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   Jiangsu Province, China
Ⅰ. Overview of Jiangsu
Ⅱ. Education in Jiangsu
Ⅲ. International Cooperation and Exchange
  of Jiangsu Education
Ⅳ. Jiangsu Education Association for
  International Exchange (JEAIE)
Ⅴ. Cooperation between American
  Community Colleges and Jiangsu Higher
  Vocational Colleges
           Overview of Jiangsu
   Jiangsu, adjoining Shanghai, is located in the
    beautiful and fertile Yangtze Delta along the coast
    of East China, covering an area of 102,600
    square kilometers. Jiangsu has a population of 77
    million. Its capital city is Nanjing.
   As one of the provinces with the most dynamic
    economic activities and greatest development
    potentials. Jiangsu’s 2010 GDP was USD619.8
    billion, making up 11 percent of the national GDP.
   Its long history, prosperous economy, famous
    people, and rich culture all contribute a lot to the
    highly developed Jiangsu education.
               Education in Jiangsu
   Jiangsu has 4498 primary schools, 2123 junior high
    schools,653 senior high schools,and 472
    intermediate vocational schools, with respective
    enrollment of 3.9878 million, 2.3295 million, 1.3566
    million and 1.35 million. In1996, Jiangsu became the
    first province to universalize 9-year free mandatory
    public education. In 2007, it again took the lead in
    universalize 15-year education. Jiangsu has
    significantly achieved free mandatory education.
    Currently, the enrollment rate of school-age children
    reached 99.96%, 100% for primary schools aged, 96%
    for junior high school-aged, and 96% gross for senior-
    high school-aged.
   Jiangsu has 124 higher education
    institutions(including 79 higher vocational colleges),
    with a total enrollment of 1.7749 million students;
    the gross enrollment rate for post-secondary
    education is 42%, making Jiangsu the top-one in
    number of institutions and enrollment rate among all
    provinces in China.

   The Jiangsu universities has 77 academicians of the
    National Academy of Science and National
    Academy of Engineering, 18 National Key
    Laboratories, 164 Provincial Key Laboratories , 9
    National Engineering/Technology Research
    Institutes , 131 Provincial Engineering/Technology
    Research Institutes, and 11 national-level university
    science and technology parks.
    International Cooperation and Exchange of
                 Jiangsu Education
   Since the opening up policy, over 120,000 people from
    Jiangsu have studied abroad, and around 100,000
    international students from over 160 countries have
    studied in Jiangsu. The number of international students
    in Jiangsu has been increasing at an average rate of
    15% annually. There are 14,079 international students
    in Jiangsu at present time, which places Jiangsu the
    fourth among Chinese provinces, and one of the main
    provinces attracting international students.

   The Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University Center
    for Chinese and American Studies, which established in
    1986, has exemplified its significant influence both at
    home and abroad.
   Currently, Jiangsu universities and colleges have
    various cooperation and exchanges with over 500
    universities and colleges abroad. A large number of
    faculty members and researchers have been sent
    abroad for collaborative research, professional
    training and academic teaching.

   Famous universities such as Nanjing University,
    Nanjing Normal University, Suzhou University, and
    Yangzhou University have already established 16
    Confucius Institutes and 6 Confucius Classrooms
    overseas. Nanjing No.1 High School and Suzhou
    High School have also established the Jiangsu
    Center for Chinese Language Studies in Essex, UK.
   Founded in 1987, JEAIE is a specialized education organization for
    international cooperation and exchange, which was approved by
    Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and registered by
    Jiangsu Civil Affairs Bureau.
   As a member of China Education Association for International
    Exchange (CEAIE) and a non-governmental agency for
    international exchange and cooperation in Jiangsu, JEAIE serves as
    a bridge between schools in Jiangsu and education institutions
   JEAIE has 212 members, including top universities like Nanjing
    University, Southeast University, and middle schools like Nanjing
    Foreign Languages School, Nanjing Middle School affiliated to
    Nanjing Normal University, Suzhou High School and some
    vocational colleges . All the government education departments at
    municipal and county levels are executive directing members of
   JEAIE aims to promote the development of education,
    science and technology and culture in Jiangsu by
    facilitating education exchanges and cooperation
    between Jiangsu and the rest of the world.
   JEAIE works to establish extensive cooperation with
    education institutions, academic organizations, schools,
    enterprises, foundations and individuals worldwide
    under the principles of equality, mutual benefit and
    win-win approach.
   In the past over 20 years, JEAIE has been the most
    reliable and influential education agency for
    international cooperation and exchange in Jiangsu
   JEAIE has established broad cooperative relationship
    with education agencies and international non-
    governmental organizations abroad such as: National
    Committee on United States-China Relations
    (NCUSCR), College Board (CB), American
    Councils for International Education (ACIE),
    Student Management Group(SMG), University
    Pleasant Program (UPP), Foreign Language Study
    Foundation, Triway International Group, Youth For
    Understanding (YFU), American Field Service (AFS),
    British Council(BC), Cambridge International
    Examinations(CIE), London University Edexcel,
    Institute of Education(IOE), Essex County
    Council, Ontario Council of Academic Vice-
    President(OCAV)and Australian Secondary
    Principals Association(ASPA).
   In addition to programs sponsered by government, JEAIE,
    with its qualified educational resources and advantages,
    takes an active part in international exchange programs and
    plays a very flexible role as a domestic non-governmental
   JEAIE also organizes both long-term and short-term
    international cultural exchange programs for middle school
    students, accommodates foreign students in China, sponsors
    education exhibitions and participates into the introduction
    and management of foreign teachers.
   JEAIE sends Chinese teachers and volunteers overseas for
    Chinese language and culture training programs to
    intensify inter-school exchanges and develop new education
    cooperation programs.
1. Since its implementation of the School Year
   Exchange for High School Student Program in
   2000, JEAIE has sent to US nearly 100
   students each year for one-year cultural
   exchange programs, with home-stay in host
   families and study in a nearby public high
   school. The total number has reached over
   1000 students in the past 10 years.
2. JEAIE has also started full-time high school
   student selection and recommendation program
   in 2010, in which 20 students are selected and
   recommended to American high school for full
   time high school (9-12) education.
3. American Community College
   Since 2010, JEAIE has jointly worked with UPP for
    high school graduates to study for transfer education:
    first 2 years in American community colleges, and
    then for another 2 years in a four year institution to
    pursue a BS/BA degree.
   There are over 30 community colleges with
    cooperation with JEAIE, such as: : Bunker Hill
    Community College,Citrus College, Cypress
    College,Dixie State College of Utah, Edmonds
    Community College, El Camino College, Glendale
    Community College, Santa Barbara City College,
    Seattle Central Community College, West Los
    Angeles College etc.
4.Pilot International Curriculum
   Since 2006, when JEAIE introduced A-level
    Curriculum to 4 pilot schools in Jiangsu, the number of
    pilot schools students has reached 928, and all the
    graduates have been admitted by renowned universities
   BTEC Curriculum( British occupational education
    certificate system )
    JEAIE has introduced ND and HND for the vocational
    high schools and higher vocational colleges of Jiangsu.
    At present, 8 colleges have applied for subjects on
    engineering, hotel management, business, etc.
 5.Sino-America Joint Class
 Jointly working with senior high schools in Jiangsu, there are
   four models as following:
   (1)2+2+2 After 2 years’ study in a high school in Jiangsu, the
   student will be admitted by an US community college for another
   2 years, and then will further study in an undergraduate college
   for 2 years.
  (2)3+2+2:After 3 years’ study in a high school in Jiangsu, the
   student will be admitted by US community college for 2 years,
   and then will further study in an undergraduate college for 2
  (3)3+4:After graduation, the high school student may
   continue to study further in an US college to get a bachelor’s
  (4)2+4:After 2 years’ study in a high school in Jiangsu, the
   student will receive intensive English training in American
   college for 1 year, and then will be admitted by a college if
   he/she meets the requirements.
   Under all four models, during the high school period, the students
   will receive not only the required curriculum in Jiangsu, but also
   intensive English, American history and culture study. Student
   will also learn how to apply for American colleges, and prepare
   for the exams of SAT and TOEFL, etc.
6.Short-term Overseas Cultural
 Exchange Program
(1)Primary and middle school students can enroll
 in cultural exchange trips for 2-3 weeks in US during
 summer and winter vacations.
(2)Overseas Cultural Exchange Program for College
 During this summer vocation, JEAIE will arrange a 2-
 3 week cultural exchange trip to US. College students
 can visit renowned universities and cities, attend
 lectures and tour scenic attractions. This program can
 broaden their international perspectives and increase
 their overseas experience.
7.Bilingual Training for College Teachers in America
  Since this year, JEAIE will organize bilingual training for
  college teachers in US. 80 college teachers will be sent to
  Virginia University for a 3-month training in this autumn.
8. JEAIE will also send principals of primary and
   middle schools (including chief of education bureau)
   for advanced training in United States. Teachers of
   Jiangsu primary and middle schools will also be sent
   for academic visit in US.
9. “Better Future” Education Training Center, which was
   jointly founded by JEAIE and Jiangsu Education
   Television Station in 2010, offers the best language
   training for further study abroad.
   Possible Future Cooperation between American Community
  Colleges and Jiangsu Higher Vocational and Technical Colleges

1. Sino-America Cooperative Education Programs
 First step, set the superior subjects of Jiangsu higher
   vocational and technical colleges and establish Sino-America
   curriculum or agency with American community colleges.
 Second step, admit high school graduates for the 3-year joint
   teaching plan. Curriculum will be taught by either Chinese or
   American professors. After the student has completed the
   study, he or she will be granted certificates of both colleges.
 For those students who meet the certain requirements, they can
   further study in US undergraduate colleges which had entered
   into partnership with the community college after three years.
 2.The Recommendation Model for Students from
  Jiangsu Higher Vocational Colleges to Further
             Study in American Colleges
 1+2 model

  After 1-year study in Jiangsu higher vocational
  college, the student will study in America community
  college for 2 years. After that, he or she can further
  study in a undergraduate college with a transfer
  agreement with the community college.
 2+1 model
  After 2-year study in Jiangsu higher vocational
  college, the student will study in America community
  college for 1 year. After that, he or she can further
  study in a undergraduate college with a transfer
  agreement with the community college.
3. Send higher vocational college teachers to America
 community colleges for bilingual training on teaching
4.Development of Mutual Credit Earning System for
 Chinese and American students. For Example, in
 semesters and vacations, students of Jiangsu higher
 vocational colleges and American community
 colleges can study in each other’s school for a short
 term and obtain credit as well as overseas learning
5.Recommendation of senior middle schools
 sophomores or seniors to study in American
 community colleges
6.JEAIE also had introduced internationally
 recognized vocational qualification certificate, and
 developed relevant training and examination service.
     Jiangsu Welcomes you!
Ms. Yanli Bao
Add:15 West Beijing Rd,
Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China
   Jiangsu Welcomes you!
Contact (U.S.)
Mr. David Huang
JEAIE US Liaison Office
Program Manager
Tel: 703-854-1000
Add: 7115 Leesburg Pike, Suite 202,
Falls Church, VA22043

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