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Download File - Sue Cole. Stained Glass_ Drawing and Painting


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									             Stained Glass; Bensham Grove

               Materials and equipment List

              Basic / essential equipment

     A pair of safety Glasses these can be purchased cheaply from DIY
     Glasscutter – a basic glass-cutter can be purchased at DIY stores or
      hardware shop, approximate cost – £4.00 these can be very
      difficult to use particularly when trying to cut curves or irregular
      pieces of glass
      The best cutters to use are specialist oil-filled glass cutters which are
      a lot more expensive at £20.00 but will last for years and allow you
      to cut glass more precisely and the flexible head will make cutting
      curves and circles much easier.
     A Rigid Stanley knife
     A Pair of pliers
     A piece of chipboard or similar wood this should be at lest half an
      inch thick and approximately A3 size. Your wood should always be
      a little bigger than the glass panel you are making.

A sketchbook which will be used to show progress of your design work
and can also be used as a scrapbook to show examples of your source
materials, photographs, postcards and pictures you have collected

     Supply of glass
     Glass can be purchased in a wide range of colours, some can be
      opaque, and others translucent, glass can also have a variety of
      surface textures. Prices of glass also vary widely. Red, yellow and
      orange glass is usually more expensive whilst blues and greens are a
      little cheaper to buy.
     For your first piece of stained glass work I have brought along a
      range of basic colours for you to choose from to make up your
      panel which I will sell at cost price. Going along to the suppliers
      yourself will allow you much more choice over colours and textures
      of glass.
     Supply of lead This is sold in strips approximately 2 metres long and
      can be purchased in a range of widths to suit your design.
     Approximate cost - £3.00 - £4.00 for 2 metres, dependant on
                              Specialist tools

      Oil-filled glass-cutters   Approximate cost £20.00

      Grozing pliers              Approximate cost £11.00
       (for “nibbling” glass after it has been cut if it breaks unevenly)

      Lead knife                                     £9.00

There is a local supplier of glass and stained glass equipment in Consett,
please see attached sheet. Supplies can also be purchased through mail
order and there are many stained glass suppliers with sites on the internet.

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