The Lice Place Now Offers Services In Birmingham, Alabama

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					The Lice Place Now Offers Services In Birmingham, Alabama.

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The Lice Place is a lice removal company that offers a safe, non-pesticide treatment that effectively removes
lice and nits professionally.

Online PR News – 07-May-2013 – The Lice Place is proud to announce their new opening in Birmingham,
Alabama. The Birmingham community can now rest assured in knowing that they have access to the
innovative, safe and effective lice removal services at The Lice Place. The new franchisee owners, John
Powell and Terra Dillard are looking forward to keeping families safe and away from head lice. Head lice can
affect anyone and once an infestation has occurs it can be difficult to get rid of the problem.

The Lice Place, formerly known as The Texas Lice Squad, offers a non-pesticide treatment to remove the
lice. An enzyme solution is applied to the hair that removes the adhesive created by the lice. The hair is
carefully combed with an innovative combing device to remove the lice from the hair. As a final step, the hair
is dried with a blow dryer and any remaining nits and eggs are taken out by hand by one of their

Penny Warner, who started the Lice Place is a registered nurse, and is backed with a Bachelors of Science in
Nursing. The Lice Place offers a onetime application with a 99.6% effectiveness rate. The list of services
includes head checks, lice removal and a lice education program. The Lice Place understands that while
cases of lice affect males and females from every type of background, most times cases are found in children
from the ages of 3 to 11. Lice is typically spread through head to head contact between people and can live in
hair for about a month before anyone becomes aware of the situation.

The friendly staff members at The Lice Place are happy to be able to provide more service to the Birmingham
area. “We are excited to announce we have new franchisee's that have opened a new location in
Birmingham! We just celebrated our 7th year of business April 13th 2013, we look forward to many more
years helping the community. As the owner of the Lice Place, I know how important it can be to keep your
family lice free. We have helped thousands of clients over the years and we have been told by our clients
how grateful they are for our services," says Penny Warner, BSN, RN, Owner Of The Lice Place.

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