DNA Nanotubes Construction and Characterization of Filaments by yurtgc548


									DNA Nanotubes: Construction and
  Characterization of Filaments
  Composed of TX-tile Lattice
• Material: Triple-crossover (TAO) tiles modified with
  thiol-containing dsDNA stems projected out of the
  tile plane
• Analytical tools: TEM, AFM
• Key: Sticky-end  programmable (“smart glue”)
   – Properly designed sets of DNA oligonucleotides are able to
     self-assemble into complex, highly organized structures.
• Applications
   – Scaffolds for the creation for the creaction of nanoelectic
     circuits and other desired objects requiring nanometer scale
     feature resolution
• Interesting filamentous structures
• The length scale of DNA nanotubes
• Experimental results
   – 1. Reaction of thiolated DNA with nanogold
   – 2. Reaction of DNA containing free amine with Modified
   – 3. DNA nanotube formation via disulfide and polysulfide
     structures between tiles

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