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Madiha Jabee-ag


									Madiha Jabee.

Job objective:
Seeking a growing and dedicated career position in a dynamic Organization where I could utilize my experience in
leading or managing the projects with carefully analyzing, developing and testing them.

Experience: Around 7 years in the field of Software Engineering in industries including media and
pharmaceutical industry and consulting firms. Around 3.5 years experience purely of corporate sector and 3 years
experience of the software industry.
        New Business domain analyzer and convert into software system, Database Designer,
         Web/desktop Application Developer and of business applications in organization.
        Experience on project team for implementation, customization, or enhancements to IT systems
        Experience with business process reengineering, including gathering and documenting
         requirements, documenting workflows and developing specifications for the programmers
        Client services driven with excellent communication and relationship management skills.
        Flexible, adaptable and hands-on approach in programming, business process improvement

Database Designing, Project management , .net technologies development

Educational Qualifications
Degree                    Institute                                                    Year
MBA                           CBM(College of business administration), Karachi                   2008- 2010
BS (CS)                       Jinnah University for Women, Karachi                               2000- 2003
H.S.C.(pre-Engineering)       Khatoon-e-Pakistan College, Karachi                                1998- 1999
S.S.C. (Science)              White House Grammar School, Karachi                                1996 -1997

Management /Business Knowledge:
Financial accounting, Financial Management, Cost and managerial accounting, Human resource management,
Principles of marketing, , Marketing Management, Industrial marketing, ,New Product Development, Industrial
management, Environmental Impact Assessment, supply chain management, Project Management, Strategic
Management, Production Management ,Entrepreneurship, Statistical Inference
Technical Expertise: C#, Windows forms of .net,,, SQL 2000 and SQL 2005 server.
Technical Knowledge
         C#,
         HTML, 3.5, 2.0
         SQL.
[Databases] SQL Server2000 and Microsoft Access
[Tools] Microsoft Office 2010, Ms Visual, Dream weaver, Crystal Report 9,10 ,Visual Source safe
[O/S]      Windows 95/98/2000, XP
[Web Server] IIS server.

Technical Experience

Job in Karachi Stock Exchange
Working in the IT development department
Development and maintenance of the software also security implementation . C# SQL
server 2005.
Experience: Current from July2009

Job in Pharmatec Pvt Ltd
It is pharmaceutical company .I am working for it MIS department as a Team Lead
(proposed Assistant Manager)
Experience: Nov 2008 – July2009
Analyzing of new ERP system
Including purchasing management, Inventory management, Production management, MRP planning system ,
Warehouse management, GL management , Receivables management.
New Development:
Special order processing software developed in C# for its marketing department with SQL server 2005 as backend.
Change Development:

Odisys for Departments including Finance, Marketing, Warehouse
Addpro for Department including Marketing and warehouse
Creature Configuration for marketing department‘s field force
Business deals for marketing department
Expense manager for marketing department
Megalink administration for marketing department
Megalink report printer for marketing department

Management and Support Services:

HRM(Payroll system),GL ,SCM of Sidat Hyder

Job in Geo (IMC)                           
It is an electronic media .I am working for its IS (Software Department) as a Team Lead (Sr. Software Engineer)
Experience: 2 years (Jan 2007 –Nov 2008)
Area: ERP system
Version: Desktop
Users: Sales, Commercial, Transmission, Billing and Dispute departments.
GEO Roshni is the ERP project of GEO TV network, which contains multiple modules i.e.
1. Release Order (RO) registration module.
2. Commercial Transmission Schedule (CTS) module.
3. Transmission module.
4. Billing modules.
This software Register RO, placed spot of particular commercial, transmission in particular time and finally billed
this RO of particular client or agency and then resolving disputes, against billing and RO.
This is to show all company work and earnings status at a glance

Area: For Technical department and use to monitor the technical department inventory, and resource
management, including its staff roaster.
Area: For Operation department and use by different producers at various locations.

Area: Purchase/ Store department of TV Channel.
Area: Distribution department of TV Channel.

Area: Archive department of TV Channel.

Job in ITIM Associates Pvt (ltd)
It is Microsoft certified company and ISO standards based company

Experience: (Nov 2005 to Oct -2006)

FALCON: for Karachi Stock Exchange
Area: Share Market
This is a software product for brokerage houses. It has two parts:

Web version:
        Users: A broker or any share holder.
        The purpose of this is to place order via websites either for purchasing or selling shares. Share market’s
        live feed displays on the website and it is continuously updating minute by minute. Total Shares, Blocked
        cash and customer portfolio management.
Desktop version:
        Users: A broker.
    a. Share Settlement System, Carry over trade (In house badla), Daily transaction Management, and
        Continuous funding system
    b. Account System
    c. Maintenance of Scrip’s, Customer, Trader, Member

ASCL: for UK Debenhams store
Area: SCM (Supply Chain Management)
Develop the Trading solutions System’s prototype and its Database ER Model.
The basic purpose of this system is to produce a lot of trade documents with less input and workout. Trade
documents which are used between customer and seller for safe trade.
By entering little input like order, packing, shipping inputs which are basic business process for producing the
required documents. Different documents can generate through this system in which Commercial, Transport,
Official documents are main. Different Trading partners can involve and take benefit of this system in which
customer, seller, issuing bank, Shipping Company, Clearing Agent, and Freight Forwarder etc.

Job in Infinilogic Pvt (ltd)
A multinational company works for UK, France, Germany and other common wealth countries.

Experience: (13 months) (Sep Jan 2004 - Oct 2005)

1. Infinishops:
Infinishops is an innovative product which is used to create shopping websites dynamically for different merchants.
These shopping websites work separately and gather multiple clients who used to buy products through it. Then
orders and invoices of merchants are transferred to the Collection Service Product.
This is a multilayered web product, having separate Data layer, Business layer, User Interface Layer , Template
Layer and Web builder engine which acts like a third party component
Due to Xml functionality, different merchants can take advantage of different layouts for making their shopping
websites exclusive.
Advance search criteria for searching different products etc.

2. Collection Service:
   Collection service:
This is used to collect all the merchant’s balances, total income of a merchant will be checked by using this system.
This system gives following functionality.
     1    Merchant Profile management,
     2    Merchant Bank Account
     3    Transfer Fund Activity
     4    Balance sheet
     5    Total invoice with shipment charges, remaining balance which is not yet collected from clients will be
          shown in the overview module.

Internship: Softrack Pvt Ltd (6 months)
Mailing System
This system used to create the emails and then send to the groups of clients like groups of doctors .CRM
functionality is also added in this mailing system to give Mail Merging Facility.

Form Designer ( Product )
This Product is used for developing the different systems like accounting system. Accounting System‘s front end is
designed by this, then in backend the database is automatically generated. This product gives different
functionality like search , report generation, child and parent forms means MDI interface can also be created
.Graphs Charts, importing and exporting of database ,file uploading etc functionality is also provided.

Visiting Faculty Job in PAF Kiet(As a Web Development Project Instructor).
Experience: Aug 2004 –Dec 2004

Teach the .net Theories and develop the ERP demo project with students using C#

University Projects:
Final Year Project:
                                  3d Robot arm Siimullatiion iin 3d Factory Sofftware
                                     Robot arm S mu at on n 3d Factory So tware
 By using VC++ (MFC) 6.0 , OpenGL(GLUT) library ,3d Max, 3d Exploration Image Converter)
MFC classes are used to create the UI of the 3d Robot arm simulation software and for controlling the simulation.
To control the robot arm ‘s kinematics , all logic is developed in the COpenGLView class which is inherited from
CView and For UI development different dialog classes are used and also CWnd is used for creating the full screen
UI just as in games .
        Opengl 3d library is used to adjust lighting, provide texturing, camera effects.
        3d max used to create the 3d models
        3d Exploration Converter is used to convert the max files into object file which is then used in MFC with
         the help of openGL library.

Other Experience
Wrote a Research Paper on “Robot arm simulation in a 3d Factory Environment” for IEEE trough SCONEST 2003
and presented it too. Participated in debates

Research Paper For IEEE
Wrote & presented the paper:”3d Robot arm Simulation working in a 3d factory environment .”

Personal Information
Nationality: Pakistani
Languages Command: English, Urdu
Date of Birth: 08-04-1982

Working Area Interest:
Mostly interested in development projects with
        C#,
        SQL Server 2000 and 2005 databases.

Extra Circular activities
        Reading newspaper, research reports & IT Magazines.
        Reading and writing poetry and Listening music, and Aerobics.

References & Testimonials
It will be provided on request.


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