4 Reasons Your Hips are Hurting while Running

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					4 Reasons Your Hips are Hurting while Running
Runners are no strangers to lower body pain. They live by the motto, “Running is a mental game.”

There is a great reward for those that that push through the pain and discomfort to reach their end goal.
And it’s true, many have accomplished goals beyond their wildest dreams by pushing through those
difficult moments.

Ignoring the Pain
They did it by noticing the pain they were feeling, and then pushing through it until they reached the
end. After a while, the process becomes subconscious and they don’t even notice the hurt.

                                           Consequently, when their body screams at them to stop because
                                           there is actually something wrong, it is very easy for the runner
                                           to turn down the volume on their body’s protest and turn up the
                                           volume on their iPod. They end up pushing themselves faster
                                           when they should be slowing down.

                                           These instances lead to injuries that the runner cannot ignore,
                                           injuries that put them out of the game for a while. As was said
                                           before, the injuries usually happen in the lower body.

This post focuses on the reasons your hips are hurting. Aside from the constant motion of your legs,
what could be causing this sudden pain and how can you find out what’s going on before you spend the
money on the local hip doctor in Salt Lake City?

Diagnosing the Problem
Ask yourself a few questions to try and diagnose it. Try to identify the type of pain you’re feeling.

Is it dull? Is it sharp?

Is it bi-polar, i.e. it comes and goes? Next, localize the pain.

Try to feel where it is hurting the most. Is it on the outside,

Does the outside of your knee hurt? Each of these questions will
help you narrow down the diagnosis.

If the pain is on the outside of the knee, it only hurts during or after a run, and your muscles feel tight, it
could mean bursitis. Bursitis means that one of the fluid-filled sacs in your joins is inflamed.

This injury doesn’t knock you out of the game, it just means you should take it easy for a while. Apply a
warm compress every day and stretch thoroughly until the pain dissipates.
Avoid it in the future by not overworking yourself. It inflames because it’s not used to the workout.

If this isn’t the case, check if the pain is on the inside of the hip. If it is, do you run on concrete all the
time and not take breaks throughout the year?

If so, you likely have a stress fracture which will stop you from running. You need to rest your bones so
they actually have time to recover.

The process can take up to two months. Avoid the injury in the future by running on softer surfaces.

If that’s not the case, find out if the pain is bi-polar. Does it click, or catch on something?

This could be one of two things, either you have a snapping hip—a tendon catches on a bone every
stride and snaps over it—or you could have a cartilage tear. If it’s the first, then you’re fine, if it’s the
second, then you’ll need to see a hip doctor in Salt Lake City.

Finally, is the pain manifesting itself on the outside of your knee? If it is, then it might be an IT band
problem, which originates in your hip.

This is also caused by overuse and can be helped by stretching, warm compresses and a calmed down
workout routine. Pay attention to what your hips are telling you, and act accordingly.

Description: There are a number of reasons why your hips could be hurting while running. Here's a tip on how to find out what the problem is and get it fixed.