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           2009 Annual Report
         Close the Gap Year 1 of 3
                    2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year         1   of 3


    Dear North Texas Food Bank Friends and Supporters:
                               It’s hard to believe the North Texas Food Bank embarked
                               on its campaign to Close the Gap on hunger in our
                               community one year ago. As we begin our second year
                               of this three-year initiative to provide every hungry
                               North Texan with access to the nutritious food they
                               need, I am more encouraged than ever by the unyielding
                               support of this community – especially during these
                               tough economic times.

                               The recession has brought an unprecedented number of
    families and individuals to our Member Agencies for help with food this year.
    With more North Texans suddenly finding themselves out of work or unable to
    provide for their families, we began to see the “new faces of hunger” – faces you
    might know. The economy has also had devastating effects on parents who work
    hard but simply can’t afford to make ends meet. Families living on the poverty
    line are being pushed over the edge.

    It’s because of stories like these – stories of the new faces of hunger and of those
    who are all too accustomed to the pain of an empty stomach - that the North
    Texas Food Bank never stops working to provide food to those who need it.
    And we simply couldn’t do what we do without the support of this community.
    Thanks to the generosity of philanthropic foundations, corporate partners,
    faith groups and individuals, the Food Bank distributed more than 37 million
    meals in fiscal year 2009 – a 43 percent increase over last year. We acquired more
    than 10,000 new donors during the holiday season, and we received our first
    unrestricted $1 million gift! What an incredible demonstration of generosity from
    this community – and what a testament to the commitment so many of you have
    made to join us in our work to feed those in need.

    As we begin another year, I am more hopeful than ever about the impact the
    Food Bank is making in the lives of our hungry neighbors – thanks to the support
    of friends like you. I hope you’ll continue to stand with us as we work to Close
    the Gap on hunger.


                                                    W. Lee Coleman, Jr.
                                                    Board President

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                  2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year      1   of 3

    During this recession, people’s eyes have been opened to
    how great the need is in our community. Once they see
    the thousands of hardworking parents, senior citizens
    and children going hungry every day, right here in our
    own backyard, I know our community will continue
    to respond. We must use every resource available to
    ensure the needs of our neighbors are met.”
                              - Jan Pruitt, North Texas Food Bank President & CEO

    In light of the first year of our Close the Gap campaign coming to an end, this
    observation couldn’t ring more true. The down economy has affected people
    from all demographics and neighborhoods, and although Year One of Close the
    Gap ended above the set goal, now is no time to step back and relax.

    Thousands of hard-working North Texans have recently been forced out
    of jobs they’ve had for decades. For the first time in their lives, parents and
    individuals are coming to our Member Agencies for help to feed themselves
    and their families. These people represent the “new faces of hunger” – faces you
    might know or recognize. They might live down the street from you. Their kids
    might go to school with your kids. And now, though they never thought it was
    possible, they need help to keep from going hungry.

                                                 Nancy is just one of the many
                                                 new faces of hunger who came
                                                 to one of our Member Agencies
                                                 for help with food when her
                                                 husband was laid off last April.
                                                 Despite receiving unemployment
                                                 assistance, the loss of income
                                                 was substantial. Shortly after her
                                                 husband lost his job, Nancy was
                                                 hospitalized for a blood clot in her
                                                 knee. Although she feels lucky
    to be alive, her doctor ordered her to stop working so she could fully recover.
    For months, both she and her husband were out of work. Since most of their
    unemployment money goes toward utilities and expensive medications, they
    rarely have enough left over to buy food.

    “Everything happened at once!” says Nancy. “We’ve never been through
    anything like this.”

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                    2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year      1   of 3

     Fortunately, thanks to the generosity of this community, Nancy can take home
    groceries from the Share Center, a Food Bank Member Agency in Terrell.

    “If it weren’t for this place, I don’t know what I would do,” she says. “This
    means a lot to us.”

    Though North Texans like Nancy and her husband are struggling with hunger
    for the first time in their lives, there are thousands of families, individuals and
    seniors in our community living at or below
    the poverty line who are all too familiar with
    the pain of an empty stomach and being
    powerless to fix it.

    Theressa is a single mother raising her
    children on her own, plus her two nephews
    and granddaughter. She’s always worked
    hard to support her family, but she has
    several chronic illnesses that have recently
    forced her to stop working. Last year alone, she was in the hospital a total of six

    Theressa’s only income is the child support she receives. With expensive medical
    bills and medications to pay for, in addition to rent and utilities, she often
    wonders how she’s going to scrape enough money together to feed her children.

     “After I pay [the bills], there’s no
    money for food,” she says.
    But thanks to the generosity of this community, Theressa doesn’t have to worry
    about how to feed her family. She can take home nutritious groceries from New
    Hope Compassion Outreach Center, a Member Agency of the North Texas Food

    “Last Christmas, Mom didn’t have any money for dinner,” says Theressa’s
    12-year-old daughter, Jazmien. “Because of [the Food Bank], we were able to eat
    as a family.”

    Hunger affects North Texans from all walks of life. But thanks to generous
    donations from foundations, corporations, faith groups and individuals in our
    community like you, full stomachs are a reality for families living on the edge of
    poverty, like Theressa’s – and for those who never thought they’d need to ask
    for help, like Nancy’s.

    Thank you for joining in our passionate pursuit of a hunger-free community
    in the beginning of our Close the Gap campaign, and thank you for continuing
    your support to make Year Two even stronger than the first.

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                   2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year            1   of 3


    Dear Friends,
    There’s a popular saying about the workforce: “Do what
    you love, and love what you do.” Without a doubt,
    serving at the helm of the North Texas Food Bank as
    we work to feed an unprecedented number of hungry
    families, children and seniors is a job I truly love.

    One reason that our work is so rewarding is the
    outpouring of support from friends in the community like
    you. We simply couldn’t feed those in need without the
    generosity of foundations, corporations, faith groups and
    individuals like you who have committed to join us in our passionate pursuit
    of a hunger-free community. You helped us distribute more than 37 million
    meals to those in need during the first year of our campaign to Close the Gap on
    hunger – and I know that with your help, we can provide even more meals as the
    campaign continues into its second year.

    The support of this community has also enabled us to expand our efforts to
    combat childhood hunger. This past summer, we provided nutritious meals
    to more than 2,500 kids through programs like Food 4 Kids, Kids Cafe and
    our newest initiative, the Summer Lunch Box program. Your support also
    helped provide backpacks of weekend food for nearly 8,000 chronically hungry
    elementary school children through the Food 4 Kids backpack program during
    the 2008-2009 school year.

     We’ve made great strides in the effort to feed those in need this year. But the
    need is still great, and we continue to face many challenges in these tough
    economic times. We can no longer get by with incremental increases in the
    amount of food we distribute. The need has surpassed all expectations and we
    will do whatever it takes to provide access to food for every hungry person in
    North Texas.

    As we head into Year Two of our Close the Gap campaign, I hope I can count on
    your continued support to help provide hungry families, children and seniors
    with increased access to the food they need to be healthy and productive citizens.
             Thank you for your partnership!

                                                    With gratitude,
                                                    Jan Pruitt
                                                    President & CEO
6                                                               Imagine...A World Without Hunger.
                     2 0 0 9 A n n u a l R e p o r t : C l o s e t h e G a 20 Y e a r2 1 o f 3
                                                                           p 8         0

    Road Map to Close the Gap: Millions of Meals
                                  Road Map to Close the Gap:
                            Access to Over 50 million meals by 2011




                               2009                     2010                  2011

    The North Texas Food Bank relieves hunger in two ways:

    1. Food Distribution- We supply donated, purchased and prepared foods to
    1,146 community-based programs, including food pantries, shelters, and soup
    kitchens. We also operate direct feeding services for children, including our
    Food 4 Kids “Back Pack Program” and Kids Cafe after school sites.

    2. Food Stamp Outreach- We work with our 291 Member Agencies to identify
    and educate families and individuals who may be eligible for SNAP benefits.*
    Our outreach team helps prepare and submit applications and advocates for
    clients who experience barriers within the system. We estimate the number of
    meals to which we help provide access through Food Stamp Outreach using data
    on applications completed, application success rates, average SNAP benefits per
    household and estimated costs per meal.

    *The Food Stamp Program was renamed the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, in 2008.

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                  2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year        1   of 3

    Feeding Seniors
    Barbara hasn’t had an
    easy life. For the past 25
    years she has struggled
    with chronic depression,
    and last summer doctors
    discovered an inoperable
    brain   aneurysm.     She
    also suffers from post-
    polio   syndrome,     the
    painful after-effects of
    having contracted polio
    as a child. She’s been
    confined to a wheelchair
    for years.

    Because of these health
    issues, Barbara retired from her job at a trucking company last summer. Now her
    only income is in the form of disability assistance through her former employer –
    which isn’t nearly enough to pay for rent, utility bills, medications and groceries.

    Barbara has never had to ask for help with food before.

    But thanks to the compassion of those in this community, she knows she’s not alone.
    She can come to the White Rock Center of Hope, a Food Bank Member Agency, for
    nutritious groceries when she really needs them. She’s so thankful for the food she

    “This food makes the difference between giving
    up and going on,” she says. “Most importantly, it
    gives me hope.”

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                        2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year                     1   of 3
                                                OUR EVENTS
    Summer Awareness Campaign                                    In the summer of 2009, the North
    Texas Food Bank launched its first ever Summer Awareness Campaign in order
    to increase awareness because of the economic downfall. The Food Bank was
    overwhelmed with a great response from the community and generated 81
    percent more donations than the previous summer (May 1 through June 30, see
    chart below).

                 Donations                  New Donors                Volunteers                     Media
                                                                                                   Impressions *
                                                                                                     * in millions
     1,200,000                  1,200                        3,000                             8
     1,000,000                  1,000                        2,500
      800,000                    800                         2,000
      600,000                    600                         1,500                             4
      400,000                    400                         1,000
      200,000                    200                          500
            0                       0                           0                              0
                 2008   2009                 2008   2009             2008    2009                   2008      2009

                 81% increase               193 % increase           73 % increase                 198 % increase

                                        oo Market
    KRLD Restaurant Week presented by CentralSourcin was bigger and
    the Ga :
    better than ever in its 11th year. Running August 11 – 17, with some restaurants
    extending the event an extra week or even two weeks, Restaurant Week proved
    yet again to be a great way to raise awareness about the issue of hunger in North
    Texas. More than 100 participating restaurants generously donated $7 from each
    $35 fixed-price meal to the Food Bank. This year’s event raised $381,455, which
                              M als
    provided more than 1,525,820 meals for those in11 4

Imagine ..A World Without Hunger.
  2010            2011                                                                                               9
                   2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year       1   of 3

     It’s a Fair Deal at the State Fair of Texas, sponsored by The
     Kroger Company, proved to be more than just a fair deal for North Texans – it
     was a hunger relief effort and a great volunteer opportunity. From October 1-15,
     fairgoers received discounted admission prices for bringing three canned food
     items for the Food Bank on Wednesdays through Kroger’s It’s a Fair Deal
     Wednesdays. Fairgoers also received discounted admission prices on opening
     day for bringing a 20-ounce Coca-Cola product to donate to the Food Bank. The
     Food Bank collected 136,683 pounds of nonperishable food, which provided
     more than 106,780 meals for those in need.

     Greater Dallas/Fort Worth Souper Bowl of Caring was
     an enormous success in its second year. From January 7 through February 1,
     2009, nonperishable foods and cash donations were collected at 217 participating
     Albertsons, Central Market, The Kroger Company and Tom Thumb grocery
     stores. Many local schools, faith-based organizations and youth groups collected
     food and funds, as well. More than 220,960 pounds of nonperishable food and
     $81,431 were collected to benefit the North Texas Food Bank. Thank you to our
     grocery and media partners and all who participated to help make this food
     drive a success!

     Whole Foods Giving Tree,                   presented by Whole Foods Market,
     encourages customers to buy a paper ornament to decorate the store’s Giving
     Tree throughout the month of December. Customers have the opportunity
     to donate in any dollar amount and all proceeds go to the Food Bank. Since
     the close of 2008 brought increased economic uncertainty, Whole Foods team
     members shared the story of hunger with their customers to inspire giving. They
     saw donations increase by 21 percent over last year, bringing the total to $32,000
     to help feed hungry North Texans.

     canstruction was a feast for the eyes in its 13th year. Twenty-nine design
     and architecture firms constructed larger-than-life creations from nonperishable
     food items, which were on display at NorthPark Center from September
     6 through 14. All food items were donated to the Food Bank at the event’s
     conclusion. This year’s canstruction brought in 87,234 pounds of food and more
     than $10,800, translating into nearly 111,500 meals! We deeply appreciate the
     support from this year’s sponsors, including: Hickory Street Annex; Blue Mesa;
     Bread Winners; Turner Construction; Thomas Reprographics; Pronto Delivery,
     Courier, and Logistics; Babich & Associates; DART; Countdown, Inc.; Raymond
     L. Goodson Jr., Inc.; AMC Entertainment Inc.; HeadShots Etc.; Southwestern
     Blue Print; GSR Andrade Architects, Inc.; NorthPark Center; Wendy Barber
     Productions, Inc. and Texadelphia.

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                    2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year    1   of 3

    Empty Bowls,             presented by Tom Thumb, celebrated its most successful
    year to date on February 20, 2009. More than 1,300 guests gathered at the
    Meyerson Symphony Center to enjoy the savory soups, breads and desserts
    provided by area restaurants. Local artists donated beautiful handcrafted bowls
    for the occasion. The event brought in $146,520, translating into an incredible
    586,080 meals for hungry North Texans! We would like to extend a special
    thank you to our sponsors: Presenting Sponsor Tom Thumb, Official Go Green
    Sponsor Dean Foods, Benefactors Alliance Data, Capital One, Dave & Buster’s,
    Grant Thornton, Lockheed Martin and VHA, and Supporter Pizza Inn. We’d also
    like to thank our donors, WFAA, WBAP, City Color, Dr Pepper Snapple Group,
    Urban Floral Design Studio and Fun Factory Events, as well as all of the artists
    that donated their time and talent to create bowls.

    Dash Down Greenville,                 presented by Run On! is a great way for
    North Texans to run for a reason. On March 14, 2009, more than 4,200 runners
    gathered on Greenville Avenue for this annual St. Patrick’s Day 5K run and
    walk, presented by Run On! and hosted by Central Market. The event raised
    $35,607 for the Food Bank, translating into more than 142,420 meals for those in
    need! Thanks to Run On!, Central Market, and all our sponsors, including Jack
    FM, Coca-Cola, the Café at Central Market and Two Rows. Thanks also to Panera
    Bread, who donated breakfast and coffee for our volunteers.

    Taste of the NFL–The Ultimate Dallas Cowboys Tailgate
    Party, presented by Lockheed Martin, saw record numbers in its fifth year!
    Hosted by Dallas Cowboys defensive end Marcus Spears and linebacker
    DeMarcus Ware, five-time Super Bowl player Preston Pearson and celebrity chef
    Kent Rathbun, the event raised $175,074 for North Texas children on April 19
    – that’s more than 700,000 meals for those in need! In addition to our hosts,
    auction committee, host committee chaired by Preston Pearson and Janie Tilford,
    guests and participating chefs, we have many generous sponsors to thank,
    including: Presenting Sponsor Lockheed Martin; Go Green Sponsors VHA and
    Nancy C. Rogers & Richard R. Rogers/Mary Kay Inc.; Touchdown Sponsor
    Albertsons; Field Goal Sponsors Fidelity Investments and US FoodService; and
    Ultimate Fan Sponsors Lovell PR, Northrop Grumman, Diane & Mark White/
    Mosaic, Annette & Wade Brannan, Orix, The Kroger Company and Black, Mann
    and Graham LLP. Thanks also to our donors: Dallas Cowboys, CBS 11/TXA 21,
    Jowdy Photography, Tiffany & Co., Andrews Distributing Company, Brad Cecil
    & Associates, Cabot Cheese, Creative Ice, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, E&J Gallo,
    FIJI, The Glass Cactus at the Gaylord Texan Resort, The IRIS Company, Leonard
    Sloan & Associates, Miller Brewing Company, Robbins Brothers, Snuffer’s and
    SKYY Vodka.

Imagine...A World Without Hunger.                                                      11
                  2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year         1   of 3

National Association of Letter Carriers Annual Food Drive,
sponsored locally by The Kroger Company, was a great success in 2009. City of Dallas
residents were encouraged to place nonperishable food items by their mailboxes on May 11,
which were then picked up by their mail carriers and delivered to the Food Bank. More
than 155,000 pounds of food were collected to help feed the hungry. This generosity
provided more than 121,000 meals for North Texans in need.

Neiman Marcus’s Good Event in stores nationwide offered customers a 30
percent discount on Contemporary Sportswear, Sport Shop, Dress Collections and Men's
Contemporary Sportswear for every $40 donation to the North Texas Food Bank. The
Good Event generated $18,000 which provides 72,000 meals for hungry North Texans.
Neiman Marcus Direct supported the Food Bank with their Gourmet Food Event online
in April. For every gourmet frozen meal purchased, one was donated to the North Texas
Food Bank. These nutritious protein items were then distributed to families in need
through the Food Bank’s Member Agencies this summer. We are very thankful to Neiman
Marcus for its support.

Russ Noland Memorial Golf Tournament hosted by Sachse First United
Methodist Church presented by Car Spa was a huge success in its fourth year. This annual
golf tournament, renamed in 2009 in loving memory of Pastor Russ Noland, raised more
than $14,400 for the North Texas Food Bank’s Food 4 Kids backpack program on May 2,
2009. Over the past four years, the tournament has raised more than $59,760 for Food 4
Kids– enough to provide more than 11,950 backpacks for hungry children in North Texas.
Thank you to all who helped make this annual event a success, and special thanks to Dave
Scott, Victoria Shaw and Stephanie Noland for their leadership.

Hunger Action Day presented by Albertsons is a service day that provides our
corporate partners with an exciting teambuilding opportunity within the context of the
Food Bank’s food distribution operations as the culmination of our 30 Ways/30 Days
Hunger Action Month campaign. Thank you to our corporate sponsors: Presenting
Sponsor Albertsons; Benefactors Southwest Airlines and Newhouse Noblin Legal Search
Consultants; and Supporters Credit Suisse, KPMG, and UPS. The hard work of these
teams packed 51,700 food boxes for North Texas families in need, and the $53,000 raised
through this day of service provided 212,000 meals.

Resounding Harmony                was music to everyone’s ears in its first year. The
Resounding Harmony Community Chorus’s inaugural concert to benefit the North Texas
Food Bank raised more than $11,420 and 2,330 pounds of food through ticket sales, virtual
food drives, collections and canned food drives. This provided more than 58,930 meals for
those in need. Thank you to Dr. Tim Seelig and the entire Resounding Harmony Chorus.

  12                                                       Imagine...A World Without Hunger.
                    2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year                            1   of 3
                                 STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES

   SUPPORT AND REVENUE                                                                                    TOTAL
   Public Support:
        Public contributions        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     $ 9,915,261

        Donated food and commodities .                . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     $ 41,818,291

   Total public support       . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     $ 51,733,552

        Government grants and cost reimbursements                         . . . . . . . . . . . . .     $ 1,676,375

        Shared maintenance          . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     $ 2,382,252

        Investment income         . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     $ 100,548

        Other revenue .     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    $ 37,943

        Gain (loss) on investments – realized and unrealized                        . . . . . . . .     ($ 853,052)
   Total revenue    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     $ 1,667,691

   Total Public Support and Revenue                                     . . . . . . . . . .   $ 55,077,618

        Program services        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     $ 51,864,277

        Management & general .            . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     $ 1,040,930

        Fundraising     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     $ 2,262,141

   Total Functional Expenses                            . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   $ 55,167,348

                        Feeding Families
                        Dorothy Hamilton

                        Dorothy’s daughter and four grandkids have been living with her
                        in order to make ends meet. But a few months ago, her daughter
                        lost her job. The difficult job market has made it hard for her to
                        find work, so right now Dorothy is supporting the entire family
                        by working for a catering business at a local school. Her income
                        just isn’t enough to cover the cost of rent, utilities and food for
                        six people.

   Fortunately, Dorothy knows there’s a place she can go when she and her daughter
   need help to feed the children. Thanks to the generous support of this community,
   they can take home nutritious groceries from Holy Trinity Center, a North Texas
   Food Bank Member Agency in Dallas. Dorothy is so thankful for the food and
   compassion they receive.

   “Thank you!” she says with genuine appreciation. “You don’t know how much it
   helps. Keep doing what you’re doing – you’re such a blessing.”

Imagine...A World Without Hunger.                                                                                     13
                      2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year                              1    of 3
                          STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION

                                          UNRESTRICTED                 TEMPORARILY                            GRAND
                                                TOTAL                    RESTRICTED                            TOTAL
     Cash and cash equivalents .              . .     $ 2,205,851    . . . . .     $ 854,206    . . . . .     $ 3,060,057

     Shared maintenance fees              . . . . . .   $ 217,249    . . . . . . . . . .   $0   . . . . . .     $ 217,249

     receivable (net allowance)
     Pledges receivable           . . . . . . . . . . .   $ 75,350   . . . . . .    $ 63,241    . . . . . .     $ 138,591

     (net allowance)
     Other receivables.         . . . . . . . . . . .   $ 280,623    . . . . . . . . . .   $0   . . . . . .     $ 280,623

     Investments        . . . . . . . . . . . . .     $ 2,761,953    . . . . . . . . . .   $0   . . . . .     $ 2,761,953

     Inventory of food          . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   $0 .   . . .     $ 2,318,602    . . . . .     $ 2,318,602

     and commodities
     Prepaid expenses and             . . . . . . . . .   $ 57,766   . . . . . . . . . .   $0   . . . . . . .    $57,766
     other assets
Total current assets        . . . . . . . . . . .     $ 5,598,792    . . . .     $ 3,236,049    . . . . .     $ 8,834,841

     Pledges receivable           . . . . . . . . . . .   $75,350 .    . . . . . . . . .   $0   . . . . . . .    $ 75,350

     Building, equipment,             . . . . . .     $ 6,163,051    . . . . . . . . . .   $0   . . . . .     $ 6,163,051

     furniture and fixtures (net)
TOTAL ASSETS            . . . . . . . . . . . . .   $ 11,837,193     . . . .     $ 3,236,049    . . . .     $ 15,073,242

     Accounts payable           . . . . . . . . . . .   $ 535,720    . . . . . . . . . .   $0   . . . . . .     $ 535,720

     and accrued expenses
     Due to (from) other funds              . . . .   ($ 458,723) .    . . . .     $ 458,723    . . . . . . . . . . .   $0

Total current liabilities .       . . . . . . . . . . .   $ 76,997   . . . . .     $ 458,723    . . . . . .     $ 535,720

     Operating .      . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     $ 5,532,537    . . . . . . . . . .   $0   . . . . .     $ 5,532,537

     Land, building and           . . . . . . . .     $ 6,227,659    . . . . . . . . . .   $0   . . . . .     $ 6,227,659

     Other (primarily inventory) .              . . . . . . .   $0   . . . .     $2,777,326     . . . . .     $ 2,777,326

TOTAL NET ASSETS .              . . . . . . . . .   $ 11,760,196     . . . .     $ 2,777,326    . . . .     $ 14,537,522

TOTAL LIABILITIES .             . . . . . . . . .   $ 11,837,193     . . . .     $ 3,236,049    . . . .     $ 15,073,242


An estimated wholesale value of the donated food and other products is included in both the Statement of Financial
Position (ending inventory) and Statement of Activities. Wholesale pricing was calculated for each of 29 different
categories by Feeding America, and supplemented by local pricing data. The pricing used has been reviewed by
independent auditors for both Feeding America and the North Texas Food Bank. FOR THE FISCAL YEAR ENDING
JUNE 30, 2009.

14                                                                                   Imagine...A World Without Hunger.
                     2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year                    1   of 3
                                         FINANCIAL DONORS
    $1,000,000                           Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak   The Pamela & John Beckert Family
    Anonymous                               House                             Foundation
                                         Discount Tire                     Panera Bread Foundation
    $100,000 - $250,000                  Dominion Resources Foundation     Pappas Bros. Steakhouse
    Anonymous                            Earl Doolin                          Restaurant
    Beaumont Foundation of America       Mary Kathryn Doolin               Park Cities Baptist Church
    Feeding America                      Dr. Bob & Jean Smith Foundation   PepsiCo Foundation, Inc.
    Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund        The Ed and Josie Toogood          The Perot Foundation
    J. L. Williams Foundation               Foundation                     Piper Rudnick, LLP
    The Kroger Company                   EnCana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc.       The Place At Perry's
    Marketron Broadcast Solutions        Embrey Family Foundation          Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas
    The Rees-Jones Foundation            Fedex Kinkos                      Elizabeth & Martin Price
                                         Fidelity Investments              The Prudential Foundation
    $50,000 - $99,999                    First United Methodist Church     Cindy & Howard Earl Rachofsky
    Anonymous Fund of the                   of Sachse                      Remington Hotels & Ashford
       Dallas Foundation                 Food Industry Crusade Against        Hospitality Trust
    Bank of America                         Hunger                         Renaissance Charitable
       Charitable Foundation             Ford Motor Company Fund              Foundation, Inc.
    Capital One Services, Inc.           Tonda J. & Bill E. Frazier        Rent-A-Center
    The Dallas Foundation                Galleria Credit Union             Hazel Ripp
    The David M. Crowley Foundation      Galleria Dallas                   Nancy C. & Richard R. Rogers
    Florence Doswell                     The George & Fay Young            RSW Creative, Inc.
    Emergency Food and                      Foundation                     Saint Michael and All Angels
       Shelter Program                   James A. Gibbs                       Episcopal Church
    Rosemary & Roger Enrico              Gibbs Family Fund of              Sara Lee Foundation
    ExxonMobil Corporation                  Communities Foundation         The Sarah & Ross Perot Jr.
    Louise Gartner                          of Texas                          Foundation
    The Harold Simmons Foundation        The Glenmede Trust                John Sawyer
    The Hirsch Family Foundation            Company, N.A.                  Schwab Charitable Fund
    Lockheed Martin Corporation          Global Impact                     Share Our Strength
    Danna Orr                            GMAC Financial Services           Harold Simmons
    The Trustees' Philanthropy Fund      The Grainger Foundation           Karen & Nasser Sobhani
       of the Fidelity Charitable Gift   Grant Thornton LLP                Sodexo Foundation, Inc.
       Fund                              The Grape Restaurant              Stonebridge Life Insurance
    United Way of Metropolitan Dallas    Greater Des Moines                   Company
    Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc.        Community Foundation           The Susan & Woodrow Gandy
    Wal-Mart/Sam's Club Foundation       The Hall Financial Group             Charitable Fund
                                         Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation     Joanne & Charles Teichman
    $10,000 - $49,999                    Hawn Foundation, Inc.             Texas Instruments Foundation
    III Forks, Dallas                    Highland Park United              Texas Race Management
    Abacus                                  Methodist Church               Thomas P. Waters Foundation
    Albertsons, LLC                      The Hoglund Foundation            Sue & Chuck Tilis
    Amica Companies Foundation           The Horchow Family                Tom Thumb Food & Pharmacy
    Andrews Kurth, L.L.P.                   Charitable Trust               TOSA Foundation
    Anonymous                            Vester Hughes                     Katie Cline & Scott Turner
    Robert Ashley                        Tracy & Jeff L. Hull              TXU Energy
    The Astrid and Pat Merriman          Jo Bess Jackson                   UBS Financial Services, Inc.
        Family Fund of Communities       Kathleen & Jon Jacobson           US Food Service
        Foundation of Texas              Jasper's                          USI Southwest
    Babcock & Brown                      Jean H. and John T. Walter, Jr.   Kerensa & Herb Vest
    Jenny Birge                             Fund of Communities            VHA
    Tom Black                               Foundation of Texas            Vin and Caren Prothro Foundation
    Annette & Wade Brannan               Kalman and Ida Wolens             Pamela & Craig Wohlers
    Gay & Jerry Brinkerhoff                 Foundation                     Julie Yarbrough
    Laurie & Jeff Burgher                Kawneer Company, Inc.             Lu Yarbrough
    Calvert K. Collins Family            Lisa & Peter Kraus
        Foundation, Inc.                 Leo & Rhea Fay Fruhman            $5,000 - $9,999
    Diane & Tony Carvalho                   Foundation                     Christy Abbott
    Centex Corporation                   Diane & John Lister               Alliance Data
    Central Market/H-E-B                 Donald Luntey & Madge Cruse       The Andrew Family Foundation
    Cirro Energy                         Stacy & Gary Mading               Anonymous
    Citigroup Foundation                 Carol & L. Eddie Marvin           Kelly & Christopher M. Ayres
    Sheryl & Robert Cole                 Mary Kay, Inc.                    The Bassett Firm, PC
    Comerica Bank - Texas                McDermott Foundation              Baylor Health Care System
    Covidien                             MetLife Foundation                Ben E. Keith Company
    Credit Solutions of America, Inc.    The Miles Foundation              Charles Berger
    Dalcraft, LLC                        Robbie & Bill Moore               Bijoux
    Dallas Jewish Community              Vicki & Hicks Morgan              Bloomberg, LP
        Foundation                       MUY Brands, LLC                   Brenda & William Bogart
    The Dallas Mavericks Foundation      N9NE Steakhouse                   Cecilia & Garrett Boone
    The Dallas Morning News              Neiman Marcus                     Roger Bower
        Charities                        NOBU, Dallas Associates, LP       Jennifer R. & Jeffrey Bridges
    Dallas Theater Center                Northrop Grumman Corporation      Brinks Home Security
    Dean Foods                           One Technologies                  Brown-Forman Corporation
                                         ORIX USA, LP                      Joanne Bryan

Imagine...A World Without Hunger.                                                                          15
                       2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year                   1   of 3

     David Buxton                        Lockton Dunning Benefit            Kathi & Michael Benoit
     Purna Byraiah                          Company                         Bernbaum Magadini Architects
     The Capital Grille                  Loft 610 Restaurants, LLC          Yasmin & Vikrant Bhatia
     Carl B. and Florence E. King        Luck Family Foundation             Black, Mann & Graham, L.L.P.
        Foundation                       M.B. & Edna Zale Foundation        Brad Cecil and Associates
     Suely & Brad Cecil                  Macy's Foundation                  Brinker International
     Central 214                         Marcia & John Mares                Candy & Irwin J. Brown
     Chamberlain's Steak And             Marriott International, Inc.       Vivian W. & Steven O. Brown
        Chop House                       Maverick Capital Foundation        Betty & Rodney Bryan
     Lydia & Stephen Chase               Terri Maxwell                      Cardiovascular Provider
     Cinemark Texas Properties, LLC      Kathryn & David McCabe                Resources, L.P.
     Citi Global Impact Funding          Jeanne & James McCullor            Jo Ann & George Caruth
        Trust, Inc.                      Betty S. Boyd-Meis &               Eileen & Mark Cason
     City Color                             Chris A. Meis                   Chamberlain's Fish Market Grill
     ClubCorp USA, Inc.                  Renee Melancon                     Christ United Methodist Church,
     Compass Bank                        Debra & Jerald Merriman               Farmers Branch
     Dallas District Attorney's Office   The Meyer Levy Charitable          Melissa K. & Thomas N. Clark
     Dallas Women's Foundation              Foundation                      Mary Clyburn
     Jeffrey Dalton                      Stephanie & Jeff Moore             Lee Coleman & Dr. Susan Hubbard
     Dave & Busters, Inc.                Nana Restaurant, Hilton Anatole    Culinaire International, Inc.
     David M. Munson Living Trust        Arlene & Louis Navias              CVS Caremark Charitable Trust
     Rachel & Russell DeFriend           Network For Good                   Daimler Chrysler Services
     Norbert Doligalski                  Gale Nolan                         Dakota's Restaurant
     The Elaine Dewey Sammons            Bill Norris                        Dallas Social Venture Partners
        Foundation                       North Texas Rescue                    Fund of the Dallas Foundation
     Dresser Inc.                        Nove Italiano                      Linda Davis
     Entact                              The Pampered Chef                  Janese & Richard Deitch
     Ericsson-Sodexo, Inc.               Lisa & Gerald Payne, Jr.           Deutsche Bank Americas
     Fidelity Foundation                 Edward Pechar                         Foundation
     Marcia L. & Michael E. Flowers      Dennis Peters                      Richard Drysdale
     Fluor Corporation                   Katherine Perot                    Echol Bible Church
     The Fluor Foundation                Lucy & Daniel Polter               The Edward Henry Family
     DeDe T. & Scott Ford                Candace & Roy Priest               Ann Folz
     Carolyn & David Franklin            Melanie & Mickey Reeves            Steven Foster
     Frito-Lay, Inc.                     Resounding Harmony                 Janette & J.R. Foster
     Fujitsu Network                     Restaurant Life Group              Laura & Norman Foster
        Communications, Inc.             Richard D. Bass Foundation         Clifford L. Friedman
     Fern & Robert Gauvin                Shawn & Kenneth Roe Slywka         Fuse Restaurant
     GE Foundation                       Diane Renee & Gregory              Gene Garrett
     GenCorp Technologies, Inc.             Neal Rohn                       Jackie George
     Ruth & Robert Glaze                 The Rosewood Foundation            David Gluck
     Glencoe Group Services, Inc.        Ruth's Chris Steak House           Donna & Louis Grabowsky
     The Granville C. and Gladys H.      Sabre Holdings                     Grand Prairie ISD Athletes
        Morton Fund of Communities       Sam Pack's Ford                    David Greenstone
        Foundation of Texas              Steve Schenkel                     HCC Life Insurance Company
     Rick Greco                          Shepherd One Trust                 Magda Girgis & Connie Jenkins
     Lillian Gregory                     Marie & Russell Siebert            Vivian Heder
     Myrtle & Steve Griffin              Silver Fox Steakhouse              Ellen Barry & Larry Herold
     Sally & Larry Hankins               Louis Sloan                        Highland Park High School
     Thomas Hanson                       Rhonda Hawkins &                   Erin & Al Hill, III
     Happy Davis Foundation, Inc.           Christopher Lee Smith           Hillcrest Foundation
     Marquette Financial Companies       The Sonsteby Family                Ynette & James Hogue
     Thornton Hardie III                    Charitable Trust                Hotel ZaZa
     Hector's on Henderson               SRS Real Estate Partners           Stephen Horn
     Tim Helmers                         St. Ann Catholic Parish            Sara Huebner
     Hibiscus                            Stallings Foundation               Robert Hyatt
     Highland Park Independent           Steel Restaurant                   Sarah & Brice Jackson
        School District                  Stoneleigh Hotel & Spa             The Jeffrey A. Carter Foundation
     Hilton Hotels Corporation           The Sunshine Foundation            Jim White Media
     Cynthia & Thai Hoang                Ty Commercial Group, Inc.          Carolyn L. & Chris A. Johnson
     Holmes Murphy - Texas               The UPS Foundation                 Joseph Johnson
     Deborah Holubec                     The Wachovia Foundation            JP Morgan Chase Foundation -
     The Horizon Foundation              The Ward Family Foundation            Matching Gifts and Volunteer
     IBM Employee Services Center        William & Sylvia Zale Foundation      Programs
     Irish American Society, Inc.                                           Kahn Charitable Foundation
     James and Angela Thompson           $2,500 - $4,999                    Richard Kantrud
        Foundation                       Bill Anderson                      Marcia & Mark Kawalek
     John and Dorothy Castle             Diane Buchanan & Rick Andrew       Julia Keith
      Advised Fund of the Dallas         An Anonymous Philanthropic         Kenny's Wood Fired Grill
        Foundation                          Fund of the Dallas Jewish       Kirby's Steakhouse - Dallas
     K & L Gates, LLP                       Community Foundation            The Kline Family Foundation
     Jennifer & Kee Kimbrell             Aspire HR, Inc.                    Irene & Samuel Kogutt
     Sheryl & Ron Knight                 Marcella & Weldon Baird            KPMG, LLP
     La Reve Consultants, LP             Bank of America Matching           Kristen & Randy Lackner
     Lakeview Apartment Homes               Gifts Program                   The Landmark Restaurant
     Fay & Brian Lidji                   Deno Barroga                       Kelly & Brett Lashley
                                         Katherine Beams                    Lawry's The Prime Rib

16                                                                          Imagine...A World Without Hunger.
                      2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year                    1   of 3

     Miriam Lee                          Tatum, LLC                         David Beck
     Jeffrey Lohman                      Tenet Healthcare Foundation        Jane & James Bedenbaugh
     Luther King Capital Management      Cynthia L. & Jay E. Tenney         Susan & Charles Behl
     Mammen Glass & Mirror, Inc.         Texas Food Bank Network            Rebecca Bell
     Martin W. & Bettie J. Halsell       Sharon & Edward Troy               Norma L. Bellamy
        Foundation Trust                 Truluck's Seafood, Steak, &        Monty Bennett
     Sherrie Martin                         Crab House                      Cathryn Berryman
     Lee Ann Mason                       UPS                                Big "D" Little Birds
     McAfee Matching Gift Program        Vanguard Charitable                Big Lots!
     The McDowell Family Trust              Endowment Program               Bill's Fund of Communities
     Dail Mengelkoch                     Venture Commercial                    Foundation of Texas
     Chris Messick                          Management, LLC                 Paige Bingham
     Methanex Services, Inc.             Caruth/Preston Road                Robert Dale Bird
     Sylvia & Ronald Meyer                  Associates, Ltd.                Diane & David Birk
     Microsoft Matching Gifts Program    Viscern, Inc.                      Shari Birnbaum
     Miranda Partners, L. P.             Wal-Dot Foundation                 Blackfinn Restaurant & Saloon
     Annell Moore                        Wal-Mart Stores                    Mary & John Blanchett
     Mr. & Mrs. Scott Moran              WebMD                              David Blaylock
     Christine & Robert Morris           Karen & Dr. Howard Weiner          Barbara B. & Richard Blaylock
     Nancy & Clay Mulford                L. Weirich                         The Blue Goose International
     Patrick Mullins                     Wells Fargo Foothill Group, Inc.      Texas Chapter
     Neiman Marcus Group                 Mark White                         Marc Blumberg
        Matching Gift Program            Donald Wines                       Robert Book
     Nick & Sam's Steak House            Carolyn Winkler                    The Bryant & Nancy Hanley
     Northern Trust                      Helen Wolford                         Foundation Inc.
     The Oceanaire Seafood Room          Jon Wolkenstein                    Pam & John Borders
     Laura & Sean O'Leary                Paige & Grant Yaney                Dr. Muriel Boreham
     Olympus America Inc.                Young Boozer Family Foundation     Phil Boriack
     The Pack Family Foundation          Zelle, Hofmann, Voebel,            Doris & Anthony Borino
     The Palm Restaurant                    Mason & Gette                   Richard Boss
     Panattoni Development Company                                          Nancy & Bob Bowen
     Kevin Parke                         $1,000 - $2,499                    John Bowen
     Kellie & Christopher Parrick        Nancy & David Aboulafia            William Bowles
     Betty Peck                          ACGG, Inc.                         Rebecca Brady
     Diane & Barry Perkins               E. W. Adams                        Brice Family Charitable Fund II
     Jim, Brenda, & Josh Perkins         James Adams                           of Communities Foundation of
     Elizabeth Peters                    Jennifer Adams                        Texas (Gail Griswold and Bill
     Pizza Inn                           Adelmo's Ristorante                   Brice, Jr.)
     Robert Pollock                      Adobe Systems Incorporated         Robert Brielmaier
     Pro-Style Associates                   Matching Gift Program           Bright Realty Ltd.
     Robert Quinby                       Advancial Federal Credit Union     Colleen & Barney Brinkmann, Jr.
     Deborah Rader                       Aetna Foundation, Inc.             George Bright
     Rapid Power Management              AGIA Inc.                          Maureen Murry & A. Compton
     Carolyn & Karl Rathjen              AIG Human Resources                   Broders
     David Rathkamp                      Patti & Bill Alcorn                Lael & Peter Brodsky
     John Redfern                        V. Alford                          Sharon & Henri Bromberg
     Catherine & James C. Richards       Ruth Alhilali                      Charles Brooks
     Linda and Frank Roby                All Faith Fellowship Church        Keri Brookshire
     Rogers-O'Brien Construction         Cynthia A. Hennessy &              Gloria Brown
        Co., Ltd.                           Robert B. Allen                 Mr. & Mrs. James D. Brown, Jr.
     Evelyn P. & Edward W. Rose III      The AMA Trust                      Diane & Richard Brummel
     Rosen Systems, Inc.                 Mr. & Mrs. Jim Andress             Susan & Peter Brundage
     Roy's Hawaiian Fusion               Andrews Distributing Company       Rosario Brusniak
     Salum Restaurant                       of North Texas                  Karen Brustman
     Sambuca                             Anne & Larry Angelili              Erin Bryant
     Peter Sandmore                      Anonymous                          Buddhist Light
     Cathy & David Schweitzer            Michael Anthony                       International Association
     Kristi Sheffy                       Lee Arning                         Glenda & James Burford
     Shinsei                             Marlene Arrambide                  H. L. Burgess
     Shoemaker Family Fund               Stella Ashley                      Jennifer & Bill Burkhalter
     Sue Sloan                           Assurance Consulting 3, Inc.       Mary Burkhead
     S.M. Wright Foundation              Avelo Mortgage                     Kathleen & R. D. Burton
     Purcell Smith                       B & B Barden's Bookit, Inc.        Sydney Burton
     Society of Design Administration,   Babich & Associates, Inc.          Mr. & Mrs. Steve Byrd
        Dallas Chapter                   Sunil Balgobin                     Jay Bys
     Smiley's Studio                     Bank of America United             Bonnie Caldwell
     Glenda Smith                           Way Campaign                    Calvert Social
     Marriott Solana                     Barbara Buzzell, Inc.                 Investment Foundation
     Sprint Foundation                   Andrea B. & Jonathan B. Bard       Capital Distributing
     Steve Fields Steak and              Barrett, Burke and Wilson          Capstar Commercial Real Estate
        Lobster Lounge                   Jacqueline & Michael Barrett          Services, LTD
     Bobby Steveson                      Scott Barrett                      Pam & Lane Cardwell
     Roderick Stoker                     Noel Barrick                       Rita Carlile
     TAC Americas, Inc.                  Vicki Bass                         Shari & Bryan Campbell
     T-Mobile USA, Inc.                  Peter Bausbacher                   Angela Caronia
     Rita J. & Burton M. Tansky          Katrina & Paul Bassel              Gladys Carr
     Mr. & Mrs. Gary Taraba              Baylor Health Care System          Brian Cartmell

Imagine...A World Without Hunger.                                                                          17
                      2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year                   1   of 3

     Luberta Carter                     Janie & James Douglas                Patty & Terry Gresham
     Ronald Cathey                      Deborah & Robert Dove                GMAC
     The Catholic Foundation            David Dowler                         Joe Griffith
     Jonina Chan                        DSC Leasing                          Todd Griffith
     Kay & Randal Chance                Duffau Baptist Church                Group & Pension
     Cliff Chapman                      David & Linda Duhon                     Administrators, Inc.
     David Cherry                       Doris M. & Joe Dujka                 Michael Guadarrama
     Alissa K. & Brent E. Christopher   Deborah Dyer                         Guaranty Federal Bank
     Church of the Incarnation          Vikki & Mike Eastland                Joseph Guida
     Cisco Systems, Inc.                Edith and Herbert Stehberg           Gulf Trust
     Doug Clark                            Charitable Trust                  Charles Gummer
     Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Clark        Darren Eagle                         Rupali & Verinder Gupta
     Rebecca Cobb                       Ruth Edmondson                       Frances & Tim Hafer
     Susan & Chris Cockrell             Paige & Scott Elphingstone           Pamela Hagan
     Codel, Inc.                        Cynthia K. Engles                    Steven Hagemann
     Ellen & Jeffrey Cohen              Equity Residential Foundation        Patricia Hague
     Henry Coke                         Richard Evens                        Janelle & Neal Hail
     Cole Investigative Agency          Executive Interests, LTD             Theresa Halff
     James Coleman                      ExxonMobil Foundation, Inc.          Catherine Tucker &
     Commercial Metals Company          Marybeth Ezaki & Bob Bucholz            Blakeley Hall
     Serena & Thomas Connelly           Nancy Feaster                        Sheldon Hall
     Con Agra Foods Foundation          Paula Felps                          Mr. & Mrs. John Hammack
     Nancy Cook                         Peter Fenner                         Brian Hanagan
     Hal Coon                           Amy & Lee Fikes                      Stephen Hancock
     Maxine Cooper                      Financial Executives                 Hankinson Levinger, LLC
     Shirley Cooper                        International - Dallas Chapter    Julie Hankinson
     Tracey & Scott Copeland            Betty Fineman                        Mary Hardinger
     Coppell Independent                Dr. & Mrs. Philip Fischer            Susan & Bobby Harjo
        School District                 Nancy J. & Gary Edd Fish             Harmon Foundation
     Margaret Cortez                    Jodie & Lane Fletcher                   Incorporated
     Billie Cox                         Guida, Slavich & Flores              Curtis Harshaw
     Dorothy & Webb Cox                 Susan & Tom Fogarty                  Doyle Hartman
     Mary & Dale Cox                    Alan Folz                            Michael Hart
     Paige & Scott Cox                  Foodservice and Vending Sales        Hattie's Restaurant, Inc.
     CreditAnswers, LLC                 David Fortune                        Dennis Healy
     The Crescent Club                  Patrick Foster                       Terri Heard
     Harriet Crews                      Fox International Ltd., Inc.         Ms. Kathy Muldoon & Dr.
     Richard Crosby                     David Fox                               Robert Hendler
     Katherine & Harlan R. Crow         Margie Frank                         Ray Henke
     Cru' A Wine Bar                    Sandy & William French               Henry C. Beck, Jr. Charitable
     Judy & Cullen Cullers              Tiffany & Dick Frank                    Lead Trust
     Claire Curtis                      Lloyd Freeman                        Bernard Hewett
     Custer Road United                 Michelle Gabelmann                   Hewlett Packard
        Methodist Church                Carolyn Gaffney                         Finance Operations
     CWS Apartment Homes, LLC           Margaret Galligan                    Howard Higginbotham
     Daily Grill - Dallas               Helen & Howard Garfield              Laura & K.R. Higgins
     DaimlerChrysler Financial          Henry & Daryl Gelender               Linda Hinton
        Services Americas LLC           Gerald Gallagher                     Ann & Lee Hobson
     Dallas Brewery Building            Marilyn & Howard Gay                 Shelly M. & Garry Lee Hodges
     Dallas Chapter of Credit Unions    Johnny Getum                         Robin & John Hogan
     Dallas Claims Associations, Inc.   Georgiana Gibson                     Patsy & David Holder
     Dallas Karma Thegsum Choling       Amira Gibbons                        Jennifer Holguin
     Anthony Darwin                     Dawn & John G. Gibbs                 Julie Holmer
     Jan & Steve Davidson               Joe Gibson                           Helen Wathen & Micky Holmes
     Patricia & Martin Davidson         Betty Givens                         Eddie Holt
     Barbara Davis                      Carl & Dixon Glaze                   Marla & Chris Hood
     Theresa & Jeff Davis               Ruth Gluck                 
     Constance & Kamal Daya             Bobbye Lee & Reverend                Patricia Houck
     Tracy & Donald Dean                   Charles Godbey                    The Howard & Leslie Schultz
     Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Deline           Thomas Goodwin                          Family Foundation
     Cara & Daniel Demarco              Joanna & David Greenstone            Rogene & Douglas Howard
     Dependable Auto Shippers           Jewel & Ralph Gretzinger             HR Benefits
     Mary June Deprez                   Jessica & Chuck Griege               Randall Hulme
     Pamela Derouen                     Goetz Family                         Royce Humpert
     The Dervish Club                      Philanthropic Fund                Gayle & Don Hurst
     Tammy & Steven K. Dewolf           Deborah L. Mut & Richard Goff        Michelle & Doug Huseby
     Diana & Richard                    Goldberg Family Foundation           Tracy Huselton
        Strauss Foundation                 Irrevocable Trust                 Carol Immel
     Dickies Medical Uniforms           Goldman, Sachs & Co.                 Indian Cultural
     Chris Dickey                          Matching Gifts                       Heritage Foundation
     Anne & Bernard DiFiore             Kathy Booth & David Goodson          Intuit Foundation
     Karen Dixon                        Karen & Ralph Gordon                 Arlene Isaminger
     Son Do                             Goss Michael Foundation              JCPenny Company, Inc.
     Christy Doering                    Sharla & Corey Gottschalk            Mary Jackson
     Michael Dorman                     Becky Goza                           Scott Jackson
     Double HH Realty Services, LLC     Robert Granoff                       Jacobs Architects
     Jeff Dougan                        Nelson Greenfield                    Rusty & John Jaggers

18                                                                          Imagine...A World Without Hunger.
                    2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year                   1   of 3

    Delores & Robert Jajtner          Marjorie K. and Milton P. Levy     Pamela Neal
    Josiah Jassen                        Family Fund of Communities      Farhad Niroomand
    Camille & Richard Jefferson          Foundation of Texas             Vicki & James R. Noble
    Peg & Bernard Jezercak            The Mark and Peggy Zilberman       Patricia Nobles
    Gene & Jerry Jones Family-           Family Charitable Fund          North Texas Anesthesia
       Dallas Cowboys Charities       Markit WSO Corporation                Consultants, P.A.
    William Johnson                   Marshall B. & Dee Ann Payne        North Texas Hindu Mandir
    Robert Johnston                      Fund of Communities             John O'Connor
    A. F. Jones                          Foundation of Texas             D. Olenzek
    Carol & David Jones               Robbie Marshall                    Mary O'Meara
    Kathryn & Michael Jones           Andrew Martin                      Omniplan, Inc.
    Louise & Edwin Jordan             Cory & Charlie Martin              Ann & Bill O'Neill
    Kenneth Jorns                     Micky Martin                       Geoff & Natalie Osborn                      William Martin                     Donna & Mark Owen
    Renee A. & Alan Kailer            David Mason                        Lamar Ozley
    Kasmir Fabrics                    Martha Matthews                    Panera Bread
    James Keay                        Michael Matuson                    The Pant Family
    Gary Kelly                        Max M. and Carol W. Sandfield      Pappas Restaurants, Inc.
    Ketan Keshav                         Philanthropic Fund              Paragon Painting, Inc.
    Keystone Automotive               Debra May                          Park Cities Prime
       Operations, Inc.               Michael McAdams                    Lynna Parker
    Martha Kimmerling                 Emily & Michael McAdams            Alton & Chris Parkes
    Jacquelyn & David Kindle          Kimberly & James McAfee            Jason Parrent
    Mary Kirby                        Joanna McCallum                    Louise Weber & Larry Parsons
    David Kirch                       Carla & Mark McClanahan            Ida Patterson
    Lewis Kirking                     Michael McClelland                 Ralene & Cliff Pauling
    Kirschner-Bookatz Family          McCormick & Schmick's              Elaine J. & Trevor P. Pearlman
       Foundation                        Seafood Restaurant              Janie Tilford & Preston Pearson
    Nancy & Carl Klinke               Michael McCoy                      People Report
    Erin Koechel                      Paul McCrea                        Sean Perkins
    The Korenvaes Family Foundation   James & Becky McCulley             John Persons
    Kathryn Kreider                   Ann McDonough                      Jack Pew, Jr.
    Karen & William Kreighbaum        Frances & Bill McElvaney           Phil and Bo Warnick Family
    Brenda Kringbaum                  Scott McGee                           Charitable Fund of the
    Summer & Michael Krywucki         Susan McKinney                        Dallas Foundation
    The Kurkowski Family              Jean McIntosh                      Phoebe Perry
       Charitable Fund                Donald McKinney                    Mark Phariss
    Lynn M. & Randall D. Kurtz        Toni & Patrick McNutt              Laurie & Wade Phillips
    Robin & Steve Ladik               Angela McQuien                     Virginia Phillips
    Larry LaFontaine                  Joseph McQuillan                   Courtney & Roger Picardo
    Julia Lamb                        Media Webconnect                   Carissa Pichon
    Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity       The Men's Downtown Bible Class     Jennifer Pierce
       at SMU                         Elizabeth Merrill                  PlainsCapital Bank
    Camille & Jim Lamoureux           Sandra & Douglas Metten            Plano Petro Management, LLC
    Tim Lark                          John Meyer                         Pamela, Henry & Steven Pluss
    Catherine Lavie                   Carissa & Matthew Meyer            Denise & David Pollack
    Law Offices of Cheryl Engelmann   Michael and Linda McMahon          Pomodoro Corporation
    Lois & B. W. Lawson                  Family Foundation               Celia Poole
    Leslie & David Lawson             Mike Burkett Enterprises, Inc.     Post Hope Foundation, Inc.
    Cathy & Don Leatherman            Carolyn & David Miller             Primesource Building
    Susan Lehnortt                    Diana I. & Michael A. Miller          Products, Inc.
    Debbie & Richard Lemon            Lee Ann & Vince Miller             Melissa & Blair Pogue
    Leonard Sloan & Associates        Suzanne Milot                      Karen & Richard Pollock
    Ron Leverock                      Janell & Conrad Mirochna           Mike Prather
    Carol & John Levy                 Medora P. & Kenneth D. Monigold    The Prayer Closet
    Lewisville ISD Council of PTAs    Sally & Joel Moore                 Marilyn & Harold Presgrove
    Patricia & Robert Lium            Theodora & Howard Morgan           Jessie Price
    Lyle & Deborah Livingston         Laura & D. Scott Morris            John Wiley Price
    LKS Foundation, Inc.              Debora & Charles Morrison          Provincial Partners Inc.
    Julie & Douglas Logan             Robin Moses                        Jan & Charles Pruitt
    Lone Star Cyclist Association     Jennifer & Jon Mosle, III          Natalie Pruitt
    Lloyd Lowe                        Mountain View Church of Christ     Public Information Associates
    Ellen & Bobby Lowry               Movie Tarvern Partners, LP         RAM Energy Resources, Inc.
    Maureen Luby                      MRG Restaurant Group, LP           Randy's Steakhouse / R & D
    Edith Lycke                       Sheryl Sunderman & Tom Mueller        Food Services
    Rev. Katherine G. Lyle            John Mulcahy                       Raymond James Charitable
    Leslie MacLean                    Timothy Muldoon                       Endowment Fund
    Nan & Edward Macleod              Jennifer & Jonathan Mullins        Rebecca A. Hull Living Trust
    John MacPete                      Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.   Daniel Rech
    The Maggie Funk                   Mark Muratore                      Mary Beth Reid
       Philanthropic Fund             Sue Murphy                         Thomson Reuters
    Kay & Dennis Magill               Sandy Nachman                      Lynn & Stephen Rexroat
    Mary Mahler                       Rick Narramore                     Helene Reynolds
    Mankoff Family Foundation         National Resort                    Richard A. Leach Company, LLC
    The Mansion on Turtle Creek          Management Corp.                Gerri Richards
                                      Nations Residential Service        Rick's Chophouse

Imagine...A World Without Hunger.                                                                          19
                      2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year                   1   of 3

     Robert Ricketts                     Mr. & Mrs. Gary Taraba            Stacey White
     Nancy & James Riddle                C. Albert Tatum                   Mary & John Whitehead
     Mindy & Scott Ringnald              John Taylor                       Mary Whitley
     The Ritz-Carlton                    The Technology Studios LLC        Jacqueline & Robert Wiebe
     Robbie and John A. Raphael          Tektronix Foundation Matching     Calli Willett
        Philanthropic Fund                  Gift Program                   The William G. Dunlevy Family
     Wendy J. Meyer & George             Lesley Tellez                        Charitable Fund
        P. Rodrigue                      Temple Shalom                     C. R. & L. A. Williams
     Terry & Bert Romberg                Texas de Brazil                   Jennifer Williams
     Mary & Timothy Rooney               T. G. R. A., Dallas Chapter       Julie & Jeffrey Wille
     Dr. & Mrs. Gary Rose, MD            Kent Thele                        Joseph Wilson
     Rothstein, Kass & Company, P.C.     Bonnie & Robert Thiebaud          Jennifer & Michael Wimbish
     John Rothwell                       Stewart Thomas                    Derek Winch
     Jane & Chris Rowley                 Delores & Wilson Thomas           Lynn Wisdom
     The Rupert Living Trust             Thompson & Knight                 Cherlyn Wise
     Clara S. & Claud S. Rupert          Shari & Chuck Thompson            Michael Wisner
     Bethany Russell                     Gene Thompson                     Ron Witten
     Bridget Russell                     William Thompson                  Robbie Wittner
     Paul Salcido                        A. Thompson                       Woodlands
     Stephen Schlarb                     Melva Thornton                    Woodmen of the World Lodge 978
     Dale Schmeltzle                     Ann & Clark Thurston              Sears Woods
     Herbert Schmieg                     Carolyn & Scott Tilden            Ms. Brenda Lauderback &
     Schneider National                  Carolyn Tilley                       Dr. Boyd Wright
        Foundation, Inc.                 Kristen Tinajero                  Grant Yaney
     Dr. Cynthia Schneidler &            Debra Tippett                     Anne Yearta
        Dr. James Brodsky                Marcia Tittle                     Phillip Young
     Mr. & Mrs. Ethan Schrader           Bob Titus                         David Zehr
     Mr. & Mrs. Gerrit P. Schuller       Gail & Glenn Tobleman             Jeffrey Zwiebel
     Marsha & Ronald Scott               Drue Townsend
     Debbie & Ric Scripps                Toyota of Lewisville              $500 - $999
     Seegers Foundation                  Ted Treadaway                     7-Eleven Inc.
     James Seitz, Jr.                    TriQuint Semiconductor            Jon Abel
     Senderra Funding, LLC               Aileen Trollinger                 W. N. & R. M. Abraham
     Ardeshir & Dana Shahraki            Tubular Synergy Group, LP         Susan Abrahamson
     Leodis & Elneeta Sharpe             Rhonda Turner                     Martin Abrams
     Marita Thompson & Paul Sheeran      TXI Safety Department             Mallory Adams
     Nancy & Bill Short                  Melinda Uhrich                    Robert Adams
     John Sigalos                        United Methodist Women,           Loida M. Acker
     Annette Simmons                        Dallas/Denton                  The Adolphus
     Barbara & Walter Simmons            USA DLS, Inc.                     The Aidmatrix Foundation
     Dianne & Gary Simpson               Patricia & Jeffery Vandersall     The Alan Gold Family Foundation
     Sandy & Mark Singer                 Varesources, Inc.                 Ruby Alexander
     Patricia & John Slavich             Julia & Robert Verdon             Danny Allen
     Joyce & James Slider                Verizon Foundation                Ruth & Ken Altshuler
     David Smith                         Vetter Foundation                 America First Insurance
     Margaret & William Smith            Judy Vetter                       American Airlines, Inc.
     Patty & John Smith                  Victory Tavern, LP                American Council of the Blind
     Richard Smith                       Vitamin Cottage Natural Food         Dallas Area Chapter
     Mike Snider                            Markets, Inc.                  American Council of the Blind
     Michael Snow                        Mindy & Paul Vinton                  of Texas
     Mr. & Mrs. John D. Solana           Mr. & Mrs. Stan A. Vlasimsky      American Legion Auxiliary
     Barbara Sonn                        Richard Voet                         Unit No. 424
     Sue Spellman                        Martha Wach                       Alvin Anderson
     Helen Spence                        Marion & Roy Wadsworth            Cynthia Anderson
     Susan & Stephen Spencer             Joy & Danny Waldron               Mark Andrasco
     Karen & David Spika                 James Walker                      D. K. Andrew
     Sprint                              Linda & Larry Walker              Jacquelyn Andrews
     Martha Squibb                       James Wallace                     Anonymous
     St. Martin's Wine Bistro            Walter and Susan Cowger           Apollo Draperies & Blinds LLC
     Mark Stalzer                           Charitable Fund                Linda & Robert Appel
     Standard Furniture                  Pamela Reinke & Jon Walter        Arcadia Park Baptist Church
     David Stark                         Janice & Athol Ware               Betty Armstrong
     Joan & Stephen R. Steinbrink        Taniqua & DeMarcus Ware           James Arnott
     Stephan Pyles Concepts, LTD.        Linda & Jeremy M. Wariner         Bret Arriola
     Joan & Tom Stephens                 Yvonne Warner                     Arthur's Prime Steaks & Seafood
     Kathleen & Paul Stephenson          Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Warren, Jr.   Shirley & Richard Ashby
     Susan & Bruce Stephens              The Warwick Melrose Hotel         Marsha & Junior Aston
     David Stewart                       Watel's Allen Street Cottage      Peggy & Barry Austin
     Sterling Bank                       Lori & David Watkins              Avanti Ristorante
     David Strasser                      Jennifer Watson                   Allen Aymond
     Pamela E. & Richard M. Strickland   Weathers Family Charitable        Penny Baccus
     Leila Stringer                         Fund of Communities            Mitchell Baddour
     Mary Stroup                            Foundation of Texas            Francina & Stuart Baker
     Tracy & Randy Sutherlin             Philip Webb                       Linda Baker
     Synthetic Designs Inc.              Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.            Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bakouris
     Tail Wind International, Inc.       Susan Wetzel                      Bain & Company
     Claire Taitte                       Judy Whetzel                      Connie & Jeffrey Austin

20                                                                         Imagine...A World Without Hunger.
                      2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year                1   of 3

    Karla & George Barber            Joni & Robert Cohan                James Epstein
    Katy Barker                      Brett Cohen                        Equipment Depot
    Colleen Barrett                  Richard Cohn                       Joseph Escano
    Batrus Hollweg International     Colburn Peterson Williams          Sally Estes
    Lester Baum                         Ray, LLP                        Mary & Mitchell Fadel
    Judith & Melvin Beard            Deborah Coldwell                   Patricia Fagadau
    Leslie & J. Robert Beatty        Winton Coleman                     Marcia & Irfan Farukhi
    Charles Becker                   Brian Collett                      Keith Fleming
    Sandra & Richard Beckert         C. Fojtik Collins                  Michelle Fiaschetti
    Belfor USA Group Inc.            Sharon Collins                     Camille & Victor Figurelli
    Charles Bell                     Communities Foundation             Financial Executives International
    Mary W. & Daniel A. Bernal          of Oklahoma, Inc.               Susan L. & Charles S. Fish
    Lee Benton                       Con Am Management Corporation      Donna Fisher
    Berkley Surety Group             Nancy & John Condit                FJC
    BFA Holdings, LLC                Andrea Connolly                    A Foundation of
    Barbara Bilger                   Charles Cooper                        Philanthropic Funds
    Susan Billings                   Sandy Cordova                      Flamingo Juices, Inc.
    Matthew Bishop                   Corgan Associates, Inc.            Ola & Randall Fojtasek
    Ernie Black                      Cindy Cosman                       Robert Folz
    Christine & George Buchanan      Eric Cotter                        Foodservices Solutions & Ideas
    Kathryn & Russell Blake          Rhonda & Roger Cowie               Foundational Wellness, PC
    Heather Blandred                 Kelley Cowles                      Todd Frank
    Chris Blanton                    Jimmie Crawford                    Mary E. & Theordore A. Fredericks
    Christine Blanton                Carrie & Brenton Croley            Freedman Food Service
    Lisa & Steven Block              Credit Suisse Securities              of Dallas, Inc.
    Blue Mesa Grill                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cree            Denise & Robert Friend
    Yvonne Boa                       Nancy & Greg Crook                 Fritz Duda Company
    Tamsin & Bruce Boardman          Dan Cullum                         Monica Froebe
    Tami Boggs                       Debbie Crumpler                    Michael Fugett
    Gina Bond                        Julie Ann Dailey                   Michelle Funk
    The Bone 93.3                    Daisy Brand, LLC                   J. C. Galbraith
    Denise & Bart Bookatz            The Dallas 40                      Sheila Gallagher
    Selma Bookatz                    Dallas Fish Market                 Gaiatech, Inc.
    Emmet Brady                      Dallas Kids Expo                   Galderma
    Peggy Braecklein                 Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute   Matthew Gambill
    Susie Breen                      Susan & David Daniel               Gang Yan Diamond Products, Inc.
    Patrick Brewer                   Gwen & Charles Davis               Bernadette Garcia
    Jeri & John Bridwell             David Davis                        Andrew Gellman
    Doug Brooks                      Simri Davis                        Christine Gelwick
    Markeeta & John Brown            Dawson State Jail                  Genband Inc.
    Mason Brown, Jr.                 Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Delgado          Lisa & Jeffrey Genecov
    Lynn L. & Randolph E. Brown      Lou M. & Richard E. Delcamp        Alicia & Brian L. Gerber
    Rebecca & Ken Bruder             Sherri & Terry Denkhaus            Geyercom, LLC
    G. R. Bryant                     William DeVane                     Jody Gilbertson
    Timothy Bryant                   Laura & Clayton Devin              Henry Gilchrist
    Kelly Buckley                    Alexa Devine                       Liza Gillespie
    Janai Buentello                  DFW Iscers                         Marguerite Glasgow
    Kelly Bunting                    DHAT Digestive Health Associates   Jeff Goldfarb
    Keith Burtner                    Stephen Dimmery                    Robert Glickert
    Vincent Bush                     Directorz                          B. Glock
    Preston Byrd                     District Office Employees Fund     Michael Glover
    C & J Spec-Rent Services, Inc.   DLA Piper LLP (US)                 Berta Goetz
    C & M Marine Aviation            Jeffrey Dodson                     Wendy Goldman
       Services, Inc.                Donald J. McNamara & Joan P.       Parish Episcopal School
    C. Ray & Associates, Inc.           McNamara Foundation             Barbara Gollman
    Cambridge Homes                  The Donihoo Family                 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gottschalk
    Beverly & Michael Campbell       Sandy & Howard Donsky              GP Shopping, LLC
    Canon USA, Inc.                  Robert Dorough                     Grace Gathering, Inc.
    Capital Mountain Holding         Robert Dotson                      Sylvia Graft
       Corporation                   Chris Drazek                       Mary Gray
    Cardiology and Interventional    Sara Dryden                        Susan Griffin
       Vascular Associates           Deborah & Fred Duewall             Danita Grill
    Fran & Bill Carter               Jeannie & Charles Duffey, Jr.      The Grotto
    Fredi Carter                     Byron Dunn                         Connie & James Grube
    John Carulli                     Ramona Durm                        Joseph Guida
    Mark Carter                      Margaret Dyer                      Chris Guldi
    Suzanne Caruso                   E.L.M. Group, Inc.                 Randy Haben
    David Casey                      Frank Effland                      Haag Engineering, Co.
    The Catholic Czech Club          Steven Ehlers                      Steven Hagemann
    Rebecca Chan                     Elizabeth & Lester Ehrsam          Haggard Enterprises Limited, LTD
    Church of the Transfiguration    David Elder                        Bob Hallmark
    Patrick Clagett                  Susan & Lincoln Eldredge           Marsha & Mike Halloran
    Lindy Clark                      Cathy Elkins                       Christopher Hamilton
    Nina Clark                       Lucille & Jerry Ellis              Peggy & John Hamm
    Gregory Clarke                   Kimberley Elting                   Gloria Hammack
    Charles Clarkson                 Janeil M. Engelstad &              Mary Ellen Hanna
    Bonnie Cobb                         Pamela Jane Miller              Hardie's Fruit & Vegetable Co., Inc.

Imagine...A World Without Hunger.                                                                        21
                       2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year                    1   of 3

     Matthew Harms                       Matthew Kiran                         MDA Solutions, Inc.
     Lynda & John Harrell                Karen M. Kirby & Robert               MDCA, Inc.
     Lawrence Harrington                    F. Leroy                           Mecca Electronic Industries, Inc.
     Behringer Harvard                   Lillian Fouche & Brett A. Kirstein    Medical Edge Healthcare Group
     Thomas Halsey                       Lisa Kittredge                        Mary Mendez
     David Hart                          Claudia & David Knight                Danika & Kip Mendrygal
     R. Chris Harvey                     Carol & George Kondos                 MetLife Dallas Small Market
     Jess Hay                            Kraig Korpela                         Mi Piaci
     Dot Haymann                         Robin Kosberg                         Marsha Miller
     H. D. Vest Management               Susan & Allyn Kramer                  Juanita & Richard Miller
        & Services                       Krause Advertising, Inc.              Vicki & Michael Millican
     David Heard                         Candace & James Krause                Lydia Minnett
     Health Care Strategies              Kwik Kopy Digiprint Solutions         Duane Mitchell
     Beverly Heflin                         For Business                       Ms. Linda J. Helton &
     Ray C. Hemmig                       L & R Insulation Company                  Harvey R. Mitchell, III
     Susan & Joseph Henchal              La Cima Club                          Matt Mollet
     Janice Henderson                    Teresa & Philip Lack                  Monitronics International, Inc.
     Mary Henderson                      Yvette & Brian LaCroix                Christie & Carl Montz
     Jacquelin Hendrex                   Lake Lavon Parrot Head Club           Moran & Company
     Steve Henson                        Land O'Lakes Food Service                 Southwest Region
     Randy Hill                          Jeanne & Robert Larson                Wally Morgan
     Mary & Warren Hill                  Lasalle Partners                      Michael Morris
     HKS, Inc.                           Gayle Lawson                          Susan Morris
     Sandy & Stephen Ho                  Trang T. Ma & Toi V. Le               Kenneth Morton
     Yiu Kee Ho                          Patricia Villareal & Tom              Pat & Elizabeth Moyer
     The James Hodges Family                Leatherbury                        Robert Mow
     Tres & Patrick Hodges               Melora & Bill Leiser                  Heribert Muensterer
     Carol Hoffman                       Lee Financial Corporation             Linda Mulchin
     Ellen & Rob Hoffman                 Leah Lee                              Ola Murphy
     Scott Hoke                          Dave Levey                            Casey Murrell
     Carolyn & Bryan Holland             John Lewis                            James Mwangi
     Barbara & Charles Hollweg           Sujane Lindberg                       Ghassa Naim
     The Home Depot 6809                 Linebarger Goggan Blair &             Nathan Maier Consulting
     Carol Hooks                            Sampson, LLP                           Engineers Inc.
     Debra & John Hubbard                Bryan Lipinski                        NEC Electronics America, Inc.
     Nancy Ann Hunt                      Charles Livingston                    Nexen Petroleum USA, Inc.
     Geraldine & Graeme Hunter           Kevin Lofgren                         Jane & Michael Nicolais
     Michael Hurd                        Logolink                              George Nichols
     Hasina Hussain                      Christie Long                         Tim Nichols
     Mr. & Mrs. Donald Iglehart          Sharon & Bernard Long                 Nina B. Work Revocable Trust
     Interstate Tenant Advisors, LLC     Billie & Leroy Lott                   Nissan North America, Inc.
     Julie & Charles Irsch               Jana Loyd                             Richard Norris
     Jim Ivy                             Luminator A Mark IV                   North Texas Olds Club
     Gary Jackson                           Industries Company                 The North Texas Scuba
     Sally Copass Jackson                Kay & Dennis Lutes                        Retailers Association
        & Hal Jackson                    The Rebecca & Bobby                   Lee Ann & Joe Norville
     Lori Jackson                           Lutz Family                        Jill & Michael Nowell
     James & Marion Moore                Robert Lyon                           Oak Cliff Christian Church
        Living Trust                     M'Lou & Tom Lytle                     Ed O'Brien
     Marcy & Walton James                Matthew Mabel                         Jennifer & David Okamoto
     Jan Choplin Rolland Safe            Kristi MacDonald                      Ginny Olmstead
        & Lock Company, LLC              Cathy & Harold MacDowell, III         Gary Olsen
     Patricia A. & Thomas R. Jefferies   Lisa Maestas                          OppenheimerFunds
     Susan Jefferies                     Lucy & Rusty Mahaffey                     Legacy Program
     Jenkens & Gilchrist, PC             Kendell Mahanna                       Rebecca Ormsby
     Richard Jenkins                     Ann & Chris Mahowald                  P. E. Pennington &
     Amy & Andrew Jent                   Stephanie Malhiot                         Company, Inc.
     Carol Johnson                       Bruce Mamary                          Palomino Euro Bistro
     Stephen Johnson                     The Marilyn Augur                     Parigi
     Mimi & Steve Johnson                   Family Foundation                  Parish Mission Mar Thoma
     The Jones Family Fund of the        Jerry Marlatt                             Church of Dallas
        Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund    David Martindale                      Park Place Lexus
     Pat Jones                           Martini Park                          Kevin Parma
     John Jordan                         Mason Brown Family                    Archana Patel
     Louise Jordan                          Foundation, Inc.                   Nita & Manoj Patel
     John Jost                           Kari Mason                            Marvin Pautsch
     JP Morgan Chase                     Heather Mathews                       Arthur Pavlovsky
     K. Lane Public Relations            Mary McArdle                          Colin Pearce
     Stacy & Paul Kanneman               Faye McBride                          The Pearl Ritz Fund
     Linda Karns                         Phyllis & Tom McCasland               Christine Pearson
     Lori & Robert Karol                 Jean McCombs                          Gerry Pearson
     Greg Kemp                           Patrick McCormick                     Rena Pederson
     Kimball & Denise Smith              Barbara & Carl McGee                  Pediatricians of Dallas, PA
        Charitable Fund                  Steven McIntosh                       Brad Pence
     David Kimichik                      Kassandra McLaughlin                  Matthew Penner
     King of Glory Lutheran Church       Megan & Casey McManemin               John Penson

22                                                                            Imagine...A World Without Hunger.
                    2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year               1   of 3

    Bette Perot                     The Second Floor-Westin           Frank Tobin
    The Pfizer Foundation              Galleria                       Susan Tobin
       Matching Gifts Program       Jack Seidel                       Jonathan Toman
    Peggy Pharris                   Mark Sharkey                      Gary Toretti
    Jan Pierce                      Karen Shearrer                    Karin Torgerson
    Sunny Pillow                    Suzanne Shelton                   Ramon Torres
    Lillian & Jon Pinkus            Jonathan Sher                     Saul Torres
    Betty Pitchford                 Brenda Shorter                    Tracey Taylor
    Laurie & Todd Platt             Debra & Randy Shulkin             Trademark Property Company
    Sallie & Brown Plummer          Deanna & Wesley Sinclair          Tramontana
    The PNL Companies               Luther Slay                       Elizabeth & Edgar Treadaway
    Leah Pollman                    Joyce Slocum                      Michael Trombello
    Gaby Polous                     Joan Smallshaw                    Trewitt Trust
    Marilyn & Robert Pope           Desmond Smith                     The Truemper Family
    PoPoLos Cafe                    Faye Smith                           Charitable Fund
    Rica H. B. Potenz &             Glenda & Michael Smith            Shin Ban Tsai
       Mark E. Bengston             Michele Smith                     Ellen & Josh Ungerman
    John Prather                    Nancy Smith                       University of Phoenix
    Shannan Pratt                   Nathan Smithson                   Utility Systems Solutions
    Preston North Lion's Club       Richard Snyder                    Bobby James Vasquez
    Kimberly & Randy Price          Kathleen Soch                     Patricia Vaughan
    Print Team                      South Dakota Royalty              Verado Energy Inc.
    Peter Punzmann                  Mark Southam                      Carol & John Vesey
    Sharon Quarles                  Southwest Airlines                Jan Vrielink
    Helma Rabal                     Southwest Corporate FCU           Alice & David Wagoner
    Rafain Do Brasil, LLC           Brent Spaeth                      Kay & Kerry Walbridge
    Marcia & Bill Rafkin            Jason Spahr                       Timothy Watson
    Kyle Ragsdale                   Judy S. & Marshall G. Spangler    Mitra Valatabar Harrell &
    M. Carolyn Raiser               Gary Spinell                         Herbert Wayne
    RAM Energy                      Paul Spining                      Sarah & Tom Webster
    Rambouillett Book Club          Judith & Marshall Sprigg          Nathan Weiss
    Julie & Jacob Ratner            Dawn Springer                     Lloyd Wheeler
    Kathleen Ray                    St. Monica Catholic Church        Jeffrey Whitman
    Patricia & Stan Reeder          Ann & Robert Steffler             Jane & Barry Weiman
    Lori & Tom Reisenbichler        Tina & Edward Stelnicki           Scott Wells
    Julie Rekieta                   Christi & Ardis Stembridge        Welton USA, LTD
    Richardson Church               Michele Stephens                  Cynthia Wenban
       of the Nazarene              Rabbi Nancy Kasten &              Lorraine & Kevin Wessels
    Gerald Reihsen                     Rabbi David Stern              Brian Westgate
    Louis Requena                   Meribeth H. &                     Westwood Management
    Mary & Jack Reynold                William E. Stevens             Pat Whatley
    Georgia Rieken                  Laurie Z. & James B. Stevenson    Emily Wilkins
    Right Management Consultants    Ferguson Stewart                  Bettina & Paul Williams
    Denise & Steve Ring             Ann Stewart-Carr                  Kathy & Lawrence Wilson
    Christopher Ripley              Rod Strohl                        Jennifer & Justin Winter
    Annette Rivera                  David Stelter                     Daniel Wolfe
    Mary Rixford                    Charlotte Stockard                Ann & Raymond Wooldridge
    The RJN Foundation, Inc.        Linda Stokes                      Margaret Wysong
    M. Susan & J. Michael Roach     Scott Strickland                  XO Communications
    Brett Robinson                  Studio 206                        Elizabeth Yancey
    Katherine Verner &              Louise Suder                      Robert Yaquinto &
       V. Mark Robison              Sullivan's Steakhouse                Petrine Abrahams
    Brian Rodgers                   Suite Interiors of America, LLC   Hector Ybanez
    Melody & Richard Rogers         Michael Surovik                   Ruth Yeager
    Richard Rosalez                 The Susan Schwarts                Thomas Yoder
    Carolyn Rosenbaum                  Philanthropic Fund             York Street Restaurant
    Brent Rosenthal                 Brice Tarzwell                    Carole & James Young
    James Ross                      Elizabeth & Ronald Taylor         Angela & Luis Zambrano
    Sarah Roth                      TBG Partners                      Zandra Estess
    Lizzie & Dan Routman            Charavarthy Terlapu               Jenny & Steve Zimmerly
    Jami Roux                       Lyle Teska                        Neil Zucker
    Brenda & Tim Rudd               Texas Rangers Women's Club
    Erwin Ruggles                   Texas Scottish Rite Hospital
    Rumsey Pharmacy, Inc.           Texas Society of Professional
    Dale Rushing                       Engineers-Dallas Chapter
    Dayna Russell                   Think Band
    Rebecca Russell                 Amanda & Keith Thode
    Ruth C. & Charles S.            Shelley & Mike Thomas
       Sharp Foundation             Tammy Thomas
    Quinn Sanford                   The Thompson Family
    Jo Anne Sanchez                    Charitable Fund
    Greg Schaffner                  Michael Thornton
    Kim & Brent Sheffield           David Tilley
    Sandra Schulte                  Time Warner Cable Shared
    Christina & Cody Sears             Service Center

Imagine...A World Without Hunger.                                                                   23
                       2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year               1   of 3
                                          FOOD DONORS
     1st Global                        Armour-Eckrich Meats LLC         Buddha's Light International
     588 Lofts                         Cason Armstrong                     Association, BLIA
     7-Eleven, Inc.                    ARS Rescue Rooter                Bush Brothers and Company
     99 Only Stores                    ASD Healthcare                   C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.
     Abbott Labratories                Aspect Software, Inc.            C.R. England Trucking
     Abbott Nutrition                  Associated Air Center            Cal-Maine Foods, Inc.
     ABC Pest & Lawn Service           Associated Wholesale Grocers     Larkey Calloway
     ABC Radio Networks                Assured Self Storage             Campbell Soup Company
     Accenture                         AT&T                                Brands LP
     ACE Cash Express                  ATI Enterprises, Inc.            Canon U.S.A.
     AchieveGlobal                     Atlanta Community Food Bank      Canstruction
     ACORN Housing Association         Atlas Copco Secoroc              Capital Area Food Bank
     Acosta, Inc.                      ATX Group                           of Texas
     Adkerson Hauder &                 AutoNation                       Capital One
        Bezney, P.C.                   Avenida Crossing Apartments      Capital One Auto Finance Inc.
     Advance Business Capital LLC      AWS NTS                          Carbon's Golden Malted
     Advance Transport Inc.            Babcock & Brown Limited          Cardinal Health, Inc.
     Aegis Ltd.                        Bachman Recreation Center        Cargil Produce Company
     AEP Span                          Back Consultants                 Cargill, Incorporated
     AFI Dallas                        René Baker                       Caritas of Waco
     Agrolabs Inc.                     Bakery Express                   Carolina Logistics Services Inc.
     AIG                               Bandidos MC Worldwide            The Carriage House
     Air Liquide                       Bank of America, N.A.               Companies, Inc.
     AirTrans Freight Services, Inc.   Bank of Texas, N.A.              Carrol Clinic
     AIU Holdings, Inc.                Marquis Banks                    Carroll Fulmer Logistics
     Bernard Akenes                    Bankston Chevrolet                  Corporation
     Akin Gump Strauss Hauer           Barbara Bush Elementary          Carrollton Health and
        & Feld LLP                        School                           Rehabilitation Center
     Albertson's LLC                   Barilla                          Cartamundi USA
     Alcatel-Lucent                    Bay Area Food Banks              Castle Gap Jewelry Co.
     Alco Delivery Service             Baylor Health Care System        Castle Montessori
     Tabassum Ali                      Baylor Institute for             Cathedral of Faith Church
     AlixPartners                         Rehabilitation at Gaston      Catholic Czech Club
     Allen, Inc.                       Baylor Regional Medical Center   CB Richard Ellis
     Allen Philharmonic Symphony       Bella Vida at Ridgeview          CCCS of Greater Dallas, Inc.
        & Orchestra Chorus                Country Club                  CCSI
     Alliance Data Systems, Inc.       Ben Milam Elementary School      Cedar Creek Housing
     Allied Marketing Group, Inc.      Bent Tree Child                  Celanese Corporation
     Allied Waste Services BFI            Development Center            Central Life Science
     Alpha Epsilon Delta, Inc.         Berger Engineering Company       Central Market
     Alpha Gamma Delta                 Bernstein Global Wealth          Central Refrigerated
     Alpha Phi Omega                      Management                       Service, Inc.
     Alpine Food Distributing, Inc.    Bertrand's Inc.                  Centre of Physical Rehab
     Alternative Distributors, Inc.    Best Maid Products, Inc.         Cesar Chavez Learning Center
     Hamilton Altman                   Bethany Elementary School        CF Chefs, Inc.
     Alvarez & Marsal                  BlackFinn                        CFMA
        Holdings, LLC                  Rodney Blue                      CFS North America, Inc.
     AMC Warehouses Inc.               Blue Bell Creameries, L.P.       Chandler Signs
     America First Insurance           Blue Cross and Blue Shield       Chaparral Fruit Sales, Inc.
        Company                           Association                   Charlene Lingo
     American Airlines                 Blue Goose, International        Charon Fellows Church
     American Express Company          Blue Line Foodservice            Charter Builders, LTD
     American Food Service                Distributing                  Danny Cheatham
     American Heart                    Boeing Service Company           The Cheesecake Factory
        Association, Inc.              Bombardier Aerospace                Restaurants
     American Hospice Foundation       Borden Milk Products             Children's Medical Center
     American Messaging                Borderland Food Bank                Dallas
        Services, LLC                  Bowie Elementary School          Childtime Learning Center
     The American National             Brandenburg International        Chiquita Brands
        Red Cross                         School                           International, L.L.C.
     American Welding                  Bridgford Foods Corporation      CHR Solutions, Inc.
     AmeriCold Logistics               Bright & Co.                     Christian Community Action
     Monioc N. Anderson                Brink's Incorporated             Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
     Apex                              Brinker International            Citigroup
     Apple & Eve LLP                   Susan Clot De Broissia           CitiMortgage Inc.
     Arbors Las Colinas                Brookhaven Country Club          Citizens Development Center
     Archer Western, Herzog            Brookshire Grocery Company       City Credit Union
     Arctic Express                    Yousef Bryan                     City of Dallas
     Armed Forces Reserve              Bryles Research, Inc.            City of Dallas - Dallas City Hall

24                                                                      Imagine...A World Without Hunger.
                      2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year                 1   of 3

    City of Garland Fire               Dallas Bar Association            Domino's Pizza
       Department                      Dallas Central                    Don Miguel, Inc.
    Clark Consulting                      Appraisal District             Double Diamond Co.
    Clark Road Church of Christ        Dallas Convention &               Double HH Realty
    Classic Coach Update                  Visitors Bureau                   Services, LLC
    Classic Mazda of Denton            Dallas County                     Dr Pepper Snapple Group
    Classic Rehabilitation, Inc.       Dallas County Community           Dr Pepper StarCenter
    John Clemons                          College District               Dresser Inc.
    The Clorox Company                 Dallas County Community           Dry Clean Super Center
    CMA                                   Supervision & Corrections      DSC Truck Services
    The Coca-Cola Company                 Department                     Dymatize Enterprises, Inc.
    COI Foodservice                    Dallas County Juvenile            Eagle Transmission
    Colemont Brokerage Group Inc.         Justice Alternative            Earth 1st Recycle Center Inc.
    Colgate Oral                          Education Program              East Side Entrees
       Pharmaceuticals, Inc.           Dallas County Schools             Ebby Halliday Real Estate, Inc.
    Collin County Community            Dallas County Tax Office          Ecolab Inc. - GCS Food Service
       College District                Dallas Employment Services           Equipment Parts & Service
    Colonial Bank                      Dallas Fire Department            Ecolab/GCS
    Columbia Fresh Produce             Dallas Indian Community           Ed & Compton Sylvest
    Erasmo Colunoh                     Dallas Jobs, Inc.                 Edge Packaging Systems
    Comerica Bank                      Dallas Kids Expo                  Edward Don & Company
    Community Supervision              Dallas Lite & Barricade, Inc.     Edward H. Cary Middle School
       Department                      The Dallas Opera Guild            EF Johnson Technologies, Inc.
    Companion Data Services, LLC       Dallas Parochial League           Bernie Ehrier
    CompuCom Systems, Inc.             Dallas Plate                      El Centro College
    Computer Service Corp.             Dallas Public Library             Elbit Systems Ltd.
    ConAgra Foods, Inc.                Dallas Regional, National         Eliza's Skin Care
    Congregation Beth Israel              Alliance of Black School       Ellis County Back Institute
    Congresswoman Eddie                   Educators                      Embcc
       Bernice Johnson                 Dallas South Lions Club           EMC Mortgage Corporation
    Contemporary Art Dealers           Dallas Stars, L.P.                Empire Terminal Warehouse
       of Dallas - Art Lab &           Dallas Transfer and Terminal      EnCana Corporation
       Third Space                        Warehouse Co.                  Epi Breads
    Convergint Technologies LLC        Dallas/Fort Worth Case            Episcopal Church of
    Cooper & Scully, P.C.                 Management Society                the Annunciation
    Cooper Adventures                     of America                     Equinox
    Cooper Clinic                      The Dannon Company, Inc.          Equity Residential
    Copart, Inc.                       Dart Employees                    Ericsson
    Coppell Inependent                 Dave & Buster's, Inc.             Escalon Premier Brands
       School District                 David W. Carter High School       ESI International, Inc.
    Core Carrier Corporation           Dawn Food Products, Inc.          eSports Partners
    Cornerstone Chem-Dry               Dazzlepie Partners, LTD           Essilor of America, Inc.
    Costco Wholesale Corporation       DC Logistics                      Europa Sports Products Inc.
    Countrywide Home Loans             DCI Cheese Company                Brundy Evans
    Court Reporting Institure          R. H. Deadman                     Everest College
    Crate&Barrel                       Dean Foods                        Ewing Auto Group
    Creation Technologies              Debt Settlement America           Examination Management
    Crestone Group                     DECA Inc.                            Services Inc.
       Baking Companies                Defence Food Show Event at        Exchange Logistics
    Crestside Facilities Corporation      Sheraton Dallas Hotel          Exercise Kindness
    Crete Carrier Corp.                Fabian DeLeon                     Explorations Preparatory
    Mat Crist                          Deloitte Development LLP             School
    Crosswood Associates, Inc.         The Delta Companies               Exxon Mobil Corporation
    Curves DBA Ideal Fitness           Democracy Toolbox                 Fairmeadows Elementary
    Curves for Women                   Cynthia Denbow                       School
    CVS Caremark                       Tanya & John Denton               Family Medical Center at
    CVS Caremark                       Denton Creek Elementary              Garland
       Distribution Center             Desert Glory, Ltd.                Family Union
    D Magazine                         Desoto Freshman Campus            Faribault Foods, Inc.
    D. Anderson & Company              DFI Gold Rush                     Farmers Branch Church
    D&M Carriers                       DFW Hospital Council                 of Christ
    Dale & Thomas Popcorn              DFW Produce Co.                   Farmers Fruit and Vegetable
    Dallas Airmotive                   Direct Energy, LP                 Farmland Foods, Inc.
    Dallas Arboretum                   Directorz Inc.                    Taylor Farms
    Dallas Area Pharmacy               Disciples Women's Ministry        FedEx
       Association                     Diversified Foods, Incorporated   FedEx Office
    The Dallas Association for         Diversified Products Division     Feeding America
       Financial Professionals         Dobie Primary School              FelCor Lodging Trust
    Dallas Athletic Club               Dole Food Company, Inc.           FEMA

Imagine...A World Without Hunger.                                                                          25
                       2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year                1   of 3

     FFE Transportation Inc.             The Goss-Michael Foundation     Hyatt Regency Dallas
     Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist   Scot Goun                       Hydraquip
     Firewheel Church                    Grace Academy of Dallas         Ideal Sales, Inc.
     First Choice Power Special          Grand Bank of Texas             Idearc Media LLC
        Purpose, L.C.                    Grand Estates at Founders       Ignition Bass
     First Food Co.                         Park Apartments              Imagination Station Daycare
     First Place Foods                   Grant Thornton LLP              Imperial Sugar Company
     First Revenue Assurance             Grayhawk                        Ingredients Plus
        Corporation                      The Great American Restaurant   InSight Health Corp.
     First United Methodist Church       Green & McGregor Family         Integra Hospital Plano
        of Sachse                        Green Valley Food Corp.         International Traders
     Flamingo Juices Inc.                Greenlight Marketing            Interstate Hotels & Resorts, Inc.
     Flextronics International           Greystar                        Inventus
     Focus Learning Academy              Greystar Dallas Region          IREM
     Food for Neighbors                  Grubb & Ellis Company           ISN Software Corp.
     Food of Love                        Guaranty Bank                   ITT Technical Institute
     FoodSource, Inc.                    Rey Guia                        J&J Produce
     Fossil, Inc.                        Guitar Center, Inc.             J.B. Hunt Transport
     Foster Farms                        Gulf Rice Milling, Inc.            Services, Inc.
     Frank D. Moates                     Guyer High School               J.C. Penney Company, Inc.
        Elementary School                   Cheerleaders                 Jackson Middle School
     LaBrasha Franklin                   H. J. Heinz Company             Jacobson Companies
     Franklin American Mortgage          Billy Hall                      Jamba Juice Company
        Company Inc.                     Hall Financial Group            Jani-King International, Inc.
     Fraternal Order of Eagles           Ham I Am!                       Jasper High School
     Fred F. Florence Middle School      Hanley Wood Exhibitions         Jim Adler & Associates
     Frederick Douglass                  Harold's Stores Inc.            JMC Restaurant Distribution
        Elementary School                Ronald Harris                   Tom Johnson
     Freeman                             Harry H. Price & Son, Inc.      Johnson & Johnson
     Freestone Food Bank, Inc.           HCA North Texas                    Services, Inc.
     Freestore Foodbank                  H-E-B                           Michelle Jones
     Fresh Express                       Healds Valley Farms             Jones Lang LaSalle Staubach
     Frito-Lay North America, Inc.       Health Direct/AIG               JPMorgan Chase & Co.
     Frugé Seafood Company               Heartland Express               Judd, Thomas, Smith &
     Fruit Patch Inc.                    Hebron Community Church            Company, PC
     Frymire Services, Inc.              Margaret Hegboum                Kay Chemical Company
     Fundraising Specialists of Texas    Henneman Engineering, Inc.      Keller Williams Elite
     FUNimation Productions, LTD         Henry Wadsworth Longfellow      Kellogg NA Co.
     Future Food                            Elementary School            Ken Suter Car Care
     Gaedeke Group, LLC                  The Hershey Company             Kenexa
     Galardi Group, Inc.                 Hidden Ridge Apartments         Kerns Beverages, LLC
     Gamma Phi Beta                         on the Canal                 Kerr Elementary School
     The Gardens of Richardson           Terri High                      Keystone Fruit Marketing, Inc.
     Garland High School                 High Plains Food Bank           Kforce Inc.
     Gateway Charter Academy             High Tech Institute Inc.        Kiest Valley Estates
     Gaylord Texan Hotel &               Highland Oaks Church               Homeowners Association
        Convention Center                   of Christ                    Kikkoman Corporation
     GE Capital                          Highland Park Middle School     KIPP Truth Academy
     GE Healthcare                       Highland Springs                Kiwanis Div.2
     GEICO                               Hillcrest High School           KLLM Transport Services
     General Dynamics Corporation        Hip Mommy & Me                  Knight Refrigerated
     General Electric Company            Hirakata Farms                  Knight Transportation, Inc.
     General Mills, Inc.                 The Hockaday School             KPMG LLP
     Genesis Women's Shelter             Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts    Kracker Enterprises LLC
     GIM Go-Givers                       Holiday Park Apartments         Kraft Foods Inc.
     The Ginger Man                      The Home Depot U.S.A. Inc.      Kroger (Hunger Link)
     Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas      Home Healthcare Partners LLC    The Kroger Company
     GlaxoSmithKline plc                 Hooters of America              Kroger Food Show
     Glazer's                            Hot Sauce Harry's               Kroger NALC Food Drive
     Glazier Foods Company     , L.P.                L. V. Stockard Middle School
     Glen Arbor Apartments               Houston Food Bank               La Familia Distributing
     Global Foods                        Howard Hughes                   LA Food Services
     GMAC                                   Medical Institute            La Madeleine de Corps, Inc.
     GMAC - AT&T Solutions               HUB International Limited       La Mexicana Tortilla Factory
     God of the City Food Drive          HUB International Rigg          La Mirada
     Mark Godat, MD                      Hudson Advisors                 La Petite Academy
     Going Bonkers                       Humphrey & Associates Inc.      Labatt Food Service
     Golden Rule Charter School          Hunton & Williams               Laboratory Corporation of
     Good Source Inc.                    Hutchins State Jail                America Holdings

26                                                                       Imagine...A World Without Hunger.
                     2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year                1   of 3

    Harry Lackey                     MBM FoodService Distribution      New St. Peter's
    Lady of America                  McCoy Elementary School              Presbyterian Church
    Lake Highlands Elementary        Rebecca Carr-McKenzie             New Sun Produce
       School                        McKesson Corp.                    NFI
    Lake Highlands High School       Meadowbrook School                NFL Moms
    Lake Highlands Homeowners'       Medical Clinic of North           Niagara Bottling, LLC
       Association                      Texas, P.A.                    Cynthia Nickelburg
    Lake Highlands Junior            Medieval Times                    Nissan Motor Acceptance
       High School                   Mercedes-Benz Financial              Corporation
    Lakeview Apartments              Methodist Richardson              Noble Royalties, Inc.
    Lakewood Elementary School          Medical Center                 Nokia Fitness Center
    Lakewood Greens Apartments       MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.           Nordstrom, Inc.
    LALA Foods, Inc.                 MGC Mortgage, Inc.                North Central Distributors, Inc.
    Lamar Companies Inc.             Mi Escuelita Preschool, Inc.      North Central Texas Permit
    Land O'Lakes, Inc.               Michaels Stores, Inc.                Tech Chapter
    Laredo-Webb County               Micro Turbo Inc.                  North Star Dragway
       Food Bank                     Microsoft                         North Texas American
    LCT Transportation Services      Mid-Michigan Food Bank               Girl Club
    Learning Care Group, Inc.        Middle College High School        North Texas Surgery Center
    Legacy Christian Academy         Middlebrook Dryden Carter         NorthPark Management Co.
    Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc.   Milestone Management              Northwest Bible Church
    The Lemmons Company              Millennium                        Northwood Country Club
    Leo's Foods Inc.                 Minyard Food Stores, Inc.         O Donut
    Leonides Gonzalez Cigarroa,      Mission Bautista                  Oak Cliff Family Unity
       M.D. Elementary               Mission Ranch Apartments             Medical Practice
    Leslie A. Stemmons               Mitchell International, Inc.      Oak Farms Dairy
       Elementary School             Mizkan Americas, Inc.             Oakfield Farms, Inc.
    LevelTen Interactive             Moises E. Molina High School      The Oaks of Collin Creek
    Ashley Lewis                     Clarissa Mollenhaven              Oakwood Cove Mobile Homes
    Lewisville Idependent            Monaco Park Apartments            Obama Outreach of North Texas
       School District               Montecito Creek                   O'Banion Middle School
    Liberty Mutual Insurance         Moore Lawn & Garden               Occidental Tower
       Company                       The Morton H. Meyerson            Occupational Health &
    Life at the Table                   Symphony Center                   Safety Administration
    Life School Red Oak              Mosaic Sales Solutions            Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.
    Little Debbie Snacks                Holdings company               Odyssey HealthCare, Inc.
    Lobo Tortilla Factory, Inc.      Mountain View College             Old Navy
    Lockheed Martin Corporation      MountainKing Potatoes             Omega Environmental
    Loewinsohn Flegle Deary LLP      Mrs. Baird's Bread                   Technologies
    Lone Star Comics Inc.            Mrs. C's Foods & Kosher Bakery    OnMessage
    Lone Star Transportation, LLC    MSS Construction                  Osborne Hessey Logistics
    Jessica Lopez                    Muslim American Society           OsteoMed
    Diana J. Lowry                   MW Logistics                      Otis McAllister Inc.
    LSG Sky Chefs                    My Storage Space                  Owens Country Sausage, Inc.
    Lug USA, LLC                     N & H Plumbing Services, Inc.     Ozarka Natural Spring Water
    Lyndon B. Johnson                Nabisco                           P&K Services
       Elementary School             Naked Juice Company               Pacific Coast Products
    M&M Packaging, Inc.              Nathan Adams Elementary           Paladin Consulting, Inc.
    M.R.S.                              School                         The Paper Plate, Inc.
    Macy's, Inc.                     National Care Network             Parago, Inc.
    Mahard Egg Farm, Inc.            National Charity League, Inc.     Doug Parish
    The Main Attraction              National Freight                  Parish Episcopal School
    Malone's Cost Plus               National Health Insurance         Park Lake Church
       Supermarkets                     Company                        Park Place Lexus
    Marc Samuels Jewelers            The National Latino Peace         Monroe Parker
    Mark Twain Elementary School        Officers Association Greater   Parker College of Chiropractic
    Marquez Brothers                    Dallas Chapter                 Parkland Health &
       International Inc.            Naturally Fresh                      Hospital System
    Marriott International, Inc.     Naumes, Inc.                      Parmenter Realty Partners
    Marsalis Avenue Church           NEC Corporation of America        Parsons Corporation
       of Christ                     Neiman Marcus                     PBS&J
    Martin Luther King Jr.           neopost                           Pear Ridge Creek Aparments
       Learning Center               Shawna Nesbitt                    Pecan Creek Office Group
    Martin Transportation Systems    Nestlé                            Pediatricians of Dallas, PA
    Martinelli Foods                 Nestlé Waters North America       Pegasus School of Liberal
    Master's Distribution Co. Inc.   NetScout System, Inc.                Arts and Sciences
    Maui Foods International         Councilman David A. Neum          PeopleFirst
    Mazda Motor Corporation          New Friendship Baptist Church     Pepperidge Farm, Incorporated
                                     New Rising Fenix, Inc.            PepsiCo Inc.

Imagine...A World Without Hunger.                                                                         27
                       2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year                 1   of 3

     Performance Food Group              Reser's Fine Foods               Seven Pounds Dallas Premiere
     Perot Systems                       Resolve Corporation                  Event with Will Smith
     Craig Phares                        Resounding Harmony               Sewell Automotive Companies
     PHCC North Texas                    Retreat at Spring                Sewell Hummer of Dallas
     Philips Lighting Controls              Park Apartments               Sewell Lexus of Ftort Worth
     Pilgrim's Pride                     Revolution Tea, LLC              Shadows of Cott
     Pillsbury                           James Reynolds                   Shamrock Meats, Inc.
     Pinnacle Foods (Vlasic)             The Rho Theta Chapter            Sheffield Intermediate School
     Pizza Hut, Inc.                        of Alpha Kappa Alpha          Sheraton Dallas Hotel
     The Planet                             Sorrority, Inc.               Sheraton Grand Hotel
     Planet Burrito                      Rhodes Office Products               DFW Airport
     Plano Senior High School            Rich Products Co.                Shippers Warehouse, Inc.
     Plano West Senior High School       The Richards Group               Sigma Delta
     Platt College                       Richland College                 Sigma Delta Mu
     The PNL Companies                   James Ringstaff                  Silicon Valley Bank
     The Point Group                     Josie Ringstaff                  Sima Foods
     The Potter's House                  Rio Star Foods, Inc.             Six Flags Theme Parks Inc.
     Power Packaging of Texas, Inc.      The Ritz-Carlton Hotel           SkinCeuticals
     Premier Produce Services               Company, L.L.C.               Skyline High School
     Premier Sales Solutions             River Valley Regional            Smith Chapel African Methodist
     Prescott Realty Group                  Food Bank                         Episcopal Church
     Prescription Solutions              Riverhill Apartments             SMU Wesley Foundation
     The Preserve at Arbor               Riviana Foods, Inc.              Snyder National
        Hills Apartments                 Roadtex Transportation           Society of St. Andrew
     Preston Park Montessori                Corporation                   Sodexo
        Academy                          Robert Heath Trucking, Inc.      Solana Ridge Apartments
     Preston Royal Village               Bryan Robinson                   Arturo Solis
        Shopping Center                  Robinson Middle School           Sonnen Services
     Prestonwood Christian               Rockline Industries, Inc.        South Coast Produce Co., Inc.
        Academy                          Rock-Tenn Shared Services, LLC   South Mill Mushrooms
     The Preze & Gesaman Family          Roma Foods Importing             Southern Land Company
     PricewaterhouseCoopers                 Company, Inc.                 Southern Methodist University
     Prime Distribution Services, Inc.   Roma of Dallas                   Southern Methodist University
     Prime Source                        Roofing Supply Group                 Athletics
     Primrose School of Forest Creek     Rose Haggar Elementary School    Southern Methodist University
     Primrose School of North Plano      Rosewood Mansion on                  Staff Association
     Primrose School of Wellington          Turtle Creek                  Southern Refrigerated
     Procter & Gamble                    Rotaract Club at University          Transport, Inc.
     Progressive Casualty                   of North Texas                Southwest Airlines #8
        Insurance Company                Rothstein Kass                   Southwest Airlines Co.
     Purdue Alumni Club of               Rowlett Bowl-A-Rama              Southwest Airlines Federal
        Dallas-Fort Worth                RTKL Associates Inc.                 Credit Union
     QT Technologies                     Rubio Trucking                   Southwest Alliance of Asset
     Quaker Oats Company                 Rudy's Tortillas Corporation         Managers, LLC
     Quality Logistics Systems           Jennifer & Thomas Russel         Southwest Ice Cream
     Quality Packaging                   Ryan & Company                   Southwest International
     Quality Rock 93.3                   S.T.A.G.E.                           Services
     Quality Sausage                     Sage Quick Technologies Inc.     Southwest Sanitary Company
     Quesa-D-Ya's                        Saladmaster                      Paige Sowden
     Quinlan Chiropractic Clinic         Sally White & Associates         SPCA of Texas
     Aman Qureshi                        Salon FX                         Marcus Spears
     R. L. Turner High School            Salon Pompeo                     Spirit
     A. Radke                            The Salvation Army               Sprint
     Ralston Foods                       Sam Rayburn Elementary           Sprint Nextel
     RAM Energy Resources, Inc.             School                        Otis Spunkmeyer
     Ranger Refrigerated Express         Sam's Club                       St. Andrews
     Raw Cuts Salon & Spa                Sara Lee Corporation             St. Ann Catholic Church
     Raytheon Company                    Save-A-Lot food stores           St. Hilaire Seed Company, Inc.
     RDO Equipment Co.                   Scarborough Research             St. Monica Catholic School
     Reachout Homecare                   Schepps Dairy                    STA Travel, Inc.
     Recreational Equipment, Inc.        Schneider National, Inc.         Staff Care, Inc.
     Dexter Redic                        Schulze Elementary School        Standard Controls
     Redstone Foods, Inc.                Schuster Co.                     The Stanley Works
     Regal Park Apartments               Luevet Scott                     Staples, Inc.
     Regional East Texas Food Bank       Seafood Supply Company           Stars & Tykes Child Care Center
     Relay for Life                      SeaShare                         State Fair - Coke Day
     Remington                           Second Harvest                   State Fair CFD
     Renaissance Hospital of Dallas         Middle Tennessee              The State Fair of Texas
     The Republic Group                  ServiceCraft                     State Farm Automobile
     Research In Motion Limited          ServiceCraft Logistics               Insurance Company

28                                                                        Imagine...A World Without Hunger.
                     2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year                 1   of 3

    Stein Mart, Inc.                   Tuesday Morning                       W. T. White High School
    Stemilt Growers                    Turbana Corporation                   Wachovia Corporation
    Stevens Transport                  Turbomeca USA                         Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
    The Steward School                 Turley Law Firm                       Walgreen Co.
    Stewart & Stevenson                TXI Safety Department                 Bethany Wall
    Stonewall Jackson                  Tyson Foods, Inc.                     Walnut Hill Elementary School
       Elementary School               U.S. Department of Education          Walters, Balido & Crain LLP
    Stream Realty Partners, L.C.       U.S. Environmental Protection         WatchGuard Video
    Students in Free Enterprise           Agency - Region 6                  Waterford at Goldmark
    Study Island                       U.S. Foodservice                      Waxahachie Faith
    Sugarbaker's Inspired Spaces       UBI - A Division of AmTrust              Family Academy
    Sunco Carriers, Inc.                  North America                      Weight Watchers
    Sunny Delight Beverage Co.         Umphrey Lee Elementary School            International, Inc.
    Sunsweet Growers, Inc.             UNC Children's Hospital               Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP
    Super Plaza Stores Corp.           Unilever HPC                          WEL Companies, Inc.
    Super Star Produce                 United Fresh Produce                  Wellington Elementary School
    Superior Solutions Staffing        United HealthCare Services, Inc.      WellPoint, Inc.
    Supreme Lending                    United Parcel Services of             Wells Fargo Financial
    Sur La Table                          America, Inc.                      Wells Fargo Investments, LLC
    SW Freight                         United States Bowling Congress        Wells Truck Service Inc.
    Swift Transportation Co., Inc.     United States Cold Storage            Wendy's
    Swift Transportation Corporation   United Steel Workers -                Werner Enterprises
    Sygma Corporation                     Women of Steel                     West Texas Food Bank
    Sygma Network Inc.                 United Way                            Western Vegetable Produce, Inc.
    Sysco Corporation                  Unitrin Specialty                     Westwood College
    T. Marzetti Company                Unity Church of Dallas                Westwood Holdings Group, Inc.
    Talbots Inc.                       Univar                                WhiteWave Foods, Inc.
    Target Brands, Inc.                Universal Academy of Coppell          Whole Foods Market IP, L.P.
    Tarrant Area Food Bank             Universal Technical Institute, Inc.   Movine Williams
    Tatum, LLC                         University of Texas at Dallas         Wilshire Baptist Church
    Taxco produce Co. Inc.             The University of Texas               Wilshire Heights Neighborhood
    Taylor Publishing Company             Southwestern Medical                  Association
    Teledyne Storm Products               Center at Dallas                   Windhaven Park Apartments
    Telvista, Inc.                     University Park                       The Winston School
    Tenet HealthSystem Medical, Inc.      Elementary School                  Women's Specialty Center
    Texas Capital Bancshares, Inc.     UNMA                                  Woodrow Wilson Elementary
    Texas Crumb & Food Products        US Cold                                  School
    Texas Department of State          US Express                            World Adult Kickball Association
       Health Services                 US Food Service                       World Zombie Day
    Texas Department of                US Home Systems                       XO
       Transportation Dallas           USA Express                           XO Communications
       District Office                 USA Mobility Inc.                     XO One Customer Service
    Texas Food Bank Network            USA Pallet                            Xochitl Inc.
    Texas Instruments Incorporated     USDA-CSFP Commodity                   Yahoo! Inc.
    Texas Oncology                     USIS, Inc.                            Yellow Book USA, Inc.
    Texas Woman's University           USMD Inc.                             YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas
    TFG Foods, Inc.                    UT of Texas at Dallas                 Your Federal Credit Union
    TGI Friday's, Inc.                 Valor (Kuehne & Nagel)                Youth Leadership Day Food Drive
    Theta Alpha Charter                Valor Brands LLC                      Yucatan Foods, LP
    Thomas C. Marsh Middle School      VAN Oriental Food, Inc.               Zale Corporation
    Thompson Coe Cousins &             Varel International, Inc.             Zale Lipshy University Hospital
       Irons: Van Meir Ellen           Vatterott Educational Centers, Inc.   Zephries Family
    Three Forest Plaza                 The Velvet Snout
    Through the Key Hole               Ventura Foods, LLC
    ThyssenKrupp Elevator              Verizon Communication Company
    Titan Services LLC                 Veroli Foods
    T-Mobil USA, In.c                  Versa Cold
    TMW Systems, Inc.                  Vietti Foods Company
    Tom Thumb                          Jesus Vigveria
    Town North Family YMCA             Village Farms
    Toyota Financial Services          Village Fresh Market
    Transport America                  Village Green
    Transwestern                       Villas at Montierra
    Tree of Life, Inc.                 Viscern
    Trinity Christian Academy          Vista Ridge Church of Christ
    TriQuint Semiconductor             Vistar Corporation
    Tropicana Products, Inc.           Voortman Cookies Limited
    Truco Enterprises, LP              Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc.                           Vue Fitzhugh Apartments
    Truman Middle School               Vue Greenville

Imagine...A World Without Hunger.                                                                     29
                       2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year          1   of 3

                                      BOARD OF DIRECTORS
     Executive Committee                                   Steve Schenkel, Schepps Dairy
     W. Lee Coleman Jr., CB Richard Ellis (Chairman)       Cynthia Wenban, Lockheed Martin
     Frank Roby, Concero Global (Past Chair)               Jon A. Wolkenstein, Grant Thornton LLP
     Charlie Morrison, Pizza Inn, Inc. (Chair Elect)       Connie Yates, Tom Thumb Food and Pharmacy
     Debra Tippett, Cardinal Company (Secretary)           Carole S. Young, Carole S. Young & Associates
     David Franklin, Franklin Investments (Treasurer)
     Stephen Chase, KPMG LLP (At Large)                    General Counsel
     Michael Cox, Culinaire International (At Large)       Jeffrey Goldfarb, DLA Piper US LLP

     Members at Large                                      Life Board Members
     Tom Black, Black, Mann and Graham, LLP                John Beckert
     Baine Brooks, TwoRows Restaurants                     Jerry Ellis, Community Volunteer
     F. Lane Cardwell, Jr., Community Volunteer            Louise Gartner, Community Volunteer
     Sally Cullum, Crystal Charity Ball Committee          Bette Perot, Perot Foundation
     Christina Durovich, Community Volunteer               Teresa Phillips, TPHD, LLC
     Roslyn Goodall, UT Southwestern Medical Center        Stephan Pyles, Stephan Pyles Concepts
     Jess Hay, Texas Foundation of Higher Education
     Gary Huddleston, Kroger Food Stores                   Founders
     Thomas Huffhines, SYSCO Food Services of Dallas, LP   Ambassador Kathryn Hall, Hall Wines
     Melanie Jones, Southwest Airlines                     Liz Minyard, Community Volunteer
     Rebecca King, Kroger Food Stores
     Larry Lavine, Turtle Creek Restaurants                President & Chief Executive Officer
     Karen Lukin, Whole Foods Market                       Jan Pruitt
     Greg Schaffner, US Food Service

30                                                                Imagine...A World Without Hunger.
                    2 0 0 9 A n% ucr l R e p o r t : C 193s ei c h e G a p Y e a r 1 o f e
                             81 n a e                  l o % t eas                 3 inc 3

                                             OUR IMPACT
   Food Sourcing
                                                                                 Food Sourcing
   to Over 50 million come 2011
   Where does itmeals byfrom?                                     We sourced 40.3 million pounds of food this year.
       Local Donations – Community members
          and       local  businesses contributed
          12.2 million pounds. Thank you!                                            6.3
        Feeding America – We secured 10.4Actua
                                         Mea s
          million pounds through our partnership
          with Feeding America, a nonprofit                                   11.4
          organization that solicits donated food
          and grocery products from national
          suppliers for distribution through over
          200 certified food banks nationally.

        U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) – 11.4 million pounds
              2010      01
         were provided through The Emergency Food Assistance Program
         (TEFAP) and Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP).

        Purchased Food – We purchased 6.3 million pounds of staple items to help
         ensure a reliable supply of nutritious foods to local pantries and meal
         programs. Our core inventory items include rice and beans, ground meats,
         pasta, fresh and canned fruits and vegetables, tuna, milk and eggs.

                                          HOW IT WORKS


Imagine...A World Without Hunger.                                                                           31
                   2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year          1   of 3
                                    OUR PROGRAMS

     Agency University              is a program designed to train Member Agencies
     on ways to enhance their food programs and better leverage their resources in
     order to increase their capacity to help more of those in need. Agencies currently
     choose from six different courses consisting of 16 classes taught by professionals
     in the fields of health and nutrition, fund development, organization and program
     implementation. This year we had 408 participants resulting in more than 1,760
     hours of training, which were provided to our Agencies free of charge. Agency
     participants who decide to complete an entire course of classes also receive
     continuing education college credits from El Centro Community College.

     Charitable Produce Center Founded in 1994 with Louise Gartner’s
     vision, the Charitable Produce Center was designed to transform the large amount
     of waste in the fresh produce market into a source of nourishment for hungry
     North Texans. The Food Bank extended this concept in 1999 with a grant from
     Kraft Foods, Inc., by developing the Rural Produce Initiative to distribute fresh
     produce to Member Agencies outside of Dallas County each week. In fiscal year
     2009, the program provided more than 3,501,250 pounds of produce throughout all
     13 counties in the North Texas Food Bank's service area.

     Commodities Supplemental Food Program In 2000, the North
     Texas Food Bank became the first Commodities Supplemental Food Program (also
     known locally as People and Nutrition, or PAN) distributor in Texas. The program
     provides surplus USDA commodities for low income Dallas County residents who
     meet certain requirements, such as being 60 years old or older, children under six
     not receiving assistance from WIC (Women, Infants and Children Program) or
     pregnant, breastfeeding or postpartum women not receiving assistance from WIC.
     Each month, 7,500 participants each receive an estimated 32 pounds of USDA
     commodities at 98 PAN distribution sites in Dallas County. PAN is a partnership of
     the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Texas Health and Human Services Commission,
     Catholic Charities of Dallas and the North Texas Food Bank.

     Community Kitchen The Community Kitchen began as a North Texas
     Food Bank pilot program in early 2000. The mission of the Kitchen is to offer
     Food Bank Member Agencies nutritious, fully prepared frozen meals to heat and
     serve to the hungry while providing culinary job skills training to disadvantaged
     individuals with an interest in a food service career. Construction of a new 3,000
     square foot kitchen at the Food Bank was completed in February 2002. The kitchen
     provides an average of 8,000 meals weekly in a variety of formats which are then
     distributed to 39 program sites. Up to 30 students, primarily from the Texas Second
     Chance Program in partnership with Dawson State Prison, receive food service
     training each year while helping to prepare meals.

     Food For Families Food For Families is a cooperative effort between the
     North Texas Food Bank and more than 30 Member Agencies. Pre-qualified clients
     of participating Agencies are issued a voucher for specific food distribution. Clients
     meet Agency volunteers at a specific parking lot at a pre-determined time. A drive-
     through line is organized and Agency volunteers give food directly to clients from
     Food Bank trucks. In fiscal year 2009, more than 707,737 pounds of food were
     distributed to more than 16,619 families and 69,085 individuals.

32                                                              Imagine...A World Without Hunger.
                    2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year         1   of 3

    Food 4 Kids Elementary school children on the free and reduced-price school
    meal program often face hunger when these meals are not available on weekends.
    The Food 4 Kids program helps to solve this problem by providing backpacks full of
    nonperishable, kid-friendly food for these chronically hungry children to take home
    on Friday afternoons. The program has grown exponentially from 200 participating
    elementary schools last year to 310 schools in fiscal year 2009. Approximately
    7,900 children in Dallas, Denton, Collin, Rockwall and Fannin counties received a
    backpack full of food each weekend during the school year.

    Hunger Link Prepared Foods The Dallas Hunger Link collects surplus
    prepared, perishable food from 25 donor hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and other
    food service kitchens. That food is then frozen in disposable aluminum steam table
    pans provided by the Food Bank. Specially trained Hunger Link drivers then pick
    up the food in refrigerated Hunger Link trucks and distribute it to on-site meal
    programs throughout Dallas. In fiscal year 2009, the Hunger Link program collected
    more than 524,000 pounds of food.

    Kids Cafe The North Texas Food Bank’s Kids Cafe program began in 1998 as a
    way to provide nutritious after-school meals to children who may not have enough
    to eat when they go home from school. The Food Bank currently operates 28 Kids
    Cafe sites with generous funding from several donors, including Capital One. More
    than 270,739 meals were served last year to children in Dallas, Collin and Grayson

    Main Program The Main Program of the North Texas Food Bank gathers
    donations of both perishable and nonperishable food as well as nonfood items.
    These items are then distributed to North Texas area food pantries, soup kitchens,
    homeless shelters and other programs that serve people in need. In fiscal year 2009,
    the Food Bank’s Main Program distributed enough resources to Member Agency
    food pantries to serve 634,740 families. Area homeless shelters, day-care centers,
    soup kitchens and other facilities provided 5,215,929 on-site meals and snacks to the
    hungry in our community.

    Nutrition Education/Operation Frontline Nutrition education is
    a priority at the North Texas Food Bank. Since partnering with Share Our Strength
    in 1996 to provide Operation Frontline (OFL) cooking and nutrition classes, the Food
    Bank has educated thousands of families in North Texas. Through direct outreach to
    clients at Member Agencies, OFL promotes short- and long-term solutions to hunger
    by providing participants of all ages with the skills and resources they need to make
    healthy, economical food choices. Every year, culinary professionals, nutritionists
    and food enthusiasts volunteer their time to teach low-income participants the basics
    of healthy cooking, nutrition, food budgeting and food safety. In fiscal year 2009, 272
    people participated in 20 six-week classes, a 108 percent increase in the number of
    people served and a 43 percent increase in the number of classes offered since last
    year. Additionally, 12,038 people received nutrition education through workshops at
    Member Agencies and events in the community.

    Texas Second Chance              In 1997 the North Texas Food Bank formed a
    collaborative partnership with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Texas
    Second Chance allows selected prison confinees to volunteer at the Food Bank
    up to four days a week. As volunteer laborers, they receive job skills training in

Imagine...A World Without Hunger.                                                             33
                    2009 Annual Report : Close the Gap Year          1   of 3

     warehousing and food service. This training vastly improves participants’ ability
     to successfully reintegrate into the community. Last year participants in the Texas
     Second Chance program provided more than 15,730 hours of community service for
     the Food Bank.

     Serving U Serving U is a one-day teambuilding program hosted in our renovated
     warehouse. The program is designed to help key executive and departmental
     personnel sharpen their communication and teamwork skills while serving a larger
     purpose. In just one day, corporate teams learn how to work together effectively,
     set aside differences, plan common goals and build stronger bonds. At the same
     time, team members are helping to feed thousands of North Texans in need by
     volunteering together at the Food Bank. In fiscal year 2009, seven companies took
     part in Serving U, for a total of 656 participants. The following companies are Serving
     U alumni from the past two years: ALCOA, Brown-Forman, Capital One, Capital
     One Auto Finance, Capital One Commercial Banking, Communities Foundation of
     Texas, Covidien, CVS Caremark, Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, The Dallas
     Morning News, EnCana Oil and Gas, One Technologies, PepsiCo, Pizza Inn, Plexent,
     Powerwave, RSW Creative, Sabre Holdings, Southwest Airlines, Travelocity,
     University Park United Methodist Church, Wal-Mart and YUM! Brands, Inc.

     The Volunteer Experience Volunteering at the North Texas Food Bank
     is truly a unique experience. With a variety of ways to serve – from packing and
     sorting food to helping with administrative tasks to teambuilding programs like
     Serving U – our volunteers enjoy a hands-on, engaging and effective community
     service experience that brings them back again and again. In fiscal year 2009, 17,004
     volunteers contributed 57,580 hours of service to the North Texas Food Bank. The
     Food Bank is grateful for the hard work and dedication of our many volunteers and
     community leaders who help make our work possible.

     Feeding Kids
     Laura Bechtol, a counselor at F.P. Caillet Elementary School in Dallas sees first-
     hand how devastating the effects of hunger
     can be for a child. Of the 723 students at Caillet
     Elementary, the vast majority are on the free or
     reduced-price school meal program.

     But thanks to the North Texas Food Bank’s
     Food 4 Kids backpack program, students
     can take home backpacks full of nutritious,
     kid-friendly food each weekend when they
     otherwise might not have anything to eat.
     Laura says the program has made a huge difference in the kids’ behavior and
     concentration in class.
     “If you’re hungry, your focus isn’t there,” she says. “If you don’t have your basic
     needs met, nothing else matters.”
     "Thank you for giving me the food and helping my family because some people
     don't give us things,” says one appreciative student. "My mom and dad are
     happy to see us eat healthy."

34                                                              Imagine...A World Without Hunger.
The North Texas Food Bank passionately
  pursues a hunger-free community.

   4500 S. Cockrell Hill Road
    Dallas, TX 75236-2028

         P: 214.330.1396
         F: 214.331.4104


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