March 8, 2004 Dear Sirs and Madams This cover by ituplike76


									March 8, 2004

Dear Sirs and Madams:

This cover letter is to formally transmit the report by HDR One Company on future
US 160/Grandview-area traffic, authored by Dean Bressler. This report is a written
summary of the results presented at the public work session held on January 28th with
the Board of County Commissioners.

The conclusions about the relative time frame before westbound single-lane capacity on
US 160 at Farmington Hill may be reached have not changed. This report shows the
methodology and assumptions that were used to reach the conclusions presented in the
report’s timeline plots. It should be understood that there are many assumptions that
were made to come to the conclusions of the report. It should also be understood that
the projected numbers of expected vehicles on US 160 are in agreement with the
estimates of the CDOT-approved Bechtolt study for the Three Springs development.
This study serves as an early indicator of a potential concern on US 160 that should be
taken into account in future planning.

Please note that the Appendices that support the assumptions and conclusions of this
report are only included for the transportation and traffic engineers, in an effort to reduce
unnecessary paper. If you wish to have a copy of the Appendices, please contact this

If you have questions about the report, please contact me via email at or at my phone 970 382-6371.


Rick Routh, PE
La Plata County Engineer

Cc: City of Durango, Jack Rogers, Public Works (8 copies for dispersal to Council)
    City of Durango, Greg Hoch, Planning Director
    John Biner, ret’d transportation engineer
    Richard Reynolds, CDOT Regional Transportation Director
    Mike McVaugh, CDOT Traffic Engineer
    Dick Langoni, CDOT Engineer
    Brett Boyer, Bayfield Town Manager (6 copies for dispersal to staff and Board)
    Balty Quintana, Ignacio Town Manager (5 copies for dispersal to Council)
    Mike Jones, Southern Ute Tribal Planning (3 copies)
    JD Feuquay, Palo Verde subdivision representative
    Sheryl Rogers, La Plata County Attorney

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