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									                                  Email Cover Letter
An email cover letter is different from a traditional paper cover letter. The purpose of any
cover letter is to identify the job, introduce your experience and accomplishments, and to
secure an interview. Typically an email cover letter will be shorter and more to the point. An
email cover letter should be similar to a formal business letter in formatting.

      Include a salutation and closing.
      Identify your resume, the position of interest, and job ID (if necessary) in the Subject
      line of the email.
      Only include highlights of skills and accomplishments in order to keep the email short.
      Address strengths that match the job description.
      Be sure to spell check and proofread the email cover letter.
      Indicate that your resume is attached or if it follows the cover letter in the email.

Sample Email Cover Letter:

                                  Harper College Career Center
                                   Student Center, Room A347

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