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Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation


									                           Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation
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                      October 28, 2011   Tamaya Resort, Bernalillo
             First Born Conference: Promoting Confident and Joyful Parenting

                                    Laura van Dernoot Lipsky
                                              Trauma Stewardship:
                         Caring for ourselves as we care for others

           About the Conference                                                       Contact Information
                                                                                       LANL Foundation
          Trauma Stewardship or secondary trauma                                           Mary Hendrix
          management is about how helping others affects the                            First Born Program
          quality of our work and our lives. If we are to do our                               Officer
          work in a sustainable way, we must address our                                (505) 231-6574
          secondary trauma and bring our best selves to the
          people we serve.                                                           Registration opens
                                                                                      August 15, 2011
          Laura Lipsky's training is for home visitors, social
          workers, teachers, first responders, care givers,                           Keynote Speaker
          medical personnel, law enforcement, domestic                                    Laura Lipsky
          violence workers, social-change activists and anyone
          who helps others overcome challenges.

            First Born ® is a home visitation program that provides first-
            time parents presence, support, and education to encourage
              the development of happy, healthy babies, families, and

                 Registration opens August 15th at:
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 Laura is a pioneer in the field of trauma exposure and its toll on those working in trauma related fields. For over a
decade she has been a w o r k s h o p l ea d e r o n h e r t h e or y o f t ra u m a stewardship. She is the author of Trauma
                     Stewardship, An EveryDay Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others.

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