Prometheus and Io by dffhrtcv3


									Prometheus and Io

                     Early Heroes in
                    Greek Mythology
Prometheus, A Titan,
steals fire from Zeus
and gives it to man.
(He also formed the
   first human from
As punishment, he is chained to a rock and
 an eagle is sent every day for eternity to
 eat out his liver.
Prometheus (NYC)
• One day, a white
  heifer passes
  Prometheus and
  strikes up a

• She is really a
  beautiful girl,Io,but
  has been changed
  into a cow by Zeus
  to hide from Hera.
Zeus hid Io and himself in a cloud, but Hera
 knew that her husband was again trying to
 hide his infidelity from her, so she asks for
 the heifer as a gift.

How could he refuse?
• Hera sends Argus, a
  one-hundred eyed
  creature to watch
  her. Some of his
  eyes were always
  awake, so Hermes
  was hired by Zeus to
  kill Argus.
• Hermes told a very
  dull story and killed
  Argus when all of his
  eyes finally went to
Hera placed the eyes of Argus in the tail of a
• Io was made to wander and
  suffer by having a gad fly sting
  her continuously.
• The Ionian Sea is named after
  her because she wandered by it.
• She finally wandered across the
  Bosphorus Strait (Ford of the
  Cow), became human, and bore
  to Zeus the ancestor of
       The Flower Myths
• Narcissus

• Hyacinth

• Adonis
• Echo, a lovely nymph, was
  being courted by Zeus.
  Hera, his wife was again
  suspicious and she came
  down to Earth to apprehend
  her "too-much-love-for-one-
  woman" husband, but
  Zeus, being godly, sensed
  her coming.
• He instructed Echo to keep
  Hera busy until he could
  get away.
• Echo did just that. Hera confronted her with the
  affair, but Echo created a long and very untrue
  story for Hera, giving her lover enough time to
  escape. She knew she had been tricked and
  turned on Echo and declared:

• "That tongue of yours, by which I have been
  tricked, shall have its power curtailed and enjoy
  the briefest use of speech."
• From that moment on
  the talkative Echo could
  barely use her voice,
  and could only repeat
  the words that those
  around her said. She
  was lonely, and could
  not really talk to other
  nymphs because of her
  condition, and secluded
  herself deep in a cave.
• One day, a very handsome young man came
  along. His name, surprise surprise, was
  Narcissus. Echo fell in love with him at once.
  Echo wanted to call out, "Wait! I love you!" But
  her voice was frozen in her throat by Hera's
  curse. The young man went deeper and deeper
  into the forest, until he came upon a calm
  stream. He was thirsty and so he bent over to
  drink, but as he leaned over he caught sight of
  his reflection in the water.
• He was as taken by his beauty as Echo had
  been, but without her barrier. He immediately
  spoke to his reflection, "I love you." Echo,
  nearby and hearing her chance quickly
  responded, "love you . . ." But it was too late,
  Narcissus was too engrossed with himself to
  notice the nymph. His love was his obsession
  and would not leave the stream to eat, nor
  disturb his image to drink and so he died of thirst
  and hunger and unrequited self-love. Where he
  had lain a flower grew, the narcissus.
• Hyacinth (or Hyacinthus ) was the
  son of Clio and Pierus, King of
  Macedonia. Hyacinth was a
  beautiful youth beloved by the god
  Apollo. According to myth, the two
  attempted to beat each other in
  discus. They took turns throwing
  it, until Apollo, to impress his
  friend, threw it with all his might.
  Hyacinth ran to catch it and was
  struck by the discus as it fell to the
  ground - he died.
• They took turns
  throwing it, until
  Apollo, to impress
  his friend, threw it
  with all his might.
  Hyacinth ran to
  catch it and was
  struck by the discus
  as it fell to the
  ground - he died.

• A beautiful flower
  sprang up at the
  place where his
  blood fell.
• At Byblos in Lebanon a beautiful baby boy was born and
  left without parents to care for him. Aphrodite fell in love
  with him, and placed him in the care of the goddess of
  the underworld (Persephone)for safekeeping.
  Unfortunately when she went back to claim the boy, the
  other woman had also fallen in love with him and would
  not give him up. As a compromise, it was agreed the boy
  would live half of the year with each of them. Nurtured by
  the love of these two women, he grew into a handsome
  and influential young man in the hills above Byblos. He
  became known as 'adon, which meant "lord," and then
  as Adonis.
• Tragically, one of the
  male gods became
  jealous of Adonis. The
  rival changed himself into
  a wild boar and fatally
  gored the handsome
  young man. As Adonis
  lay dying in the arms of
  Aphrodite, drops of his
  blood spilled out and
  stained the anemone
  flower crimson red.

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