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					November 9th
Time                        Cinema Five                                    Embassy Room                                    Consulate Room

                Inclusive innovation systems and              Innovation and energy
                       competence building            Chair: Yanmei ZHU, Tongji University,                   High tech industries and development
           Chair: Asso. Prof. Mengzhou XU, Zhejiang                    China                                   Chair: Dr. Yanbin JIANG, Zhejiang
                  Administration College, China       Discussant: Prof. Erik Baark, The Hong                            University, China
            Discussant: Prof. Keshab Das, Gujarat    Kong University of Science and Technology,               Discussant: Xielin LIU, GUCAS, China
            Institute of Development Research, India                     HK

                        Dr. Daniel Ljungberg
                        (University of Gothenburg,
                        Sweden)                                           Ms. Chipo Nyamwena-Mukonza
                        Prof. Maureen McKelvey                            (Tshwane University of
                        (University of Gothenburg,                        Technology, South Africa, South
                        Sweden)                                           Africa)
           Globelics12- Dr. Astrid Lassen (Aalborg         Globelics12-                                     Globelics12-
             P-0357     University, Denmark)                 P-0026                                           P-0049

                                                                          A Conceptual Framework for
                          Creating Innovative                             Implementing Sustainable
                          Opportunities: Lessons from                     Livelihoods and Innovation in
                          Case Studies in Knowledge                       Biofuel Production Among
                          Intensive Entrepreneurship                      Smallholder Farmers in

                          Dr. Sorin Krammer (Groningen
                          University, Netherlands)                        Ms. Radhika Perrot (MISTRA,
                          Dr. Gabriel Goddard (World                      South Africa)
                          Bank, United States)
           Globelics12-                                    Globelics12-                                     Globelics12-
             P-0040                                          P-0105                                           P-0284

                          Science, Technology and
                          Innovation for Economic                         The Dynamics of Renewable
 13:30 -                  Competitiveness: Bridging                       Energy Transition in Developing
  15:00                   Academic to Policy Practice in                  Countries
                          the Case of Bulgaria

                                                                          Prof. Sajal Kabiraj (Dongbei
                          Dr. Shanshan Zhou (Guizhou
                                                                          University of Finance and
                          University, China)
                                                                          Economics, China)
           Globelics12-                                    Globelics12-                                     Globelics12-
             P-0217                                          P-0121                                           P-0300

                          Adaptive Innovation and
                                                                          ˜nnovating the Green Way and
                          Competitive Advantages of the
                                                                          Natural Considerations for
                          Latecomer: a Case Study of
                                                                          Sustainable Consumption
                       Dr. Jianghua Zhou (Graduate
                       University of Chinese Academy                    Mr. Siping Luo (Tsinghua
                       of Sciences, China)                              University, China)
                       Prof. Xielin Liu (Graduate                       Prof. Yongda Yu (Tsinghua
                       University of Chinese Academy                    University, China)
          Globelics12- of Sciences, China)               Globelics12-                                     Globelics12-
            P-0397                                         P-0122                                           P-0338

                                                                        Industry Agglomeration, Firm
                                                                        Heterogeneity, Public Policy,
                         Diffusion of Solar Thermal in
                                                                        and Location Choices: Evidences
                         China's BoP Market
                                                                        from Chinese Photovoltaic
                                                                        Firms' Entrepreneurship

15:00 -
                                                                                                            Management and governance of public
                                                         Innovation and sustainability development
                    Agriculture Innovation                                                                 innovation, relation between public and
                                                         Chair: Asso. Prof. Zhiwei WANG, Fuzhou
          Chair: Dr Rowena Baconguis, University                                                                      private innovation
                                                                     University, China
           of the Philippines Los Banos, Philippines                                                         Chair: Prof. Jianping QIAN, Tongji
                                                            Discussant: Prof. Dr. Rainer Walz,
          Discussant: Prof. Rajeswari Raina, CSIR-                                                                     University, China
                                                           Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and
                        NISTADS, India                                                                    Discussant: Gabriela Dutrénit, Universidad
                                                              Innovation Research, Germany
                                                                                                               Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico

                                                                        Ms. Flavia Carvalho (UNU
                                                                        MERIT / Fundação Dom Cabral,
                         Mr. Shakespear Mudombi                         Dr. Carlos Arruda (FDC
                         (Tshwane University of                         Fundacao Dom Cabral, Brazil)
                         Technology, South Africa)                      Ms. Gabriela Goulart Ferreira
                                                                        (UFRJ, Brazil)
                                                                        Mr. Henrique Dutra (Fundaçao
                                                                        Dom Cabral, Brazil)
          Globelics12-                                   Globelics12-                                     Globelics12-
            P-0017                                         P-0209                                           P-0048

                         Adoption of Agricultural                       What Triggers Eco- Innovations
                         Innovations: The Case of                       in Bzazilian Firms? Evidence
                         Improved Sweet Potato in                       from the Brazilian Innovation
                         Wedza Community of Zimbabwe                    Survey

                       Ms. Diana Saavedra
                                                                   Prof. Nathalie Lazaric
                       (Universidad de Bogotá Jorge
                                                                   (GREDEG-CNRS, France)
                       Tadeo Lozano, Colombia)
                                                                   Dr. Ali Douai (GREDEG-CNRS,
                       Ms. Laura Rugeles (Universidad
                       de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano,
                                                                   Dr. Jun Jin (Zhejiang University,
                       Dr. Bladimir Guaitero
                                                                   Prof. Cécile Ayerbe (Univeristy
          Globelics12- (Universidad de Bogotá Jorge   Globelics12-                                   Globelics12-
                                                                   of Nice, France)
            P-0157     Tadeo Lozano, Colombia)          P-0263                                         P-0243

15:20 -
          Globelics12-                                     Globelics12-                                     Globelics12-
            P-0157                                           P-0263                                           P-0243

                                                                          'Bandwagons or Snobbish
                         How to Ask Colombian Farmers
                                                                          Effects': Two Paths for
                         for Innovation: A
                                                                          Developing Eco- Innovations in
15:20 -                  Methodological Approach
                                                                          France and China

                                                                          Dr. Tilman Altenburg (German
                         Dr. Timothy Esemu (MUBS,                         Development Institute, Germany)
                         Uganda)                                          Dr. Tobias Engelmeier (Bridge
                                                                          to India, India)

          Globelics12-                                     Globelics12-                                     Globelics12-
            P-0190                                           P-0355                                           P-0253

                         Capturing Gains from
                                                                          Rent Management and Policy
                         Innovation: Are Ugandan
                                                                          Learning in Green Technology
                         Flower Exporters Able to Create
                                                                          Development: The Case of Solar
                         and Realize Economic Value
                                                                          Energy in India
                         from their

                                                                        Ms. Julia Queiroz (GEMA
                                                                        (Environmental Economics and
                                                                        Sustainable Development
                                                                        Group); INCT-PPED (National
                                                                        Institute of Science and
                                                                        Technology of Public Policies,
                         Dr. Hailemichael Demissie
                                                                        Strategies and Development),
                         (Tshwane University of
                         Technology, South Africa)
                                                                        Ms. Maria Gabriela Podcameni
                                                                        (Federal University of Rio De
                                                                        Janeiro, Brazil)
          Globelics12-                                     Globelics12- Ms. Julia Fontes (Federal           Globelics12-
            P-0222                                           P-0369     University of Rio de Janeiro,         P-0371

                         The Ethiopian Biosafety Law
                         and its Implications for                         Determinants of Environmental
                         Innovation and Knowledge                         Innovation: An Evolutionary
                         Production on Emerging                           Approach

16:50 -

                                                                                                             Management and governance of public
                   Agriculture Innovation                            Innovation and energy                   innovation, relation between public and
           Chair: Yanmei ZHU, Tongji University,             Chair: Prof. Chaochao GAO, Zhejiang                        private innovation
                            China                                       University, China                   Chair: Ass. Prof. Yanmin WANG, Beijing
          Discussant: Prof. Rajah Rasiah, University        Discussant: Prof. René Kemp, Maastricht                 Normal University, China
                     of Malaya, Malaysia                           University, the Netherlands                Discussant: Prof. Abdelkader Djeflat,
                                                                                                                   University of Lille, France
                                                                           Mr. Francisco Ruiz (University
                           Dr. Jose Eustaquio Ribeiro                           of Concepcion, Chile)
                           Vieira Filho (Ipea, Brazil)                     Dr. Pablo Catalan (University of
                                                                                 ConcepciĂłn, Chile)
          Globelics12-                                      Globelics12-                                      Globelics12-
            P-0275                                            P-0140                                            P-0073
                                                                           Analysis of the Functional
                         Technological Trajectory and                      Dynamics of the Technological
                         Learning in the Agricultural                      Innovation System in Chile for
                         Sector                                            the Capacity to Develop Wind

                       Dr. Linda Penalba (University of
                       the Philippines Los Banos,
                       Philippines)                                        Dr. Maria Fatima Ludovico De
                       Ms. Elvira Dumayas (University                      Almeida (PUC-Rio, Brazil)
                       of the Philippines Los Banos,                       Dr. Maria Angela Melo
                       Philippines)                                        (Pontifical Catholic University
          Globelics12- Dr. Rowena Baconguis             Globelics12-       of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)         Globelics12-
            P-0312     (University of the Philippines     P-0349                                                P-0169
                       Los Banos, Philippines)

                         Adoption Determinants of
17:00 -                                                                    Sustainability-Oriented
                         Genetically Engineered Corn
 18:30                                                                     Innovations in Energy Sector
                         Varieties in the Philippines

                                                                         Dr. Xiuping Zou (Institute of
                                                                         Policy and Management of
                                                                         Chinese Academy of Sciences,
                         Dr. Michiko Iizuka (UNU-
                         MERIT, Netherlands)
                                                                         Prof. Qingwen Qi (Institute of
                         Prof. Luc Soete (UNU-MERIT,
                                                                         Geographic Sciences and Natural
                                                                         Resources Research of Chinese
          Globelics12-                                      Globelics12-                                 Globelics12-
                                                                         Academy of Sciences, China)
            P-0361                                            P-0322                                       P-0170
                                                                         Dr. Henning Kroll (Fraunhofer
                                                                         Institute for System and
                         Catching Up in the 21st
                                                                         Innovation Clusters and Local
                         Century: Creating Pathways for
                                                                         Knowledge Spillovers: Evidence
                         Development Under
                                                                         from German Wind Turbine
                         Globalization of Knowledge:
                                                                         Innovation Clusters
                         Potential for Agriculture Sector

                       Ms. Dulce Elazegui (University
                       of the Philippines Los Baños,                       Prof. Rainer Walz (Fraunhofer
                       Philippines)                                        ISI, Germany)
                       Dr. Linda Penalba (University of                    Dr. Michael Krail (Fraunhofer
                       the Philippines Los Banos,                          ISI, Germany)
          Globelics12- Philippines)                     Globelics12-                                          Globelics12-
            P-0373                                        P-0221                                                P-0180

                                                                           Towards Modeling Innovation
                         Opportunities and Challenges in                   Driven Export Potentials for
                         Socially Inclusive Innovation:                    OECD and Newly
                         The Case of Genetically                           Industrializing Countries - An
                         Modified Corn in the Philippines                  Explanatory Study for Wind
          Consulate Room                                    Regency Room                                     Senator Room

                                                         Innovation Mapping
                                                                                                Globalisation and local development
                                               Chair: Dr. Luiz Ricardo Cavalcante,
High tech industries and development                                                                 Chair: Asso. Prof. Wiboon
                                             Institute for Applied Economic Research,
 Chair: Dr. Yanbin JIANG, Zhejiang                                                            Kittilaksanawong, Zhejiang University,
          University, China                                                                                    China
                                                 Discussant: Prof. Edward Lorenz,
Discussant: Xielin LIU, GUCAS, China                                                           Discussant: Prof. Birgitte Gregersen,
                                                      University of Nice, France
                                                                                                    Aalborg University, Denmark

                                                                                                         Dr. Monica Edwards Schachter
                                                                                                         (Institute of Innovation and
                                                                                                         Knowledge Management
         Mr. Jose Luis Hervas-Oliver                                                                     (INGENIO, CSIC-UPV), Spain)
         (Polytechnic University Valencia,                  Mr. Oluseye Jegede (National                 Prof. Guillermo Anlló
         Spain)                                             Centre for Technology                        (Universidad de Buenos Aires,
         Dr. Jose Albors (Polytechnic                       Management, Nigeria)                         Argentina)
         University Valencia, Spain)                                                                     Dr. Elena Castro-Martinez
                                             Globelics12-                                    Globelics12
                                                                                                         (INGENIO (CSIC-UPV), Spain)
                                               P-0033                                         -P-0024
                                                                                                         Ms. Mabel Sanchez-
                                                                                                         Barrioluengo (Universidad

                                                            Factors Influencing Innovation                  Motives to Cooperate on R&D
         Cluster Dynamics and the Cluster
                                                            and Competitiveness in the                     and Innovation: Empirical
         Life Cycle: Unfolding Radical
                                                            Service Sector in Nigeria: A                   Evidence from Argentine and
                                                            Sub-Sectoral Approach                          Spanish Firms

         Dr. Mingfeng Tang
         (Southwestern University of
         Finance and Economics, China)                      Dr. MariaAlejandra Molina
                                                                                                           Mr. Seeku A. K. Jaabi
         Dr. Baskaran Angathevar                            Domene (London School of
                                                                                                           (University of Malaya, Malaysia)
         (Middlesex University Business                     Economics, United Kingdom)
                                                                                                           Prof. Rajah Rasiah (University
         School, United Kingdom)                            Mr. Franco Malerba (Bocconi
                                                                                                           of Malaya, Malaysia)
         Dr. Jatin Pancholi (Middlesex                      University, Italy)
                                             Globelics12-                                    Globelics12
         University Business School,
                                               P-0257                                         -P-0125
         United Kingdom)
                                                            What Drives Survival and
         A Comparative Analysis of                                                                         Institutional Change,
                                                            Growth of Small and Young
         Government Managed                                                                                Technological Capabilities and
                                                            Firms in a Leading Emerging
         Technology Business Incubators                                                                    Fish Exports From Uganda and
                                                            Country? A Learning and
         in the Western Region of China                                                                    the Gambia
                                                            Capability Perspective

                                                       Dr. Fulvio Castellacci
                                                       (Norwegian Institute of
                                                       International Affairs (NUPI),             Mr. Wolfhard Kaus (Max
         Ms. Diana Roa Rubiano
                                                       Norway)                                   Planck Institute of Economics,
         (Externado University, Colombia)
                                                       Mr. Jose Miguel Natera Marin              Germany)
                                                       (Universidad Complutense de
                                          Globelics12-                               Globelics12
                                                       Madrid, Spain)
                                            P-0239                                    -P-0149

         Risk, Technological Uncertainty
                                                                                                           Beyond Engel's Law - Pursuing
         and Aversion to Innovate:                          Innovation, Absorptive
                                                                                                           an Engelian Approach to
         Automation Supply and                              Capacity and Complexity
                                                                                                           Welfare. A Cross Country
         Technological Demand of the                        along development stages
         Brazilian Oil and Gas Industry
                                                          Dr. sepehr ghazinoory (tarbiat
                                                          modares university, Iran)
                                                          Ms. Nasrin Dastranj (tarbiat
            Dr. Yevgeny Kuznetsov (World
                                                          modares university, Iran)
            Bank, United States)                                                                          Dr. Swati Mehta (University of
                                                          Dr. Reza Samizadeh (Alzahra
            Mr. Robert Hodgson (Zernike,                                                                  Delhi, India)
                                                          University, Iran)
            United Kingdom)
                                                          Dr. Fateme Saghafi (Iran
                                             Globelics12-                                   Globelics12
                                                          Telecommunication Research
                                               P-0131                                        -P-0202
                                                          Center, Iran)

                                                            Investigating National
            Incubating the Incubation
                                                            Knowledge Assets Changes
            Cycle:Two Approaches to                                                                       Technology Spillover and
                                                            through Innovation System
            Promote Techno-                                                                               Industrialization: Analysis of
                                                            Functions (Case of Open
            Entrepreneurship in Weak                                                                      Indian Manufacturing Sector
                                                            Source Software Migration in
            Institutional Environment
                                                      Coffee Break

  Management and governance of public                  Innovation Mapping
 innovation, relation between public and      Chair: Prof. Aifang GUO, Zhejiang Sci-           Globalisation and local development
            private innovation                            tech University                       Chair: Dr. Yang Cheng, Aalborg
   Chair: Prof. Jianping QIAN, Tongji            Discussant: Prof. Giovanni Dosi,                     University, Denmark
             University, China                Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies,          Discussant: Birgitte Gregersen, Aalborg
Discussant: Gabriela Dutrénit, Universidad                     Italy                                  University, Denmark
     Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico

            Prof. Patarapong Intarakumnerd
            (National Graduate Research                     Mr. Jose Miguel Natera Marin
                                                                                                          Dr. Mika Kautonen (University
            Institute for Policy Studies                    (Universidad Complutense de
                                                                                                          of Tampere, Finland)
            (GRIPS), Japan)                                 Madrid, Spain)
                                                                                                          Mr. Mika Raunio (University of
            Dr. Peera Chaoroenporn                          Mr. Mario Pansera (University
                                                                                                          Tampere, Finland)
            (Thammasat University,                          of Exeter, United Kingdom)

                                             Globelics12-                                   Globelics12
                                               P-0229                                        -P-0315

            The Roles of Intermediaries in                  How the Innovation System                     Trans-Nationalization of
            Sectoral Innovation System in                   Approach Complements                          Innovation Systems: A
            Developing Countries                            Development Theories                          Literature Study

            Dr. Ricardo Arechavala-Vargas
            (Universidad de Guadalajara,
            Mexico)                                                                                       Mr. VRao Kasina (Indian
            Dr. Bernardo Jaén-Jiménez                       Dr. Luiz Ricardo Cavalcante                   Institute of Technology,
            (Universidad de Guadalajara,                    (Institute for Applied                        Bombay, India)
            Mexico)                                         Economic Research, Brazil)                    Dr. RM Sonar (Indian Institute
            Dr. Berta Madrigal-Torres                                                                     of Technology Bombay, India)
            (Universidad de Guadalajara,     Globelics12-                                   Globelics12
            Mexico)                            P-0235                                        -P-0350
                                               Globelics12-                                     Globelics12
                                                 P-0235                                          -P-0350

                                                              Innovation Policies and
           Innovation and Social Capital as                   Structural Change: A Look on                    Conceptual View on Mobile
           Key Issues in Assessing                            the Ways to Increase Business                   Business Models for Rural
           Industrial Cluster Development in                  Enterprise Research and                         Consumers in Emerging India:
           Emergent Economies                                 Development Expenditures in                     A Study

                                                              Mr. Pablo Catalan (University
                                                                                                              Mr. Mika Raunio (University of
                                                              of Concepcion, Chile)
           Mr. Jorge Britto (Universidade                                                                     Tampere, Finland)
                                                              Prof. Susan Cozzens (Georgia
           Federal Fluminense, Brazil)                                                                        Dr. Mika Kautonen (University
                                                              Institute of Technology, United
                                                                                                              of Tampere, Finland)

                                               Globelics12-                                     Globelics12
                                                 P-0238                                          -P-0354

                                                              Is the North Answering the                      Evolving Ex-Ante Policy-
           Financing Innovation in Brazil:                    Call of the South? Water                        Models for Trans-Nationalizing
           Advances and Limits of the                         Supply and Sanitation(WSS)                      Innovation Systems: Towards
           Institutional Apparatus                            Research and Development                        Entrepreneurial Global
                                                              Trends                                          Innovation Communities

           Dr. Veiko Lember (Tallinn
           University of Technology,
           Dr. Tarmo Kalvet (Tallinn
                                                              Mr. Franco Malerba (Bocconi                     Dr. Judith Fessehaie (University
           University of Technology,
                                                              University, Italy)                              of Cape Town, South Africa)
           Dr. Rainer Kattel (Tallinn
           University of Technology,
                                               Globelics12-                                     Globelics12
                                                 P-0091                                          -P-0043

                                                              The Magnitude of Innovation
                                                                                                              Supply Firms' Upgrading and
           Public Procurement for                             by Demand in a Sectoral
                                                                                                              Linkages in Zambia's Copper
           Innovation Policy                                  System: The Role of Industrial
                                                                                                              Value Chain
                                                              Users in Semiconductors

                                                        Coffee Break

 Management and governance of public
                                                        Innovation Mapping                      Global value chain and global innovation
 innovation, relation between public and
                                               Chair: Prof. Xiangdong CHEN, Beihang                             network
            private innovation
                                                          University, China                       Chair: Dr. Ju LIU, Lund University,
Chair: Ass. Prof. Yanmin WANG, Beijing
                                                Discussant: Dr. Ricardo Arechavala-                             Sweden
        Normal University, China
                                                Vargas, Universidad de Guadalajara,                Discussant: Dr. Edmund Amann,
  Discussant: Prof. Abdelkader Djeflat,
                                                               Mexico                                University of Manchester, UK
       University of Lille, France
      Mr. Vamsidhar Reddy
Thimmareddygari Sadasivareddy
                                                     Ms. Diana Suarez (Aalborg                    Prof. Cristina Chaminade (Lund
   (The Open University, India)
                                                            University,                           University, Sweden)
    Dr. Andy Hall (The Open
                                                      Denmark/Universidad                         Dr. Claudia de Fuentes (Sobey
  University, United Kingdom)
                                                        Nacional de General                       School of Business, St. Mary's
  Dr. Rasheed Sulaiman (Centre
                                                       Sarmiento, Argentina)                      University, Canada)
 for Research on Innovation and Globelics12-                                        Globelics12
      Science Policy, India)      P-0152                                             -P-0189
                                                                                                  Competences as Drivers and
Locating Research in
                                                                                                  Enablers of Globalization of
Agricultural Innovation                            Innovative Strategies and
                                                                                                  Innovation: Globalization of
Trajectories: Evidence and                         Persistence of Innovation in
                                                                                                  Innovation of Swedish ICT
Implications from Empirical                        Argentinean Firms
                                                                                                  Firms and Competences in
Cases from South Asia
                                                                                                  China, South Africa and India

Dr. Dilupa Nakandala
(University of Western Sydney,                     Dr. Daniel Vertesy (Joint
                                                                                                  Dr. Mulu Gebreeyesus (UNU-
Australia)                                         Research Centre of the
                                                                                                  MERIT, Netherlands)
Prof. Tim Turpin (University of                    European Commission, Italy)
Western Sydney, Australia)          Globelics12-                                    Globelics12
                                      P-0330                                         -P-0079

An Extended Perspective for
                                                                                                  The End of the Multifiber
Analysing the National System of                   Exploring Research
                                                                                                  Arrangement (MFA) and
Innovation in Developing                           Performance of Countries and
                                                                                                  Heterogeneous Performance of
Economies: The Case of Sri                         Knowledge-Led Growth
                                                                                                  Quota Constrained Countries

Dr. Chan Yuan Wong (University
of Malaya, Malaysia)                               Prof. Edward Lorenz                            Ms. Rakhi Rashmi (Williams
Dr. Kee-Cheok Cheong                               (University of Nice, France)                   college, United Kingdom)
(University of Malaya, Malaysia)
                                    Globelics12-                                    Globelics12
                                      P-0399                                         -P-0248

                                                                                                  India and China as the Preferred
Diffusion of Catching-up                           Social Capital and Enterprise
                                                                                                  Biopharmaceutical Investment
Industrialization Strategies: The                  Innovative Performance: A
                                                                                                  Destination Choice for the
Dynamics of East Asian's Policy                    Multi-Level Analysis of
                                                                                                  Western Multinationals in
Learning Process                                   Developing Nations
                                                                                                  Changed Patent Regime

                                                                                                Ms. Julia Kirch Hollitsch
Dr. Luciana Telles (IPT -
                                                                                                (Copenhagen Business School,
Institute for Technological                        Mr. Oluseye Jegede (National
Research, Brazil)                                  Centre for Technology
                                                                                                Dr. Stine Jessen Haakonsson
Dr. Renato Garcia (University of                   Management, Nigeria)
                                                                                                (Copenhagen Business School,
Sao Paulo, Brazil)
                                    Globelics12-                                    Globelics12 Denmark)
                                      P-0037                                         -P-0104

Joint Research Programs led by
                                                   Intensity of Innovation in the                 The Configuration of Innovation
Public Research Institutes of
                                                   Service Sector in Nigeria: A                   Networks in the Wind Turbine
Technology: Lessons for
                                                   Sub-sectoral Analysis                          Industry
Developing Countries
               Harvest Room                           Diplomat Board Room                                   Room 17

                                                                                             MNCs in emerging countries and
    Inclusive innovation systems and     Intellectual Property management,
                                                                                               FDI from emerging countries
          competence building                  policy, and development
                                                                                               Chair: Dr. Ping Lv, Graduate
Chair: Dr. Mika Kautonen, University of Chair: Ass. Prof. Jizhen LI, Tsinghua
                                                                                             University of Chinese Academy of
            Tampere, Finland                       University, China
                                                                                                      Sciences, China
Discussant: Prof. K J Joseph, Centre for Discussant: Prof. Xiangdong CHEN,
                                                                                              Discussant: Prof. David Kaplan,
       Development Studies, India             Beihang University, China
                                                                                              University of Cape Town, South

                                                                                                         Dr. Edmund Amann
                                                                                                         (University of
            Prof. Oleg Golichenko (Central                 Mr. Fei Yu (University of
                                                                                                         Manchester, United
            Economics and Mathematics                      Western Australia, Australia)
            Institute of Russian Academy                   Prof. Yanrui Wu (University
                                                                                                         Ms. Swati Virmani
            of Sciences, Russian                           of Western Australia,
                                                                                                         (University of
            Federation)                    Globelics       Australia)
Globelics12                                                                                 Globelics12- Manchester, United
 -P-0277                                                                                      P-0138     Kingdom)

                                                                                                           Is the Evolution of India's
                                                           Strategic Behavior In Patent
                                                                                                           Outward FDI Consistent
              The Methodology of National                  Application Procedures:
                                                                                                           with Dunning's
              Innovation System Analysis                   Fostering Technological Leap-
                                                                                                           Investment Development
                                                                                                           Path Sequence?

                                                           Mr. Jianwei Dang (The
              Dr. Apiwat Ratanawaraha                                                                      Ms. Kavitha Pottammal
                                                           University of Tokyo, Japan)
              (Chulalongkorn University,                                                                   (Centre for Development
                                                           Prof. Kazuyuki Motohashi
              Thailand)                                                                                    Studies, India)
                                                           (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Globelics12                                                                                 Globelics12-
 -P-0298                                                                                      P-0184

                                                           Patent Value and Liquidity:
              City Innovation Systems in                                                                   Financing Pattern of
                                                           Evidences from Practices of
              Southeast Asia: Informality,                                                                 India's Outward Foreign
                                                           Using Patents as Collateral in
              Intermediaries, and Incentives                                                               Direct Investment

            Prof. Jose Cassiolato (Federal
            University of Rio de Janeiro,
                                                         Dr. Vítor Ferreira                              Ms. Celia Torrecillas
                                                         (Polytechnic Institute of                       (University of Jaén
            Dr. Marcelo Pessoa de Matos
                                                         Leiria and CDRsp, Portugal)                     (Spain), Spain)
            (Federal University of Rio de
                                                         Prof. Manuel Godinho                            Dr. Isabel Alvarez
            Janeiro, Brazil)
                                                         (Technical University of                        (Complutense University
            Dr. Helena Maria Martins           Globelics
Globelics12                                              Lisbon, Portugal)                  Globelics12- of Madrid, Spain)
            Lastres (Brazilian                  12-P-
 -P-0206                                                                                      P-0236
            Development Bank - BNDES,            0269
              Innovation Systems and
                                                           Two Emerging Innovative
              Development: The Use of the                                                                  Determinant Factors of
                                                           Dragons: An Analysis of the
              is Framework Along the First                                                                 OFDI: A Capability
                                                           IPR Strategy of Chinaâ€
              Ten Years of the Globelics                                                                   Accumulation- Process
                                                           Huawei and ZTE
                                                                                                      Dr. Dmitrij Slepniov
                                                                                                      (Aalborg University,
                                                          Dr. Jojo Jacob (UNU-Merit,                  Mr. Sigitas Brazinskas
              Mr. Mika Raunio (University                 Netherlands)                                (Embassy of the Republic
              of Tampere, Finland)                        Dr. Can Huang (UNU-Merit,                   of Lithuania in Sweden,
                                                          Netherlands)                                Sweden)
Globelics12                                                                              Globelics12- Dr. Brian Vejrum
 -P-0353                                                                                   P-0384     Waehrnes (Aalborg
                                                                                                      University, Denmark)

              Towards Inclusive Innovation                Determinants of Quadic                        Nearshoring Practices of
              Economy? Innovation Nation                  Patenting: Market Access,                     Scandinavian MNCs in
              Building Inclusive Practices                Competition and Strength of                   Central and Eastern
              for Immigrant Labor                         Intellectual Property Rights                  Europe

   Regional inequality and inclusive
                                                                                         Workplace learning, innovation and
              development                     Innovation alliances and cooperation
                                                                                               economic development
   Chair: Dr. Mingu Kang, Zhejiang            Chair: Dr. Dmitrij Slepniov, Aalborg
                                                                                          Chair: Prof. Joanna Chataway,
           Universtiy, China                          University, Denmark
                                                                                                RAND Europe, U.K
    Discussant: Prof. Rubén Ascúa             Discussant: Prof. Raphael Kaplinsky,
                                                                                         Discussant: Peter Kesting, Aarhus
   National Technological University                  Open University, UK
                                                                                            School of Business, Denmark
           (UTN), Argentina

                                                          Ms. Il-Haam Petersen                          Ms. Letsema Mbayi (The
              Dr. Samia Mohamed Nour
                                                          (Trinity College Dublin,                      Open University, United
              (Khartoum University, Sudan)
                                                          South Africa)                                 Kingdom)

Globelics12                                                                              Globelics12-
 -P-0116                                                                                   P-0035     Turning Rough Dreams
                                                                                                      into a Polished Reality?
                                                                                                      Technological Innovation
                                                          A Network Approach for
                                                                                                      and the Development of
              Regional Systems of                         Analysing the Social Side of
              Innovation in the Arab Region               Innovation in Development
                                                                                                      Capabilities in
                                                          Network Organisations
                                                                                                      Botswana's Diamond
                                                                                                      Cutting and Polishing

              Ms. Namrata Thapa (Centre                   Prof. Martin Srholec                          Dr. Alexis Habiyaremye
              for Development Studies,                    (CIRCLE, Lund University,                      (Antalya International
              India)                                      Sweden)                                         University, Turkey)
Globelics12                                                                              Globelics12-
 -P-0084                                                                                   P-0058
Globelics12                                                                                Globelics12-
 -P-0084                                                                                     P-0058

                                                             Understanding Cooperation                    Imported Capital Goods
              Inclusive Growth and
                                                             on Innovation in Emerging                    and Manufacturing
              Institutions: An Analysis of
                                                             Countries: Firm-level                        Productivity: Evidence
              Employment Structure of
                                                             Evidence in a Multilevel                     from Botswana's
              India's Tea Plantation Sector
                                                             Framework                                    Manufacturing Sector

                                                             Ms. Yimei Hu (Aalborg
                                                             University, Denmark)
              Prof. Narayana Delampady
                                                             Dr. Si Zhang (Tsinghua                       Dr. Fernando Santiago
              (Gulati Institute of Finance and
                                                             University, China)                           (IDRC, Canada)
              Taxation, India)
                                                             Dr. Jizhen Li (Tsinghua
                                                             University, China)
Globelics12                                                                                Globelics12-
                                                  12-P-                                                 Learning to do
 -P-0136                                                                                     P-0158
                                                   0247                                                 Pharmaceutical
                                                                                                        Innovation Drawing
              Institutional Innovation And
                                                             Generating Relational                      From Internal and
              Inclusive Growth: The Case Of
                                                             Competitive Advantage from                 External Sources of
              Self- Help Groups and Female
                                                             Strategic Technological                    Knowledge: Exploring
              Entrepreneurship In South
                                                             Partnership                                the Role of Human
                                                                                                        Resource Management
                                                                                                        Practices in the Case of

              Dr. Baskaran Angathevar
                                                                                                          Prof. Bengt-Aake
              (Middlesex University
                                                                                                          Lundvall (Aalborg
              Business School, United                        Dr. Sorin Krammer
                                                                                                          University, Denmark)
              Kingdom)                                       (Groningen University,
                                                                                                          Prof. Edward Lorenz
              Prof. Mammo Muchie                             Netherlands)
                                                                                                          (University of Nice,
              (Tshwane University of
              Technology, South Africa)
Globelics12                                                                                Globelics12-
 -P-0306                                                                                     P-0391

                                                                                                          Workplace Learning,
                                                                                                          Innovation and Inclusive
              Exploring Unified Innovation                   Distance and Technology                      Development in the
              System for Framing an African                  Sharing in International                     Formal and Informal
              Integrated Development                         Alliances: An Institutional                  Sector : A New Research
              Agenda                                         Perspective                                  Perspective on National
                                                                                                          Innovation Systems -
                                                                                                          Preliminary Version

    Regional inequality and inclusive                                                      Globalisation and Local Development
                                                    University-Industry cooperation
              development                                                                     Chair: Prof. Chunli Li, Aichi
                                                    Chair: Ms. Yimei Hu, Aalborg
   Chair: Asso. Prof. Jingjiang LIU,                                                                 University, Japan
                                                         University, Denmark
          Zhejiang University                                                               Discussant: Prof. Susan Cozzens,
                                                     Discussant: Prof. Anton Kriz,
   Discussant: Prof. Mammo Muchie,                                                          Gorgia University of Technology,
                                                   University of Newcastle, Australia
     Aalborg University, Denmark                                                                           USA
                                                                                                    Mr. Michael Gastrow
                                                                                                    (Human sciences
                                                                                                    Research Council, South
                                                         Mr. Flavio Jose Peixoto
              Mr. Lewis Gakpa (University                                                           Africa)
                                                         (Federal University of Rio de
              of Cocody, Cote d'Ivoire)                                                             Dr. Glenda Kruss
                                                         Janeiro, Brazil)
                                                                                                    (Human Sciences
Globelics12                                                                            Globelics12- Research Council, South
 -P-0009                                                                                 P-0155     Africa)
              "Institutions Quality, Income                Nanotechnology University-                     Skills and the Formation
              Inequalities and Poverty in                  Industry Relationship: An                      of Global Innovation
              Waemu Countries: An                          Outline Of The Brazilian                       Networks: a Balancing
              Empirical Analysis"                          Experience                                     Act

                                                           Dr. Sverker Alange
            Mr. Jorge Britto (Universidade
                                                           (Chalmers University of                        Mr. Khanindra Ch. Das
            Federal Fluminense, Brazil)
                                                           Technology, Sweden)                            (Institute for Financial
            Mr. Fabio Stallivieri
                                                           Dr. Sari Scheinberg                            Management and
            (Universidade Federal
                                           Globelics       (Chalmers University of                        Research (IFMR), India)
Globelics12 Fluminense, Brazil)                                                            Globelics12-
                                            12-P-          Technology, Sweden)
 -P-0252                                                                                     P-0014

              Innovation, Learning,
              Cooperation, and Local                       Building Teams and
                                                                                                          Is There a China Effect in
              Externalities: Mapping the                   Organizational Learning in
                                                                                                          GMS Trade?
              Diversity of Brazilian Local                 China
              Productive Systems (LPSs)

                                                                                                          Dr. Alexis Habiyaremye
              Prof. Ting-Lin Lee (University               Ms. Lilia Stubrin (UNU-
                                                                                                          (Antalya International
              of Kaohsiung, Taiwan)                        MERIT, Argentina)
                                                                                                          University, Turkey)
Globelics12                                                                                Globelics12-
 -P-0274                                                                                     P-0087
                                                           Are 'Star Scientists'
              The Agglomeration Economies                  Connecting to Industry?                        Sino-African Resources
              of City-Region: The Electronic               Analyzing Industry-university                  for Infrastructure Swaps
              Component Industry in                        Knowledge Flows in the                         and the Awakening of
              Kaohsiung                                    Argentinean Biotechnology                      African Lion Economies

                                                         Dr. Gabriela Dutrenit
                                                         (Universidad Autonoma
                                                         Metropolitana, Mexico)
                                                         Dr. Rene Rivera-Huerta                           Dr. Samia Mohamed
              Mr. Umar Sheraz
                                                         (Universidad Autonoma                            Nour (Khartoum
              (COMSTECH, Pakistan)
                                                         Metropolitana, Mexico)                           University, Sudan)
                                               Globelics Dr. Alexandre Vera-Cruz
Globelics12                                                                                Globelics12-
                                                12-P- (Universidad Autonoma
 -P-0313                                                                                     P-0117
                                                 0374 Metropolitana, Mexico)

                                                                                                          Assessment of
                                                           Linkages with Academia and                     Effectiveness of China
              The Futures of Mineral
                                                           Technology Transfer from                       Aid in Competence
              Extraction in Afghanistan
                                                           the Vision of Farmers                          Building and Financing
                                                                                                          Development in Sudan
                   Room 18                                          Room 19

   Knowledge Strategy and Knowledge
                 exchange                                  Grass-root innovation
   Chair: Dr Monika Petraite, Kaunas               Chair: Prof. Gang ZHANG, Zhejiang
   University of Technology, Lithuania                        University, China
  Discussant: Dr. Hannes Toivanen (VTT            Discussant: Prof. Susan Cozzens, Gorgia
  Technical Research Centre of Finland,                University of Technology, USA

             Ms. Hongmei Liu (National
             University of Singapore,
                                                                Mr. Mustafa Murshed (Ministry
                                                                of Public Administration, Govt.
             Dr. Kah-Hin Chai (National
                                                                of Bangladesh, Bangladesh)
             University of Singapore,
Globelics12- Singapore)                          Globelics12-
  P-0299                                           P-0273

                                                                Impact of Microcredit on
               A Markov Decision Process
                                                                Households' Schooling Decisions
               Approach to Knowledge Reuse
                                                                in Bangladesh: An Analysis of
                                                                Cross-Section Data

                                                              Dr. Hongru Xiong (State Grid &
               Dr. Ying Ying (Zhejiang                        Tsinghua University, China)
               University, China)                             Prof. Guisheng Wu (Research
               Dr. Liu Yang (Zhejiang                         Center for Technological
               University, China)                             Innovation, Tsinghua University,
Globelics12-                                     Globelics12- China)
  P-0320                                           P-0280

                                                                Market Trajectory: A Suggested
               Path-Deepening or Path-                          Interpretation of Innovation
               Creating Orientation ?                           Opportunities for Latecomer

             Mr. Magnus Johansson                             Dr. Jahan Ara Peerally (HEC
             (University of Gothenburg,                       Montreal, Canada)
             Sweden)                                          Prof. Paulo N Figueiredo
             Prof. Maureen McKelvey                           (Brazilian School of Public and
             (University of Gothenburg,                       Business Administration
Globelics12- Sweden)                             Globelics12- (EBAPE), Brazil)
  P-0321                                           P-0332

               Developing New Capabilities for                  Innovation Capability Building
               Innovation and Development: A                    and Social Business Copylefting:
               Study of Swedish Firms                           The Experience of Grameen-
               Responses to Tensions in China                   Danone Foods Limited
             Mr. Mauricio Losada
             (Universidad de los Andes,
             Mr. Julio César Zuluaga
             (Universidad De Los Andes,
             Colombia)                                        Mr. Clovis Freire (United
             Ms. Jana Schmutzler                              Nations, Thailand)
             (Universidad De Los Andes,
Globelics12- Colombia)                         Globelics12-
  P-0375     Mr. Mauricio Lozada                 P-0219
             (Universidad De Los Andes,
             The Influence of Sectoral
             Knowledge and Innovation
                                                              Building Productive Capacities:
             Spillovers on the Innovative
                                                              Opportunities for Innovation in
             Performance of Firms in a
                                                              Least Developed Countries
             Developing Country. A
             Multilevel Analysis

  Knowledge Strategy and Knowledge               Knowledge Strategy and Knowledge
                 exchange                                       exchange
Chair: Prof. Liying WANG, China Jiliang         Chair: Asso. Prof. Jiebing WU, Zhejiang
            University, China                              University, China
 Discussant: Prof. Maureen McKelvey,            Discussant: Dr. Jojo Jacob, UNU-Merit,
   University of Gothenburg, Sweden                           Netherlands

               Dr. Guillermo Sanchez (CEUR-
                                                              Ms. Xiao-Shan Yap (University
               CONICET / INTA / Moron
                                                              of Malaya, Malaysia)
               University, Argentina)

Globelics12-                                   Globelics12-
  P-0107                                         P-0062

               Strategic Organization Behind
               Knowledge from Public                          Outplay and Outlast: Taiwan
               Institutions of Science and                    Semiconductor Manufacturing
               Technology: the Non-GMO Seed                   Company's Schumpeterian
               Rice Case at the Entre Rios                    Innovation Strategy
               Province in Argentina

             Dr. Sonja Marjanovic (RAND
             Europe, United Kingdom)
             Dr. Rebecca Hanlin (Open
             University, United Kingdom)                      Prof. Nina Bohdan (Belarus
             Ms. Stephanie Diepeveen                          State Economic University,
             (RAND Europe, United                             Belarus)
Globelics12- Dr. Joanna Chataway (RAND         Globelics12-
  P-0112     Europe, United Kingdom)             P-0063
Globelics12-                                      Globelics12-
  P-0112                                            P-0063

                                                                 The System of Knowledge
               Research Capacity-
                                                                 Generation in the Countries of
               Strengthening in Africa:
                                                                 the Customs Union (Belarus,
               Networks, Institutions and Local
                                                                 Kazakhstan, Russia) and
                                                                 Innovation Policy

                                                                 Dr. Vandana Ujjual (SPRU,
                                                                 University Of Sussex, United
               Ms. Yelena Smirnova (Suleyman                     Prof. Nick Von Tunzelmann
               Demirel University, Kazakhstan)                   (SPRU, University of Sussex,
                                                                 United Kingdom)
                                                                 Prof. Asli Tuncay-Celikel (Isik
                                                                 University, Turkey, Turkey)
Globelics12-                                      Globelics12-
  P-0120                                            P-0075

                                                                 Dynamic Capabilities in
               Innovation Infrastructure as a
                                                                 Emerging Markets- How R&D
               Vital Element of National
                                                                 Affiliates Undertakes Capability
               Innovation System: Case of
                                                                 Building and Competence
                                                                 Creation in Host Locations

                                                                 Prof. Keun Lee (Seoul National
               Ms. Bibhunandini Das (Centre                      University, South Korea)
               for Development Studies, India)                   Dr. Moon Young Chung (Korea
                                                                 Ratings, South Korea)

Globelics12-                                      Globelics12-
  P-0127                                            P-0083

               Information and Communication
                                                                 How Absorptive Capacity is
               Technologies and Knowledge
                                                                 Formed? Analysis of the 1970s
               Dissemination: An Analysis on
                                                                 and 1980s in Korea
               Farmers' Income

                                                       Inclusive innovation systems and
           Innovation Mapping
                                                              competence building
 Chair: Asso. Prof. Xuefeng LIU, Xiamen
                                                   Chair: Nimmi Kurian, Center for Policy
            University, China
                                                                Research, India
    Discussant: Dr. Erkki Kaukonen,
                                                  Discussant: Prof. Joanna Chataway, RAND
     University of Tampere, Finland
                                                                  Europe, U.K
             Mr. Mauricio Uriona (Federal
             University of Santa Catarina,
                                                               Dr. Gabriela Dutrénit
             Ms. Amruta Phadtare
                                                               (Universidad Autonoma
             (Kalpavriksha Healthcare &
                                                               Metropolitana, Mexico)
             Research, India)
Globelics12- Mr. Jatin Shah (Kalpavriksha       Globelics12-
  P-0258     Healthcare & Research, India)        P-0086

             A Systematic Review of the                        A Look into the Latin American
             Literature on Innovation Systems                  NIS from Their Structural
             Modeling: A Meta-Model                            Characteristics and the Critical
             Proposal                                          Masses of STI Capabilities

             Dr. Monika Petraite (Kaunas
             University of Technology,
             Prof. Brigita Janiunaite (Kaunas
                                                          Prof. K J Joseph (Centre for
             University of Technology,
                                                          Development Studies, India)
Globelics12- Dr. Gintautas Cibulskas (Kaunas Globelics12-
  P-0272     University of Technology,         P-0188

             Driving Organizational                            Spaces of Exclusion in the
             Innovation Culture in the                         Institutional Architecture for
             Catching up Country: Who                          Innovation: Case of Plantation
             Leads the Road?                                   Agriculture in India

             Ms. Radhika Perrot (MISTRA,                     Dr. Marcelo Pessoa de Matos
             South Africa)                                   (Federal University of Rio de
             Mr. David Mosaka (Beracah                       Janeiro, Brazil)
             Consulting, South Africa)                       Dr. Elaine Borin (State
             Mr. Lefentse Nokaneng                           University of Rio de Janeiro
             (Beracah Consulting, South                      (UERJ), Brazil)
             Africa)                                         Dr. Ana Arroio (Federation of
Globelics12-                                    Globelics12-
             Ms. Rita Sikhondze (Wits                        Industries of the State of Rio de
  P-0291                                          P-0205
             University, South Africa)                       Janeiro, Brazil)

                                                               A Systemic Perspective for the
             Government R&D Impact on the
                                                               Support of Micro, Small and
             South African Economy
                                                               Medium Enterprises in Brazil

             Mr. Gustavo Alvarenga (Institute
             for Applied Economic Research,
             Mr. Bruno Araujo (Institute for               Dr. Chan Yuan Wong
             Applied Economic Research,                    (University of Malaya, Malaysia)
Globelics12- Dr. Donald Pianto (University of Globelics12-
  P-0302     Brasi-lia, Brazil)                 P-0111

             Impacts of the Brazilian S&T
                                                               Evolutionary Targeting for
             Sector Funds: New Perspectives
                                                               Inclusive Development
             Using a Dose-Response Function
November 10th
Time                     Cinema Five                                   Embassy Room                                  Consulate Room

                                                                                                           Innovation, gender and inclusive
          MNCs in emerging countries and FDI                                                                         development
                                                      Innovation and sustainability development
               from emerging countries                                                                    Chair: Dr. Diana Suarez, Aalborg
                                                       Chair: Asso. Prof. Ying DONG, Zhejiang
           Chair: Feirong WANG, Zhejiang                                                                  University, Denmark/Universidad
                                                         University of Science & Technology,
           University of Technology, China                                                                 Nacional de General Sarmiento,
            Discussant: Olav Jull Sørensen,                                                                           Argentina
                                                      Discussant: Adrian Ely, STEPS Centre, UK
             Aalborg University, Denmark                                                                   Discussant: Ms. Namrata Thapa,
                                                                                                         Centre for Development Studies, India

                      Dr. Ping Lv (Graduate
                                                                 Prof. Chunli Li (Aichi University,
                      University of Chinese
                      Academy of Sciences, China)

          Globelics                                  Globelics                                           Globelics
           12-P-                                      12-P-                                               12-P-
            0297                                       0255                                                0092

                      Ownership, Knowledge
                                                                 Industrial Policy and Supply Chain of
                      Network and Innovation
                                                                 the New Energy Vehicle Industry in
                      Performance: Evidence from
                      China's ICT Sector

                      Prof. Kazuyuki Motohashi                   Mr. Rainer Quitzow (Freie
                      (University of Tokyo, Japan)               Universitaet Berlin, Germany)
          Globelics                                  Globelics                                           Globelics
           12-P-                                      12-P-                                               12-P-
 8:30 -     0088                                       0134                                                0314
 10:00                Measuring Multinational's
                      R&D Activities in China by
                                                                 Towards a Strategic Framework For
                      Patent Database: Comparison
                                                                 Promoting Environmental Innovations
                      of European, Japanese and US

                    Prof. Roberta Rabellotti
                    (University of Pavia, Italy)
                    Prof. Elisa Giuliani (University
                    of Pisa, Italy)
                    Dr. Sara Gorgoni (University
                                                               Mr. Jan Peuckert (TU Berlin, Germany)
                    of Greenwich Business School,
                    United Kingdom)
          Globelics Dr. Christina Guenther (Max      Globelics                                       Globelics
           12-P- Planck Institute of Economics,       12-P-                                           12-P-
            0097 Germany)                              0199                                            0081
Globelics                                    Globelics                                          Globelics
 12-P-                                        12-P-                                              12-P-
  0097                                         0199                                               0081

                                                         Short-term and Long-term Effects of
            Emerging-market MNEs
                                                         Environmental Regulation on the
            Investing in Europe. A
                                                         Competitiveness of Businesses:
            typology of Subsidiary Global-
                                                         Evidence on the Porter Hypothesis
            local Connections
                                                         from Country Panel Data

          Mr. Ayodele Ibrahim Shittu                   Mr. Christian Binz (Eawag -Swiss
          (Center for Enterprise                       Federal Institute of Aquatic Science
          Innovation and Development,                  and Technology, Switzerland)
          China)                                       Prof. Bernhard Truffer (Eawag - Swiss
          Prof. Jielin Dong (Center for                Federal Institute of Aquatic Science
          Enterprise Innovation and                    and Technology, Switzerland)
          Development (CEID), China)                   Dr. Lars Coenen (CIRCLE (Centre for
Globelics Dr. Li Jing (Center for            Globelics Innovation, Research and Competence Globelics
 12-P- Enterprise Innovation and              12-P- in the Learning Economy), Lund           12-P-
  0130 Development (CEID), China)              0227 University, Sweden)                      0168

            "Competitve Positioning and                  Systemic Anchoring of Global
            The Survival of Indigenous                   Knowledge Dynamics and the
            Firms in Developing                          Location of Clean-Tech Industry: The
            Countries: The Case Study of                 Formation of On-Site Water Recycling
            Glomobile, Nigeria"                          in China
          Consulate Room                                Regency Room                                  Senator Room                                 Harvest Room

  Innovation, gender and inclusive
            development                                                                                                                       Grass-root innovation
                                                  Innovation Mapping                        University-Industry cooperation
 Chair: Dr. Diana Suarez, Aalborg                                                                                                            Chair: Prof. Rubén Ascúa
                                          Chair: Jeffrey Strauss, Northwestern              Chair: Dr. Wei YAO, Zhejiang
 University, Denmark/Universidad                                                                                                        National Technological Univers
                                                     University, USA                                University, China
  Nacional de General Sarmiento,                                                                                                                     Argentina
                                           Discussant: Dr. Erkki Kaukonen,                 Discussant: Prof. David Kaplan,
             Argentina                                                                                                               Discussant: Prof. Jose Cassiolato, F
                                            University of Tampere, Finland               University of Cape Town, South Africa
  Discussant: Ms. Namrata Thapa,                                                                                                        University of Rio de Janeiro, Br
Centre for Development Studies, India

                                                      Ms. Carina Borrastero
                                                      (CONICET, Argentina)
                                                      Prof. Hernan Morero (Centro                 Ms. Sunamita Iris Rodrigues
         Dr. Yao Tang (University of
                                                      de Investigaciones y Estudios               Borges da Costa (Universidade
         Nottingham, United Kingdom)
                                                      Sobre Cultura y Sociedad                    Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil)
         Dr. Wenjin Long (University
                                                      (CIECS) - CONICET - UNC,                    Dr. Ana Cristina de Almeida
         of Nottingham, United
                                                      Argentina)                                  Fernandes (Universidade Federal
                                                      Mr. Mauricio Uriona                         de Pernambuco, Brazil)
                                                      Maldonado (Federal University
                                                      of Santa Catarina, Brazil)
                                          Globelics                                  Globelics                                       Globelics
                                           12-P-                                      12-P-                                           12-P-
                                            0135                                       0234 Science and Technology Policy              0150
                                                                                               Building Interactions between
         'Unconditional Quantile
                                                      Sectoral Specificities and               University and Firms in
         Regressions, Earnings Disparit
                                                      Structural Heterogeneities in            Peripheral Region: Observations
         Unconditional Quantile
                                                      Latin America: The Case of the           from Relationships of the Groups
         Regressions, Earnings
                                                      Software Sectors in Cordoba-             of Electrical Engineering in
         Disparity and Gender
                                                      Argentina and Sao Paulo-Brazil           Federal University of
         Discrimination in Urban China
                                                                                               Pernambuco Mediated by the
                                                                                               Energy Sectorial Fund

         Prof. Ana Urraca Ruiz                                                                    Dr. Claudia de Fuentes (Sobey
         (Universidade Federal                                                                    School of Business, St. Mary's
         Fluminense, Brazil)                          Prof. Rainer Walz (Fraunhofer               University, Canada)
         Prof. Nuria Esther Laguna                    ISI, Germany)                               Dr. Gabriela Dutrenit
         Molina (Universidad Carlos       Globelics                                     Globelics (Universidad Autonoma              Globelics
         III de Madrid, Spain)             12-P-                                         12-P- Metropolitana, Mexico)                 12-P-
                                            0311                                          0265                                         0406

         Technological Specialization,                Mapping Global Eco-                         Importance of Geographic
         Technological Convergence                    Innovation Capabilities and                 Proximity for U-I Collaboration:
         and Growth                                   Competitiveness with Indicators             The Case of Mexico

                                                 Dr. Jose Borello (Universidad
                                                 Nacional de General
                                                 Sarmiento, Argentina)
         Dr. Aggrey Niringiye
                                                 Mr. Hernan Morhorlang
         (Makerere university, Uganda)
                                                 (Centro de Estudios de la
                                                 Producción, CEP, Secretaría de
                                       Globelics                                                                                     Globelics
                                                 Industria, Argentina)
                                        12-P-                                                                                         12-P-
                                         0165                                                                                          0381
                               Globelics                                                                                    Globelics
                                12-P-                                                                                        12-P-
                                 0165                                                                                         0381

                                           Producer Services, Division of
                                           Labor, and Innovation in Semi-
Innovation and Manufacturing
                                           industrialized Countries: A
Firms' Growth in Uganda
                                           Study of Argentine Naval

Dr. Mariano Zukerfeld
(Maimonides University,                  Ms. Sophia Khalimova
                                                                                        Prof. Marcelo Pinho (Federal
Argentina)                               (Institute of Economics and
                                                                                        University of Sao Carlos, Brazil)
Prof. Guillermina Yansen                 Industrial Engineering of
                                                                                        Prof. Ana Cristina Fernandes
(Maimonides University,                  Siberian Branch of Russian
                                                                                        (Federal University of
Argentina)                               Academy of Science, Russian
                                                                                        Pernambuco, Brazil)
Mr. Nahuel Mura (Buenos        Globelics Federation)                        Globelics                                       Globelics
Aires University, Argentina)    12-P-                                        12-P-                                           12-P-
                                 0224                                         0343                                            0400

                                           Small Innovative Business
Why Women Don't Program?                                                                Some Basic Characteristics of
                                           Development and Formation of
Concerning the Bonds                                                                    University-Industry Links in
                                           the Regional Innovation
Between Gender, Technology                                                              Developing Countries from the
                                           System in Novosibirsk
and Software                                                                            Firms' Point of View
                                           Territory (Russia)
             Harvest Room                                Diplomat Board Room                    Grand Ballroom Front Hall

         Grass-root innovation
                                                  University-Industry cooperation            Interrogating Innovation Systems:
        Chair: Prof. Rubén Ascúa
                                                   Chair: Prof. Michael Radnor,             Challenges of the Excluded Rural in
   National Technological University,
                                                   Northwestern University, USA                             India
                                              Discussant: Prof. Martin Srholec, Lund        Chair: Prof. Rajeswari Raina, CSIR-
Discussant: Prof. Jose Cassiolato, Federal
                                                        University, Sweden                            NISTADS, India
   University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

                                                         Prof. Naubahar Sharif (The Hong
                                                         Kong University of Science &
          Mr. Mario Pansera (University of               Technology, Hong Kong)
              Exeter, United Kingdom)                    Mr. Raymond Yiu (The Hong
                                                         Kong University of Science and
                                                         Technology, Hong Kong)


                                                         Indicators for Measuring
         Frugality, Grassroots and
                                                         Knowledge Transfer Activities
         Inclusiveness: New Challanges for
                                                         from University to Society:
         Mainstrean Innovation Theories
                                                         Theory and Practice

                                                       Dr. Arturo Torres (Universidad
                                                                                            Rajeswari Raina, (CSIR-NISTADS, India)
                                                       Autónoma Metropolitana-
         Prof. Rubén Ascúa (National                                                       Introduction - Innovation capacities: how
                                                       Xochimilco, Mexico)
         Technological University (UTN),                                                            does rural India survive?
                                                       Dr. Javier Jasso Villazul (Facultad
         Argentina)                                                                             Keshab Das (Gujarat Institute of
                                             Globelics De Contaduriay Administracion,
                                                                                                 Development Research, India)
                                              12-P- Mexico)
                                                                                            Innovation and livelihoods: Posers from
                                                                                                  the artisanal clusters of India
                                                       Research and Innovation in the      Nimmi Kurian (Center for Policy Research,
         Present features of                                                                                  India)
                                                       Health Sector in Mexico: The
         competitiveness, innovation and                                                     Fugitive Resource, Adaptive Systems:
                                                       Role of Public Research
         SMEs in Latin America                                                                Negotiating Multi-Actor Learning in
                                                                                                     Resource Governance
                                                                                               K J Joseph (Centre for Development
                                                                                                           Studies, India)
         Prof. Ariel Gordon (National                                                       Commodity Markets and Computers: An
         University of Quilmes / Ministry                                                     Analysis of E-Auction in Cardamom
         of Science, Technology and                                                         Marketing from an Inclusive Innovation
         Innovation Argentina, Argentina)              Dr. Glenda Kruss (Human                         System Perspective
         Dr. Mauricio Horn (University of              Sciences Research Council, South Rajeswari Raina (CSIR-NISTADS, India)
         Buenos Aires, Argentina)                      Africa)                              The Predicament of Rainfed Areas: How
         Ms. Cecilia Sleiman (Ministry of                                                        Do Innovation Systems Learn?
         Science, Technology and                                                               Haribabu Ejnavarzala (University of
         Innovation Argentina, Argentina)                                                               Hyderabad, India)
                                                                                            Hybrid Rice: the Evolution of Rice Crop
                                                                                                Improvement Strategies in India
                                                                                      The Predicament of Rainfed Areas: How
                                     Globelics                                            Do Innovation Systems Learn?
                                      12-P-                                             Haribabu Ejnavarzala (University of
                                       0153                                                      Hyderabad, India)
                                                                                      Hybrid Rice: the Evolution of Rice Crop
                                                                                          Improvement Strategies in India

Social Innovation: Theoretical                   Universities and Development in
Aspects And Approaches from                      Sub-Saharan Africa: Identifying
Public Policy                                    Critical Linkages and Interactions

Dr. Jun Jin (Zhejiang University,
                                                 Dr. Alexandre Vera-Cruz
                                                 (Universidad Autonoma
Dr. Dmitrij Slepniov (Aalborg
                                                 Metropolitana, Mexico)
University, Denmark)

                                                 From university-productive sector
                                                 interactions based on human
Indigenous Innovation in China:
                                                 resources formation to building
Development and Implementation
                                                 more knowledge intensive links:
of an Innovative Logistics Concept
                                                 the case of a small African island
                                                 country (Cape Verde)
            Grand Ballroom Back Hall                                  Room 17

                                                          Global value chain and global
Knowledge Strategy and Knowledge exchange
                                                               innovation network
 Chair: Asso. Prof. Wenguang QU, Zhejiang
                                                       Chair: Asso. Prof. Mark Greenven,
              University, China
                                                           Zhejiang University, China
Discussant: Keun Lee, Soel University, Korea
                                                      Discussant: Prof. Raphael Kaplinsky,
                                                              Open University, UK

                 Prof. Carlos Frederico Rocha
               (Universidade Federal do Rio de
                                                                 Mr. Joshua Mutambi (Makerere
                        Janeiro, Brazil)
                                                                 University, Uganda)
             Prof. Ana Urraca Ruiz (Universidade
                  Federal Fluminense, Brazil)

Globelics                                            Globelics
 12-P-                                                12-P-
  0261                                                 0011

            The Effects of Technological                         Adoption of Open Innovation
            Specialization on Growth: Evidence for               Approach for Sustainable
            Developed and Developing Countries                   Business Incubation Process

                                                               Prof. Heidi Wiig Aslesen (BI
                                                               Norwegian Business School,
            Ms. ShihHsin Chen (University of
            Nottingham, United Kingdom)
                                                               Dr. Sverre Herstad (NIFU,
Globelics                                            Globelics
 12-P-                                                12-P-
  0271                                                 0303

            Networking and Knowledge Transfer                    North-South Dividing Lines in
            in the Taiwanese Biopharmaceutical                   the Global Innovation Network
            Innovation System                                    Linkages of ICTs

                                                               Dr. Ju Liu (Lund University,
            Prof. Tim Turpin (University of                    Sweden)
            Western Sydney, Australia)                         Prof. Cristina Chaminade (Lund
            Dr. Robyn Iredale (Australian National             University, Sweden)
            University, Australia)                             Prof. Bjorn Asheim (Lund
Globelics                                            Globelics University, Sweden)
 12-P-                                                12-P-
  0286                                                 0309
Globelics                                            Globelics
 12-P-                                                12-P-
  0286                                                 0309

                                                                 The Geographic Pattern of
            Trade in Services Across ASEAN                       Organising Firms' Global
            Economies: Implications for Innovation               Production Networks and
            and Development                                      Global Innovation Networks: A
                                                                 Knowledge Base Perspective

            Dr. Julieta Flores Amador (Universite                Dr. Rasmus Lema (Aalborg
            du Quebec a Montreal, Canada)                        University, Denmark)

Globelics                                            Globelics
 12-P-                                                12-P-
  0289                                                 0387

                                                                 The Decomposition of
            Biotechnology Business Models in
                                                                 Innovation and China's Catch-
            Emerging Countries
                                                                 Up in Wind Power Technology
November 11th
Time                          Cinema Five                                     Embassy Room                                  Diplomat Board Room

                                                       Innovation and sustainable development                      Global value chain and global innovat
           Knowledge Strategy and Knowledg exchange
                                                     Chair: Dr. Rasmus Lema, Aalborg University,                                   network
            Chair: Ms. Chaoqun ZHANG, Zhejiang
                                                                      Denmark                                        Chair:Prof. Baofeng HUO, Zhejiang
                        University, China
                                                          Discussant: Prof. Dr. Rainer Walz,                                  University, China
           Discussant: Prof. Franco Malerba, Bocconi
                                                         Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and                       Discussant: Prof. Bengt-Åke Lundva
                        Univeristy, Italy
                                                            Innovation Research, Germany                                Aalborg University, Denmark

                        Mr. Sebastian Rotondo (Ministry
                        of Labor, Employment and Social                     Prof. Erik Baark (The Hong Kong
                        Security, Argentina)                                University of Science and
                        Mr. Gerardo Breard (MInistry of                     Technology, Hong Kong)
                        Labor, Employment and Social                        Prof. René Kemp (Maastricht
                        Security, Argentina)                                University, Netherlands)
                        Ms. Marta Novick (Ministerio de                     Mr. Serdar Turkeli (Maastricht
           Globelics12-                                        Globelics12-                                      Globelics12-
                        Trabajo, Empleo y Seguridad                         University, Netherlands)
             P-0226                                              P-0204                                            P-0148
                        Social, Argentina)

                          ICT Adoption, Capabilities                        The Political Economy of Eco-
                          Development and Innovation                        innovation Governance in China
                          Processes in Argentina: An                        and Europe: A Comparative
                          Employment Approach.                              Perspective

                                                                            Dr. Folaranmi D Babalola
                                                                            (University of Ilorin, Nigeria)
                                                                            Mr. Temitope I Borokini (National
                          Ms. Florencia Barletta
                                                                            Centre for Genetic Resources and
                          (Universidad Nacional de General
                                                                            Biotechnology (NACGRAB),
                          Sarminento, Argentina)
           Globelics12-                                        Globelics12-                                     Globelics12-
                                                                            Mr. Alfred O Onefeli (University of
             P-0230                                              P-0270                                           P-0290
                                                                            Ibadan, Nigeria)

                                                                            Innovative Responses to Climate
                          "The Agricultural Machinery
                                                                            Change Mitigation: Exploring the
                          Industry in Argentina: Innovative
                                                                            Contributions of Indigenous Trees
                          Behaviour and Export
                                                                            in Urban Areas of Southwest
                        Dr. Ricardo Arechavala-Vargas
                        (Universidad de Guadalajara,
                                                                            Ms. Valeria Bastos (BNDES,
                        Mr. Francisco Leonel de Cervantes
                                                                            Mr. Guilherme Maia (BNDES,
                        (Universidad de Guadalajara,
                                                                            Dr. Bruno Conti (UNICAMP,
                        Mr. Rogelio Rico Huerta
                        (Universidad de Guadalajara,
           Globelics12-                                   Globelics12-                                           Globelics12-
             P-0242                                         P-0372                                                 P-0187

 13:00 -
  15:00                   Technological Capabilities,                       Global Trends on Cleaner
                          Business Models and                               Technologies and Challenges to the
                          Internationalization Strategies in                Brazilian Sugarcane System of
                          Emerging Economies                                Innovation

                     Mr. Philipp Boeing (Frankfurt
                     School of Finance & Management,
                     Prof. Elisabeth Mueller (Frankfurt
                                                                     Mr. Konstantinos Delaportas (UCL,
                     School of Finance & Management,
                                                                     United Kingdom)
                     Dr. Philipp Sandner (Technical
        Globelics12- University Munich (TUM),           Globelics12-                                   Globelics12-
          P-0246     Germany)                             P-0395                                         P-0363

                    What Makes Chinese Firms
                                                                    The Time Varying Nature of
                    Productive? Learning from
                                                                    Diffusion Determinants: Empirical
                    Indigenous and Foreign Sources of
                                                                    Evidence from the Wind Industry
         Diplomat Board Room                                  Regency Room                                       Senator Room

Global value chain and global innovation         Knowledge Strategy and Knowledge                     Inclusive innovation systems and
                network                                        exchange                                     competence building
  Chair:Prof. Baofeng HUO, Zhejiang              Chair: Dr. Mark Greenven, Zhejiang              Chair: Dr. Wei DOU, Zhejiang University,
           University, China                               University, China                                        China
 Discussant: Prof. Bengt-Åke Lundvall,          Discussant: Prof. Martin Srholec, Lund            Discussant: Prof. Susan Cozzens, Gorgia
     Aalborg University, Denmark                          University, Sweden                           University of Technology, USA

                                                                                                              Prof. Mariana Mazzucato
          Prof. Cristina Chaminade (Lund                                                                      (University of Sussex, United
          University, Sweden)                                Dr. Sorin Krammer (Groningen                     Kingdom)
          Ms. Monica Plechero (Lund                          University, Netherlands)                         Prof. William Lazonick
          University, Sweden)                                                                                 (University of Lowell, United
                                              Globelics12-                                       Globelics12- States)
                                                P-0041                                             P-0178

          Do Regions Make a Difference?
                                                             Institutions, Economic Growth
          Exploring the Role of Different                                                                       The Risk-Reward Nexus in the
                                                             and International Spillovers from
          Regional Innovation Systems in                                                                        Innovation-Inequality
                                                             Trade and FDI: Evidence from
          Global Innovation Networks in the                                                                     Relationship
                                                             Transition Economies
          ICT Industry

          Dr. Zhe Qu (Fudan University,
          Dr. Can Huang (United Nations
          University-MERIT and Maastricht
                                                             Mr. Michael Olusegun Afolabi                       Dr. Rene Rivera-Huerta
          University, Netherlands)
                                                             (University College Hospital,                      (Universidad Autonoma
          Dr. Mingqian Zhang (Shanghai
                                                             Nigeria)                                           Metropolitana, Mexico)
          International Studies University,
                                              Globelics12-                                       Globelics12-
                                                P-0141                                             P-0245
          Prof. Yanyun Zhao (Renmin
          University of China, China)

          R&D Offshoring, Technology                         A Disruptive Innovation Model
                                                                                                                The Importance of Considering
          Learning and R&D Efforts of Host                   for Research into Indigenous
                                                                                                                the Informal Economy From an
          Country Firms in Emerging                          Medicines: A Perspective from
                                                                                                                Evolutionary Perspective
          Economies                                          Nigeria

                                                                                                              Dr. Juan Mariano Fressoli
                                                                                                              (National University of Quilmes,
          Dr. Yang Cheng (Aalborg                                                                             Argentina)
                                                             Dr. Hannes Toivanen (VTT
          University, Denmark)                                                                                Dr. Rafael Dias (Unicamp,
                                                             Technical Research Centre of
          Prof. John Johansen (Aalborg                                                                        Brazil)
                                                             Finland, Finland)
          University, Denmark)                                                                                Dr. Hernan Thomas
                                                                                                              (Universidad Nacional de
                                              Globelics12-                                       Globelics12- Quilmes, Argentina)
                                                P-0197                                             P-0195
                                                             Does the Knowledge Trap Exist?
                                                             The Diverging Roles of
          Exploring the Interaction Between                  Domestic and Foreign                               Analyzing Inclusive Innovation
          R&D and Production in Their                        Capacities for Evolution of                        Strategies. Learnings and
          Globalisation                                      Knowledge Creation in China,                       Constrains for South America
                                                             India, Brazil, and Northern and
                                                             Sub-Saharan Africa, 1986-2009
                                                                                                      Prof. Richard Heeks (University
                                                                                                      of Manchester, United Kingdom)
Dr. Onyekwere Nwaorgu (Federal                       Mr. Murad Ali (Inha University,
                                                                                                      Mr. Christopher Foster
University of Agriculture, Nigeria)                  South Korea)
                                                                                                      (University of Manchester,
                                                                                                      United Kingdom)
                                      Globelics12-                                     Globelics12-
                                        P-0018                                           P-0198

                                                     A Study on the Process Model of
                                                                                                      Analysing Policy for Inclusive
                                                     Knowledge Absorptive Capacity
Political Economy from a Moral                                                                        Innovation: The Mobile Sector
                                                     for Technological Innovation
Point of View                                                                                         and Base-Of-The-Pyramid
                                                     Capabilities: The Case of
                                                                                                      Markets in Kenya
                                                     Samsung Electronics

                                                                                                    Peter Kesting, Aarhus School of
                                                                                                    Business, Denmark
                                                                                                    Zhihua Qin, Renmin University
                                                                                                    of China
                                                                                                    Michal Krol, Aarhus School of
                                                                                       Globelics12- Business, Denmark
                                                                                         P-0407     Jiwen Song, Renmin University
                                                                                                    of China
                                                                                                    The role of employee
                                                                                                    participation in generating and
                                                                                                    commercializing innovations in
                    Harvest Room
  Inclusive innovation systems and competence
 Chair: Dr. Yanbin JIANG, Zhejiang University,
   Discussant: Prof. Mammo Muchie, Aalborg
               University, Denmark

               Dr. Irina Soboleva (Institute of
               Economy RAS, Russian Federation)


               Meeting the Challenge of Competence
               Building: Contribution of Employers in
               Globalizing Russia

               Dr. Chunhui Ye (Zhejiang University,
               Ms. Yuan Qiu (Zhejiang University,

               Hybrid Rice Technology in India and

               Dr. Harilal K.N. (Centre for
               Development Studies, India)


               "Being Innovative in Making
               Democracy more Democratic and
               Inclusive: A Case Study from Kerala,
               Mr Han Xu, Dr Yi Wang, Tsinghua
               University, China


               Exploration or Exploitation? Value of
               Supply, Demand, and Geographic
               Innovation Search in Transitional
               Economies: Empirical Evidence from
               China†Machinery and Equipment

               Ms. Adiqa Kiani (Federal Urdu
               University, Pakistan)

               Gender Disparity in Education and
               Employment and its Impact on
               Economic Growth

             Dr. Adegbuyi Aderibigbe (University of
             Ibadan, Nigeria)
             Dr. Ezekiel Iwalewa (Obafemi
             Awolowo University, Nigeria)
             Prof. Adetunji Aladesanmi (Obafemi
             Awolowo University, Nigeria)
             Mr. Olubunmi Agboola (Niger Delta
             University, Nigeria)

               Studies of Some Properties of
               Holarrhena Floribunda (G. Don) Dur
               and Schinz. Stem Bark For The
               Treatment of Psychosis In Mice
                         GLOBELICS CONFERENCE PROGRAM
                              November 9th - 11th, 2012
 DATE          TIME          SESSION                                   PRESENTATION
08/11/2012    9:00-21:00                         Registration, Lobby of Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel
                8:00                         Registration, Lobby of Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel
             8:30 - 9:00        Open                  Chair: Prof. Xiaobo XU, Zhejiang University, China
                                               Prof. Giovanni Dosi, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Italy
                                                 Speach: Modeling 'Keynesian' and 'Schumpeterian' Drivers of
                                                                      Growth (and Crises)
             9:00 - 10:30
                                                         Mr. Guanhua XU, former Minister of MOST China
                                              Speach: Response to Global Change: New Challenges and Opportunities to
                                                                          Human Society
               10:30 -
                                                                  Coffee Break
               11:00 -
                            Panel (PDW) 1                 Inclusive Innovation and Social Development
09/11/2012     12:30 -
               13:30 -        Parallel        10 sessions at 10 conference rooms (4 presentations @ session, @ 20
                15:00        Sessions 1                                       mins)
               15:00 -
                                                                  Coffee Break
               15:20 -        Parallel        10 sessions at 10 conference rooms (4 presentations @ session, @ 20
                16:50        Sessions 2                                       mins)
               16:50 -
                                                                  Coffee Break
               17:00 -        Parallel        10 sessions at 10 conference rooms (4 presentations @ session, @ 20
                18:30        Sessions 3                                       mins)
               19:00 -                                    Banquet (Conference hotel)
                21:00                                    Award of the Best PhD paper
                              Parallel        10 sessions at 10 conference rooms (4 presentations @ session, @ 20
             8:30 - 10:00
                             Sessions 4                                       mins)
               10:00 -
                                                                  Coffee Break
                                               Panel 2: The Rise to market leadership of domestic firms in China,
               10:30 -      Panel (PDW) 2                                India and Brazil
10/11/2012      12:00             &3            Panel 3: Exploring the Innovation System Dynamics Driving the
                                                      Emergence of the Roaring Lion Economies in Africa
               12:00 -
               13:00 -
                             Special Panel                  Dialogue between Academia and Business
             after 15:00                                  Social Event (Tea Museum)
                                                     Prof. Carlota Perez, London School of Economics, UK
             9:00 - 9:45                         Speach: A Green and Socially Equitable Direction for The ICT
                         GLOBELICS CONFERENCE PROGRAM
                              November 9th - 11th, 2012
 DATE          TIME          SESSION                                PRESENTATION
                                              Registration, Lobby of Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel
             9:45 - 10:15                                      Coffee Break

                                            Panel 4: Low carbon innovation policies and competitiveness: what
                                             can industrialized and newly industrializing countries learn from
               10:15 -      Panel (PDW) 4
                                                                        each other?
                11:45             &5
                                              Panel 5: Post-crisis STI policies for a green and fair economy:
                                                         comparing approaches in North and South
               11:45 -
               13:00 -        Parallel      6 sessions at 6 conference rooms (5 or 6 presentations @ session, @
                15:00        Sessions 5                                   20 mins)
               15:00 -
                                                               Coffee Break
               15:30 -
                             short panel                       Introduction of latest books
               16:45 -                      Roundtable discussion: development of innovation management and
                            Close session
                17:45                                      its education in developing countries
                                    GLOBELICS CONFERENCE PROGRAM
                                         November 9th - 11th, 2012

November 9th, 2012 (Friday)

  Time              Place
8:30 - 9:00    Grand Ballroom

  9:00 -
               Grand Ballroom

 10:30 -
                                                   Coffee Break

 11:00 -
                Grand Ballroom

 12:30 -
                                             LUNCH (2nd Floor, Buffet)
 13:30 -
              10 conference rooms
 15:00 -
                                                   Coffee Break
 15:20 -
              10 conference rooms
 16:50 -
                                                   Coffee Break
 17:00 -
              10 conference rooms
 19:00 -        International
  21:00       Convention Center
                           GLOBELICS CONFERENCE PROGRAM
                                November 9th - 11th, 2012

2012 (Friday)

                                                      Open Ceremony
                                    Chair:Prof. Xiaobo WU, Zhejiang University, China
                Keynote speaches: Chair Prof. Lundvall, Aalborg University, Denmark
                              Prof. Giovanni Dosi, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Italy
                       Speach: Modeling 'Keynesian' and 'Schumpeterian' Drivers of Growth (and Crises)
                                            Mr. Guanhua XU, former Minister of MOST China
                          Speach: Response to Global Change: New Challenges and Opportunities to Human Society

                                                         Coffee Break

                Panel 1: Inclusive Innovation and Social Development
                Chair: Prof. Xiaobo WU, Zhejiang University, China
                Discussant: Prof. K J Joseph, Centre for Development Studies, India
                Prof. Susan Cozzens, Gorgia University of Technology, USA: Innovation in Informal Settings: A Research Agenda
                Prof. Rajeswari Raina, CSIR-NISTADS, India: Policy capacities for inclusive innovation systems: SouthAsia and Sub-Saharan
                Prof. Shulin GU, Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Zhejiang University, China: opportunities
                and entry barriers: the importance of institutional change
                Prof. Xiaobo WU, Zhejiang University, China: innovation for inclusive development: a theoretic agenda
                Prof. Jose Eduardo Cassiolato, REDESIST, UFRJ, Brazil: Research on Innovation systems and Social Inclusion: the RISSI project

                                              LUNCH (2nd Floor, Buffet)

                                          Parallel Sessions 1 (4 presentations @ session, @ 20 mins)

                                                         Coffee Break

                                          Parallel Sessions 2 (4 presentations @ session, @ 20 mins)

                                                         Coffee Break

                                          Parallel Sessions 3 (4 presentations @ session, @ 20 mins)

                                                    Banquet & Award of the Best PhD paper
                         GLOBELICS CONFERENCE PROGRAM
                              November 9th - 11th, 2012

November 10th, 2012 (Saturday)

  Time           Place
  8:30 -
           10 conference rooms
 10:00 -
                                        Coffee Break

            Grand Ballroom
              Front Hall

 10:30 -

            Grand Ballroom
               Back Hall

 12:00 -
                                  LUNCH (2nd Floor, Buffet)

 13:00 -
            Grand Ballroom

  15:30    Tea Museum
                November 9th - 11th, 2012

h, 2012 (Saturday)


                        Parallel Session 4 (4 presentations @ session, @ 20 mins)

                                     Coffee Break

                 Panel 2: The Rise to market leadership of domestic firms in China, India and Brazil
                 Chair: Prof. Franco Malerba; KITeS, Bocconi University, Italy
                 Speakers and speaches:
                 Ricardo Cavalcante, IPEA, Brazil: leadership in auto and auto/parts
                 Zheng Liang,Tsinghua University, China: leadership in software
                 Franco Malerba, Bocconi University, Italy and Sunil Mani, CDS, Trivandrum: leadership
                 in pharmaceuticals

                 Panel 3: Exploring the Innovation System Dynamics Driving the Emergence of the Roaring
                 Lion Economies in Africa
                 Chair: Mammo Muchie, Aalborg University, Denmark
                 1. Raphael Kaplinsky, Open Univeristy, UK: "Can Asian Driver sourced Innovation help
                 to make African growth more inclusive?"
                 2. Bitrina Diyamett, STIPRO, Tanzania: "Is the Current booming Growth in African
                 countries Worth Celebrating? Some Evidence from Tanzania"
                 3.Abdelkader Djeflat, University of Lille, France: From Emerging Role Models to Major
                 Changes: issues for a new innovation policy framework in Africa
                 4. David Kaplan, University of Cape Town, South Africa: Opportunities arising from
                 commodity production in Africa and the implications for technology and innovation
                 5. Angathevar Baskaran, Middlesex University Business School, UK; Indian Economic
                 Engagement Contributing to the Emerging Economies in Africa
                 6. Jian DU, Zhejiang Univeristy, China: Chinese Outward Investment in Africa: Accounts
                 from Concerete Cases and Examples
                           LUNCH (2nd Floor, Buffet)

                             Dialogue between Academia and Business
                         Chair:Prof. Xiaobo WU, Zhejiang University, China
                     Dr. Frans Greidanus (Philips), Dr. Matt Wang (IBM), Eric JING
                         (Alipay), Dr. Wei HE (Geely), Michael Zeitlyn (Oakland)
                                                    Social Event
                           GLOBELICS CONFERENCE PROGRAM
                                November 9th - 11th, 2012
November 11th, 2012 (Sunday)
 Time        Place

 9:00 -      Grand
  9:45      Ballroom

 9:45 -
                                         Coffee Break

          Grand Ballroom
            Front Hall

10:15 -

          Grand Ballroom
             Back Hall

11:45 -
13:00 -    6 confernce
 15:00        rooms
15:00 -
                                         Coffee Break

15:30 -
          Harvest Room

16:45 -
        Harvest Room
                     November 9th - 11th, 2012
r 11th, 2012 (Sunday)
                                              Freeman Lecture
                    Chair: Prof. Shulin GU, Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese
                             Academy of Sciences, & Zhejiang University, China

                         Prof. Carlota Perez, London School of Economics, UK
                 Speach: A Green and Socially Equitable Direction for The ICT Paradigm

                                           Coffee Break

                 Panel 4: Low carbon innovation policies and competitiveness: what can industrialized and newly
                 industrializing countries learn from each other?
                 Chair: Prof. Dr. Rainer Walz, Fraunhofer Institut for Systems and Innovation Research, Germany

                 Dr. Wolfgang Eichhammer, Fraunhofer ISI, Germany
                 The industrial policy rationale of German low carbon policies
                 Prof. Liu Xielin, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Science, China
                 How China proceeds to become a green technology supplier
                 Prof. Jun Jin, Zheijang University, China: Technological capability development and policies
                 Prof. Jose Cassiolato, REDESIST, UFRJ, Brazil: Brazilian strategy for low carbon economy – the
                 case of wind energy

                 Panel 5: Post-crisis STI Policies for a Green and Fair Economy: Comparing Approaches in North
                 and South
                 Chair: Adrian Ely, STEPS Centre, UK
                 Mariano Fressoli, University of Quilmes, Argentina
                 Universal Access to Energy or Alternative Socio-Technical Systems in Argentina?
                 Mariana Mazzucato, SPRU, UK
                 New STI Policies for a Green and Fair Economy
                 Rajeswari Raina, CSIR-NISTADS, India
                 Political Economy and Administration of Sustainable Alternatives in India: the
                 (non)negotiables in STI Policies
                 Watu Wamae, The Open Univeristy, UK
                 Innovation for Social Inclusion in Developing Countries: Searching for New Approaches


                        Parallel Session 5 (5 or 6 presentations @ session, @ 20 mins)

                                           Coffee Break
                                                   Books Introduction
                            Susan Cozzens, Gorgia University of Technology, USA
                               Edmund Amann, University of Manchester, UK
                                  Franco Malerba, Bocconi University, Italy
                               Mammo Muchie, Aalborg University, Denmark
                                  Jose Cassiolato, REDESIST, UFRJ, Brazil

                                                       Close Session

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