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									Milestone Chart from

Age      Timeframe    Skill                                                          Status
1        Month(s)     Lifts head when lying on tummy. Responds to sound.        Yes/No/Emerging
                      Stares at faces
2        Month(s)     Vocalizes: gurgles and coos. Follows objects across       Yes/No/Emerging
                      field of vision. Notices his hands. Holds head up for
                      short periods
3        Month(s)     Recognizes your face and scent. Holds head steady.        Yes/No/Emerging
                      Visually tracks moving objects
4        Month(s)     Smiles, laughs. Can bear weight on legs. Coos when        Yes/No/Emerging
                      you talk to him
5        Month(s)     Distinguishes between bold colors. Plays with his         Yes/No/Emerging
                      hands and feet
6        Month(s)     Turns toward sounds and voices. Imitates sounds. Rolls    Yes/No/Emerging
                      over in both directions
7        Month(s)     Sits without support. Drags objects toward herself        Yes/No/Emerging

8        Month(s)     Says "mama" or "dada" to parents (isn't specific.)        Yes/No/Emerging
                      Passes objects from hand to hand
9        Month(s)     Stands while holding onto something. Jabbers or           Yes/No/Emerging
                      combines syllables. Understands object permanence

10       Month(s)      Picks things up with pincer grasp. Crawls well, with     Yes/No/Emerging
                      belly off the ground
10       Month(s)     Waves goodbye.                                            Yes/No/Emerging
11       Month(s)     Says "mama" or "dada" to the correct parent. Plays        Yes/No/Emerging
                      patty-cake and peek-a-boo.
11       Month(s)     Stands alone for a couple of seconds. Cruises             Yes/No/Emerging
12       Month(s)     Indicates wants with gestures                             Yes/No/Emerging
12       Month(s)     Imitates others' activities                               Yes/No/Emerging
13       Month(s)     Uses two words skillfully (e.g., "hi" and "bye"). Bends   Yes/No/Emerging
                      over and picks up an object
14       Month(s)     Eats with fingers                                         Yes/No/Emerging
14       Month(s)     Imitates others                                           Yes/No/Emerging
14       Month(s)     Empties containers of contents                            Yes/No/Emerging
15       Month(s)     Plays with ball. Uses three words regularly. Walks        Yes/No/Emerging
16       Month(s)     Turns the pages of a book. Has temper tantrums when       Yes/No/Emerging
                      frustrated. Becomes attached to a soft toy or other
17       Month(s)     Uses six words regularly                                  Yes/No/Emerging
17       Month(s)     Enjoys pretend games                                      Yes/No/Emerging
17       Month(s)     Likes riding toys                                         Yes/No/Emerging
18       Month(s)     Will "read" board books on his own                        Yes/No/Emerging
18       Month(s)     Scribbles well                                            Yes/No/Emerging
19       Month(s)     Uses a spoon                                              Yes/No/Emerging
19   Month(s)   Uses a fork                                                  Yes/No/Emerging
19   Month(s)   Runs                                                         Yes/No/Emerging
19   Month(s)   Throws a ball underhand                                      Yes/No/Emerging
20   Month(s)   Feeds doll                                                   Yes/No/Emerging
20   Month(s)   Takes off own clothes                                        Yes/No/Emerging
20   Month(s)   Dumps an object in imitation, such as throwing               Yes/No/Emerging
                garbage away
21   Month(s)   Can walk up stairs                                           Yes/No/Emerging
21   Month(s)   Able to set simple goals (e.g., deciding to put a toy in a   Yes/No/Emerging
                certain place)
22   Month(s)   Kicks ball forward                                           Yes/No/Emerging
22   Month(s)   Follows two-step requests (e.g., "Get your doll and          Yes/No/Emerging
                bring it here")
23   Month(s)   Names simple picture in a book. Uses 50 to 70 words          Yes/No/Emerging

24   Month(s)   Names at least six body parts.                               Yes/No/Emerging
24   Month(s)   Half of speech is understandable. Makes two- to three-       Yes/No/Emerging
                word sentences
25   Month(s)   Stacks six blocks                                            Yes/No/Emerging
26   Month(s)   Walks with smooth heel-to-toe motion                         Yes/No/Emerging
27   Month(s)   Jumps with both feet                                         Yes/No/Emerging
28   Month(s)   Opens doors                                                  Yes/No/Emerging
29   Month(s)   Brushes teeth with help                                      Yes/No/Emerging
30   Month(s)   Washes and dries own hands                                   Yes/No/Emerging
30   Month(s)   Draws a vertical line                                        Yes/No/Emerging
31   Month(s)   Recites own name                                             Yes/No/Emerging
32   Month(s)   Draws a circle                                               Yes/No/Emerging
33   Month(s)   Names one color                                              Yes/No/Emerging
34   Month(s)   Names one friend                                             Yes/No/Emerging
34   Month(s)   Carries on a simple conversation                             Yes/No/Emerging
35   Month(s)   Describes how two objects are used                           Yes/No/Emerging
36   Month(s)   Uses three to four words in a sentence                       Yes/No/Emerging
36   Month(s)   Names two actions (e.g., skipping, jumping)                  Yes/No/Emerging

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