on cross the line.
<br><br><b>Crowd:</b> You suck, You suck, You suck, You suck, You suck, You suck.
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Joshua Taro Freedom is not endearing himself to anyone with his actions.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Can you blame him? They boo him before he's even said or done anything.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> As Arena staff hold back the fans Joshua has been scrambling with, Joshua
takes an opening and slaps one of the fans across the face before walking away smirking. After calling out a few
more people around ringside Joshua slides into the ring and sits with his back resting on the turnbuckles.</font>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Josh stands and watches Mal, but Mal in the meantime is looking at JTF like a
crazed animal that has been caged for far too long. Either way, with the match underway, these two circle each
other and lock up. JTF is just too quick as he gets behind Somers with a German Suplex attempt. Mal wriggles
free and goes behind his opponent, grabbing his arm and applying an abdominal stretch.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Somers has JTF just where he wants him!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> That's sick!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> As JTF struggles, Mal releases, moving into a pumphandle position, lifting JTF
up and then back down again with a backbreaker! He hooks the leg.</font>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> And Freedom kicks out, but only barely. The attack was fast and powerful, and
JTF is pretty much off-guard.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Mal is really going for an early victory here.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Of course. The less time you fight, the more you have to give the next week.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Mal stands and lifts JTF off the mat. He then leaves JTF rather dazed and runs
to the ropes. He rebounds, but at the exact same time, JTF side-steps towards Somers and drops to his knees.
Before Somers can react, JTF grabs the running Mal and hits him with a fireman's carry, slamming Mal to the
mat forcefully.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Mal thought he could keep the hurt coming, but got it turned around on him.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Joshua Taro Freedom is just that good, man.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Joshua continues the assault, placing one arm on top of Somers' neck and the
other behind it. He grabs with both hands and begins wrenching in. Mal begins to fight, but the ref says it's a
legal hold.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> JTF with a solid Over-Under Headlock.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> That kind of move is like placing a vice on somebody's jugular vein.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Indeed it is. Mal continues, slowly but surely, to use his larger size in order to
inch towards the ropes. This only incites Josh to more heavily apply the move, taking the fight out of Somers.
Freedom stands and looks down at Mal, then looks at the fans, and shakes his head and keeps on the
<br><br><b>Crowd:</b> RANDOM JTF INSULTS!
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> The crowd is really ostracizing Joshua here.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Like they matter to him right now!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Mal, unable to reach the ropes in any capacity, decides to make a basic chess
move - sacrifice for gain. He lifts Josh's arm slightly, rolls towards it, and lets Josh apply pressure, choking him.
The referee forces JTF to release the hold, and Freedom complies just before the count.</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Joshua really taken control of this match.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Freedom on top at the moment as he nails Mal with another blatant right hand to the face.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> It's not like Mal wouldn't do the same.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Joshua brings Mal to his feet and asks the referee to check the match time, the
second the ref turns his back on Joshua he kicks Mal in the groin and tosses his through the ropes and onto the
mats outside.</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> That's old school for you, and from someone so young.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> That's blatant cheating and Joshua claims he's about honor and respect.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The ref turns back to Joshua and sees him alone and asks what happen, Joshua
brings the ref to the nearest ropes to Mal and orders a ten count. Again as the ref turns his aback on Joshua he
races out the opposite side and confronts a set of fans that have been verbally abusing Joshua throughout the
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Now Joshua IS arguing with fans again.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> They've been chanting at him all night.
<br><br><b>Ref:</b> Seven!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Joshua rips a drink from the hand of one of the fans and throws it back at him
before sliding back into the ring in time to see Mal doing the same. Mal rises off the mat, but JTF comes and
goes for a European Uppercut. Mal takes it, but barely reacts. JTF goes for another shot, but Mal also takes this
one with very little reaction.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> I think I know what's coming next!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> We all know what's coming next, and we don't care!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Come on, Tony, Mal's SCRABBLING UP!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> JTF goes for another punch, but Mal blocks it, and then swiftly grabs his
opponent, sets up quickly, and slams Freedom with an almost impossibly-quick snap suplex! Mal stands and
lifts Josh off the mat. He goes to whip JTF out of the ring, but Josh reverses it, tossing Mal over instead!</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Joshua again tossing Mal to the outside.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Yeah but this time it's in front of the fans that want to kill him.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Arena staff have quickly moved into position once more, I guess they're protecting
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Joshua drops to the outside and points to the fans he had early scuffled with and
kicks Mal in the head as he starts getting to his feet.</font>
<br><br><b>Joshua:</b> Look at your boy, look at him he's nothing, I'm the greatness a**hole.
<br><br><b>Crowd:</b> Booooooooooooooooo
<br><br><b>Joshua:</b> Look at him, he's nothing, you want him to beat me? Do you? Tough S**t, I'm just
too good.
<br><br><b>Crowd:</b> You suck, You suck, You suck, You suck, You suck, You suck, You suck,
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Joshua again kicks out at Mal and again truants the fans in front of him
knowing they are all now wanting Mal Somers to fight back and beat him down.</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Joshua's teasing the fans, that's cool.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> That's low if you ask me; he should be more focused on winning the match not annoying
the fans.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Joshua picks Mal up and whips him hard into the steps before sliding into and
out of the ring to break the ten count. Joshua seeing Mal down squares up once again to the section of fans at
ringside. Having already slapped one they quickly try and return the complement but Joshua is quick to step out
of reach leaving them seething at ringside.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> That's just disrespectful.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> The fans deserved it, Rose!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> JTF grabs Mal and rolls him back in the ring. He slides in quickly behind Mal,
readying for another attack. JTF lifts Somers to his feet and whips him into the ropes, ducking for a back body
drop. Somers slows up, grabbing the arms of JTF for a double underhook powerbomb, and lifts the lighter JTF
up easily.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Double underhook powerbomb by Somers!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Mal gives the fallen JTF a thumbs up and then runs the ropes, dropping a
speedy legdrop on him. Mal kips up and walks around JTF, flicking his hair, and preening himself.</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> What on earth is Somers doing?
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> I think he is making fun of Joshua's model like looks.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> We cant all be good looking.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> We? Ha!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Somers walks like a catwalk model as the crowd laughs, walks until he is taken
down with a drop toe hold converted into an STF. Unfortunately for Joshua, the hold is too close to the ropes,
and the former "CHAIRman" is able to reach them, albeit only barely. Josh once again releases the hold, but
just leaves it at that. He lifts Mal up, but the powerbomb left JTF a bit dazed.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> What a match this has been!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> JTF has shown us why he is "The Greatness".
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> JTF staggers towards Somers and kicks him in the gut. Hunched over, JTF
slams Somers head between his legs and lifts him up for a piledriver.</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> This is it!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Not quite, Somers reaches into his reserves of MALcohol and drops back down,
backdropping JTF over the ropes. JTF lands on the apron and swings at Somers who ducks, and in one deft
move, reaches over the ropes, grabbing JTF around the neck with a full nelson.</font>
<br><br><b>Crowd:</b> POP!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Somers flicks his sweat matted hair back and falls back also, somehow lifting
his opponent over the top rope...</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Wait, there's a commotion!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> ...and to the mat with a bridged dragon suplex as the crowd roars.</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> It's the Midget Dave Harley!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The micro simian slides into the ring with a wrench...</font>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> And cracks Somers over the exposed abdomen, breaking the hold.</font>
<br><br><b>Crowd:</b> BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The Midget Harley rolls out of the ring, as JTF slumps an arm over Mal.</font>
<br><br><b>Gary Trudeau:</b> Your winner, Mal Somers!
<br><br><b>Crowd:</b> POP!
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Somers held onto the pin just long enough! He wins!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Somers lays on the mat holding his stomach in pain as JTF stirs. Mal's music
plays, and the fans that have been criticizing JTF during the match continue their random insults. Josh shakes
his head as the scene fades.</font>
<br><br><font color=red><b>COMMERCIAL – Win a date with Tracer Bullet, now with improved table
manners….well now extremely pleasant as trained by Mal Somers.</b></font>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Jack Griffiths is seen standing backstage with Wallace Coleman. Jack is
wearing a Red Guard’s Tunic and a kilt, Wallace as per normal is wearing his one suit.</font>
<br><br><b>Wallace:</b> I am backstage with Jack Griffiths who tonight is facing Shaman, in the biggest
match of his career. So Jack, as you stated earlier in the press conference you aren’t afraid of Shaman but surely
you are wary of him based on what he has achieved in the WWA?
<br><br><b>Jack:</b> I am full of respect for legacies and history but even Alexander the Great didn’t win
every battle he waged, although don’t quote me on that.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Jack chuckles, hoping to garner a response from Wallace but nothing…</font>
<br><br><b>Wallace:</b> So you are saying that whilst you do respect him, you know that he is beatable?
<br><br><b>Jack:</b> Yes, if rehab taught me anything it’s that a strong mind makes anything surmountable.
Obviously though I’ve got to watch my back, Mr. Darkness is obviously gunning for me and after last week
when Dave Harley attacked me it appears that I have centred myself in the whole Dave Harley/Mal Somers
<br><br><b>Wallace:</b> Yes about that, I was wondering what you intend to do about that?
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Jack hesitates for a moment, as though formulating what he wants to
<br><br><b>Jack:</b> I chose my alliance when I sided with Mal and not him when he offered me that place
in the Devils Own. So I kind of had it coming to me, but if Dave thinks I am going to stand by and let him
attack me he has another thing coming.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Jack looks straight down the camera.</font>
<br><br><b>Jack:</b> You want to know what I want most Dave? You versus me… I don’t expect you to put
the title on the line, but I do expect you to put your body on the line. Feel free to turn my want down, but if you
do then know this… I will be gunning for you, Mal’s restraining order may have been extended but you don’t
have one out against me…
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Jack turns back to Wallace</font>
<br><br><b>Jack:</b> Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a match to get ready for…
<br><br><b>Wallace:</b> Strong words there from Jack, now back to you Rose and Valentino.
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Does he honestly think he can get a piece of Harley?
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> I know. Harley would dodge him for months like the coward that he is.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> That’s not what I meant!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The lights in the arena start to flicker and then suddenly fade out completely as
a low rush of air, almost like a sigh of despair, fills the arena. The strains of ‘O Fortuna’ by Carl Orf starts to
sound over the PA system as randomly moving blue tinted spotlights play out over the crowd and ring.</font>
<br><br><b>Trudeau:</b> Introducing first, from parts unknown, standing at six feet in height and weighing in
at two hundred and fifteen pounds, the man known only as … EMBER!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> As the fanfare of chanting voices and music reach their crescendo the roving
spotlights all move to the centre of the ring to highlight the figure that stands there, head hung low and arms
clasped at his side.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> It is weird thinking that this guys is still a rookie here!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> What do you mean?
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Well this is only his fourth match you know.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Abruptly the music stops dead, the spotlights fade out completely and the arena
is plunged once more, briefly, into darkness as the sigh is heard once more.</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> … really … are you sure?
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Yeah, I even checked the books … only three matches before tonight!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Seems like longer, I mean it feels like Ember isn’t a rookie!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> … exactly, only a few weeks into the WWA and already he is making a mark on the
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The arena lights flicker back to life and Ember is seen still standing in the ring,
head still bowed, his long pale hair falling over his face like a mourning veil. Without looking behind him,
Ember walks backwards until his back hits the turnbuckle whereupon he allows his body to almost collapse as
he sits down on the canvas, an arm on each side of the corner ropes.</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> … and on the people that he comes into contact with as well!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Oh yeah, you can ask any of the people that he has faced so far and I am sure that they
would have something to say,
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Like … ‘How did he beat me?’ … from some of them!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> True enough, you have to think that each match he has had so far Ember has been the
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Like they say though, every dog has it’s day.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Well Ember has had three glorious days so far … I just wonder if this time the dog has
bitten off more than he can chew in Nick Adams!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The lights go dim. The HarringTron comes alive with flashing shots of what
appears to be a fight on the ramp. Somebody in a black outfit is fighting off a beat-down from what appears to
be an earlier incarnation of the Devil's Own. The lyrics begin as the pictures change to a video of a man in
complete shadow walking down a road.</font>
<br><br><I>Today I saw my hero fall apart
<br><br>The one who taught me to be strong
<br><br>On in the outside I look fine
<br><br>But on the inside I am dying</I>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Nick definitely is coming back strong after his loss to Jack Griffiths a couple weeks
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Yeah, beating an injured man really helps regain your reputation.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Almost in unison with the HarringTron, a man with only backlighting walks
onto the stage. The music continues, and just as the chorus hits, the lights go full up, and the Tron becomes
alive with a flashing list of snapshots behind flashing lightening bolts. The fans begin to cheer loudly for the
man coming down to the ring.</font>
<br><br><I>It's never too late to live your life
<br><br>The time is now, it's DO OR DIE!
<br><br>It's never too late to live your life.
<br><br>The time is now, it's yours and mine!</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Down the ramp walks Nicholas Adams, keeping his eyes focused forward. He
knows that Ember is a formidable opponent, .</font>
<br><br><b>Trudeau:</b> Ladies and gentlemen, now making his way to the ring...from Seattle,
Washington...the three-time holder of the TV title, NICHOLAS ADAMS!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Adams slides into the ring and just waits for the match to start.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> This promises to be a great match.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Why don’t you just jinx it Rose.
<br><br>DING! DING!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Ember and Adams suddenly go in and begin to grapple. Adams just holds
Ember, grabs him around the head, and begins to lift Ember up into the air. It looks like Ember is about to float
over and land behind Adams, but before Ember can continue the momentum, Adams falls forward, slamming
Ember chest-first into the mat!</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> As usual, Nick proves himself unpredictable.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> No, he's just getting senile. He forgot which way a suplex is supposed to go!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Regardless of which one of the announcers is right, Adams keeps the headlock
and begins to apply the submission hold. Nick uses his larger muscle mass to really wrench on Ember's neck.
Meanwhile, the masked man is struggling to break out of the hold.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> You call that senile?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Jimmy, what are you talking about?
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Adams continues to apply pressure, but Ember suddenly kicks out his foot and
places it on the ropes. The referee tells Nick to break it up, and of course, Adams obliges, leaving Ember
grasping his neck. Adams stands and walks away.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Good ring presence by Ember.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> You always have to make this sound smart. Ember was just protecting his hide, and you
know it.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Nick runs to the ropes, hoping to gain some speed as a result. Adams rebounds
and runs right at Ember. Ember waits for Adams to come in, and then ducks a clothesline. Both men run to
opposite ropes, and Adams comes back for another try, but all he sees is a face-full of boots!</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Solid drop kick from Ember.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> And an even harder drop from Adams.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Was that an attempt at a pun?
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Nick Adams takes the needed break and slides out of the ring to
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Adams ring rust is showing, he would have taken advantage of the momentum
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> He’s over the hill, as bad as Calvin.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Nick Adams rolls into the ring as Ember waits with the referee holding
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Is Nick Adams claiming Ember pulled his hair.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Ember looks like a hair puller, but that’s probably not all he pulls.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> You’re ridiculous.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Adams grabs Ember as he was distracted by the referee by the wrist and propels
him towards the opposite ropes. Running to the nearside ropes himself he leans into them as he uses the extra
momentum to launch himself into the air with a flying lariat, his left arm outstretched, towards the returning
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> INCOMING!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> He is going to take Ember’s head off with this!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> … or not …
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Somehow catching onto the ropes, his fingers just barely getting enough grip,
Ember manages to halt his fore-ward momentum and then as he sees the oncoming Adams he doesn’t think, just
reacts. Leaping up into the air he connects solidly in Adam’s midsection with a hard dropkick, and both men
drop to the canvas with the referee rushing into check on them.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Ember has no fear.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Adams probably has no spleen now.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Nick takes his time to get off the mat as Ember checks his leg, possibly jarring
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> This match means a lot to both men.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Like me and burritos.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Ember stands first and looks to deliver a roundhouse kick to Nick Adams but
Adams although finding it hard to breathe is aware and ducks. He then catches the leg of Ember, under his
thigh and drives off the canvass suplexing Ember over his head.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Nice reaction there by Nick Adams.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Too close to me.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Close?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Too close to the jewels.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Adams lifts Ember off the mat. The long-haired wrestler is somewhat dazed,
but Nick is refusing to let up at all. In fact, he begins yet another series of kicks to Ember's thighs. Right, left,
right, left - all straight shots to the legs, all positioned for the most damage in the least amount of time.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Adams is definitely taking it to Ember here!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> What, exactly, is Nick taking?
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Suddenly, Adams jumps up in the air, spins around, and with his back right at
Ember, he shoots his foot out, slamming Ember right in the chest. Ember goes flying back.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Has Nick Adams turned the corner and about to take the next step finally?
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Ember is down, and pretty much out for the count. Suddenly, almost as if on
impulse, Adams stands at Ember's head and looks out to the crowd. The fans begin to cheer as Adams suddenly
grabs the bottom of his shirt and begins to pull it off.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Is this what I think it is?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> The punk is going to try a nostalgia kick!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Adams removes the shirt and tosses it out to the crowd. He then swings his
arms and runs to his left. He rebounds off the ropes and skips over Ember's prone form, heading towards the
other ropes. As he jumps up and drop kicks the top rope, the fans all see what's about to happen.</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> The freaking Rainfall!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> NO IT ISN'T!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> And Jimmy is correct. Instead of landing a moonsault, he actually flipped over
and hit a Shooting Star Leg Drop right to Ember's head. The replay shows that Ember had his legs raised, but
Adams modified the attack at the last second, nullifying Ember's defense. Adams goes for the pin.</font>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> And Ember barely kicks out!</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Ember kicked out! Amazing!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> You should see me in Vegas, that’s amazing.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Nick Adams reaches down and assists Ember to his feet. Hoisting Ember up
behind him, holding his arms spread out almost like a crucifix, Adams staggers towards the turnbuckle and then
with a grunt of effort manages to lift his opponent even higher, obviously lining up Ember’s face with the
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> We have seen this before, Adams is going to introduce Ember to the turnbuckle.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> An introduction that I am sure Ember could do without though … unless he is not very
attached to his teeth of course.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Realising his predicament Ember starts to struggle and with a burst of strength
manages to force his own arms … and of course those of Adams who is vainly trying to stop him … around into
a loud clap that causes both sets of arms to impact of Adams own ears. Before the impact even has a chance to
register on Adams, Ember has slipped backwards and, keeping his ankles locked around the waist of his
opponent, rolls Adams up into a tight small package. Ember sits on top of the rolled up form of Adams as the
referee slides in for the count.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> That was close.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> The proverbial bee’s….
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Appendage?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Well its an organ.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Adams beats the count and is furious, he slaps the turnbuckle and in a fury
swings a right hand.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Adams is getting reckless.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Ember is stunned both physically and mentally by the right hand of Nick
Adams. Adams catches Ember by surprise and grabbing him around the body he sends him up and over with a
stunning snap suplex. As Ember brings his back up in a bridge position, arching his back in agony, Adams
climbs through the ropes and stands on the apron. With both hands tightly wrapped around the top rope he
tenses his legs.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Beautiful move there from Adams!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> That suplex really seems to have caught Ember … he is writhing around like a scalded
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> With a burst of energy Adams jumps up, using the ropes for added leverage,
and propels his body over the top rope with bog legs outplayed, aiming directly for Ember’s upper chest with a
springboard leg drop. Unfortunately it seems that Ember is not as badly hurt as he portrayed as with speed that
belies any injury he lifts both legs upright in front of him and catches Adams under the chin with both feet.
Adams lands on the canvas with a thud as Ember rolls back to his feet and approaches him.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Ember was playing possum!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> … and Nick needs to count his teeth and see if they are still all there!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Glancing at Adams, Ember quickly runs towards the ropes. Adams catches
Ember with a clothesline, he then quickly reaches down and pulls his opponent to his feet and takes a slight step
backwards as he prepares his next move. With a grunt of effort he thrusts his foot out, aiming his boot at
Ember’s midriff with a harsh kick…..… but Ember steps slightly to one side and catches the leg in mid-air,
causing Adams to hop in place with a look of shock on his face.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> How did he catch that?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> How does this guy do anything that we see, I have given up trying to fathom him and
am just enjoying the ride!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Wagging his finger in front of the face of Adams, Ember basically mocks him
with a ‘no-no’ shake of his head and then quickly stepping over the upraised leg that he is holding he allows his
body to spin in place and brings his back leg around to connect across the chest area of Adams with a spinning
crescent kick that takes both men to the canvas, Ember on top. Quickly nipping to his feet Ember pulls Adams
vertical before whipping him to the ropes and, on Adams return, he takes him down with a drop to hold and
Adams guillotines himself across the second rope and lies there draped across it.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> … oh boy …
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> You said it, Adams about to feel the BURN!!!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Running across the ring Ember throws himself into the ropes and uses their
momentum to give him extra speed as he heads back towards Adams himself and jumps into the ropes.
Hanging on to the top rope he allows his body to swing around in an arc and connects directly to the face of
Adams with both legs, sending his opponent backwards into the ring with his own version of the 619.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Ouch … again to the face of Adams!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Nick is just back after a serious concussion as well, but it almost seems that Ember is
directly aiming for his head!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Jumping over the prone Adams Ember runs directly towards the turnbuckle and
without pausing he runs up them, using the ropes as a stepladder. Reaching the top he quickly spins in place so
that he is facing into the ring and leaping into the air he tucks his knees into his body and performs a text book
perfect shooting star press…… until the landing! Reacting quickly Adams brings his knees up, causing
Ember’s midsection to collide with the legs, hard. Both men lie prone on the mat, mere inches from each other,
but neither seems able to capitalise on the other’s dilemma. </font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> I thought that Ember had this match won there!!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> I don’t think that Ember is worried about winning or losing right now, he is probably
just concentrating no breathing through what HAS to be some cracked or broken ribs!!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The referee steps in and checks on both men, seeing if they are able to continue,
and when satisfied that they can he starts a standing ten count.</font>
<br><br>1 …
<br><br>2 …
<br><br>3 …
<br><br>4 …
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Oh no I hope that this doesn’t go to a double count-out!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> As much as I hate to admit it after all the effort Ember has put into this tournament so
far I would hate to see him go out that way.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> The way he is just lying there though he may not have much choice in the matter!
<br><br>5 …
<br><br>6 …
<br><br>7 …
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Adams starts to stir and gets to his knees slowly and seeing this the referee
focuses his attention on Ember who still hasn’t moved.</font>
<br><br>8 …
<br><br>9 …
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Adams stumbles over and grabs Ember who groggily gets to his feet, only just
beating the ten count. Seemingly unable to stand Ember drops to his knees in front of the panting Adams, who
has to hold onto the masked head just to stop his opponent from collapsing.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Ember beat the ten count … just!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> … but he doesn’t look like he will be able to continue this match. Both men are pretty
much dead on their feet here … though Ember can’t actually even stay ON his feet!!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Once more dragging Ember to his feet Adams wraps his right arm around his
neck from the front as he starts to slowly turn away from him, setting him up for his version of the
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> This one is almost over folks, Nick Adams has achieved the impossible!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> … or not!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Realising his danger Ember reacts with gut instincts and physically pushes
Adams away from him. Being so close to the ropes Adams is propelled chest first into them and rebounds
backwards, stumbling with the impact. Seeing his advantage Ember brings his left leg up and connects to the
back of Adams head with a thrust kick and before anyone, including the referee, can react he drops to the
canvas and reaches up through Adams legs, pulling him down for a rollup and holding tight to both legs as he
screams at the referee to count.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Where the Hell did he get the energy to do that?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> After the last few weeks nothing surprises me anymore about this guy … he isn’t
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Ember wins! He advances to the final at Faultline!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Nick Adams advances to nowhere!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> We cut backstage where we see a pair of black boots walking along the
corridor. The camera pans up revealing a pair of black wrestling trunks with the words "X-Corp" printed on the
sides. The crowd cheers as they believe it is Mal Somers, but as the camera makes its way up, we see an
unusual sight...</font>
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Didn't Mal try this dumb trick at the Birthday Brawl?
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> It wasn't dumb, it was "unique".
<font color=#1f9af9> The crowd in the arena can be heard cheering as Mal has Rookie strapped around his
head and neck, kind of like a mask. He wanders along, feeling the walls for guidance as he does so, until he
arrives at a locker room door. It reads "DEVILS OWN".</font>
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> I knew he was crazy but this is suicide!
<font color=#1f9af9> Mal takes a deep breath and knocks at the door.</font>
<b>Voice:</b> Who is it.
<b>Somers</b> <font color=#1f9af9> in a hybrid Italian and Jamaican accent</font>: Ello mon, it iz El
<b>Voice:</b> Go away!
<b>Somers:</b> But se, senior, me have a big proposition for ya'!
<font color=#1f9af9> The door opens, and Leviathan steps out. The crowd boos, but Leviathan ignores
<b>Leviathan:</b> Malcolm, you never learn do you? Go away before I make you, or indeed the police do, as
you are in breach of the restraining order.
<b>Somers:</b> Steady mon, I iz not Somers, I iz El Rookadore!
<font color=#1f9af9> Leviathan simply stares the man down, silent. Reluctantly Mal reaches up and undoes
the strap, revealing it to be...Mal Somers! He drapes Rookie over his shoulder.</font>
<b>Somers:</b> Did I trick you?
<b>Leviathan:</b> No.
<b>Somers:</b> Another one of Rookie's hair brained schemes. Anyhoo, long tme no smell Kingfish.
<font color=#1f9af9> Leviathan steps in closer to Somers.</font>
<b>Leviathan:</b> What do you want?
<b>Somers:</b> Well, I assume since you said I am breaching the restraining order that...
<font color=#1f9af9> Somers steps on his tip toes to look over Levi's shoulder.</font>
<b>Somers:</b> ...Harley is behind you in your boudoir...I mean room. I've been thinking about the
restraining order, and yes, I know I have been a very bad boy. Not nearly as bad as you or Dave, but still, I
know I shouldn't have struck him at the Birthday Brawl. I guess what I am saying is...
<font color=#1f9af9> Mal shrugs, looking forlorn.</font>
<b>Somers:</b> ...Dave was right to get another restraining order out on me. Sure, deprive the fans of what
they want to see. Sure, reduce WWA income. But still, it's the principle of the matter.
<b>Leviathan:</b> <font color=#1f9af9> growing impatient</font> What is your point?
<b>Somers:</b> Well, I want to turn over a new leaf, wipe the slate clean, bury the hatchet, a stitch in time
saves nine. Hold on, wrong cliche. You tell Davey Boy in there that I have a proposition for him. A
proposition that I will bring to light on Insider this week before Fault Line. A proposition that he should be
very happy with. A proposition that may even make him reconsider the restraining order.
<font color=#1f9af9> Leviathan just stares.</font>
<b>Somers:</b> Can you just pass that on to him?
<b>Leviathan:</b> I will Malcolm, if it is of benefit to Dave Harley then I am sure he will be interested.
<b>Somers:</b> Excellent! Now if you will excuse me...
<font color=#1f9af9> Somers puts some sunglasses on and walks away, with Rookie hanging over behind
<b>Somers:</b> I have to get going, the shine on your dome is blinding me!
<font color=#1f9af9> Leviathan steps forward, but is stopped by a voice.</font>
<b>Dave Harley:</b> Leviathan! Who is there!
<font color=#1f9af9> Leviathan shakes his head and re-enters the room, slamming the door behind him.</font>
<br><br><font color=red><b>COMMERCIAL – Harley Underpants – Now in brown….well there’s Brown,
Tan, Mustard and that other disgusting colour that looks strangely like something monkey’s throw at
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> We return back from commercial, to see Bonafide standing beside Gary
Trudeau in the middle of the ring.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Welcome back ladies and gentlemen... This next one could be ugly.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> AT LEAST!
<b>Gary Trudeau:</b> The next match of the evening will be set for one fall. Introducing first... Already in
the ring... Please welcome, "Bonafide" James Curzon!
<font color=#1f9af9> The crowd pops at the announcement of the former IC Champion, to which Curzon jumps
out of fright from the sudden increase in the sound of the arena.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Well... Curzon looks on his game.
<br><b>Fat Tony <font color=#1f9af9> laughs</font>:</b> Yup.... His usual self. Just wait until his
opponent comes out.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> What are you doing?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Slipping on ear plugs, oh crap I dropped one of them.
<b>Gary Trudeau:</b> Coming to the ring at this time, weighing in at 280 pounds, hailing from Phoenix,
Arizona, the current Extreme Champion, this is... Silence!
<font color=#1f9af9> A loud piercing screech fills the arena, causing nearly everyone to cover their ears. It is
cut off along with all the other audio and the lights go out. A spotlight shines on the entrance, and Amber Steel
appears wearing a royal purple evening gown with a long train. She grins and begins to walk towards the ring.
Through the quiet, we hear a hushed voice speaking.</font>
<I>He is coming. Can you see him?
He is coming. Can you smell him?
He is coming. Can you taste him?
He is coming. Can you feel him? </I>
<font color=#1f9af9> Amber Steel reaches the ring and uses the steps to enter. She steps to the middle of the
ring as the voice speaks.</font>
<I>He is coming. You cannot hear him. You can only experience his violence. </I>
<font color=#1f9af9> Amber Steel crosses her arm and the spotlight goes out. After a few moments, the arena
lights come back on and Silence is now standing behind Ms. Steel, his belt wrapped around his waist. The voice
speaks one more time.</font>
<I>The Violence of Silence. </I>
<font color=#1f9af9> With that, the audio cuts back in as Silence removes the belt and hands it to Amber Steel,
who leaves the ring with it.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> I really hate his entrance.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Well, as long as Ms. Steel keeps looking like that, I am A-OK with it.
<font color=#1f9af9> In the ring, the ref looks around for a second. Something is missing. Bonafide is not in
the ring, nor is he in sight of the referee. Silence looks puzzled at the absence of his foe. He looks to Ms. Steel
who signs something back to him, which calms him immediately.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Uh... Where is Curzon?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Maybe reason has gotten the better of him?
<font color=#1f9af9> With that, Curzon pokes his head up from the side opposite the announcers. He looks
around, then stealthily quiet sneaks into the ring. Silence does see him, as he is behind him. The arena erupts,
at the sign of Bonafide getting the upper hand. Amber Steel is yelling, but of course, Silence simply stares
straight forward.</font>
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Interesting tactic here by Bony....
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> OH NO!!! Bonafide is in trouble now!
<font color=#1f9af9> Right before Bonafide strikes from behind Silence, Silence grabs Bonafide by the neck.
Silence picks Bonafide up with one hand and tosses him into the corner. The whole ring shakes. Silence then
charges in and delivers a series of punches to Bonafide's chest. He polishes it off with an elbow to Bonafide's
temple. Bonafide slumps to the mat.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Oh man... This is what Silence does folks... He completely dominates people.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Silence gets Bonafide up... Irish whip....
<font color=#1f9af9> Curzon hurdles across the ring and hits the other corner. Bonafide bounces off the
turnbuckles chest first right into the arms of Silence. Silence then with a brutal belly-to-back suplex. Bonafide
looks stunned as Silence kips up to his feet, looking around at the fans, who in turn boo the monster.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> This could get a little ugly, Tony...
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Yeah. I am going to agree. Bonafide is a sheep to the slaughter here. Silence looking
to send a message to Joey Edwards. Not a good spot to be in, for sure.
<font color=#1f9af9> Silence whips Bonafide into the ropes. Bonafide comes back and Silence tosses him up
and over his head with a backdrop. Bonafide manages to get up quickly, only to be taken back down with a
snap DDT.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Bonafide trying to get some offense there, failed as Silence man handles him.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Yeah, I just don't see Bonafide getting a leg up at all in this one.
<font color=#1f9af9> Silence moves over to the ropes, as Amber Steel signs something to him, to which he
simply nods. He turns around to a waiting Bonafide. Bonafide with a big punch to the face of Silence, rocks
the big man. Bonafide with another shot to the face, again Silence is staggering. Bonafide backs up a few steps
then charges right into a sidewalk slam by Silence.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> OH! I thought Curzon was getting on a roll there.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Yeah... He scored with a few punches to Silence's face, but nothing more. Silence
stands pulling Bonafide up.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Bonafide doesn't look so good...
<font color=#1f9af9> Bonafide staggers a little, as Silence move in behind him, Silence locks a Full Nelson.
Bonafide struggles to reach the rope, but Silence cuts him off by slamming him down to the mat with a Full
Nelson Drop. With Bonafide sitting down, Silence runs into the ropes and connects with a neck snap on his way
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Wow... Silence showing a little agility there.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Silence is a great wrestler, aside from being a dominate force in the ring.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> What? Are you a fan?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> I am starting to be. You can't argue with success.
<font color=#1f9af9> Bonafide is picked up by the head, as Silence looks around the arena again. This time,
Bonafide with a small package roll up. The ref moves in for the count.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> OH! CLOSE! Curzon almost stole one.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Both men quickly up... Silence with a wild clothesline attempt....
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Bonafide ducks and hits a spinning heel kick. Silence staggers, but doesn't fall. Bonafide
attack with a Bulldog and SILENCE IS DOWN!!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Listen to the drones.... Cheering a Bonafide.. Well... Cheering Bonafide.
<font color=#1f9af9> Indeed the arena erupts with the sudden offense from Bonafide. He gets Silence up and
again, Silence swings with a wild clothesline attempt. And again Bonafide ducks through it and comes around
with a spinning heel kick. But this time Silence easily catches it.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Went to the well to many times?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Look like it.
<font color=#1f9af9> Silence shakes his head, mouthing, "Not Twice". Curzon look worried, as Silence is
holding him effortlessly. Back suplex from Silence folds Curzon up. Silence quickly stands and is met with a
low blow from Bonafide.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> I don't care how big you are... That one hurts!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Oh yeah... I knew there was SOMETHING I liked about Bonafide. Silence falls to his
knees from the Balto Slavic Upper Thigh smash.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Nice...
<font color=#1f9af9> The arena erupts, even more so than when Bonafide hit the low blow. This causes
Bonafide to look around, on the ramp is standing Joey Edwards, with a wooden baseball bat on his shoulder.
Joey is wearing the baseball jersey of the local team, as the fans cheer the former Extreme Champion. At
ringside Amber Steele just sneers.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> NOW things will get interesting...
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> WHY?! I am sure Silence has some pre Fault Line beatings to dish out.
<font color=#1f9af9> Bonafide whips Silence into the ropes and then bounces himself off the other side. But
Amber Steel reaches into the ring and trips up Bonafide. Bonafide turns to look at her, just as Silence comes up
and clotheslines Bonafide in the back of the head.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Silence nearly decapitated Bonafide with that clothesline.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Maybe Bonafide should have kept his head in the match. Get it, his head?
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Somebody kill me now.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Hehe.
<font color=#1f9af9> Silence crouches down and waits for Bonafide to get up. Just as Bonafide does, Silence
shoots out his right leg with a super kick right to Bonafide's chin.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Deadly Quiet!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Oh good lord... Bonafide might be out cold.
<font color=#1f9af9> With the finish immanent, Amber Steele pounds her hands on the mat, this gets Silence's
attention. He looks at her, she signs something to him and he look up at the ramp to see his opponent for Fault
Line stands with a baseball bat. He smiles and moves to the edge of the ring holding the top rope. He points to
Joey and makes a breaking motion and Joey takes a few steps towards the ring. Again Amber pounds the mat,
again Silence turns to her.</font>
<b>Amber Steele <font color=#1f9af9> signing at the same time</font>:</b> Make an example!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> This can't be good.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> This is about to turn ugly.... I love it.
<font color=#1f9af9> Silence turns to the still unmoving Bonafide. Silence picks Bonafide up and turns to
allow site of Edwards. Silence picks Curzon up and DOWN, with a Jackknife power bomb. Curzon's head
bounces awkwardly and he doesn't move, the arena goes deathly QUIET.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> My lord.... That move was banned for a reason.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> No kidding. Curzon took a bad bump right there. This is a little scary.
<font color=#1f9af9> Silence pauses for a moment to stare at Edwards, halfway down the ramp. Then, Silence
picks up Bonafide again, Bonafide is dead weight in the hands of Silence. Again Silence lifts him up into a
Power bomb.</font>
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> The Hushed Whisper!! This one is gross!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> And the second half of that move, the elevated Boston Crab. Curzon is not moving....
He is completely out cold.
<font color=#1f9af9> The ref simply shakes his head in disgust and calls for the bell and waving his hands.
The ref leans out to tell the ring announcer the verdict.</font>
Ding, Ding, Ding
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> This one is thankfully over. I just hope Curzon will recover.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Yeah.
<b>Gary Trudeau:</b> And the winner of this match, by submission, Silence!
<font color=#1f9af9> The arena boo, as Joey begins running towards the ring, with the bat. Silence braces
himself in the ring, and the arena turns to cheers. Just as Joey dives into the ring, the lights and audio goes out.
After a few seconds, they both return, but in the ring is just the ref, the surprised Joey Edwards and the out cold
Bonafide, with the number "4" painted in black, on his chest.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> .....
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> It appears the message is sent to Joey.
<font color=#1f9af9> Joey quickly drops the bat and tends to the downed Bonafide. Joey leans in and it
appears Curzon whispers something in his ear. Then a look of horror crosses Joey's face and he frantically
starts calling for the paramedics.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Last week the WWA’s very own Devil Dogs flew to Iraq to visit their fellow
Marines, and other U.S. service men.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> That’s right, good to see those talent less hacks doing something good for a change.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> [sighs] Let’s take a look!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood begins to play as the piece
<font color=#1f9af9> <br><br>Tangle and Johnson step off of the C-140 onto Iraqi soil</font>
<br><br><I>“If tomorrow all the things were gone
<br> I'd worked for all my life,”</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Tangle and Johnson are greeted by a General whom they salute, and who
returns their salutes. Then the Devil Dogs are seen greeting various troops. </font>
<br><br><I>“And I had to start again
<br>with just my children and my wife,”</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> A sailor standing on the deck of an aircraft carrier, the sea shimmering behind
him holds up a wallet sized photo of his pretty brunette wife, holding their twins.</font>
<br><br><I>“I'd thank my lucky stars
<br>to be living here today,”</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The Devil Dogs stand with their fellow Marines, an American flag is in the
middle of the shot, being held up by some of the Marines.</font>
<br><br><I>“Cause the flag still stands for freedom
<br>and they can't take that away.”</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Film of the French liberation in World War II, fades in to film of the Iraqi
liberation. Thankful people greet their liberators in both films.</font>
<br><br><I>“And I'm proud to be an American
<br>where at least I know I'm free,”</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> We cut to a flag raising ceremony taking place at dawn in the desert, a soldier
salutes looking up at the flag, proudly.</font>
<br><br><I>“And I won't forget the men who died
<br>who gave that right to me,”</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> A flag draped coffin is loaded up on a transport, bound for home.</font>
<br><br><I>“And I gladly stand up next to you
<br>and defend her still today,”</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Armed soldiers stand at attention, during an inspection.</font>
<br><br><I>“Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land
<br>God Bless the U.S.A.”</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> A Hispanic Marine is his dress blues salutes the flag as it is lowered, we zoom
into his proud face.</font>
<br><br><I>“From the lakes of Minnesota
<br>to the hills of Tennessee,”</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> A blond haired airman presumably from Minnesota, fades into an African
American soldier presumably from Tennessee. </font>
<br><br><I>“Across the plains of Texas”</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> A Marine presumably from Texas is next, his head bald pride, in his blue
<br><br><I>“from sea to shining sea.”</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> A sea of servicemen and servicewomen stand their cheering at the overhead
camera that pans over them.</font>
<br><br><I>“From Detroit down to Houston”</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The camera pans over the Detroit Skyline, then fades into the Houston
<br><br><I>“and New York to L.A.,”</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The New York coastline is shown, stopping at the empty skyline where the
twin towers once stood so high and proud, this fades into an overhead of a Los Angeles beach.</font>
<br><br><I>“There's pride in every American heart
<br>and it's time we stand and say:”</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> A soldier receives the Purple Heart in his hospital bed.</font>
<br><br><I>“That I'm proud to be an American
<br>where at least I know I'm free,”</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Tangle and Johnson talk with a Marine PFC outside a tent</font>
<br><br><I>“And I won't forget the men who died
<br>who gave that right to me,”</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> A soldier holds up a picture of his fallen buddy, looking sad.</font>
<br><br><I>“And I gladly stand up next to you
<br>and defend her still today,”</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> An Airman and a Sailor stand side by side, at attention.</font>
<br><br><I>“ 'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land
<br>God Bless the U.S.A.”</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Tangle tours the spot where he earned his Medal of Honor, this fades into
another sea of servicemen and servicewomen as they chant “USA! USA!” the chant growing louder as the
music fades.
<br><br>Then it’s all over, as we return to the announce team the chant of “USA! USA!” can be heard in the
audience. The chant having been continual from the soldiers on screen to the people in their seats.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> The Devil Dogs doing their part to show our troops just how much we support them.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> *sniff*
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Next is the second semi-final of the “Embrace the Power” tournament.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The lights dim slightly, before floodlights pointing out from the stage rise up
and shine brightly</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> This is it folks, all of Jack’s singles matches before now have been nothing compared to
now… this is his chance to step up…
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> But he is going to get knocked down… he’s pulled double duty for jebus sake!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Maybe that’s why he will win!
Uno, dos, tres, catorce
Turn it up loud, captain
<font color=#1f9af9> The song starts as the floodlights cut and the arena is plunged into darkness; the titantron
switches on and the screen fills with white light. A deep dark hole forms and we plunge deep into it.</font>
Lights go down, it's dark<br>
Your jungle is your head<br>
Can't rule your heart<br>
A feeling so much stronger than<br>
I thought your eyes are widened<br>
Though your soul, it can't be bought<br>
Your mind can wander<br>
<font color=#1f9af9> The main riff kicks in, the titantron flashes bright in deep colors, the scene turns to that of
a long street, which Jack walks down. Bright silver pyros erupt either side of the entryway, roman candle style
in design they create pillar like shapes of falling silver, as the next lyric is spoken a set of gold pyros erupt
outwards from above the entrance way; its at that point that Jack bounds onto the stage. Jack looks left and
points to a member of the crowd, he then looks right and repeats the action.</font>
<b>Crowd:</b> CHEER!
Hello, hello <font color=#1f9af9> hola!</font><br>
I'm at a place called Vertigo <font color=#1f9af9> dónde está</font><br>
It's everything I wish I didn't know<br>
Except you give me something<br>
I can feel<br>

<br><b>Jimmy:</b> What an opportunity!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> You said that…
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> I know but its monumental…
<font color=#1f9af9> Having paused at the top of the ramp, he starts down the ramp. All the way down he is
high fiving fans, at one point he jumps onto the barricade and spreads his arms. Once at the ring he struts up the
steps, and stands on the apron for a couple of seconds before grabbing the top rope and jumping it in one
The night is full of holes<br>
There's bullets ripping sky<br>
Of ink, with gold<br>
They twinkle as the boys<br>
Play rock and roll<br>
They know that they can't dance<br>
At least they know<br>
<font color=#1f9af9> Jack stands in the middle of the ring and looks around at everyone; before walking over
to the referee and shaking his hand and starting up a friendly conversation.</font>
<b>Trudeau:</b> Ladies and gentlemen, he was the first ever LDA DIABLO champion... JACK GRIFFITHS!
<font color=#1f9af9> Suddenly blue and white pyrotechnics explode at the entrance and behind them
bright gold and green spotlights shine forth showing the shadowed form of Shaman
as he raises his arms to his side and then above his head as Liberate by
Disturbed blasts over the PA system. On the jumbotron Shaman’s name flashes in
black and white similar to that of an old movie reel. Shaman looks forward at
the ring and begins to make his way forward turning and looking at the fans and
hits his chest twice and points at them and then to the ring and makes a
breaking motion as he slowly and methodically makes his way to the ring.</font>
Liberate your mind…<br>
Liberate your mind…<br>
<b>Gary Trudeau:</b> Ladiees and Gentlemaaaaan and children of all ages…one of the
combatants in this match up starting to make his ascension to the ring the WWA’s
very own Legend and Franchise player..Shaaaaaaammaaaaaan!!
Liberate your mind…<br>
Liberate your mind…<br>
<font color=#1f9af9> The crowd begins to chant and raise their hands in the air to the music blasting
as Shaman seems to be getting into the music as well as he nods his head with
the heavy beats and chants of the crowd. Shaman reaches the ring and grabs a
chair outside and slips inside ring and steps to the center of the ring and
slams the chair down a few times and then raises it high above his head.</font>
It is time….<br>
Darkness fades the light in your eyes…</I><br><br>
<font color=#1f9af9> Shaman slings the chair outside of the ring and turns pointing one finger to the
crowd as he makes a circle motion pointing out from all for sides of the ring
and then brings his hand to his side and raises both of them as he seems to be
lifting some unseen weight towards the sky as he lets out a battle cry as the
crowd roars into a frenzy.</font>
Liberate your mind…<br>
Liberate your mind…</I><br><br>

<font color=#1f9af9> Shaman turns and stalks his own side of the ring awaiting the action to begin as
he is flexes his muscles waiting for action.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Am I wrong if I say that this match would be something like the former leader against his,
sort of, pupil?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> They were stablemates. But I would say this would be more like David and Goliath.
<font color=#1f9af9> Shaman walks up to the middle of the ring, flexing his muscles on the way. He’s trying to
get Jack into a test of strength. Jack accepts.</font>
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Is he stupid? There’s no way he’ll win that!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> All you gotta do is believe Tony.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> If you say so… Doctor Phill.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Wha--? Never mind…
<font color=#1f9af9> Jack puts his arms up high, as he reaches for Shaman’s hands. Shaman grabs Jack’s
hands, but then quickly kicks him into the gut.</font>
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Haha, gotcha!
<font color=#1f9af9> Shaman runs into the ropes. As he rebounds, Jack leaps up into the air, hitting a Dropkick
and then ends it with a moonsault finish.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Jack has some tricks up his own sleeves as well!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Yippie…
<font color=#1f9af9> Shaman and Jack are back on their feet. Shaman locks up with Jack and quickly lifts a
knee into his midsection and then executes a quick snap suplex and then backs away allowing Jack to get back
up as Shaman watches and waits with no emotion on his face.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Shaman seems to be making it known this won’t be an easy match!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> I think I am going to go with Shaman in this endeavor!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Your siding with Shaman?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> No not me!
<font color=#1f9af9> Shaman and Jack lock up again as Shaman allows himself to be put into an
armbar and then quickly reverses the hold and executes a hip toss and backs away
allowing Jack to get back up as he stands back waiting.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> You can see Shaman is more experienced than Jack!
<font color=#1f9af9> Jack slowly rises up, but suddenly spears Shaman, followed by some punching to the
face. Jack rises up as he waits for Shaman doing the same. Shaman tries to grab Jack, but Jack kicks him in the
gut. Jack then runs in to the ropes, but as he rebounds, Shaman lifts his leg up high.</font>
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Big Boot!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> No! He ducked!
<font color=#1f9af9> Jack slides underneath Shaman, as he gets up his feet quickly. He Dropkicks Shaman in
the back, making Shaman crash into the Turnbuckle. Jack turns Shaman around, making him face Jack. Jack
follows that up with some kicks and knife chops.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Jack is holding the big man down!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Stupid hippie.
<font color=#1f9af9> Jack lifts up Shaman onto the Top Rope. He then climbs up as well, locking Shaman’s
head with his legs, resulting in a counter from Shaman. Shaman stands up, then jumps of the turnbuckle, into a
massive Sitdown Powerbomb.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> That’ll shake his liver!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Strangely, I think I heard that before.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Jack kicked out!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> So close!
<font color=#1f9af9> Shaman gets up, as he locks Jack into a headlock, before dropping into a stiff DDT,
followed by another cover.</font>
<font color=#1f9af9> Shaman leaps onto his feet, as he puts Jack into a Inverted Facelock, or a Standing
Dragon Sleeper. Jack struggles as he gets choked.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Shaman has the submission locked in tight!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Indeed he has!
<font color=#1f9af9> Jack struggles less than before, as he slowly moves with less strength and speed. The
Referee grabs his arm and lifts it up once…</font>
<font color=#1f9af9> Twice…</font>
<font color=#1f9af9> And the third time…</font>
Three… NO!
<font color=#1f9af9> Jack lifts his arm up high, then he says hello to Shaman’s gut, using his elbows. He then
grabs Shaman’s head tight on his shoulder and rushes into the ropes. He jumps up the ropes, doing a Backflip
and landing into a Reverse DDT.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Asaï DDT!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Damn.
<font color=#1f9af9> Jack follows with the Pin.</font>
<font color=#1f9af9> Shaman is whipped across the ring; Jack waits for him to come back.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Something is about to happen, something big.
<font color=#1f9af9> As Shaman reaches Jack; all that can be heard through the arena is a huge roar from the
crowd. Shaman has run straight into Jack’s grasp, Jack summons all his might and spinebusters Shaman.</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Wow! Didn’t know Jack had that strength.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> You didn’t know and I didn’t care.
<font color=#1f9af9> Jack rather than covering Shaman, opts to stand besides him. Raising his arms in an X-
Shape Jack flips backwards and jumps forward nailing an SSSP</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Fantasie Impromptu!!
<font color=#1f9af9> Jack hooks the leg…</font>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> He did it! He beat Shaman!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Meh…
<br><br><font color=red><b>COMMERCIAL – A candlelight dinner with Ember? Yeah sure and Matt
Warr can dance.</b></font>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Backstage Matt Warr is sitting alone when in walks Hell Itself.</font>
<br><br><b>Warr:</b> There he is ... the man that destroyed Khaled.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> He doesn't seem to sure of this.</font>
<br><br><b>Hell Itself:</b> Destroyed ... did you not hear him last week? He's still around ... the job isn't
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Hell looks unhappy at this while Warr smirks.</font>
<br><br><b>Warr:</b> I heard him, but i didn't see him. My guess is that nomark is so badly injured that he
hasn't got the guts to show his face. I bet he doesn't even show up at Fault Line.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> This angers Hell.</font>
<br><br><b>Hell Itself:</b> I want him to show up ... i need him to show up. I need to end him one and for all.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> This confuses Warr for a second as he thinks of something. A switch
<br><br><b>Warr:</b> You want it Hell, then ebcause of your loyal service you got it. And just so Khaled
can't weasle out of it we'll make the cirucmstances a little more interesting. Say no disqualification.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The smile on Hell Itself's face indicates he likes this.</font>
<br><br><b>Warr:</b> And to make sure Khaled turns up, if he doesn't ... then he will be in breach of contract
and he will be fired!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Hell smiles and nods along.</font>
<br><br><b>Hell Itself:</b> Come Sunday ... one way or another I'll finally rid the world of Khaled.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Hell laughs, but this is cut short as in bursts Shaman. Hell jumps into a fighting
<br><br><b>Warr:</b> Relax Hell ... I sent for Shaman.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The Native American Badass stairs Hell up and down until he backs off.</font>
<br><br><b>Shaman:</b> What do you want Matt?
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Leaning back on his chair he responds.</font>
<br><br><b>Warr:</b> Remember at the Birthday Bash I told you if you failed to win then you would have to
fight me. Well it's collection time.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Not surprisingly Shaman is surprised at this.</font>
<br><br><b>Warr:</b> So at Fault Line we end this once and for all. You against me, with the stipulation
being if I win you never get to set your hands on me again.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Shaman nods.</font>
<br><br><b>Shaman:</b> Where's the catch?
<br><br><b>Warr:</b> The match will be a Special Guest Referee match.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Shaman seems to click onto Warr's plans.</font>
<br><br><b>Shaman:</b> Oh i get it. Well i've seen how this works, so let me just say that even with Hell
Itself in the match ... I'll kick his ass and then i'll kick yours. <br>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> <font color=#1f9af9> whispering</font> Hell Itself is the referee?
<br><br><b>Warr:</b> You know you presume to much Shaman. You think the greatest Yeovilite of them all
needs help from anyone to beat up a broken down has been? The special referee is a guy who has been
training at our facilities recently to be a top quality wrestler, and the only reason i want him in there other
then one of the more senior officials is because the match could get a little out of control, and when you resort
to means outside of the law i need someone that can keep you in check.
<br><br><b>Shaman:</b> Sure Matt ... sure. Either way I guess it ends at Fault Line, because when i get in
that ring with you i can guarantee that you won't be walking into any WWA event in a long long time. See you
at Fault Line Matt.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Shaman walks out as a smiling Matt Warr is left with the camera on
him.</font> <br>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> It’s time for our Main Event!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> World Champion! WOO!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> But for how much longer?
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Suddenly all the lights in the arena go out and the stadium is eerily pitch black.
The crowd roars and then quietens down in anticipation of what will happen next. The opening chords of
‘Superstar II' by Saliva blast over the PA</font>
Been floating around up here on Cloud 11
<br><br>I did my best to make it to 27
<br><br>Open up my eyes and I can see the glory
<br><br>Now I'm alive and I'm gonna tell my story</I>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The pyro explodes in a stream of light. The crowd boos as four words
illuminate the WWATron.</font><font color=red>
<br><br><b><center>DAVE HARLEY</b>
<br><br><b>EXTREME MACHINE</center></b></font>
Now I'm a superstar in the making. <br>
I ain't f**king around and there ain't no mistaking. <br>
I never ask for something worth the taking. <br>
Cause I'm a superstar, baby. </I>
<font color=#1f9af9> Harley steps through the curtain to an extremely hostile crowd. He shouts abuse at the
booing fans and slowly starts to saunter down the ramp.</font>
<br><br><b>Trudeau:</b> Making his way to the ring at this time. From Chicago, Illinois. He is the WWA
World Heavyweight Champion…DAAAAAVE HAAAARRLEEEY!
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Some challenge the World Champ is gonna face tonight.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Fighting his friend and partner is gonna be tough.
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> I was actually being sarcastic.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Harley snatches the mic from Gary Trudeau’s hand as he climbs in to the
<br><br><b>Harley:</b> Now before I prove myself the greatest most defendingest World Champion of all
<br><br><b>Crowd:</b> BOO!
<br><br><b>Harley:</b> SHUT UP! I’d like to address Craven Moore. Moore, you may think you have an
advantage at Fault Line by having all these pathetic WWA fans vote for the third fall, but I’ll be honest with
you – I don’t need a third fall to finish you off, you worthless has-been! That’s why I’m going to announce my
choice for the first fall – a stipulation which allowed me to beat Mal Somers for the EWA Extreme Title…a
Street Fight! <br>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> Harley has announced his fall! That’s pretty big news!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Yeah, I gathered.
<br><br><font color=red><center><b>THE INSURANCE POLICY </b></center>
<font color=#1f9af9> The words blaze across the WWATron as red pyros dance across the top of the ramp
way. Leviathan enters and stands at the top of the ramp as Hell’s Bell’s by AC/DC blares throughout the
<br><br><I>I'm a rolling thunder, a pouring rain<br>
I'm comin' on like a hurricane <br>
My lightning's flashing across the sky<br>
You're only young but you're gonna die </I>
<font color=#1f9af9> Leviathan takes his usual slow pace walk to the ring, ignoring the jeers of the crowd. He
stretches his neck from side to side. He checks his ribs and smiles. Pictures from various matches flash on the
screen. Various cases of destruction like the gruelling Extreme Iron man match, his battle with DIRGE and
some snippets of the Birthday Bash.</font>
<br><br><I>I won't take no prisoners, won't spare no lives <br>
Nobody's putting up a fight <br>
I got my bell, I'm gonna take you to hell <br>
I'm gonna get you, Satan get you </I>
<font color=#1f9af9> Leviathan focused on the ring stops at the ring steps then steps over the top rope. On the
WWAtron the carnage can be seen from the Hell in the Cell match. The dangerous brawl that was King of the
Hill. We see the once pristine white pants of Leviathan are now grey and spots of dry blood can be
<br><br><I>Hell's Bells <br>
Yeah, Hell's Bells <br>
You got me ringing Hell's Bells <br>
My temperature's high, Hell's Bells</I><br>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> The question everyone has to be asking is whether Leviathan will be a worthy opponent
for Harley.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Of course he will. He’s Harley’s Insurance Policy!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> That’s not what I meant.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Leviathan climbs in to the ring and stands facing his leader. Both men appear
ready to fight as the bell rings.</font>
<br><br>DING! DING! <br>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> And for what it’s worth, this match is underway.
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> Don’t play down a Dave Harley match like that!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Both men begin to circle each other. They go for a lock up but quickly break it.
Again, they stalk each other.</font><br>
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> See Jimmy? It is a legitimate match!
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> I am shocked.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> They tie up again. This time, we see Harley lean over and whisper instructions
into Leviathan’s ear.</font><br>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> What was that he just said?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> What was what?
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Leviathan breaks away and stands looking surprised at his leader. Harley looks
frustrated. He nods to Leviathan, who looks unsure.</font>
<br><br><b>Harley:</b> Just lay down.
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Did you hear that?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> I didn’t hear anything.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Leviathan stands unmoving.</font>
<br><br><b>Harley:</b> I said lay down, Levi! This is my match; I’m the Champ – Lay Down!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The crowd begins to stir as Leviathan stands weighing up the
<br><br><b>Harley:</b> How many times do I have to tell you?!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Harley slaps Leviathan. The crowd gasps as Levi reels.</font>
<br><br><b>Harley:</b> LAY DOWN!
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Harley has a death wish!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> He’s just keeping his troops in line.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Slowly and surely, Leviathan gets down on the mat. He lays down and stares at
the ceiling as the crowd boos.</font>
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> What?!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Harley covers.</font>
THREE! <br>
<br><b>Jimmy:</b> I don’t believe it! Is Leviathan that loyal to Dave Harley? Is he so blind he can’t see what
Harley has just done to him?
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> That could quite be a Match of the Year Candidate!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Harley celebrates to the boos of the crowd. Leviathan gets to his feet and stands
at his leaders side. Harley grabs a microphone and raises it to his lips with a sick smile on his face. Before he
can speak, the arena is plunged into darkness.</font>
<br><br><b>Fat Tony:</b> What the hell?
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> In response to Tony's unnecessary question, the PA begins to blare "Voodoo
Chile ( Slight Return)" by SRV. Harley steps behind Levi, cowering as the music signals the approach of only
one man.</font>
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Moore steps onto the ramp with a steel chair in his hand. He raises it as if to
play air guitar and then smiles and shakes his head "no". Instead, he walks half way down the aisle, unfolds the
chair, pulls a mic from his back pocket and sits.</font>
<br><br><b>Moore:</b> So what's it gonna be Bubbles?
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Harley fumes and raises his mic as he peers around Levi.</font>
<br><br><b>Harley:</b> What are you talking about?
<br><br><b>Moore:</b> Surely you don't want me running the video. Remember how well that worked out
for you last week?
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> A "Harley sucks" chant breaks out as Moore nods in approval.</font>
<br><br><b>Harley:</b> I can beat you anytime, anywhere Moore. That’s why I’ve already announced my
pick. I’m taking you down in a Street Fight!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> A nasty grin splits Harley's face. He's pleased with his decision.</font>
<br><br><b>Harley:</b> Top that you has been!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Moore stands, pushes his hair back and utters three simple words.</font>
<br><br><b>Moore:</b> Chairshot Survival Match!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Harley's eyes bug out. He looks at Leviathan who shrugs.</font>
<br><br><b>Harley:</b> What the hell is that?
<br><br><b>Moore:</b> Simple enough concept. Even you should be able to grasp it. Steel chairs, like this
one, everywhere. Their use is legal and encouraged. The first man who can't get up from a chairshot loses.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The crowd erupts into cheers. Harley shrinks back behind Leviathan.</font>
<br><br><b>Harley:</b> NO! NO! NO! I won't do it!
<br><br><b>Moore:</b> What's the matter Dave? Yella?
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The crowd collectively "ewwws" at the taunt.</font>
<br><br><b>Voice:</b> HOLD ON! HOLD ON!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Matt Warr, that turncoat, steps out onto the ramp.</font>
<br><br><b>Warr:</b> Before this goes any further, I want to clear one thing up. I'm not letting these morons
pick anything as important as the final fall of a WWA World Title match. No, the final fall will be a lumberjack
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The crowd boos both Warr's insult and his interference.</font>
<br><br><b>Harley:</b> Works for me! I like the sound of that very much.
<br><br><b>Voice 2:</b> I bet you do.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Now everyone turns again, Warr included, as Bridge steps onto the ramp behind
<br><br><b>Bridge:</b> But I'm still head booker around here and as such I make the matches not you Warr.
<br><br><b>Warr:</b> You can't overrule me!
<br><br><b>Bridge:</b> No, but I can enforce binding contracts, and I have one. Last week these two men
agreed to let the fans pick the stipulation to the final fall of their match. You may have made that fall a
lumberjack match, but the fans will still be heard. There will be a SECOND stipulation placed on this match
and that stipulation will be picked by the fans!
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> The arena erupts into cheers for the head booker. Warr stomps his foot. Harley
goes pale. Moore nods his approval. Leviathan remains stoic.</font>
<br><br><b>Bridge:</b> The fans will be able to vote on the WWA website immediately following Meltdown
until midnight CST on Thursday for the stipulation of the final fall of this match.
The available stipulations are:
<br><br>Lumberjack Ladder<br>
Lumberjack Cell <br>
Lumberjack Last Man Standing<br>
Lumberjack 30 Minute Iron Man<br>
Lumberjack Scaffold<br>
Lumberjack Chain
<br><br>Vote early and vote often folks. The WWA World Title is counting on you.
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> What a huge announcement! We’re less than one week away from Fault Line and
we’ve been hit with this bombshell!
<br><b>Fat Tony:</b> The WWA fans are too stupid to vote.
<br><br><font color=#1f9af9> Both men stare each other out – Harley from the ring, Moore from the ramp.
The fans start to cheer as each man edges slightly closer. Harley leans over the ropes and shouts abuse at
<br><br><b>Jimmy:</b> Get online and get voting folks. The final battle between Craven Moore and Dave
Harley is up to you!

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