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					Google Wave and Macbeth
DA Terron Elgin Academy

Google Wave: a new collaboration/email/wiki/loads of things all in one neat package. I received my invite a couple of days ago and I and several other teachers have been ‘playing’ commenting and trying our hardest to break it in the name of research naturally! Once I’d sussed one of the possibilities, I started a new wave called Macbeth in which I added Act 1 Scene 1 of Macbeth (where the witches meet on the heath to foreshadow the events of the play). I have done wikis on plays before but the sheer speed with which Wave does things makes wikis seem very slow. Of course Wave is in beta and there are teething problems but methinks the final version will indeed be a wiki killer. Here are screenshots: First is the basic screen. Folders and contacts down the left. Middle column is your waves or ongoing ‘conversations’ if you like. Right hand is the actual wave you’re working with. In this case it is the welcome wave which has lots of videos and links to get you started. Note how the folder labels can be colour coded and they also appear by the waves in your in box. Good for organising things. Contacts appear to the left and also can be added to particular waves which they might be interested on or helping you with. Thus you can see who is doing what to the wave.

Folders/in box and contacts Contacts in this Wave

Embedded media

Your “waves” (conversations)

Reply to wave, insert reply (called a ‘blip’) like a threaded discussion forum

Playback the wave to see who added/edited what in real time

Colour coded folders – click Brown and get only Macbeth wave

Note email like tools here. The widgets also go on this toolbar so adding assessment tools, images, maps etc is simple and fast.

Tags for searching for and within waves etc

The beauty of Wave is that it is Open Source and already people are using the API to create wee gadgets. THIS voting gadget for example lends itself to traffic lighting/assessment.

The screen shows the trial Wave I started just to see how I could produce a wiki like interface which students could add to easily AND also have links, pictures and so forth readily available. The link in the right hand column takes them to the webpage. The wee blue balloons are extra information. For example here the blue balloon adds a comment that the witches are also known as the Weird Sisters.

You can close all the balloons to let the kids work. They can add their own comments and any other definitions, pictures etc they might wish to add. They could even copy the whole wave to their own accounts and add their own individual notes.

Closed note labels

Open note label – can be short or long


You can add sub notes to the notes as here with the definition of who/what Graymalkin is, further explanations about witches’ familiars and even a picture showing the witches. Any media can go here: video, pictures, weblinks etc. Will try wallwisher and so on later this week.

Sub note
Image file

Image in full (looks like Cooliris?)

Map – can be resized and move to show another location

Vocabulary/ stage directions etc

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