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									MCSE 70-298:
Designing Security
for a Windows Server
2003 Network
Topic-Level Outline
            Days: 3
   Prerequisites: A+ certification, Network+ certification or equivalent experience

           Unit 1: Designing a secure network framework
            Topic A: Analyzing business requirements
            Topic B: Designing a security framework
            Topic C: Analyzing technical constraints

           Unit 2: Securing servers based on roles
            Topic A: Defining a baseline security template
            Topic B: Deploying security templates
            Topic C: Designing security for servers that have specific roles

           Unit 3: Designing a secure public key infrastructure
            Topic A: Designing a public key infrastructure
            Topic B: Designing certificate distribution

           Unit 4: Securing network management
            Topic A: Designing security for network management
            Topic B: Designing a security update infrastructure
            Topic C: Designing domain and forest trust relationships

           Unit 5: Securing network services and protocols
            Topic A: Designing network infrastructure security
            Topic B: IPSec policies overview
            Topic C: Designing security for data transmission
            Topic D: Designing security for wireless networks

           Unit 6: Securing Internet Information Services
   Topic A: Designing user authentication for IIS
   Topic B: Designing security for IIS

 Unit 7: Securing VPN and extranet communications
  Topic A: Designing security for communication between networks
  Topic B: Designing VPN connectivity

 Unit 8: Securing Active Directory
  Topic A: Designing an access control strategy for directory services
  Topic B: Designing group strategies for accessing resources

 Unit 9: Securing network resources
  Topic A: Designing a file and folder access control strategy
  Topic B: Designing for the Encrypted File System
  Topic C: Designing security for a backup and restore strategy

Unit 10: Securing network clients
  Topic A: Securing client computers
  Topic B: Designing a client authentication strategy
  Topic C: Designing a secure remote access plan

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