; E-business – the critical factors
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E-business – the critical factors


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									E-business – the critical factors

         Mikael von Otter
          October, 2001
           Motives for e-commerce
                      Large   Public   SME
Expanding market        x              some
Product shipping        x              some
CRM                     x
Product development     x               x
SCM                     x       x       x
Quality control         x
Process costs           x       x
Lower prices            x       x       x
    Requirements for e-commerce
Transport mechanism                  x          Internet
Process standards                    ?        ebXML etc
Information standards                ?
System interfaces                   (?)
Trust                                ?
Process reengineering skill          ?

X = sufficient      ? = to a certain extent
              Critical factors
•   SME
•   Public sector
•   Trust
•   Information standards
•   Process reengineering
      SME drivers and barriers
• All SMEs are not alike
  – Specialized – mass market
  – Local – national – international
  – ”Supplier” – ”vendor
• Different drivers and barriers
  – What does really motivate a SME?
  – Affordability
  – Who is in the drivers seat?
     SME drivers and barriers
• Mobile e-business solutions for the very
  small (d)
• Increase competition for SMEs (d)
• Integrating e-business and legacy systems
• Different requirements from different ”large
  customers” (b)
              Public sector
• Has great impact on e business development
  – Especially SME
• Conflicting objectives
  – Protecting tax payers money
  – Welfare and education, not ROI
  – Not a business culture
• Size of local authorities, of government
Public sector drivers and barriers
•   Single Face To Industry standard (d)
•   Demographic situation (d)
•   Benchmarking (d)
•   Management capacity (b)
•   Short term planning period (b)
• Necessary for e-business
• Regulations not modernized
  – ”by writing”, ”document”
• EU e-signature implementation
  – Who pays? Unlimited damage? Contract or
    policy based?
• Myths about Internet security
  – Payment systems
       Trust drivers and barriers
•   Open e signature implementation (d)
•   Current e-signature situation (b)
•   Micropayment systems (d)
•   Legal issues (b)
•   Public acceptance (d)
•   Copyright and IPR digital products
    – Technical solutions (b)
   Information and IT standards
• Internet for transport
• XML – ”the saviour” – is a language
• Where do we standardize processes and
   – Is it possible?
• Not a critical barrier
   – Enough solutions are available
   – But sometimes expensive for SME
       Info. Standard drivers and
•   ebXML initiative (d?)
•   Market standards (bank, paper, food etc) (d)
•   Product code standards (b)
•   Revival of EDIfact (d?)
•   Systems interface standards (b)
•   IT industry participation (b and d)
       Process reengineering
• Change Management capacity and know-
• Acceptance from staff
• Competence development
• Organizational changes
• Top management commitment
• Finding the technology
Process reengineering drivers and
•   Public sector (b)
•   SME (b)
•   Demographics force (d)
•   Trade unions (?)
           E-business summary
• We have moved …
   – From why to how
   – From news to use
• But still …
   – SME: not only a technical and awareness problem
   – Public sector: should move much faster, has impact on
     the rest
   – Technology: Information standards? Systems interface?
   – Trust: e-signatures implementation needs understanding

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